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Liv Symposium Journal – I 31st January – 1st February, 2014 Liv Hospital Conference Hall


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Dear Colleagues, The accumulation of knowledge and information that comes with a fieldspecific effort provides a great sense of satisfaction to participants and speakers alike. Liv Hospital is proud to be organizing this “Personalized Approaches to Colorectal Cancer Patients” symposium in conjunction with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). Just like a bespoke tailor, the surgeon must provide an individually tailored solution in line with the patient’s proportions and the material at hand. This is a serious enterprise that requires a depth of knowledge and experience. Highly distinguished men and women of science who have dedicated themselves to the field of colorectal diseases are gathering at the symposium in order to share their knowledge and their wealth of experience. I am absolutely delighted to be hosting this event that I am confident will be an enjoyable occasion from which you will gain a great deal in terms of an increased scientific understanding of the subject. We are honored by your presence and participation at our symposium, and wish all participants a pleasurable and beneficial occasion. Sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Oktar Asoğlu Medical Director, Liv Hospital

Introducing Our Guest Speakers‌

Julio Garcia AGUILAR,MD

As the Head of MSKCC’s Colorectal Department, Aguilar has become a leading authority on laparoscopic and robotic colorectal surgery.

Examples of Julio Garcia Aguilar’s publications: • Transanal endoscopic microsurgery following neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy in rectal cancer: a word of caution about patient selection? Garcia-Aguilar J. Dis Colon Rectum. 2013 Jan;56(1):1-3. • With persistent lymph node metastasis after chemoradiation in locally advanced rectal cancer. Chen Z, Liu Z, Deng X, Warden C, Li W, Garcia-Aguilar J. Dis Colon Rectum. 2012 Jun;55(6):677-85


As a Faculty Member of the Department of General Surgery at Ankara University, Professor Kuzu has gained a reputation for his specialization in the field of colorectal surgery. Dr. Kuzu’s cadaver- and simulationbased educational and training sessions on colorectal surgical techniques have gained a worldwide following.

Examples of Ayhan Kuzu’s publications: • Surgical Anatomical Planes for Complete Mesocolic Excision (V67) (S26) Course ID : ASCRS 2013 M. Kuzu, H. Acar, A. Comert, Ankara, Turkey • Suture clutter can be prevented by a simple method in delayed anastomosis during the Turnbull-Cutait operation. Gedik E, Kuzu AM. Tech Coloproctol. 2010 Jun;14(2):189-91. • Subsite distribution of colorectal carcinoma and implications for screening; a retrospective audit of 1771 cases. Erkek B, Ozkan N, Bayar S, Genc V, Ekrem U, Kuzu A, Aribal D. Hepatogastroenterology. 2007 Jan-Feb;54(73):77-80


Saglam has developed his in-depth knowledge of cancer treatment, especially of the digestive system, as a member of faculty at the Department of Oncology at Bilim University.

Examples of Sezer Saglam’s publications: • Fourth versus eighth week surgery after neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in T3-4/N0+ rectal cancer: Istanbul R-01 study Sezer Saglam, D Bugra, E K. Saglam, O Asoglu, E Balik, S Yamaner, M Basaran, E N. Oral, A Kizir, Y Kapran, M Gulluoglu, B Sakar, T Bulut journal gastrointestinal Oncology 2013 • Effects of Intraperitoneal Bevacizumab Administration on Colonic Anastomosis and Early Postoperative Adhesion Formation. Karanlik H, Kurt A, Kunduz E, Serin K, Saglam S, Soydinc HO, Yasasever V, Olgac V, Asoglu O.Surg Innov. 2013 Mar 13 • XELOX followed by XELIRI or the reverse sequence in advanced colorectal cancer. Sakar B, Gumus M, Basaran M, Argon A, Ustuner Z, Ustaoglu MA, Saglam S, Guney N, Tenekeci AN, Aykan NF.Oncology. 2007;73(5-6):298-304


• Andrea Cercek works at MSKCC’s Department of Oncology, specializing in cancers of the digestive system, in particular the medical treatment of colorectal cancers. As an expert in the development of new colorectal cancer therapies, Dr. Cercek specializes in the development of molecularbased treatments of colorectal cancers.

Examples of Dr. Cercek’s major publications: • Factors dictating outcomes in patients with colorectal cancer and peritoneal carcinomatosis: selection, resection, or convection? Cercek A, Saltz L. J ClinOncol. 2012 Jan 20;30(3):226-8. • Comparative genomic analysis of primary versus metastatic colorectal carcinomas.Vakiani E, Janakiraman M, Shen R, Sinha R, Zeng Z, Shia J, Cercek A, Kemeny N, D’Angelica M, Viale A, Heguy A, Paty P, Chan TA, Saltz LB, Weiser M, Solit DB. J ClinOncol. 2012 Aug 20;30(24):2956-62. • Conversion to Complete Resection and/orAblation Using Hepatic Artery Infusional Chemotherapy in Patients with Unresectable Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer: A Decade of Experience at a SingleInstitution.Ammori JB, Kemeny NE, Fong Y, Cercek A, Dematteo RP, Allen PJ, Kingham TP, Gonen M, Paty PB, Jarnagin WR, D’Angelica MI. AnnSurgOncol. 2013 Sep;20(9):2901-7.


Associate Professor Ucar specializes in the treatment of metastatic cancers in his position at Liv Hospital’s Department of Interventional Radiology.

Examples of Adem Ucar’s publications: • Initial outcome after selective intraarterial radionuclide therapy with yttrium-90 microspheres as salvage therapy for unresectable metastatic liver disease. Turkmen C, Ucar A, Poyanli A, Vatankulu B, Ozkan G, Basaran M, Serin K, Sanli Y, Adalet I. Cancer Biother Radiopharm. 2013 Sep;28(7):534-40. • Our early experience with iliofemoral vein stenting in patients with post-thrombotic syndrome. Sarici IS, Yanar F, Agcaoglu O, Ucar A, Poyanli A, Cakir S, Aksoy SM, Kurtoglu M.Phlebology. 2013 Mar 19


Professor Baykan developed a specialization in colon and rectal cancer surgery during many years as Head of the Surgical Clinic at Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital. His work on preoperative staging in colon and rectal diseases having gained particular recognition, Professor Baykan served as President of the Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Association from 2008-2012.

Examples of Adil Baykan’s major publications: • Accuracy of thin-section magnetic resonance imaging with a pelvic phased-array coil in the local staging of rectal cancer. Halefoglu AM, Atasoy ST, Sakiz D, Baykan A. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2013 Jan-Feb;37(1):58-64 • The ability of phased-array MRI in preoperative staging of primary rectal cancer : correlation with histopathological results. Karatağ O, Karatağ GY, Özkurt H, Degirmenci HK, Avlanmış Ö, Basak M, Baykan A. Diagn Interv Radiol. 2012 Jan-Feb;18(1):20-6. • Endorectal ultrasonography versus phased-array magnetic resonance imaging for preoperative staging of rectal cancer.Halefoglu AM, Yildirim S, Avlanmis O, Sakiz D, Baykan A. World J Gastroenterol. 2008 Jun 14;14(22):3504-10

SYMPOSIUM SESSIONS Friday, 31st January 2014 15:15 – 15:45 Conference Moderator: Speaker:

Ali Akyuz, (Istanbul University) Ayhan Kuzu, Ayhan Kuzu (Ankara University) A New Surgical Concept in Colon Cancer: Complete Mesocolic Excision (CME)”

SYMPOSIUM SESSIONS • Is enough care and attention being paid to colon cancer in Turkey and throughout the world? • The results of three studies conducted in Europe and the States are shocking. The recurrence rate after colon surgery in COST-COLOR CLASSIC trials vary between 14.7% and 26%. Hohenberger reports a 5-year local recurrence rate of 3.6% with his technique (CME). • What is the Complete Mesocolic Excision technique? How is it performed? What anatomical structures should be considered? This new surgical concept will be discussed in detail with Ayhan Kuzu, one of Turkey’s leading practitioners of the technique who has explained it with cadaver dissection at the congress of the American Union of Colorectal Surgeons.

SYMPOSIUM SESSIONS Saturday 1st February 2014 08:15 – 09:00 Conference Moderator: Speaker:

Dursun Bugra (Koç Unversity) Garcia Aguilar, (MSKCC) The Influence of outcomes obtained in Distal Rectal Cancer Cases treated with Long-Term Chemo Radiotherapy (Intersphincteric Resection, Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery, Wait and Watch, Cylindirc Abdominoperineal Resection)

SYMPOSIUM SESSIONS • Neoadjuvant protocol-based preoperative short-term radiotherapy and long-term chemotherapy in the treatment of rectal cancer remains a topic of intense discussion. Matters have only become further confused by treatment selections based on clinical responses obtained after long-term chemotherapy especially in cases of distal rectal cancers. Two prominent and accomplished specialists in the field will seek answers to these questions: • Can distal rectal cancer be treated in the same way as anal canal cancer? • Might sphincter-preserving procedures be chosen in recently diagnosed cases requiring Abdominoperineal resection? At what cost? • How should we interpret a complete clinical response? Who are suitable candidates for TEM? Should such patients only be monitored? • If Abdominoperineal resection is to be carried out after long-term chemotherapy treatment, should it be APR? Cylindirc APR?

ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS RENAISSANCE BALMUMCU (5*) Address : Barbaros Bulvari No: 145, Besiktas, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 340 70 70 / DEDEMAN HOTELS (5*) Address : Yıldız Posta Caddesi, 50 Esentepe, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 337 45 00 / POINT HOTEL BARBAROS (5*) Address : Esentepe Yıldız Posta Cad. No:29 Sisli,ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 337 30 00 / THE ISTANBUL EDITION (5*) Address : Büyükdere Caddesi No 136, Levent, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 317 77 00 / AVANTGARDE HOTEL (4*) Address : Esentepe Mh. Zincirlikuyu Mezarlığı No:161, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 337 04 44 /

ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS HOTEL AU PERA TAKSIM (4*) Address : Meşrutiyet Cad. No: 97 34430 Beyoglu, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 292 30 90 / THE PLAZA HOTEL (4*) Address : Barbaros Bulvarı 165 34349 Balmumcu / Besiktas, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 370 20 20 / GOLDEN AGE TARLABASI (4*) Address : Golden Age Hotel Topçu Cad. No:22 Taksim, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 254 49 06 ELAN OTEL, TAKSIM (3*) Address : Asmalımescit, Meşrutiyet Cd. No: 91 34430 Tepebası / Beyoğlu, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 252 54 49 / HOME SWEET HOME LUXURY APART HOTELS Address : Halaskargazi Cad: No: 154 34360 Sisli, ISTANBUL Phone : +90 212 227 83 10/11 /

Liv Symposium Journal – I 31st January – 1st February, 2014 Liv Hospital Conference Hall

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‘Please register so that we can offer you a higher quality and more beneficial scientific event - and don’t forget that participation is free of charge.’ To register:

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