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Deep conditioning treatments

Deep conditioning is the process of applying thick conditioner to the hair. Compared to regular conditioners, a deep conditioner is left on the hair longer.

This process can take 15- 30 minutes depending on the condition of the hair and desired result. Heat is applied to help it penetrate through the strands to nourish the hair. Frequent styling, product build up, and chemical services will strip moisture from your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. Dry and brittle hair is prone to breakage. To prevent this you need to keep your hair hydrated.

Prevent split ends

A deep conditioning treatment will add moisture back into the hair, leave your hair shiny and more manageable. It will add moisture back into the hair making the appearance more healthier and smoother. It prevents split ends, improve the elasticity and reduce breakage, help repair damage and improves your hair’s health. It is recommended that you have a deep conditioning treatment once a week for 6 weeks.

How to protect your hair during summer.

1. Reduce the amount of heated appliances you use as hair loses moisture due to the heat from the sun. Heat destroys hair by damaging the cuticle, causing breakage and dulling color. A medium heat setting should be sufficient to accomplish almost any desired style.

2. Rinse your hair before and after swimming, especially if you then go into the sun as chlorine is a cleaning agent. Heat from the sun will activate the stripping agent, hence why you may notice a green colour on blonde hair. Also if you rinse your hair before entering the pool, it will absorb less chlorine.

3. Apply a nutrient-rich hair oil in the morning before you head to the beach or to protect your hair from the sun, sea salt and chlorine, then wash it out when you return in the afternoon. Coconut oil and cinnamon acts as a UV filter, absorbing sun rays and keeps your hair from losing moisture and colour.

Fully Qualified Lee Stafford Trained Hairdresser