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Living Water Fellowship Monthly Newsletter 作者:Vicky

“So, You want to connect to God?” On May 7th’s Living Water Fellowship, we invited Dr. Mark Lum to speak to us about Worship. The word “Worship” to me is not new. I did it every Sunday at Church even when I was still a non-believer. Singing Hymns, people around me raising their hands, some were getting emotional and crying sometimes, but I never understand why people would act like that until I became a Christian and became more involved in Church activities, Sunday Schools and Bible Classes. Now, a lot of times I am the one who gets touched by Hymns and Pastor’s sermons because I have experienced how God loves me. Thanks to God and Dr. Mark Lum to remind us How to Worship by using the Book of Psalms as examples. It consists of a lot of different authors’ songs and their feelings towards the situations they were facing and their responses to God. In order for us to practice, we were divided into groups and each group was assigned one psalm. My group read Psalm 121.

A Song of Ascent - Psalm 121 I lift up my eyes to the hills … from where comes my help? My help comes from The Lord, Maker of the heavens & the earth. God will not allow you to falter Your Guardian will not rest. Know - neither rest nor sleep Will the Guardian of your ancestors take. The Lord is your guardian, Your shelter at your side. The sun will not smite you by day Nor the moon by night. The Lord will guard you against all evil, Will guard your soul. The Lord will guard you When you venture out. And when you return Always and forever.



Then we went into some discussion questions. Here is one of them: What has the world promised you in terms of solutions or remedies to your trials? Hahaha! Of course all of us know the answer to the question is “NO”, absolutely nothing……. Although I know the model answer to the question, but when I asked myself honestly, I do love the world a lot, sigh…….. Enjoying good food, planning for my next vacation, looking for ways to save and good ways for investment, etc. Psalm 121 reminds me that God is my Only Help when I am in needs, He is my Guidance and Shelter when I am in needs, none of the earthly things can protect me from harms. Praise the Lord! Thanks for His never lasting love. Another Church Event I would like to share with you is the Jubilation on May 22nd. If I have to use one word to describe my feeling, that word is “WOW”. I am so amazed that Brother and Sisters in different fellowship groups can join/connect together to use their talents to give praise to the Lord. Of course I paid the most attention to the Living Drama performance on Jesus’ Miracles.


less than 10 minutes, Living Stone and Living Water Fellowship’s Brothers and Sisters together acted out at least eight miracles of Jesus. I want to give thanks to the Lord and brothers and sisters who put forth their time and effort to perform.

Living Spring Fellowship 團長手記 I consider myself a positive person. I try to look

am frustrated, exhausted and don’t know what

at the bright side of a failed situation, or think

to do.

of the best when things are not going the right way. But lately I have been quite discouraged

Then I came across this familiar passage during

with my parental ability, especially with Keira

a daily devotion:

during her bedtime. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always We used to have a bedtime routine just like

hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

many: brush teeth > bible stories > prayer time

1 Corinthians 13:7 (NLT)

> lights out > all in bed. It was briefly disrupted during our trip to Europe earlier this month,

This passage is taken from the “New Living

and since we were back Keira does not follow

Translation”, which is not the familiar translation

the routine like the way she used to. After the

I am used to. As I read it more carefully, I am

“all in bed” part, she will start singing loudly, or

struck by how love will “never gives up, never

run around the bedroom, or even coming out

loses faith”. Even though I prayed for wisdom to

of the bedroom (which is a “no-no” at our

handle the situation, I was lacking faith and was

home). I tried patiently tugging her back to her

not hopeful. With the love of God, I too can be

bed, or patting her gently, or talking to her

hopeful and faithful. It also reminds me of how

softly, but she will defiantly continue her own

often I am just like Keira, defiant to God and

ways without listening to my plea. Often the

not follow His way. But He still loves me and

situation will turn into a noisy one, when she

never gives up on me.

breaks out into loud cries and starts spinning on the floor, in addition to me raising my voice

I am still finding ways to work on our bedtime

and speaking to her sternly. This will go on for

routine, and I can’t guarantee you that we won’t

about an hour and eventually she gets tired and

have another episode tonight. But I am

falls asleep. I felt terrible not only because of

encouraged that with God’s love, I can endure

my lack of ability to “control” her, but also

through this circumstance and hopefully find a

because I lost my patience with her. She seems

way that will work peacefully.

to have a mind of her own (which she does) a I June LivingSpring fellowship: Pastor Herman Tang will come and speak to us on the 4th purpose of 40 Day of Purpose—Discipleship. So come on out on 6/5 and learn and fellowship with us.

* * *暖 up* * 短劇長說 還清楚 記得 數個 月前 之清 晨,有一把聲音拖著睡眼惺忪在問:有否興趣參與 頌讚晚會 (Jubilation) 做短劇事奉神。 劇中角色分配尚欠幾人,我見自己最近,唱 詩班唱小組又領歌並帶查經出盡綿力牧養團契小羊群,故此雖然我自覺有心,可是 實在無力將這另一項任務執行,怕在事奉崗位上難以抽身,在已堆積如山的工作日 誌上百上加斤,唯有忍心婉拒這短劇編導之誠懇,推搪說未能有幸做他的劇中人。 過了幾 次日 月星 移後 的一 個黃昏,又是同一把聲帶在共震,這聲 線在空氣中 浮沉,傳到我的耳膜附近,問可否抽出少許時間負責短劇開場前獨白的一小部份, 不用排練毋需費神,只需一顆肯參與的心。 我想了一想問了幾問,他解了又解答 了所問。 最後我的心硬始終不敵使命感,認為花上少量時間為神,反更會充份利 用光陰,結果我告訴他可預我一份。 在即將 開始 採排 的三 四天 零晨,我心血來潮地向這短劇編導發問,算付出少 許 關 心 , 問 他 已 否 找 到 所 需 的 劇 中人 , 他 卻 告 訴 我 尚 需 兩 至 三 個 願 意參 與 演 出 的 人,不過他從不担心 ;看來他似不太著緊,事實他是大有信心:對我們全能全知樣 樣供應的神。 不知從 哪裡 來的 靈感 ,我 突如其來一鼓作氣大發熱心,好想出力一分,將自 己擠身,在此短劇中分一杯 羮 ,成為其中一個劇中人 ;不要只做開頭的一部份,想 要演活角色沾個戲份…於是硬著頭皮軟著心,從嬉皮笑險變態度認真,並穿著整齊 加 誠 實 果敢 ,向這編導主動提出要演出作劇中人! 他見我突作 180 度的轉肽 變 身 , 竟 毫 無 詫 異 全 無 疑 問 , 彷 彿 他早 已 看 穿 我 的 心 , 也 許 他 真 的 對 神有 十 足 的 信 心,又或是他對什麼難題也不 担 心 ……他接受我的要求後便立即告訴我我所負責的 劇中戲份;並胸有成竹又滿面笑容地搭著我的肩膊為這顆熱心滿心感恩。 劇中所 需的 演員 數目 是十 人,加上我的一份,還差兩個才齊人。 正式採排 前的一晚我與教會的兩個弟兄吃宵夜又談得興奮,忽然與其中一個弟兄提起翌日的 採排談起未找夠人,我向他提議叫這位正與我們吃宵夜的弟兄來參加一份。 我, 怎料我這個半帶玩笑半帶認真、不大誠懇又非正式的口吻,竟可打動他的心:他一 口答應叫我們也預他一份;令這短劇人數再增一人,更為這樁事奉添上喜出望外的 氣氛! ……… 「待續」 [ w inn ie up © 20 100 528 ]

Carmen Part 2 點樣認識神? 9th grade , 撞返我elementary , high school 做tutor。 佢邀請我去佢個after school program。去左一排之後, 我同這個 老師的關係由老師與學生變成朋友, 我們一直都有keep contact, 因為當 時我的英文唔好。佢就帶我去了一 間叫金巴倫的教會。去了一兩次之 後都很融洽, 而且當時我很多朋友 都去教會, 所以除了金巴倫教會, 我都去左N多其他教會, 而且就因 此成日被人帶決志, 但自己都唔知 發生咩事。但當時都有幫他們做 volunteer工作,好像現在的侍奉一樣。我早 上8:45崇拜,另外一個教會是11點。因為兩 個教會我做不同的事奉。去了金巴倫的 summer retreat, 的神,但是我都沒完全接受。之後都一直去 到11年級,因為當時開始了 Red Cross 的工 作,所以就停止了,07年來 Irvine 之前都有 去幾次,因為當時 Red Cross 的事情已經放 下了,就可以繼續去教會,我是一個需要24 小時都有野occupy的人。

點樣信主? 到了 Irvine 我爸爸媽媽幫我 settle down之後,我就覺得一定 要返教會。就在活石在UCI outreach的時候來到我們的教 會。 静的 要離開屋企,換一個環境,那 天 Welcome Night, Joyce帶 歌,我喊晒,我覺得最打動到 我的就是我是要珍惜自己,然 后我就去追求更加了解呢個 信仰係咩一回事。過了一段時 間後,我感覺的弟兄姐妹之間 的愛,我到1月之後就開始覺 得自己blend in,我就開始同Joan & Lydia




我自己去被Outreach返 ,記得當時有Fandy, Joyce,Tammy同Jason.

對活石的印象 這些青年人好有活力!之前的活石是很容易去 忽略我們這些新朋友,之前會有很多的group, 就會不能太融入。當時 Jessica 經常來跟我說 話,我曾經都有過考慮要不要繼續返這個團 契。但如果我不push自己去接觸,去積極地做 侍奉,就不會被認識。而且如果不認識你們就 走,好像就很不抵。哈哈。

有冇野須要代禱 ar? 讀書,我突然發現我其實可以早d畢業,我如果把所有的課都在Fall讀完,就可以早點畢業, 不過已經搵到新的地方住,所以應該還是照原計劃畢業。 SF要找地方搬,如果唔係我畢業後就冇地方住。

工作篇. . . 打過咩工? High school Staff Administrator, Tutor—Math, English Science from Kindergarten to 8th, 糖水鋪, Day Care

現在職業: 學生 理想職業係. . . 有想過作high school counselor,social worker, 我比較鐘意近人的工

未來篇. . . 理想的另一半, 家庭, 仔囡係點? 以前,我想找一個很socialize, 好獨立,俾對方都會有很 多自由的人,比較理智的人 現在,我發現神的安排很奇妙,我以前也跟我理想型的 男仔拍拖,但是我發現還是不適合,但最後覺得都無所 謂了。兩個太socialize的人都不適合在一起,無論多有自 信,多信任,還是會吃醋,不容易找到安全感,因為生 活的圈子實在是太大。



人生目標? 做人要有目標,做一個聖潔的人!在神眼 中乾凈,對得起聖靈,對得起神,會被神喜悅,被神差 遣去做各樣侍奉的崗位,會聽神的誡命去做。


我很感謝有 Carmen 這個姐妹,我決定來 教會那天,她就在那裏。第一天認識我, 就很有耐性跟我結識基督教是什麽。我有 幾次,例如撞車,考試很大壓力的時候他 都會關心我,我很感謝,而且他帶給我很 多快樂,希望她可以順利畢業!而且可以 做到他想做的事,希望他繼續感動身邊的 人去做神的事功!她會提醒我去做靈 修,我對神失去信心的時候,她也會幫助 我 guide 我返去神的懷抱!

Carmen 係一個好活潑開朗, 直話 直說嘅姊妹. 有佢係身邊就總會有 歡笑. 時時帶比人快樂. 我亦好欣 賞佢對朋友個份熱誠同關心. 希望 佢會一直依靠神, 做一個聖潔嘅基 督徒. 將神嘅福音帶比佢嘅屋企人. 小小編的話

haha, finally your turn to post interview la~ Can't wait knowing more about you ar =]

Carmen真系好令人欣慰的一個姊 妹,可愛,活潑,讓人不得不去愛 她。多謝她的坦誠,很多對團契的 說話令我好感動! 小编的话


Another two months have passed; Flora’s belly is getting bigger and bigger with our 20-weeks-old Little-D. Yet, we don’t know Little-D is a boy or girl because of a delay on ultra-sound appointment, so we are still keeping Little-D real name to ourselves. (Keep guessing my friends, all jokes about Delicious, Dumpling, Déjàvu, Dumbledore, are welcome~) Once again, Flora and I experienced many happy things along with the evitable stumbling ones in the last two months, so to those of you already been through these stumbling things, congratulations, you can now look back with a smile; to those of you that might experience this in the future, this is probably a heads up, so that when the time comes, you know you are not alone; and to those of you who are not interested in experience this, just read it as a joke, and maybe think about how your parents did this at their time(assuming no-one 由石頭爆出黎, and if you mom told you so, she lied =P )…… === Stumbling thing no.1, Pessimistic=== Sometimes I, being a worry freak myself, get almost equally pessimistic as a pregnant woman. Is Little-D heart beating? Does he move inside the belly yet? Does Little-D has enough food to build muscle? Does Little-D carry any genetic disease? Well, Flora and I visited a genetic center to get the answer on the last question. And for the first question, I tried to answer that by buying a fetal doppler(heartbeat monitor), hoping it will ease my worry. But it turns out it doesn’t work because it Picture: (Left) Fetal doppler, (Top-right) Genetic Center was made-in-china designed for older fetal ~~ XY chromosome (Top-Bottm) Genetic disease test So no heartbeat was heard yet…

=== Stumbling thing no.2,$$$=== I heard in Canada, the medical bill for baby delivery is always $0; and in Hong Kong public hospital, the average cost is about US$100 for Hong Kong citizens. How about in the U.S.? Well, depends on what medical attentions you ended up with, and how much your insurance covered, I believe it varies from $500 - $15,000+, out of the patient’s pocket. Surely, I was surprised when the nurse explains this upcoming cost to me. I didn’t know it can be THAT expensive!(Welcome to the United States, and thank you Obama on the Health Care Plan for the next generation). The nurse, told me in an indirect way to comfort my surprise, “We do have financing service to help you divide the bill to monthly payments that suits your need….and this [medical expenses] is usually a client’s responsibility to educate themselves ahead on.” Well, what can I say……Oh, I know I know, let ask the nurse if we can DIY! All I need are some blankets and hot water, right?! Maybe a pair of scissors too, in case my teeth is not sharp enough?! === Stumbling thing no.3, Parenting=== There’s a Chinese saying “不管是黑貓白貓,能抓到老鼠的就是好貓!”(Whatever the color of the cat is, if it can help catching rats inside the house, then it’s a good cat.” Something similar about parenting was shared to us by Mei Ling and Mike. It happened when we were talking about how typical Asian fathers hide their feelings, how they never use the word “love”, and rarely give encouragement to their children, but they are more willing to sacrifice financially and physically for their children. Then by contrast, American fathers tend to hug their children more often, say “I love you” to their children more often, and give frequent encouragement by looking at the children potential instead of the performance. As a Chinese man that lives in the U.S., no matter which kind of father I choose to be, there are flaws. My children can still turn into bad children whether I like it or not…so the final point that Mike shared was “不管是中 國爸或美國爸,能教孩子認識神的就是好爸爸!” (Whichever kind of father he is, if he can teach his children about God, then he is a good father.) That’s why I also like a saying from Pastor Darryl last Sunday, “The word ‘parents’ is not a plural for two, it is a plural for three --- Dad, Mom, and God” Meanwhile, Mei Ling and Mike also gave us a reality check on our expectations. You know how people (me and Flora) hope the baby would come out with the pretty eyes like the mother, the logic-sense like the father, and with whatever the better among the two? (Buzz) Wrong! They reminded us the baby will probably get some bad heritages/characteristics from the parents…from us! So it made me think…What if Little-D got Flora’s “24/7-sleepy-disease” and my “grumpy-when-scheduled-plan-got-changed”? Well…I guess that’s okay…Little-D, because you are still MY Little-D…

=== Stumbling thing no.4, Responsibilities=== As a head of household, I should at least provide a warm place, and a full stomach. Unfortunately, I failed. Our water heater was broken, and it took me two days to fix. Flora (and Winnie) needed to take cold showers.

We had no food in the kitchen, so Flora didn’t pack lunch, and she ate some junk food (e.g. instant noodles, “well-preserved” sausage, candy) to feed Little-D.

These things hurt my ego as a future-father, as a husband, and as a rental-room’s host, which motivated me to do this…

One-Week Lunch Boxes Supply + Healthy Breakfast

It took about 4 hours to prepare all lunch boxes, but half of them don’t taste good after the freezer.

=== Stumbling thing no.5, get to know my wife/women again!? === This is an interesting one. When Flora and I were planning our wedding in the early stage, I remember I could only listen and nod along because she knew the details and things that I didn’t know. And whatever I could think of, she already knew and has better opinions. SAME THING when it comes to baby. Just after I read something excited in the baby book and want to share with her the “new” information (e.g. Epidural - Pain reliever pros and cons, babies’ nails need to be trim as soon as the baby born, babies suck their thumbs in the womb, babies do breath in the amniotic fluid (womb-fluid) to exercise their lungs, etc), she would simply respond, “Yea, I know.” I am not mad (maybe I am) that she doesn't share these with me ahead of time, it’s just funny to me how most women are “naturally” more prepared than men, and how most women are more family-driven & baby-care-ready than men. I do joke with Flora that “Can I be a woman and take over the birthing experience?” in that way, maybe I would have done more research and listen more in advance, to get readily-ready. === Happy Things === 1. My serving load is going to decrease as the time comes, and I am glad that Flora and I were able to involve in Jubilation together 2. Finished the book “What to expect when you’re expecting”. It gave me certain confidence, with many facts, statistic and reality check(such as don’t picture yourself happily feeding the baby on the first day; and remember there’s about three months the baby not be able to clearly communicate with you at all) along with many embarrassing questions answered 3. Get the most and enjoy this final time without any attach of baby. Fancy in-house dinner with guests and an upcoming short trip to national park will do. 4. We continue to receive give-away secondhand stuff from other family. Thank you very much! You made our shopping list shorter and shorter everyday! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I know and I am still learning life is complicated, and yet, I believe it can be very simple…there is a quote I like in the movie Dan in Real Life, the main character is in his 40s’, and he said “So instead of asking our young people, what are your plans? What do you plan to do with your life? Maybe we should tell them this:

Plan……to Be Surprised……”


A Word from the Pastor 週報日期 五月號

May 2, 2010 The term “Purpose-Driven Life” was new to me until I read Pastor Rick Warren’s book. But the concept was not new to me. In fact, I understood that my life should be driven by some sort of a purpose. My problem was my own ignorance to that noble purpose. I thought it might just be equivalent to some traditional values of our culture. Therefore I honored my parents; I worked hard; I tried to do well in school. But I was still not convinced that doing all these things was the ultimate purpose of my life. In my teenage years, I began to ponder upon life’s ultimate questions. “What is the meaning of life?”; “What am I living for?”; “Does God exist?” Since I did not have a spiritual mentor, I was groping on my own. I was searching for answers by listening to pop song singers (like the

Beatles); by reading newspapers columns by popular writers (like Dear Abby); by watching Hollywood movies (like The Graduate); and by studying books on religions and philosophy (like Why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell). As a result, I became an admirer of the wrong persons who were living without God. I became more and more confused. Then came the blessed day when I made a decision to follow Jesus. I am so glad that, now, my life is defined by my relationship with Jesus, and my life is driven by the purpose of pleasing God! 五月二日 在讀華理克牧師那本書之前, “標竿人生”對我來説是個陌生的名詞. 然而, 這個概念對我來說卻並 不陌生. 事實上, 我很明白應該有一個目標來驅動我的生命. 困難的是我對這個崇高的目標蒙昧無 知. 我以為它大概就是我們的文化裡頭的一些傳統價值而已, 於是我孝順父母, 勤奮工作, 努力讀 書. 但始終我還是感覺不到自己已經找到一個可以安身立命的人生目標. 從少年時代開始, 我會去 思考一些人生終極的問題, 例如: “生命的意義是什麼?”; “我為何而活?”; “真的有神嗎?” 由於沒有 屬靈的導師, 我只能自己摸索. 我試圖在流行曲樂隊(好像披頭四)中找答案; 我也試圖通過報張上 出名的專欄作家 (好像黃霑) 的言論中找答案; 我也試圖透過觀看荷李活電影 (好像畢業生) 去找 答案; 還有, 我也試圖通過閱讀宗教和哲學的書本(好像羅素的“我為什麼不是基督徒”) 去找答案. 結果, 我變成了一個崇拜無神論者的人. 我變得越來越糊塗了! 然後, 當我決志跟隨主耶穌的那一 刻, 我蒙福的日子來到了! 我好快樂, 因為現在我生命的意義是根據我與耶穌的關係來界定的, 同 時, 驅動著我的人生向前走的目標就是要討神的喜悅!



May 9, 2010 Charles Chen is a counselor for our youth. Recently, he conducted a survey with our youth. He also shared the survey result with me. I believe it provides some good insights for parenting. I wish I could have known this thirty years ago. Please allow me to share part of the survey with you today.

What children like to hear from their parents: • • • • • • • •

I enjoy my parents encouraging me. I also enjoy them saying encouraging words. Trust us to be responsible. You are doing good, I love you. Good job, very nice! Say “I love you” everyday, not just when I get an “A” You’re a good son / daughter. I am proud of you. “You’re a good daughter & sister; we have always loved you & been proud of you”

• • • • • • • • • •

I want my parents to spend more time with me. I wish we could always eat dinner together. They encourage and support me. They listen to my problems and pray for me. They always use what they learn at church to give me guidance. I just want one word of encouragement. I like it when my parents encourage me. Good job! Be proud of me and mean it. “I am proud of you…” I am proud of you; I love you.

五月九日 陳鏡立弟兄是我們教會的一位青年導師. 他最近在我們的年青人中間做了一個調查. 他也與我分享 了調查的結果。我相信這個調查的結果可以為父母親們提供一些很好的洞見。我但願 在三十年前 就知道這個調查的結果. 請讓我現在來與你分享其中的一部分。

孩子們所喜歡聽到父母親講的話: • 我喜歡我的父母親鼓勵我,我也喜歡他們說鼓




















以你為榮” 。

“我以你為榮 ...” •我以你為榮,我愛你。



May 16, 2010 Theo Dai came to Irvine for one year due to his work project. He attended our church during that year. After he had left Irvine, I asked him to share with me his impressions of CBCCOC. I hope his comments, below, will encourage us to excel even more. Glory be to God! 1) “The first time here, I was checking out the church, and I felt very welcome. Jackie did a great job. I

did not know anyone, but he sat with me the whole time during lunch after the service, and introduced me to some people: Gigi, Danny ... I felt very comfortable about my first visit to this church. After that first visit, I didn't even bother to go check out other churches. My first impression was great! That led me to come back again and again.” 2) “I always enjoy listening to the sermons in this church.” 3) “Living Water Fellowship. I was able to find a group of people with similar background and the

fellowship activities are very organized and fun. This is a great way to lead people to God.” 4) “The whole church is well structured and organized. I was very impressed. Also, the choir, led by

Doris, is so professional.” 5) “Brothers and sisters always have some activities on a regular basis, such as basketball, soccer, BBQ,

etc.” 6) “Katie, my girl-friend, visited this church a few times as well, and she liked it too.”

五月十六日 因為工作的緣故, 代濤弟兄搬來爾灣住了一年. 在這一年中, 他成了我們教會的一分子. 他離開爾灣之 後, 我請他告訴我他對我們中橙縣華人浸信會的印象. 我希望他以下的分享會鼓勵我們做得更好. 願榮 耀歸給神!

一. “當我頭一次來教會試試看, 我就有賓至如歸的感覺. 滕積基好棒! 我一個人都不認識. 聚會完了以 後, 他就一直陪著我吃午餐. 他也介紹我認識吳金芝, 馮永業等人, 使我這個頭一次來訪的客人感到很舒 服. 之後, 我根本就不想再去找別的教會了. 這頭一次的印象好極了! 從此以後, 我就一次又一次地回來.” 二. “我很喜歡這個教會的講道.” 三. “活水團契. 在這裡我找到一群與我背景相同的人, 與及許多精心設計多姿多彩的團契活動. 這是一 個領人歸主的美好途徑.” 四. “全教會都有一個良好的結構和組織, 使我印像很深刻. 還有冼黃絮指揮的詩班, 很有專業的水準.” 五. “弟兄姊妹經常也籌辦一些教會以外的活動, 例如打籃球, 踢足球, 戶外燒烤等等.” 六. “我的女朋友凱蒂也來過幾次, 她也很喜歡這間教會.”



May 23, 2010 We often times do not consider ourselves as being a part of the statistics. Psychologically, people have this mindset that statistics are something about other people. Instead, shall we not remind ourselves to take heed? According to the A.C. Nielson Company, the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day. That is a lot of time! Even more alarming to me is this next finding by Dr. Norman Herr, who is a professor of Science Education in UC Northridge: •

Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 3.5

Number of minutes per week that the average child watches TV: 1,680

Percentage of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, preferred television: 54

Hours per year the average American youth spends in school: 900

Hours per year the average American youth spends watching television: 1,500

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 says, “These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your

hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” I am convinced that being successful in parenting or not depends mostly on how a family uses its time together and on whether or not the teachings of the Bible is the priority in that family. Faith begins at home.

五月二十三日 一般人都認為統計數字與我無關. 我們有這種心態, 是因為心理上覺得統計數字只不過是與別人 有關的事. 然而, 好不好讓我們一起來提高警覺呢? 根據尼爾森公司的調查, 平均來說, 美國人每 天花超過四個小時的時間看電視. 這是很長的時間啊! 但是更叫我驚訝的是下面的一些統計數字, 這是美國加州大學北嶺分校教育科學系的教授何乃曼博士所公佈出來的: •

家長與子女每星期真正對話所花的時間是: 三分半鐘

小孩子們平均每星期看電視的時間是: 1,680 分鐘

四歲至六歲大的小孩子, 當問及如果要他們選擇情願看電視抑或情願與他們的父親在一起, 結果是: 百分之五十四情願看電視

美國青少年平均每年花在學校上課的時間是: 900 小時

美國青少年平均每年花在看電視的時間是: 1,500 小時

申命記 6:6-7 說, “我今日所吩咐你的話, 都要記在心上, 也要殷勤教訓你的兒女. 無論你坐在家裡,

行在路上,躺下,起來,都要談論.” 我深信父母親教養兒女成功與否, 大部分是取決於到底他們在家 庭中如何運用他們在一起的時間, 與及他們在家庭中是否把聖經的教訓放在優先的地位. 信仰從 家庭開始.



May 30, 2010 Pastor Joni Lum gave us some words of wisdom this past Sunday in her sermon. Here are a few of her advices: •

“We value the things God value.”

“Let God be first in your life.”

“Work will always be there, but not your children.”

“Don’t be trapped by the rat-race of life.”

“Parents, tell your children about God.”

“We have to build relationships.” Bill Bright, founder of the Campus Crusade Ministry, said, “The relationship between a parent and a child is one of the most important in our lives, regardless of our age.” Billy Graham said, “God is interested in your family, your marriage, and your children. He shows us the ideals and the goals for the family. God is willing to help us.” Ezra, the priest who led the Jews to return to Jerusalem from Babylon, said, “There, by Ahava Canal, I proclaimed a fast, so that we might humble

ourselves before our God and ask Him for a safe journey for us and our children, with all our possessions.” (Ezra 8:21) Pastor Joni said, “I do not have many things to regret in my life. But I do regret the hurtful things in my relationships with people.” Have you sought the will of God for your family? Have you earnestly asked God to help you to build your home so that it would be Christcentered?

五月三十日 林鄧鍾尼傳道在她上星期日的講道中給了我們一些滿有智慧的勸勉. 以下是幾個例子: •



“你的工作始終會跟著你, 但你的孩子卻不會.”


“父母親啊, 請把神告訴你們的兒女.”


學園傳道會創辦人白立德博士說, “無論我們年紀多大多小, 父母親與兒女之間的關係都是我們 生命中最重要的一環.” 葛培理說, “上帝關心你的家庭, 你的婚姻, 和你的兒女. 祂願意把家庭的 理想和目標都指示給我們. 上帝是願意幫助我們的.” 領導猶太人從巴比倫歸回耶路撒冷的祭司 以斯拉說, “那時,我在亞哈瓦河邊宣告禁食,為要在我們神面前克苦己心,求他使我們和婦

人孩子,並一切所有的,都得平坦的道路。 ”(以斯拉記八章廿一節) 鍾尼傳道又說, “在我的生 命中, 並沒有很多東西使我感到後悔. 但我卻為著那些傷害了我和別人之間的關係的東西感到 遺憾.” 你是否為著

Jubilation Praise Night 2010


Light On...Sound On...Camera Rolling..and ACTION!!!

Prayer Pad Carmen •

Pray for my 2 final papers.

Pray for my health. I often get headache lately.

Thomas Yeung •

Pray for my final exams. May God give me wisdom and strength.

Jeffery •

Pray for my trip back to Hong Kong in the summer. May the Lord provide me with good ticket and that I can have a good time with my family.

Lum Lum •

Pray for Jamie’s eye’s recovery. May the Lord heal her.

William •

Praise God for the wonderful 8 weeks of jubilation skit practices

Praise God for Flora's visa renewal was for three years instead of one year

Praise God for providing good health for Flora and our Little-D

Pray for the growth of our Little-D, and the physical & mental changes of Flora

Pray for Flora and I are able to join the upcoming church retreat

Pray for my temporary step-back schedule on different church serving due to the baby

Please pray for my parents salvation which I am starting to share gospel with them through email, as they finally learned how to turn on a computer and browse internet.

Susan •

Pray for the eating habits of my two children, Brandon and Katherine. They are easily distracted when eating and often eat less than expected.

Pray that God give me and Derek wisdom and strength to handle issues of Brandon and Katherine.

Jason •

Pray for my sermon in the Mandarin department on 6/6.

Pray for my strength and wisdom of leading LSF and Mexicali VBS.

Pray for my strength of taking summer classes.

Lan •

Praise the Lord that He gave us the Mandarin group smooth practices and performance for Jubilation. We truly experienced His love and unity among us!

Praise God that my client had a breakthrough. She said that she could feel God’s love and that she is willing to pray more for herself and her family members.

Praise God for giving me peace. Pray for His guidance of my job search and client search.

Pray that the Lord give me a healthy and strong body.

本月の題目 Jubilation! Terry “Miracles happen everyday, whether you know/see/feel it or not, all by our Lord Jesus Christ”

William “Grew up near a

The one-and only Jubilation-CBCCOC Style - It is free. Everybody is welcome! - CBC kidz are cute! - CBC Seniors are cute too! You mean they pop - You mean they play fireworks to celebrate the defeat of Goliath? - How can the 5-year-old and the 80-year-old all fit into the programs? It is amazing! - We are one in the Spirit! We are one in the Lord! - Have you ever seen the miracles of Jesus played out in a humorous way? You have to see it to believe it. Only Living Water can put together something like that. Absolutely outstanding! - By the way, if you cannot understand what they did, you better study the Gospels in your Bible! - Thank God for all the colorful and delicious refreshments! O, they were so good! - To put it in a few words: CBCCOC got talents! - Finally, all glory be to God! Pastor Tang

beach(屯門蝴蝶灣) where I used to visit & BBQ@ all the time, I can't believe I haven't step into sea water for almost a year and half” ~~ Summer is back ~~

Lum Lum “Summer is here!! YAY!”

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