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CSPA corner 2012 champions

12 Cover photo captured at Codiak Acres by Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc.

The Speckle Park Journal | 2013 Edition | Issue 2 Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc. | 551 Woodbridge Way, Sherwood Park AB T8A 4G9 | 780-640-1612 | Editor: Laura Bodell Content: Rod Remin The Speckle Park Journal is the official publication of the Canadian Speckle Park Association, owned and published one time annually by Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc. of Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, distributed at no charge by the CSPA. The Journal is for the purposes of promoting the growth and development of the Speckle Park breed, publicising the news and successes of CSPA members, and printing educational articles and information of interest to them. The Speckle Park Journal hereby expressly limits its liability resulting from any and all misprints, errors and/or all inaccuracies whatsoever in the advertisement and editorial content published by The Speckle Park Journal and its said liability is here by limited to the refund of the customer or its payment for the said advertisement, the running of a corrected advertisement, or editorial notice. Notification by the customer of any errors must be made in writing within 30 days of distribution of the magazine. Advertising copy received after deadline will not be returned for proofing. Changes to advertising copy made after deadline date will be allowed only if time permits, and will incur the appropriate charges according to time and materials involved in the changes. The opinions or views expressed in all editorials are those of the writer or persons interviewed and not The Speckle Park Journal. The Speckle Park Journal does however reserve the right to edit or refuse all material which might be objectable in content. No material or part thereof may be reproduced or used out of context without prior, specific approval by Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc. and with proper credit to The Speckle Park Journal and Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc.

The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 3

CSPA CORNER Canadian Speckle Park Association PO Box 773 Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0 T 403-946-4635 F 403-946-4635 E W

Rod Remin, Business Manager, Canadian Speckle Park Association


The Quality Beef Competition at the 2013 Calgary Stampede again had Speckle Park winning the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion carcass honours. Consistency is the key word here. Speckle Park carcasses have demonstrated over many competitions their consistency in size, marbling, ribeye area and ideal fat covering. The same consistency is being reported in pens of Speckle Park-influenced cattle in commercial feedlots.


Debbie Spencer Josh Vogel Barry Ducherer Ken Malterer Rod Remin Scott Sauter MEMBER AT LARGE Andrew Metcalfe PRESIDENT

Welcome to the 2013 edition of The Speckle Park Journal! If Speckle Park are new to you, thank you for picking up the Journal and taking the time to consider what the cattle have to offer. If you’re already proud owners of Speckle Park, please take a look at what’s new.

Since our first Speckle Park Journal, the number of annual Speckle Park sales in Canada has grown to five. Before the next issue, a sixth sale will be added. These sales have seen record-setting prices for bulls and females, and also demonstrated the strength of the market for 2-year-old bulls. Commercial cattlemen are buying Speckle Park bulls in unprecedented numbers. Repeat buyers are increasing the number of head purchased each year. This is not just an Alberta and Saskatchewan phenomenon, as the demand for Speckle Park in Ontario is now exceeding the supply. Commercial cattle producers expound on the hybrid vigour of Speckle Park in every cross. Perhaps the Brahckle (Speckle Park-Brahman cross) in Australia is most extreme example. Internationally, the interest for Speckle Park continues to grow. Demand for Speckle Park genetics in Australia is very strong, as large commercial herds have begun to incorporate Speckle Park bulls in their programs. In England and Ireland, Speckle Park flourish. Markets are also developing on two more continents. The office of the Canadian Speckle Park Association exists to promote the breed by serving the Association’s members and “friends of Speckle Park.” Whatever your question, we are happy to find an answer for you. We also supply a comprehensive breeders’ directory to help you find breeders near you, and will answer any questions about the registration of Speckle Park. 4 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013




E D M O N T O N , A L B E R TA

GRAND CHAMPION BULL Notta Frontline 303X Codiak Acres, Ardrossan, Alta.

GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Codiak Attitudenous GNK 15Y Clark Haven Farm, Ardrossan, Alta.

RESERVE CHAMPION BULL The Duke of Double CCKS 19X Double CCKS Farm, Redwater, Alta.

RESERVE CHAMPION FEMALE Ponderosa Tiffany 06T Heartridge Ranch, Ponoka, Alta.




GRAND CHAMPION BULL Spots ‘N Sprouts Stands Alone Jason Goodfellow, Neilburg, Sask.

GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Notta Pho-Finish 54P Jason Goodfellow, Neilburg, Sask.

RESERVE CHAMPION BULL River Hill 60W Line Drive 54Z River Hill Farm, Neilburg, Sask.

RESERVE CHAMPION FEMALE Notta 60W Photo-Finish 1Z Jason Goodfellow, Neilburg, Sask. The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 5





FEATURING: • OVER 15 BREEDS REPRESENTED • 8 NATIONAL SHOWS • EXPANDED COMMERCIAL PROGRAM, THE YARDS AT NORTHLANDS • HEADLINER SHOW & SALE • ALBERTA SUPREME • AND MUCH MORE! This is a great opportunity to showcase your operation to thousands of potential buyers! Entries open September 1, 2013. Enter online at #FFI40

6 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 7


CODIAK ACRES By Laura Bodell, Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc.

Gary, Nancy, Cody and Devon Kiziak are familiar names to most in the Speckle Park world.The crew from Codiak Acres is widely known for not only their exceptional cattle, but also their long-time contributions to the breed. Codiak Acres began their involvement in the breed more than two decades ago, in 1990. The Kiziaks were attracted to the uniquely-patterned cattle after Nancy’s father had purchased a few head from John Herbert of Spots ‘N Sprouts Speckle Park, and they decided to purchase two of their own females. Gary recalls that they bought cattle from Herbert sight unseen, as “John would always send his best ones.” When Nancy’s dad passed away in 1991, they purchased the herd from her mom. Soon after, Gary’s sister Louise and brother in law Terry Rogucki joined in the venture, and remained partners until 2005. When it comes to herd development and marketing, the Kiziaks have always worked by the mantra “you can’t save a nickel to spend a dime.” Gary insists that spending the dollars to invest in the best genetics and professional marketing pays off. He put this ideology to practice for the Canadian Speckle Park Association during his twelve years as a director and five terms serving as president, where he helped secure several grants from Alberta Ag Initiatives that were instrumental in promoting the breed. “We moved from a small show behind the arena in Neilburg, Saskatchewan, to being accepted for a breed show at Farmfair before Speckle Park were actually recognized as a breed,” recalls Gary. “What we are seeing now was a dream of mine,” Gary says. “As you drive down the highway, you will see Speckles within every forty to fifty miles. Their potential is being realized not just internationally, but domestically.” Kiziaks have noticed the breed’s popularity on the Canadian prairies increasing significantly. “Speckle Park bulls are being used in more and more large ranching operations down by High River, Delia, in the cattle country around Hardisty, and throughout Western Canada.” Since the beginning, Codiak Acres has focused on breeding for deep, thick cattle that work in both the purebred and commercial sectors. “You have to be able to play poker off their backs,” Gary says.

8 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

The popularity of Codiak’s program can be seen around the globe, as they’ve sold a total of almost 5,000 embryos, plus semen and live cattle to most Canadian provinces, the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and they are currently working on a deal with South Africa. Codiak’s marketing prowess has been proven not only by their private treaty deals, but also by the success of three Summit 3 Sales in partnership with River Hill Farms and their guest consignors. The sale has attracted buyers and bidders from all over the world with its outstanding offering of bulls, show heifer prospects, and frozen genetics. In its first year, the sale set a record for the highestselling female at public auction when Codiak Ollie 1X brought $17,500, to be added to the Clark Haven Farms herd. Kiziaks were one of the first breeders to offer a large set of registered 2-year-old bulls in 2013, which proved to be very popular as the eleven head brought to auction averaged $6,150. Gary believes to be successful you need to have good cattle, but you also need to have good people. “Those who come to look at cattle always enjoy Nancy’s hospitality, be it a cup of coffee and a bite to eat or sometimes even a good old home-cooked meal. We are very proud of the people we are affiliated with, from the young men and women who have worked with the cattle at home and at the shows, to the marketing team, and all those involved in the Summit Sale.” No doubt, Gary and Nancy’s team returns great results because they are provided the means and freedom to be effective, and recognized for the value of their contribution. CSPA Business Manager Rod Remin summarizes Codiak Acres’ impact on the development of Speckle Park well, “I cannot find a better example of anyone who has faithfully served the breed and the Association with hours of effort and finances in order to promote the breed and at the same time benefit from the success.”

Photo by Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc.

If you’re saving a nickel to spend a dime, you can’t get anywhere. Spend the dollars and they will return themselves.” - GARY KIZIAK, CODIAK ACRES

9 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

10 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 11


PROVEN QUALITY BEEF By Rod Remin, Business Manager, Canadian Speckle Park Association

Speckle Park were back at the top of the Calgary Stampede Quality Beef Competition in 2013. The Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion carcasses were both 16-month-old Speckle Park steers from first-time competitors, Chase High and Ashley Shewchuck. High’s champion entry was co-owned with his grandfather Larry High, and High Cattle Company of Airdrie, Alta. Chase bred this entry from a commercial Black Angus cow and a purebred Speckle Park bull. Shewchuk’s family raised her steer on their ranch at High River, Alta., out of a commercial Charolais cow and a Speckle Park bull. “Charlie” started out as her 4-H project, but had gone off of feed earlier in the year and was not ready for achievement day. He certainly was ready for this competition. The Quality Beef Competition offered at the Calgary Stampede has been instrumental in demonstrating the superior carcass quality of the breed. This is the third instance in the past four years that Speckle Park have won the championship. Speckle Park carcasses also placed sixth and tenth in 2013. Marbling Grade

Rib Eye Area

Carcass Weight

Fat Cover

Grand Champion

AAA 20

89 sq. cm.

720 lbs.

8 mm

Reserve Champion

AAA 20

82 sq. cm.

737 lbs.

10 mm

6 Place

AAA 40

106 sq. cm.

775 lbs.

11 mm

10th Place

AAA 60

80 sq. cm.

808 lbs.

18 mm


The numbers speak for themselves. Sixty-two head of Speckle Park purebred and influenced steers and heifers have been entered in this competition in four years. The average age has been 16 months, with entries split almost 50/50 between purebred and Speckle Park-influenced cattle. Evidence from the competition shows Speckle Park suit the boxed beef market well with a four-year average carcass weight of 715 pounds, and average rib-eye area of 90.7 In the four years, 73 percent of all of the Speckle Park steers and heifers entered graded AAA (U.S. Choice) with an ideal fat cover averaging less than 9 mm. The average dress out of the eight 2013 carcasses was 61% with one steer at 66%.

Speckle Park class at the Calgary Stampede. (photo copyright

12 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 13

Merl & June Zweifel Frenchman Butte, SK S0M 0W0 306-344-4787 780-205-4868

14 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

...and they’ll work for you, too. Find them at: Hill Country Classic Sale [October 27] The Source Sale [April 6] Lloydminster Stockade Roundup

Visit our website, or stop by the farm.  Visitors are always welcome.


WHAT’S IN A “HERD” NAME? By Rod Remin, Business Manager, Canadian Speckle Park Association

“By any other name would smell as sweet.” Romeo and Juliet (II ii 1-2), William Shakespeare We all may well agree with Juliet that a rose is a rose, or in our case a Speckle Park is a Speckle Park, and the herd names don’t really matter. However, when a new breeder receives their first pedigree of their first Speckle Park animal, we all wonder about some of those names. And where there is a name, there is usually a story. The naming practices of the earliest breeders of Speckle Park can appear mysterious at first glance. Obviously, different breeders adopted different practices. Everyone with Internet access can search Speckle Park pedigrees through Canadian Livestock Records Corporation at The originals of the first 160 recorded Speckle Park certificates are in the archive files of the Canadian Speckle Park Association. These were manually typed, sometimes with the red ink visible, and signed by Bill Lamont. As one would expect, Bill and Eileen Lamont bred and owned most of these first Speckle Park. Mary Lindsay is identified as the breeder of some, as are Dan and Tom Lamont. Other names included on these first certificates are “one of the Lindsay family”, Christine D. Pike, John Herbert, and Ed and Raymond Ralston. In the earliest of these certificates, the most frequent name after Bill Lamont’s own, is that of Edward Melchior.

Between 1992-1995, all of the Melchior cattle were identified with Leigh-Al-Ann. The Ralston brothers used the herd name Double RR when they started their Speckle Park herd together at Adanac, Sask. The Double RR bulls were all “Rascals.” And apparently if there are Rascals around, there have to be Angels nearby. Although only five Rascals are on record there were forty-one Double RR Angels from 1983 -1989. In 1988, the Ralston brothers divided their herd. Raymond and his wife Deborah adopted the herd name “DebRay.” From 1988-2003, 27 bulls and 121 females were registered with the Deb-Ray prefix. Starting in 1988, each of Ed Ralston’s cows received the name “Lightning Lady” and every bull became a “Thunder” without any other name or herd name. The last of the 73 Lightning Ladies in the electronic data base was born in 1996. From 1990-1994, 28 Thunders were recorded.

Bill and Eileen Lamont did not use a herd name for their Speckle Park. The bulls were named and the cows were numbered. Eventually, Lamont’s females were recorded “S.P. Eileen” and a number. The electronic database records 41 cows using this system. By contrast there are only two bulls with the name “S.P. William” on record. The last S.P. Eileen was born in 1994.

Double AA is the herd name of the Dillabaugh Brothers’ well-known herd of black Angus, which is famous for a superb line of “Annie K” and “Erika” cows. Bill Dillabaugh of Coleville, Sask., named all of his Speckle Park bulls “Double AA Jacob” and the cows “Double AA Rachel.” The story of Jacob and his wife Rachel is recorded in the book of Genesis in the Bible. In the story, Jacob works for his father in law for 14 years, and for his wages Jacob is to receive all of the speckled and spotted cattle, sheep and goats. As the story goes, Jacob is a very successful breeder of speckled and spotted livestock, and makes off with most of his father in law’s herd 14 years later. This story was very well known to early Speckle Park breeders and reflects Bill Dillabaugh’s choice of names.

Edward and Shirley Melchior of North Battleford, Sask., were the first to use a consistent herd name as a prefix in addition to individual names. In fact, they eventually used three herd names over 52 animals. From 1984, all the bulls had the herd name Al-Ann; the cows were Leigh-Ann.

So what’s in a herd name? The naming practices of these early Speckle Park breeders appear to reflect a value system which seeks excellence on a whole-herd basis as opposed to the excellence of a few exceptionally named individuals.

The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 15

Codiak GNK 24X

16 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

Codiak Eagle GNK 46Y

Codiak Putnam GNK 61Y

The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 17

SALE RESULTS Western Elite Speckle Park Sale October 22, 2012 Neilburg, Saskatchewan This was the second great sale for the consignors in the Western Elite Speckle Park Sale. The high-selling pair was Spots ‘N Sprouts 3R with Spots ‘N Sprouts 7Z for $8,000, purchased by Gerald and Karen Watchel, Lloydminster, Alta. Johner Stock Farm of Maidstone, Sask., took home the high-selling cow, Spots ‘N Sprouts 4S, for $4,300. The high-selling heifer calf was Notta 15R Photo Finish 2Z, purchased for $4,000 by the Watchels. 4 cow/calf pairs averaged $6,937 17 cows averaged $3,564 3 heifer calves averaged $3,167 8 embryos averaged $612/embryo

All Canadian Speckle Park and Angus Bull and Female Sale March 17, 2013 Neilburg, Saskatchewan The high-selling proven bull was Spots N Sprouts Excom 107X, purchased by Holtby Farms, Marshall, Sask. for $5,000. Notta 60W Outcast 101Z led the yearling bulls, bringing $5,500 for ¾ interest to Mallard Enterprises Ltd., Neilburg, Sask. Tony Friemark of Lashburn, Sask. was the winning bidder on the high-selling 2-year-old bull Notta 26T Glass Tiger 54Y at $4,500. 3 proven bulls averaged $3,800 12.5 yearling bulls averaged $3,100 11 2-year-old bulls averaged $3,409 1 flush averaged $6,000 40 straws semen averaged $112/unit

The gross on 24 live, purebred lots was $97,850 to average $4,077.

The Source Sale Guest Consignors: Consignors: Ravenworth Cattle Notta Ranch River Hill Farm Single Tree Ranch Bill Rodh Spots ‘N Sprouts Ethan Moir Bob Dillon

National Speckle Park Sale November 21, 2012 Regina, Saskatchewan The high-selling lot was Notta 15R Photo Finish 4Z, consigned by Notta Ranch of Neilburg, Sask., who sold for $10,000 to Gerald Watchell, Lloydminster, Sask. 2 yearling heifers averaged $5,500 5 heifer calves averaged $5,010 2 flushes averaged $5,500 28 embryos averaged $650/embryo 1 semen package averaged $500 The sale grossed $65,775.00 with seven live lots averaging $5,150.

18 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

April 7, 2013 Lloydminster, Saskatchewan The Source Sale set a record price in its inaugural year for a Speckle Park bull. $25,500 was the final bid for full possession of Uneeda Zapper 13Z, consigned by Uneeda Farm of Paradise Valley, Alta. Zapper was purchased by KaGer Speckle Park, Lloydminster, Alta., Notta Ranch, Neilburg, Sask., and Spots ‘N’ Sprouts, Neilburg, Sask. 21 bulls averaged $4,504 7 heifer calves averaged $5,821 4 embryos averaged $800/embryo The sale grossed $138,550 on 29 lots to average $4,777. Consignors: P.A.R. Ranch MX Ranch Moovin Zpotz Speckle Park Uneeda Farm

Summit 3 Sale April 6, 2013 Edmonton, Alberta Breeders Codiak Acres from Ardrossan, Alta., and River Hill Farm of Neilburg, Sask., offered another tremendous set of cattle, embryos, flushes and semen lots for bidders from across Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The high-selling bull was Codiak Calvin 58Y, purchased by Johner Stock Farms of Maidstone, Sask., for $10,250. River Hill’s yearling bulls sold very consistently, and were topped by River Hill Rough-Rider 105Z who sold to McKillop Farms from Ontario. The high-selling heifer was Codiak Zana 3Z at $17,000 to Clark Haven Farm of Ardrossan, Alta. A shared flush on River Hill’s many-time champion female River Hill 68L Cinder 5X went to new breeder Wrangler Farms for $4,400. Wrangler Farms was also the sale’s volume buyer, taking home five lots of genetics and live cattle to start their Speckle Park program. 11 2-year-old bulls averaged $6,150 12 yearling bulls averaged $4,392 8 heifers averaged $6,500 3 flushes averaged $3,833 7 embryos averaged $907/embryo 60 straws semen averaged $88/unit The sale grossed $195,450 on 38 lots of live cattle and genetics.

The Speckle Park Journal 2013 | 19


BREED LEGEND PASSES Bill Lamont passed away at Picadilly Care Centre, Salmon Arm, B.C. on February 1, 2013 at the age of 91 years. Bill and his late wife Eileen were the developers of the Canadian breed of beef cattle known as Speckle Park. Eileen passed away last year almost to the day. Bill was born on the farm near Maidstone, Sask., on January 24, 1922. He married Eileen Pike in 1945. They farmed near Maidstone until the fall of 1986 when they retired to Salmon Arm. Bill was well known for his love of horses and cattle. On January 24, Bill and Eileen were recognized with the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

20 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

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22 | The Speckle Park Journal 2013

Source THE

APRIL 6, 2014


The cattleman’s source for genetics

elite offering of bulls and select females

The Source sale is brought to you by: P.A.R. Ranch

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2013 Speckle Park Journal  

Annual publication of the Canadian Speckle Park Association, produced by Bella Spur Innovative Media Inc.

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