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JANUARY 2012 January Trading Highlights 

2012 opened on a strong note for the ICE Coal Futures portfolio, with 125,750 lots, or over 125 million tonnes of coal, cleared in January

This was the third highest monthly volume in the portfolio’s history, and the strongest result since last March

Interest in the Rotterdam hub was especially vigorous with a particular focus on the quarterly contracts, but volumes across all hubs increased on the previous month – indeed, more than doubling for Newcastle Futures

A spike in daily volumes coincided with a mid-month dip in daily settlement prices for the Rotterdam and Richards Bay prompt contracts; in addition, January saw a 10+ million tonne day on the 23rd, the highest daily volume since 16 March 2011

Open interest dipped during the month, closing January at 123 million tonnes

January Snapshot Average Daily Volume (lots per day)

Mid-Month Open Interest (growth on prev month)

Monthly Volume (growth on prev month)

ICE Rotterdam Coal


74,321 (-3%)

89,455 (+64%)

ICE Richards Bay Coal


32,082 (-9%)

25,391 (+94%)

gC ICE Newcastle Coal


16,546 (-7%)

10,904 (+114%)


122,949 (-5%)

125,750 (+73%)

All Coal Futures

ICE Coal Futures Monthly Volume

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globalCOAL ICE Coal Futures Monthly Report – January 2012

ICE Coal Futures Daily Volume and Feb 2012 Daily Settlement Prices

Proportion of Contracts Trading as Calendar Strips

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globalCOAL ICE Coal Futures Monthly Report – January 2012

ICE Coal Futures Open Interest

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globalCOAL ICE Coal Futures Monthly Report – January 2012

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