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Corporate Travel The Art of Getting More for Less

Typical Corporate Travel Lodging • Corporate professionals who travel for 31 days or longer usually stay in hotels or motels. Unfortunately, both tend Most apartment and condo buildings still to be impersonal and have the extra perks that hotels do, like private inconvenient. swimming pools. • Hotels are more expensive all around, and they are more of a hassle than an apartment or condo. • There is a better way to do business travel.

Pros and Cons of Hotels • Pros – Maid service cleans room each day – Room service available

• Cons

Private apartment and condo rentals give you more space, including a separate kitchen and a sitting area where you can relax.

– No kitchen or separate living room area – Having to check in – Extra charges for internet, meals, etc – Parking isn’t always included

Choose Living Montreal • With Living Montreal, you get a unit or condo with more space and greater convenience for a lower price. • If you are staying for 31 days or longer, having a homey space in which you can establish yourself is essential. • We offer spaces that are furnished, reasonably priced and perfectly located within the city.

More Economical • For 31 days or longer, a hotel can cost between $0 and $200 a night. • For the same amount of time, a Living Montreal unit costs between $50 and $65 a night . • You also save on all of the extras since parking is often included and you can purchase food to make meals at home instead of eating out for every meal.

Our units are fully furnished, so you can enjoy all of the conveniences of home without having to search for furnishings, dishes and decorations on your own.

More Homey • Our Units come with: – – – – – – –

Bedding and towels High speed wireless internet A phone line Blankets and pillows Furnishings and decorations Dishes and utensils At least one TV with cable

More Comfortable • • • • • • •

Full kitchen Furnished sitting area A washer and dryer unit Central heating and air A hot water heater Come and go as you please Dishwasher

We Make it Easy • Renting a unit is as easy as filling out an application and moving in. • You don’t need to furnish it or bring your own linens, bedding or dishes. • We will work with you as much as we can to make your temporary move as convenient as possible, including giving you the key early and spending time with you to find the perfect unit for you during your stay in the city.

Choose Living Montreal Today • We offer studio apartments, units with one, two, three or more bedrooms, and condos. • All you need to do to get the ball rolling on your temporary, furnished unit is give us a call. • We will talk to you to get a feel for your needs and then spend time matching you with an excellent unit.

Contact Us • For more information, visit our webpage or contact us at: – – (514) 700-0051 –

• Whether you are looking for a place to stay for one month or three, we can help you find the unit you need.

Corporate Travel : The art of getting more or less  
Corporate Travel : The art of getting more or less | This presentation explains how much more comfortable it is to stay in an apartment or condo and less expensiv...