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THE SWEET AND LOWDOWN: GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF SUGAR CRAVINGS Part 3 of a 4 part series diving into the not so sweet side of sugar.

CUT THE HABIT, CUT THE CRAVINGS Sugar does not discriminate. It calls and beckons to everyone. Young and old. Small and large. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth that can seem unmanageable at times. Our children are particularily vunerable to sugar cravings due to the physiology of taste buds. Researchers have found that sugar actually has similar qualities as highly addictive drugs. Make sure you are playing an active role now in reducing our students sugar addictions today. The key to controlling a sweet tooth is by reducing the amount of sugar that is consumed throughout the entire day. Starting with a child’s breakfast and ending with that post dinner snack. Sugar lurks in everything from seemingly “healthy” granola bars to spaghetti sauce. You need to be proactive in figuring out where sugar hides in your diet. How much sugar is in your familiy’s cereal, granola bars, juices or fruity snacks? Added sugars often hide behind fruity and healthy labels. Take caution and check out these additional healthy tips! Break the sugar habit now! 13 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings 20 Tips to Curb Sugar Cravings

• Limit portions of cookies, candies and other baked goods. Instead try fruitbased desserts.

Desserts and Sweets

• Limit sugary cereals. Look for whole-grain cereals that don't have added sugar. Add nuts, fruit or cinnamon if you want to jazz it up.


• Many flavored yogurts have a significant amount of added sugar. Avoid those and instead opt for plain yogrut and add berries.

• Stick to water and low fat milk. Limit juices, sports drinks and other flavored beverages.



Stop Sugar Cravings How to Choose a Healthy a Cereal

MAKE GAME DAYS AND HOLIDAYS A LITTLE HEALTHIER The leaves are gone and turkey decorations are DAILY RECOMMENDED ADDED SUGAR INTAKE finding their way to tables and doorsteps MEN 9 TEASPOONS = 36 GRAMS everywhere. With the chilly weather comes more WOMEN 6 TEASPOONS = 24 GRAMS weekends spent gathered around the television cheering on alma maters and the Denver Broncos. CHILDREN 4-6 TEASPOONS = 16-24 GRAMS Football season and holiday season bring an abundance of delicious foods, many of which are comforting to the soul, but not the waistline. Before your next football bash or holiday gathering rethink your menu and the added sugars. • Don’t offer soda. Always have water on hand. • If you and your kids can’t make it through the holidays without a warm, delicious drink, make some healthy modifications. Warm, Healthy Holiday Drinks • Have activities available for kids and adults to keep them busy. Busy bodies are less likely to hover around the snacks and desserts. • Update your dessert table with low-sugar options: Low-Sugar, Delicious Desserts Sweet, Low-Sugar Desserts Visit our Facebook page ( to share your tips, ask questions or start discussions regarding healthy eating and active living in Northwest Colorado. Let's Go! 5-2-1-0 is helping you and your family to improve healthy eating habits and to be more physically active. For more information, please contact Barb Parnell, LiveWell Northwest Colorado Community Coordinator at (970) 819-4110, or or visit our Facebook page at

LiveWell Northwest CO - November Newsletter - Sugar Cravings  

3 of a 4 part series on sugar

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