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THE SWEET AND LOWDOWN: THE SIDE OF SUGAR SWEETENDED BEVERAGES Part 2 of a 4 part series diving into the not so sweet side of sugar.

LIMIT use to intense physical activity for an hour or longer (ex. long distance running or high intensity sports).


Children and adolescents should NEVER consume energy drinks.



SODA, SPORTS DRINKS AND ENERGY DRINKS OH MY! ‘Tis the season for increased consumption of sugar sweetened beverages. Whether your kiddos are playing football, you are participating in coed volleyball, or you are taking time to walk and enjoy the beautiful fall colors, proper hydration is probably something that has crossed your mind.

ALWAYS make HEALTHY HYDRATION IS KEY TO HEALTHY COMPETITION water your first We need to keep our young athletes hydrated and choice for the best tool to do that is water. Studies have shown hydration! that sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, etc) can cause excessive sugar and caloric intake that may encourage dental erosion, overweight, and obesity. Water replenishes resources without adding the negative effects. Kids should NEVER have energy drinks such as Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster. Energy drinks are more likely to deplete resources than refuel them. They also can cause increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, trouble sleeping, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, upset stomach, and even caffeine toxicity.

Easy tips to make water a priority: • Jazz water up by adding slices of fruit like oranges or lemons. • Freeze blueberries in ice cubes and then pop them in the water. • Have plenty of reusable water bottles on hand. • Keep water chilled. Cold water is always more enticing than room temperature. • Set a good example for your children and make sure you are drinking water throughout the day. HAVE A HAUNTINGLY HEALTHY HALLOWEEN Kids will be receiving a bountiful amount of candy this month. Some might say, “It’s just one day a year!” But the amount of sugar in all that candy can add up to all the sugar children should consume in a whole month or more! Find fun ways to cut the sugar out this Halloween for your kids and the tricker treaters you will come across. • Healthy treat alternatives: Hauntingly Healthy Treats, Healthy Halloween Treats. • Do a candy buyback with your kids. Learn more at • Make sure kids have a healthy dinner right before they head out to trick or treat. This will help them avoid the candy. • If you do hand out candy for Halloween, don’t buy it until that morning. The longer you have those temptations in your house, the more likely you will be to indulge!

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The Spooky Side of Sugar Sweetened Beverages  

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