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3 Bloggers share how they connect and save money with Walmart Family Mobile


ack to School is the perfect time to evaluate the monthly services you use that keep you connected. Ask yourself: 1. Are happy with the service you are receiving? 2. Can you get a better price for same or similar or even better service? 3. Bottom line: Are you getting value? Staying connected is important and we place a high priority given our busy lifestyles on being connected. Technology, specifically mobile phones, has presented us with the next best thing to actually being with someone – we can talk wherever we are 10

Live SoFab, Back to School 2013

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and wherever we go, we can take a snapshot of a moment and share it, and with certain smartphones we can virtually “beam” someone in so we can see their face while we chat. Mobile phones are addicting, once you experience all the amazing capabilities that allow you to connect with others, it’s hard to go back, despite the cost involved. Let’s face it, the mobile phone and all its services have become a monthly expense. So do your research to evaluate how you can get the best service for an affordable monthly fee. If you can lower your current fees, you will have some “found money”, which you can earmark for a family vacation, home project, etc.

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