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e can spend hours talking about homers or Homer, his clubhouse locker boasting as many books as baseballs. His bats have names like Orcrist the Goblin Cleaver and Herugrim, proving his fluency in both Tolkien and the bullpen. His English literature degree doesn’t hurt, either, although college took much less time than the years needed to cement his place in the big leagues. And you can’t even blame that slow move to success on his missing elbow ligament – crucial to pitching – since it’s just as absent now as it was when Texas made him a first-round

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draft pick in 1996. Just like his trademark pitch, there is nothing normal about knuckleballer R.A. Dickey. Fresh off his first spring training as a Toronto Blue Jay, the 38-year-old secured the opening day starting slot atop the pitcher’s mound, and for good reason. The Nashville, Tenn.-native became the first knuckleball-throwing pitcher in MLB history to snag the National League Cy Young Award as a Met last November. His 20-win season, 2.73 ERA, and leagueleading 230 strikeouts caught the attention of Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos. On Dec. 17, the Mets traded Dickey, along with catchers Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas, to

Toronto in exchange for four players, including up-and-coming Travis d’Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard. The price tag: a two-year, $25-million extension for Dickey – fairly low for a Cy Young winner, but hefty for a club loaded with talent and fat contracts, especially after a blockbuster trade with Miami. Accordingly, the Jays’ expectations run high for the AL East title, if not the whole Series. “The more work we did on him, the more comfortable we became with the price,” said Anthopoulos. “You don’t get [a Cy Young winner] for free … guys like this don’t come around very often.” continued on page 2

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Living Light News - March/April 2013 “The pastor ... explained baby Jesus came to the world, grew up, died on the cross to pay for our sins. If anyone opens his heart to Jesus and accepts Him as a personal Saviour, Jesus will come into his heart, bring him peace, and take away every burden. I was seeking peace, and I needed somebody to take away my burden! I came to the altar and opened my heart. That was the turning point in my life.” Looking back, Phuc is amazed by God’s timing. Within months the church was closed by the government, her pastor imprisoned. For 10 years, Phuc had no church and concealed her Bible. Initially,

by Lori Sandys Lapierre

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photo courtesy The KIM Foundation International

little girl running naked down the road, screaming. Who could forget that iconic photograph? Armed soldiers. Children crying. A huge dark cloud looming in the distance. Kim Phuc – captured at age nine in Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize winning picture – will never forget that day. Hiding with other family members. Bombs dropping. Clothes burning off her frail body. Her skin on fire. The nightmare that followed was even worse – 14 months in a hospital where it was unsure if she would survive. Seventeen surgeries. The communist Vietnamese government taking over her life to be a spokesperson. Enduring pain from her injuries each day. Phuc recalls struggling with her tragedy as a hatred-filled teenager. “Why (did) that happen to me and why (did) I still struggle? I was always seeking the answer. I hated my life ... everyone that caused my suffering. I wanted to die.” Raised in the Cao Dai religion, Phuc believed in her family wasn’t various gods. “[But] I started to believe there is no concerned – Christmas God,” Phuc notes. “If God is still there, He could was celebrated as part have answered me.” of Cao Dai. But when Contemplating suicide, Phuc began to read books Phuc refused to eat food on other religions, including a New Testament Bible. sacrificed on an altar or “I read John 14:6, ‘Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth go to the local temple and the life. No man can come to the Father but by to worship, the changes me.” ’ I was shocked ... confused! Why did Jesus say Kim Phuc were obvious. He was the Way? The only way? What was true – my Her family disowned her, pulling all financial support. But religion, or what Jesus said?” she tells Living Light News. Phuc held on to her faith, praying that God would provide for Intrigued, Phuc began to read the Bible and accepted an her and reveal Himself to her family. invitation to attend a local church. “One day I cried out with When she went to Cuba to study medicine at university, all of my heart ... ‘God, are You real? Do You exist? I need one friend.’ I was so lonely and isolated. And then – I got a friend at she met fellow student Toan Bui and the two married in 1992. Phuc received governmental permission to church. Deep down ... I knew God existed somewhere.” It was at a Christmas service in 1982 that Phuc discovered honeymoon in Moscow. For years she had dreamed of freedom, so when the plane stopped for refueling, she and the love and healing power of God. 2011 brought more of the same – batters just couldn’t hit his lookslike-a-beach-ball-but-flies-like-a-marshmallow pitch. Then came his banner season, leaving Hall of Famer Phil Niekro wondering if any knuckleball-throwing pitcher could best such a “dynamite” hot streak. In a farewell letter to fans, Dickey praised the Mets for providing “a chance to prove that maybe I could be somebody on a big league mound … not just a retread with a weird name and an even weirder pitch.” It’s a chance Dickey never anticipated his own family – let alone a famous ball club – would grant. Raised by an alcoholic single mother, Dickey says his babysitter, and later a teenage neighbourhood boy, sexually abused him as a child. Ashamed, the athlete hid the abuse for nearly 25 years. As a high-schooler, Dickey learned about Jesus Christ from a friend. Yet even after marrying and beginning a family (two boys and two girls ages two to 11), the weight of his past remained. He had an affair and contemplated suicide, leading him to a counselor’s couch. His story spilled out, and Dickey soon told his wife everything.

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...Since the 6-2, 215-pound righty is the only current major league pitcher to throw the notoriously squirrelly knuckleball, it’s an accurate statement. Dickey calls his no-spin pitch, which he uses about 80 per cent of the time, “a legitimate weapon. It has one purpose, and that’s to get big-league hitters out consistently.” Yet consistency and knuckleballs rarely go together, and Dickey’s opening act was no different. Texas drafted him 18th, offering the University of Tennessee graduate an $810,000 contract. When doctors noticed his throwing arm hanging awkwardly in a photograph, however, they discovered a missing ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow. Worried, the Rangers slashed their offer to $75,000. Dickey signed anyways, debuting in the majors in 2001. His first few years of typical fastballs and breaking balls were underwhelming, leading Texas brass to suggest his little-used knuckleball. Dickey did, with disastrous results. His first start using the hard-tomaster pitch landed him in the record books – for giving up six home runs in one game. The Rangers immediately sent him to the minors, where he stayed for two years. By 2008, now with the Seattle Mariners, Dickey tied another unwanted record when he tossed four wild pitches in a single inning. After a stint with the Minnesota Twins and more time in the minors, the Mets gave the flailing pitcher a second chance. Suddenly, Dickey’s relentless focus began paying off. By the end of 2010, Dickey recorded Tim Tebow a 2.84 ERA.


her new husband sought political asylum in Canada. Phuc again acknowledges God’s incredible timing. “Six weeks later, Canada closed that immigration door,” she points out. “We were one of the last ones in.” It was a drastic life change as the couple made their home in Ajax, Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area. “I had no money, no friends, no clue about the culture of Canada. But I had faith. And by faith, God just guided me every single small step, every day.” Phuc’s life changed in ways she never imagined. Two sons came along – Thomas, now 18, and Stephen, 15. She began to speak about her experiences. Then, in 1997, both of her parents became Christians. That year, Phuc was named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the Culture of Peace. She also launched the KIM Foundation International, helping children injured in war and acts of terrorism, restoring their hope and happiness – a cause close to her heart. Among their projects, the foundation built a school in Uganda, and is currently constructing a hospital there – Phuc’s payback for the wonderful medical attention she received as a child when she needed it most. Additionally, she and her husband minister together. Now 47, Phuc no longer carries the anger and hatred in her heart that consumed her as a young woman. Instead of focusing on the life that was shattered after the bombs fell, she allows God to encourage others who are hurting by modeling the healing, love, and forgiveness He has brought. For someone who seemed to have every reason to be bitter, Phuc exudes nothing but contentment and peace. “I’ve learned in my Christian life never to complain,” she notes. “Good things, I praise the Lord. Bad things, I say, ‘Yes, Lord … give me strength.’ My faith grows every day.” Reflecting on that fateful day 40 years ago, she adds, “I am so grateful that God pulled me out of darkness and put me into the light. [Now] I want to be a light.” “I had spent a lifetime trying to control things – people, sports – and it wasn’t working. It was crumbling down around me,” he told CBN TV. “God brought me to a place where He said … just surrender it. And the more I trusted God, the bigger He got. I felt like Atlas, like someone had just taken the world off my shoulders.” Today, Dickey tries to do the same for others through Honoring the Father Ministries, which provides medical and sports supplies to Latin America. He also summited Mt. Kilimanjaro last November, raising more than $100,000 to open a clinic in Mumbai, India for sex trafficking victims. “I thought, as dark and cold as I might be, how much darker and colder are they in those brothels and red-light districts of Mumbai,” he said. “That … gave me strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other.” With his autobiography Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball (Blue Rider Press) debuting last March, Dickey’s life is literally an open book. And he likes it that way. “There’ve been a lot of things that haven’t gone to script, that I would have written out a different way,” he told CBN. “But God has had something better. Only in reflection can you really see it. “ ‘Cause He’s given me not just a second chance but a third and fourth and fifth, to infinity. He’s a Saviour, that’s what He R.A. Dickey is to me.”


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Living Light News - March/April 2013

Newsbriefs A Gift That Keeps On Giving RICHMOND, IND — Jerry Wilde felt hopeless when doctors removed a transplanted kidney he received in 1992 after it had developed a cancerous tumour. The average waitlist for a donor was two to three years, and the educational psychology professor didn’t know if he could last that long on dialysis. “Even if someone was my blood type, there was still only an eight percent chance that we’d be a match,” he said. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long for a donor. Leah Hostalet, a friend and former student, wanted to help out and created the Find A Kidney For Jerry Facebook page. Becky Melton spotted the page on her news feed. A total stranger to Wilde, Melton decided on the spot to donate her kidney.

“I’ve been praying for purpose,” she told WTHR. “I guess I was thinking more small scale, but I guess when you open yourself up to God’s plan it’s going to be a lot bigger than you can imagine.” It’s been a year since the surgery, and Wilde is never better. He calls Melton a hero. “When God tapped Becky on the shoulder, she didn’t turn away ... Because of her I’m going to see my children grow up. I’ll get to see them graduate and get married. And maybe I’ll even get to grow old with my beautiful wife.” All three have become passionate advocates of organ donation. April 21-27 is National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week in Canada. To find out more, visit

Unbreakable Spirit Inspires HENDERSON, TN — With an infectious smile, groovy dance moves, and a smart-looking suit, Robby Novak is inspiring adults to be “on the road that leads to awesome.” The nine-year-old kid from a small Tennessee town is famously known as Kid President after his “Pep Talk” video went viral on YouTube. With over 12 million views to date, Novak’s hit video urges grownups to “stop being boring.” “The idea for Kid President just came from Robby’s resilient spirit,” says Brad Montague, Novak’s brother-in-law and co-creator of the popular web series. Novak has a medical condition called

Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. “He has had over 75 breaks since he was born,” Montague told TODAY. “To hear him say, ‘Less complaining, more dancing’ has weight to it. He shouldn’t be running – yet you see in the video that he is.” “We’re now trying to use it as a way to spread good,” he told The Christian Chronicle. Despite the challenges, the four foot tall bundle of energy continues to dance with joyful abandon and bring encouragement to the world. Catch him weekly on SoulPancake, a website co-created by Rainn Wilson of The Office aiming to spread positivity online.

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Hero In O’Hanlon

Honest To Goodness KANSAS CITY, MO — It pays to be honest. This is what a Kansas City panhandler learned after complete strangers who heard about his good deeds gifted him over $160,000. Billy Ray Harris became famous after a local news station featured the homeless man after he returned an expensive engagement ring to its owner. Sarah Darling told Kansas City’s KCTV 5 News how she inadvertently scooped up the platinum and diamond ring while grabbing a handful of change for Harris. Darling didn’t realize what she’d done until the next day. “It was really worth some money,” Harris told TODAY, saying he had the ring appraised after discovering it in his cup. The Missouri man could have exchanged the ring for much needed cash, but decided against it. When

Darling returned for it the next day, Harris handed it over without hesitation. This wasn’t the first time Harris’ honesty was recognized. He once found a Super Bowl ring and returned it to its owner, a retired Raiders player. Harris credits his reverend grandfather for raising him with good values. “He raised me from the time I was six months old and thank the good Lord, it’s a blessing, but I do still have some character,” he said. Darling and husband Bill Krejci started an online fundraiser for Harris with a goal of raising $1,000 in three months. To date, the amount of donations on has gone up to over $160,000. Krejci describes people’s generosity as “unreal” and says Harris has a solid plan in place on how to spend the donations to get his life back on track.

A Moving Story LOS ANGELES, CA — Anthony Tolbert, 51, is moving back in with his mom. No, the Harvard-educated UCLA law professor hasn’t fallen on dire straits. He’s lending his furnished, three-bedroom Los Angeles home to a family in need for one year. Tolbert started housing strangers after reading an article about a family who sold their home and donated the $800,000 proceeds to charity. Through the help of a social service agency in 2011, he rented his house for a dollar a month to a woman and her three children who were victims of abuse. Tolbert even left the good furniture and expensive heirlooms out for the duration of the family’s stay. He told them, “I’m leaving these things for

you to enjoy. I want you to be comfortable here,” he told the Los Angeles Times. Tolbert says he was inspired by his father’s example. “I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t someone other than family living with us,” he said. “(My father) was always willing to open up our home to someone in need.” The experience went so well he’s doing it again – this time for single mom Felicia Dukes and her four kids. Dukes was ecstatic to be in Tolbert’s home. Rules at the transitional house prevented her from living with her older son, but with Tolbert’s generosity the family is now reunited. “To live in your house is a miracle,” Dukes wrote in a letter to Tolbert. “You are like an angel from God.”

NEW YORK, NY — When Garrett O’Hanlon visited New York on his birthday, he didn’t realize he’d end up on the news. The Air Force Academy sophomore cadet is being hailed a hero after saving a man who had fallen onto the train tracks. On Feb. 17, the 22-year-old was at the Columbus Circle station with his sister Agnes waiting for the train to head back to her apartment. A man in his 20s who appeared to be drunk hit his head on the rail and fell onto the tracks unconscious. Amid screams, O’Hanlon noticed the next train was arriving in two minutes. “The next thing you know, I’m in the middle of the tracks,” he told The Colorado Springs Gazette. O’Hanlon had difficulty lifting

Live By Faith, Not By Sight DALLAS, TX — For years, Lauren Scruggs has covered New York Fashion Week, but 2013 is different. Working as E! News’ fashion reporter this year is a milestone for Lolo, who survived a horrific accident that took her left eye and hand over a year ago. The beautiful blonde’s recovery is nothing short of inspiring. Wearing a prosthetic eye and hand while interviewing renowned personalities in the industry, Scruggs is clearly back in her element. “I still go through hard days,” she told TODAY, “but there has been much joy in seeing my recovery process and how the story has affected others that are going through struggles.” Months after the accident, Scruggs resolved to move forward: she learned to drive a stick shift, exercised

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at the gym, and wrote a book about how the accident has changed her life. In Still Lolo she talks about her new faithfueled perspective. “I’ve lost my eye ... but I’ve never seen the world more clearly than I do today. I’ve lost my hand ... but I’ve never been more excited about the work God has for me to do,” she wrote. Though Scruggs initially had doubts, her faith prevailed with support from parents Jeff and Cheryl and twin sister Brittany. She learned to trust God more as she moved forward – “to live by faith and not by sight.” In an I Am Second video, she reveals her new goal. “I just want to use what I have been through to talk to young girls and let them know that our appearance is not what defines us.”

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the bleeding and unconscious man. That’s when two other spectators jumped in to help him hoist the man to safety with the help of bystanders. The three rescuers scrambled up the platform as the train approached. “I couldn’t watch a man die,” O’Hanlon told The New York Post. “It was such a rush, it happened so quickly – I just had to react.” The injured man was taken to the hospital but none of his rescuers know his name. “That’s actually the beauty of it,” O’Hanlon said. “Nobody knew this guy. But everybody was doing whatever they could to help this total stranger out.” Classmates now call him a hero, but he doesn’t feel like one. “I think anybody would jump in ... Nobody wants to see another person die.”





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Living Light News - March/April 2013

Viewpoints Dealing With Our Failures by Andrew Hess Many of us don’t know how to handle failure. We don’t know how to respond to the failure of others, and we don’t know how to handle our own failures. It’s tough to know what to do when we make a bad choice. I’ve been chewing on John Piper’s book, Bloodlines. At one point, he reflects on his s Andrew Hess own failures and the power they might have had to keep him from good things in life. He writes: “One of the lessons I have learned in six and a half decades of life is that very few dreams should go on hold while you improve the shortcomings of your life ... there are times when you need to stop what you are doing and focus on conquering a flaw. But if you wait till all your shortcomings are remedied, your dreams will die ... “If you wait till you are beyond criticism to pursue your dream, you will never do it. You won’t marry or stay married. You won’t decide to have children or raise them. You won’t take your first job or keep it ... Few things paralyze people more than their own imperfections. And there are always people around to

Maybe, just maybe, Aren’t have to But attend ourthere baby“You is a genius. enoughpersonally, problems classes. You can’t I think she just in the said world follow me on Twitter.” “heiroglyphics” already?by accident. © 2013 2012 by Randy Glasbergen

Many successful people failed repeatedly before achieving success. remind you of your flaws and suggest you can’t move forward until you’re better.” Piper hits on something very common among young adults today. Many of us believe we have to overcome our imperfections before we can truly chase our dreams. Even as you read this, you might be thinking of your own failures. Perhaps, you’re one of those paralyzed types, fighting to let go of some sinful habit. Maybe you’ve been curbing your dreams, waiting until you’ve grown up a bit more. I’ve got some comforting news. Many successful people in history failed repeatedly before achieving success. Their resolve to learn from their mistakes and persevere enabled them to succeed. Inventor Thomas Edison and his team filed 1,093 patents with the U.S. Patent Office. A remarkable achievement, but what most people don’t know is that for every patent submitted, Edison had struggled with hundreds – even thousands – of failures. Edison became an expert at persevering through failures. Near the end of his career, colleague Alfred Tate wrote a letter to Edison saying, “Above all you taught me not to be afraid of failure; that scars are sometimes as honourable as medals.” We see similar success from failure on the show Shark Tank. It involves several wealthy investors entertaining pitches from real entrepreneurs and inventors. I enjoy seeing what people have come up with and then watching as the “sharks” go after them. Sometimes people score great deals and other times they fall flat on their faces. But almost every time the sharks turn down a pitch, they offer advice on what needs to be done. The sharks rarely tell people to give up all together. Some entrepreneurs take their advice, make changes, come back, and as a result, land great deals. Like Thomas Edison and those brave souls who enter the “shark tank,” failure does not mean we should just give up, but rather provides an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and re-focus our efforts. As we press on towards our goals and work through our failures, we might just find opportunities for growth we otherwise would have never found. Andrew Hess is a Research Associate for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, CO. He also teaches Bible and psychology classes at Colorado Christian University. You can follow Andrew on Twitter at @FreshEpiphany.

You’ve Got E-mail by Phil Callaway In first grade I received my very first letter. Seems the government mistakenly drafted me for the Vietnam War. Still it was nice to hear from someone. I miss the mailbox. Not the bills or Reader’s Digest sweepstakes offers, but an actual letter written just to me. Personal letters are as rare these days as an evening at a Willie Nelson ballet. One day an envelope arrived that said, “Caution: Snake Eggs.” When I slit it open, something sprang out at me. It was a paper clip wound with a rubber band. I married the girl who sent it to me, and there have been other surprises along the way. I miss the concrete world of real mail. I’d settle for a paper cut to bring it back. Somewhere the world changed. Long distance rates plummeted, texting took off and nine out of every seven people bought cell phones. We’ve saved time, but have we redeemed it? I’m as guilty as the next guy. E-mail is efficient, but speed is not always commendable. I loved the personal touch of a letter. A tangible reminder that someone thought enough of me to spend a whopping eight cents on a postage stamp.

s Phil Callaway Once I overheard my parents talking about a negative letter Dad had received. “Remember the Three Day Rule,” Mom said. “When you write anything negative in a letter,” she explained to me, “you let it sit

contemplate what we are saying, to carefully consider our words. As a Christian, I am to be a person of the spoken and written word. Those words should build, nurture, encourage, and affirm. None of these come quickly. .A pastor once told me that his church was split apart when e-mails — many containing gossip, slander, and personal attacks against him — were forwarded around the world. I suggested he place this on his answering machine: “Hello, if you wish to criticize last Sunday’s sermon, press one. To gripe about the music, press two. If you have some encouragement, the pastor will be right with you.” Here are rules to follow for

When I slit the envelope open, something sprang out at me. in a drawer for three days, then decide whether you should send it.” Though I use e-mail regularly, I’ve tried to abide by that rule. Twice I have sent things I wish I hadn’t: once it took a long trip to fix it, the other time a phone call. By its nature, e-mail seems to fight our need to stop and

social media, e-mail, and texting: 1. Never write anything you wouldn’t want the entire world to read. 2. Never use e-mail to confront, correct, or confess. Do this in person. Don’t reply to such an e-mail. Ask for a personal meeting instead. 3. Use e-mail to exchange

factual information or to send love, encouragement, smiles, and support. 4. Let your speech be seasoned with love, grace, and salt. Missionary friends in the Philippines once e-mailed to say their son Kyle was seriously ill. The mother said he loved my books and asked if I’d be able to send him something from Canada. Flattery will get you everywhere, so I sent him a package: “Snake Eggs: Use Caution.” Not really. Instead, our family put together a small packet of goodies for him. Six weeks later I unraveled a brown parcel festooned with bright blue stamps. Packages fell out. Nuts, dried mangoes, and pineapples labeled “To Die For.” You can’t send such attachments by e-mail. And I’ve kept Kyle’s note thanking me for my prayers and saying he’s doing much better. May I suggest that you send someone a note today? E-mail if you must. But better yet, drop it in an envelope. Just don’t try to mail it with an eight-cent stamp. Phil Callaway is the author of ‘To Be Perfectly Honest: One Man’s Year of Living Almost Truthfully Could Change Your Life.’ Visit him at www.

Living Light News - March/April 2013

Of Life Jackets And Other Saving Things

s Marcia Laycock by Marcia Laycock


was raised smack dab in the middle of two of the largest of North America’s Great Lakes, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. I’m used to being in, around, and on the water. I did a lot of swimming and boating as a child. These were activities that we all took for granted so there was very little supervision, and safety precautions were nonexistent. I almost drowned once. No one really noticed. One time, I almost drowned my nephew. At the age of two he slipped off the bow of my tiny “sea flea.” No life jackets in sight. When we returned home no one questioned why his diaper was wet. I realized I had a rather large blind spot in regard to the dangers of being in, around, and on the water

when my husband and I were in a small aluminum boat off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The wind had come up and the waves grew as we headed across the mouth of a wide bay. The boat was tossed about as huge waves splashed over us. I was loving it. My husband was white-knuckled as he clung to the gunwale and prayed. It wasn’t until we reached shore that the word life jacket was mentioned. We were recently on a small sailboat and a similar thing happened. The wind made the craft heel over nicely and I was delighted. My husband was worried about an eight-year-old

I almost drowned once. No one really noticed. sitting on the bow with his dad. Neither wore a life jacket. When he commented later that it would have been disastrous if that boy had slipped off, I realized, oh yeah, I guess a life jacket would have been wise. It seems familiarity can breed blindness and even,

yes I’ll admit it, stupidity. Many of us go through life this way, almost daring life to do its worst. Many Christians go through our spiritual lives this way too. We become so familiar with the culture of our religion we ignore the things that will keep us safe. There are precautions we are told to take, habits, and disciplines acting like life jackets and lifeboats. Things like reading the Bible regularly, attending a church, and praying often. It is wise to use them, wise to realize that familiarity can breed blindness and stupidity. The Bible warns and it would be wise to listen. In Hebrews 10:25 it says, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another …” Hebrews 12:1 goes on to say, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Do you have a life jacket on? Or is it gathering dust somewhere? Marcia Laycock’s latest book, ‘One Smooth Stone,’ is available at www.vinemarc. com or by calling 1-800238-9376.


Persona Non Au Gratin

s Rhonda Rhea by Rhonda Rhea


o you know how glorious it is to speak at an event that’s directed by a thoughtful and gracious event coordinator? Those are the trips that are somewhere near Heaven. Ah, to be chauffeured about, fed the best meals from the finest restaurants, then transported to a posh hotel, only to find a gorgeous gift basket already delivered to the room. Bubble bath waiting. Bed turned down. Mint on the pillow. It’s good to be queen. Okay, no one knows as well as I do that I don’t deserve to be treated like a queen. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it, does it? You know when I truly realize I’ve been unduly treated like royalty? When I get home. It’s like a whiplash back into reality. One second I’m signing books and greeting the crowds, the next I’m walking in the door to

kids. “Oh Mom, it’s you. I’m glad you’re home – ’cuz we’re out of bread. And somebody must’ve spilled a bunch of milk inside the fridge ’cuz it smells really nasty in there.” I’m suddenly “persona non au gratin” – no longer the big cheese. It’s so funny that I can go straight from the applause of a gracious audience to cleaning the cat box. While I love my short reigns as queen, I have to tell you that there’s something quite comfortable about coming home to bread-fetching, milkmopping, and cat-box-cleaning servitude. Living with an entire brigade of pride police really isn’t a bad thing. Humility can be so tricky.

It’s like a whiplash back into reality.

Once you realize you have it, it’s probably a point of pride – and then it’s gone! The best way to stay humble is to stay focused on Jesus Christ, our example. We’re told in the Bible’s Philippians 2:5-8 to have His attitude. “Let this same attitude, purpose and humble mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus: Let Him be your example in humility. “Who, although being

essentially one with God and in the form of God, possessing the fullness of the attributes which make God God, did not think this equality with God was a thing to be eagerly grasped or retained, but stripped Himself of all privileges and rightful dignity, so as to assume the guise of a servant, in that He became like men and was born a human being. “And after He had appeared in human form, He abased and humbled Himself still further and carried His obedience to the extreme of death, even the death of the cross!” Jesus was true royalty, not the temporary, speaking-event kind. He is rightly called the King of all kings. Yet this passage tells us that He didn’t hang on to those rights as royalty. He pushed them aside on our behalf and took on servant status. Imagine leaving the splendour of a Heaven beyond any five-star hotel we can picture, to serve and to unselfishly give His life. I really do want to be like Him. I want to humbly serve before any crowd. And I want to humbly serve as I load my shopping cart with four gallons of milk. Rhonda Rhea is a radio personality and conference speaker across North America. She is a wife, mother, and author of several fun and fruitful books. Look for her newest book, ‘Whatsoever Things Are Lovely,’ in stores now. Find out more at www.

The Empowering Emotion Of Joy by Dr. Charles F. Stanley


s your life cheerful, or has it become more drudgery than delight? Have your expectations of pleasure and contentment been dashed by disappointment and difficulties? Maybe you have seasons of happiness, but trouble inevitably returns, bringing discouragement. Most of us would probably admit we don’t s Dr. Charles F. Stanley know many people who are truly full of joy, yet God calls believers to be joyous. Throughout the Bible’s Old Testament, God commanded the Israelites to rejoice. He even instituted feasts for celebrating. These were times of praising, dancing, and singing to God with thanksgiving for His provision. We find the same attitude carries over into the New Testament. In Philippians 4:4, Paul instructs: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!” Obviously, God’s will is for us to be joyful people. In fact, it should be the natural and normal way of life.

Biblical Joy In order to understand the lifestyle God desires, we need to know the difference between joy and happiness. Both are defined as gladness, delight, and pleasure in something, but happiness has an external cause. When circumstances are favourable, we’re naturally happy, but when events take a downward turn, so do we. Joy has an internal cause and isn’t dependent upon outside conditions. As Christians, we can keep our contentment because our delight is in God, not in fluctuating circumstances.

Contagious Joy A cheerful heart not only lifts our spirits – it influences

others. A display of peaceful contentment when there’s no circumstantial reason for it is like a magnet to a lost world. We can encourage others with our confidence that God is sufficient for us, no matter what. Even in the midst of heartbreak, our deep, abiding pleasure in God strengthens ourselves and others.

Rejoice Always In the Bible, Paul told the Philippians specifically when to rejoice – always! It’s easy to be cheerful when everything is going right, but how can we do this in times of pain? In our difficulty, does God really expect this of us? Yes, He does. Everyone has hardship; that’s part of living in this world (John 16:33). But we don’t have to be despondent when life is hard. In fact, James 1:2 tells us, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials.” Some people become indignant when they hear this verse, because they think God is telling them to rejoice in the event that’s causing their pain. But by reading a little further, we see this isn’t the case. Our rejoicing is based on the promised outcome – “knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

Joy has an internal cause and isn’t dependent upon outside conditions. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing” (verses 3-4). Trials challenge our faith in God’s wisdom or goodness. But these verses reassure us that His purposes are good, and if we endure with trust and joy, we will lack nothing. By now you may be wondering how practical this is. We’re talking not about some idealistic philosophy but about reality – where you and I live, in a world of pain and suffering. When Paul told the Philippians to rejoice, he was declaring a deep conviction of his soul because he had repeatedly tested its validity. He wrote that letter while sitting in prison. According to his circumstances, he had no reason to rejoice. But because of his relationship with Christ, he could.

It wasn’t the only time he practiced what he preached. During his first visit to Philippi, he and Silas were beaten and thrown into jail (Acts 16:23-34). That night, sitting in stocks, they began praising God. Paul and Silas didn’t wait for conditions to improve; they demonstrated love and faith in God by offering praise. As a result, the other prisoners heard, and eventually, the jailer and his entire family became Christians.

Enjoy God We are told to rejoice, not in what causes our suffering, but in God. This isn’t a denial of pain, but an opportunity to trust God in it. Instead of focusing on the situation causing misery, we fix our eyes on Christ. Then we see the blessings that cheer us. First of all, if we are Christians, we can delight in our relationship with God – our sins are forgiven and our names are recorded in heaven (Luke 10:20). Suffering of this life is incomparable to the glory that awaits (2 Corinthians 4:17-18). Second, we can exult in the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. He empowers us to walk through any difficulty or loss and produces His spiritual fruit in the lives of those who yield to Him. We can praise God for the transformation He is working in our character as He develops our faith through adversity (Romans 5:3-5). The greatest focus of our rejoicing is God Himself. When we consider His unconditional love, unfailing faithfulness, and compassionate understanding, how can we do anything but praise Him with gladness? He has given us amazing promises and will never fail to fulfill them. Every time His Word, the Bible, is spoken or read, it’s an occasion for celebration. Jesus told His disciples, “These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full” (John 15:11). Dr. Charles F. Stanley, author of more than 50 books, is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, GA, and founder of In Touch Ministries. In Touch programming is available in Canada on television and radio. For broadcast details, visit www. Article courtesy In Touch Ministries © 2013.



Living Light News - March/April 2013


Impossible Possible “I packed my cigarettes and my attitude,” recalls Robyn Zingle of her 16-year-old self when her parents sent her off to Bible camp in the 1970s. A party-loving girl with little experience of a loving God, a Christian camp for troubled youth was the last place on her list to spend a week of her summer. Only God Himself could have predicted 30-odd years later she would be program manager of Shiloh Youth Ranch for at-risk youth, and partnering with River City Church in Edmonton on a weekly program to mentor the kids that come through her camp each summer. Every Friday, the Forward Youth program at River City opens its doors to not only the kids attending the church with their families, but also to the kids that have attended Shiloh, kids who often have very difficult families, or none at all. The youth ranch programming is designed to guide at-risk kids ages seven to 17 toward positive choices, and be a place of healing, restoration, and dignity. All kids who attend the weeklong summer camps are from families living below the poverty line and many are in the care of social services – living in foster care and group homes. Many have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Conduct Disorder, or a combination of these. “Our first meeting of Forward Youth was about making the impossible possible,” says Zingle. “We played a Mission Impossible game with the kids, so they could have a live example of what this could be like with God.” She says the Shiloh staff all attend the Forward Youth meetings, to create a sense of continuity and excitement that extends from the

photo by Noel Granado

by Elisabeth Handley

the year. [Forward Youth is] the discipleship ‘‘ W e t r y t o b r in g program for the s t a b il it y rest of the year. We in t o t h e ir give them the life l iv e s t o m ake a skills, but more than d if f e r e n c that, (we introduce e .’ ’ them to a) relationship with Jesus.” Zingle shares Brzezicki’s enthusiasm for long-term connection with the kids. While she came to a saving relationship with Jesus at camp when she was 16, when she left camp she didn’t know what to do about it. “We didn’t attend church in our home, so I had no follow-up,” she says. “It didn’t take long for me to fall back into old habits. That’s why now I have such a passion for follow-up.” She also has a passion for kids, though this was not always the case. After giving up a 30-year career in the oil patch to work at Shiloh Ranch, Zingle originally agreed only to work as Horsemanship Director. “I didn’t like kids all that much. I didn’t have patience for them,” she says. “Within two years God changed that until I had kids hanging Robyn Zingle (second from right) hangs out with the Forward Youth crew, a off me.” partnership of Shiloh Youth Ranch and River City Church offering Edmonton Her love for kids is evident as she speaks, teens free food, fun, and fellowship every Friday night. saying no child will ever be turned away if the family can’t afford the $40 registration fee for a Lead Pastor of River City Christian Church. “That’s week of camp. camp experience. The actual cost for that camper’s week is closer why we blended Forward Youth with regular The meetings begin each week with a free to $350, and Shiloh relies largely on donations. youth group. We didn’t want to separate at-risk meal, then fun games, a message, and smaller Their main annual fundraiser is right around kids; we wanted to make the environment as group sessions for a chance to talk about how the corner, a benefit gospel concert March 10 at normal as possible.” the message applies to their lives. The event 6:30 p.m. at SPA for Life. Admission is free and a Forward Youth fills the gap Shiloh begins at 5:30 p.m. and kids often stay until goodwill offering will be taken. cannot fill alone in its campers’ lives – 11:30 p.m. year-round connection. “We try to bring a little stability into their lives For more info, visit “[The summer camp] is only one week out of to make a difference,” says Pastor Rick Brzezicki,



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Living Light News - March/April 2013


Drop-In Centre a Haven of Hope by Lori Sandys Lapierre

photo by Noel Granado

Megan Schuring remembers the discovery – a homeless person living behind a church. “I thought, how can someone be living outside in the middle of wintertime?” she recalls. She and friends decided something needed to be done. They distributed bag lunches from the back of a minivan. Offered lunch at a church. Then clothing. After opening in 2009, Mosaic Centre, a Christian nonprofit organisation serving the poor and homeless in northeast Edmonton, is still bringing people out of the cold.

The centre is open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily. With funding from Homeward Trust, the centre offers extended Winter Emergency Relief hours until the end of April from 4-9 p.m. “We had five people a week,” Schuring reminisces with a laugh. “But now we see 60 during the day, another 40 in the evenings.” “We provide a warm, safe place for people to come out of the cold and off the streets,” she explains. “Coffee and soup are always available.” In addition, clients can receive clothing, outerwear, or blankets; use laundry facilities and the computer; or get transportation to overnight shelters.

From inception, Schuring and her co-directors knew that to make a significant impact in people’s lives they needed to offer something beyond food and clothing. “We needed to do more,” she says. “[We wanted] a place open during the day where they could come in and develop relationships.” It was this genuine caring that helped change Kristine Perrine’s life. “I lived in foster care,” Perrine shares. “My mother was an

“T he y sh ow ed m e a di ff er en t w ay of liv in g, an d m ad e m e be lie ve I w as w or th so m et hi ng .” alcoholic and addict. I became a teen mom.” Her search for love only led her on a trail of abusive relationships, leaving her alone at 25 with three kids. Drugs and prostitution dragged her into a downward spiral. Her wakeup call came when her middle child chose to live with her instead of his father. With two children in foster care, she didn’t want to lose another one. She chose sobriety. It was then that Perrine found an apartment near the Mosaic Centre. She was pleasantly surprised when she finally entered the Centre. “They were very loving and caring,” she recalls, saying staff even took her to appointments. “They were there [for me] when [a friend] was

Volunteer Kristine Perrine was transformed by the message of hope she found at Mosaic Centre.The Centre offers extended winter hours from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. until April.


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murdered. They showed me a different way of living, and made me believe I was worth something.” “Our goal is to build relationships,” Schuring explains. “That’s what people crave the most – [then] they will let you into their world.” With support from Mosaic Centre, Perrine has successfully been sober and clean for over three years. Having regained custody of all three children, she went back to school and took parenting and life skills courses. Last June, Perrine graduated from NorQuest College. A changed individual, she’s now doing her Aboriginal Outreach Practicum at Mosaic Centre and has found a passion to give back to the homeless community through work and volunteering. The directors, representing three local churches, believe God is working behind the scenes to change not just Perrine’s life, but others’ as well. “It’s no secret we’re faith-based,” Schuring notes. In fact, Mosaic Centre offers a lunch-time series on basic Christianity to those who want to know more about God. “We offer to pray with people all the time. [But] we don’t smack you over the head with a Bible. We want people to see Jesus in us ... see there’s a difference. And then maybe one day, ask us about that difference. “When we first opened, the neighbouring community was fearful. But ... we’ve been embraced.” Notably, the crime rate lowered over 19 percent in the area. “Even gang members have remarked, ‘This place is really different. It feels safe here.’ That’s God.” Mosaic Centre’s services are funded through donations and fundraisers. Hoops For The Homeless is on April 6 and the 4th Annual Golf Tournament will be on May 25.


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Living Light News - March/April 2013


by Carolyn Tomlin

A N i n g I h t l ’s Sleep l A

Some things in life are a given. Meaning, these are not optional. Like food and water, our bodies must have these to survive. Count sleep as one of those. As we grow older we may develop sleep problems that affect our health. There are some we can’t change. However, some factors can make a difference in the quality of slumber. And that, in itself, affects our life.


All too often, we simply can’t turn off the switch from daily stress when bedtime arrives. There’s just too much going on. A friend uses this system: Imagine you are pulling a shade down separating you from the world you live in – and sleep. Allow nothing to enter your thoughts after the shade comes down. Concentrate on this blankness. Another starts thanking God for her blessings. Think of the many loved ones you share your life with, the good times you’ve shared, and the life you’ve been blessed with. As your body relaxes, you soon realize you’re free from stress and entering the comfort of sleep with sweet dreams.

juice, and yogurt may aid slumber. Don’t forget the old stand-by, a glass or warm milk may do the trick.


For centuries, people have used herbs and spices to induce sleep. Some may work in sending you off to dreamland; others smay not. It’s a good idea to check with your health care provider when introducing herbs or spices into your diet as some counteract with prescription drugs and can be dangerous. Just because it may say “all natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe.

SAME TIME, SAME PLACE Research shows our bodies have a rhythm of being awake and asleep. It is recommended that we go to bed the same time each night and try to get up approximately the same time each morning. This system helps set our internal clock with a period of sleep and rest. Do you sleep best in a cool, dark

room free of noise or any stimulation? Or, do you prefer a warmer room with a night-light and background noise such as soft music or a fan on to fall asleep? Decide what works best for you and follow this schedule nightly.


As we grow older, we may develop medical conditions that affect sleeping soundly throughout the night. One known as sleep apnea, is a medical problem causing restless slumber. A person often stops breathing numerous times a night. Throughout the day, they doze off frequently and driving or operating machinery can be a hazard. If this is a problem, contact your medical provider to schedule a sleep study. Monitors report the number of times you wake or the quality of your breathing. Often wearing a

Eating fish, jasmine rice, tart cherry juice, and yogurt may aid slumber.


It’s common knowledge that drinking coffee, tea, or beverages with caffeine before bedtime hinders sleep for many people. Nutritionists recommend we avoid caffeine after lunch to ensure we start snoozing quickly. But are there foods that aid sleep and help us drift off into a peaceful slumber? According to, it’s suggested that eating fish, jasmine rice, tart cherry

breathing mask for sleeping can reduce or eliminate the problem. A good quantity of sound sleep is one factor of good health, while poor quality sleep may cause medical related problems. Among the benefits are a stronger immune system and keeping the brain sharp. Talk with your doctor and practice these suggestions for improving your sleep. In the end, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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Living Light News - March/April 2013

by Kim Perrone Some families just aren’t dog or cat people, and that’s okay – God created many other creatures to brighten our lives. Sure, many aren’t meant to live a life of domestication. Others, however, make rewarding pets for the right family.

Little Fuzzy Pals

Little handfuls of fur such as gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs are fun to bond with. Still, veterinarian Irene Phillips of Avenida All Pet Clinic in Calgary ( cautions pet owners to “remember that ‘pocket pets’ are living things, and they need care just like any other pet, including veterinary care.” As well, it’s important to compare the temperament of the species you’re considering with the ages of your children. For example, Dr. Phillips recommends guinea pigs for children. These gentle animals have unique personalities and love companionship. Conversely, Phillips advises against dwarf hamsters for young kids because they’re quick little guys and prone to biting. It’s vital to do research on the smaller fuzzy pet you plan to adopt. If you don’t like mess, you might not enjoy the dust baths chinchillas need. If keeping locks on your toilet lids and checking your washer/dryer before running it sound like a pain, you might not want a ferret running around your home.

Regarding Reptiles

Some folks shudder at the thought of a reptile in their home. Others relish the feel of a snake gliding through their fingers. Watching reptiles in action as they eat, shed,

duck in and out of shells, or even lay eggs can be very educational. Many reptile owners claim to bond with their pets as well (despite what others might think!). Know that all reptiles are prone to passing along the salmonella germ, which can cause serious illness. Problems can be avoided though. The CDC has a list of recommended practices for reptile care at In general, reptiles should not be kept in homes with children under the age of five, hand washing (after any contact with your pet or its belongings) should be supervised, clean tanks regularly, and don’t allow your pet to roam freely throughout the home. There are many cold-blooded species to choose from. The corn snake is a popular docile reptile. Leopard geckos and bearded dragons please the lizard crowd. Depending on the animal you choose, care may involve controlling tank temperature and/or humidity, the necessity for a purchase of a heat rock or lamp, and specific bedding. Again, do your research. Want to rule out two species off the bat? Phillips warns, “Chameleons and iguanas require a lot of care and don’t do well in captivity.”

A Bird Calls

For those searching for an avian pal, it’s smart to start small. The larger birds such as African greys, macaws, and amazons can become destructive when bored (though many enjoy television!). When properly socialized, they are extremely

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rewarding pets, personable and entertaining, but no less easy to care for than a dog. Smaller birds such as canaries, cockatiels, finches, and parakeets are less demanding of your time and can amuse themselves alone or in numbers. Realize though, in many cases, multiple birds are more inclined to bond with each other rather than their humans. Birds of any size require clean environments, food and water upkeep, and toys to keep them curious and happy.

Well Bred

Wondering where to find an animal pal? “Breeders are often the best place to locate new pet for your family,” says Phillips. When you find a breeder for the particular species you


are searching for, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has a great resource for separating reputable breeders from those with less of a conscience: If your family would like to adopt a homeless pet, petfinder. com has a huge number of listings for many species across North America. No matter what pet joins your clan, Phillips advises, “Don’t expect children to be 100 percent responsible for their care – it’s a family affair.”


Living Light News - March/April 2013


Sodium Shakedown

The by Beth Bence Reinke, MS, RD Like a cunning criminal with a concealed weapon, sodium is sneaky and has the potential to hurt you. Sodium hides in all kinds of food ingredients and additives, from salad dressings to processed meats to breads. If you did a little detective work on what you ate recently, you might uncover hidden salt with the ability to harm your health. Arming yourself with information about sodium is a good way to prevent a “salt assault.”


Sodium is an essential substance that helps the body function properly. It’s found in table salt and many other additives in foods. But for many people, eating too much sodium is directly linked to higher blood pressure. And when your blood pressure goes up, so does your risk of stroke, heart disease, and kidney disease.


Health experts recommend eating less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium (about 1 teaspoon of salt) per day. But the average Canadian consumes 1/2 teaspoon more that that — about 3,400 milligrams of sodium per day. As a result, federal, provincial, and territorial governments have set a goal of helping people get their intakes down to 2,300 mg per day by 2016.


Let’s get back to that detective work on your diet to find hidden salt. Believe it or not, your salt shaker is usually not the culprit. More than 75 percent of sodium intake comes from

salt added during the manufacturing of processed foods. The rest comes from the natural salt content of foods and what we sprinkle on while cooking and eating.


Buy and cook smarter. Studies show that when consumers eat reduced-sodium foods, they usually don’t add salt at the table to compensate. So the best way to cut your sodium intake is to make changes before the food comes to the table – what you buy and how you prepare it. Avoid processed foods and don’t add salt in cooking. Read labels. When in doubt, check the amount of sodium per serving on the nutrition label. Remember, eating two servings will double your sodium intake. In processed foods, you’ll see oodles of additives and preservatives on the ingredient list that contain the word “sodium.” That’s your signal to put the box back on the shelf! Make special requests. Limiting sodium while eating out can be trickier. When ordering at restaurants, try requesting your meal be prepared without salt and monosodium glutamate (MSG), a salty flavourenhancer. Since sauces, gravies, and salad dressings may be sodium-laden, think about asking for them to be served on the side.


Eating potassium-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, is a smart idea for good health and a great anti-sodium move, too. That’s because getting enough potassium may help counterbalance dietary sodium and help lower blood pressure. Good sources of potassium include: • Fruits (especially apricots, avocados, bananas,

cantaloupe, honeydew, grapefruit, kiwifruit, oranges, mangoes, papaya, prunes) • Vegetables (especially beets, greens, potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes) • Legumes, nuts, and seeds • Milk and yogurt • Whole grains

Salt substitutes replacing some of the sodium with potassium are available, but can be harmful for some people, especially anyone with kidney problems. Check with your doctor before using products containing supplemental potassium. Getting potassium from foods is your best bet.


Too much sodium can corrupt your health. Do your own detective work to nab sneaky sources of hidden salt. Eliminate processed foods. Enjoy a balanced diet that emphasizes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and lowfat dairy products. Don’t let too much sodium sneak in and steal your health! Beth Bence Reinke, MS, RD, is a registered dietician who writes about food, health, and nutrition. She is the author of ‘Fruit Lovers’ Devotions To Go,’ and several children’s books. Visit her website at

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Healthy Living

Dr. Emad Morris, DDS




For all your Healthcare needs...

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Full dental services Tel: 780-433-0222 New patients welcome #205 2ND Floor All insurance 9562 82 AVENUE P a te n t plans accepted EDMONTON, AB

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Not just another filter! It produces:

Alkaline Water

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Pat Hayes, D.D. HOURS: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - Noon Evenings by appointment

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Separation and Divorce Parent Coaching Family Counselling Eating Issues Teen ~ Parent Conflict Life Coaching

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Dr. Scott Hollingsworth, DPM

Diabetic foot pain is estimated to occur in over 50% of people who have had diabetes for more than 10 years. Magnetic BioStimulation Therapy (MBS) is a new state-of-the-art, gentle, and effective treatment for diabetic foot pain and other chronic disorders. MBS works without the use of drugs, injections, or needles. If you are experiencing pain, burning, numbness, tingling or loss of feeling in the feet, you may t from MBS treatment. To schedule your complimentary initial MBS eligibility consultation, please call Capilano Rehab at 780-466-1104.

Capilano Rehab Centre

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We recommend that everyone should be screened for foot problems. Ideally we should all be screened by a foot doctor by the time we are 7 years old. Foot specialists for the medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle.

Many foot problems requiring surgical correction can be prevented. Everyone should be screened by a good doctor. Early prevention is the key to healthy feet.

For appointments call: Referrals not required

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St. Albert: #203, 200 Boudreau Road Edmonton: Main Clinic, 2308 - 96 Street Sherwood Park: #217, 80 Chippewa Road

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Here’s a Positive Solution. Magnetic Biostimulation may help you live pain free.

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g n i b m cli adder l e th e v o l r fo ofs, ut o r 7 and 6 s are abo e d a a dec n Roofer oles r e t f A Wome atching h e s e th han p t e r mo

by Lailani Mendoza

• Manual Shift car available • Day, Evening and Saturday hours available

“There’s the gratification [knowing] a roof that had a hole that morning isn’t gonna leak that night.” one person, the oldest roofer, raised her hand. “I certainly didn’t think I’d enjoy being up on a roof,” says Bovender who didn’t like heights. “But you quickly get your roofing legs and you get comfortable. At this point, I don’t mind if I’m working on the edge at all.” The service provided by Women Roofers is badly needed in Rutherford County where one in five homes is in poor condition and the poverty rate is higher than the national average in the U.S. And while most projects are done within their backyard, the Women Roofers crossed three states to help Hurricane Katrina victims in Mississippi. Herrick says Women Roofers exist to make a difference one roof at a time. “The most important thing is that at the end of the day, you really have made a difference in somebody’s life,” she says. “There’s the immediate gratification [knowing] a roof that had a hole that morning isn’t gonna leak that night.” It’s not just the house that gets repaired.

Glenn’s DRIVING SCHOOL Where our customers become our friends

Living Light vember/Dec Lori Herrick (left), Susie Kernodle, and Nell Bovender discovered true community up on a roof through their creation of Women Roofers. Bovender recalls one lady they helped who was having a very rough time. “She’s lost a teenage son to drugs. We did her roof, and it felt like we helped her turn that corner.” Shingle by shingle, the women are also building each other up. They vent, share menopause stories, and celebrate birthdays on the roof. They do have one rule: What’s said on the roof stays on the roof. “Sometimes at the end of the week, all you want to do is pick up a hammer and pound something really hard,” Bovender explains, laughing. She says they’ve shared everything – good and bad. “These are the best friends I’ve had in my life!” Made up predominantly of Christian volunteers, the Women Roofers have on occasion paused to pray for people. “The women that work together, we share tears on the roof,” says Herrick, recalling a time when one person got a phone call about a person in need, and they all stopped to pray. Kernodle looks to Jesus Christ as her model as she works on roofs. “Jesus never wasted an opportunity to teach and do good. One of my favourite Scriptures is from Micah 6:8. ‘And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’ ” Bovender agrees. “We don’t necessarily discuss Jesus with the people we’re helping, but there’s an

acknowledgement that we’re doing this because we care and love them as children of God,” she explains. “This is how He gets His work done. We’re His hands and feet.” Herrick hopes people who are suffering see their work as an outpouring of God’s love for them. “It may not have been anything we said but that person has a reassurance or maybe a rejuvenated idea that God really does [love them]. Maybe they can see a light at the end of the tunnel because this was done for them.” And while they’re definitely out to help people, the Women Roofers are gaining their own reward simply by reaching out to others. “I get as much benefit from the work as the people that we help,” says Bovender. “I know that’s hard to understand but once you’ve done it for a family and you’ve made a trip to Mississippi and helped somebody who’s gone through a catastrophe, you just feel the love of God for His creation. He cares for us. To be part of that is so wonderful!” The Women Roofers are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a Mother’s Day-themed build weekend called “In Honor of Mom.” For details, visit Rutherford Housing Partners’ website at


• Numerous customers come to us on referral

780.478.1777 Looking for a new career? We have a Government Certified Instructor Training Program. Call for details.

Safe & Fun for the Whole Family!

photo by Jane Alexander Bell

By day, Lori Herrick works in the office for the State of North Carolina, investigating complaints in licensed childcare facilities. But on certain evenings and weekends, you’ll find her with a tool belt slung around her waist and hammer in hand, pounding shingles on other people’s roofs. The 48-year-old working mom is a co-founder of a volunteer group called Women Roofers. Made up of mostly middle-aged women, the Women Roofers help elderly and disabled homeowners in Rutherford County by fixing their roofs for free. The group works in partnership with Rutherford Housing Partnership (RHP) and Habitat for Humanity. It all started with a leaky roof. In 2002, Nell Bovender convinced her church Sunday School class to help with a roofing project at her new job. Bovender works for RHP, a local nonprofit funding home repairs for low-income homeowners. But when the day came around to do the work, only two women showed up – Herrick and Susie Kernodle, now 64. Both women had never done any construction work before. “We didn’t have a man there, and there was not enough of us to finish this job,” recalls Herrick, who half-expected their male leader Bill Honeycutt to wait until more people came to help. “And he said ‘No, let’s get to work!’ ” With Honeycutt’s expert guidance, it didn’t take long for the women to catch on. “Bossman Billy is such a great teacher and a gentle spirit that I felt empowered by him,” says Kernodle adding that roofing was similar to laying out dress patterns. “We did get the hang of it!” “By the end of the day, I was pretty much hooked,” Herrick adds. The more she and Kernodle talked about having an all-female crew, the more excited they became. Ten women responded to their idea and that spring, Women Roofers was born. A decade and 67 roofs later, Women Roofers is still going strong.

They’ve grown from three members to 80. With varying ages from 17 to 75, the ladies come from all walks of life – social workers, teachers, a pharmacist, nurses, and homemakers. Most of them are in their 50s and 60s with no prior roofing experience. They once asked how many people have done roofing before, and only

t News - Nocember 2011

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Serenity Funeral Service is a registered not-for-profit society that is operated by over 130 multidenominational churches in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

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Persistence means continuing to pursue a goal until it’s achieved. For years, Ken’s way of dealing with Carla’s hurt feelings was to give a rational explanation. These ranged in length from “you’re too sensitive,” to a 20-minute analysis. Carla assumed it was his way of saying he was superior. If someone didn’t talk to her s Dr. Gary Smalley and she deduced they didn’t like her, Ken would say, “Oh, Finally Ken realized Carla was they were too busy … you’re simply asking him not to lecture taking it too seriously.” her but to comfort her. He tried If she had an argument with and noticed a different response his mother, his mother got his in Carla. She recovered faster understanding while Carla got, than when he tried to explain “I can’t believe how you hurt away her feelings. mom’s feelings.” Ken told me that although After Carla realized men have to learn how to respond to women’s it was hard not to lecture at first, his quiet response was so feelings, she began to tell Ken much more effective that it has when she needed comfort, become natural. “Don’t lecture me … just hold If Carla had shared her feelings me and understand.” This didn’t only once, nothing would have do any good the first six or seven happened. But she persisted, times. She still got his lectures.

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Serving the Community for 24 Years" 23013 Old Fort Trail

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and now both are enjoying the benefits of her persistence. I once met a man who had been successful working with teenagers. His secret? “For every 200 ideas I try, one works!” Jill, a teen he worked with, followed his example after she married. Early in their marriage, Jill noticed how Dave showed preference for his family over her. When they moved for graduate school, she thought she would be free from rating second to his family. Unfortunately, 2,000 miles wasn’t enough. Phone calls, letters, or visits continued to add to the fire. Whenever Jill found fault with Dave’s family, he would rise to their defence. Time after time she would tell Dave how deeply it bothered her, but Dave always defended himself. A few years after graduate school, Dave had the chance to relocate near their hometown. He thought Jill would be thrilled

by Dr. Gary Smalley

They appreciate it — so do we!


Persistence Pays Off

23013 Old Fort Trail

Christian Book & Record 12 - 8103 127 Avenue (Plaza 82)

780-478-2798 •

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“The Friendly Little Gravel Company”

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Article © 2013 courtesy Smalley Relationship Center, which provides conferences, books and DVDs on marriage and parenting. Visit for more information.

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ALBERTA ROCK PRODUCTS LTD. Producers of Alberta Rainbow Rock

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because it meant living near her family too. He couldn’t understand why she cried when he told her. She explained she was afraid to live near his family because of his preference for them. He couldn’t see it from her point of view. On vacation they visited their hometown. As they were leaving, he asked her, “Tell me one more time why you don’t want to move back?” She explained once more, and it finally got through. Since then, he has had many opportunities to demonstrate his preference for Jill. She now feels so secure that she is looking forward to the possibility of returning home. Once again, the wife’s gentle persistence brought lasting benefit to her and her husband.



This pr

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Living Light News - March/April 2013


Human GPS Point The Way

Getting from point A to point B should be simple enough. But in ever-expanding cities in China, drivers are facing more than a speed bump. With printed maps and GPS technology failing to keep up to all the new roads, people are relying on “human maps” – people at the side of the road

ready for hire – to point the way. But what if you’re trying to get somewhere a lot more important than the office? When it comes to getting to Heaven, there is seemingly a multitude of roads people are taking, hoping to get there. But will they? The Bible says there is indeed a way to Heaven – but only one way. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, as a “human map” over 2,000 years ago. He came to earth as a man to die for the sins of mankind and provide a road to Heaven among all the detours. In life, like driving a car, everyone’s

gone over the speed limit or maybe even run a red light. We’re talking sin, and it needs to be forgiven by God in order to have an eternal relationship with Him. Jesus provided that forgiveness by paying the penalty on the cross. In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus said, “broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Unlike when you can’t find the restaurant you have reservations to and keep circling the block, on this road if you’re too proud to ask for directions you’ll never find the way. God gives grace to those who humble themselves before Him but resists the proud (1 Peter 5:5). It’s about admitting your sins, accepting that Jesus paid the

penalty on your behalf, and asking God to help you navigate the highways of life so you’ll be on the right road, ending up in Heaven when your journey is over. Ready to find the road that leads to eternal life? If so, admit your “driving” sins and need for a GPS by praying this prayer with all your heart: Dear God, I admit I’ve done and said things that are sinful in Your eyes. Please forgive me! I believe Your Son Jesus Christ died – and rose again – to pay the penalty for my sins. I receive your grace and mercy and accept the Lord Jesus as my Saviour. I give You my life from this day forward. Please help me to live for You and transform me into the likeness of Jesus. In Your Name I pray, Amen

Henry J. Theune

Accounting & Income Tax

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Living Light News - March/April 2013



Yougo Dole Plantation 808-621-8408

i k i k i a W

Hawaii Tourism

o t e m o Welc by Sarah Chestnutt

Pearl Harbor 808-690-9052

The Breakers Hotel 1-800-426-0494

Waikiki Online 888-926-2126

Just five minutes from the touristy strip of Waikiki, you’ll find where the locals live. Get the right look at Bailey’s Antiques & Aloha Shirts, where thousands of vintage aloha shirts can be found. Make sure to pick up macadamia nuts and kona coffee for the gang back home! Discover authentic flavour you’ll keep coming back for. Eat like a local at Leonard’s Bakery (try hot malasadas — Portuguese doughnuts) and Waiola Bakery and Shave Ice (the favourite treat of colourful shaved ice is perfect in the hot sun). Waiola’s may look familiar, especially for fans of Hawaii Five-0. You’ll recognize it as the business run by reoccurring character Kamekona. In fact, with the hit show filming in the area, keep an eye out for celebrities while you explore. Waikiki is Oahu’s main hotel and resort area — finding a place to unwind is simple. Keep in mind your credit card will take more of a hit at the beachside resorts than hotels a block back. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous at the iconic pink resort on the beach — The Royal Hawaiian is popular for royalty and Hollywood elite. It may be a stretch for your budget to spend the night, but treat yourself like a star and have breakfast at the outdoor beachside Surf Lanai Restaurant. To make your wallet happier, perhaps book a room at The Breakers Hotel. Recommended by, this more affordable hotel is only half a block from the beach, and has a pool if you’re avoiding crowds. An island retreat full of sun, sand, and surf is just the way to get ready for summer. It’s a vacation sure to create lots of memories (and photos) for everyone.

photos courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson, Sri Maiava Rusden

Golden sand, gentle waves, and palm trees. What more could you ask for? Get a head start on summer at one of the most famous beaches: Waikiki. Originally a playground for the kingdom’s royalty, now anyone can soak up the tropical sun. Oahu’s 1.5 square mile stretch of sand definitely lives up to the hype — nature’s beauty blends with modern luxuries for the perfect getaway for the whole family. The Honolulu International Airport, just 30 minutes from Waikiki, Hawaii’s hub for air travel, makes getting there a breeze. Once you’re there, get around by shuttle, taxi, or public transportation. The statue of Duke Kahanamoku, father of modern surfing welcomes you with open arms to the beach, and with good reason. Waikiki’s one of the best places to learn to surf. Rent a board from a rack in the sand and take lessons from one of the Waikiki Beach Boys, locals who’ve been teaching for generations. If you’re at home on the board or want to watch pros, take a trip to the north shore where big waves draw surfers worldwide. Head below the surface for a fresh experience. Snorkelling reveals an underwater world of colourful coral heads, rainbow runners, and yellow tang. For bigger fish keep in mind it’s peak whale watching season until mid-April. With the surf breaking far from shore, it’s the place to swim and splash around. And don’t forget group canoe rides on outrigger canoes similar to those once used by the natives. For the ultimate Hawaiian experience,

partake in a sunset luau. Party under the stars as you eat traditional meals and play authentic games wearing handmade leis. When you’re ready to shake the sand out of pretty much everything and take a break from the beach, try the Honolulu Zoo, the wildest place on the island, or the Waikiki Aquarium, with over 500 species of sea life. Be sure to visit the Royal Hawaiian Center in the heart of Waikiki. It’s a premier shopping and dining destination with more than 100 shops and restaurants and so much more. Take in all kinds of Hawaiian customs, and even learn to play the ukelele. Add to the unforgettable experiences at Pearl Harbor. This must-see is only 30 minutes from Waikiki. A National Historic Landmark, you can visit five sites memorializing the Dec. 7, 1941 attack. While on the road, visit Dole Plantation. The pineapple plantation, 40 minutes from Waikiki, has tons to do. Get lost in the Guinness Book Of World Record 2008’s World’s Largest Maze, then take a tour on the Pineapple Express Train. Where else can you get such fresh pineapple to try? Creating the iconic backdrop to Waikiki is the Diamond Head extinct volcano. This 760 ft crater towers behind the beach, and is a popular hiking destination to get panoramic views of the island. Plan your hike on a Saturday and take the opportunity to visit Kapiolani Community College’s farmers market across the street from the hike’s entrance to get a taste of locally grown and produced products. Take a short trip down Kapahulu Avenue for real Oahu life. 1-800-464-2924

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54 Street & Yellowhead Trail

780-475-0552 Service You Can Trust

 Heating & Air Conditioning  Tires

Emerald 116

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• 16 Stitches • Easy one-step buttonhole • Adjustable stitch length/width • Built-in needle threader

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Going Places


Authentic Vietnamese Food



 Networking & Business Building Mentoring Fellowship

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The Right to Wear White Retreat is designed to help daughters discover the beautiful gifts God has given to women and the benefits of sexual purity until marriage. This retreat is for young girls and their mothers.

... a place for rest, renewal and spiritual discovery in the context of the Christian faith

April 5-7, 2013. Sylvan Lake, Alberta Cost: $165/mothers, $135/daughters (includes all food, lodging, all sessions and materials) 1-800-563-4276

“Come now, let’s settle this,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow: though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

• dining facilities • library & meeting room • accommodations up to 30 • for individuals & groups

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Living Light News - March/April 2013



Actor Jenn Gotzon uses her gifts to help audiences discover theirs

by Teresa Lockhart

photo courtesy S.D.I Entertainment

“All the world’s a stage.” Shakespeare’s famous words echo among those in the entertainment industry – everywhere they go, someone is watching. For actor Jenn Gotzon, that performance is paramount. Alongside writer-director husband Chris Armstrong, she works to create films delivering messages of hope. Gotzon’s personal mission is to impact and inspire audiences. In the past year, Gotzon has had lead roles in nine films, including the mystery-drama Doonby, also starring Smallville’s John Schneider, and has several movies going into production this year, such as Alone But Not Alone, releasing in April. The acting bug bit Gotzon when she was 15.

Like most teenagers in her hometown of Bethlehem, Penn., she was involved in a multitude of activities – she even made it to the state level competing for Miss


America. However, acting became her main focus. Her big break came in 2008 when she landed the role of Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s historical drama Frost/Nixon, which received five Oscar nominations. During this time Gotzon also appeared in two short films, Chemistry and Stained. Her performances earned her the honour of the Rising Star Award by the Wildwood by the Sea Film Festival. Members of the organization asked her to speak to the audience in a question and answer session, and that’s when the idea for her Inspiring Audiences motivational mentoroutreach program emerged. “I was so humbled,” Gotzon says. “Having an opportunity like this was the first of my journey as an actor, and it was such a gift. I wanted to give back something bigger than just a Q&A.” Gotzon asked the organizers if she could do something different – share her story. She shared her journey of overcoming rejection, facing not having money, and being told she would never make it as an actor. Then, she told the audience that it was God who planted her dreams and heart’s desires and it was God who brought them to fruition. She had prayed about what to say and felt led to give members of audience pens with the words “Inspiring Audiences” and small cards with the words “My Passion Is” printed on them. She then asked people to write the date and their passion on the card. “Something happened that day. People from all walks of life talked

like they had a new purpose and a new direction in their life’s journey,” she recalls. “They had never before thought about why they were not pursing the gift God had given them.” According to Gotzon, the purpose of the pens was to be more than a temporary writing utensil. She imagined once the audience left, they would place the pens in a drawer but someday would find them again. “Finding the pen would be like a personal touch from God, an opportunity for them to think about what they are doing with the gift God has given them.” Gotzon started speaking to high school students. She has expanded her program to include speaking to churches where she shows one of her movies, then talks about the story.

coming from so she can help viewers going through similar situations. She wants to be a light in the darkness. Gotzon grew up attending church, but didn’t understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until she was a teenager. She was on a youth retreat when she felt the need to pray to Jesus to ask forgiveness for holding on to hurtful feelings – anger, bitterness, resentment, regret, emotions most people feel when life seems unfair. But when she turned these feelings over to Jesus and asked Him for forgiveness, she felt relief sweep over her. She was able to forgive the people who hurt her, and she forgave herself. “All of a sudden, the anger I had started to leave. I felt as if Jesus had taken that pain from me, and I completely felt clean and free,” she says. “I felt a joy and a peace rather than the hatred that had held me hostage. I had a personal relationship with Jesus.” Now when she reads the Bible she wants to be more like Jesus. “He loves people unconditionally,” she says. It is this unconditional love that inspires her to play characters who are struggling onscreen. “My passion is playing protagonist characters who are complex, who are broken, who, at the end of the film, have a revelation of truth, and hope, and grace, and love,” she explains. “When people can realize, ‘Hey, that’s me,’ then I can help them.” Ever since then, the desire of Gotzon’s heart has been to help others find hope and purpose through a personal relationship with Jesus. “God gives each one of us a hope and a purpose. Sometimes people never know what that gift is,” she said. “Sometimes fear gets in the way. Sometimes distractions and circumstances cause us to shove the gift in a box, and it gets dusty. But I can just hear God saying, ‘Hey, don’t you want to open that gift?’”

One of Gotzon’s gifts is her ability to play characters undergoing a crisis. She also encourages aspiring actors through her Facebook page. Her aim is to encourage, educate, and excite audiences, helping them discover their own passions. There was a period when Gotzon wondered if God still wanted her to be an actor or if she should become a mentor instead. Again she prayed and felt she received the clear answer that God gave her the gift of acting and decided to continue. One of her gifts is the ability to use her imagination to play complex characters with stories of brokenness, similar to what real people are going through in today’s world. Many of the movies Gotzon has played in incorporate characters undergoing a crisis. Rather than judging the characters for poor choices or regrettable circumstances, she tries to understand where they are


Living Light News - March/April 2013 AUDIO ADRENALINE Kings & Queens Review by Josh McConnell A lot has changed since we have last heard from Audio Adrenaline. The band’s final album released in 2005 and shortly after they announced that front man Mark Stuart had to step down due to ongoing vocal challenges. When the band played their final concert in April of 2007, no one expected a transformation into a Christian music super group six years later. Former dc Talk member Kevin Max has taken over lead vocals and joins Will McGinniss, Superchic[k]’s Dave Ghazarian, Bleach’s Jared Byers and Jason Walker. Titled Kings & Queens, the reinvented Audio Adrenaline’s first album takes a bit to adjust to. The new band members provide a slightly more aggressive sound than the last couple of records in terms of guitar and kick drum, plus Max’s vocals are a throwback to dc Talk material. That said, it is obvious Mark Stuart still helps in the songwriting as the lyrics are incredibly faith-based in nature. Audio Adrenaline’s return is a welcomed one, as is Kevin Max’s return to a prominent role in the industry. Definitely give this one a listen as these Christian rockers seem to know their target audience well.

HEARTS OF SAINTS For All Of Us Review by Josh McConnell It is always refreshing when bands try to do something unconventional. Even when things fall short in other categories, the fact there’s a form of innovation or creativity earns bonus points. For Hearts of Saints, they clearly don’t want to get labeled with one kind of music when they obviously do two very well. So how do they overcome this obstacle? Instead of merging both sounds like many do, Hearts of Saints has released a two-disc album: one disc containing rock and the other worship. With 15 tracks over the two discs, For All Of Us pulls off this unique initiative very well. The rock tracks are filled with heavy guitars, punchy drums and soaring melodies. The worship disc, though still upbeat for the most part, is tamer in nature and features more straightforward lyrics. In addition, Brit-rock influences can be found sprinkled over both disc’s anthems as well as their ballads. Granted, they aren’t reinventing the wheel per se, but the very idea of releasing a two-disc set of different genres is intriguing – and the material on both discs is well done and enjoyable. So, if you’re looking for a new pop-rock group, check out Hearts of Saints.

COLTON DIXON A Messenger Review by Kevan Breitinger Colton Dixon became known in American Idol Season 11 for his flashy style, unique sound, and his unabashed passion for his Saviour. Dixon made those seven weeks count, garnering millions of “Messengers” (his nickname for his Idol fans), parlaying his visibility into performances on The Ellen Show, The

JukeBox Today Show, The Tonight Show and the latest Passion Conference, and now releasing his debut on Sparrow Records. First heard on the AI tour, power ballad “Never Gone” was an immediate hit, heading straight to No. 1 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel singles chart and Billboard’s Christian Digital Songs charts. The track’s success put him in unique company; he and Jennifer Hudson are the only seventh place finalists in Idol history to reach No. 1 on a Billboard chart. This explains the somewhat formulaic approach to Messenger, which adopts AI’s same sonic template where dramatic interpretations translate to votes. Other than the two ballads “I Rise” and “Let Them See You,” the remaining 10 tracks feature heavy guitar riffs, elaborate synth action, and power vocals. Not necessarily bad, but it leaves Dixon little opportunity to showcase his vocal versatility. He does get to stretch out a bit more on the warm worship track “You Are” and the well-written “Scars.” Album standout is his cover of “Let Them See You,” where the simple arrangement allows his vocal skills to finally shine.

FICTION FAMILY Fiction Family Reunion Review by Josh McConnell Back in January 2009, Switchfoot vocalist and Nickel Creek guitarist collaborated on a side project away from their main bands. After enlisting the help of two others, the fourpiece ensemble released an indie-rock-meets-folk album that was met with critical acclaim. Now, nearly four years to the day, Fiction Family has released their sophomore record. Titled Fiction Family Reunion, the 10-track album benefits from the recent trend of folk-inspired rock acts which have become popular in the past few years, such as Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. Album tracks such as “Guilt,” “Avalon,” “Reality Calls,” and “Never Call” are especially comparable to these artists. While that’s true, there’s a lot more texture to Fiction Family’s music, what with plenty of upbeat, indie-rock inspired tunes such as “God Badge” and “Damaged.” “Give Me Back My Girl” is extra punchy and sounds like it could fit on an Apple commercial. The best part about side projects is they can provide a fun and experimental departure from an artist’s normal material. Fiction Family Reunion fits that bill, so be sure to pick up this fun and unique release.

JENNY SIMMONS The Becoming Review by Josh McConnell Ardent Christian music fans will be familiar with Addison Road, a pop/contemporary group that parted ways in 2012 after a decade together. The good news for fans of the band is lead vocalist Jenny Simmons quickly announced her intentions to start a solo career with her first album finally dropping in February. The Becoming consists of nearly 38 minutes of material over 10 songs. There isn’t much in the way of surprises here as Simmons’ debut fits her pop and adult contemporary genres quite well. Production on the album is polished and well done, standing up

A�� y�� � ��i���, e�i t�� �� a�����n� ��i���? Plan now to attend Canada’s largest conference for writers and editors who are Christian.

W�i��! C�nad� J��� 13 - 15, 2013 G����� , Ont��i�

“W�i�� �i�� ���po�� �n� j��!” For more information, go to

“Connecting, developing & promoting Canadian writers & editors who are Christian”

21 with other quality artists. Simmons vocals are also rich-sounding and pleasing to listen to. In terms of lyrical content, The Becoming is filled with worship and faith-based songs from start to finish. This will definitely be encouraging for listeners, especially those who really value this kind of material. However, some might say it leads to some simplistic musical and lyrical structuring. While there isn’t anything new with Jenny Simmons’ debut, fans of this genre should be pleased with The Becoming and radio will no doubt love several tracks in particular.

JEREMY CAMP Reckless Review by Kevan Breitinger Jeremy Camp has been on top of the Christian music scene for 12 years, selling 3.5 million albums and garnering Grammy nominations and American Music Award wins. But his seventh studio album Reckless doesn’t fully demonstrate the reason for such longevity and accolades. While Camp initially brought much-needed edge to the CM rosters with a grungy rock sound and honest writing, this new project reveals a mellowed Camp, though his focus remains unapologetically vertical. Lead single “Reckless,” heavily laced with Scriptural references, lays down a strong piano hook and sets the tone of conviction – an album strength. This and several following tracks bring Third Day to mind – from Camp’s gritty vocal, reminiscent of Mac Powell, to the brawny guitar riffs – but ultimately lack Third Day’s rock energy and enthusiasm. “Free” has some Switchfoot moments but fails to lift off, while the anthemic “Shine” fares better. Camp’s vocal still brims with the intensity that has made him a fan favourite, and this will save the album for many. A few tracks show a bit more nuance and thoughtful instrumentation, including the synthladen “Come Alive.” And I like the quiet delivery and thoughtful writing of “We Must Remember” (“We must remember/ that You have forgotten.”) I’m a sucker for a potent turn of phrase, and that one will stick with me for a while, as it should.

PAUL COLMAN From The Saltland To The River Review by Matt Conner Whether it’s his Grammynominated turn in a band, his intimate and celebrated solo work or his tenure with the globally renowned Newsboys, Paul Colman has built a worldwide fan base with memorable melodies and meaningful lyrics. Now with his latest solo release, From The Saltland To The River, Colman has produced his best work yet – a slight shift both musically and lyrically that will challenge and shape the listener. Every song on Saltland features a slight country wear for the better, from the old Western flair of album opener “Is That It?” to the Bruce Springsteen feel of “Your Cactus Heart.” “Welcome To The Human Race” is an old country ballad anchored by a sweet steel guitar background that startles the listener with stark statements on the person and work of Jesus. Placed at the centre, it’s a prophetic song that becomes an important lyrical cornerstone within the overall scope of the album. Colman has bestowed a very thoughtful gift upon his audience with Saltland, and it requires an engaged listener to take it all in. The listener who opens it, however, will be richly rewarded.

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Living Light News - March/April 2013

photos courtesy Kenn Viselman Presents

Zoozie,Toofie, and Goobie, along with Ruffy the fish, go on an adventure to find the missing balloons for a surprise birthday party.

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-1 -2 -3 -4


The featured reviews are a selected sample of informative reviews from MOVIEGUIDE: A FAMILY GUIDE TO MOVIES AND ENTERTAINMENT, a syndicated feature of Good News Communications Inc. For a copy of MOVIEGUIDE with a complete set of reviews of the latest movies as well as many informative articles, please write or call MOVIEGUIDE 1151 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012 1-805383-2000. “The publications which carry MOVIEGUIDE and the organizations which distribute MOVIEGUIDE are not responsible for these reviews, nor is MOVIEGUIDE responsible for the opinions and positions of these publications and organizations.”

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Exemplary: No questionable elements whatsoever Moral: Some minor questionable elements Good: Moderately questionable elements Wholesome: Recommended but discernment required for younger children Caution: Discussion advised for older children Extreme Caution: Discretion advised for adults Bad: Excessive sex, violence and/or immorality Evil: Intentional blasphemy, evil and/or gross immorality

ecent wholesome films your whole family can enjoy: R Quality Acceptability H H H H 3 Day Test +4 H H Backwards +1 H H H Little Red Wagon +1 H H H H Secret of the Wings +1 H H H Won’t Back Down +1 H H H H Wreck-It Ralph +1


S Silver Sponsor

ACCEPTABILITY: +2 STARRING: Jamie Pressly, Cloris Leachman, Chazz Palminteri, Toni Braxton, Cary Elwes, Christopher Lloyd DIRECTOR: Matthew Diamond

+4 +3 +2 +1


Contact: Warren Bamber (780) 409-9230 ext 329

QUALITY: * * *

Acceptability Ratings +4 to -4


Safely earn 8 to 10% per annum on your RRSP or Non-RRSP First Mortgage Investments. Interest paid semi-annually

Reviewed by Dr. Ted Baehr

This refers to the moral quality of the production:



young audiences off the “edge of their seats” and into the aisles.

imagination long after the movie ends. While the movie is intentionally squeaky clean and uplifting, its message doesn’t directly promote a Christian worldview and there are a few references to magic, especially in the character of Windy Window. The youngest moviegoers, and even some older siblings, will enjoy dancing and singing along to The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure, but parents should be prepared for an unconventional movie watching experience. This may be the one time a movie has its


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In several instances, the Oogieloves use love The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure, recently released on DVD, is an interactive movie and kindness to solve their problems. They place a big emphasis on teamwork in problem solving, experience meant for children ages three to five. acceptance, and love. It’s Schluufy the talking pillow’s birthday, and Throughout the movie, visual cues invite the Oogieloves have lost all the balloons for the young audience members to sing and dance surprise party! Disaster turns to adventure when along with the Oogieloves in many musical scientific Goobie, fearless Toofie, and their pinknumbers, with choreography designed for the loving sister Zoozie set out to give their fluffy confined space in front of a movie theatre seat or friend the birthday party of a lifetime. living room at home. The Oogieloves have big fun and make new Butterflies onscreen friends along the encourage viewers way, including to get up and move, Dotty Rounder while turtles mean it’s (played by Cloris time to sit back down Leachman), cowboy until the next dance Bobby Wobbly number. (Cary Elwes), Milky Producer Kenn Marvin (Chazz Viselman (the man Palminteri), Rosalie behind the groundRosebud (Toni breaking success Braxton), and Lola of Teletubbies) and Lero Sombrero hopes for the movie (the comic team of Lola Sombrero (Jamie Pressly) is a new friend to reflect purely Jaime Pressly and who helps them along the way. uplifting values, Christopher Lloyd). going so far as to These special celebrity remove dark hues from the colour scheme and appearances will appeal to the grown ups rounding computer-animated edges to make the watching the show. Oogieloves’ home in LovelyLoveville as “loving” With the help of J. Edgar the vacuum cleaner, a place as possible. the wise Windy Window, and Ruffy the grumpy Take the adventure further through games, yet lovable fish, the Oogieloves and their new songs, videos, and printable materials on the friends hope to find all five balloons and get Oogieloves’ website. You’ll even find resources back to the cottage in time to save Schluufy’s birthday. Can they do it before their friend wakes for parents on how to make the most of the experience with your child and encourage their up from his sleep?

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Living Light News - March/April 2013

Cover to Cover


Advertisers& Sponsors... make Living Light News possible for you to enjoy. Please support them with your business.

LOSING BIG by Danny and Darci Cahill


At almost 500 lbs, Danny Cahill had all but given up hope of ever having a normal, healthy body again. As if that weren’t enough, he was also addicted to gambling. He was obese, in debt, and working a job he hated. Life with his beautiful wife Darci and their two children projected the image of a happy, church-going family. In reality, it was all crumbling. At a weekend seminar, Danny’s breaking point finally came. He realized he needed God’s help and others to dig himself out of the hole. He decided to audition for the American television show, The Biggest Loser. Slowly, God helped them climb out of debt. Meanwhile, Danny auditioned, but didn’t make it onto Biggest Loser that year. He wasn’t about to give up, though. The next year he not only made it, but he also made show history by losing a record 239 pounds! Losing Big is about Danny and Darci’s journey out of an unhealthy relationship with things other than God. More importantly, it’s about asking God for help and allowing others to come alongside our spiritual walk. Danny and Darci now minister and speak to people who need the same kind of hope.

The title says it all: No More Perfect Moms – Learn To Love Your Real Life. Jill Savage’s idea of motherhood is as real as her recipe for a dinner salad – open a bag of lettuce, throw in cherry tomatoes, and mix into a pretty bowl. That’s real life! Similarly her book doesn’t sugarcoat details. She talks about her son’s midnight escapade when he and a friend were escorted home by police. Savage candidly shares the pain of her husband’s midlife crisis, the difficulty of their separation, and about friends supporting her through that journey. They have since been reunited. She brings an interesting perspective on the role of wife and mother. This author is down to earth. She explores what she has dubbed Perfection Infection. Every chapter affirms the worth of moms as individuals. No More Perfect Moms is practical with tips for everyday life with children literally “underfoot.” A particular delight is Mommy Manners, an inset on how to make the most of visits when you have toddlers. Savage quotes from relevant blogs, making it a timely read for today’s women. Busy moms will easily relate to the pages of this book.

Reviewed by Lynetta Smith

Reviewed by Miriam Leslie



The new book of Edmontonbased apologist Randal Rauser has quite the title: The Swedish Atheist, The Scuba Diver and Other Apologetic Rabbit Trails. Get past the title, and you’re in for an adventure. Using the “straw man” argument where the writer creates a fictional character to present differing views or claims, Rauser does a great job of presenting philosophical facts in a more enjoyable and readable manner. With a coffee shop as the backdrop, Rauser engages his straw man – an atheist named Sheridan – and the reader into a casual, and at times heated, discussion about Christianity. While Sheridan would typically lose in a “straw man” setup, there is no winner or loser at the end of this debate. The point is to engage in a thoughtprovoking conversation about Christianity, which Rauser does by allowing the reader to disagree with his views, and letting Sheridan remain an atheist, albeit with new things to reflect on. This book is much like A Case For Christ by Lee Strobel, or The Case For Christianity by C.S. Lewis, but in a format more captivating and fun to read. Enjoy it for yourself, and don’t get bogged down by the title!

The Bible says God works all things together for good, and author Don Jacobson brings this truth to light in his newest book, When God Makes Lemonade: True Stories That Amaze And Encourage. Sometimes, unexpected circumstances happen that make life very sour: a family member’s suicide, a miscarriage, or being wrongfully charged for a crime. Jacobson knows. He was a happily married 24-yearold with a job he loved and a bright future ahead of him. A shooting accident turned his life upside-down in an instant. With Jacobson barely surviving and unable to work at his old construction job, his future seemed bleak. But the self-professed “walkingtalking lemonade story” discovered that by walking with God through the ordeal, He can take the sour experience and turn it into something sweet – like a tall glass of lemonade. In this compilation of stories, Jacobson shows that in the direst of circumstances there’s usually a silver lining. While a majority of chapters are about mothers dealing with difficult births or the loss of a child, other stories stand out, like the senior citizen trapped in a snowstorm, or the gymnast dealing with a sports injury. By providing true stories from people experiencing God’s goodness in times of trouble, When God Makes Lemonade demonstrates God’s faithfulness as He walks us through those trials to see His hand at work.

Reviewed by Wayne Hagerman

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Living Light News - March/April 2013

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Sunday Worship

9:45am - Coffee & Conversation 10:30 - Contemporary Worship 5940-159 Ave, Edmonton 780-454-1936

Sunday Services: 9:15 am & 11:00 am 11:00 Children’s Sunday School (ages 2 yrs up to Grade 6) Midweek Programs: Youth (Insight & Awana) , College & Career; Ladies Small Group Bible Study, Men’s groups, all meeting during the week 13208-95 St. NW, Edmonton 780-476-5855


the with Christ Journey Church ( North Edmonton ) [North Edmonton]

( North Edmonton ) A Bible-based, spiritually vibrant, multi-racial, multi-cultural church The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:8

Worship & Prayer Gathering

The Lord will watch over your coming P.M.and going At 4:00

forevermore. both now andService: Sunday 4pm Sunday , August 16, 2009 Psalm 121:8

Meeting at Castledowns Worship & Prayer Gathering Baptist Church At 4:00 P.M. 11250 - 153 Ave. 11250 - 153 Avenue

Castledowns Baptist Church Building

Edmonton, Alberta T5X 5H2

Sunday , August 16, 2009

Contact: Bill 11250 - 153 Pastor Avenue 780-473-3633

Castledowns Baptist Church Building

Edmonton, Alberta T5X 5H2

Living Light News - March/April 2013 Global


Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church Sharing God’s love & helping you fulfill His purpose for your life.

SUNDAY SERVICES English Worship 9:15am Sunday School 11am Children’s Programs 9:30am & 11am Chinese Worship 11am 11112 109 Ave 780-426-0891 Senior Pastor: Peter Ng


Pastors Steve & Carmen Lynne

Family Service: - Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at 205 Main Street, Spruce Grove - Sunday Evening Service at 6pm at 13931 - 140St., Edmonton

youth, women, married couples, single moms, groups meeting during the week Fully accredited Bible college Call 780-960-9077 for more info


Keep for referen ce!

GoodNews! Sharing the

The following organizations and individuals are sponsoring complimentary copies of this newspaper on behalf of local churches and Living Light News for residents in their community! We encourage you to support these organizations with your business and prayers. To be included, call 780-468-NEWS!

D = Diamond

= Emerald

= Sapphire

P= Platinum

G = Gold

S= Silver

Accounting & Finance EPR Gordon C. Ferguson & Co., Slave Lake (1-888-849-8383) P

Alberta Rock Products (780-451-2260) G

H&R Block, Stony Plain (780-983-3066)

April Glass & Mirror (780-452-2124) G

Henry J. Theune, Accountant, Fort Sask. (780-998-2060) G

Bullitproof Construction, Slave Lake (780-805-9884) P

Orest Kuchmak - Financial Advisor (780-462-4606) S

Canfab Products (780-451-4341) S

Presizniuk & Associates (780-448-7317) G

Sunday Service 9:15 & 11:00 am 9935-93 Ave., Fort Saskatchewan 780-998-2485

Consider our K-9 school for your children! Visit

First Christian Church (Disciples)

Edmonton Centre Victory Church

Vision Accounting (780-643-8698) S Warren Bamber / S&D International Group (780-409-9230) S

Auto Sales & Services

The Carpet Studio (780-452-4044) G The Kitchen Studio & Wallbeds - Etc. (780-468-7088) P

Industrial Sales & Services CCD Energy Services (780-406-2901) G

Crosstown Auto Centre (780-488-4881) G

Comfort Heating (780-460-8100) G

Fix Auto (780-424-9736) G

East Gap Oilfield, Slave Lake (780-649-5370) S

Reliable Radiator Services (780-476-0895) S

Ramex Heat Exchangers (780-992-8333) P

Valk’s Auto Centre (780-475-0552) S Western GMC Buick (780-486-3333) G

Commercial Sales & Services

Pastors Troy & Maria Collett


PF Custom Countertops (780-484-0831) G

Bert’s Auto & Tires (780-484-1034) S

AJ Whitehead Welding, Sherwood Park (780-410-9796) G

Sunday Services

Canuck Plumbing (780-997-0996) G

Nonprofit / Ministry Canadian Bible Society, Edmonton (780-439-7729) S

13407-97 St. Edmonton

Bible Study: 10am Worship: 11am Sunday School:11:15am

Home Improvement & Decor

For more information, call


Professional Services

Albos Developments (780-922-2366) G

Snyder & Associates LLP (780-426-4133) S

All-Lock-Rescue (780-447-5625) S

Van Doesburg Law (780-451-2661) S

Armour Clad Contracting (780-481-6406) D Ashton Transport (780-998-7511) P

Real Estate

RS Signs, Fort Saskatchewan (780-992-1657) S

Angus MacInnes Appraisals (780-499-5657) S

Trimtech Industries (780-455-9643) G

Arlie Jesperson - Realty Executives Leading (780-916-2333) P Canyon Springs Master Builder (780-487-3021) G

A Church with a Heart - In the Heart of the City


Contemporary, Charismatic, Caring

10605-96 St. Sundays 10:30 am


Amsterdam Tailors (780-423-1833) S Fort Moving (780-998-2422) S


Edmonton Family Worship Centre

Consumer Services

Modigliani Hair (780-486-3768) S

Meeting: Sat. @ 6pm 10105 - 153 St Pastors: Mark & Sherry Adams Gord & Dawn Hancock 780-483-2665

Education Edmonton Society for Christian Education (780-408-7933) S

Dan Gitzel - Realty Executives North Star (780-455-0777) S Fernwood Developments (780-430-1375) P Guy Pelletier - Century 21 Reward Realty (780-473-2589) S Kellington Real Estate Group, Fort Sask. (780-288-9011) G Pam Tycholaz - Remax Real Estate, Fort Sask. (780-777-0202) S Sabo Bros. Enterprises (780-466-3104) D

Restaurants & Food Services

Glenn’s Driving School (780-478-1777) S

Dutch Delicious Bakery & Deli (780-455-2323) G

Tamara Larson - Piano Lessons (587-783-8880) S

Edmonton Custom Packers (780-478-4761) S

Health, Fitness & Beauty Aspen Healthcare/Homecare Surgical (780-452-4386) S

Mucho Burrito, Fort Saskatchewan (780-589-2200) S NHA Trang Vietnamese Restaurant (780-479-4649) S Steve Schattle (Tim Hortons) P

Congdon’s Aids to Daily Living (780-483-1762) S

Sunday Worship 10:30am-12:30pm Gathering of Warriors (Praying until something happens) Wednesdays 7 - 8:30pm The Living Word (An interactive bible study class) Fridays 6:30 - 8:30pm (except last Friday of the month) Excuse me Lord my case is Urgent (Monthly Night Vigil) Fridays 11pm - 1am (last Friday of the month)

Dr. David Milner, Dentist G Hayes Denture Clinic, Spruce Grove (780-960-0227) S

Ar-Jay’s (780-476-0448) S

Ihear Unicare (780-409-9585) S

Christian Book & Record (780-478-2798) S

Paradigm Esteem (780-962-0152) S

Massey’s Sewing Machines (780-454-6869) S

Provincial Home Oxygen (780-930-7052) G Provincial Sleep Group / Sleep Apnea Clinic (780-701-4531) G Southfort Dental Care, Fort Saskatchewan (780-998-1759) S Spice For Life Watkins Products (780-932-3224) S 780-468-1119 • 8717 - 50 St. Edmonton, AB

Retail Sales & Services

Travel & Lodging Butte Travel Service (780-477-3561) S Camp Nakamun, Busby (780-967-5585) S

All listings are in Edmonton unless otherwise indicated.



Living Light News - March/April 2013 Church, 1011 Cloverbar Rd. Featuring: Legacy Five and Greater Vision. Tickets: $25-$27, available by calling 1-866-999-7909. For more info, visit

EventsCalendar Special Events Christian Trade Show Apr. 5-6, Ramada Conf. Centre, 11834 Kingsway Ave., Edm. Display table registration package cost: $350 + GST. Free admission. For more info, visit or call 403-922-2209. Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Apr. 24, doors open 7 a.m. and runs until 9 a.m., Shaw Conf. Centre, 97 St. and Jasper Ave., Edm. Guest Speaker: Vince D’Acchioli of On Target Ministries. Tickets: $45, at, or call 780-436-2489. Share & Wear April 20, starts at 10:30 a.m., St. Albert Alliance Church, 25416 Villeneuve Rd, St Albert. Bring clothes, toys, books, bicycles or small household items to church on April 19 between 3 and 8 p.m. and join the clothing exchange the following day. For details, call the office at 780-458-5335. Salvation Army Golf Classic June 4, Highlands Golf Club, 6603 Ada Blvd., Edm. Registration fee: $250

Hearts on Fire Mar. 23, 7-8 p.m., Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church, 11112-109 Ave., Edm. Hearts on Fire is an all-inclusive Praise and Worship night that welcomes all newcomers. Snacks and discussion following the session. For more info, visit

(incl. breakfast, BBQ buffet, green fees, and cart). For more info, visit, call 780-4232111, or email edmonton_golf@can.

Regular Events Seniors’ Luncheon Every fourth Tuesday, March 26, 11 a.m. – 1:15 p.m., Beulah Alliance Church, 17504-98A Ave., Edm. For more info, call the church at 780-486-4010.

TobyMac and Jamie Grace May 10, 7 p.m., Christcity Church, 14788-156 St., Edm.TobyMac has sold 11 million albums and has won five Grammy Awards. Special Guest: Jamie Grace.Tickets: $26.57, available at, or by calling 1-800-965-9324.

Art Small Group Thursday evenings, 7-9 p.m., Edmonton New Technology Society, 11234-109 Ave., Edm.This is a new fellowship hosted by Edmonton Chinese Baptist for making art and friends as well as discovering the relationship between art and faith. Open to newcomers.

Paul Brandt and Gordon Mote May 23, 7 p.m., Christcity Church, 14788-156 St., Edm. Paul Brandt, the most awarded Canadian Country Music artist in history performs with special guest Gordon Mote. Tickets: $31.33-$150 available at, or by calling 1-800-965-9324.

Deliverance Ministry Fridays, 7 p.m., Promised Land Ministries, 12145-67 St., Edm. Break free from spiritual bondage! For more info, visit


Music & Drama

Christianity for Skeptics Apr. 9-10, 7 p.m., Spruce Grove Elks Hall, 400 Diamond Ave., Spruce Grove.

Southern Gospel Concert Mar. 22, 7 p.m., Sherwood Park Alliance



Extreme Marriage Makeover Apr. 19-20, West Edm. Christian Assembly, 6315-199 St., Edm. Add some laugh out loud fun to your marriage makeover with a night out with Mark Gungor.Tickets: $29. Register at Chick-Fil-A Leadercast May 10, starts 9 a.m., North Pointe Community Church, 14025-167 Ave., Edm. Join more than 125,000 leaders and learn to Simply Lead. Guest speakers include Andy Stanley, John C. Maxwell, Condoleeza Rice, and more. Tickets: $150.Visit chick-fil-aleadercast. com or call 780-452-5566.

Conferences/ Retreats Promise Keepers – Alive Mar. 15-16, West Edm. Christian Assembly, 6315-199 St., Edm. Too many men settle for being half alive.

Alpha Conference Apr. 19-20, Beulah Alliance Church, 17504-98A Ave., Edm. World class speakers will walk you and your team through innovative best practices that churches have tried, tested and proven true. This is a training event for Alberta 2013 ( Cost: $109-$129. For more info, call 855-422-2013. Weekend to Remember Apr. 19-21, Fairmont Banff Springs,


Freedom … Be Filled May 3-5, West Edm. Christian Assembly, 6315-199 St., Edm. Who is the Holy Spirit? How does He work in our lives? Immerse will provide opportunity through teaching, worship, and prayer that will help you dive into and experience His presence more deeply. Cost: $40, incl. meals. For more info, contact Dave at 780-489-2579. YC Alberta May 24-26, Rexall Place, 118 Ave. and 74 St., Edm. Canada’s largest multidenominational youth conference featuring A-list guest speakers and musicians.Visit for details, or to register. Cost: $140-$180 (Early Bird registration closes Apr. 11).

List your Christian-related event here for FREE! Simply email your event info: name, description, cost, date, time, and location, to (subject to space availability)

Prayer makes a big difference - and we value yours! As a PowerSource Prayer Partner we’ll send you regular email updates about our newspaper, including praise reports, prayer needs, and the inside scoop on upcoming stories.

9946-77 Ave. EDMONTON


Singles Retreat Mar. 22-24, Camp Nakamun, Busby, AB. Sponsored by Beulah Alliance, this retreat is for singles 35 and over. Guest Speaker: Helen Chan speaking on “Surprised Hope from Loneliness to Solitude.” Cost: $130-$150 (room incl.) To register, email daniel@beulah. ca, or call 780-486-4010 ext. 333, or online at

Living Light News is a ministry God has raised up to unite Christians, encourage readers, and share the life-giving message of Jesus Christ with the world.


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ESL Program Apr. 9 – June 13, day or night classes and ESL Bible study, West Edm. Christian Assembly, 6315-199 St., Edm. Improve conversational English, reading, vocabulary and grammar. Contact Jane Solbrekken: 780-4892579 or

405 Spray Ave., Banff. Strengthen your marriage and get away from life’s distractions. Cost: $199/couple, $99.50/person (excl. room or food). Visit events/weekend-to-remember, or call Joe at 800-247-3180. To book your room, call 866-540-4406.


is now


This is not what God wants for your life. Conference will feature several guest speakers. For details, cost, and registration, visit

Will You We Could For Use Your Us? Prayers!



Sponsored by Spruce Grove Alliance and presented by Dr. Jonathan Sarafati with Creation Ministries Int’l. For more info, email

To start uniting with others in prayer, email Susan Meyer at or call her at 780-468-6397 ext. 36.

PowerSource prayer partners

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Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

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Living Light News - March/April 2013





FRI April 5/13 & SAT April 6/13 Banquet Friday April 5/2013 6:30pm


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The Shepherd's Guide


WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE TO WALK WHERE JESUS WALKED? Jesus forged His ministry along the Sea of Galilee. As you walk its breathtaking shores you are transported across thousands of years and you feel the Bible – and your faith – come alive as never before. Experience the wonder of the Holy Land in person. You’ll never be the same.

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