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Press Release The End is No Longer Near, The End is Here! Portland, OR For years the general population has looked on the year 2012 with horror and dismay as many consider the prophetic murmurs of the calendar created by the ancient Maya civilization. Marin offers a story of intrigue, hope, and love through the character of Tonemcadu. He reveals in his debut novel that the end is no longer near, the end is here!

What would happen if a royal official from ancient Egypt was brought back to life with the power to save us all? Armed with an assignment and a thirst to learn, Tonemcadu inevitably finds love in a time in which he has been sent to only remain temporarily. The 2012 Project is the first in the series, and is available for purchase immediately on all major book websites, as well as Amazon. Marin not only provides an intriguing tale of Earth’s apocalypse, but also provides interesting facts about ancient Egypt, Physics and Philosophy, all seamlessly integrated with the book's plot. One reader said, “I felt a little smarter and well informed when I was done... I definitely recommend!" Edward Marin, an accountant by trade, resides in Miami, Florida. When asked what made his work different from other works about this time period he answered, “This is the only optimistic, fast-paced 2012 novel that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Unlike other 2012 books that focus on the Maya and on disaster, this novel looks at this year from an entirely different perspective by weaving together little known facts about ancient Egypt with a look at today’s society from the perspective of an exceptionally wise man who has an important positive message for the world."

Publication Date: Jan 20 2012 ISBN: 9780615575254 Page Count: 240 Binding Type: Paperback Trim Size: 5" x 8" Related Categories: Fiction / Fantasy / General For Immediate Release more

The 2012 Project Sell Sheet  

The book sell sheet for The 2012 Project by Ed Marin.