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Official Publication of the heartLAND Limousin Association • May/June 2013

Stages of Production in the Beef Cow

Volume 21 • Issue 3


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time required for the animal to start cycling again (otherwise called post-partum anestrus period). Postpartum anestrus is on average 60 days, but can be up to 100 days. The later a cow cycles, the younger her next calf will be weaned and marketed the next year. This could mean 50-60 fewer pounds of calf in the fall. Another common problem is cows may show up open in the fall and then be culled from the herd. Stage 2 This is from about 80 to 205 days postpartum, or from the time of breeding to weaning. The three basic functions of the cow during this period are: 1.) lactation, 2.) maintain pregnancy, and 3.) gain weight and body condition lost during the previous winter. Commonly, this period is during the summer and cows are grazing pastures and trying to maximize

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The production year of the cow herd is typically broken down into four physiological stages of production, said Amy Radunz, University of Wisconsin beef cattle Extension specialist. Radunz explained the four stages in a news release. Stage 1 This approximately 80-90 days post-calving. The cow has four basic functions during this stage: 1.) lactation, 2.) undergo uterine involution, 3.) resume estrus, and 4.) conceive. This is the time when the cow has her highest nutrient requirements because she is lactating and trying to rebreed. In northern climates, cows spend most of this time on pasture. This is to match the high nutrient content of the pastures during the spring, but it is important to make sure the cow is receiving enough nutrients during this period and at times, pasture may not be enough. Dietary energy and protein intake as well as cow body condition score will determine the length of

use of animal harvested forage. “It is always cheaper to have an animal harvest its own feed,” Radunz said. If pasture becomes limited at the end of this period, several strategies can be implemented in order to provide enough nutrition to both the cow and her calf. Three common solutions are: 1.) supplement cows with hay and/ or concentrates, 2.) early wean the calves, and 3.) creep feed the calves. Continued on page 3.

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Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Fullblood Alliance News

The Fullblood Limousin Alliance (FLA) held a meeting in January of 2013. At that time, they sorted through 12 applications from juniors for two Future Limousin Breeders of American (FLBA) winners. Congratulations to Sarah Delight from Missouri and Zeb Miller from Tennessee for being named recipients for this year’s financial awards. They will each receive a $1,000 stipend to be used toward the purchase of a Fullblood heifer to show in the 2013 season. Oklahoma juniors Ty Linam and Justin Shea Henley were alternates. Any junior member of the FLA (membership free to juniors) can apply for the FBLA gift of $1,000 by filling out an application online and send it to the junior president. We are hoping to have enough for eight to ten recipients for the 2014 year. Again, for 2013,we are offering the juniors an incentive. If they own and show a Fullblood at the Junior Nationals in Springfield, MO, they could win the $10,000 purse if they own and show the Grand Champion heifer at the NALJA show. James and Elaine Lucas of Ross, OK are offering $100 for any junior member that shows at the National Fullblood Junior Show in Shawnee, Oklahoma on June 8, 2013. Also, there is a $250 prize for the grand champion heifer and $250 for the grand champion bull in the junior show. This show is held in conjunction with the Fullblood Limousin Alliance and the Heart of Oklahoma Limousin Association Sale, which is on the 9th of June. For more information about these shows, go to the Fullblood website at

Stages of Production ... Continued from front page.

Stage 3 This is approximately from day 206-315 days postpartum or from the time calves are weaned until the third trimester of gestation. The cow has only two basic functions at this stage. They are: 1.) maintain herself and 2.) maintain her pregnancy. This is what can be considered the make or break period in the production year and when the cow’s energy requirements are her lowest. Again, during this period, it is important to maximize the use of cow harvested forage. Stage 4 From day 316 to 365 postpar-

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

tum or the last third of gestation, during this stage the cow has three functions: 1.) prepare for parturition, 2.) prepare for lactation, and 3.) provide nourishment to allow for the majority of fetal growth to occur during this stage. The fetus grows about 0.9 lbs./ day during the last trimester. If cows are not provided enough nutrition during this stage this can cause several problems such as: • Reduced birth weight (and thus survival is reduced) • Dystocia • Reduced immune function of calf primarily due to inadequate colostrum production by the cow • Increased postpartum anestrus in Stage 1 • Reduced conception rates in Stage 1 • Reduced milk production thus reduced calf weaning weight In the upper Midwest, it is important to point out the additional energy demand of cold weather. Low critical temperature is the temperature at which the cows start to use energy to stay warm. It ranges from 5 to 49 degrees.



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18 .Brown Land & Cattle Co. Mature Cowherd Dispersal – Diamond, MO 24-25 Heartland Regional Show – Indianola, IA 26 Iowa Junior Field Day – Indianola, IA


1 Kansas Limousin Breeders Association Annual Meeting/Social – Columbus, KS 1-2 Kansas Junior Field Day – Columbus, KS 8-9 Missouri Limousin Breeders Association Field Day – Sedalia, MO 29-30.National Junior Limousin Show – Springfield, MO


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Iowa State Fair Limousin Open Show – Des Moines, IA Missouri State Fair Limousin Open Show – Sedalia, MO Nebraska State Fair Limousin Open Show – Grand Island, NE South Dakota State Fair Open Show – Huron, SD Minnesota State Fair Open Show – St. Paul, MN

Temperatures below 20-40 degrees can increase feed intake by 3-8 percent and below 0 can increase feed intake by 25 percent. The goal should be for cows to calve at a body condition score of 5 to 6 and this is highly correlated to reducing the risk of the problems

outlined above. All of these stages are important to the productivity and profitability of the cow herd. Therefore, making sure nutrient needs are met but necessarily exceeded at each stage is important to achieve this aim.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

By: Dean Summerbell

As I write this column, we have 12 inches of snow on the ground (as of April 15), but a warming trend will hopefully give us grass within the month. This sale season has been one of the most challenging, both weather-wise and roadwise, that we have encountered in recent memory. Beverly and I began this sale season with snow on the ground at home and are ending it with even

more snow which has graced our yard. In the meantime, some two feet of snow buried spring yard work and helped us focus on our job – covering sales and helping out wherever possible. Probably the most eventful week was the third week of February. I was in South Dakota for three production sales while Beverly flew to Kearney to attend the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic. Within a five day period, we were

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to have seven events in three states. As it turned out, we had only six events. I stayed in Mitchell, SD for four days, attending the Bar JZ Sale Tuesday and the Wieczorek production sale Friday. Beverly flew to Kearney and landed in the midst of a blizzard, which forced the cancellation of all Thursday events at the Classic. I would like to thank my good friend, Rob Brawner, for picking her up at the airport, getting her to her hotel, and returning her to the airport on Friday in time for her flight home. Assuming our winter weather

blast was over, we returned to Amherst, SD on the following Wednesday for the Symens Brothers production sale. It had been postponed for a week due to the previous week’s blizzard. On the return trip, several cars tried the NASCAR victory spinout on Highway 10 in South Dakota. The final score – roadside ditch – four, which left us just us just enough room to maneuver through the maze of spinning vehicles. Into Minnesota we charged only to stop on Highway 28 so a wrecker could extradite a semi loaded with hogs headed for their demise. They


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Spring in Minnesota – 15 inches of snow fell April 18-19.

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11th Annual

Private Treaty Sale Offering all

2013 Calf Crop & some Breds

Sat., September 28, 2013 10 - 2 pm



orthmann imousin

Roger & Ann Vorthmann Chad, Garin & Emlyn; Deb; Josh, Erica & Mason 31112 Hwy 6 • Treynor, IA 51575 712/566-2863 • 402/981-1621 Roger, 402/515-7714 Deb

almost ended their life early The following week found us headed for Liberty, Nebraska encountering icy roads in western Iowa. An hour delay occurred when another semi tested the shoulder of the road and was drawn into a muddy, rut filled ditch. We did; however make it to Liberty for the Boyer sale amid weather advisories of “no travel”. The last 20 miles of the return journey took 2 hours but not to worry, the storm was supposed to end so the 400 mile drive on Monday would be a “piece of cake” (so we thought). Being a native of Iowa, I had forgotten about the wind swept plains of I-35. The bright sunny day with near zero temps and a 30 mile an hour wind blowing 10 inches of snow into a white cloud of sandpaper smoothing out the ice covered surface of I-35 added another three hours to our journey. Thankfully, we thought, the March weather has to improve. The weather did get better while we were home. Our next destination was to South and North Dakota for sales March 15-16. The forecast of cloudy skies turned into a four inch snow storm March 16, making the trip home interesting once again. We made it home safe and sound. I was starting to feel like bragging about my driving prowess when the I-70 blizzard arrived just in time to challenge my skill at keeping the pickup between the white lines. Leaving the Wulf sale at 7:00 on Friday evening, and facing a brisk south wind, we decided to drive to Salina, KS for the Saturday sale, hoping to arrive before the forecasted snow. We arrived at 5:00 Saturday morning without a flake. However, even though we got there, we had to try and get back. Leaving after the sale around 3:00 p.m. amidst light snow, we headed east on I-70. Arriving in Kansas City, at least I think it was Kansas City, whiteout conditions and a north wind greeted our welcome to Missouri. Having been up for 24 hours, and probably not the most alert, I decided to head for Des Moines. Surely I could run out of it if only I headed north. A 4-7 inch snowstorm was headed for Des Moines so we gritted our teeth and kept on driving. We finally got dry roads about 50 miles north of the capital. We arrived home at 1:30 a.m. having covered two sales and driving 1,450 miles in 42 hours.

Vol. All I can say is that you can call us “stupid, crazy, dedicated, or all three”. It is all summed up in five words. “No rest for the wicked”. Yet, we were able to see our grandchildren wave palms and acolyte in church Palm Sunday. We need to put our priorities in perspective. Surely April would bring rain rather than snow. The first week was great. We lost our snow cover at home. Then the second week brought a snowstorm which postponed Peterson’s L7 Bar sale for

21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013 a week. As I sit and put the final touches on this column, a blizzard is just north of us in South Dakota and also at our home. However, we are in overcast Iowa headed to Burwell, NE for the Bullis Creek Sale. The forecast predicts a large snow event for April 17. All I can say is: moisture is worth the headaches and challenges. We hope to see many of you at the summer youth events and hopefully, we will have dry roads for travel.


New Bulls For The Spring Season





Wulfs Yukon Trail 8084Y (B,HomoP) CD 15(14) BW .2(35) WW 55(29) YW 97(23) MA 30(13) CM 9(12) SC .6(28) Doc 30(13) CWT 47(19) RE .73(17) YG .02(17) IM -.02(17) $MTI 46 Yukon Trail is one of the really good heifer bulls to come down the line. With Lodestar on both sides of his pedigree he has the stoutness and numbers to appeal to breeders and commercial men alike. If you are looking for a moderate framed, thick purebred to add beef, Yukon Trail is your man.

CHR Yard Boss 164Y (HomoB,HomoPP) CD 8(P) BW 1(P) WW 55(P) YW 102(24) MA 27(17) CM 4(P) SC .8(27) Doc 9(P) CWT 41(23) RE .2(22) YG .32(22) IM .12(22) $MTI 48 Yard Boss could be just the bull to take over for recently deceased Rodemaster. Very deep bodied, thick-made and loaded with bone this moderate framed bull has the tools. Strong topped and sound on all corners, Yard Boss is set to take over the pasture. If you need commercial bulls with the look, Yard Boss can do it.

For complete listing, go to Mark and Deidre Smith Ph/Fax 515-965-1458 Mobile 515-229-5227 email: 2511 NE 99th Place, Ankerry, Iowa 50021

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MAGS Zodiac (HomoB,HomoPP) CD 15(14)

BW -2.3(34) WW 50(29) YW 102(17) MA 31(11) CM 4(12) SC .5(14) Doc 15(P) CWT 38(P) RE -.19(P) YG .38(P) IM .3(P) $MTI 53 Zodiac offers SPREAD and POWER. Zodiac was the top selling bull at Magness and this great double homo son of Winston has the light birthwieght and EPD to be a real curvebender. Zodiac is long-bodied, correct and still a monster for growth. If you want a bull that will be one of the next great ones, Zodiac has the stars in his court.

866-305-9600 Grassroots Genetics 13005 CR 4037 Holts Summit, MO 65043

David Smith Toll Free: 866-305-9600, Ph/Fax 573-896-4550 David email:





Wulfs Yellowhammer Y359Y (HomoB,Ho- MAGS Your Faithful (R,HomoP) CD 12(14) AHCC Zero Time Z595 (B,P) CD 7(15) BW moP) CD 8(P) BW 2.2(0.34) WW 44(29) YW 91(24) MA 22(09) CM 7(P) SC .7(27) Doc 9(P) CWT 14(P) RE .45(P) YG .01(P) IM -.02(P) $MTI 43 Yellowhammer is the picture of balance. Great feet, strong confirmation and tremendous depth and softness, this young bull should work great on those large performance females that need a soft look and consistent confirmation. With the amount of flank and rear rib he has, his options are great on Lodestars, Rodemasters and Yankees.

BW .2(35) WW 51(29) YW 101(23) MA 31(12) CM 3(13) SC .2(22) Doc 6(P) CWT 40(20) RE -.04(18) YG .47(18) IM .52(18) $MTI 61 Your Faithful is one of the best red bulls you will find of any percentage. HomoPolled and really stout this young son of Winston has the growth, style and number package to work in any program. Loaded with foots size and confirmation, Your Faithful should sire heifers that can hit the tan bark or the breeding pasture. If you want a fresh twist on red cattle, consider MAGS Your Faithful.

3.2(36) WW 61(25) YW 113(18) MA 30(13) CM 6(14) SC .4(P+) Doc 20(P) CWT 46(P) RE .63(P) YG 0(P) IM -.06(P) $MTI 46 Zero Time is one of the thickest Purebred bulls that you will find today. Out of the great Hager Denver Pen, this young son of Westwind was popular sale day for his moderation, performance and thickness. If you need to add a Limousin look to LimFlex that are too flat,Zero Time is the man. Don’t let time run out, consider Zero Time.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

By: Bev Summerbell

The month of February was eventful and included not only a lot of travel to sales but also wintry weather, which made driving hazardous. At the same time, I ended up having cataract surgery on both eyes. The month started on the 5th with surgery on my right eye and ended on the 28th with my left eye. This was the most unusual time that I can remember, going from great vision with my glasses to good vision in one eye and blurry in the other. The prescription in my glasses was changed just before we left on our trip to England

and France. I found out that I had cataracts and wanted to be able to “see” on our trip. As a result, the glasses were very strong. Unfortunately, once I had the surgery on one eye, the glasses worked for the one eye but it made the vision blurry for the corrected eye. The doctor told me that if I removed the lens from the good eye, it might help my vision. All that did was give me “double vision”. I decided it was better for things to be “blurry rather than seeing double”. Once I had the second eye corrected, I no longer needed the glasses for my near-sightedness; however, I was not able to see up close. Prior to the surgery, I could read fine with or without my glasses. After the surgery, I needed

Stetson Wayne was born April 24 2013. He weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. Stetson is the son of Ben and Kristin Meek of Meriden, KS and the grandson of Jerry and Pat Meek, Pine Tree Acres of Parker, KS. Briggston Steve Bertsche was born March 10, 2013 to Sasha and Brandon Bertsche of Onida, SD. He was 5 lbs. 13 oz. and 18 inches long. Grandparents are Todd and Tanya Yackley and great-grandparents Bob and Elaine Yackley, all of Onida, SD .   

reading glasses. That was a “pain”, taking them off to see distances and putting them back on to see “up close”. I used to laugh when I saw people with their glasses on the tip of their nose. I now know why they do that – even though I still think it looks silly. Finally, after ten days of waiting, my new prescription arrived. I now wear glasses to correct stig-

matism and help with reading. It was a unique experience but I’m glad that it is over. At the same time that all this was going on, Dean and I were busy traveling to sales in the Midwest. I even took quite a few of the pictures, but I kept my fingers crossed that they would be OK – not blurry like my vision. Dean and I celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary with our two sons and their families April 11. We went out for a nice steak dinner. When we got married, we drove to Minneapolis for our honeymoon. We were seniors at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA. Unfortunately, the weath-

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Schilling’s Waters Edge the maternal masterpiece packaged in a Purebred pedigree the breed has been waiting for.

10 Units $50/unit

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Schilling Limousin

6885 Road 32 • Edson, KS 67733 Ron - home 785-694-2731, cell 785-694-3589 Cash - home 785-694-2806, cell 785-694-3586 Clay - cell 785-694-4589

We are offering a unique opportunity on this incredibly consistent sire. His Dam is the famous CRSL Roxie 5050R, who is the dam of the 2010 NJLS&C Reserve Champion Heifer Schilling’s Whispering Eye, the 2013 NWSS Reserve Champion Heifer Schilling’s Yashaswini and the 2013 NWSS Grand Champion Bull Schilling’s Yannis. On the top side of the pedigree offers the famous Cookie family which is represented by JSTH Angel’s Centerfold, the tremendous daughter of SLVL Angel Cookie. His first calf crop included our high-selling heifer which sold for $16,500. This sire is incredibly powerful and unbelievably deep-bodied. While at 4-yearsof-age, he is as sound as you can make one, and stays fleshy even while covering 40 cows a year in the harsh weather conditions Northwestern Kansas has offered the last couple of years.

Only 500 units will be sold!!! Don’t miss out!!! The semen packages will be offered in varying sizes to accommodate any size of program.

er interfered with many of our activities due to a record-breaking flood. This year we weren’t dealing with floods but blizzards! They call this “spring”??????? I am going to end my column with some thoughts about “spring” even though the view out my windows looks more like the middle of the winter. “Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade” – Charles Dickens from Great Expectations. Words from Women’s World magazine: Let spring bring out the best in you! This is the time to look at yourself in a whole new light, to take a cue from Mother Nature and allow yourself to bloom. Member News Our thoughts are with Wayne Bollum of Northfield, MN as he continues his battle with cancer. Friends organized a wonderful afternoon called “Wayne Fest” at the Northfield County Club April 7. We are also thinking about Elaine Lucas of Roff, OK as she struggles with health issues. James and Elaine dispersed their herd of Fullblood cattle April 21 at the American Pie Sale in Lebanon. Thinking of you – Sheryl Leonard of Holstein, IA has been undergoing treatments at Mayo Clinic. John Sedlacek of Tripp, SD just completed his treatments for cancer. Jon Moser of Morris, MN has also completed his treatments and is doing very well. We are pleased to report that Owen Mudd of Knob Noster, MO has recovered from his hernia surgery. It was nice seeing him at the sales in Missouri. It was also great to see Romelle Karmer, grandmother of Paul Bartsh of, Rushford, MN at the

Vol. WI State Sale in Sparta. She had a heart pacemaker put in February 14. Leonard Leier of Tappen, ND had both knees replaced. He is doing great and was able to travel with his sons and grandson to the Vaughn sale in Napoleon, ND. Get well wishes are sent to Don Biscoe of Cottage Grove, MN. He had eye surgery in Arizona this winter. We hope that Jerry Meek of Parker, KS has a speedy recovery following surgeries the week of April 15 to remove his appendix, scope his knee, and repair a hernia. Our sympathy is extended to the family of Lois Sedlacek of Tripp, SD. She passed away February 21, 2013. Her obituary is on page 36 of the Heart Beat. We also extend our sympathy to the family of Lillian Schmale of Emerson, NE. She passed away February 11, 2013. Her obituary is located on page 36 of the Heart Beat. Our sympathy is extended to the family of Ronald Fouche of Osceola, IA. He passed away and services were held April 20, 2013 at the Kate Funeral Home in Osceola. Ronald had been a Limousin breeder who enjoyed attending the Iowa Beef Expo as well as other Limousin sales in the area. Our thoughts go out to the family of Pat Callahan of Garnett, KS. He passed away April 23, 2013. Services were held April 27 at Holy Angels Catholic Church in Garnett. Pat was the owner of Cedar Valley Transport, a trucking business. He was also a cattlemen and he enjoyed tending to them.

Those attending the Wulf Cattle sale in Morris were happy to see Vi Wulf at the sale. She has never missed any of the 25 sales at their headquarters.

Dean Summerbell and Jack Franseen compete for the same roll at the Wisconsin State Sale. Jack won because Dean is on a diet.

21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Congratulations to Reed Kempmeier of Chokio, MN and Jenna Moser of Morris, MN upon their engagement.


Congratulations to E. John Bruner and his fiancée’ Lisa Ove on their upcoming marriage August 3rd at the ranch near Winfred, SD.

Recipe of the Month

Dean worked hard to diet and get in shape for our trip to England and France. He is continuing on the diet, trying to lose those last stubborn pounds. His diet consists of “meat and salad”. I found this recipe at the SD Cattle-Women’s booth at the Black Hills Stock Show. Bev Summerbell

East Meets West Steak Salad

2 Beef Shoulder Center Steaks (1 inch thick, about 8 oz. each) ¾ cup prepared regular or reduced fat Asian-style dressing 1 package (1 lb.) coleslaw mix 1 cup snow peas, trimmed cut diagonally in half OR use ¾ frozen shelled edamame, defrosted ¼ cup honey roasted peanuts, chopped, toasted OR use slivered almonds, toasted. Place steaks and ¼ cup dressing in food-safe, plastic, zip-top bag. Turn steaks to coat. Close bag and marinate in refrigerator 15 minutes to 2 hours. Remove steaks from marinade, discard marinade. Place steaks on grill over medium heat. Grill, covered for 11-14 minutes over medium heat on preheated gas grill, covered 12-14 minutes for medium rare to medium doneness. Turn occasionally. Carve steaks in thin slices, season with salt & pepper to taste. Toss coleslaw mix, snow peas and nuts with remaining ½ cup dressing in large bowl until well coated. Add beef; toss to combine.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013 reserve champion heifer. State Fair The Iowa State Fair Limousin Open Show will be held Monday, Mark your calendars for these for the Iowa members will take August 12, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. in the Outdoor Arena. The deadline important upcoming Limousin place at 4:00 p.m. to enter cattle is July 1. events: A barbecue for all IJLA memCattle may begin arriving at May 24-25: Heartland Limousin bers, their families and friends will 8:00 a.m. Saturday, August 10 Association Regional Show – In- be held at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and must be in place by noon on at the fairgrounds. Following the dianola

Iowa News ...

Iowa News Important Dates

May 26: Iowa Junior Field Day – Indianola June 29-July 5: NALJA Show – Springfield, MO August 10-12: Limousin events at the IA State Fair – Des Moines We hope to have a large group of Limousin enthusiasts; members of the junior and senior associations, friends, and family take part in these shows! Junior Field Day The Iowa Junior Field Day, which is an IJBBA point show, will be held Sunday, May 26, 2013 at the Warren County Fairgrounds in Indianola. The show will begin at 9:00 a.m. This is a “no fit show – no adhesives”. Bob Sunquist will serve as the judge for this show. A noon meal will be provided on the day of the show. This annual field day will take place in conjunction with the Heartland Limousin Association (HLA) Regional Show. The festivities will be held over Memorial Day weekend; May 24-26. The weekend begins on Friday with check-in for the HLA show, a junior meeting, games/mixers, and a meal for everyone in attendance that evening. The HLA show begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. Following the show, a junior Limousin activity

meal, the Iowa junior association will hold a member meeting. If you purchased a Limousin heifer from an Iowa Limousin Association member that lives in Iowa and is not a family member, your heifer will qualify for the $300 Futurity Heifer Class to be held during the Iowa Junior Field Day. The $300 will be prorated back to the participants. For additional information, contact Grant/Brenda Anderson for an entry form or go to the Iowa website at: Hotel Headquarters The Apple Tree Inn has reserved a block of rooms for the Heartland Regional and Iowa Junior Field day. Rooms must be reserved by May 15 and the hotel phone number is 515/961-0551.. Ask for the Heartland rate when making reservations. The rate is $63 for two beds or $68 for a king bed. Congratulations, Juniors Congratulations to the Iowa juniors who took part in the Iowa Beef Expo Junior Show on February 16, 2013. Emily Puck exhibited the champion Limousin steer and Olivia Vesey had the reserve champion steer. Derek Anderson took home the banner for the champion Limousin heifer and Madison Hermon exhibited the

Congratulations to Straight Limousin of Logan, IA for being selected the 2013 Iowa Limousin Seed Stock Producer. ILA President Jim Venner presented the award at the Iowa Beef Expo Limousin Sale.

that day. The cattle are released immediately following the show Monday. Did you know that the Iowa State Fair was the inspiration for the original novel “State Fair” written by Iowan Phil Stong, three motion pictures, and the Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Broadway musical “State Fair”.

Brian Darrington Selected Commercial Producer in Iowa

Congratulations to Brian Darrington of Underwood, IA for being selected as the 2013 Iowa Commercial Producer. The award was presented by the 2012 Iowa commercial producers, Glen, Mary Lou and Tom R Roberts who were selected the 2013 national commercial producers by the North American Limousin Foundation. In the picture for the presentation was the ILA President Jim Venner and HLA Executive Secretary Dean Summerbell.

Brian Darrington of Underwood, Iowa was selected as the Iowa Limousin Association “Commercial Producer of the Year” for 2013. Darrington received the Iowa award as well as the Heartland Limousin plaque at the Iowa Beef Expo Limousin Sale in Des Moines February 13, 2013. Darrington’s father, Harley, received this same award in 2002. Following in his father’s footsteps, Brian continues to purchase and use Limousin bulls on his British based black herd, marketing the cross-bred calves in Denison, IA each December. He has operated on that program for the last 20 years. Darrington has purchased bulls from Vorthmann Limousin, Wulf Cattle, Anderson Limousin, Linhart Limousin, Butler Limousin and Boyer Limousin. He often utilizes the Limousin sale at the Iowa Beef Expo in February to purchase his bulls. He continued that tradition this year, purchasing two bulls from the Limousin offering.

Brian likes the docility, calving ease and growth of his calves and he praised the breeders for their improvement in the docility of Limousin cattle. In addition to maintaining his herd of 125 cows, he row crops soybeans and corn along with hay and pasture on 1,000 acres of land. Brian and his wife Brenda have three children; Brooke who is a senior at Iowa State University, Brandon who is a high school senior at Underwood, and Brady who is in 6th grade. Congratulations to the Darrington family for receiving the 2013 Iowa “Commercial Producer of the Year” award.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Iowa Beef Expo Sells 57 Limousin Bulls for $3,359

Iowa Beef Expo was held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, IA on February 13, 2103. Considering the impact of semidrought conditions, seedstock and commercial producers gathered in a great number to bid and buy the Limousin offering. The Iowa Limousin Association served a chili feed lunch prior to the sale. ILA President Jim Venner of Breda, IA awarded the 2013 Iowa Limousin “Seedstock Producer of the Year” plaque to Straight Limousin of Logan, IA.

Brian Darrington of Underwood, IA, the 2013 Iowa “Commercial Producer of the Year”, purchased a bull from consignors Clay Schilling of Edson, KS and Roger Vorthmann of Treynor, IA.

Heartland Executive Secretary Dean Summerbell awarded the Limousin “Commercial Producer of the Year” plaque for 2013 to Brian Darrington of Underwood, IA. Following the awards, auctioneer C.K. “Sonny Booth” began the auction. Ann Vorthmann of Treynor, IA, Limousin sale manager, clerked the sale.

The top-selling bull was the grand champion purebred bull which was selected by Judge Roger Potter of Braddock, ND February 12 at the Limousin sale order show. CJSL 2062Z; a 2/13/12 black, polled son of LVLS Secret Weapon 4408Y out of CJ’s Ms Arrowhead 456P consigned by Linhart Limousin of Leon, IA was purchased by Magness Land & Cattle of Platteville, CO for $11,500.

The second high-selling bull was VL Zeppelin 203Z; a 1/29/12 black, polled son of Wulf’s Xistance V638X out of VL Xordinary consigned by Vorthmann Limousin of Treynor, IA. It brought $7,200 from Tony Taylor of Rayle, GA.

Michael Mitchell of Magnum, OK purchased the reserve champion Limousin bull for $6,400. Schilling’s Zaid is a 3/17/12 black, homozygous polled son of KAJO Responder 126R out of Schilling’s Unforgettable.

JBV Defender 125Y; a 5/19/11 black, homozygous polled son of DVCL Mr. Unbelievable U03 out of JBV Vixie 703T consigned by Jim and Becky Venner of Breda, IA was purchased by Randy Heise of Charles City, IA for $5,400. Also bringing $5,400 was SL Missing Link; a 4/1/12, black, homozygous polled son of CJSL Wild West 9060W out of SBVL Mindy 288M. This bull was consigned by Straight Limousin and purchased by Legacy Farms of Witt, IL.

Brian and John Greazel of Iowa City, IA purchased the grand champion Lim-Flex bull for $6,900. CJSL 2005Z is a 1/15/12 black, double polled 50 percent Lim-Flex son of SAV Bismarck 5682 out of CJ’s Ms Arrowhead 456P consigned by Linhart Limousin.

Jim and Becky Venner of Breda, IA appreciated Shea and Brad Kaiser of Wells, MN for their purchase of the champion Limousin female at the Iowa Beef Expo sale.

The grand champion female, consigned by the Venner family, was purchased by Kaiser Farms of Wells, MN for $4,800. JBV Pinata 112Y is a 3/17/11 homozygous black, homozygous polled daughter of Wulf’s Shop Talk 2332S out of JBV Solitaire 502R bred to ROM’N Tuff Enuff.

The Heartland Limousin Association appreciated the bid of Frederick Baier of Griswold, IA who purchased the donation female to the Heartland shown here with Roger and Deb Vorthmann. LFRO Yolanda 140Y; a 6/11/11 black, double polled daughter of LFRO Wizard 921W out of LFRO Worldly 911W bred to TUBB Law Dog consigned by Erin Summerbell was purchased by Fredrick Baier of Griswold, IA for 4,000. One-half of the proceeds from the sale of the bred heifer were donated to the Heartland Limousin Association.

Volume buyers were Schulz Farms of Oxford, NE purchasing four bulls. Schilling Limousin of Edson, KS exhibited the reserve grand champion female. Schilling’s Zaccai is a 3/13/12 double black, double polled daughter of Schilling’s Waters Edge out of Schilling’s Tatum.

The high-selling female was SL Pretty Mirage; a 1/5/12, black, homozygous polled 75 percent LimFlex daughter of CALO Brickyard 902W out of SL Mindy’s Mirage. She was sold to Michael and Erin Summerbell of Andover, MN for $6,000. The reserve grand champion Lim-Flex bull was Sprng Crks Landmark 735Z; a 3/13/12 double black, double polled son of MAGS Landmark out of EXLR Pudge 735N shown by Spring Creeks Cattle Co. of Wauzeka, WI.

Iowa Junior Field Day May 26, 2013 Indianola, IA

Roger Vorthmann and daughter Deb of Treynor, IA appreciated Tony Taylor of Rayle, GA who flew into Des Moines and purchased the second high-selling bull at the Iowa Beef Expo Limousin Sale from the Vorthmanns.

Averages: 57 Bulls..........................................$3,359 18 Females .....................................2,677 Totals: 75 Lots.............................$3,196 Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth Sale Management: Iowa Limousin Association

Charles Linhart of Leon, IA thanked Brian and John Greazel of Iowa City, IA for their purchase of a high-selling Linhart bull at the Iowa Beef Expo.

Harold and Dale Scherer of Davenport IA purchased an open female consigned by Straight Limousin at the Iowa Beef Expo.

April s Shower May Flowers



Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Wisconsin News ...

Limousin Breeders of WI Travel to Sparta Members of the Limousin Association of Wisconsin gathered in Sparta March 2, 2013 for their annual meeting, banquet, and benefit auction. The event took place at the Club 16 restaurant in Sparta. A delicious prime rib dinner with all the trimmings was served to a large gathering of Limousin enthusiasts. Wayne Peterson, president, welcomed everyone and introduced guests. Bob Mitchell, president of the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) board of directors, gave an update on the as-

Dan and Mary Elliott, Beaver Brook Farm of Shell Lake, WI visited with Andy Peterson, Limousin Live at the Wulf sale near Morris.

Warren Enger of Ellsworth, WI purchased the mystery box and hit the jackpot with a bovine door knocker.

A great crowd attended the Wisconsin Limousin banquet and benefit auction in Sparta.

sociation and encouraged everyone to register and transfer their cattle. Dean Summerbell gave an overview of activities that have taken place this past year in the Heartland Limousin Association. Amy Mitchell, junior advisor, presented the “Outstanding Junior Member” award to Delan Keyes of Knapp. She also announced that Jordyn Keyes of Knapp will serve as the queen and Geri Fredrickson of Independence will be the princess for 2013.

Juniors who show a Limousin or Lim-Flex will receive $10 for every animal and for every show they attend. In addition, if they buy a heifer at the Wisconsin State Sale and show it, they will get a one-time gift of $100. This is an incentive for juniors to exhibit their cattle in a variety of shows

at the local, regional and national levels. The evening concluded with a lively benefit auction. A wide variety of items were on the auction including a baby quilt, necklaces and scarves, meat boxes, unique mirrors and a glass piece, a movie basket, a Limousin crock, and the famous “mystery box”. We appreciate our members who generously donated and/or bid on the items. The money raised from the auction goes to support our junior and senior associations throughout the year. Thank you!

Come one, Come All

Fullblood Limousin Alliance & Heart of Oklahoma Sale June 8 & 9, 2013 Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center • Shawnee, Oklahoma 2nd National Fullblood Limousin Show (open & juniors) June 8 - 1 pm • Sale June 9 - 1 pm. Something for everyone. Look for our herd prefix (CDJL) in the show.

Crockett Rose Branch Farm

Danny & Connie Crockett; 518 SW 20th Lane, Lamar, MO 64759 417-682-2710 email:

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Limousin Association of Wisconsin Hosts 23 Annual State Sale rd


The Limousin Association of Wisconsin hosted its annual Limousin weekend in Sparta March 2-3, 2013. Saturday’s activities featured the cattle check-in at the Equity Livestock Market followed by a banquet, meeting, and benefit auction at the Club 16 in Sparta. Sunday’s event was their 23rd annual state sale. A large crowd was on hand to evaluate and bid on the offering auctioned by Joel Edge.

Cheryl Keyes of Knapp, WI thanked Randy Trogstad of Chatfield, WI for purchasing her son, Delan’s consignment of the second highselling bull at Sparta.

Paul Hamann of Fountain, MN purchased the high-selling bull at the Wisconsin State Sale from Bart Mitchell of Spring Creeks Cattle Co.

The top-selling bull was Spring Crks Smooth 7155Z; a 4/1/12 red, polled son of Sprng Crks Xtra Cool 4537 out of EXLR Velvet Rose 7155L consigned by Spring Creeks Cattle Company of Boscobel, WI. Paul Hamann of Fountain, MN had the final bid of $5,500. Randy Trogstad of Chatfield MN purchased MRL Zeus 206Z; a 2/16/12 black, double polled son of MRL X-Rated 014X out of MRL Uno 860U consigned by Delan Keyes of Knapp, WI for $5,100. Tom and Lynn Reburn of New Albin, IA purchased Wagonwheel Ferenitz 220Z; a 3/20/12 red, double polled son of ROMN Made to Order out of Twilite Morgan 206M consigned by Ben Holty of Mabel, MN for $4,200.

The Reburns struck again purchasing AOKS Columbia 1207; a 4/3/12 son of Wulf’s Space Ship 3223S out of Badger Hill Incense consigned by Schlim-Chance Limousin of LaCrosse, WI for $3,500. The top-selling open female was CHFF Zaylee 203Z; a 3/2/12 black, homozygous polled daughter of DHVO Deuce out of TGRL Nevada 302N consigned by Herman Farms of Hastings, MN. Brad Kaiser of Wells, MN purchased the female for $3,400. Kaiser also had the final bid of $3,700 for the top-selling bred

Brad Kaiser of Wells, MN purchased three females at the Wisconsin State Sale. He purchased the high-selling open heifer from Chris Herman Farms of Hastings, MN and the high-selling bred female from Dan and May Elliott of Shell Lake, WI.

female consigned by Beaver Brook Farms of Shell Lake, WI. Beaver Brook Yucca 594Y is a 4/26/11 double black, double polled daughter of LVLS Lethal Weapon 1308U out of Carrousel’s Kimberly bred to Wulf’s Xcellsior. Brian Mitchell of Bloomer, WI was the volume buyer of females purchasing five head.

Brian Mitchell of Bloomer, WI was the volume buyer of females at the Wisconsin State Sale. Bob Mitchell of Wauzeka, WI appreciated Brian’s support.

Averages: 19 Bulls..........................................$2,968 12 Open females.............................1,808 9 Bred females................................2,494 Total: 40 Lots................................$2,513 Auctioneer: Joel Edge.

410 Central Ave S. P.O. Box 65 Milaca, MN 56353

Tom and Lynn Reburn of New Albin, IA purchased a high-selling bull from Ben Holty, Wagon Wheel Limousin of Mabel, MN at the Wisconsin State Sale.

Crazy Woman Creek Limousin of Rushford, MN purchased a high-selling bull from Mill Road Limousin of Knapp, WI.

Opportunity awaits at this central Minnesota cow/calf opera�on. 1,496 +/‐ acres with 14 pastures all with a good water supply. 340 acres is �llable ground. Ranch will handle 300 cow/calf pairs and is set up to feed and background 1,000+ head. 6 corrals with concrete, 3 feedlots, all with access to water and buildings. Heated machine shed, shop, office, many other numerous build‐ ings, with 2 beau�ful homes. Excellent value at $2,750,000 This ranch is in full opera�on and in “excellent condi�on”, you can take that to the bank!!! Give me a call for more info or for a private showing, Brad Maitland ‐ Broker. Office #:320.983.3550 Cell #: 320‐980‐5029

Addi�onal photos and informa�on online at


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

South Dakota News ... SD Spotlight Show The South Dakota Spotlight Show will be held at the SD State Fairgrounds in Huron July 25-28, 2013. The show, which will take place Saturday, July 27, will serve as the official SD Junior Field Day. Contact Kyle Stern, SD president or Amanda Radke for further information concerning this annual event. There will be some changes this year so check the Spotlight website for the latest information. State Fair in Huron Make plans to attend the 2013 South Dakota State Fair Limousin Show. The show will be held Friday, August 30 at the state fairgrounds in Huron. We hope

to have a large contingent of Limousin breeders, friends and family join us for this annual event. The fair, titled “Starry Nights & Midway Lights” draws people from across the state as well as surrounding states. This is a great opportunity for Limousin breeders to showcase their cattle. The fair begins August 29 and runs through September 2. Following the state fair open Limousin show, members of the South Dakota Limousin Association will gather for a meeting and hamburger fry. We appreciate the support of everyone who comes to exhibit cattle or to watch the show.

Our Sympathy Our sympathy is extended to the family of Lois Sedlacek of Tyndall, South Dakota. She passed away on February 21, 2013 after a year and a half battle with ovarian cancer. Funeral services were held on February 25th at St. Leo Catholic Church in Tyndall.

Tractor Speaks Volumes for Man of Few Words This report was written from an article originally printed in the Aberdeen American News. Irwin Symens of Claremont, South Dakota has a pink tractor and he’s proud. “One person even said you’d never dream of a farmer that had guts enough to paint a tractor pink,” said Symens. Symens had the custom pink paint job ordered in May to honor his daughter, Susan Hardina, a breast cancer survivor. “He’s a man of few words and big actions, I guess you could say,” said Hardina, who lives in Rapid City, SD. She was diagnosed in March, 2011, and underwent a double mastectomy and eight rounds of chemotherapy. Cleo, Symens’ wife, is the co-chairwoman of the Cancer Society of America in Britton, SD and helps organize the Relay for Life event in Marshall County. Irwin was able to finish the tractor just in time to display it for the event and for Hardina to see. The tractor, a 1951 Massey Harris, was a memory from his childhood because his father owned one. “It isn’t the same tractor, but I found one and bought it,” he said. The reactions Symens heard about his tractor have been positive. “I’ve had some people ask when I’m going to paint it back to the

Irwin Symens’ tractor he painted in honor of his daughter, Susan, who is a breast cancer survivor.

original color,” he said. “I tell them, when they find a cure I’ll paint it back.” Hardina said the tractor was something her father had always wanted, so she was overwhelmed when she found out he painted it pink. “I didn’t have to ask him why,” said Hardina. “When I came home for the relay he showed me the tractor and the poster that he wanted to display with the tractor. It had all the names on it that he was honoring.”. The sign he displays has 11 names; five cancer survivors, including Hardina, and six who died of cancer, including his mother. He

got the inspiration to paint his tractor from photos of other vehicles painted pink. Except for the tires, battery and some other parts, the entire tractor has a pink sheen from grill to hitch. The rims are painted purple. “I came home, went into the garage, and saw the tractor. It’s so pink it practically glows in the dark,” Hardina said. The tractor has made appearances at various events in South Dakota.

Lois graduated from the Mitchell Area Vocational Technical School of Practical Nursing. She worked as a nurse along with being a wife and homemaker. Lois worked at St. Michael’s Hospital in Tyndall for 37 years. She enjoyed traveling with her husband, John, to various cattle shows and sales including the Iowa Beef Expo, the Black Hills Stock Show, the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic, and the livestock show at the South Dakota State Fair. Lois was an active supporter of the local 4-H programs and she enjoyed the 4-H Achievement Days. She also found great pleasure attending her grandchildren’s school events and ball games as well as gardening. She is survived by her husband, John of Tyndall; daughter, Mary Brandt of Tabor, three sons; Jeff and Jared of Tripp and Mark of Scotland; two grandchildren, a sister and her mother-in-law.

The children of Herman and Judy Symens will be hosting an Open House in honor of their parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, to be held Saturday, June 15, 2013 1pm to 5pm. Friends and family are invited to share in this day at Prairie Sky Ranch, 4437 109th St, Veblen, SD. For directions or to RSVP, visit www. [1] or call Jan Symens at 605-380-2551. Greetings may be mailed to 1108 16th Ave SW, Aberdeen, SD 57401. The couple requests no gifts. Herman and Judy were married June 14, 1963 in Ledyard, IA.

New Zealand Breeders Visit Bruner Limousin

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Thanks For A Great Day!


We thank everyone for your support at our 33rd Annual Bull Sale.

Given the year and initial postponement of our sale due to weather, we feel exceptionally blessed for those who attended, showed interest and purchased our genetics. We genuinely appreciate your confidence in our program.

SYES Xerox 464Z High-Selling Bull

Thanks to Circle T Limousin of Estevan, Sask., for purchasing the high-selling bull and member of our NWSS people’s choice champion carload.

New Zealand stockman Lindsay Jones and Erik Van der Veldon with John Bruner (middle) touring last summer near Bruner’s pasture by Carthage, SD.

Erik Van der Veldon of New Zealand returned for a second visit to Bruner Limousin of Winfred, SD after a brief stop at the National Western Stock SYES Urban Cowboy 17Z Show in January. Traveling with Erik was his wife, 2nd High-Selling Bull Lynn and fellow stockman from New Zealand, We thank Diamond V Ranch of Selfridge, ND, for Lindsay Jones. purchasing the second high-selling bull and member of our NWSS people’s choice champion carload. The New Zealander’s first used Master BRUN Anapolis 612R in an ET program in the spring of 2012 on cows leased from Terry O’Neil of Billings, MT. Anapolis was selected for use primarily based on his strong EPD profile. Erik first came over in August of 2012 to view SYES User Friendly 980Z some of the Bruner Limousin herd sires. On this vis3rd High-Selling Bull it, they spent a 16-hour day traveling through South We appreciate Tulis Limousin Farm of Welch, OK, Dakota and Nebraska, looking at cows and bulls for purchasing our lead off NWSS people’s choice as well as discussing breeding philosophies. They champion carload bull. made a stop in Blair, NE visiting Leon Leishman and taking another look at Master BRUN Anapolis 612R. Red is more popular in New Zealand than black. The polled gene is very important to them. In addition to the strong interest in good EPD profiles, the SYES Friendly 41Z New Zealand visitors are very interested in feet and 4th High-Selling Bull leg soundness and management practices. Thanks to fellow South Dakota breeder Bar JZ Erik, Lynn and Lindsay spent most of one evening Ranches of Holabird for purchasing our fourth and the following day looking at cattle. They also high-selling bull and lead bull in our Denver pen. enjoyed a gourmet meal while discussing Limousin cattle. They compared the similarities and differences of the history and social structures of New Zealand and the U.S. The following day was spent viewing the cow herd, sorting through the cows and records, and selecting the group of cows for use in embryo transfer later in the spring. SYES Stetson 92Z 5th High-Selling Bull A sincere thanks to repeat buyer Lund Limousin of Cottonwood Falls, MN, for purchasing one of the big-numbered, crowd favorite bulls.

Thanks also to Lura Limousin, MN, for purchasing the high-selling bred heifer; and to Wulf Cattle, MN for buying the top-selling open heifer. HLA Board member Cookie Nielson and wife Mary of Arlington, SD attended the Iowa Beef Expo and Heartland banquet in Des Moines.

A special thank you to the volume, repeat and new buyers who purchased cattle from us this year. You truly made it a day to remember!

Your Guarantee of Predictable Genetics

P.O. Box 155 • Amherst, South Dakota 57421 John: 605/880-8061 • Paul: 605/448-5775 Warren Symens: 605/237-2127 Office: 605/448-2624 • Fax: 605/448-5786 e-mail:


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Junior Beat Emily Ludens, one-year-old daughter of Mike and Sarah Ludens of Viborg, SD is studying the cattle for sale in the Wulf Cattle catalog.

Jordyn Keyes of Knapp, WI was named Wisconsin Junior Ambassador and Geri Fredrickson of Independence, WI was named Wisconsin Princess for the Wisconsin Junior Limousin Association. Congratulations.

Wisconsin Junior Advisor Amy Mitchell congratulated Del Keyes of Knapp for being named “Outstanding Junior Exhibitor”.

Dean Summerbell congratulates Kaitlyn Boyer of Weldon, IA for placing in the top five overall at the Iowa Beef Expo Judging Contest. There were over 230 high school contestants participating in the judging contest. She placed number one in beef. Caitlyn Ochsner of Kersey, CO sang an inspiring National Anthem at the Wulf Cattle Sale near Morris, MN.


Mark Your Calendars

Joe Grotsun of Cold Spring, MN, president of the Minnesota Junior Limousin Association, conducted their meeting in Glencoe.

Easton Kostal of Odell, NE helped his dad, Derek, and grandpa, Jay, with his grandfather’s sale in Liberty, NE.

The Minnesota Junior Limousin Association members who attended their annual meeting in Glencoe, MN February 23.

Congratulations to Bailey Walrod of Moorland, IA upon receiving the 2013 Leonard and Vi Wulf scholarship given by the Heartland Limousin Association.

Fifteen-year-old Morgan Reed of Gilman City, MO bought her first bull from Bob Bosch of Indianola, IA at the Iowa Beef Expo.

HLA Regional Show May 24-26, 2013

Audrey Brawner of Bullis Creek Ranch near Wood Lake, NE sold her bucket calf at her family’s sale in Burwell on April 15th. After the bull’s mother was struck and killed by lightening, Audrey bucket fed the bull and it was the high-selling Red Angus bull at the sale.  Congratulations on a good job, Audrey.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Acacia and Cedar Anderberg along with Hope Kiel (center) seized the opportunity to sell homemade beef jerky, raising money for missions and a new pair of earrings at the Schott Limousin Sale in Mobridge.

Ashlee Corns of Eureka, KS thanked Toby Johnson of Assaria, KS for purchasing the second high-selling bull at the KLBA sale.


Kaitlyn Boyer of Weldon, IA displayed the picture “Purple Pastures” which was sold at the Heartland Benefit Auction.

Iowa Juniors Madison Hermon, Meghan Ahrendsen, Kaitlyn Boyer, and Emma Ahrendsen helped display the benefit items for the HLA in Des Moines.

The Wisconsin Junior Limousin Association members are looking forward to summer and showing their projects.

Randee Corns Interns at JK/Three Fires Cattle

Alexis Kurth of Whitehall, WI looked lovely in the scarf donated to the benefit auction in Sparta.

Emma Ahrendsen of Sioux Rapids, IA had a hard time saying "good-bye" to her buddy, Fred. He sold at the Iowa Beef Expo February 13.

Randee Corns, Heartland Limousin Association scholarship winner in 2012, did her internship at JK/Three Fires Cattle, owned by Kurt and Paula Schwartz in LaCyne, KS. Part of the requirements for the scholarship are to complete a three-five day internship and then write about the experience. Below is the article. Written by Randee Corns I went to JK/Three Fires Cattle, owned and operated by Kurt and Paula Schwartz. It is a Red Angus operation in LaCyne, KS. While I was there, my main job was to work with the show cattle that they were taking to the National Western Stock Show. My days were spent getting up in the morning; washing, drying, and working hair on eight different heifers – six purebred Red Angus, a Balancer, and a Shorthorn Plus. The majority of the heifers were getting sold in Denver, the Shorthorn at the Kansas Beef Expo, and one of the Red Angus would be

kept as a replacement. Their hair was different to work with, most was easy to train except the Balancer; her Gelbvieh influence caused her hair to need special maintenance. I learned the different type of feed they use and some of the mixtures they added in, like barley. While working with these heifers, I was able to learn their genetic

backgrounds of the Red Angus breed. They raised a popular bull, Huckleberry, and use him, his father Mulberry, John Wayne, Makin’ Waves, and many more on their herd and show heifers. I was also taught about some of their international work. They work with people from Canada, so some of the cattle they own have different genetic traits and characteristics that influence their herd. There are also many legalities while crossing the border. The cattle have to get blood tests and the people who do the testing tend to be very rough which makes the cattle very nervous and do not like their heads being messed with. Working with Kurt and Paula gave me the opportunity to learn more about the Red Angus breed and the possibility to enhance my herd with these genetics for Lim-Flex cattle. It also gave me the ability to realize that there is always a different way to accomplish a goal!


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Missouri News ...

Field Day to be Held in Sedalia The Missouri Limousin Breeders Association (MLBA) will hold their annual field day the weekend of June 7-9, 2013 at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia. This event will take place in conjunction with the Missouri Cattlemen’s Show. The Open Limousin Show will be held Saturday, June 8 and the Junior Show will take place the following day, Sunday, June 9. The shows are listed in this order in order to accommodate the Cattlemen’s Junior Shows. The entry forms will be available online and they will also be mailed out to all MLBA and junior members. In order to show, you must be a current member of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and a member of the MJLA. Members of the MLBA will host a hamburger supper on Saturday for those Limousin breeders, families and friends in attendance. For further information, check out the Missouri website or contact a member of the MLBA board of directors. MLBA to Host NALJA Show in Springfield Members of the MLBA are completing the planning for the 2013 NALJA show, “Reunion of the Decade” to be held the week of June 29-July 5 at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield.

There are still tickets AVAILABLE for the raffle. You can purchase a ticket for $100 with a chance to win all five bred heifers. The drawing will take place during the Opening Ceremony of the NALJA Show. Only 500 tickets will be sold and 100% of the money raised from the raffle will go to cover the expenses of the show. Thanks to Pinegar Limousin, Edwards Limousin, 4H Limousin, Abele Cattle Co., Aaron Linhart and Magness Land & Cattle for generously donating the heifers for this raffle. We appreciate your support of the MLBA and the 2013 NALJA show. NALJA Hotels The LaQuinta Inn and Suites Airport Place, the host hotel for the 2013 NALJA show, is completely booked. If you have not yet made your room reservations, we recommend doing this as soon as possible. The overflow hotels are The Courtyard by Marriott Springfield Airport (417/869-6700) and the Ramada Oasis (417/866-5253). The rates for The Courtyard are $84+ tax and the Ramada Oasis is $79+ tax.

Ty Peckman High Point Winner at Meat Judging Competition Ty Peckman, son of Ron and Shirley Peckman, Prairie Creek Ranch of Richards, MO was the high point individual at the Iowa State University Invitational Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest held February 23, 2013 at the ISU campus in Ames. The University of Missouri won the team competition with Ty being the high individual. Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University, the University of Wyoming and North Dakota State University rounded out the top five. Robin (Wulf) Metzger took top individual honors several years ago

Deanna Jones – Top of the Class

Photo courtesy of Mainstreet Studios. Brad and Nicole Brackman are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Lane Daniel, born March 18, 2013. Lane was 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long. He is welcomed home by sister, Gracie Jane. Grandparents are Bart and Brenda Brackman of Concordia, MO and Brent and Belinda Greenstreet of El Dorado Springs, MO.

This report was taken from an article originally published in the Sedalia Democrat newspaper. Deanna Jones of Sedalia, MO was named as this year’s “Outstanding Associate” in the Sedalia School District 200 by the Sedalia Community Educators Association. She works as a social worker at Sedalia Middle School. “There is a total collaboration in our schools,” said Jones, one of seven social workers in the district. “Everyone works together to make sure that the students get what they need.” SMS principal Sara Pannier said Jones “is a huge asset to the middle school. She is continually giving

her time and resources to ensure the students are successful…She has never turned anyone away – that’s her nature.” She is thankful for the giving and supportive nature of the community, but she expressed hope that more residents would become

when she was a student at South Dakota State University. Congratulations, Ty!

mentors for younger students. “Just knowing that somebody is always thinking about you, means a lot to a child,” Jones said. Jones carries a caseload of 60 to 70 students per year. Her purpose “is to remove barriers to education.” Pannier said Jones had an overwhelming amount of support for “Outstanding Associate” honor and that middle school faculty and staff consistently compliments Jones’s work ethic and drive to ensure “students have what they need to survive, in many cases.” Deanna is the wife of Ty Jones, Jones-Benson Limousin of Sedalia. Congratulations!

Well Positioned

This trio of herd sires has positioned us at the front of the pack – outcross pedigrees, high performance and mainstream function.


Wulfs Warrior 9302W PB – Blk, Homo Polled

Wulfs Spring Loaded 31585 x (Wulfs Evan 9025E)

CE: 7 BW: 2.6 WW: 79 YW: 134 MA: 28 CM: 6 SC: .7 DC: 37 CW: 66 RE: .78 YG: -.05 MS: .19 $MI: 61

Owned with Wulf Cattle & Roland Farms Semen Available.

Uncharted Waters

Wulfs Uncharted Waters PB – Homo Blk, Homo Polled

Wulfs Ridgley 3172R x (JCL Lodestar 27L)

CE: 12 BW: 1.2 WW: 61 YW: 103 MA: 24 CM: 10 SC: .0 DC: 38 CW: 42 RE: .62 YG: -.09 MS: .01 $MI: 49

Zest LFLC Zest 51Z

PB – Red, Homo Polled

Wulfs X-Aggerate J657X x (JCL Lodestar 27L)

CE: 12 BW: 1.8 WW: 51 YW: 91 MA: 21 CM: 9 SC: .7 DC: - CW: 40 RE: .52 YG: .04 MS: .06 $MI: 47

Owned with Ludens Family Limousin, Mitchell Wild Meadow & Wulf Cattle Semen Available.

Owned with Bachmeier Farms Semen Available.

100 bulls for sale off the farm Limousin • Lim-Flex • Angus Other sires we have calves by: SYES User Friendly Wulf Creek Urlacher auto Will Power engd Yard Machine Rito 6em3 Exar Titlelist

Spring CBob reeks Cattle Company Mitchell & Sons

48715 Hilldale Rd., Wauzeka, Wisconsin 53826 • Bob, home: 608/875-5049, cell: 608/553-0971 • Matt 608/553-1251 • Bart 608/553-8070 • Scott 608/553-8069


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Kansas News ...

Annual Meeting to be Held in Columbus The Kansas Limousin Breeders Association (KLBA) announced a change for the date of their annual meeting. In the past, this event has been held on the Saturday night prior to the state sale in April. This year the annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the Kansas Junior Limousin Breeders Association (KJLBA) field day. It will take place the weekend of June

KLBA sale manager Jerry Meek of Parker, KS was in the block during the KLBA sale in Salina.

1-2, 2013 at the Cherokee County Fairgrounds in Columbus, KS. The KLBA meeting will be held June 1 at 3:00 p.m. in the 4-H building on the grounds of the Columbus American Legion Fairgrounds in Columbus. The meeting for the members of the KJLBA junior association will immediately follow the KLBA meeting at 4:00 p.m. in the same location. A supper and benefit auction will take place at 6:30 p.m., also in the 4-H building. Everyone is asked to bring one item for the meal (salad, dessert, etc.). We invite all members of the association to take part in this event. It is an opportunity to renew friendships, support the association, and watch the juniors exhibit their cattle. The 2013 “Commercial Producer of the Year” and the KLBA “Hall of Fame” recipient will be recognized at the banquet.

Junior Field Day The KJLBA field day will be held June 1-2, 2013. The entry deadline is May 24 and the fee is $10 per head. Late entries will be accepted at the show at $20 per head. Bedding for the barn and tie-outs will be provided. Substitutions will be allowed. Juniors are advised to bring their own generators. The cattle need to be in place by noon Saturday, June 1. The rest of the day will be filled with meetings, the banquet and benefit

auction. The Kansas Junior Limousin Field Day show will begin at 10:00 a.m. Sunday, June 2. This is a “no-fit” show. Trevor and Pam Gum and K.C. and Courtney Youngblood are the host families for this year’s junior field day. For further information, contact Karen Campbell, junior advisor. Hotels Accommodations in Columbus are the Budget Inn, 620/429-2211, the Maple UnCommon, 620/4293130, the Pitcher Pump Bed & Breakfast, 620/429-2776, and the Smittle House Bed & Breakfast, 620/429-2420. Camping is also available at the fairgrounds.

The Staleys of Newton, KS purchased two bulls at the annual KLBA sale in Salina.

For Sale

CCAS 1102Y Dbl Pld/Red – PB

SYES User Friendly x CCAS 812U (Nobel Prize) CE 13 BW -2 WW 30 YW 58 MA 20 CEM 3 SC .3 DC 32 CW 17 REA .57 YG -.07 MB -.02 $MTI 39

CCASX-TRA Special 1005X Dbl Pld/Red – PB Syes User Friendly x CCAS 814U (Primestar) CE 16 BW -1.7 WW 36 YW 74 MA 18 CEM 8 SC .5 DC 29 CW 24 REA .42 YG .01 MB .17 $MTI 41 Scanned a 17.30 Actual REA

Ed, Brian & Luke Bergler (507) 643-6933 • Fax (507) 643-6732 38865 County Road 104 Cell (507) 458-8607 Dakota, MN 55925 E-mail:

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

KLBA Holds 21ST Annual Spring Sale in Salina

The Kansas Limousin Breeders Association (KLBA) held its 21st annual sale at the Farmers & Ranchers Livestock Commission Co. in Salina, KS March 23, 2013. Consignors from Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri brought 46 bulls and females to Salina for the auction. A spring snow storm which dropped from 10 to 15 inches of snow across the I-70 corridor complicated the travel to Salina for the buyers. Still, commercial and seedstock producers arrived to bid on and purchase the bulls and females on the sale offering. The impact of the two-year drought has forced a lot of commercial men to reduce their herd and concerns over the continuing dry situation was also on the minds of those in attendance.

KLBA consignor Dustin Peck of Harrisonville, MO thanked Jerry and Austin Frees of Raymond, KS for their purchase of the high-selling bull, consigned by Carroll Land & Cattle.

The second high-selling bull was SCAS Y Not 843Y consigned by Ashlee Corns of Super C Limousin, Eureka, KS. This 10/15/11 black, homozygous polled 43.5 percent Lim-Flex son of EXAR Spartan out of MNMC U Go Girl was purchased by Toby Johnson of Assaria, KS for $3,500. He is the son of Bernie Johnson who was a former KLBA “Commercial Producer of the Year”.

2/27/12 black, double polled son of DHVO Deuce 132R out of EXLR Luvly 432J consigned by Beikmann Land & Limousin of Hanover, KS was purchased by Summit Farms of Morrill, KS for $2,500. Summit Farms also bought the full sib, Beikmann’s ZUKU 536Z; a 2/23/12 double black, scurred son of DHVO Deuce 132R out of EXLR Luvly 432J for $2,500. Greg Bures of Geneva, NE purchased the high-selling female, JDYE Zahara; a 4/2/12 daughter of Wulf’s Guardian 5074G out of


JDYE Xena Warrior Princes consigned by Circle D Ranch of Paola, KS for $2,300 Bures also purchased two heifers for $2,200. JDYE Yellow Rose; a 9/10/11 double black, double polled 75 percent daughter of KRVN Naskar 013N out of Schilling’s Walking Taco bred to JCL Backfire consigned by Circle D Ranch. Jason Grady of Chanute, KS consigned JGRD Stack the Deck; a 6/18/12 homozygous black, polled 75 percent daughter of DHVO Deuce 132R out of PBRS Unique Style 813U also purchased by Bures for $2,200.

KLBA Members Ed Moore and Mike and Martha Christie purchased females at the KLBA sale.

JGRD Under Armour; a 3/28/11 homozygous black, homozygous polled Lim-Flex son of WLR Direct Hit out of PBRS Unique Style 813U consigned by Grady Limousin of Chanute, KS was purchased by Scott Sigle of Osborne, KS for $2,750. Beikmann’s Zaroff 542Z; a

Jordan, Kyle and Teri Dye of Paola, KS appreciate Greg and Spencer Bures (center) of Geneva, NE for their purchase of two of their consigned heifers.

Thank You

The top-selling bull was DKCA 1102Y; a 9/5/11 double black, homozygous polled 75 percent Lim-Flex son of LH Rodemaster 338R out of Miss CLC 903W. Jerry Frees of Raymond, KS purchased the bull, consigned by Carroll Land & Cattle of Raymore, MO, for $3,700.

to our 2013 buyers KLBA consignor Roger Timperley (right) of Tekemah, NE thanked John Kusel of Ft. Cobb, OK for his purchases at the KLBA sale in Salina.

Bryan Eigenberg, MN Chad & Rhonda Wosje, SD CW Limousin Farm, IL Marilyn Fortune, MT Nick & Carissa Heeter, MN Randy & Aletta Shannon, MT

Ashlee Corns of Eureka, KS thanked Tom Huggans and Brent Montgomery of Salina, KS for purchasing her bull at the KLBA sale.

FREE to all paid members. Contact Dean Summerbell at (612) 963-3799 or (763) 434-2891.

Edward Jones, making sense of investing: Scott Summerbell, Financial Advisor. 9304 Lexington Ave N, Circle Pines, MN 55014. Bus. 763-767-3058, fax 877-597-1378.,

Mark & Sharilyn Willette Dustin & Lauren Mohrhauser 20061 450th Ave Delavan, MN 56023 Mark 605-695-3129, Sharilyn 605-695-5344  Dustin 605-695-9030, Lauren 605-695-7325

Heartland 20

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Highlights from the

HLA board member Norma Effertz of Velva, ND shared a laugh with Leonard Leier of Tappan, ND at the Vaughn Sale in Napoleon.

Mark Nutter of Sandhills Limousin, Thedford, NE visited with Rob Brawner at Brawner’s Bullis Creek sale in Burwell, NE.

The Pitts family from Ashland, WI purchased a bull at the Wulf Cattle sale March 22.

Jim and Kathy Walzak of Meadowlands, MN and granddaughter Anna attended and purchased a bull at the Wiezcorek Sale in Corsica.

Mike Hanson and Jerry Effertz of Velva, ND visited with John Symens of Amherst, SD at the Vaughn sale in Napoleon, ND.

Curt Wieczorek of Mount Vernon , SD attended the Symens Brothers Sale in Amherst, SD.

Commercial buyers picking up literature from the HLA display in Napoleon, ND.

Logan DeRungs of Ramona, SD took time out from a busy schedule to attend the Bar JZ Sale near Highmore, SD.

Jim Schott of McLaughlin, SD discussed his upcoming sale with sale consultant Herman Symens at the Symens Brothers sale.

One of the sale pen offerings at Symens Brothers Sale in Amherst, SD.

Jim Schott of McLaughlin, SD wore a big smile on his face when auctioneer Chisum Peterson sold his bull to Marilyn Fortune of Miles City, MT over the internet.

Kiley McKinna, Limousin World, and Mark Smith, sale consultant, exchange last words before ringing the Symens Brothers Sale in Amherst.

NALF Executive Vice President Mark Anderson and Assistant Director Joe Epperly discussed pertinent issues with NALF Board director Tom Vaughn at the Wulf pre-sale seminar in Morris March 21.

The Thursday supper at Wulf Cattle near Morris, MN.

The registration and chili line at the Iowa Beef Expo in Des Moines.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

“Dean, that heifer should have brought more”. That’s what Bob Bosch seems to be telling Dean Summerbell about his heifer which sold in the Iowa Beef Expo Limousin Sale. Paul El-Mazroa of Peru, IA enjoyed the banter.

Roger and Donna Potter of Braddock, ND consigned five outstanding open females at the Vaughn Sale in Napoleon, ND.


HLA board member Norma Effertz of Velva, ND looked at the Limousin consignments at the Iowa Beef Expo in Des Moines.

Bob Sperl of Burke, SD and his right hand man (grandson Morrie) purchased several bulls from the Wieczorek Sale. Sale consultant Herman Symens visited with Jay and Lori Straight and Tom Vaughn at the ROM’N Limousin bull sale in Madison, SD.

Behind Bars: Ed Ritt of O’Neill, NE was caught behind bars as he studied the bull offering at the Schott Limousin Sale in Mobridge, SD.

Pioneer Limousin breeder Ben Price of Reading, KS attended the GV Sale in Garnett.

Providing old time country music at the Bruner Limousin sale in Madison, SD was Lyle Grove of Winfred, SD. Grove was inducted April 28 into the South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame in Garretson. Congratulations!

The black cat crossing in front of the registration desk at the Bar JZ Sale did not deter bidders and was not a bad omen.

Dean Summerbell visited with commercial producer Alan Steinke of Idaho Falls at the Bullis Creek Sale in Burwell, NE.

Buyers evaluated Jim Schott’s bulls in the bull alley at the Mobridge, SD Sale Barn.

The Bar JZ sale was held in the Thomas Ranch Sale Facility near Harrold, SD February 19, 2013.

Jim Thomas of Flandreau, SD, Dean Summerbell, and Jay Straight of Logan, IA share a lighter moment at the ROMN bull sale in Madison, SD.

The KLBA pay line in Salina.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Minnesota News ...

Limousin Breeders Gather in Glencoe Members of the Minnesota Limousin Association gathered in Glencoe Saturday, February 23, 2013 for their annual meeting, banquet and benefit auction. Roger Wagner, president, welcomed everyone and introduced the guests in attendance. The annual meeting followed a delicious roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.

Cattlemen’s Tour The 2013 Summer Cattlemen’s Tour will take place Tuesday, July 9 in Roseau, MN. This year’s tour is hosted by the Northwestern Stockmen’s Association. To register or for more information, contact Matt Ulwelling at 218/469-2710.

The 2013 Minnesota Limousin Association Board of Directors; Kevin Bachmeier, Rhonda Wulf, Allen Lyon, Mark Willette, and Roger Wagner.

Congratulations to John and Alice Goelz of Franklin, MN on their 25 year membership in the Minnesota Limousin Association.

The meeting began with reports on the local, regional and national level. Dean Summerbell presented the “Commercial Producer of the Year” award to Tony Matvick of Hillman. Jerry Wulf awarded the 25-year member gift to John and Alice Goelz of Franklin. Sue Schatz, junior advisor, gave an update on the MN junior program and explained ideas for fundraising. Kevin Bachmeier, Limousin representative for the MN Beef Expo, thanked Mark and Sharilyn Willette, Lura Limousin of Dela-

van for donating the heifer for the Minnesota Youth Beef Experience. Mark Anderson, NALF Executive Vice President, was the honored guest and gave an informative talk about the programs and services available at the national headquarters. An election was held for the seats of the two retiring board members. Don Biscoe was re-elected for another term. Rhonda Wulf will serve her first term on the board. Thanks to Jerry Wulf for his many years of service on the MN board of directors and as president of the association. We appreciate his leadership skills. A drawing was held for two $25 gift certificates to be used on the benefit auction. Dean Summerbell and Henry Bollum were the lucky recipients. John Goelz auctioned off a variety of items including

Theodore Schatz of Le Center, MN (left) got the dubious honor of presenting the annual skunk pelt which was auctioned off and given to a MLA member Doug Christiansen of Balaton. His wife Ruth, will make sure Doug returns it to next year’s meeting.

cattle supplies and semen, desserts, meats and cheeses, and baskets of office supplies. He also livened up the auction with his many “Ole and Lena” jokes. The highlight of the auction was the annual “skunk pelt”, which is brought back to the auction each year. Doug Christiansen of Balaton was the “lucky” winner of the pelt. Thanks to everyone who donated and purchased items at the auction. We appreciate your support! MJLS The Minnesota Junior Livestock Show (MJLS) take place the weekend of June 7-9, 2013 in Preston, MN. The events will take place at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds. For further information on the show, contact Paul Bartsh at 507/259-1220 or email him at The website for the show is:

Jerry Wulf explained the new opportunities for Wulf Cattle at their pre-sale seminar in Morris.

NALF Executive Vice President Mark Anderson spoke to the Minnesota Limousin Association members at their annual meeting February 23 in Glencoe.

State Fair The Minnesota State Fair, better known as the “Great Minnesota Get Together”, is 12 days of fun ending on Labor Day. The fair is the largest fair in the United States in terms of average daily attendance. They are second only to the Texas State Fair in terms of total attendance; however, that fair runs twice as many days. The Minnesota State Fair Limousin show takes place Saturday, August 31 at the Rose and Lee Warner Coliseum in St. Paul. Website Check out the Minnesota Limousin Association website at www. for further information concerning events throughout the year.

Casey Fanta explained his role as Seedstock and Genetics manager at Wulf Cattle.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Tony and Jenny Matvick Receive Minnesota Commercial Producer of the Year Award

Minnesota Limousin Association President Roger Wagner of Hillman (right) and his son-in-law Norm Herbst purchased bulls from the Wulf Cattle sale.

Teddy and Rhonda Mixon of Ocilla, GA purchased four bulls at the Wulf Cattle Sale.

The Minnesota Limousin Association presented the “Commercial Producer of the Year” award to Tony and Jenny Matvick of Hillman, MN. They received their plaque at the Minnesota annual meeting and banquet held February 23 at the Glencoe Country Club in Glencoe, MN. Tony and Jenny Matvick have raised cattle their entire farming career. Changing from dairy to beef in 1980, the Matvicks have used Limousin bulls on their crossbred herd of commercial cows, most of which are higher influenced Limousin. Purchasing bulls from Lyon River Front Farm near Foley, MN for the last 15 years, Matvick retains his heifer crop and had marketed his steers at the Motley, MN sale barn until a local feedlot began to direct buy each year from them. Docility, muscle and yield are the major reasons for the Matvicks continuing to use Limousin genetics. Tony praised the breeders

“Back in Time” Do You Know the Answer?


Congratulations to the 2013 Minnesota Commercial Producer of the Year Tony and Jenny Matvick of Hillman, MN. Presenting the award are Allen Lyon, Roger Wagner, Dean Summerbell and NALF Executive Vice President Mark Anderson.

for the improved docility of the Limousin cattle. The Matvick operation consists of hay and grass along with a strong use of a mineral and lick tub program. They have five children; four boys and a girl. Congratulations to Tony and Jenny Matvick!

Thank You!

for making our Sale a success. Your support & confidence truly inspires us, as we begin our 31st year in the Limousin breed.

TREF Zoolander 591Z

I read an interesting article in the Western Livestock Journal about the “history of cattle” in the United States. The article came out just prior to the 107th annual National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver, CO. I found these facts to be very interesting. Bev Summerbell Do You Know the Answer? Questions: 1.) What was the first breed

imported into the United States? 2.) Can you guess the size of the champion steer at the American Fat Stock Show in Chicago in 1883? 3.) In 1873 at the Walcott Sale in New York, the high-selling cow was Duchess of Geneva. What do you think the record price was? This price held until 1960. Answers on page 28.

Bruce Wotschke Bruce Morman Leon Etzkorn Joe Foran Brad Schaller Nicholas Noot Todd Ellwein Scott Jackson Jon Soukup Tom Leonhardt Dean Michaud

TREF Zander 266Z

Tom Vaughn Ray Ruzsa James Leier Ardie Peterson Paul Larson Sheryl Erickson Jay Langdeau Tim Barnaud Randy Bostrom Bernard Barnaud David and Julie Hassebroek Kyle Stern Kevin Heupel Todd Weig Frances Heilman Don Faidlley Miles Raatz Tim Andrew Walter Wolff Darrick Nitschke Tim Ruzsa

Treftz Limousin

Glenn Treftz 605.226.2542 cell 605.380.0014 12510 370th Ave., Wetonka, SD 57481

Email: •


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Commercial Producers and Repeat Buyers Support Bar JZ Sale On a day when a -30 degree windchill temperatures dominated the conversation early on, the Bar JZ 62nd annual “Excellence in Polled Genetics” auction warmed the Thomas Ranch sale facility February 19, 2013. Don, Peg, and Seth Zilverberg of Holabird, South Dakota offered a stout set of Limousin and Hereford bulls to a good crowd of buyers who evaluated and bid on the offering. Following a great lunch, bidders settled in to view individual bulls which were shown on three 80 inch video screens rather than in the auction ring. Commercial producers purchased multiple bulls to use on their herds. When the final gavel came down, cattle were sold into ten states and all of the buyers were repeat customers.

Earl and Jodi Parsons of Milesville, SD purchased four bulls from Don and Peg Zilverberg.

JZ Raymie 306L. The high-selling purebred Limousin bull was Bar JZ Temptation 075Z; a 3/19/12 red, homozygous polled son of WZRK Titus Tempation out of Bar JZ Celeste 694N. He was purchased by Earl Parsons of Milesville, SD for $5,000. Lee Kleinschmidt of Harrold, SD purchased Bar JZ Rodemaster 002Z; a 3/30/12 double black, double polled 59 percent Lim-Flex son of LVLS Stabilizer 9799X out of Bar JZ Heritage 123X for $4,750. Kleinschmidt was a volume buyer, taking home five bulls from the Bar JZ offering.

Lee Kleinschmidt of Harrold, SD along with his father Roland purchased five Lim-Flex bulls from the Zilverbergs.

The top-selling lot was Bar JZ Rodemaster 136Z; a 3/30/12 double black, double polled 47 percent Lim-Flex son of LVLS Stabilizer 9799X out of Bar JZ Amelia 773U. Lee Kleinschmidt of Harrold, SD had the final bid of $6,250 on this popular bull. Lee Nolz of Ree Heights, SD took home Bar JZ Rodemaster 026Z for $5,250. This second high-selling bull is a 3/12/12 double black, double polled 56 percent Lim-Flex son of LVLS Stabilizer 9799X out of Bar

The Steffen Brothers of Pierre, SD purchased three bulls from Bar JZ.

David Salathe of Harrold, SD purchased Bar JZ Rodemaster 051Z; a 3/16/12 double black, double polled 56 percent Lim-Flex son of LVLS Stabilizer 9799X out of Bar JZ Essence 115R for $4,750.

Casey and Jan Deuter of Ree Heights, SD along with son Dillion were the volume buyers of the Bar JZ offering, purchasing six bulls.

Casey Deuter of Ree Heights was the volume buyer of six bulls. Earl Parsons of Milesville, SD and Art Beringer of Gettysburg, SD each purchased four bulls with the Steffan Brothers of Pierre, SD purchasing three bulls.

Averages: 23 Yearling Lim-Flex bulls...........$3,706 28 Yearling Limousin bulls............3,134 Total: 51 Bulls...............................$3,392 Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny Booth”

After a stressful week of weather predictions forecasting heavy snow for Amherst, South Dakota, Symens Brothers postponed their sale and rescheduled for Wednesday, February 27, 2013. The postponement did not hurt as a bright sunny day greeted a full crowd of bidders who liked what they saw and bid accordingly. The Symens Brothers 33rd annual sale featured the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) “People’s Choice” Carload of Limousin bulls. This award was given at the NWSS in Denver January 17, 2013. Ranchers and breeders attending the Pen & Carload show vote for the “People’s Choice” winners.

Tedford, Circle T Limousin of Esteban, Saskatchewan owned the final bid of $13,000 for two-third’s interest and full possession in this featured bull from the Denver Carload.

Symens Brothers Host Barnburner Sale on Rescheduled Date

Shirley Symens thanked Butch Jochim for his purchase of the second high-selling bull at the sale.

Harvey Tedford of Esteban, Sask purchased the high-selling bull from the Symens Brothers Sale.

Art (right) and Eddie Beringer with friend Jenna Lancaster of Gettysburg, SD purchased four bulls from the Zilverbergs.

The top-selling bull was SYES Xerox 464Z, a 4/20/12 red, polled son of DLVL Xerox 023X out of Miss SYES Roscoe 464T. Harvey

Butch Jochim, Diamond V Ranch of Selfridge, ND purchased a crowd favorite bull, SYES Urban Cowboy 17Z. The 4/20/12 red, polled son of Wulf’s Urban Cowboy 2149U out of Miss SYES Roscoe 317U brought $11,500 for two-third’s interest and full possession. SYES User Friendly 980Z; a 4/9/12 red, double polled son of SYES User Friendly 524U out of Miss SYES Warden 981R was purchased by Ernie Tullis, Tullis Limousin Farm of Welch, OK for $11,000. This bull was the lead bull Continued on page 25.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Symens Brothers ...

Heartland Sale Reports

Continued from page 24.

in the Denver Carload. Don, Peg, & Seth Zilverberg, Bar JZ Ranches of Holabird, SD purchased two-third’s interest and full possession of SYES Friendly

Shirley Symens appreciated the support of the Zilverberg family of Holabird, SD for their purchase of a high-selling bull at the Symens Brothers Sale.

John Symens thanked volume buyer Ron Rotenburger of Lisbon, ND for his support at the Symens Brothers Sale.

41Z; a 2/28/12 black, double polled son of SYES User Friendly 524U out of Miss SYES 116T 42X. The lead bull in the Denver Pen of Three brought $10,750. SYES Stetson 92Z; a 2/27/12 black, homozygous polled son of RUNL Stetson 850S out of Miss SYES Friendly 93X was purchased

by Lund Limousin of Cottonwood, MN for $9,000. The top-selling bred heifer was Miss SYES Walk 219Y; a 4/24/11 black, polled daughter of ROMN Walk The Walk 101W out of Miss SYES Platinum 217T bred to Bar JZ Wideload. She was purchased by Lura Limousin of Delavan, MN


for $4,000. The top-selling open heifer was Miss SYES Friendly 979Z; a 2/18/12 black, polled daughter of SYES User Friendly 524U out of Miss SYES Roscoe 980X. Wulf Cattle of Morris MN had the final bid of $3,250 on this heifer. Volume buyers were Wulf Cattle of Morris, MN purchasing five females; Ron Rotenburger of Lisbon, ND; Greg Stamp of Astoria, SD; Lee Kindlespire of Forbes, ND; and David Rinehart of Onida, SD, who each purchased four bulls.

Averages: 76 two-thirds Bulls.................................. $4,579 11 Bred females..............................3,068 11 Open females.............................2,132 Total: 98 two-thirds Lots......................... $4,142 Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth Sale Management: American Cattle Services Sale Consultant: Grassroots Consulting

Ludens Family Limousin Denver Bulls Popular at Sale

Gordy and Pam Ludens along with their son Mike and wife Sarah hosted their annual “Pride of the Dakotas” Sale at the farm near Viborg, South Dakota on April 6, 2013. Their Denver Pen of Three bulls were a popular attraction and sparked aggressive bidding. Like most of the Midwestern tier of states including South Dakota, dry conditions prevail. Despite the weather concerns, a good crowd of commercial and seedstock producers from four states evaluated and bid on the Ludens Family Limousin offering. The top-selling bull was LFLC ZZ Top 70Z; a 5/8/12 black, homozygous polled son of LFLC Windfall

Ross Potter of McLaughlin, SD purchased a high-selling bull for Wulf Cattle, Spring Creeks Cattle Co. and Brian Mitchell at the Ludens sale.

polled son of Wulf’s Showdown 3001S out of LFLC Dakota Belle 302M fetched $4,400 from Larry Goelz of Pipestone, MN. Doug Christiansen of Balaton, MN paid $3,200 for the right to own

Doug Christiansen of Balaton, MN purchased one of the higher selling bulls from the Luden’s offering.

56W out of LFLC Dakota Belle 602U. Rob Brawner, Bullis Creek Ranch of Wood Lake, NE outlasted rigorous bidding to hold the final bid of $9,000 for two-third semen interest and full possession on the lead bull in the Denver Pen. LFLC Zest 51Z; a 3/13/12 red, homozygous polled son of Wulf’s X-Aggerate J657X out of PLND Reba 521R boasted a 20.52 rib REA and a 3.38 IMF. This popular bull brought $8,100 for two-third semen interest and full possession from Wulf Cattle of Morris, MN; Spring Creeks Cattle Co. of Wauzeka, WI; and Brian Mitchell of Bloomer, WI. Another Denver Pen of Three son, LFLC Zorro 60Z a 4/2/12 black,

Gordy Ludens (right) thanked Gary Foxhoven of Fordyce, NE for his volume purchases at the Ludens sale . John Soukup and his son, six-year-old Eli purchased two open females at the Ludens Sale.

LFLC Zen Master 64Z; a 4/21/12 black, polled son of Wulf’s Warbonnet 6254W out of Wulf’s Uzuri 8401U. Gary Foxhoven of Fordyce, NE was the volume buyer, purchasing three bulls. John Soukup of Lesterville, SD purchased two open females. Averages: 13 Limousin yearling bulls ........$ 3,772 4 Two-year-old bulls.......................2,000 3 Red Angus bulls..........................2,800 2 Bred females...............................2,500 3 Red Angus open females............2,400 Auctioneer: Joel Edge

Dr. Larry Goelz from Pipestone, MN purchased one of the Denver Pen of Three bulls at the Ludens sale.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Pinegar Limousin Sale Draws Standing Room Crowd

A standing room only crowd attended the Pinegar “Herdbuilder XIX” sale held at their farm near Springfield, Missouri March 16, 2013. Bidding was very aggressive for the Pinegar offering of 104 lots featuring Fullblood, Lim-Flex, and Purebred genetics. The strong and popular set of females were in great demand.

Peaches 4330P bred to MAGS Robin Hood 276Y for $14,000.

Averages: 5 Donor pairs................................$7,280 46 Bred heifers...............................5,786 14 Open heifers..............................5,146 39 Bulls........................................... 2,883 Total: 104 Lots..............................$4,683 Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth Sale Management: R&R Marketing Sale Consultants: American Cattle Services, Grassroots Consulting, Bill Helton Consulting Repeat buyers, Lonnie Thomas and Adam Griffiths of Boonsboro, MD visit with Ed Pinegar and James Henderson.

Sale host Ed Pinegar thanks buyers of the two top lots Ryan Poindexter of Sugarbush Limousin Allen, MI and Ken Holloway of Coyote Hills Ranch, Chattanooga, OK.

The top-selling female was AUTO Bliss 265Y; a 9/18/11 homozygous black, homozygous polled 65 percent Lim-Flex daughter of LH U Haul out of WLR Ugly Betty 432U bred to MAGS Y Axis. Coyote Hills

of Chattanooga, OK; Hall Cattle Co. of Sweetwater, TX; Lawrence Cattle Co. of Anton, TX; and Diamond Hill Cattle Co. of Newcastle, OK held the final bid of $30,000. Edwards Land & Cattle of Beulahville, NC purchased AUTO Poem 273Y; a 9/4/11 double black, homozygous polled 50 percent Lim-Flex daughter of SAV Bismarck 5682 out of MAGS Phantom Prize bred to DHVO Deuce 132R for $20,000. Also bringing $20,000 was BOHI Sunset 6156S; a 3/4/06 black, homozygous polled 50 percent LimFlex daughter of BR Midland out

of Carrousels Peaches 4330P with her 2/7/13 AUTO Cruz sired heifer at side. Sugarbush Limousin of Allen, MI and Stowers Limousin of Bridgeport, TX outlasted rigorous bidding to own the pair. Tim Schaad of Des Moines, IA paid $15,000 for the right to own AUTO Granny 200Y; a 1/23/11 black, polled daughter of DHVO Trey 133R out of AUTO Lana 255L, bred to Connealy Consensus 7229. Belle Shoals Farm of Easley, SC purchased AUTO Parade, a 2/20/12 red, double polled daughter of MAGS Payday out of Carrousel’s

GV Sale Attracts Large Crowd to Garnett

The Anderson County Sales Company was filled to capacity with a large crowd of bidders attending the annual GV Spring Sale in Garnett, Kansas Saturday, February 16, 2013. The sale, with the slogan “The Brand of Breeders Respect and Commercial Appeal”, was hosted by Gene and Virginia Raymond and Arne and Stacy Hanson of Garnett Even though eastern Kansas is somewhat in a drought impacted area, bidders were not cautious about their intent to buy. The sale featured

Gary and Barry Tullis of Welch, OK purchased two top-selling bulls from the GV offering for Tullis Farms.

Gene Raymond looks over his notes before beginning the GV Sale in Garnett, KS.

a stout set of bulls and females with documented performance data and genetic information for the buyers as they evaluated the cattle. The top-selling bull was GV $General 149Y, a 9/24/11 double black, double polled son of AUTO Dollar General 122R out of GV Miss Deal 3328N. Pattison Brothers of Glasgow, MT purchased the bull for $9,300. Jerry Ramy of Newkirk, OK purchased GV Rodemaster 125Y; a 9/13/11 black, double polled 75 percent Lim-Flex son of LH Rodemaster 338R out of GV Miss Liberty 933J for $6,000.

Remy also purchased GVHL $General 932Y; a 3/16/11 black, double polled son of AUTO Dollar General 122R out of GVHL Ms Linebacker 6630S for $6,000. Tullis Limousin Farm of Welch, OK purchased GV Urban Cowboy 133Y; a 9/17/11 black, double polled son of Wulf’s Urban Cowboy 2149U, out of GV Miss MVP 7710T for $5,700.

Volume buyer Grant Jones of Jones Brothers Cattle Co. LaMonte, MO visits with sale host Ed Pinegar.

Tullis struck again purchasing GV Urban Cowboy 129Y; a 9/16/11 red, double polled son of Wulf’s Urban Cowboy 2149U out of GV Miss Magic Man 627S for $4,500. Wayne Grimm of Sabetha, KS purchased GV General 103Y; a 9/2/11 black, double polled son of MAGS the General 103Y out of GV Miss Tuff Enuff 9910W for $5,000. Continued on page 27.

The Vermillions of Kincaid, KS and Allan Eggenburger of Berryton, KS purchased females at the GV Sale.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

GV Sale ...

Heartland Sale Reports


Continued from page 26.

Grimm was a volume buyer purchasing four bulls. Averages: 44 Bulls..........................................$3,613 35 Bred females..............................2,033 Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks

See you at the summer shows

A capacity crowd of bidders gathered in Garnett for the annual GV bull and female sale.

Wayne Grimm of Morrill, KS purchased four bulls at the GV Sale.

Bruner Limousin Holds “Genetic Power XXXI” Sale

Bruner Limousin of Winfred, South Dakota held their 31st annual “Genetic Power” sale March 30, 2013 at the Madison Livestock Auction Barn in Madison, SD. E. John Bruner, long-time Limousin breeder, has developed an outstanding EPD program featuring herd sire prospects that have top of the breed EPD’s for weaning, yearling, and marbling. A good crowd of commercial producers, many of them repeat buyers, gathered on the sunny warm day to bid on the Bruner offering.

John DeRungs of Ramona, SD purchased a top-selling bull at the Bruner Sale.

The top-selling bull was Master Brun Guru 2288Z; a 2/22/12 double black, double polled son of Master Brun Captain 1458U out of Lady Brun 1976X. Adam Gross of Iroquois, SD purchased one-half interest and full possession for $5,000.

Wayne Schlagel of Raymond, SD and Russell Bausch of Waterbury, NE who each purchased three bulls. Average: 30 Bulls..........................................$3,276 Auctioneer: Terry Schlagel

E. John Bruner welcomed the buyers to his 31st “Genetic Power” production sale in Madison, SD.

Gross also purchased one-half interest and full possession of Master Brun Ripley 2295Z; a 2/24/12 red, double polled son of HUNT Mr. Jock 44J out of Lady Brun 1637W for $4,500. Tony Opdahl of Hayti, SD purchased Master Brun 2244Y; a 4/18/11 red, double polled son of HUNT Mr. Jock 44J out of Lady Brun 1218T for $4,250. Opdahl struck again purchasing Master Brun 2141Y; a 3/1/11 red, double polled son of Master Brun Anapolis 612R out of Lady Brun 1750W for $4,200. John DeRung of Ramona, SD purchased Master Brun 2334Z; a 3/11/12 double black, double polled son of Wulf’s Sirloin 31572S out of BRUN 891S for $4,000. Volume buyers included Randy Robertson of Wagner, SD who purchased four bulls along with

Russell Bausch of Waterbury, NE purchased three bulls at the Bruner Sale. John Bruner’s daughter Abbie and her daughter, Addison thanked Russell for his support. Gordon and April Kane of Summit, SD purchased two bulls at the Bruner Sale.

Heidi thanked Wayne Schlagel of Raymond, SD for his purchase of three bulls.

John Bruner’s daughter, Heidi thanked Randy Robertson of Wagner, SD for his volume purchase of four bulls.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Vaughn Sale Draws Buyers from Four States and Canada

Vaughn Farms Limousin of Cavalier, North Dakota held their annual “Genetics for the Future” production sale March 16, 2013 at the Napoleon Livestock Center in Napoleon, ND. The sale featured a strong set of bulls and bred females offered by the Vaughns along with open females by guest consignor Roger and Donna Potter of Braddock, ND. Buyers from North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Canada supported the offering with active bidding throughout the sale.

McClusky, ND. DLVL Zamboni 249Z; a 3/29/12 black, polled son of SYES User Friendly 524U out of DLVL Sara 682S was purchased by Dana Noot of Marion, ND for $6,250. Bill Campbell, president of the Canadian Limousin Association from Minto, Manitoba, purchased Mr. Tom 221Z; a 3/8/12 red, homozygous polled son of Wulf’s Xtractor X233X out of TLIM Tea Cake for $6,250.

The Vaughn families of Cavalier, ND.

out of RPLF Peaches 430P. Volume buyers were Chris Meyer of Flasher, ND who purchased six bulls and Jeff Lapica who purchased three bulls. Averages: 32 Yearling bulls...........................$3,765 4 Fall yearling bulls......................4,937 4 Two-year-old bulls.....................3,850 Total:..............................................$3,890 8 Breds and Pairs........................$1,937 5 Open Females.............................2,260 Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson

After loading up a high-selling bull, Butch and Renei Jochim of Selfridge, ND are set to leave for home.

Tom Vaughn appreciated Jeff, daughter Logan, and Lisa Lapica of Ross, ND for their purchase of one of the high-selling bulls plus two other bulls.

Four bulls topped the sale each bringing $6,250. The lead bull in the Vaughn Pen of Three exhibited at the National Western Stock Show in Denver was the first bull in the ring. CRVL Zesty 232Z; a 3/18/12 red, homozygous polled son of DLVL Xerox 023X out of CRVL Sizzle 919S was purchased by Jeff Lapica of Ross, ND.

Dana and son Nick Moot of Marion, ND purchased one of the high-selling bulls at the Vaughn Sale.

Anthony Fitterer of Tutlle, ND purchased four bulls for his son Elton at the Vaughn Sale in Napoleon.

Tom Vaughn thanked Mitch McLeod of McClusky, ND for his purchase of one of the high-selling bulls.

The second Denver bull to sell for $6,250 was DLVL Zoot Suit 228Z; a red, homozygous polled son of SYES User Friendly 524U out of DLVL Miss Riptide 890U. This bull was purchased by Mitch McLeod of

Elton Fitterer of Tuttle, ND purchased Mr. Tom FO2Y; an 8/2/11 black, polled son of SYES Work Horse 936W out of Miss SYES Rejuvinator for $5,750. Two open females topped the female sale, each bringing $2,600. Watts Limousin of Fairfield, NE purchased PSLP 207Z; a 3/13/12 double black, double polled daughter of Wulf’s Unlimited 5035U out of PSLP Strip Tease. Dave and Julie Hassebroek of Cogswell, ND purchased RPLF 231Z; a 4/13/12 red, double polled daughter of TREF Worthy Opponent

Bill Campbell of Minto, Manitoba purchased one of the high-selling bulls at the Vaughn Sale as well as Julie and Dave Hassebroek of Cogswell, ND who also purchased a high-selling bull and female.

“Back in Time” Do You Know the Answer? Questions on page 23. Answers: 1.) Shorthorn cattle were the first breed of cattle imported into the United States. This took place back in 1783. 2.) The four steers in the champion lineup all weighed over a ton.

Roan Boy, a Hereford/Shorthorn cross, was selected champion. 3.) The high-selling cow at the Walcott Sale held in 1873, Duchess of Geneva 8th, sold for $40,600, a record which would hold till the 1960’s.

Seal the Deal

Registering & transferring your cattle pays.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports


Schott Limousin Ranch Holds 30th Annual Sale in Mobridge

Jim, Priscilla, and Jared Schott of McLaughlin, South Dakota held their 30th annual sale at the Mobridge Livestock Market in Mobridge, SD March 15, 2013. The sale featured an outstanding set of bulls. Buyers from Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota ignored a rather chilly, overcast day with a threat of freezing rain to attend and aggressively bid on the Schott offering.

Beverly Summerbell got in the picture with Butch Jochim of Selfridge, ND who purchased one of the high-selling bulls at the Schott Sale in Mobridge.

The Ellweins of Frederick, SD (Carson, Melissa, and Todd) purchased the high-selling bull at the 30th annual Schott Limousin sale.

Todd and Melissa Ellwein of Frederick, SD purchased the top-selling bull at the sale. SCHT 3275Z; a 4/13/12 red, polled son of HC Montana Justice 694 out of SCHT 2975W brought $7,250 Rick Schrempp of Ridgeview, SD purchased CHTT 9226Z; a 4/9/12 homozygous black, homozygous polled son of BAR JZ Lawman 479X out of CHTT 8026X for $5,250. Three bulls each brought $4,250. CHTT 7250Z; a 4/9/12 red, double polled son of SCHT Tradition 9739T out of CHTT 6950W was purchased by Butch Jochim of Selfridge, ND. Toby Peters of Sturgis, SD had the final bid on CHTT 8203Z; a 4/2/12 homozygous black, polled son of RUNL Stetson 850S out of CHTT 232M for $4,250. The third bull to bring $4,250 was

CHTT 8254Z; a 3/25/12 red, horned son of BAR JZ Lawman 479X out of CHTT 7054X. He was purchased by Lee Kindlespire of Forbes, ND. Mike Marshall of Beulah, ND purchased CHTT 9219Z; a 4/8/12 red, double polled son of HC Montana Justice out of CHTT 9683S for $4,000. Dallas Schott of McLaughlin, SD bought CHTT 9283Z; a 4/27/12 red, double polled son of BAR JZ Lawman 479X out of CHTT 9083X for $4,000.

Daughter Vicky with her parents Jim and Priscilla and brother Jared Schott of McLaughlin were presented a cake congratulating them for their 30th annual bull sale March 15.

Jim Schott appreciated Dean and Mavis Schrempp of Lantry, SD for their purchase of 14 bulls at the Schott sale in Mobridge.

Dean Schrempp of Lantry, SD was the volume buyer at the Schott sale, purchasing 14 bulls. Tim Bohn of Sentinel Butte, ND purchased four bulls and was also the winner of the “Give Away” bull at the end of the sale. All buyer numbers are placed in a hat, and the

Dallas Schott of McLaughlin, SD was a volume buyer at the Schott Limousin Sale in Mobridge.

Dale McClellan of Lantry, ND and Lee Kindlespire of Forbes, ND purchased bulls the Schott sale in Mobridge.

winner selects a bull from the two that are in the ring. The other one is then auctioned off to conclude the sale. Averages: 50 Bulls..........................................$3,023 Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson Sale Consultant: Herman Symens

Application for Membership

The Heartland Limousin Association is comprised of Limousin breeders including the states of IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD & WI. Name__________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________ City/State/Zip____________________________________________ Phone/Email____________________________________________ Most used herd prefix assigned by NALF______________________

The undersigned herein applies for membership in the HLA with all rights and privileges outlined in the HLA constitution and bylaws.

Jim and Priscilla Schott thanked Mark Bohn from Richardton, ND along with Ted and Tim Bohn of Sentinel Butte and David Bohn of Mott, ND who took home four bulls at the Schott sale.

Signature_______________________________________________ Please make checks payable to the HLA, clip and return this membership application & $50 to: Dean Summerbell, HLA 23244 Gopher Dr, East Bethel, MN 55005-1701


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Boyer Sale Draws Buyers from Three States Despite the Weather Buyers from Iowa and Kansas as well as Nebraska combined to buy several lots from Jay and Carol Boyer at their annual production sale held at their farm near Liberty, NE March 10, 2013. The weather unexpectedly turned into blizzard conditions across most of Nebraska and Iowa preventing several repeat buyers from attending. However, the sale was a success as local ranchers and farmers gathered to purchase a great set of bulls and females. Atmospherics due to the worsening weather also prevented telecommunications in the sale arena. Some buyers had to be contacted through vehicle satellite communications (On Star) in order to bid on and purchase female lots.

Averages: Bulls...............................................$2,939 Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson

The Boyer Limousin family.

of WAR Alliance 9126-6006 out of JTBO Miss Stacker was purchased by Chet Koester of Dubois, NE for $3,300. Robert George of Nortonville, KS purchased Boyers Mr. Windmill 118Z; a 4/12/12 red, double polled son of Wulf’s Windmill V401W out of Boyers’s Miss Markie 118M for $3,100.

Mike Vales, left, was the volume buyer purchasing four lots at the Boyer sale. Paul Hajek of Clatonia, NE came to the sale with Mike.

Lyle Probst of Odell, NE was a volume buyer at Jay and Carol Boyer’s sale near Liberty.

Bullis Creek Limousin Sell into Limousin offering had sold into six Six States states. A very strong set of Limousin

Jay Boyer thanked Brian Droge of Dubois,NE for purchasing the highselling bull at his sale March 10.

The top-selling bull was Boyers Uppermost 709; a 9/12/11 double black, double polled son of Wulf’s Uppermost 6196U out of JTBO responder 8166U. Brian Droge of Dubois, NE purchased the bull for $3,700. Boyers Alliance 967Y; a 9/21/11 black, double polled Lim-Flex son

Emily Vales purchased an open heifer from Jay Boyer at his sale. Emily is the 2013 Boyer scholarship recipient.

Chet Koester of Dubois, NE purchased the second high-selling bull from Jay Boyer.

Wayne Rees of Liberty, NE purchased Boyers Shop Talk 838Y; a 2/15/11 black, double polled son of Wulf’s Shop Talk 2332S out of JTBO Ms Unbending 890U for $3,000. JTBO Ms Xceptional 228Z; a 4/14/12 double black, double polled Lim-Flex daughter of COLE Xceptional 39X out of JTBO Sleepy 6016S was the high-selling female bringing $2,400 from Emily Vales of Dewitt, NE. Brandon Kostel of Odell, NE purchased JTBO MS Utley 27Z; a 2/5/12 double black, double polled Lim-Flex daughter of MAGS Utley out of COLE Miss Impact 017X for $2,000. Mike and Emily Vales were volume buyers purchasing a bull and three females.

The Brawner family; Rob, Brenda, Neil and Audrey of Bullis Creek Ranch, Wood Lake, NE brought their Limousin and Red Angus cattle to the Burwell Livestock Market in Burwell, NE April 15, 2013 for their “Generations of Predictability 13” spring production sale. When the final gavel came down, their

and Lim-Flex bulls plus eight open Limousin and Lim-Flex females were purchased by buyers from Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and Wisconsin. The top-selling Limousin bull was BRAW Mr Danny 252Z; a Continued on page 31.

Rob, Brenda, Audrey, and Neil Brawner of Bullis Creek Ranch thanked Alan Steinke of Idaho Falls, ID for his volume purchases of four bulls at the Bullis Creek Sale in Burwell, NE.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Bullis Creek Limousin ... Continued from page 30.

3/16/12 homozygous black, double polled 50 percent Lim-Flex son of Connealy Danny 5398 out of BRAW Ms Mags 892. Mike Crook of Rising City, NE held the final bid of $4,500. Steve Vorhees of Scobie, MT purchased BRAW Mr. Top Cut 266Z; a 3/19/12 double black, double polled 75 percent Lim-Flex son of PBRS Upper Echelon 820U out of BRAW Ms Nightrider 6114S for $4,100. John Sedlacek of Tyndall, SD purchased BRAW Mr. User Friendly 231Z; a 3/11/12 double black, double polled son of SYES User Friendly 524U out of BRAW Ms Lodestar 4100P for $3,900. BRAW Mr. Danny Power 268Z; a 3/19/12 double black, double polled 50 percent Lim-Flex son of Connealy Danny5398 out of BRAW Power 7114T was purchased by Ken Colburn of Valentine, NE for $3,900. John Wheeler, Lazy Trails Ranch of Wood Lake, NE purchased BRAW


Alan Steinke of Idaho Falls, ID with four bulls and Taylor Farms of Phillipsburg, KS, also taking home four bulls.

Mr. Danny 265Z; a 3/18/12 homozygous black, double polled 50 percent Lim-Flex son of Connealy Danny 5398 out of BRAW Miss Highline 540R for $3,800.

Averages: 23 Limousin Bulls.........................$3,324 19 Red Angus Bulls......................$2,731 40 Open females...........................$1,550 Auctioneer: Mike Baxter

John Sedlacek of Tyndall, SD purchased a herd sire prospect at the Bullis Creek Ranch Limousin Sale in Burwell, NE.

Paul and Joni Moses of Amelia, NE with nephew Ayden purchased two bulls from the Brawners at their Bullis Creek sale.

Wes Winter of Lincoln, NE swept the ring of eight Limousin and LimFlex open females, topping the sale at $1,800 each. Peterson Cattle Co. of Osceola, WI was the volume buyer of females, purchasing 17 head. Volume bull buyers included

Ken Colburn of Valentine, NE purchased a high-selling Limousin bull at the Bullis Creek sale in Burwell.

Lonely Valley Holds 22nd Annual “Keepin’ Kind” Production Sale The Settje families including Stan, Mike, Dean, Chad, Mark and Reed along with their wives and children held their 22nd annual “Keepin’ Kind” Production Sale at the farm near Creston, Nebraska February 23, 2013. Lonely Valley Seedstock have been in the cattle business for a long time, and their bull battery ranks in the top of the breed for weaning and yearling growth and milk. They continue to place extensive selection pressure on calm, easy-doing cattle. A large crowd traveled to Creston to evaluate and bid on the offering, which included the bulls that made the trip to Denver for the National Western Stock Show. Many of those

Buyer, Steve Kerner of Burke, SD, and sale host Chad Settje visit about the four bulls Kerner Farms purchased.

Unwashed out of LVLS 5788U was bought by Loving U Ranch of Limon, CO for $7,000. Tom Kayle of Spencer, NE purchased LVLS ZZ Top 6735Z; a 1/1/12 homozygous black, homozygous polled 71 percent Lim-Flex son of LVLS Top Criteria 8862P out of LVLS 6736X for $6,100.

Sale hosts Chad and Dean Settje visit with fellow breeders Wayne and Will Bollum of Golden Oaks Beef, Northfield, MN, after they purchased a feature bull.

in attendance were repeat buyers. The top-selling bull was LVLS Zepplin 1001Z; a 1/4/12 black, homozygous polled 63 percent LimFlex son of AUTO Black Dakota 129J out of LVLS 795S. Salt Creek Cattle & Genetics of Amber, OK purchased two-third’s interest and full possession for $25,000. The second high-selling bull was LVLS Pinnacle 763Z; a 1/13/12 homozygous black, polled 56 percent Lim-Flex son of MAGS Utley out of HAHK Whitney 763W. Bauman Farms of Ponca, NE had the final bid of $7,500 on this bull. Bauman Farms also took home LVLS Zodiac 9578Z; a 1/25/12 homozygous black, homozygous polled son of DHVO Deuce 132R

out of LVLS Nadine 9578N for $7,250. LVLS Maximizer 5788U; a 2/12/12 black, polled son of MAGS

Averages: 58 Limousin bulls.........................$4,218 26 Angus bulls................................3,767 Total: 84 Lots...........................................$4,079 Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Manager: R&R Marketing Sale Consultant: Grassroots Consulting

Sale hosts Marilyn and Stanley Settje thank volume buyers Richard and Bonita Fott Farms of Hamill, SD, for purchasing seven bulls.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Wieczorek Limousin Dodge Winter Storm and Hold Successful Sale

Curt, Leannn, Wally and Noreen Wieczorek of Mount Vernon, SD are no strangers to harsh winter conditions in the Upper Midwest. Such was the case February 22, 2013 when predictions of dire storms did not materialize in that part of South Dakota. The Wieczoreks held their 33rd annual production sale Friday, February 22, 2013 at the Corsica Sale Barn in Corsica, SD. A good crowd of commercial cattlemen, many who were repeat buyers, attended the sale and actively bid on the two-year-old and yearling bulls. Two bulls topped the sale, each bringing $7,250. Ernie Tullis, Tullis Limousin Farm of Welch, OK took home WZRK Mr. West 5045Z; a 3/9/12 double black, double polled son of CJSL Wild West 9060W out of WZRK Miss Lim-Flex 5045R.

Repeat buyer John Westendorf of Lake Andes, SD has attended every Wieczorek Sale, and he purchased bulls again this year.

The Wieczorek family.

AHCC Xplain This X595 out of WZRK Miss Tuff Enuff 9034 for $6,750 Minerich Land & Cattle Co. of Richmond, KY purchased WZRK Mr. Tuff Enuff 0071Z; a 2/17/12 black, double polled son of ROMN Tuff Enuff 103T out of WZRK Miss Rangerider 0071 for $6,000.

The volume buyers were Etzkorn Ranches of Pierre, SD and Sperl Farms of Burke, SD who each purchased four bulls.

Tom Kayle of Spencer, NE purchased a high-selling bull at the Wieczorek Sale.

Ray and Ardy Peterson of Eagle Butte purchased the high-selling bull at Wieczoreks.

Ardy and Ray Peterson of Eagle Butte, SD purchased WZRK Mr. RX 8009Z; a 1/22/12 red, polled 78 percent Lim-Flex son of AHCC Red Xplosion X615Z out of WZRK Miss Genesis 8009H also for $7,250. Jim Kokes of Tabor, SD outlasted rigorous bidding to purchase WZRK Mr. Xplain This 9034Z; a 2/8/12 double black, double polled son of

Bob Yackley of Onida, SD purchased four bulls on order and bought two bulls for his ranch operation at Wieczorek’s sale.

Wieczorek sale consultant Mark Smith thanked Chad Kreeger of Lake Andes, SD who supported the Wieczorek sale by purchasing a high-selling bull.

WZRK Mr. Windfall 8050Z; a 1/27/12 red, double polled son of CJSL Windfall 9072W out of WZRK Miss Rawhide 8050U was purchased by Chad Kreger of Lake Andes, SD for $5,500. Also bringing $5,500 on the sale was WZRK Mr. Tuff Enuff 5063Z; a 3/25/12 red, double polled son of ROMN Tuff Enuff 103T out of WZRK Miss Rhide 5063R . He was purchased by John Westendorf of Lake Andes, SD.

Averages: 6 Two-year-old bulls.....................$4,042 40 Yearling bulls.............................3,724 Total: 46 Bulls..........................................$3,766 Auctioneer: C. K. “Sonny” Booth Consultant: Grassroots Consulting

South Dakota commercial producers Gary Block and Ron Dowd of Midland area purchased bulls from the Wieczorek sale.

Feeding Beef Cows After Drought a Balancing Act

Beef producers have to balance dietary and nutritional considerations with getting the most value for their dollar after feed prices skyrockets this winter as a result of last year’s drought, said an Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach beef cattle expert. Joe Sellers, an ISU field specialist, said in a news release the drought drove up the price of corn and withered pasture land, forcing producers to lean more heavily on options such as corn silage to feed their herds. The drought forced many cattle producers to turn to hay early in the year because much of the suitable grazing land dried out quickly.

Now, hay is in short supply, Sellers said. “Beef producers are in a situation where you have to stretch your resources,” he said. “A lot of people are really short on forage, so they want to use concentrated feeds that go farther. A lot of people are using a combination of hay, silage, corn stalks and corn co-products as food sources, and everybody’s situation is a little different.” Sellers said corn silage is high in energy but lacks the kind of protein cattle require while corn stalks and CRP hay are low in both energy and protein. Because of the varying content

of each type of feed, Sellers said many producers have to supplement their rations with co-products that strike the right nutritional balance for their herds. Common supplements to make up for low protein content include dry gluten and dry distiller’s grains, he said. “Hay and pasture land were in short supply last year, but there are still plenty of options,” he said. “It’s a matter of finding the right combination that fits each individual situation.” Sellers said producers can take samples of the silage they intend to use and have the samples tested in commercial labs.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports


ROM’N Limousin Sale Has $14,000 Top

Bidders from several states as well as Nova Scotia aggressively bid on the “Denver Pen” of bulls at the ROM’N Limousin sale. Cookie, Mary, Adam, and Michelle Nielson held their annual “Where Class Meats Carcass” bull sale in Madison, SD April 13, 2013. A midweek snow storm which dumped heavy wet snow brought much needed moisture to the upper Midwest. A stout set of bulls were offered in addition to their lead pen and bidders took the opportunity to add genetics and performance to their herds.

polled son of ROMN Justice out of ROMN Miss Thick 34K for $5,250. Glenn Treftz, Treftz Limousin of Wetonka, SD purchased ROMN Zingray 125Z; a 4/12/12 red, polled son of Wulf’s Wagon Train 3197W out of ROMN Razzle Dazzle 10R for $4,800.

To m Va u g h n o f C a v a l i e r, N D purchased one of the high-selling Denver bulls at the ROM’N bull Sale. The Peoples Choice Pen of Three award was proudly displayed at the ROM’N “Where Class Meats Carcass Bull Sale” in Madison.


Adam and Cookie Nielson appreciated Glenn Treftz of Wetonka, SD for his purchase of high-selling bull.

Jim Schott of McLaughlin, SD purchased the high-selling bull at the ROM’N Limousin bull sale. Schott also purchased the second high-selling bull.

Scott Gangle, Gangle Farms of Lake City, SD purchased ROMN Zacharia 112Z; a 3/10/12 red, homozygous polled son of ROMN Xpress Lane 101X out of ROMN Phyllis 32P for $4,700.

The top-selling bull was ROMN Deadwood 147Z; a 4/12/12 red, homozygous polled son of ROMN Xpect More 100X out of ROMN Wagon Wheel 54W. After active bidding, Jim Schott of McLaughlin, SD held the final bid for full possession and two-thirds interest for $14,000. Schott struck again purchasing a second “Denver Pen” bull. He bought ROMN Zephyr 148Z; a 3/6/12 black, polled son of ROMN Justice out of ROMN Xplain Yourself 27X for $5,250.

Scott Gangle of Lake Preston, SD purchased a high-selling bull at the ROM’N sale.

Tom Leonhardt of Mansfield, SD purchased two bulls from the ROM’N Offering.

Vaughn Farms of Cavalier, ND purchased full possession and twothird semen interest in ROMN Zander 145X; a 3/15/10 red, homozygous polled son of Richmond Xander 22X out of ROMN Penelope 26P for $4,000. Frank Virchow, Virchow Farms of Lake Preston, SD was the volume buyer purchasing three bulls. Tom Leonhardt of Mansfield, SD purchased two bulls as well as Joe Cooper of Great Village, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Jack Sidle, Mill Creek Farm of Wooster, OH purchased full possession and two-thirds semen interest in ROMN Zodiac 126Z a 4/16/12 red,

Average: 30 Yearling bulls...........................$3,562 Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson Sale Consultant: Herman Symens

The bull pens in for ROM’N Limousin at the Madison, SD Livestock Sale facility.

Heartland Limousin Association Junior Regional Show May 24-25 The 2013 Heartland Limousin Association (HLA) Junior Regional Show will be held June 24-25 at the Warren County Fairgrounds in Indianola, IA. The entry form was printed in the March/April issue of the Heart Beat. You can also obtain an entry form from NALF, the HLA website:, or the Limousin Live website. The Iowa Limousin Association (ILA) will serve as the host for this annual event. Meals for the regional will be provided by the ILA and the HLA. Check-in will begin at noon Friday; however, we will allow a late check-in for those who want to show but have school that day. We do ask that you enter your cattle ahead of time so they can be included in the show program. A junior meeting followed by games and mixers will take place Friday afternoon. An evening meal will be served to all juniors, their family and Limousin enthusiasts

who are in attendance. This will take place at the fairgrounds. The HLA show will begin at 9:00 a.m. Saturday. We hope to have a large group of juniors exhibiting their cattle in this regional show. Everyone who takes part will receive a show shirt and a photo of the group. All juniors who show cattle will also receive a premium check. The money paid out is prorated based on placings. in the show. The headquarters hotel is the Apple Tree Inn in Indianola. The rate for the rooms is $63 for two beds or $68 for a king bed. Call 515/961-0551 and ask for the HLA rate when making your reservations. Mark your calendars for this important show! The show is OPEN to ALL juniors and we invite you to take part in this fun-filled event. If you have further questions, contact Dean Summerbell, HLA Executive Secretary at 612/963-3799 or send an email to


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Nearly $2 Million Sale Highlights Wulf Cattle Sale in Morris

Wulf Cattle hosted their 25th anniversary sale in grand fashion March 22, 2013 at their headquarters near Morris, Minnesota. An overflow standing room-only crowd stayed late into the sale and bid early and often on the 367 lots offered. When the final gavel was brought down, $1,968,799 had been garnered on the outstanding set of bulls and open females going into 24 states and five Canadian provinces. Buyers bought in volume with several ranches purchasing five or more bulls. The two-day event began with an opportunity for buyers to view the cattle followed by a beef brisket supper on Thursday. The day concluded with a presentation by Jerry Wulf and the Wulf Cattle staff. They gave an overview of the changes involved this past year at Wulf Cattle. Friday’s activities continued with the preview of the sale cattle and a roast beef lunch. Caitlyn Ochsner from Kersey, Colorado thrilled the crowd with her singing of the national anthem and the auction was on.

Wulf Cattle marketing representative Anthony Ekren thanked Norma and Kelly Yorga of Flinton, SK for their purchase of a high-selling bull at the Wulf Cattle sale.

The crowd at the Wulf cattle sale.

Brandon, Brenda, and Dave Meyers of Flasher, ND purchased 17 bulls at the Wulf cattle sale.

The top-selling bull was Wulf’s Yellowhammer Y359Y; a 4/16/11 homozygous black, homozygous polled son of Wulf’s Upgrade 0500U out of ENGD Tilly Girl 339T. Magness Land and Cattle of Platteville, CO outlasted aggressive bidding to purchase two-thirds interest in the bull for $46,000. Wulf ’s Zero Turn X292Z; a 3/7/12 black, homozygous polled son of Wulf’s Upgrade 0500U out of Wulf ’s Myrlene 2332M was purchased by Diamond C Limousin, Neil Christianson of Ponoka, Alberta for $20,000 for two-thirds interest. Tubmill Limousin of New Florence, PA; Southern Cattle Co. of Marianna, FL; and Highland Stock Farms of Bragg Creek, Alberta teamed up to purchase two-thirds interest in Wulf’s Zane X238Z; a 3/4/12 black, homozygous polled son of Wulf’s Xclusive 2458X out of Wulf’s Myrlene 2332M for $19,000. Also bringing $19,000 for twothirds interest was Wulf’s Zephyr X624Z; a 3/31/12 red, homozygous polled son of HC Final Time 407 out of Wulf’s Soloist 6284. He was purchased by Kelly and Norma Yorga of Flintoff, SK.

This year Wulf Cattle featured a new program titled “Breed to Feed”. The program is designed for terminal bulls to use in the Limousin x Jersey feeder project. Buyers of the six designated bulls for the program agreed to allow Wulf Cattle to own 50 percent of the semen rights to use in the program. If the designated bulls meet the criteria standards for conception rate and birth weight, the semen will go on the open market through Genex Inc. for dairymen to

Edelman Ranches of Willow Lake, SD purchased a high-selling “Breed to Feed Program” bull from Wulf Cattle.

“The Breed to Feed” Program at Wulf Cattle.

purchase. The “Breed to Feed” bulls averaged $12,333. Two of the top-selling “Breed to Feed” bulls were Wulf’s Zouave 8438Z; a 4/15/12 homozygous black, homozygous polled Lim-Flex 66 percent son of Wulf’s Xerox 8438U out of Miss Wulfette 8438U. One-half interest in his bull sold to Rocky Stoneberg of Willmar, MN for $17,000. Edleman Ranches of Willow Lake, SD purchased another top-selling “Breed to Feed” bull. Wulf’s Zalrus 9226Z; a 4/15/12 homozygous black, homozygous polled Lim-Flex 75 percent son of COLE Windfall 144W out of Wulf’s Window Shade 9226W was sold for $16,000 for half interest. The high-selling open female was Wulf’s Zarelyn 2692Z; a 5/10/12 homozygous black, polled daughter

of Wulf’s Xclusive 2458X out of Wulf’s Rave 5055R. Southern Cattle Company and Tichenor Farms of Centertown, KY joined forces to pay $10,000 for the right to own her. Wulf’s Zintley 2145Z; a 4/14/12 double black, polled Lim-Flex 50 percent daughter of SAV Final Answer 0035 out of Wulf’s Up to Ten 8524U purchased by Engelwood Continued on page 35.

SOLD! Beverly Summerbell is a passionate bidder at Heartland sales, as captured here at the Wulf Cattle Sale.

Tommy, Larry, and Colter Todd of Todd Ranches along with fellow ranchers Cody Resor and Mark Kibler, took 19 bulls back to ranches near Willcox, AZ.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Sale Reports

Nearly $2 Million ... Continued from page 24.

Ranches of Willow Lake, SD for $9,000. Many commercial cattlemen were volume buyers. Rudy and Wayne Hepper of Ft. Yates and Bismarck, ND combined to purchase 19 bulls. Todd Ranches, Mark Kibler, and Cody Resor also took 19 bulls back to their ranches in Willcox, AZ.

Wayne Hepper of Bismarck, ND and his father Rudy of Ft. Yates, ND combined to purchase 19 bulls from Wulf Cattle.

Dave, Brandon, and Brenda Meyers of Flasher, ND purchased 17 bulls. Dallas Schott of McLaughlin, SD purchased ten bulls and Butch Jochim of Diamond V Ranch, Selfridge, ND purchased eight.

Averages: 56 1/6 Two-year-old purebred bulls....... .................................................$5,955 13 Lim-Flex two-year-old bulls......4,769 19 Fall yearling purebred bulls....4,710 5 Lim-Flex fall bulls.......................8,000 175 1/6 Yearling purebred bulls....5,717 40 Lim-Flex yearling bulls.............5,012 9 1/3 Angus bulls...........................7,258 Total on bulls: 364 2/3 Lots.........$5,652 47 Open females.............................3,691 Total: 364 2/3 Lots........................$5,399 Auctioneers C.K. “Sonny” Booth, Ron Cunningham Sale Management: American Cattle Services Sale Consultants: Grassroots Consulting, KK Seedstock Consultants, R&R Marketing, Joel Edge, Jim Wulf

Effertz Re-Elected To National Beef Board

During the 2013 Cattle Industry convention & NCBA Trade Show in Tampa, Florida February 6-9, North Dakota Limousin breeder Jerry Effertz was re-elected to the Federation of state beef council’s board for the Beef Promotion Operating Committee. The BPOC was established in the Beef Promotion and Research Act as the body that would “contract with established national nonprofit industry-governed organizations to implement programs of promotion, research, consumer information and industry information”. It is made up of 10 members elected from the Cattlemen’s Beef board, and 10 members elected by the Federation, with two thirds vote needed to pass an Authorization Request Operating Committee (BPOC). Jerry was quoted in the February 18 edition of the Red River Farm Network news: Beef Checkoff Funds a Variety of Programs — As a member of the Beef Checkoff’s Beef Promotion Operating committee, Jerry Effertz helps to determine which programs the Beef Checkoff will

fund each year. Effertz, who is from Velva, North Dakota, says that can be a difficult decision. “We get a variety of programs to select from, everything from nutrition to global marketing, so it’s a wide variety of terrific programs that are presented,” Effertz said, “making those choices is a challenge. As we all know, we are dealing with less dollars, certainly not a lack of great programs to be funded but having to determine the effective use of those dollars can be a challenge.” In addition to serving on the BPOC, Jerry also serves on the Global Growth Committee and was recently appointed chairman of the Market Research Working Group.


Thank You to Heifer Syndicate Donors On behalf of HLA President Cash Schilling and the Heartland Board of Directors, a big "Thank you" to those who donated to the heifer syndicate. The money raised will be used to help with expenses of the Heartland Limousin Association. The Summerbells donated 1/2 the proceeds from the sale of LFRO Yolanna which was sold at the Iowa Beef Expo. In an effort to cover the rising costs of keeping the executive secretary on the road covering the many events in the Heartland, the syndicate raised over $5,000. This will be a big help to the Heartland Association for the 2013 travel expenses. The

Heartland family is amazing. Thank you for all your support.

$$$ raised - brain child of Cash Schilling, President HLA. Plus $2,000 for ½ of the sale price of the heifer. Kansas GV Limousin Rolf Limousin O.T. Limousin Farms Pine Tree Acres Trevor Gum Family Super C Limousin Braun Farms Vermillion Ranch Kaw Valley Limousin Kyle Dye Family Schilling Limousin Nebraska Watts Limousin Hunt Limousin Ranch Behrends Limousin Boyer Limousin Bullis Creek Ranch Iowa Anderson Limousin Bosch Farms Brewer Limousin Farm Butler Limousin Gillette Brothers Doyle Limousin Faidley Farms Walrod Flatland Limousin Hait Family Lowell Hermon Limousin Morman Trail Farm Straight Limousin Ricke Limousin Venner Family Limousin

Danny Cobb Long & Sons Limousin Minnesota Cripple Creek Limousin Lura Limousin Brad Kaiser North Dakota Diamond V Ranch - Butch Jochim Potter Livestock Vaughn Farms Effertz Black Butte Acres ND Limousin Association South Dakota Peterson L7 Bar Kyle Stern Limousin Ludens Family Limousin Treftz Limousin ROM’N Limousin Symens Bros Symens Hills Bar JZ Ranches Wisconsin Spring Creek Cattle Co. Peterson Limousin Beaver Brook Limousin Missouri Elite Limousin L&R Limousin Stan Schrock Family Henderson Farms Wyoming Waddle Limousin


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013 held Thursday, February 21, 2013 in Kearney, was canceled due to the blizzard that hit the area. This event takes place in conjunction with the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Mark your calendars for the preme champion title with the bull Classic and is held the night before 2013 Limousin show at the Ne- Schilling’s Yannis; a 3/1/11 son of the Limousin Show and Sale. braska State Fair. The festivities Schilling’s Unforgiven owned by Due to the inclement weather, will take place August 27-29 at the Schilling Limousin of Edson, KS. all events at the Classic were State Fair Park facility in Grand He also went on to be the Supreme canceled Thursday. The annual Island. champion bull at the Kansas State meeting and benefit auction will The theme for this year’s fair Fair in September of 2012. be rescheduled for some time this is “The Thrill of It All”. We hope The Limousin cattle can begin summer. Watch the website for to have a large contingent of Lim- arriving August 26 but can’t get further information. ousin enthusiasts exhibit cattle into the barn until 5:00 p.m. that NLA Website or come to support their fellow day. They need to be in place by The Nebraska Limousin Associbreeders. Last year was a very 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, August 27. successful show for the Limousin Check-in begins that afternoon. ation has developed a website with breed. They took home the Su- The show will start at 9:00 a.m. Chris Newitt of Barking Apple. Thursday, August 29. No blocking Everyone with paid memberships chutes, cords, tack or chairs will be will have their contact information listed along with links to their allowed in the aisle. email accounts or websites. The Gerald Gustafson, NLA presiwebsite is dent, encourages all members to Contact Gerry Gustafson, presiattend this annual event, either dent or Gwen Behrends, secretary/ as an exhibitor at the show or treasurer, for more information on as a supporter of the show with the website. your attendance. Members of the Our Sympathy Nebraska Limousin Association Our sympathy is extended to will host a hamburger fry lunch the family of Lillian Schmale of immediately following the show. Annual Meeting in Kearney Emerson, Nebraska. She passed away suddenly Monday, February Canceled 11, 2013 at her home. Services Charlie and Nancy Hunt of Oxford, NE The annual Nebraska Limousin purchased two-third’s semen interest Association meeting and benefit were held February 13 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Emerson. in Wulf’s Stimulus 2009Z at the Wulf auction, which was to have been cattle sale.

Nebraska News ...

Lillian worked as a clerk for the

Mark Your Calendars

Dwight Comer Named Nebraska “Commercial Producer of the Year” The Nebraska Limousin Association named Dwight Comer of Hordville as their 2013 “Commercial Producer of the Year”. He received his plaque at the start of the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Limousin sale in Kearney Friday, February 22, 2013. Dwight and his wife, Tena, purchased their first Limousin female at the Classic in 1989 for their children to show in 4-H. Since then, he has purchased bulls and females from Nebraska breeders Mike Crook of Rising City, Watts Limousin of Fairfield, and Hunt Limousin of Oxford as well as Schilling Limousin of Edson, KS. He currently has a little over 100 head, 45 which are purebred and the rest are Lim-Flex. Dwight calves them out in the spring. His cattle are all hormone-free. He also farms 280 acres of corn. Dwight retains 25 percent of the

Nebraska Limousin Association President Gerald Gustafson of West Point, NE congratulates Dwight and Tena Comer of Hordeville, NE upon their selection as the 2013 Nebraska “Commercial Producer of the Year”.

females for replacement breeding. He also sells freezer beef privately to about 80 families and markets the remaining calf crop to JBS in Grand Island. He likes the Limousin breed for the way they yield and grade. He had a pen that yielded 49 percent

last year. Dwight and his wife Tena have two sons, Taylor (Kristi) and Trevor, three daughters; Morgan (Jeremy Phillippi), Courtney and Sarah and two grandsons, Kyler and Wyatt. Congratulations to the Comers family!

Northeast Nebraska Power District until her retirement and then she worked part-time for Central Plains Insurance. During her years of retirement she enjoyed traveling with her brothers to farms shows, cattle sales, and tractor auctions. Lillian was active in her church, enjoyed baking and canning, and she also like to play cards and dance, especially the polka. She is survived by her brothers Francis, Ferdinand, and Edwin Schmale of Emerson, NE plus many other relatives and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents, a brother, Leonard, and infant brother, Edward, and a great-nephew, Kaden Schmale.

It’s Grilling Time

Spring has finally arrived and we are all looking forward to getting out the grills. Here are some tips when grilling beef. High heat can overcook or char the outside of beef cuts while the interior remains underdone. There is no need to bring beef to room temperature before cooking – straight from the refrigerator works effectively. Turn steaks with tongs. Avoid using a fork, which will pierce the beef and result in the loss of flavorful juices. Turn ground beef patties with a spatula. Do not press down on the patty or flavorful juices will be lost, resulting in a dry burger. Salt beef after cooking. Salting beef before cooking draws out moisture and restricts the flavor.

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Blizzard Complicates Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic in Kearney

An old fashioned shot from Mother Nature struck the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic held in Kearney the third week of February. A blizzard dumping over a foot of snow and winds approaching 30 miles an hour reigned havoc on the annual event forcing the postponement of all Thursday sales. However, ranchers made their way to Kearney following the storm Friday, February 22, 2013 to evaluate the Limousin offering selling at the Classic. Although diminished numbers of cattle were there because of the storm, the quality was exceptional averaging over $5, 000 for the bulls. A sale order show was held the morning with the sale commencing in mid-afternoon.


female in the sale order show and was consigned by Boyer Limousin of Liberty, NE.

Bullis Creek Ranch of Wood Lake, NE consigned the champion Limousin female; BRAW Ms Upr Echelon 272Z; a 3/20/12 black, polled 50 percent daughter of PBRS Upper Echelon out of BC Ms Lookout 911W. Matt Schultz of Oxford, NE purchased the female for $2,800. Averages: Bulls...............................................$5,025 Females.........................................$2,900 Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Management: Cattlemen’s Classic

The top-selling bull was HUNT Zepher; a 3/12/12 black, polled 50 percent son of AAR Game Day 903 out of HUNT Randi 104R consigned by Hunt Limousin of Oxford, NE. The reserve champion bull sold to Doug and Luke Johnson of Elsie, NE for $7,000.

Anna Luna, B&L Cattle of Plainville, KS thanked Matt and Mitch Schultz of Oxford, NE for their purchase of the champion bull.

Jay Boyer of Liberty, NE appreciated Steve Whitwer of Blue Springs, NE who purchased the Boyer consigned open female at the Nebraska Classic in Kearney.

Neil and Rob Brawner of Bullis Creek Ranch thanked Wade and Monica Wagner of Smith Center, KS for their purchase of their consigned bull at the Cattlemen’s Classic.

Rob Brawner appreciated the Schultz Brothers of Oxford for their purchase of the champion Limousin female at Kearney.

The champion Limousin bull,was Brokers Wild 2011Y; an 11/18/11 black, polled 50 percent son of RRA Duramax 8366 consigned by B&L Cattle of Plainville, KS. This champion bull was purchased by Matt Schultz of Oxford, NE for $5,500.

Steven Whitwer of Blue Springs, NE purchased the high-selling Limousin female for $3,000. JTBO Upgrade 24Z is a 2/4/12 black, polled 50 percent daughter of STYLES Upgrade J59 put of JTBO Xtra Ridley 02X.

She was the reserve champion

Leon Vogel of Gothenburg, NE consigned the champion pen of five competition with a set of Limousin x Angus open heifers. They were purchased by Flying K Ranch of Gothenburg for $7,250.

Bull Management in Multi=Sire Pastures Before the breeding season begins, a few simple management procedures involving the bulls can increase the likelihood of a high pregnancy percentage among the cows, says Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Extension cattle specialist. In multi-sire pastures, make certain that the bulls that will be pastured together have been in a common trap or pasture prior to the breeding season. Bulls will establish a social hierarchy. It is better to get this done before the breeding season begins

rather than wait until they are first placed with the cows. Put young bulls with young bulls and mature bulls with mature bulls. Mixing the ages will result in the mature bull dominating the younger bull completely and in some instances causing a serious injury. If the plan is to rotate bulls during the breeding season, then use the mature bulls first, and follow with the yearling bulls in the last third of the breeding season. In this way, the young bulls will have fewer cows to settle, and will be 1-2 months older when they

start breeding. The cow:bull ratio is very difficult to decide upon. A conservative rule-of -thumb (for young bulls) is to place them with roughly the same number of cows as is his age in months. For example: Bull age in months and number of females in breeding pasture: 12-15 months = 10-12 cows 15-18 months = 12-18 cows 18-24 months = 18-25 cows More than 24 months = 25-35 cows.


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

Heartland Limousin Association Holds Annual Meeting and Benefit Auction The Heartland Limousin Association (HLA) held its annual meeting and benefit auction in conjunction with the Iowa Beef Expo at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines February 12. Over 150 people attended the event which featured a free beef brisket dinner with all the trimmings.

C.K. “Sonny” Booth of Miami, OK auctioned the annual Heartland benefit auction in Des Moines on February 12.

Bruce Walrod of Flatland Limousin was thanked for his service to the HLA as a board member for six years.

Dean Summerbell, Executive Secretary of the HLA, thanked the crowd for their support and attendance. NALF President Bob Mitchell welcomed the crowd. Summerbell also thanked the retiring board members Ed Bergler of Dakota, MN; Bruce Walrod of Moorland, IA; and Jamie Watts of Fairfield, NE for their six years of service to the Heartland. Members elected to the board for 2013 were Mike Henderson of Wellsville, MO and Jim Venner of Breda, IA. A temporary appointment for Nebraska was also named. Jamie

Watts will remain until the Nebraska Limousin Association names a new board member. The HLA selected Bailey Walrod of Moorland, IA as the recipient of the annual Leonard and Vi Wulf scholarship. It is awarded

each year to a high school senior who is planning on attending college. Along with the scholarship, the recipient must do a three-five day internship with Executive Secretary Dean Summerbell thanked Ed some aspect of the Bergler of Dakota, MN and presented him with a table beef industry and inscribed with his name for his six years of service on write a summary the HLA Board. He served as president for four of of their experience. those years. Congratulations to Bailey, who missioned painting of a Heartland plans on attending Iowa State Junior Regional Event with seven University in the fall. sponsor banners, six exhibitors and Kaitlyn Boyer of Weldon, IA miscellaneous people in the crowd was also recognized for her accom- watching the event will be done in plishment of finishing in the top 2014. The banners with individual five overall contestants participat- breeder logos and exhibitors in ing in the annual judging contest the lineup will be auctioned off at at the Iowa Beef Expo. Kaitlyn the 2014 benefit auction. People placed first in the live judging. watching the show in the painting Congratulations, Kaitlyn! will pay a fee for their picture to be The annual benefit auctions painted. The fees will be set at an yielded $16,000 on the donated upcoming board meeting in June. items and semen/embryos. OneFollowing the benefit auction, half interest in the donated heifer the HLA board reconvened and brought an additional $8,000, elected the 2013 slate of officers. which will go to support the travel The board elected Cash Schilling expense of the Summerbells for of Edson, KS, president; Jerry 2013. A major thank you to all Meek of Parker, KS, vice-presiof those who donated auction items dent; Andy Peterson of Osceola, as well as those who so generously WI, secretary; and Jim Venner of purchased the items. Breda, IA, treasurer. Ann VorthThe HLA board voted to pursue mann will continue as the financial a different fundraiser in addition secretary. to the benefit auction. A com-

Retiring HLA Board member Jamie Watts received a thank you gift from the HLA for his service to the Association.

Complete Herd Dispersion

The complete Golden Oaks Beef Limousin Herd is offered for sale. You will find some of the breed's proven, leading bloodlines represented. 10 - April calving pairs 14 - October calving pairs 1 - Yearling Black, Polled Lim-Flex Herd Bull Contact: Will Bollum at Golden Oaks Beef, Northfield, MN ph: (507)664-9592, cell (507) 244-0833.

The crowd who attended the HLA banquet enjoyed a great meal and evening.

Commercial Advantages of Limousin

The Limousin breed provides several advantages for the commercial cattlemen: • The Limousin breed offers a continental option with calving ease and calf vigor for live calves on the ground and more to sell at weaning. • Natural efficient growth and feed efficiency are trademarks of the breed and have never been

more important with the cost of feed. • Optimum heterosis that can be maximized with Fullblood, Purebred or maintained with the use of Lim-Flex. • Industries oldest and most accurate docility EPD. • Built-in longevity for bulls that work for many years and cows that last.

New Scholarship Opportunity The Heartland Limousin Association (HLA) along with the Kansas Limousin Breeders Association (KLBA) and the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) have been given money to be used for scholarships for members of the junior Limousin association. Ron and the late Carolyn Holland of Vassar, KS were pioneers in the Limousin breed. Education and cattle were both very important to them, and they have generously donated money to be set up in a scholarship fund for the juniors. Applications for these new scholarships can be obtained from any of the organizations listed above. The money will be given out to the recipients for the four years that they are in school, $500 per year or a total of $2,000. This is a limited time scholarship, and they will be

Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

available for the next five years. Ron Holland made a trip to South Dakota back in April of 1971 and he purchased five black baldy heifers bred to Limousin bulls. The resulting half-blood females began a journey in the breed that kept them involved at the state, regional and national levels.

ou Thank Y e Heartland

The Hollands became actively involved in the Limousin breed, serving as one of the first officers in the KLBA. Ron went on to be elected to the NALF board of directors in 1984 and again in 1987. He served as treasurer in 1989. He was elected to serve again in 1996 and 1999. His wife, Carolyn, was a leader and officer in the “Limouselles” (now known as the Limi Boosters). In addition, Ron and Carolyn were also involved in a wide variety of associations including the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA), the Beef Cattle Improvement Committee, the Kansas Beef Expo Board, and the KLA Stockgrowers Council. In 1998 Ron was appointed Beef Superintendent of the Kansas State Fair and he served in that capacity for the next 12 years. He


was inducted into the state fair “Wall of Fame” in September of 2012. Carolyn passed away in August of 2011 and in the fall of 2012, Ron sold his farm and moved to Wichita, KS to be near family members. We thank the Holland family for their generous donation.

for Supporting th n Limousin Associatineo for their

ks everyo The HLA board than d rous people donate ne ge e es Th t. or pp su eartitems at the 2013 H d se ha rc pu or d/ an in n held February 12 land benefit auctio e Iowa Beef Expo. conjunction with th Anderson Limousin – Garner, IA Baker Limousin – Fulton, MO Bosch Farms – Indianola, IA Boyer Limousin – Liberty, NE Braun Limousin – Victoria, KS Bullis Creek Ranch – Wood Lake, NE Butler Limousin – Lacona, IA Cecil Sunderman – Clarinda, IA Cripple Creek Cattle Co. – Dakota, MN Criss Cross Trucking – Jacksonville, MO Dean & Bev Summerbell – East Bethel, MN Double A Limousin – Shawnee, KS Franseen Limousin – Strafford, WI Edwards Limousin – Higginsville, MO Effertz Black Butte Acres – Velva, ND Flatland Limousin – Foorland, IA George Hubbard – Miami, OK Grassroots Genetics – Holts Summit, MO HLA – Heartland Board of Directors Harvest Barn – Osceola, IA Hawkeye Breeders Service – Adel, IA

The 2013 HLA Board of Directors: Front Row: Cash Schilling, Jerry Meek, Andy Peterson, Jim Venner, Ann Vorthmann, Dean Summerbell. Back Row: Mike Henderson, Jamie Watts, Mark Willette, Shaun Edwards, Ed Bergler, Cookie Nielson, Norma Effertz, & Bob Bosch.

Hermon Limousin – Carlisle, IA Hunt Limousin – Oxford, NE JLX Limousin – Elk Point, SD KLBA – Kansas Limousin Breeders Association K-Twilite Limousin – Decorah, IA Kaiser Limousin – Wells, MN Lammert Farms – Treynor, IA Leih Limousin – New Virginia, IA Leonard Family Limousin – Holstein, IA Limi-Gene – Sisseton, SD Limousin Live – Osceola, WI Limousin World – Guthrie, OK Linhart Limousin – Leon, IA Little’s Limousin – Eldon, MO Ludens Family Limousin – Viborg, SD Lura Limousin – Delavan, MN Mill Road Limousin – Knapp, WI Magness Land & Cattle Co. – Platteville, CO Mormon Trail Limousin – Weldon, IA Pagel Family Limousin – Stewartville, MN Pine Tree Acres Limousin – Parker, KS

Potter Livestock – Braddock, ND R&R Marketing Company – Nashville, TN Ricke Limousin – Westside, IA ROM’N Limousin – Arlington, SD Schilling Limousin – Edson, KS Schrock Limousin – Green Top, MO Shirley Symens – Amherst, SD Signature Signs – Sutherland, IA Spring Creeks Cattle Co. – Wauseka, WI Straight Limousin – Logan, IA Sullivan Supply – Dunlap, IA Symens Brothers Limousin – Amherst, SD Symens Hills Ranch – Sisseton, SD Treftz Limousin – Wetonka, SD Twin G Limousin – Pittsburg, KS Vaughn Farms – Cavalier, ND Venner Limousin – Breda, IA Vorthmann Limousin – Treynor, IA Watts Limousin – Fairfield, NE Wies Limousin – Wellsville, MO Wulf Cattle – Morris, MN


Vol. 21 • Issue 3 • May/June 2013

MANY THANKS to all in attendance at our 25th Annual Opportunity Sale. Because of your trust and confidence in Wulf genetics, cattle sold to 24 states and 5 Canadian provinces.


BUYERS IN THE 25TH ANNUAL OPPORTUNITY SALE 3 Links Farm & Dobson Cattle Co, Wilcox, AZ 3G Ranch, Iroquois, SD 4 L Land & Livestock Co Inc, Forsyth, MT 4G Cattle, Wheaton, MN ABS Global Inc., DeForest, WI Amaglen Limousin, Darlingford, MB, CAN Anderson Farms, Morris, MN Anderson Limousin, Arlington, WA Wendell, Bahr, Alden, IA Beaver Brook Farm, Shell Lake, WI Dan, Beckley, Carrington, ND Dean, Beckley, Kensal, ND Beef Inc, Fort Yates, ND Beef Northwest, Boardman, OR Beitelspacher Farms, Hoven, SD Bercol Limousin, Bon Accord, AB, CAN Jackie , Bigger, Timber Lake, SD Bohn, Robert, Richardton, ND David & Terrah, Book, Eldridge, IA Border View Bell Ranch, Opheim, MT Bosek Farms, Garfield, MN Broken Arrow S Ranch, McLaughlin, SD Brushy Creek Cattle Co., Ocila, GA Ken Byam, Ansley, NE Hal Castle, Churchill, TN Patty Chapman, Petrolia, CA Circle R Limousin, Jacksonville, FL Clark Cattle, Port Hope, ON, CAN Mark Conley, Silver Lake, IN Crane Farms, Philadelphia, MO CWS Partners, Morris, MN Dennis Deckert, Wing, ND Norman Delbridge, Faith, SD Devco Limousin, Absarokee, MT Diamond C Limousin, Ponoka, AB, CAN DMW Cattle Company, Larchwood, IA Double A Limousin / Abele / 4H Limousin, Shawnee, KS Double J Ranch, Mindenmines, MO Double P Angus, Lloydminster, SK, CAN Doud Ranch, Midland, SD Dunlap Farms, Rives Junction, MI Eagle Pass Ranch, Hillman, MN Eastview Cattle Co, Balaton, MN Jaramie Eaton, Dupress, SD Edleman Ranch, Willow Lake, SD Gary Ellgen, Craig, CO Emholtz Limousin, Meeker, OK

Englewood Farms, Lexington, KY Exotic Acres Limousin, Wrenshall, MN Farlee Ranch, Dupree, SD Genereux Ranch, Big Sandy, MT Gerhardt, Choutae, Mandan, ND Gjermundson, Casey, Richardton, ND Gjermundson, Lyle, Halliday, ND Gommers, LD & DP PTY LTD, Brinkley, SA Granite View Farms, Milbank, SD Greer Farms, Cleveland, ND Dewayne Greer, Valpraiso, IN Hubert Greiner, Keota, IA Greg Grunloh, Lexington, IL H & T Bies Cattle Co, Fairburn, SD Brady Hagert, Redwood Falls, MN Hall Cattle Co, Sweetwater, TX Dick Hansen, Harrold, SD Martin Harwell, Shubuta, MS Hepper Ranch, Fort Yates, ND Jerry Hicks, Norris, SD High Cattle Co, Airdrie, AB, CAN Highland Stock Farms, Olds, AB, CAN Hinsz Ranch, McLaughlin, SD Hofeldt Livestock, Chinook, MT Hunt Limousin Ranch, Oxford, NE Greg Hutton, Paisley, ON, CAN J Yorga Farms, Flintoft, SK, CAN JC Cattle Co., Wilcox, AZ Justin Jenniges, Glenwood, MN Butch Jochim, Selfridge, ND K Bar G, Montevideo, MN K S Limousin Cattle, Java Village, NY Randal Kack, Canby, MN KC Limousin Ranch, Sisseton, ND KCC Feeding, Inc., Minden, NE Kennedy Ranch, Faith, SD Keppy's Limousin, Walcott, IA Fred & Steve Kost, Eagle Butte, SD Jerry Larson, Hines, MN Lecy Farms, Hague, ND Leier Farms, Dawson, ND Pat Leier, Tappen, ND Daryl Lewandowski, Browns Valley, MN Long Farms, Monett, MO

Ludens Family Limousin, Viborg, SD Magness Land & Cattle, Platteville, CO John Mark, Dalton, MN Marthaler Angus, Hastings, MN McDaniel Ranch, Midland, SD McLellan Ranch, Lantry, SD Meyer Ranch, Flasher, ND Miller Farms, Lamar, MO Mitchell Wild Meadow, Bloomer, WI Mittleider, Dan, Tappen, ND Mixon Farms, Ocilla, GA Moser Family Limousin, Morris, MN Joel Moser, Alvord, IA Steve Mulenhart, Shakopee, MN Gary Nash, Absarokee, MT Nekola Farms, Tama, IA Nelson Farms, Ellendale, MN David Nelson, Sunburg, MN Mike Nelson, Philip, SD New Miami Colony, Conrad, MT Kirk O'Bryan, Monroe City, MO Kevin Ochsner, Kersey, CO Olsen Livestock, Dupree, SD Jim Orris, Clark, SD Perrion Ranch, Ipswich, SD Kim Peterson, Parade, SD Ryan Peterson, Bowman, ND Pineview Acres Limousin, Washburn, WI Pinnacle View Limousin Pitts High View Ranch, Crandon, WI Pleasant Home Cattle, Creston, OH Pompadour Hills Ranch, Highmore, SD Poplar View Stock Farms, Pipestone, MB, CAN Wesley Porter, Montgomery City, MT Portwood Bros., Versailles, KY Potterosa Limousin Farm, Braddock, ND R J Legacy Farms, Colfax, WI Brian Rainey, Visalia, CA Randy Ryberg Farm, Menoken, ND Red Maple Farms, Orono, ON, CAN Tom Ree, Glendive, MT Jim Reilly, Terry, MT Ritter Ranch, Akaska, SD Travis Rocholl, Erhard, MN

Rockin TO, Britton, SD Rocky Stoneberg, Wilmar, MN Roland Ricci, Cynthiana, KY Rolling S Farms, LLC, Bagley, WI Rotenberger Farms Inc, Milnor, ND Roth Limousin Ranch, Redfield, SD Alan Rybinski, Hendricks, MN S & L Beef Farms, Watton, MI S&S Cattle Co, Aberdeen, SD Schaefers Farms, Orient, SD Philip Schaf, Solen, ND Schlagel Farms, Raymond, SD Schott Limousin, McLaughlin, SD Dan Schrempp, Eagle Butte, SD Dean Schrempp, Lantry, SD Schrock Cattle Company, Greentop, MO Sime Farms, Revillo, SD Single Tree Ranch, New Castle, CO Sleiter Limousin, Morris, MN Greg Smith, Marion, ND Snodell Ranch, McLeod, MT Southern Cattle Company, Marianna, FL Sovereign Springs Farm, Chatfield, MN Spring Creek Cattle Co, Wauzeka, WI Starr Ranch, Dupree, SD Andrew Steltz, Milbank, SD Stoner Farms, Miami, OK Stutz Limmy Scene, Goshen, IN Swanson Angus, Ivanhoe, MN Symens Brothers, Amherst, SD Thurston Bill, Hyannis, NE Tichenor Farms, Scott Toberman, Eastman, WI Colter Todd, Wilcox, AZ Tommie Todd, Wilcox, AZ Torgerson Farms. Cavour, SD Ernest Tullis, Welch, OK Gary Van Daele, Rhame, ND Frank Virchow, Lake Preston, SD Vorthmann Limousin, Treynor, IA John Walton, Sachse, TX Warbonnet Ranch, Wilcox, AZ Wickens Farm & Ranch, Hilger, MT Wiesen Limousin Farm, Hendricks, MN Dan Wilson, Frankfort, SD Windy Gables Limousin, Warkworth, ON, CAN Wolf Creek Ranch, Robinson, ND Bruce Wotschke, Vesta, MN Charles & Deb Youngblood, Carthage, MO

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May/June Heartbeat Magazine  

The 2013 May/June issue of the Heartbeat Magazine.