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Panel Discussions

Focus Question

The clash between Resource Scarcity and Demand Growth: What are the issues, challenges, opportunities and possible solutions

Discussion Guide o Brief introductions by panel members o Panel interaction o Table groups to formulate questions to ask the panel o Panel response

o Summary by the Chair

Panelists o Ramesh Rawal, BAIF

o Simplice Nouala, AU/IBAR o Bryan Weech, WWF

o Shirley Tarawali, ILRI o Hsin Huang, IMS

o Ulf Magnuson, SLU

Focus Question

What concrete commitment and engagement do individual stakeholder groups bring to support the further development of the Agenda?

Panelists o Richard Doyle, IDF o Francois Le Gall, World Bank o Ilse Koehler-Rollefson, LPP o Fritz Schneider, BUAS o Ernesto Reyes, Agribenchmark o La Van Kinh, Ministry of Agriculture, Viet Nam o Neil Fraser, Min. of Agriculture, New Zealand

Panelists o Leo van Hertog, NUTRECO

o Hermes Morales, LIFLOD o Hsin Huang, IMS

o Michael Scholtz, ARC o Elizabeth Kathushabe, PENHA

o Neelkanth Kurbar, Karnataka

Focus Question

What Strategies are needed to ensure additional support and engagement for the building and implementation of the Agenda including resource mobilization and political will?

Panelists o Christian Patermann, Adviser, EC

o Jim Butler, Private Consultant o Francois Pythoud, Fed. Office of Agriculture, Switzerland

o Caroline Chaumont, FAO o Song Hu, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada o Fabiana Maldonado, Min. of Agriculture and Food Supplies, Brazil o Joyce Bwire, Delaval

Focus Question

How do we work together in building the Agenda?

Panel Discussions  
Panel Discussions  

The Agenda’s third Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) meeting was organized by the African Union – Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources, t...