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When Steven Spielberg created Animaniacs, he realized he needed to set up a list of rules to control the toons. They aren’t exactly behaved people….. If you could call them that (

So Steven created…………

FIRST AMENDIAC: All characters can talk and annoy whoever they want, even the president of the studio. Yes, even Yakko………

SECOND AMENDIAC Slappy Squirrel can have as many explosives in her purse as she wants and is allowed to throw them at whoever bothers her.

THIRD AMENDIAC Ralph the security guard can not stay in the Warners’ Water Tower without permission.

FOURTH AMENDIAC Snowball has no right to search Brain’s cage for evil plans.

FIFTH AMENDIAC Buttons can not be immediately blamed for getting Mindy into trouble.

SIXTH AMENDIAC All toons get a fair trial. Even if Wakko hits 12 clowns with a giant hammer, he gets a fair court trial.

SEVENTH AMENDIAC Thaddeus Plotz is allowed to sue the Warners for anything they destroy as long as the cost is $20.00 or higher.

EIGHTH AMENDIAC The Warners can not handle any punishment, enough said.

NINTH AMENDIAC All of the toons have the right to choose the president of the studio. Unfortunately, it can’t be any of these guys…… k

TENTH AMENDIAC If it’s okay with his supervisor, Wakko Warner will now answer this question in song….. What are the names of all the states and their capitols? HE&feature=related

Thanks to The Amendiacs, our insane toons are behaving.

Well, mostly behaving‌..

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Steven Spielberg needed to create a set of rules so the toons behaved. What did he come up with? The Amendiacs!