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LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


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Front Cover Painting: “Turtle Release”, oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches, c. 2014 by S. Barnes. Available at North End Trilogy.

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style. luxe. life.

Ship Bottom, NJ (Long Beach Island) 101 W. 8th Street, 08008 • P: 609.494.8127 Open M-Th & Sat 9-6, Fri 9-8 , Sun 10-4

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Joann Maurer, Bobby Huber and Ron Huber were recently interviewed by Jeff Giagnocavo with the Furniture Inside Report. Here are some excerpts:

idea and we give them some other options based on what we feel is right for them. Just to suggest a little change of something gets them excited, and that’s where you want to get them. It’s really surprising how people are enlightened: “I never thought of that.” Then I’ll say to them, “That’s why you’re here.”

What makes customers most dissatisfied about their new furniture when they buy it? Bobby: I think one of the biggest problems that customers have is their inability to take what they’re seeing in a magazine and translate it into their own life, into their own home … many times, without help, the room ends up not what the customer envisioned. How does working with a designer at Oskar Huber save time? Ron: We call it our unique design assessment process, and the questions that we ask get to the heart of what the customer is looking for. Then we present a solution that would work for them to get a room that they’ll love. We show them things appropriate to their situation …. It saves the customer time. Bobby: We look to establish that vision first. We help the customer set the goal and then set the course toward that goal in the room. Doesn’t using a designer add expense? Isn’t design service expensive? Joanne: Typically private people in the design business do charge. Here at Oskar Huber we offer that as a free service to make it easy for you and comfortable. Are you going to pay more for custom furniture? Bobby: I think that’s one of the biggest misconceptions out there… no, you’re not always going to pay more for custom furniture… we have the ability to customize everything you can imagine …

It seems that you offer a better value equation overall, is what I’m getting from this? Bobby: Buying at Oskar Huber, you’re not going to have to replace the furniture in 3-5 years. You did it right and it’s going to last. Joanne: I think we offer more information about the way the products are made. It’s not only about how they look. Ron: Oftentimes they’ll go into another store and see a sofa that looks similar to one that we have in our store. There are reasons why sometimes ours is priced higher. The fabric is a better quality…it’s also the construction itself that counts – we help our customers understand all these differences. How do you gain the trust of your customers? Joanne: Sometimes customers are reluctant to tell you about their project, because they feel you’re going to force your ideas on them, follow you around the store, tell them everything they touch or sit on is perfect and right for them. We don’t do that here. I try to be as honest as I can to help them make the right decisions. It’s not just about making a sale. It’s about making it right for the customer.

To listen to the entire interview, visit today and get started with your Drab To Fab makeover!

Do you find it helpful to present some different ideas to a customer? Bobby: Sometimes customers know exactly what they want, and for them we are here to facilitate, while others want more help.

Open M-Th & Sat 9-6, Fri 9-8 , Sun 10-4

Joanne: … the whole point is to get them to think and open their vision sometimes. They may come in with an

Ship Bottom, NJ (Long Beach Island) 101 W. 8th Street, 08008 • P: 609.494.8127 Also in Southampton, PA




t’s only March, but I am so ready for spring this year. Frozen to the bone, I sit by the fire and think warm thoughts. The frozen bay is so beautiful--but only from my warm car! Thoughts of photographing snow covered beaches and the lighthouse surrounded by snow was just that; a thought. I don’t care for the cold. But I still love LBI in the winter. It is my home. Where else can you see so much sky? We don’t have LivingLBI to look at bare trees; we• get to bundle the ocean. The glorious ocean that splashes waves on the Magazine March 2014 up and see 8 beach--all year long. The loud obnoxious gulls that entertain us. White sand that will soon become warm sand. Winter months make you that much more thankful for spring.

Rincón Latino El MAR Mar maravilloso… Cuna mojada, vidrio hondo, espejo reluciente, bebida saliente… sigues… ondeando, abrazando, acariciando, rodeando, revelando y uniéndose… mis sueños y mis recuerdos… con las lágrimas… de caras anónimas, sedes insaciables, y esperanzas que nunca se pueden extinguir… de cualquier parte de nuestro mundo. Judy Horowitz

Marvelous Sea... Moist cradle, deep glass, shining mirror, salty drink... you continue... waving, embracing, caressing, surrounding, revealing, and joining... my dreams and memories... with tears... of anonymous faces, unquenchable thirsts, and hopes that can never be extinguished... from every part of our earth. Judy Horowitz

9 Lisa Ball

They said you couldn’t

Grow Figs on LBI


he fig Ficus carica has been cultivated for thousands of years. Believed to be indigenous to Western Asia, it is more commonly associated with the Mediterranean area. It is even referred to in the Bible. Consisting of hundreds of varieties, the fig entered the New World by way of Mexico and eventually spread to other areas where winter temperatures typically remain above 10-20 degrees. LBI would seem to be an appropriate locale for growing figs, but I wasn’t quite sure until I spotted two varieties growing in the garden of one of my neighbors on an adjacent street. When I asked him about them, he insisted they grow here “like weeds.” They need to be protected during winters only during their first year or two. A very severe winter might result in killing or damaging all wood above ground, but regardless, they typically grow back from the root. I have never had serious winter kill. The type of figs he grew were a smaller purplecolored fruit (Brown Turkey) and a larger green/ yellowish fruit that may be one of at least half dozen similar varieties. Both are self-pollinating, delicious and produce crops twice a season. He gave me cuttings from each tree which overwintered in pots against a southern exposure of my house. By springtime they had developed small roots, and the cuttings went directly into the ground where they would have as much sun exposure as possible. I intended to eventually grow them as bushes, so I left six feet of room all around them. In a short time they developed leaves, and within three months they were thriving. By the second year they bore fruit. They can be grown as bushes, like I grow them, or as trees which can grow as high as twenty feet. They have beautiful dark green foliage. They need to be severely pruned in late fall, winter or early spring. I remove about one-third of the plant’s height. The earlier you prune, the earlier you will obtain fruit the following season. Harvest is continual between June-October. Most people say the second crop is tastier than the first. To me, both crops are great.

Brown Turkey Figs LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


Over the years I have given cuttings to numerous friends. The cuttings were taken at different times of the year, and most were planted directly into the

soil at their intended location. Nine out of ten grew and were soon producing figs on their own. My current trees (bushes) are about ten years of age, and when producing, are 8-10 feet in height. This past summer they produced about 2000 figs. With that many, you do not even have to protect them against crows, squirrels and other critters. There are plenty for all. You may reserve a free fig cutting, while supplies last, at They will be available for pickup in late April and May. When you receive your cutting, plant it immediately in some top soil in a sunny location, and keep it well watered throughout the summer. You may stake some burlap around it for the first winter, if you want. Next spring, scatter 1-2 oz. of a general fertilizer (e.g., 10-20-20) around it, and

Yellow Figs watch it grow. Depending upon the amount of first year growth, you may want to trim it somewhat, mainly to encourage the development of additional branches from the root. Water it if it becomes dry. Figs are best eaten fresh. They look like miniature watermelons when cut open, and if your only previous exposure to a fig has been in a Fig Newton, you are in for a tremendous treat. The tree secretes a latex from the freshly-picked fruit stem that can be irritating. Wear gloves. And do not pick before fully ripe. You’ll know when. Figs will keep 8-10 days in the refrigerator but only a couple of days if left on the kitchen counter. I like to rinse all latex off them just prior to eating, but that is just personal choice. If you’re like me, you’ll soon be hunting for fig recipes. There are loads of them on the internet. Enjoy! --

Dr. Stan Zdep

FREE Fig Cutting Available April 15th- April 25 pick up at

Art & Decor at Surf City 1715 Long Beach Blvd Surf City, NJ 08008 609-494-5038

Fig Cutting after 3 Months


The New Bridge Visit

When I cross the bridge, I wonder how long will it take to finish it?

I get annoyed driving through a skinny lane of construction forcing me into huge pot holes.

Lisa Ball

I’m so focused on the narrow passageway that I can’t take my eyes off of the road.

Sales & Rentals 2909 Long Beach Blvd. Ship Bottom, NJ 08008 Toll Free 1-800-LBI-4-SUN

Business 609-494-0700 Cell 609-312-9747 Fax 609-361-1410

AH......I realize why I’m so annoyed!

I am missing glancing over to the deep blue bay with shimmering lights dancing on the ripples. The construction is making me pay attention. My mind used to wander as I crossed the bridge. There is no longer a place to pull over to snap photos. The road diverts us away from where the shack stood. Change is coming. Will I like the new bridge? I’m used to this one. I’ve crossed this one for over 40 years. I do know that whatever the new bridge looks like, the view will be the same. Simply beautiful. Damage from Wind, Water, Fire, Frozen Pipes, Flood, Theft, Vandalism

Alliance Adjustment Group, Inc.


Why Settle for Less for your Property Insurance Claim? No Recovery/No Fee Guarantee!

Lisa Ball LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


1.888.MANCINI • 609.492.2256 13515 Long Beach Blvd. Beach Haven Gardens, NJ 08008 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 full | 1 partial Est. Square Feet: 3,200 Listing # 3068925 Virtual Tour $200k PRICE REDUCTION! Enjoy the ultimate in outdoor living on the oceanfront! Recent addition/renovation makes this beautiful five-bedroom home a showplace! Spectacular new oversized decks on three levels feature mahogany rails, curved safety glass, and endless views. Stunning new great room, with built-in wine and coffee bar, coffered ceiling, and a wall of custom cabinetry surrounding the gas fireplace. State of the art audio system with surround sound and hidden speakers on three decks. Private path over the dunes to the beach, a rare find on the south end. Five roomy bedrooms, 3.5 baths, plenty of parking: owner has parked six cars here. Master bath has a spacious shower with hand and body sprays, jetted tub, and double vanity. Bath two has a double vanity, tub, and stall shower, and bath three has a stall shower as well. Call for a detailed list of amenities, including elevator, separate family room, 65� LG TV, ice machine, security system, intercom, laundry room, and so much more. Imagine celebrating with family and friends on over 2,000 sq ft of decks, overlooking the ocean and substantial grassy dunes. The perfect venue for your special events, or just for relaxing in the sun or shade!

Turtle Girl and the Terrapin Nesting Project Season 4 by Kathy Lacey/Terrapin Nesting Project

a fresh clutch of eggs in your car. These fragile gems need to be reburied as quickly as possible to insure their viability. This year will be different. Thanks to a grant from the Garden Club of Long Beach Island we will be expanding our project to include Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching and all of the island this season. A start up hatchery will be with it the ‘official’ start of terrapin nesting season. built in Holgate to accommodate the nests on the southern This marks season 4 for Grace, aka, ‘The Turtle end and volunteers will begin terrapin outreach programs. Girl’ and the “Terrapin Nesting Project”. We’ve With a newly formed volunteer group in Holgate and come a long way since our humble beginnings a full time/on site hatchery supervisor, the ‘Terrapin in June of 2011 and have many new projects and Nesting Project-South’ will be ‘hatched’. I will supervise volunteers for the coming season. For the past three the building of the hatchery, training of the volunteers and years, much of our focus has been on the northern ultimately oversee the project, but it will be successful end of the island. During that time we’ve relocated, because of the determination and dedication of the many incubated, hatched and released more than 2,600 who have already signed up! If you would like to help healthy terrapin hatchlings into the estuaries of the on the southern end, check our Face Book page for dates Barnegat Bay. Grace has been onboard since the for training classes. (Terrapin Nesting Project-HBH beginning and is an invaluable asset as a ‘terrapin hatchery). The hatchery will house up to 25 nests and be tracker’, educator, my intern and inspiration. Our completed by April. original volunteer base of 13 has grown to over Diamondback Terrapins are medium sized brackish a hundred dedicated, hardworking individuals water bay turtles living along the coast of eastern and selflessly giving their time and energy. They make southern North America, from Cape Cod to the Gulf the project successful and special. of Mexico. They are vital to the health of the bay’s But more needs to be done. The terrapins on ecosystem as well as the saltmarshes, being both the southern end need our help. Last year we secondary and tertiary consumers. They eat the grazers did relocate a few nests from Holgate and Beach and the animals who consume the grazers. They keep Haven to High Bar Harbor’s hatchery, where they the balance in check. There are 7 subspecies throughout successfully incubated, hatched and were released their range. They will spend their entire lives with a into the bay near their original nest sites. But, due few mile radius of their birth place, unless displaced by to lack of manpower and time restraints, many were storms or people. The females return to their ancestral missed. 18 miles doesn’t sound like much until you nest site to lay their own clutches, due to their strong try to navigate it in the middle of the summer with sense of ‘site fidelity’. If their beach has been replaced LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


by docks, roads, houses, landscaping, driveways, parking lots or bulkheads, they will search for an area ‘close’ to what they ‘remember’. Often these areas are unsuitable for incubating hatchlings due to soil substrate, location and animal predation. Throughout their range there are a number of, ‘protected’ or ‘preserved’ beaches. This is not the case on Long Beach Island. We have no ‘protected’ or ‘preserved’ beaches for the terrapins. For our terrapin hatchlings to survive, many of their nests have to be relocated to our hatchery. There they are safe from animal predation, rotting in unsuitable substrate, being crushed by vehicular and foot traffic and predation upon emergence. Thanks to the strong commitment of the local community, the “Terrapin Nesting Project” has set a precedent. We have shown it is possible to maintain a healthy terrapin population within a highly developed area, with the help from the residents. We have become a “preserve within a community’. Education has always been a focus of our project. Outreach programs, ‘terrapin talks’ with Grace and her mom Tracey and me and informative handouts have been key to spreading the word. This year several class programs were made possible by a generous contribution from “The Spotted Whale”, a unique boutique in Viking Village, Barnegat Light. Thank you. An informative


Photos by Valerie Fenelon

‘Power Point’ presentation on the terrapins of Long Beach Island and the ‘Terrapin Nesting Project’ will be given on March 22nd @ 1:00pm, for The Friends of the Lighthouse in Barnegat Light. Please come and see how you can help.

was, how are the terrapins managing? The adults bury themselves deeper in the bay and should have fared well. But what about the hatchlings? Although there have been and continue to be studies on the hatchling’s ability to withstand freezing temperatures, the answers are inconclusive. No one really knows for sure. They must be doing something right, they adapt. These amazing creatures have survived for millions of years. With our help at this critical time in their life cycle; the successful incubation and hatching of their eggs, we can insure the continuation of their species. Thank you for your commitment to our project. We look forward to seeing you in the spring! Kathy Lacey/Terrapin Nesting Project The Terrapin Nesting Project is a Nonprofit NJ Corporation

The Sierra Club has once again provided a grant to help fund the nesting project. They have been supportive of our efforts since the project’s inception. We are a nonprofit corporation made up of volunteers with many new goals to meet in 2014. We depend on the support and funding of other likeminded organizations and individuals to succeed. Donations are always appreciated and used wisely. In addition to the new hatchery, we will be expanding our education program to include a more ‘complete environmental package’ addressing the effects of plastic bags, plastic straws, balloons and other litter on our fragile ecosystem and all the animals who inhabit it. Grace will T-Shirts are available for purchase/$25 each/ be very instrumental in the success of this endeavor. all proceeds go to e She is the example I hope all other young people will Education Program emulate. She has the unbridled passion to ‘save a (Sizes: Youth-M, species’ even when it means giving up ‘beach time’ and has been doing so since she was 6 years old! Many Adult- S, M, L. XL, XXL) Please make of my volunteers, students, parents, grandparents and check payable to children are inspired by her. January of this year, I was invited to speak about Terrapin Nesting the nesting project to the Garden Club of Long Beach Project Island. What an amazing gathering of strong minded, P.O. Box 277, environmentally conscious women! I was honored to Abington, Pa. be among them. Many of them are already volunteers 19001 and more will be onboard for the new hatchery at the southern end. On my way to the luncheon, I drove down from Pennsylvania, I pulled over to the bay and was amazed to see it completely frozen. My first thought LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014 16

Grace and Kathy

“Fiddlers in the Bay” by Kathy Lacey/Terrapin Nesting Project Terrapins share their brackish water saltmarshes with

many creatures. One of the most fascinating and abundant is the fiddler crab. They are also one of the smallest, its carapace (shell) growing to under an inch and their ‘major’ claws to 1.5inches long. During the day at low tide the saltmarshes are teeming with them; foraging for food (algae and decaying vegetation), digging burrows and zipping in and out of the Spartina grass. The males are easy to identify by their enlarged ‘fiddler’ claw, which they wave back and forth to attract mates and discourage rivals from entering their ‘burrows’. Some are ‘right-handed’ some are ‘left-handed’. If they lose their major claw, the remaining claw grows to the size of the lost claw and the new regenerated claw becomes the smaller claw!

the mouth it resembles the motion of someone moving a bow across a fiddle (the major claw). By the way, they’ve been hibernating all winter, but mark your calendar. This spring when the sun is high and the tide is low, take a walk to the bay and enjoy the show.

Females don’t grow a major claw and have an advantage when it comes to finding and eating food. Both of her claws are small and dexterous and very handy for sifting through the sediment for nutrients. The male can only eat with his smaller claw so he has to eat twice as fast or twice as much to obtain the same nutrition. All this while digging a burrow between 12 – 36 inches deep and tidying up along the way! The burrows are located in the sandy, muddy substrates, often near grass stems, and may be connected at the deep end to other burrows. They’re used for refuge during high tide and in the summer for mating. Fiddlers roll a small bit of mud into a plug to seal their burrows during high tide and when they ‘hibernate’. They breathe oxygen through the atmosphere, with their gills, which must be kept wet. In addition to being fascinating to watch, fiddler crabs play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the bay’s saltmarshes. They are detrital consumers and provide food for many other larger animals, including the terrapin, blue crabs, egrets, herons and other water birds. Their constant burrowing provides much needed aeration to the soil. They’re small, but vital to the health and balance of the marshes. The name “Fiddler” crab is derived from the movement of the male’s small claw to his mouth during feeding. As it enters


Photos by Valerie Fenelon

LivingLBI Books

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Birds The world is in shambles, chaos abounds; yet one can take solace in those morning sounds that twitter and flutter laid to rest in your ear, while you hope and you pray that there’s nothing to fear. The song carries on as the sun rises high, in your mind unrelenting as the daylight draws nigh. They tell you “I love you,” yet it’s all just words, at the end of the night, it’s just you and the birds. By Robert Galvan


Outdoor Showers LLC 1316 E Bay Ave Manahawkin, NJ 08050

888-545-9763 LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


Snowy Owl

Photographed in Holgate by Kim Schraishuhn Rainer In the spring of 1973, just a few weeks after I was born, my parents took me “down the shore” for the very first time. My Grandfather and my parents had enjoyed many years on Long Beach Island in our family home and were thrilled to share their beloved island home with another generation: me. My family and I moved away from the area several decades ago, but LBI has remained a constant in our lives. While we couldn’t make quick weekend trips any more, we all looked forward to our annual trips to the shore and the time we spent there. Now retired, my parents spend their summers on LBI and the rest of the year in Pensacola, FL. Likewise, I have the privilege of spending each fall on the island before securing and winterizing our home and returning to Florida. The last couple of autumns have been especially exciting for me during my visits to LBI. Superstorm Sandy in 2012 was a nightmare, of course, but a new experience for me. In Florida hurricanes are somewhat routine for us, but I never in a million years imagined that I’d be evacuating from Long Beach Island. That’s what happened, though, as we all know. Last fall, I made my annual drive to the shore with my two hounds in tow, anxiously anticipating what I would find. I’d made a quick trip to LBI in the summer of 2013 but didn’t really have enough time to fully explore. In


my opinion, autumn on Long Beach Island is the best time of year and last year was no different. The hustle of summer is gone and a beautiful, quiet solitude takes over the island. Sure, there were hammers pounding away and homes being repaired or raised, but these were all sounds of progress. I can spend hours wandering the paths amongst the dunes of Barnegat Light looking for little treasures or photo opportunities. In Holgate, I sometimes lose track of time entirely as I walk the long stretch of beach to the end, searching for a beautiful shell or piece of sea glass. Sometimes I ride out and around in my Jeep and know that I’ll likely see Stu in his red Toyota, steadfastly keeping watch over Holgate. Each evening I walk down to the bay and try to capture yet another gorgeous sunset through my lens. At night, only a few lights are on in the neighborhood, so I sit on the deck and watch the sky. The stars twinkle above and send me the occasional shooting star, Atlantic City twinkles in the distance. There’s a beauty to Long Beach Island that I can’t quite articulate when describing it to my Florida friends. I try to capture that beauty through photos so they can see for themselves. Last fall, in addition my usual shots of stunning sunsets and lovely sea shells, I was also able to share with them the snowy owls that visited the southern end of the island. It was such a treat to see them perched upon some driftwood between the 7 and 8 markers at Holgate and sometimes around the end. They knew I was there long before I spotted them. It felt as though they were simply appeasing me as I peered around my Jeep to capture a shot or two. Yet another gift given to me by the island I love. Kim Schraishuhn Rainer is a resident of Pensacola, FL and Beach Haven Crest, NJ along with her husband, Jeff and their dogs Sophie and Axle. Kim is an administrator for the Lost and Found Pets of Pensacola page on Facebook, an animal advocate, and hobbyist photographer. She is counting the days to her next trip to LBI.

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Visit □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ 50.2 - Grumpy’s Tackle 32.4 - Wild Birds Unlimited 30 - New Jersey Maritime Museum 28 - Country Kettle Chowda 18 - Alliance for a Living Ocean

A map of the clam trail can be found on Fill in the BOLD word from each clam plaque check off the list for each clam you visit. 41.1 - MATES 19 - SOC Chamber of Commerce 15 - Sandbar Golf 24 - Haven Beach Club 7.3 - High Bar Harbor 7 - Viking Village 22.2 - Bay View Park 10 - LBI Foundation for the Arts and Sciences 38 - Mud City Crab House 25 - Just Bead It 9 -Sun Set Park 36.3 - C&C Marina 10.1 - Robbie’s Marina 44 - Tuckerton Sea Port Museum 28.3 - Country Kettle Fudge 50 - Lavallette Welcome Center 19.1 - Green House Café 44.1 - Cape Horn Marina 24.1 - Spray Beach Yacht Club 3.1 - Van's Rowboat Rental 32.3 - Hansen Publishing 5 - Off the Hook 31.1 - Barnegat Schools Board Office 26 - Beach Haven Veterans Park 39 - Manahawkin Shell 32.1 - Toms River Seaport Society 36.2 - Ocean Gate Yacht Basin 2 - Barnegat Light Post Office - Scojo’s Resturant

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


No matter what the weather; hot, cool, cloudy or windy … it’s a GREAT time on the Clam Trail! The clam trail is a fun and educational activity to help young and old to understand Barnegat Bay and how they can enjoy and improve it. People who follow the trail will find “clam clews” and “water wisdom” about shellfish, and how they improve the bay. Kids and adults will learn what everybody or anybody, can do to help the clams help the bay. Explore the Clam Trail as often as you like. The goal is to record the information found on the Fact plaques into the Explorer Log at each location along the Clam Trail. Remember, exploring is not always easy! Some addresses are general and the Fact Plaque may require some search. There are also new locations popping up along the trail.

Coloring Contest

How would you re-paint the clam?

1. Visit a clam 2. Color this clam to match the clam you are visiting 3. Enter the BOLD word from the Fact Plaque, Clam ID and your First Name 4. Take a photo of your picture 5. Upload your photo to the clam’s facebook page 6. Win a prize!


Check out the map at Register for Passport to LBI Coupon Book

Clam ID

First Name


Passport to LBI Although LBI is famous for its beautiful beaches, we offer so much more than “a day at the

beach”. We welcome people of all ages and interests to explore the diversity of our specialized organizations. Passport to LBI is an alliance of non-profit organizations that provide interesting, informative, and educational activities to both visitors and residents. So much historical, ecological, artistic, and cultural opportunities are available to all--on Long Beach Island.

Build a summer souvenir! Pick up a “Passport to LBI”; then visit a variety of activities and locations to experience all of LBI and have your passport stamped! Build memories to last a lifetime. For more information about Passport to LBI go to:

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


ReClam the Bay is a local, non-profit environmental organization that promotes environmental involvement and education in a constructive and helpful way. Together we grow and maintain millions of baby clams and oysters. As we grow seed clams and oysters to stock our local bay we teach everyone how important and fragile the shellfish population and our environment really is. We are open to everyone and all are welcome to come lend a hand. ReClam the Bay uses the hard clam and oyster as living representatives of the bay ecosystem that includes the coastal bay and its watersheds. We educate people about the requirements of shellfish that serve as watchdogs for good water quality. Finally we explain the impact of people on these natural resources and that people must be stewards of the natural resources that we share.

A Day at the Bay LBI’s bay beaches are fun for active toddlers. They are suited for kids of all ages with playgrounds, lifeguards and gazebos. ReClam the bay offers clam shell painting and talks about the bay weekly at Bayview Park. Bands perform at sunset at Bayview Park, Harvey Cedars Bay Beach and Ship Bottom Bay Beach.

Barnegat Light Bay Beach 25th St. & Bayview 609-494-9196 Bayview Bay Beach 68th St. & Long Beach Blvd 609-361-1000 Beach Haven Bay Beach Taylor Avenue 609-492-0111

Baby Clams

Beach Haven Terrace Bay Beach West Pennsylvania Ave 609-361-1000 Harvey Cedars Bay Beach 75th Street 609-494-2843 Ship Bottom Bay Beach 14th Street & Bay Terrace 609-494-1614 Surf City Bay Beach 16th St. & Barnegat Avenue 609-494-3064



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Custom Homes, Custom Modular Homes & House Raising Specialists

609-488-2121 609-488-2121

NJ RREM Approved Builder - Locally Owned & Operated The Price Home Group is a RREM approved Builder ready and able to accept all “Pathway B” grant recipients.

The Tern Tern The 3BR/1BA - $139,900 3BR/1BA-$139,900 1050 sq. ft. 1050 sq.ft.

The Kingfisher 4BR/3BA-$189,900 1825 sq.ft.

The Kingfisher 4BR/3BA - $189,900 1825 sq. ft.

The Hummingbird The Sandpiper 3/4BR/3BA-$299,900 3BR/ 2BA - $154,900 2200sq.sq.ft. 1170 ft.

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LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014

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The storm has changed LBI forever. So many buildings are now gone. In their place are brand new super sized year ‘round homes. Gone are the bungalows and knotty pine duplexes. As much as I miss the past and the little beach houses that were a part of my childhood, I must admit, I love the new look. I still live in my little beach house with small rooms and tiny closets year ‘round. It was origanlly built for summer with little insulation and had electric heat. We now have a gas fireplace and new windows, but still the house has little storage. I look across the street and see the new house that was built after the old two bedroom duplex was knocked down. I see an enormous house with a two car garage. There are times that I envy all that storage space and the safety they offer from the storm. New homes are so much stronger. During Super Storm Sandy, I watched and worried helplessly, as the ocean made its way down the street. My little house was only three steps above the swirling water. The house across the street was ten feet tall and stood strong on pilings. New houses have plenty of space and big beautiful kitchens and are built to withstand storms! They offer warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. LBI is your year ‘round place to visit. -Lisa Ball

Lisa Ball

Sea Sirens: Restoration and Renewal

Just in time for those of us returning, the island shows signs of life and energy. A parade of colorful flags beckon flirtatiously from storefronts, undulating in the sweet breezes of spring. Assorted bicycles, standing at attention, wait to be enjoyed, again. The lighthouse door is open and the spiral stairs welcome your climb, again! An endless view is before us. The slush and the ice and the cold are behind us. Finally! Our first visit to Long Beach Island may reawaken memories of our final farewell last fall, when so many were still reeling and healing from a storm that we promised ourselves we’d never forget. Smells we have missed tease the senses and lure us into the bakery and bagel shop we have missed for too long. Boulevard shops we recognize-and some that are unfamiliar--remind us there must be something we need, yet forgot to pack before we left home for the place we have had in our hearts as we shoveled, as we huddled, and as we muddled through the long, often white, winter--somewhere else. Some who over the causeway may wonder what happens during the winter here, during those quiet months on the deserted streets, on the desolate beach, during the barren time. When traffic lights become a blinking sea of amber. When the Boulevard and sky share a monotonous shade of gray, when nary a boat can be seen on the bay. The beach becomes an endless desert of beige. When Empire butterflies abandon backyards, once flowering and fragrant. When bushes that harbored them wither and dry. When nights grow long and shorten our day. Does LBI die when many of us leave, only to celebrate rebirth in time for Easter and other miracles of the season here? Does the ocean stop, too, and hibernate till spring? Does the tango of the tides become still? Does the crash of the waves cease in our absence? Does the beach close down after the stores close down? Does the horizon get lost in a


wet salty haze, only to be found once the cold and damp winds have gone? Does the undertow relax its relentless grip and tireless pull on the shoreline? NO! Long Beach Island does seem hushed and muted during the long hiatus between local summer and spring’s arrival. But, the Sea Siren of Restoration has been hard at work, teaming with the Sea Siren of Renewal as Long Beach Island continues to dare to repair while some thought all was done, there. Seagulls have never stopped struggling to survive. Shells and driftwood have continued to wash up. Sea glass has continued to sparkle when wet-proven by those who never stop searching. All winter long. Like a love song one hums when lonely, a balm for the soul, even when the day is not balmy. During the first week in March, our son and his wife flew to one of their favorite spots: the beach resort of Cozumel. While we cared for their dog, GG taught us all we need to know about life here before the start of the long awaited season, while temperatures still plummet at night, yet soften during the afternoon. We brought GG to the beach on one of the days--before it snowed, again. The sea sparkled. The sand was bright, and the dog had no idea that it was still winter. She reminded my husband and me that it can be spring any time--just, not all the time. If the heart remains open, and we are grateful for just this day. the beach will still delight, in its way, way before the time seems “right”. The things that are eternal, keep being restored and renewed, as long as we do our part to remain hopeful and ready, despite the forecast. On your island, our island, LBI. “All flowers of the year are in the seeds of today.” --anonymous Written by Judy Horowitz

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


MOONRISE Standing still at the end of day the sun has set into the bay Transparent filter vague and thin shades of light blending in Silent view with ghostly glow a giant moon puts on a show As night moves on it climbs so high colors change ‘till darkest sky Twinkling stars shining bright the final dance on a cloudless night

Lisa Ball


Camille’s Floral Designs Inspiring Designs for Today’s Bride

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755 East Bay Avenue Manahawkin, NJ 08050 609-597-1670 Camille’s Delivers

Things to Rent For Every Event

176 East Bay Ave Manahawkin, NJ 08008 609-597-4222 fax 609-597-6481 MM ©

Flower top boxes


Rock Candy Party Favors

1279 East Bay Ave Manahawkin, NJ 08050 Jim & Debbie


LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014




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Mer-Made Photography Congratulates our dear friends Mary and Dennis Cleary

Twenty five years ago , Mary and Dennis Cleary were wed in a small backyard

ceremony by family friend, Mayor James Mancini. Mary wore a borrowed white knee length dress with her 5 year old son by her side. In the twenty five years that followed, the couple raised four sons. Dennis ran his construction company and Mary worked for the township. It was after Dennis survived a massive heart attack that Mary and Dennis decided to plan their dream wedding. Their rooftop renewal ceremony was emotional with family and friends gathered together as Mary walked down the aisle in her white wedding gown. Mayor Joesph Mancini performed the ceremony atop the Health Department Building in Long Beach Township. The original date was not available; the wedding was one week earlier. Had it been available, the wedding would not have taken place. Hurricane Sandy hit the island and destroyed the house they lived in for 25 years and the place they were wed. Miraculously, Mary’s wedding gown survived the storm. It is the strength of their love for each other and their four sons that has carried them through the past year. As they rebuild their lives and move into a new house, their love will make it a home.


Tips from:

Touch of Elegance Your guests will love a candy buffet. Match your colors and theme to create a sweet ending to your perfect day. And will serve double duty to become your favors.

Flowers Decor Ice Sculptures DJs Lighting Photography Officiants Transportation Invitations Favors Touch of Elegance

offers a network of professionals.

Touch of Elegance

Catering Services for all Occasions 688 East Bay Avenue, Barnegat NJ


LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


Tiffany’s salon & spa

Open Seven Days


LBI’s Original Day Spa

2400 N. Long Beach Blvd • Surf City, NJ 08008


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Mermaid Ava


Artwork from many area artists! Fine Art Giftware Accessories Dimensional Wall Art (Interior & Exterior) Mosaics Pottery Antiques Jewelry Handbags Jackets & Vests Hand Made Soaps Photography LBI Maps & Posters Stained Glass Painted Glassware Decoupage Art Shell Artwork Chimes Signs Mirrors Shabby Chic Furniture Hand Painted Furniture Rustic Furniture Pillows Area Rugs Lamps LBI Books Custom Lazy Susans

Lisa Ball Designs

Art & Decor At Surf City 1715 Long Beach Blvd Surf City, NJ

(609) 494-5038

Storing The Top Tier Of Wedding Cakes Place the cake in the freezer for about 20 minutes. This will firm up the icing and prevent it from adhering to the wrap. Now you’re ready to wrap the cake. Completely cover the cake with plastic wrap, making sure to wrap airtight. Follow by wrapping with at least 2 layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. The more protection you give the cake, the less chance of freezer taste or freezer burn. If desired, you can also place the cake in a storage container. One day before your 1st anniversary, begin defrosting the cake in your refrigerator. After about 2 hours, remove the cake from its wrapping and continue to defrost. Just before serving, let the cake rest at room temperature.

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014

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Congratulations Sam! Sincere thanks to Mer-Made’s senior mermaid Sam for her talent & devotion presenting Mer-Made Photography’s StoryTime on the Black Pearl Pirate Adventure. We look forward to another wonderful summer on the Black Pearl with Sam as “Pearl the Mermaid” before she heads off to college, to major in photography. We wish her success. Best Wishes, Meredith Winner Mer-Made Photography


Distinctive Beaded Jewelry Custom Designed for your Wedding

Kristine Kain 609-494-2119

Island Pleasures

Your Wedding and Rehearsal Event Specialist Northern Italian/Continental Cuisine RESTAURANT • CATERING 12907 Long Beach Blvd. Beach Haven Terrace, NJ 08008 Robert Biele 609-492-1001 LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


414 North Bay Ave • Beach Haven, NJ

609-342-0159 • 609-661-1586 Owner: Amy Haeberlein

New for Spring 2014 FRESH CUT FLOWER Market Special Occasions & Weddings

Visit any Dante Zeller location to discover more of what you’re looking for and see your Groom’s Free Preview. More colors, more styles and more confidence. Classic, contemporary or avant garde. Bold, brilliant, or subdued. With over 20 locations in the tri-state area, its a sure thing. For the nearest location visit or call 1-888-GET-A-TUX.

Manahawkin 609-597-6222 Freehold Raceway Mall 732-303-0037

We Have Your Color & Your Groom’s Free Preview

Open Year Round

9th and Bay Ave •Beach Haven



Your Sea Speaks I am your sea fierce fragile fancy fish shattered glass shimmering shells a plethora of plants wanton weeds wordless witness to woes and worries a world of mystery beneath your wide skies as wide as your open eyes a still crystal path under your moon’s bright light dancing diamonds that surround your sunlight sloppy salty tears of rage…slapping against your stalwart sand together through time and tide and tumult Judy horowitz

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014




Circul offers an unsurpassed experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Summer Fairview Model $299,000

Our unique, casual & stress free approach to building your home will handle everything from

Demo • Permits • Engineering 3D • Selections & everything in between! 3D Visualizations Visu visit us at

WWW. CIRCUL.COM or stop by the office at

1805 Long Beach Boulevard, Ship Bottom, NJ 609.494.7225 NJ Builders License #44911

Why pay & wait for architectural plans? Speed up the process. Homes starting at $160SF Includes pilings, permits, landscaping and much more! 39

Disposable Dwellings

Lisa Ball LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


upsetting. Doubt sets in, “Maybe I should have kept that.” How quickly the house is gone. An empty feeling sweeps over me. The house is gone. The people are gone. And I’m left with a few boxes of old stuff. The empty lot reminds me of LBI when I was a child. Plenty of open space. Sand everywhere. Tiny little houses on a big yards with a railing fences all the way around. I glance around the street and remember all of the tiny houses that where on this block. When did they all disappear? The memory of the old house starts to fade as I watch the new house slowly rise from the empty sandy space. It is magnificent. Can I mourn the loss of “the old LBI” and still be excited about “the new LBI?”


ere were are, at the start of the second season since Super Storm Sandy. As with any trauma we undergo, we reach a crossroads. We must decide whether we continue to focus on the disaster and destruction or focus on new beginnings.

I have to move on. Life moves on. Change is the only thing that is guaranteed. It is the promise of the future that will keep us going. The new LBI will still have the old LBI beach, sand and sky. The homes will change but memories remain.

Lisa Ball

There will always be a window of opportunity open and a curtain gently blowing in the breeze of the aftermath of a storm. The ocean remains, the sky is blue, evergreens continue to grow and if you look, you will find smooth pieces of personal sea glass memories. Keep in mind that jagged shards of glass require nature’s fury to create their beauty and softness. Filled with sadness I watched as the powerful claw ripped into my neighbor’s house. That cute little bungalow with a basement. How rare to find a house with a basement on LBI. The basement was full of trinkets attached to memories. Mugs from long ago, furniture full of hobbies. Personal possessions from long ago. We spend days sorting through the stuff. Things we’d like to keep but don’t have the space. Things we didn’t want. The claw grabs more wood, pieces of furniture, the old kitchen table and piles it into the dumpster. The crashing sound is


Home Built by Mancini Custom Homes

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


Contractors Lic # 13VH00147400


Custom Built Home For Sale $549,000

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014


Private Gated Community Llewelyn Park West Orange, NJ

Wooded winding roads. Close to New York City West Caldwell

777 Bloomfield Ave. West Caldwell, NJ 07006


Leone S. Mack Sales Representative Office: 973-228-5656 Cell: 973-495-6746

234 Stafford Park Blvd., Manahawkin, NJ • (609) 978-1202

Olive Trees

LivingLBI Magazine • March 2014

Olive trees are found in Mediterranean climates and enjoy the humidity and heat that those areas provide. Growing an olive in New Jersey is no challenge in summer because the area has hot humid summers, but winter is another matter. The climate and soil needs are similar for figs so it stands to reason that an olive can be grown in Jersey. Planting the tree in a pot so it can be moved will enable it to be protected in case of a deep freeze. The tree can also be covered with a frost barrier to trap heat inside the core of the tree. Olea europaea is the hardiest olive variety and would be a good choice to try in New Jersey.


Shore Good Donuts 1211 Long Beach Blvd Ship Bottom NJ 08008 609-492-0100

Opening Day Saturday March 29th 7am-12pm! 2nd Annual FREE DONUT & COFFEE DAY

WOW! Shore Good Donuts made the Grub Street list!

“Sweet: 101 Amazing American Doughnut Shops With Serious Street Cred”

Featured Donuts Available Everyday

ICE CREAM starts Memorial Day weekend

Specialty Donuts: These seasonal sensations are available for a limited time each year.

Create your own donut with any combination of our toppings and icings Served Warm Made to order Watch your donuts being made



345 East Bay Avenue Manahawkin, NJ



2421 Long Beach Blvd Ship Bottom, NJ

811 East Bay Ave Manahawkin, NJ

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