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Know Your Designer Tap Better Taps and mixers form a quintessential part of every bathroom. They are also called brassware in some countries. Taps are available in both traditional and ultra-modern designs. Of the two, modern designer taps complement a luxury bathroom in a well synchronized way. They are available in classic, contemporary and cutting-edge designs to complement every type of bath fitment. These taps are available in a cache of creative designs, shapes and sizes that are elegant to look at. Apart from looks, these taps are manufactured with quality materials that are longer lasting and make the tap highly functional. Shower controls, bidet, bath and basin designer taps with practical features are available in the market. They help a home owner to customize and add personality to a given bathroom space. International design houses have conceptualized and created innovative water faucets for a modern day living. Yet there are several designs that can offer a touch of the by-gone era to a Victorian themed bath space. Likewise there are water spigots built with a contemporary brink that incorporate sharp lines and neat angles. These can revamp the look of any ordinary lavatory which can be passed off as a designer bathroom. Others have gorgeous curves and offer a sleek yet stylish look.

Designer taps are available in several styles depending on the usage and artistic needs of a bathroom decor. Some of these designs are as follows: 1. 3/4/5 piece mixer taps 2. Mono taps 3. Pillar taps 4. Single lever taps 5. Wall mounted taps and mixers 6. Bath shower mixers 7. Filler taps 8. Floor standing taps

These stylish taps are available in various finishes like gold, nickel and chrome plating atop solid brass and bronze. Metal alloy taps are also available that predominantly have a chrome plated finish. Colorful designer taps in black, stainless steel as well as those with a brushed finish are also obtainable. Suppliers insist customers to place a special order for customized finish. Gold designer taps are quite popular amongst home owners because of their durability and seamless service. Innovative mixed finish taps incorporate a combination of both gold and chrome plating. Modern designer taps are easy to maintain for a DIY enthusiast. Yet specialist plumbers can be contacted to repair them. Since most of the designer taps are built to conform with the British standards namely BS1010, BS5412, and BS12540. The standards conform that spray mixer taps are more efficient than any other form of tap. These faucets deliver lesser water than conventional pillar taps which makes them balance the water pressures better. Designer taps are designed on modern lines; they function seamlessly due to an in-built ceramic disc mechanism in the mixing valves. They handle high water pressures better than traditional taps. Furthermore, these taps are easy to install and are backed by a warrantee on the gold/chrome/mix plated body as well as on the internal contrivance. Suppliers and manufacturers of these taps offer a prompt customer service even after delivery and installation that lasts through the warranty period and beyond. About Author: Giles Lever is the author of this article. He writes articles and web contents for Livinghouse. He has vast experience in writing articles, blog and web contents for home improvements and modern designer bathroom products. Through this article you get to know about designer taps and its types.

Know Your Designer Tap Better  

Designer taps are available in several styles and makes. They come in a wide range of finishes like gold, chrome, steel etc. International m...