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Calgary Mold Inspector & Indoor Air Quality Assessment – We recognize you are not buying a house, you are buying a home. This is your opportunity to ensure your home will be worry free, comfortable, and healthy. We understand you have searched for, fallen in love with, and have a tentative deal on a home. Our objective is to enable you to move into that home knowing what health defects, if any, are present and how to resolve them.

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Calgary mold inspection Air-dry mold inspector Cochrane mold inspection Bragg Creek mold inspector Turner Valley mold inspection Okotoks mold inspector High River mold inspection Pre-sale mold inspection Pre-purchase mold inspection Mold Inspection

Services Provided 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Mold Inspections Thermal imaging of buildings, equipment and facilities Office and meeting room airflow auditing and advice on improving ventilation Green, healthy home and building consulting. Sampling for asbestos, radon, VOC, bacteria, allergens, or EMFs Green, healthy home and building design advice. Green, healthy auditing of home and building construction and of homes and buildings.

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Calgary Mold Inspector and Indoor Air Quality Assessment