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Sale Location Dunlap Livestock Auction 701 West Highway 30 Dunlap, IA 51529

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Welcome to the 8th Annual York Creek Red Angus Bull Sale! The cattle business is the people business, and we enjoy building new relationships as well as growing old ones through seedstock cattle. We would like to personally thank everyone who has taken an interest in the offering this year and in previous years. Whether you are a past customer, or considering becoming a new one, we can’t continue to do this without your support, and we will continually strive to improve the cattle being offered so your cowherd can become more profitable.

Grant Potadle: 402-870-1488 Kurt Potadle: 412-533-3948 Cody Schaben: 712-592-1281 Gene Doran: 515-443-3765

The Red Angus breed has continued is unprecedented growth for a variety of reasons: exceptional carcass merit and opportunity for premiums at harvest, accuracy of EPDs, and adding value to commercial cross breeding systems. However, we feel the most important reason to be using Red Angus genetics is the momma cow. Her ability to calve easy, keep her flesh, breed back in a timely manner, and then still push the scales at weaning time is what has solidified the breed’s place in second amongst all others in America.


Our first and highest priority when making selection decisions is on the female. If we didn’t feel that these bulls’daughters could work in any part of the country, they would not be on offer. It is the cow family behind the bull that separates the average from the best. We have continued to build a breeding program based around some of the most proven maternal genetics that North America has to offer.


I would like to point out that many of bulls in the offering are embryo transfer calves. I have identified those in the footnotes. Please keep in mind that the actual BWs on those individuals are not indicative of their true genetics, and more indicative of their recipient mother’s birthweight tendencies. Also, the Red Angus EPDs have been modified slightly since last year. The EPDs themselves have not changed, just the breed averages for a handful of traits. Because of this, it is continually important to measure a bull’s value based on the percentile ranking of whichever EPD is being evaluated.

Super 8 • Onawa, IA 712-423-2101

All bulls come with a first breeding season guarantee, free delivery within 300 miles, and free boarding until April 15. We will, however, being offering a $100 cash discount to anyone wanting to take his or her bull home directly after the sale. We do not have any cooperators, and these animals have never left the place. We take pride in knowing our cattle very well.

Jon Schaben: 712-263-0755

Boulders Inn & Suites • Denison, IA Majestic Hills Location: 712.263.2200 Oak Ridge Location: 712-263-2833


We will deliver bulls free of charge up to 300 miles. After 300 miles, standard trucking rates will apply. If the buyer is unable to take their purchase on sale day, we will board the bulls free of charge until April 15. A $50 discount will be given for any bull taken home sale day.

Once again, thank you very much for your interest in the program, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or swing by anytime to take a look at the bulls or cowherd. If you can’t be at the sale in person, please see the list of sale day phone numbers for assistance. Internet bidding will be available through We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, March 20, in Dunlap!

York Creek Red Angus • 15702 County Road P4, Herman, NE 68029 Grant: 402-870-1488 • Kurt: 402-533-3948 • Email:

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York Creek Red Angus - 2019 Sale Catalog  

York Creek Red Angus - 2019 Sale Catalog