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Provide for those who grieve in Zion
to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
the oil of joy instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.
They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor. Isaiah 61:3

LIVING ALTERNATIVES Promoting a Culture of Life

Life can get complicated in a hurry. And often does. Our ministry was simple when we started over thirty years ago. We offered young women a free pregnancy test, along with God’s love and an alternative to abortion. This approach brought hope to the mother and highlighted the value of her life and her unborn child’s life…So simple. Since then, our culture has changed dramatically. Fortunately, God has expanded our vision, one ministry at a time. These days, a family unit with a dad, mom, and children is more often the exception rather than the rule. We still see heartbroken, frightened girls every day. But we also see whole families suffering. Take for example our “youngest” ministry, FORthe1, through which we are invited into the court to help pick up the fragmented lives of children whose parents have had their parental rights terminated by the judicial system. How painful and heartbreaking for everyone involved! As God has expanded the ministry of Living Alternatives, our hearts continue to grow in appreciation of God’s own heart of love towards broken people. We joyfully receive the expanded ministries as tools God has provided. We try each day to sacrificially demonstrate that life IS worth fighting for. We find ourselves engaged on many fronts. As we minister to each family or frightened girl, as we hold each small child, we endeavor to see God restore lives. Each and every one. Isn’t that the only way our culture can be restored as well? For that to happen we must “love life” in the true sense. We are so grateful God has prepared Living Alternatives for this moment in history by allowing us to be even more relevant today than when we first began. Life can get complicated in a hurry and often does for families we all know and love. Maybe even our own. But some things are still simple. As simple as having the right tools in place to love each other. Because God is good and He loves LIFE.

{PO Box 131466, Tyler, TX 75713 // // 903 882 0182}


Fatherheart Maternity Home Loving Alternative Adoptions Pregnancy Resource Center Building Blocks KEEPS Boutique

{PO Box 131466, Tyler, TX 75713 // // 903 882 0182}



Fatherheart is a safe place for a young woman to prepare for the birth of her unborn child. She comes to sort through a maze of tangled emotions and relationships. When she walks through the doors of Fatherheart, she often brings her parents, boyfriend, teachers, and friends along in her heart. Unlike the little one in her womb, she does not arrive with a clean slate. Her slate is marked. Sometimes the markings are from simple parental conflict, typical in the adolescent years. Others come with deep scars from rape, abuse, or abandonment. No matter what pain or scars she comes with, we know God wants to balance the unjust scale of her life. Often, Fatherheart is the opportunity He uses to do this. Most of the time, the girls never suspect what’s in store for them. In the midst of the daily routines of meal preparations, school, life-skills classes, counseling, visits with family, and the all-important Wal-Mart runs, they find unconditional love, acceptance, constructive guidance, and a commitment that perseveres. They soon learn this comes from a higher source than the staff around them. Not every girl will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but each one will feel His undeniable touch during her stay at Fatherheart. His mark will then remain as a reference place in her heart, a place to which she can later return. At Fatherheart, the girls face one of the biggest decisions of their lives: to parent or to make an adoption placement. This decision will deeply change their lives forever, along with the life of the baby they carry. Neither is an easy choice, but when she is prepared and surrounded by people who believe in her, she is better able to make the right choice for herself and her baby.

He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms
and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young. Isaiah 40:11

“I had never seen God like this before! At 16, the staff introduced me to a completely new way of thinking and living. I felt comfortable, welcomed, and loved. With the love and laughter I encountered at Fatherheart, I slowly began to open up and feel God’s love and His Father’s heart for me. I realized that my poor choices had caused me hurt and gotten me into trouble. The staff were incredibly patient with me and the other girls helped me see that we all have a story. Seeing God through new eyes, I began to experience real and lasting change. I persevered through what seemed like endless labor pains for two days. God’s presence was real in a way I had never known before. When I saw my son, I realized that through him, God had formed in me a new abiding faith! At Fatherheart, God helped prepare me to be the mother He wanted me to become!”- Shannon 4

Fatherheart Maternity Home Loving Alternative Adoptions

Premier High School

Pregnancy Resource Center Building Blocks KEEPS Boutique FORthe1

Glaring statistics make it clear‌60 percent of pregnant teens will never graduate from high school. Unfinished credits and an inability to stay focused on schoolwork, with a baby on the way, becomes an insurmountable hurdle for most pregnant high schoolers. Missing the important milestone of graduation could forever alter their futures and those of their children. Fatherheart has a unique partnership with Premier High School (a Texas Chartered Public School) to operate on-site to help our resident students defeat these odds. While at Fatherheart, the girls work through a self-paced curriculum bringing them closer to obtaining their high school diploma. Some will successfully finish their high school credits during their pregnancies. Earning a diploma is a giant step forward for these young mothers.


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, …plans to give you a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 “I never imagined just how much would change in my life when I came to Fatherheart. Graduating was something I thought would never happen for me. But I am here today graduating and I want to say thanks to God, the school staff and everyone who helped me dream bigger dreams for myself.” - Brittany


Fatherheart Maternity Home

Loving Alternative Adoptions Pregnancy Resource Center Building Blocks KEEPS Boutique

{PO Box 131466, Tyler, TX, 75713 // // 903 533 1288}



Adoption can be the most loving, but least understood option of an unplanned pregnancy. Everyone celebrates the arrival of an innocent baby, presumably rescued from someone’s abandoning arms, and placed into the safe arms of heroic adoptive parents. Adoption rightly understood is the exact opposite of this. Adoption is a redemptive plan of God for everyone involved. Christians become children of the Living God through the marvelous gift of adoption. Jesus, in His love for mankind, died on a cross to secure adopted sons and daughters of the Living God. When a courageous young girl walks out an adoption plan for her precious baby, we see the reflection of God’s great love that was expressed when Jesus died on the cross. In this same way, a brave birthmother forges her way to a cross of self-denial. Her sacrificial love provides safe passage for her precious baby. A safe passage back to God’s original plan for her baby to have a mother and father in a stable family. With

“They ministered to us as people, and assured us that His chosen children would come into our lives at His perfectly planned time, whether through their agency or not. Their encouragement was like soothing balm to our wounded souls. Now, 10 years later, we are the proud parents of four wonderful children. Our Lord and Creator chose each child specifically to be in our family through Loving Alternatives. We are humbled before God and forever grateful for His priceless gift of these days spent parenting our little flock.”- Sandy

…Weeping may last for the night,
but a shout of joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

her last tender kiss, her baby slips into the arms of another, and her personal journey of grief begins. She reminds herself that she has chosen this journey even in the midst of a flood of tears that can’t begin to express the hole in her heart. Though she will experience nights of weeping, God promises joy will come with time. She finds God’s comfort in the midst of great pain. She receives letters and pictures that will help confirm she made the right decision. Her baby becomes their baby, and she can find comfort in having accomplished her part of the redemptive plan. The great noble mission of redemption has been completed for the baby, for the adoptive couple and for the birthmother as well. Each have been individually carried and changed by the redeeming love of God.

“I knew I ‘wanted’ to be my daughter’s mother . . . but I knew the thing I could not provide was the one thing I wanted her to have the most, a loving daddy.” – April


Fatherheart Maternity Home Loving Alternative Adoptions

I was crying to the Lord with my voice, And He answered me…Psalm 3:4

Pregnancy Resource Center Building Blocks KEEPS Boutique

{1003 Baxter St, Tyler, TX 75701 // // 903 592 4495}



“Will she breathe a sigh of relief, or will this be one of the worst moments of her life?” The counselors at the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) ask that question as they check each pregnancy test. Either result will bring an opportunity to extend the mercy and grace of a Loving Savior to women in the Tyler area. The PRC staff and volunteers are able to tenderly speak truth into a vulnerable young woman’s life as they share a message of hope at the moment she receives the news of a positive pregnancy test. God intended for the announcement of pregnancy to be a joyous occasion, but in today’s world, it may spell certain death for a voiceless little one and untold pain in the life of the unsuspecting mother. Our PRC ministry is a “Center of Hope”…hope for the babies and hope for the mothers who carry them. ULTRASOUND When given the gift of an ultrasound, a mother is much more likely to choose life for her baby as she visually encounters him or her on the ultrasound screen for the first time. It is an effective and exciting tool in helping young mothers connect with their babies.

“Just want to thank each and every one of you for all your help and support. This is the best place for anyone to come and get the help they need whether it’s to parent the baby or to place for adoption. Thank you all.” - Teresa “When I first came in and took my test, I was a nervous wreck. Now, I’m as happy as a woman could be!” - Stephanie “Thank you! You guys made me feel a lot better and very special.” - Erin “Please thank your staff for their time and the courteous, warm, caring atmosphere.” - Maria

…You knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13


Fatherheart Maternity Home

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He will make your paths straight.

Loving Alternative Adoptions Pregnancy Resource Center

Building Blocks

Proverbs 3:5-6

KEEPS Boutique FORthe1

Chris and Crystal were stunned when Child Protective Services (CPS) took their newborn baby, Jasmine. They had been struggling to care for her. Their baby could stay with her grandmother while they fulfilled the steps of a CPS plan to get her back. One of the steps was for them to attend sessions at the Building Blocks program. Their “mommy mentor” saw that Chris and Crystal had an honest desire to learn. Formula preparation, creating a feeding schedule and even learning to distinguish an “I’m hungry” cry from an “I’m wet” one were just some of the things they gradually learned. With some encouragement, Chris found a job. The couple expressed a desire to get married. Arrangements for them to receive premarital counseling were made. As they grew in Godly understanding, they saw God begin to work in very practical ways. 11

The battle for “life” is NOT a short-term nine-month endeavor. It is a long-term commitment to building families. Building Blocks is a unique “earn-while-you-learn” program where moms, and even dads, earn points for attending parenting classes, Bible studies, mentoring sessions, and prenatal doctor appointments. They then use their points at the Building Blocks store to “buy” much needed baby items like diapers, clothing, car seats, furniture and more. Practical needs are met while opportunities to learn are provided. Each young mother receives emotional support and spiritual encouragement as she prepares for life’s biggest challenge—parenting.

Someone gave Crystal a wedding gown. A wedding cake was provided. Perhaps the most meaningful gift was an antique ring given by a woman who wanted to honor her grandmother, who has been married for 50 years. “The ring symbolized the love and commitment my grandmother shared with her husband. I know she would be honored for you to wear it another 50 years for all God has done and will continue to do in your lives.” The week Chris and Crystal decided to get married, CPS returned baby Jasmine to their care.

“They talked with me as a friend…and guided me through this tough time.” - Christina “They let me know I was not alone.” - Rosalba “They helped me save money on baby items and taught me how to take care of my family. I’m very happy and thankful for what they did for me.” - Mary

{1009 Baxter St, Tyler, TX 75701 // // 903 593 3522}


Fatherheart Maternity Home Loving Alternative Adoptions Pregnancy Resource Center Building Blocks

KEEPS Boutique FORthe1

KEEPS Boutique offers new, in-season, designer clothes at no cost to teen girls living in foster homes in East Texas, providing them a fun shopping experience. KEEPS’ loving and committed volunteers assist the girls in choosing clothes and pray with them before they leave the boutique. KEEPS also hosts summer KEEPS Kamps & “Girls Night Out” programs that provide encouraging messages of value and self-worth as well as an opportunity to receive Christ. Emily Allegretto started KEEPS as a part of Living Alternatives. Emily loves the Lord, enjoys fashion and fellowship, and uses these tools to reach out and befriend the girls who come to KEEPS. She was just 15 when she began KEEPS in 2008. 13

“I’ve never been able to choose something new to wear. Even my underwear has always been second-hand. I can’t believe someone would do this for me.” - Ashley “Thank you so much for having a heart towards those in need. And for loving the ones that others ignore or avoid. You are such a blessing to the world. Thanks for being who you are and for hearing God’s calling and answering it.” - Foster Mom, Cindy

Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go. Genesis 28:15

“I went up to Miss Emily last night and said ‘I want to accept Christ will you help me do it?’ And she grabbed my hand with one of my friends and prayed for me. I was crying and thought, ‘You know what, I made the best choice I’ve ever made in my life tonight.’”- Justine

{ // 903 262 5807}


Fatherheart Maternity Home Loving Alternative Adoptions Pregnancy Resource Center Building Blocks KEEPS Boutique


children annually in foster care

will become adoptable… Many will never find a forever home!



Go after the one lost sheep. When you find it, bring it home, call your friends and tell them to come and celebrate with you.

{ // 903 882 0182}

Paraphrase of Luke 15:4


Every homecoming is a celebration…especially when children are involved. Like the Good Shepherd who went after the one lone sheep who became separated from the flock; likewise FORthe1 finds a lost child, and then seeks God’s special family and joyfully unites them with their forever family. FORthe1, a ministry of our Loving Alternative Adoption Agency, is a response to foster children waiting for an adoptive home. These are the American orphans…and they are within our reach! James 1:27 gives us the Biblical mandate to respond to these who are too young to care for themselves.

Children heal in families God places the lonely in families. Psalm 68:6

Through Forthe1… they adopted


Through Forthe1… they adopted

3 “I was carrying her up to bed—I didn’t think I could do one more night—and she said ‘I always wanted a mommy’ and that was it, I could go on forever” - Kim Through Forthe1… they adopted


“If everybody turned around and said, ‘somebody else’, the system wouldn’t really work, so if not somebody else, why not us.” - Derek


Fatherheart Maternity Home Loving Alternative Adoptions Pregnancy Resource Center Building Blocks KEEPS Boutique

*Disclaimer: All the pictures in this booklet are actual pictures taken in our ministry, they are not stock photography. Names have been changed.



Living Alternatives is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our services to those in crisis are free. Living Alternatives relies on the partnership of individuals, churches, and businesses each month to meet the operational budget. This ministry does not receive government funding of any kind. In doing so it would regulate or restrict our offer of hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. The monthly operational budget for Living Alternatives is $35,600. Living Alternatives is staffed by Youth With A Mission missionaries. Staff do not receive salaries, but raise their own personal support. Therefore, salaries are not reflected in the operational budget. A commitment to monthly partnership will

Join Us!

Living Alternatives PO Box 131466, Tyler, TX 75713-1466

help enable Living Alternatives to continue providing much needed services to this community and help in its missionary effort to affect the needs of women, children and the family in the nations of the world. Please consider joining us in promoting a culture of life. One-time donations, or a monthly draft can be made online at Checks are welcomed as well, mail to the address below.

In 1982, Beverly Kline, founding director of Living Alternatives, sowed a seed that has become a multiplicity of ministries. Ten years of working as a licensed psychiatric technician in California led her to forsake the secular methods of meeting the needs of hurting people. In 1979 she entered missionary training with Youth With A Mission, desiring to work on a foreign field, to care for the poor and needy. But a “chance” encounter with a pregnant, unmarried, frightened teen turned her journey in a completely different direction. First came the discovery that a free pregnancy test, when coupled with love and truth, could help a young mother choose life for her unborn child. Choosing to continue a pregnancy required physical assistance for the mother, so a maternity home followed. Caring for the mom ushered in the choice of parenting or adoption, so an adoption agency and parenting programs were next. Caring for the unborn is just the beginning of promoting a culture of life in the context of a Biblical mandate…meeting physical needs (Matthew 25:35 ); valuing life (Psalm 139); motivation (John 3:16, Acts 1:8, James 1:27). Bev’s years of YWAM ministry have taken her to 28 nations where she has ministered, taught and inspired others to build a culture of life in their nation with the pro-life gospel of Jesus Christ. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10. 18

Fatherheart Maternity Home 903.882.0182


Living Alternatives began pregnancy testing from the home of our

founding director. Within a few months, it became clear the need was great and with a small volunteer team, the Crisis Pregnancy Center moved into a professional office in Tyler. The center continues operating today and offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, emotional support, community referrals, and practical assistance. The center touches more than 1,000 lives every year. 1983

Loving Alternative Adoptions 903.533.1288

The need for housing for pregnant teens became clear, and with the help of the local community, a small, fire-damaged four-bedroom home was purchased at a greatly reduced cost. This home served 106 women from 1983 to 1990.


Living Alternatives established the state-licensed Loving Alternative

Adoption Agency to help women to plan for a truly Christian adoption for their unborn baby. The adoption ministry has placed more than 300 babies in loving

Pregnancy Resource Center 903.592.4995

Christian homes and continues to offer support services to the birth and adoptive families. 1993

The current Fatherheart location on 40 beautiful acres

became available, and it was purchased for $300,000. 1996

Thanks to

community contributions, Fatherheart’s mortgage was paid in full and came a year-and-a-half earlier than planned!


Fatherheart underwent

renovations that included converting the garage into a multipurpose room and

Building Blocks

adding living quarters for house parents. Today, the home is almost 10,000 square feet, has 12 bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and is a state-licensed facility. 1998

903.593.3522 buildingblocks@ KEEPS Boutique 903.262.5807

Life Skills and Christian Living program began at the home. A visible change in the attitude and character of the girls is a credit to this program. 1999

A fully

accredited chartered school began operating on the maternity home property. The school gives opportunity for residents to earn high school credit as they complete studies at their own pace. (GED preparation is also provided on site.)


A mobile home became the temporary housing for the

AfterCare program. Here, girls continue to live and be discipled in a home setting designed to meet their changing needs. 2003

Seeing an ever-increasing

demand for parenting classes and baby items for our Pregnancy Resource Center

FORthe1 903.882.0182 forthe1@

clients, Building Blocks opened its doors as an “earn-while-you-learn” program. Clients earn points for attending mentoring sessions, which they exchange for baby items. 2007

The Building Blocks property was purchased and opened

next door to our Pregnancy Resource Center. 2008

KEEPS Boutique was

built on the Fatherheart grounds. This ministry enhances two already established aspects of Living Alternatives: teen girls and foster care. KEEPS brings the good news of Jesus Christ to teen girls who are in state foster care homes as it

If you know provides new, in-style, and in-season clothing without charge. 2010 someone who is facing This year was the official launch of the “FORthe1” program which an unplanned pregnancy, operates under our Loving Alternative Adoption Agency license. or if you’d like to partner FORthe1 is a response to America’s orphans who are waiting in foster with us in offering alternatives homes, for an adoptive family. FORthe1 works with the court and that bring life & hope, the children’s attorney in identifying families for specific children. contact us at Living Alternatives or 903.882.0182. PO Box 131466, Tyler, TX 75713-1466

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Living Alternatives Brochure  

Living Alternatives Brochure