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Contract Expiration Policy

Due to the length that many contracts are stretched out, Live True Fitness believes that it is necessary from both a business and client standpoint to issue contract expiration dates. According to fitness statistics, the number one reason a person hires a personal trainer is for workout accountability. We have found that without an expiration date on our Personal Trainer Agreements that client-to-trainer accountability decreases dramatically. We have developed what we believe to be a fair and lenient policy period for setting our expiration dates for the different training packages. They are as follows: Month-to-Month – 1 additional week to use sessions 3 Month Contract - 2 additional weeks to use sessions 6 month contract - 3 additional weeks to use sessions Concerning make-up sessions, any sessions cancelled with at least 24 hours notice may be rescheduled within the times frames listed above. Exceptions will be given with individual circumstances, and clients will have the opportunity to discuss vacation and other known scheduled “away� dates before the contract time frame is agreed upon and signed.

LTF Contract Expiration Policy  
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