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May 9, 2010 Charles Chen is a counselor for our youth. Recently, he conducted a survey with our youth. He also shared the survey result with me. I believe it provides some good insights for parenting. I wish I could have known this thirty years ago. Please allow me to share part of the survey with you today.

What children like to hear from their parents: • • • • • • • •

I enjoy my parents encouraging me. I also enjoy them saying encouraging words. Trust us to be responsible. You are doing good, I love you. Good job, very nice! Say “I love you” everyday, not just when I get an “A” You’re a good son / daughter. I am proud of you. “You’re a good daughter & sister; we have always loved you & been proud of you”

• • • • • • • • • •

I want my parents to spend more time with me. I wish we could always eat dinner together. They encourage and support me. They listen to my problems and pray for me. They always use what they learn at church to give me guidance. I just want one word of encouragement. I like it when my parents encourage me. Good job! Be proud of me and mean it. “I am proud of you…” I am proud of you; I love you.

五月九日 陳鏡立弟兄是我們教會的一位青年導師. 他最近在我們的年青人中間做了一個調查. 他也與我分享 了調查的結果。我相信這個調查的結果可以為父母親們提供一些很好的洞見。我但願 在三十年前 就知道這個調查的結果. 請讓我現在來與你分享其中的一部分。

孩子們所喜歡聽到父母親講的話: • 我喜歡我的父母親鼓勵我,我也喜歡他們說鼓




















以你為榮” 。

“我以你為榮 ...” •我以你為榮,我愛你。

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