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Spring 2014

Mr Begonia’s Art Class

What’s New? Congratulations Ed & Do Donna nna Cinco de Mayo



LBI's most exclusive accommodation!

and astle Long Beach Island's

Luxury, Bayfront Bed

& Breakfast

Discover Barnegat Light's award winning Sand Castle Inn, ideally suited for those seeking a luxurious and relaxing private escape with the comfort and modern amenities today's travelers desire. Warm hospitality, sumptuous full breakfasts, magnificent water views, and immaculate rooms and suites await our welcomed guests. Visit top-rated beaches nearby, relax by our sparkling, heated pool/outdoor jacuzzi, use complimentary bikes, beach gear and movie library, and visit our rooftop deck for breathtaking sunset celebrations.

P.O. Box 607 • 710 Bayview Ave. Barnegat Light, NJ 08006


LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014


Gift Certificates Send someone you care about to the best part of LBI... Barnegat Light! We'll take good care of your guests! Sand Castle Gift Certificates can be ordered by phone or online at:

A&R Pool Service

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EZ-POOL Weekly Pool Maintenance Products Pool Renovation Liner Replacement Salt Systems Openings and Closings Filter, Pump & Heater Service and Installation Pool Lighting and Automation Sales and Installation of Fiberglass Pools

609-698-0048 Good old fashioned, quality service at reasonable rates from a local family owned business. Courteous and knowledgeable staff, fully licensed and insured. Certified Pool Operator on staff. Authorized warranty service center for Hayward and Pentair. Give us a try; you will be happy you did! NJHIC#13VH05001500

Call To Schedule Your 2014 Pool Maintenance Package 609-698-0048


Shore Good Donuts 1211 Long Beach Blvd Ship Bottom NJ 08008


8 10 11 14 18 19 20 609-492-0100

The Path to Serenity New Carpet Fools Gold Front Cover Artist Rincรณn Latino Cinco de Mayo Reclam the Bay

View online

27 32 35 38

A Wedding 6 Beach Wedding Tips Sea Sirens Stranded

Publisher: Lisa Ball Publisher: Lisa Ball Editor: Judy Horowitz Phone: 609-848-1111 View online at:

732-269-2552 LivingLBI Magazine โ€ข Spring 2014



style. luxe. life.

Ship Bottom, NJ (Long Beach Island) 101 W. 8th Street, 08008 • P: 609.494.8127 Open M-Th & Sat 9-6, Fri 9-8 , Sun 10-4

Also in Southampton, PA LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014


%.16*+0),'9'.4; 5%#48'5*#0&$#)5 AND MORE! &VSEH[E]t&EVRIKEX0MKLX 609.361.8191



Viking Village

The Path to

Shows • Shoppes • Seafood • Tours • History Jazzy Scallop & Seafood Festival Sat. June 28th • 2:30-5pm Arts & Crafts Shows Sundays May 25th & Aug. 31st 10am-4:30pm Blessing of the Fleet Sunday July 13th Antique & Collectible Shows Sundays Aug. 3rd & Sept.14th 9am-5pm Doc tours Every Friday 10am-11am July & Aug. Santa Arrives 1pm Sat. Nov. 29th 1801 Bayview Ave Barnegat Light NJ 08006

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014



Outdoor Showers LLC 1316 E Bay Ave Manahawkin, NJ 08050


Listen quietly to the sound It’s natures way of calming down

Serenity is in my voice It’s only I that makes the choice Lisa Ball



New Carpet My rental apartment bedroom floors were such a pathetic mess. A budget beach house, over 40 years old, still had the original linoleum floors! When was the last time you even saw linoleum? The tiny bedroom floors were in good shape, but so sadly outdated. Years ago, our budget only allowed for covering the living room and dining area with beautiful hardwood flooring.

Low Prices • Great Service • Huge Selection


World’s Most Luxurious Carpet

Reg. Price $480/sq ft

4 /sq ft

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NOW Installed $269/sq ft


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I debated whether to install hardwood floors in the bedrooms but then thought a little harder. Every little noise comes through the thin ceiling floor. Aha! My mind was made up; carpeting was the right choice. Yes, a nice soft quiet carpet would buffer the upstairs noise and brush the sand off your feet before you hop into bed. Many nights, sandy sheets scratched my legs. Living a block from the beach, I can’t keep sand out of my house! Even with a full set of outside stairs and large deck, the sand still finds it’s way into the upstairs apartment. Thanks to All Floors Flooring Outlet, my new tenants have nice new carpet. No sand in the bed this summer!




2 OFF Hut & any Large Pizza, with coupon Buy Wholesale exp 10-31-14 Pick Up ONLY! Pizza

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Subs, Burgers, Cheesesteaks + more!! Over 32 flavors of hand dipped ice cream. (Sorry, we can not deliver Ice Cream)

(609) 361-0900



$ 49 $

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014

6403 Long Beach Blvd • Brant Beach

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Mohawk Smartstrand




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Vinyl Flooring


$ 99 $ 23 sq. ft.

Materials Only.

sq. ft.














harl es B lvd.




DR .

We Are Here
























Fool’s Gold






ALL FLOORS FLOORING OUTLET 601 Route 72 East, Harbor Plaza • Manahawkin, NJ 08050 Near Sherwin Williams & Brazzi Restaurant

609-549-3146 •

Did you know that, Jose Cuervo “Gold Especiale” is only half tequila? The other half is grain alcohol. Mexican law requires that only producers in regions near the town of Tequila must follow strict guidelines in order to call their product “Tequila 100% agave.” There are three aging designations: blanco (white), reposado (rested) and añejo (aged). To make tequila, the blue agave plant must be cooked, extracted and fermented eight to ten years after it is planted. A loop hole in Mexico’s trade laws allows companies to sell “mixto tequila” in the U.S. that contains only 51% of the tequila and not necessarily the highest quality. The other 49% is sugar water and caramel coloring, which when fermented turns into impure grain alcohol. During the 1980’s, U.S. bars introduced the gimmick of drinking shots of the gold-colored tequila/ grain with lime and salt. Sometimes, it was served chilled, in order to hide the putrid smell. Now you know why your tequila may give you a headache. Stay with “100% agave” and pour the “Gold” down the drain! ¡Brindis! (Cheers!)

Contractor’s Lic.#13VH00147400

Happy 4th of July


Lisa Ball Sales & Rentals 2909 Long Beach Blvd. Ship Bottom, NJ 08008 Toll Free 1-800-LBI-4-SUN

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Damage from Wind, Water, Fire, Frozen Pipes, Flood, Theft, Vandalism

Alliance Adjustment Group, Inc.


Why Settle for Less for your Property Insurance Claim? No Recovery/No Fee Guarantee!

Find your way around LBI

LBImap is an easy way to navigate Long Beach Island!. Points of interest such as the clam trail, museums, libraries and more are pointed out by town. Videos, photos and more will be continually added.

Noelle & Brielle Summer Fun

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014




Circul offers an unsurpassed experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Summer Fairview Model $299,000

Our unique, casual & stress free approach to building your home will handle everything from

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1805 Long Beach Boulevard, Ship Bottom, NJ 609.494.7225 NJ Builders License #44911

Why pay & wait for architectural plans? Speed up the process. Homes starting at $160SF Includes pilings, permits, landscaping and much more!

Front Cover Artist

Marina Felmly T

his was my first time ever doing and impressionist oil painting. This was an assignment given to our advanced placement studio art class, by Mr. Begonia. The project was to paint an impressionist painting of the Jersey Shore. We could have painted anything or place from the shore that reminded us of where we live and come from. I chose to represent Sandy in my painting because of the recent tragedy and how many people could relate to the painting. It also symbolizes how life can change in an instant. My family went to dinner in Seaside and we drove around to see the destruction. In Ortley beach I took a photo of two houses that had fallen on each other. These houses are what I used it as the subject of my painting, and I wanted to show how they would’ve looked before Sandy hit. I wanted it to look as though the storm just hit, therefore I showed the houses as they were before in the aftermath’s reflection.

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014

It was Mr.Begonia who told me to change my original purple sky to a much darker cloudier sky to make each image more of a contrast. You can’t change what happened, but you can help how you react to it and deal with it. New Jersey stayed strong and we are helping to rebuild what Hurricane Sandy left behind. I have been in Mr. Begonia’s Southern Regional High School, class for 3 years now and I am so fortunate to have him as a mentor. His knowledge has helped me become the artist I am today. SRHS’s art classes has influenced me to attend college to become a graphic designer. I can now happily say I will be attending the University of Tampa next fall, majoring in Graphic design. Marina Felmly


Note from the publisher: I was at the Foundation of the Arts and Science in Loveladies and saw Marina’s painting. Goose bumps formed on my arms as I decided that this would be the front cover art for LivingLBI. This year’s theme of LivingLBI is “change.” It is the second summer since Superstorm Sandy


and we are moving on but change is so hard to deal with. Letting go of memories to embrace the future is not easy. Our memories will always be with us but we must not let them stop us. Thank you Marina for your deeply emotional Lisa Ball painting.

Mr. Begonia’s

Southern Regional High School

Art Class

Lindsey Wiedmont

Meghan Regan

Marlyn Graham

Jenna Jurgens

Jake Irons

Bobbi Maniaci

Lia Stango

Emily Oler

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014


Katie Skokan

Kerri Morgan

Brooke Riker

Fran Aimone

Joe Philhower

Mike Bickel

Madison Klunk Madison Pepe

Jimmy Lu

Gabby Rapp 17 Shultz

Rincón Latino “No hay camino; se hace el camino al andar.”--Antonio Machado A Child’s Perspective of Cinco de Mayo

Inner Strength When you are passionate about something, nothing can get in your way. “Cinco De Mayo” is a perfect example of a strong, well outfitted French army of 6500 soldiers that were unable to defeat a Mexican army of 4500 truly passionate and dedicated Mexican countrymen. Therefore, we must always remember where there is a will, there is a way. The French eventually came back and defeated Mexico but not for long-and once again Mexico stayed strong. This teaches young people today that while trying to reach our goals, obstacles will get in our way. We need to stay strong and fight for what we believe in; this is the only way to reach our goals. We also need to remember that it is important to stay out of debt and that in order to stay out of trouble we shouldn’t use up or take up more than we are able to give back. Life gives us enough obstacles; we shouldn’t create more for ourselves.

I have Courage, and I Have Hope A story about a father and his daughter who live in Colorado. Colorado means dark red in Spanish. Something bad happens in this story and if it happened to you, it would change your life forever. The little girl lost her dog in the desert when the girl and her father went camping. The dog, Flag, got distracted when he saw a bunny and chased it. Flag chased the rabbit until he saw a dead rabbit with a wolf that killed the rabbit. Every weekend, for more than a month, the girl and her father searched for the dog, but they never found him. Finally, the girl's father said that they had to stop looking. She didn't want to give up. Something amazing happened at the end of the story. A man they had met in the desert brought back their dog, and the dog, hurt and hungry and tired, tried to like the girl's face. Hope and courage of the little girl and the dog were ganas in action! Written by Lexi (Aleja) Scheinberg and ljg

Written by Erica Scheinberg

In My Eyes When I learned about Cinco de Mayo, thoughts of bullies flooded my memory. It was as if I was Mexico, and the bullies were France. Bullies attack at your weakest moment, like France did to Mexico when Mexico was in debt with a lot of countries, including France. But, like LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014

Mexico, kids who are bullied learn to persevere. In my eyes, Cinco de Mayo is a special day to celebrate when we realize that bullies CAN BE OVERPOWERED.


Written by Lindsay McLean

Cinco de Mayo The Mexican holiday,

Archduke Maximilian of Austria, as ruler of Mexico. “Cinco de Mayo”, is an honorable and important The people of Mexico were outraged. France invaded moment in Mexican history that resonates in the lives the Gulf coast of Mexico and began to march towards of all of us who have ever been an underdog--real Mexico City. American president Abraham Lincoln or imagined. Surrounding any holiday, there will be was sympathetic to Mexico’s cause--and he is honored some information, some misinformation, and some in Mexico for this--but, the U.S. could not be directly distortion of facts. Cinco de Mayo commemorates helpful because our country was involved in our the victory of the Mexicans over the French army own Civil War at the time. It was a problem of “dual at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This holiday is not loyalties”. a celebration of Mexican Independence Day. This Marching on toward Mexico City from the holiday has nothing to do with alcohol consumption. coast, the French army encountered strong resistance This holiday has everything to do with resilience at the Mexican forts of Loreto and Guadalupe. Led by and hope and a special Spanish word, "ganas" Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin, a small (courage). Cinco de Mayo has mainly been a regional poorly armed militia of about 4,500 soldiers was holiday celebrated in the Mexican state of Puebla, able to stop and defeat a well outfitted French army especially en la capital of Puebla. Recently, however, of 6,500 soldiers, and the Mexican army halted the invasion of the country. The victory was un momento this holiday is celebrated in other parts of Mexico glorioso for Mexican patriots, a wonderful example of and in many parts of the United States, especially GANAS, and the cause for our celebration today. those where Mexican people live and work. Many Unfortunately, the victory was short lived; non-Mexicans use the day as an excuse to "party", Napoleon became so enraged at the news of France’s whereas many Mexican people are too busy to even defeat, he found an excuse to send more troops pay attention to the date . Many people celebrate overseas to try and invade Mexico again even though the holiday with little or no knowledge about the the French population was against this. With 30,000 holiday, but they sense the day is one for celebration, soldiers, the French were finally able to defeat the excitement, and pride. Mexican army, take over Mexico City, and install The battle at Puebla in 1862 happened during Maximilian as the ruler of Mexico, after all. But, a violent and chaotic time en Mexico's history. Maximilian’s rule of Mexico was also short lived, Mexico had finally gained independence from Spain lasting only from 1864 until 1867, ending as the in 1810. Mexico was also healing from a number U.S. began to provide more political and military of internal political problems, political takeovers assistance to Mexico in order to expel the French from and wars, including the Mexican-American War there. Despite the eventual French invasion of Mexico (1846-1848) and the Mexican Civil War (1858). City, Cinco de Mayo honors the bravery and victory The national economy was almost totally wiped out. of General Zaragoza’s small, outnumbered militia at Around this time, our neighbor to the south was weak the Battle of Puebla in 1862. and defenseless. Even though the holiday of Cinco de Mayo During this period Mexico had accumulated actually concerns the small town of Puebla, it is a large debts to several nations. including Spain, holiday that honors the hope of conquering all of our England and France, and they were demanding own battles against enormous human difficulties and payment. Mexico had owed a large debt to the United problems that seem impossible to solve. It also honors States, too, but paid its debt after the Mexicanthe “underdog” who faces great doubts and fights American War. France was eager to add to its empire against them. Wishing us all strength and resilience on and become stronger at that time, so when Mexico this important day--and, everyday! finally stopped making any loan payments, France used the debt issue to establish its own leadership Judy Horowitz in Mexico by installing a relative of Napoleon, 19


□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ - Scojo’s Resturant LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


A map of the clam trail can be found on Fill in the BOLD word from each clam plaque check off the list for each clam you visit. No matter what the weather; hot, cool, cloudy or windy … it’s a GREAT time on the Clam Trail! The clam trail is a fun and educational activity to help young and old to understand Barnegat Bay and how they can enjoy and improve it. People who follow the trail will find “clam clews” and “water wisdom” about shellfish, and how they improve the bay. Kids and adults will learn what everybody or anybody, can do to help the clams help the bay. Explore the Clam Trail as often as you like. The goal is to record the information found on the Fact plaques into the Explorer Log at each location along the Clam Trail. Remember, exploring is not always easy! Some addresses are general and the Fact Plaque may require some search. There are also new locations popping up along the trail.

Coloring Contest

How would you re-paint the clam?

1. Visit a clam 2. Color this clam to match the clam you are visiting 3. Enter the BOLD word from the Fact Plaque, Clam ID and your First Name 4. Take a photo of your picture 5. Upload your photo to the clam’s facebook page 6. Win a prize!


Check out the map at Register for Passport to LBI Coupon Book

Clam ID

First Name


Passport to LBI Although LBI is well-known for its wonderful beaches, we offer “so much more than a day at the beach” and welcome people of

all ages to explore the diversity of these unique organizations. Passport to LBI is an alliance of non-profit organizations who provide entreating and educational activities that inform both visitors and residents of the historical, ecological, artistic, and cultural opportunities available to them on Long Beach Island. Build a summer souvenir by picking up a “Passport to LBI” and then visit a variety of activities and locations to experience ALL of LBI and get a stamp for your passport! You will build memories to last a lifetime. For more information about Passport to LBI go to

Have fun while you learn! 2014 SUMMER EVENTS NJ MARITIME MUSEUM

528 Dock Road • Beach Haven, NJ 08008

(609) 492-0202 FRIDAY KIDS’ PROGRAMS July 4 thru Aug. 29 10 AM to 1 PM ALO Puppet Show - 10 AM ReClam the Bay Presentation - 11 AM NJMM Scavenger Hunt & Crafts - Noon NO Reservations Required

SCIENCE AFTERNOON - MMSC Thur. July 31 1 PM (1-1/2 to 2 Hours) Take a crash course in marine biology. Discover the differences between ocean water and bay water. Identify and analyze common beach plants. Study the sand under a high powered microscope. Reservations Required

MARINE SCIENCE CAMP New Logic Marine Science Camp Voted “Best Camp” of 2012 and 2013! Taught by Marine Biologists and Environmentalists 5-Day Teen & K-8 Programs Start a hands on, feet wet learning adventure today! See schedule on museum website Register at

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014

SEALS OF NEW JERSEY - MMSC Fri., June 27 and Fri., Sept. 5 at 6 PM Fri., Aug. 1 at 1 PM NO Reservations Discover these seldom seen creatures as we explore the four species of seals that call New Jersey their winter home. 1-Hour Presentation



Check off each clam that you see while riding in the car.

A Day at the Bay LBI’s bay beaches are fun for active toddlers. They are suited for kids of all ages with playgrounds, lifeguards and gazebos. ReClam the bay offers clam shell painting and talks about the bay weekly at Bayview Park. Bands perform at sunset at Bayview Park, Harvey Cedars Bay Beach and Ship Bottom Bay Beach.

Barnegat Light Bay Beach 25th St. & Bayview 609-494-9196 Bayview Bay Beach 68th St. & Long Beach Blvd 609-361-1000 Beach Haven Bay Beach Taylor Avenue 609-492-0111 Beach Haven Terrace Bay Beach West Pennsylvania Ave 609-361-1000 Harvey Cedars Bay Beach 75th Street 609-494-2843 Ship Bottom Bay Beach 14th Street & Bay Terrace 609-494-1614 Surf City Bay Beach 16th St. & Barnegat Avenue 609-494-3064


Visit each of the Giant Clams and place a check in the box. Make sure to thank our sponsors! Take a “selfie” with each clam and post it on each clam’s facebook page. Alliance for a Living Ocean Barnegat Light Post Office Barnegat Schools Board Office Bay View Park Beach Haven Veterans Park Beach Haven Veterans Park C&C Marina Cape Horn Marina Country Kettle Chowda Country Kettle Fudge Shop Greenhouse Café Grumpy’s Tackle Hansen Publishing Haven Beach Yacht Club High Bar Harbour Just Bead It Lavallette Welcome Center LBI Foundation of the Arts and Sciences Manahawkin Shell MATES Mud City Crab House New Jersey Maritime Museum Ocean Gate Yacht Basin Off the Hook Robbie's Loveladies Marina Sandbar Golf Scojo’s Resturant Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Spray Beach Yacht Club Sunset Park Surf City Yacht Club Toms River Seaport Society Tuckerton Sea Port Museum Van's Rowboat Rental Viking Village Wild Birds Unlimited LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014


27th St., Central Ave., Ship Bottom, NJ West 10th St, Barnegat Light 550 Barnegat Blvd N, Barnegat Meade Ave & the Blvd Beach & Engleside Aves, Beach Haven Beach & Engleside Aves, Beach Haven 211 Sloop Creek Rd, Bayville 507 Great Bay Blvd, Tuckerton Bay Village, 9th & the Bay, Beach Haven Bay Village, 9th & the Bay, Beach Haven 605 Long Beach Blvd, Ship Bottom 906 NE Central Ave, Seaside Park 2214 Rt. 37 East, Toms River Kentucky Ave & the Blvd, Haven Beach 2th St, High Bar Harbour 1305 Long Beach Blvd, N Beach Haven 1300 Rt 35, Lavallette 120 Long Beach Blvd Mill Creek Rd & Rt 72, Manahawkin 195 Cedar Bridge Rd, Manahawkin 1185 E Bay Ave, Manahawkin 528 Dock Rd, Beach Haven 65 Bayview Ave, Bayville 1905 Bayview Ave 9 Lighthouse Way 105 N 10th St & Blvd, Surf City 307 Long Beach Blvd, Surf City 265 West 9th St, Ship Bottom 23rd St and Long Beach Blvd, Spray Beach Long Beach Blvd, Harvey Cedars 399 N 9th St, Surf City, NJ Hooper Ave & E Water St, Toms River 120 W Main St, Tuckerton 8th St & Bayview, Barnegat Light 19th & Bay, Barnegat Light 941 Rt 37 West, Toms River


LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014


1214 N Bay Ave, Beach Haven, NJ (609) 492-5700

105 Osborn Avenue Holgate This 4br 2ba reverse living contemporary is super clean and ready for your enjoyment. Huge 50’X 166’ lot offers the potential for an in-ground pool with a cabana or an extra detached garage. Warm efficient HWBB heat with a separate duct system for central air. Decks off both levels plus a crow’s nest for those panoramic views. Offered mostly furnished @ $749,000.

LBI Cottage at it’s best. Cute 4br 1.5ba single family home with efficient HWBB heat and a great detached garage for all your beach and fishing gear. Nice size rear yard with grass to enjoy with family and friends for that summer BBQ. Very well maintained and would also be suitable for a year ‘round home. Rented for summer 2014. Offered furnished @ $549,900

1709 West Avenue Beach Haven Well maintained non-reverse living 4br 2.5ba home located on a wonderful street. Marina to your west, beach to your east, playground to your south and Yacht Club to your north. Nice enclosed rear yard and plenty of garage storage plus a bonus play room on the ground floor. First floor area is an open floor plan which lends itself to great entertaining. Offered @ $899,900.

A Wedding in Beach Haven

Beach Haven Councilman Edward Kohlmeir, Jr. and Donna Devereaux, both year round residents of Beach Haven, were recently married at the Gables. Ed, a local Real Estate Broker at Sunset Harbour Realty, and Donna lived down the street from each other for two year yet never met. A mutual friend introduced the couple and immediately they were inseparable!

They each had storm damage and rebuilt both homes and business over the last two year. Through it all they had each other’s love and support. Beach Haven is extremely important to both of them and now they have the memories of their special day in a very special place surrounded by family and friends and performed by the Reverend Frank Crumbaugh III of Beach Haven’s Holy Innocents Episcopal Church. And now they are a family of four. Donna’s Daughters, Brittany and Chelsea both attend Southern Regional High School. The morning after the wedding they talked about the feeling of truth in

“Today I marry my best friend.”



LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014

Ed & Donna


Reverand Frank Crumbaugh III performed the ceremony.



LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014


Mer-Made 856-265-5838



Full Service Marina • Gas Dock • Boat Slips • Pump-Out Station • Ramp • Mechanic Located on the LBI Causeway Full and Half Day Rates 2200 E. Bay Ave., Manahawkin 16 - 22” Crabbing & Fishing 609-494-1371 Boats & Motors

Come enjoy a day of fun with the family!

Touch of Elegance Catering Services for all Occasions 688 East Bay Avenue, Barnegat NJ


Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House NEW RESTAURANT

609-488-1327 1201 E. Bay Ave. Manahawkin, NJ

next door to Mud City Crab House!

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014

May2014.indd 32


Old Causeway, the “newest and freshest” idea in South Jersey. We are now open! Offering a full raw bar with the freshest oysters from the east and west coast as well as steaks from the finest natural angus beef available. If oysters and steaks are not your thing, Old Causeway has a vast menu with something for everyone including the highest quality seafood available, unique burgers, and some of our favorite dishes from Mud City.

6/11/2014 4:24:35 PM

Happy Hour

Monday - Thursday

Open 7 Days

Open 7 Days

Open 7 Days


House Tour and Cocktail Party

supporting the Mordecai Land Trust. The house tour is from 2-6 with cocktails from 6-8 at the Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club on July 19 and those interested can call 609-492-4153 for more information or tickets.

All proceeds will go to preserving Mordecai Island, which is a natural wildlife habitat for many breeding birds and fish, while also serving as storm surge protection for large portions of Beach Haven. One of the great pleasures of a summer’s evening in Beach Haven is to sit at a street end on the bay off West Avenue and watch the sun go down over the salt marsh. The water is still and reflective of the colors of the approaching sunset. Perhaps a sail is silhouetted against the darkening sky. Egrets stalk the edge of the marsh along with the occasional Great Blue Heron looking for a last meal of the day. Black Skimmers glide just above the surface of the water, their orange and black lower jaws just breaking the water and leaving arrow-straight mini-wakes as they search for bits of food. The occasional fish breaks the surface scattering concentric ripples briefly over the otherwise glassy surface. A wonderful quiet descends on the scene as wildlife and humans both seem to be immersed in the beauty of the moment and the impending close of another day. What a shame it would be to lose this wonder that has been our heritage for far longer than any of us were drawn to the place we now call Long Beach Island. The marsh, which parallels the bay shore just west of Beach Haven from Engleside Avenue south to Leeward Avenue, roughly 1/3 of the entire length of the town, has been known as long as the earliest maps and charts have existed as Mordecai Island. And it is slowly but inexorably eroding away. That we humans, who seem to have a penchant for changing and “improving” everything we see in nature, can stop this process is probably a pipe dream. As Stewart Farrell has said, the fate of these islands is to wash away. But since we clearly have accelerated the progress of erosion, perhaps we can take some steps to retard -- and in the process save for a few more generations -- what is indeed inexorable. It is on this premise that the Mordecai Land Trust was formed. Mordecai Land Trust was founded in 2001 as a community-based organization whose mission is to preserve Mordecai Island as a habitat for breeding and migratory species of indigenous birds and fish and to protect large portions of Beach Haven proper from flooding. Mordecai Island is a 45 acre, uninhabited

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014

coastal marsh island in Barnegat Bay, NJ. Mordecai is located near Beach Haven Borough and is adjacent to the New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway, the main navigation channel of Barnegat Bay. The island’s native salt marsh and surrounding waters provide a variety of habitat supporting aquatic and avian species. Habitat includes eel grass beds in shallow, protected areas, intertidal zones, coastal wetlands, salt ponds and uplands. The island is experiencing accelerated erosion and has lost 26 acres (37%) since 1930. Causes for this erosion are thought to include a realignment of the New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway, storms, boat wake, and sea level rise. During this same time period, Barnegat Bay has seen many miles of shoreline bulkheaded and tremendous development. The replacement of natural land-water interface with bulkheads and riprap revetments eliminates the crucial part of the coastal ecosystem that thrives at the edge of the marsh. Since Mordecai Island provides vital habitat for many species of fish, plants, migratory and breeding birds (including threatened species) as well as mollusks and crabs, the loss of 3 to 6 feet per year has caused great concern. In addtion to its educational and other activies, the Trust has two on-going restoration projects. Susan Lucas, Chief, Coastal Planning Section, Philadelphia District, Army Corps, following a site visit to Mordecai Island in August 2001 was quoted by a reporter from the Press of Atlantic City as saying it would be refreshing for the Corps to be involved in a Mordecai Island project because “I think it will have 100 percent public support.” The reporter then asked, “Why save Mordecai Island and not one of the bay’s other disappearing sedge islands?” Ms. Lucas replied, “To be honest, there are quite a few islands that could use this help but there’s support for this island.” In fact, the public support for Mordecai Island has been overwhelming. We owe a debt of gratitude for the support shown by the Borough of Beach Haven, Township of Long Beach, Ocean County, our local State legislators and our local congressman as well as the general public. 34

Sea Sirens: RelaƟonships & Change A little girl mastering the skill of coloring within the lines, I would stare in wonder at the line that so clearly separated the sky from the sea. On cloudy July mornings, on blazing August afternoons, and when raindrops spilled onto my face and into a silver sea, that line was always out there, somewhere deep in the distance. Sky and sea blended perfectly; my summer world felt endless, defined only by that fine line:

the horizon--silent and resolute. A respectful pair--the sky and the sea--way out there, where I would gaze, throughout long summer days. Relationships should be this clearly defined. We should all give ourselves permission to proudly fill our own individual sky--all of the time. On unblemished serene mornings, when we gaze in amazement at a peaceful sky painted robin's egg blue. On blazing afternoons, when we hide our





Custom Homes, Custom Modular Homes & House Raising Specialists

609-488-2121 609-488-2121 NJ RREM Approved Builder - Locally Owned & Operated The Price Home Group is a RREM approved Builder ready and able to accept all “Pathway B” grant recipients.

The Tern Tern The 3BR/1BA - $139,900 3BR/1BA-$144,900 1050 sq. ft. 1050 sq.ft.

The Kingfisher The Kingfisher 4BR/3BA-$194,900 4BR/3BA - $189,900 1825sq.sq.ft. 1825 ft.

The Hummingbird The Sandpiper 3/4BR/3BA-$299,900 3BR/ 2BA - $154,900 2200sq.sq.ft. 1170 ft.

We Can Build You These Homes at Quoted Prices “turn key” which include Engineering & Installation of Pilings. *RREM grant recipient pricing may vary

One Stop Modular Home Construction & House Raising Affordable, Custom, 3BR/2BA & 4BR/3BA models designed specifically for Jersey Shore living.

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Price Home Group, LLC 641 Mill Creek Rd. • Manahawkin, N.J. Open 7 Days a Week NJ New Home Builder Reg.#045777 • NJ HIC Reg.#13VH107322500

The Price Home Group is registered as a New Home Builder and licensed as a Home Improvement Contractor with the State of New Jersey. We offer a one stop solution to elevate and rebuild your home.

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eyes and shield our face--as a sun we trusted threatens to blister and burn. On damp, foggy mornings, where we see only as far as our fears allow. Change will always be a part of our day--even on the beach--where we come with hopes of leaving the noise and nonsense of our lives behind. It will find us, though. Tensions exist on the beach, as they do in us, and they will teach us well--if we are mindful. We see them and feel them as waves thrust and lunge onto the sand, leaving behind a shoreline littered with broken debris. When agitated waves collapse in a salty white heap, yet continue to creep up the beach and threaten to pull us under amidst the thunder of relentless splashing, crashing, thrashing of the surf. They will always withdraw, though, as they hold the power to destroy--or delight. At other moments of our stay, the surf will take on the gentleness of a dove. Such is low tide. We flirt with the calm; we curl our toes into the warm, forgiving surf. Nonthreatening it is, now. We can be lulled into the fantasy that this is forever. But, the Sea Siren of Boundaries and Limits will remind us that just as moods of the sea will change, we must be forever wary of others' desperate destructive urge to pull us in, drag us under, threaten to shrink the boundaries of our beach, limit our sky, and steal our sea. She will teach us, though, to protect our turf and guard our surf. As if we mattered. Lest we be left, tattered. We can all follow her model. An unwavering horizon which separates the sky and the sea belong to you and belong to me at the beginning of a new season along with the promise of being there all summer long--on your island, our island, LBI. "Eyes ahead, companions: Life is Now."--Jonathan Glassi Written by Judy Horowitz

Largest New Construction Oceanfront on Long Beach Island Fantastic new 4700-sf oceanfront in southern Brant Beach! First floor elevation is two feet above the new dunes! Enjoy endless ocean views from two 70 foot decks plus a rooftop deck. Six bedrooms, 5 full baths, two powder rooms, elevator, three fireplaces, two wet bars, three-car garage. Beautiful master suite with fireplace, spacious marble bath with double vanity, free standing tub, huge separate shower. Includes all the extras you expect in a luxury home: elevator, security system, speaker system, fully landscaped, sprinkler system and much more. June 15th delivery.

Call Joe Mancini at 1-888-MANCINI (626-2464). $4,499,000 Outdoor Living on the Oceanfront

Call Deirdre DeVine at 609-384-5929. $3,399,000 LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014


The ultimate in outdoor living on the oceanfront in Beach Haven Park! Spectacular new oversized decks on three levels feature mahogany rails, curved safety glass, and endless views. Stunning new great room, with built-in wine and coffee bar, coffered ceiling, and a wall of custom cabinetry surrounding the gas fireplace. State of the art audio system with surround sound and hidden speakers on three decks. Private path over the dunes to the beach, a rare find on the south end. Five bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Amenities include elevator, separate family room, 65� LG TV, ice machine, laundry room, and so much more. Virtual tour www.obeo. com/829701


Stranded Reality collided with fantasy while I strolled along the little strip of beach on High Bar Harbour. The sandy path to the bay is surrounded by thick sea grass and small trees. Walking through this private park feels like a movie scene on a deserted island. But in the movies there is no sign posted saying, “Tick Infested Area.” Oh my, I never realized that my beautiful island had nasty ticks! All the years I’ve lived on this island, I’ve never seen a tick anywhere. Not on me or my dogs. We tend to romanticize LBI. We overlook any nasty thing that could ruin our fantasy. We forget that there are things that could sting or bite us in the water. Yet while on my walk I wondered where all of those sea creatures were. I looked in the water and saw only sand. I searched the wooded area for any wildlife besides birds and found nothing. I saw a man fishing but he had not caught anything.

LivingLBI Magazine • Spring 2014

Then it hit me. If I ever was stranded on a deserted island, I’d starve to death. I wouldn’t know how to find water or food. I’d be too afraid to walk into the woods and wouldn’t know how to catch a fish. Even if I did manage to catch a crab, I wouldn’t know how to start a fire. It would be the worst adventure story. I’d last about two days without food or water. Then I saw the boat moored in the bay. What if it had been a pirate boat? Where would I have hidden? The reality is that I love the island with all of its conveniences. Give me my comfy beach chair, striped towel, cold soda and a good magazine to read. Beach badges, lifeguards and crowds really aren’t so bad. The fantasy of having a beach all to myself is a nice place to visit occasionally. Lisa Ball


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