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Meeting schedule

3rd Multi-stakeholder platform meeting 22-24 January 2013 >> Nairobi, Kenya Inter-Continental Hotel

23 january

22 january

Chair: Jimmy Smith, ILRI

10:00–11:30 Registration

9:00 Recap of day 1 – Drafting committee

Master of ceremony: Professor Agnes Mwangombe, University of Nairobi

9:15 The morning will be dedicated to two panel sessions – preceded by panel introductions. Coffee will be served following the first panel.

3rd Multi-stakeholder platform meeting

11:30 Opening session Opening speech – Hon Dr Mohammed Abdi Kuti, Minister of Livestock Development Kenya

1) Agenda partners perspective panel – What concrete engagement/commitment do individual stakeholders/ stakeholder groups bring to support the further development of the Agenda? Panel requests: Richard Doyle, IDF; Francois Le Gall, World Bank; Ilse KoehlerRollefson, LPP; Leo den Hartog, NUTRECO; Alexandre Ickowicz, LIFOLD; Fritz Schneider, BUAS; Hsin Huang, IMS; Michiel Scholtz; ARC; Elizabeth Katushabe, PENHA; Hong Choi, SNU; Ernesto Reyes, Agribenchmark; La Van Kinh, MoA, Viet Nam

Host organizations’ opening statements – AU – H.E Mrs Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, Commissioner Rural Economy and Agriculture of AUC ILRI, Jimmy Smith, Director-General, ILRI; 13:00 Lunch Chair: (tbc) 14:00 Current trends and issues in the livestock sector – Francois Le Gall, World Bank

2) Agenda partner perspectives panel – Strategies to ensure additional support and engagement for the building and implementation of the Agenda (including resource mobilization and political will) Panel members: Christian Patermann; Jim Butler; Francois Pythoud, Federal office of agriculture, Switzerland; Caroline Chaumont; Song Hu, Canadian swine exporter association; Fabiana Maldonado, Ministry of agriculture and food supplies, Brazil; Joyce Bwire, Delaval.

The Agenda: An update – Henning Steinfeld, FAO Followed by questions and plenary discussion 15:00 Break 15:30 Focus area presentations Closing the efficiency gap; Restoring value to grassland; Towards zero discharge – Focus area champions 16:00 Panel on The clash between Resource scarcity and Demand Growth (with specific reference to the livestock sector) – Issues/ challenges/opportunities and possible solutions. Panel members: Ramesh Rawal, BAIF; Simplice Nouala, AU/IBAR; Bryan Weech, WWF; Shirley Tarawali, ILRI; Hsin Huang, IMS; Ulf Magnusson, SLU.

NB: Each panel member will have 5 minutes to make their statements. Panel statements followed by plenary discussion.

12:45 Panel discussion summary by Chair 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Agenda – How do we work together in building the Agenda – Jeroen Dijkman, FAO Short presentation on the proposed initial set-up, followed by plenary discussion, to identify a set of issues / questions that will be developed further by a separate working group

NB: Panel members will have 5 minutes to lay out their views. Panel statements followed by moderated panel interaction with the plenary.

17:25 Panel discussion summary by the Chair (up to 17:30) 18:00 Presentation space Optional free space for stakeholder presentations (backcover) 19:30 Pool-side cocktail

14:45 Working groups Three focus areas groups and one ‘How do we work together’ group, to include stakeholder commitments / refine draft focus area programmes and initial set up 15:30 Break 17:00 Day closure 17:30 Presentation space Optional free space for stakeholder presentations (backcover) 20:00 Pool-side dinner

Chair: Francois Le Gall, World Bank and Richard Doyle, IDF 9:00 Recap of day 2 – Drafting committee 9:15 Working groups Inclusion of stakeholder commitments / refinement of draft focus area programmes and initial set up 10:30 Break

11:00 Working groups (continued) Inclusion of stakeholder commitments / refinement of draft focus area support programmes and operational modalities 13:30 Lunch 14:00 Group presentations of finalized draft focus area programmes to plenary followed by plenary discussion 15:15 Summary of group presentation and discussions by the Chairs 15:30 Break 16:00 Next steps – Agenda Support Group 16:45 Closing statements by selected stakeholders 17:00 Meeting adjourns

NB: Process and drafting group to meet each evening to review and report meeting progress.

25 january Optional field visits BECA/ILRI campus Ol Kalou Dairy Ltd Farmers’ Choice

22-24 January 2013 >> Nairobi, Kenya

24 january

Programme: Presentation space Parallel sessions Location: Mara South room

Location: Samburu room 22 january Chair: (tbc)

Chair: (tbc) 18:00 Linking herders to carbon markets. Fritz Schneider, Bern University of Applied Sciences 18:30 New findings on soil C sequestration potential of the world’s grasslands. Rich Conant, Colorado State University, USA 19:00 Preview of results from the life cycle assessment of GHG emissions along food chains and options for mitigation. Pierre Gerber, FAO

18:00 Due diligence to livelihoods and biodiversity in the Agenda – Some ideas and suggestions. Ilse Koehler-Rollefson, League for pastoral people – 18:30 A LIFLOD Network perspective of actions. Alexandre Ickowicz. LIFOLD 19:00 Humane sustainable agriculture: farm animal welfare and livestock sector development. Michael Appleby, World Society for the Protection of Animals

23 january Chair: (tbc)

Chair: (tbc)

17:30 Uplifting extensive grazing systems: Livelihoods for resilience in the Horn of Africa. Constance Neely, ICRAF/ILRI

17:30 Sustainability Assessment work. Tamara McCann, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, USA

18:00 Maasai pastoralists’ current situation in Tanzania. Adam Ole Mwarabu, LIFE network Africa

18:00 A South African perspective on issues of importance for a sustainable livestock strategy. Michiel Scholtz, ARC, South Africa

18:30 Changing pastoralism in China with the sedentarization of herders from 1950s to nowadays. Mingming Fan, Peking University

18:30 Significance of common property resources in the context of the Agenda. Kamal Kishore, LIFE network, India

19:00 Sustainable livestock production: the role of sustainable pastoralism. Pablo Manzano, WISP

19:00 The role of small scaled livestock keepers while working on sustainable livestock production agenda. Raziq Kakar, SAVES.

19:30 Remunerating environmental services from yak production in Bhutan. Karma Dukpa, MAF, Bhutan

19:30 Generating carbon credits through dairy productivity gains: A concept for a pilot project. FAO, ILRI and MLD

Meeting schedule  
Meeting schedule  

The Agenda’s third Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) meeting was organized by the African Union – Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources, t...