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September 2013

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Welcome to Liverpool! stay

in touch this year Find out more about Liverpool Student’s Union and how you can get involved! Visit ‘Like’ Follow @LiverpoolSU @LSU_Pres @LSU_VPC @LSU_VPA

You can also contact us with any questions at: Find us

Liverpool Students’ Union The Haigh Building Maryland Street L1 9DE


0151 231 4900

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0151 231 4918

It’s the start of a brand new academic year, and more importantly, the start of an incredible experience for all of LJMU’s new students. We understand that starting university can be stressful for some students. From money worries and homesickness, to managing workloads and academic concerns, the student officer team and the services available at LiverpoolSU are here to

help. You can telephone or e-mail us with any concerns, or pop in for a chat when you need someone to talk to. Your students union is here for you. Here at LiverpoolSU we want to make your student life fun and exciting; creating memories that will last forever. Why not sign up for one of our fabulous clubs and societies or activity taster sessions? Fancy taking an adventure to somewhere you have never visited? Then sign up for one of

Student Officer Team 2013/2014

The Lake District ,12th Oct Take a trip the lakes, see first-hand the spectacular scenery and quaint villages that gave William Wordsworth the inspiration to write his world famous poetry. Sample the unique Grasmere gingerbread. Take a trip across Lake Windermere, the largest of England’s lakes on one of the lake cruises. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Beatrix Potter at the Museum dedicated to her life’s work. Take a stroll across the lake shore whilst enjoying one of the famous ice creams or visit a local tavern and explore the wide variety of local Lake District ales on offer. Ticket price includes all travel to and from The Lake District and the cost of guides to take you around the historical village of Grasmere.


our Give it a Go trips! Not only are they are great way to spend your time outside of lectures, but it’s a brilliant way of meeting other new students that could become lifelong friends. We look forward to meeting you all during Fresher’s week, and throughout the year. Congratulations again on gaining a place at LJMU, and welcome to Liverpool. Your sensational student journey begins here!

To buy tickets at £20 visit http://ljmu. For more info contact

Curtis Reid President

Give it a go!

Sam Dayvs Vice President Activities

Dan Cole 3 Vice President Community Engagement

Want to gain valuable work experience? We understand that with rising tuition fees and higher costs of living, some students need to earn extra money to support them whilst at university. Liverpool Students Union is always on the lookout for part-time student staff to work in variety of roles including bar staff and reception. Our jobs are designed to fit around your studies, so you won’t lose valuable revision or lecture time. Working around your studies also shows


that you can organise your time well, which is appealing to prospective future employers. Also based in Liverpool Students Union are Workbank, a recruitment service that can help students find jobs outside of university. These might include administration and call centre work, amongst others. Workbank is open 5 days a week, and can be located in the Haigh Building.

or visit us at LiverpoolSU today to see how we can help. A future of possibilities is waiting for you.

For more info on jobs and volunteering visit .uk / worldofwork /

Working whilst you are studying shouldn’t be stressful, so head online


Have your say

Be a representative

LiverpoolSU are passionate about the student experience. We work hard to ensure that all concerns are heard and that improvements are made to benefit the student body. However, making these changes would be impossible without your input. We are here to work with students to make your experience the best it can be, and to campaign on your behalf. However by voicing your concerns, we can put our efforts towards the issues that matter the most. In the past we have successfully campaigned to introduce free NUS cards for all first year students and £50 print credit per year for all students at LJMU, in response to the rising cost of university.

better. Additionally we hold a ‘Have Your Say Conference’ in November and February - Hear the differences the student officer team are making, and discuss the issues concerning students the most.

available include women’s campaigner, disabled student’s campaigner and LGBT campaigner.

At the Have Your Say Conferences, you can also volunteer to represent specific groups of students and campaign for change on their behalf. Positions

For more information about Have Your Say and a full list of campaign positions available please visit: www.liverpoolsu. com/main-menu/getinvolved/have-yoursay

So speak out, make a stand and be heard. LiverpoolSU need you!

By using our online ‘Have your Say’ system you can share your opinions and suggest what we can do to make your student experience


For more information about how to have your say, and a full list of campaign positions available please visit:

We understand that a lot of students feel more comfortable talking to other students than members of staff. Our representatives enable students to voice their concerns about their course and their accommodation, and we need your help to carry on the wonderful work of our past student representatives.

If you live in halls, or have lived in halls previously, why not volunteer to be one of our hall reps? From problems with flat mates to requests for accommodation changes, you can work with accommodation providers to resolve issues quickly and easily. If you don’t fancy being a hall rep, then why not volunteer to be one of our course reps? As a Course Rep you can work together with LiverpoolSU and LJMU to make the

improvements students want no matter how big or small. To ensure the student voice has been heard it is your role as a Course Representative to go out and talk to your course mates. Find out what they are happy with as well as any course related problems they may be experiencing. By talking to students you can secure a truly representative overview of the course and work together with the university to implement the changes that you as students want.

Becoming a Course Rep is an exciting voluntary position that is open to all students. In your role you will receive training and support from LiverpoolSU. If you would like to know more about the role contact your Programme Leader and the Student Voice Co-ordinators (coursereps@ljmu. and they will provide you with more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

To find out more about the representative positions available, and how to get involved please visit:




Hate Crime Support Service

t i b a d e e N of advice?

LiverpoolSU strives to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment for all LJMU students. Sadly however, some students encounter rare instances that can cause distress. These instances are Hate Crimes, and LiverpoolSU are here to ensure that students do not suffer in silence. LiverpoolSU have set up a Hate Crime Support Service to help students who have been, or know somebody who has been the victim of a hate crime. Hate crimes include discrimination, offensive comments (be they in person or through social networking), harassment, vandalism and physical abuse. Pioneered at other universities around the country, Hate Crime Support Services have been effective in providing secure one to one services that provide anonymity for victims. They enable victims to talk through their incidents in an understanding environment, providing much

needed support. If a student feels that they want to take action and report the crime to significant authorities, the Hate Crime Support service can advise how to go about this, or can report the incident on your behalf. If you have been the victim of a hate crime, or know somebody who has, you can book an appointment with an adviser:

Call 0151 231 4900

Our team of advisors are available to give you guidance regarding specific issues. These can include:

• • • •

Academic advice Academic appeals Extenuating circumstances Student complaints

If you are concerned about any aspects of academic life, or if your studies need to be put on hold due to circumstances beyond your control, LiverpoolSU can give you the advice you need. Get in touch using the contact details below.


Step forward, speak out, stop Hate Crime. 10

Everyone experiences problems from time to time, both personally and academically. LiverpoolSU are here to make sure that your worries can be resolved with minimal stress and as quickly as possible

To find out more, visit our website: Alternatively you can also contact reception on 0151 231 4900 or e-mail, who will be able to put you in touch with the relevant advisor. 11

Join a Club or Society Being a student isn’t all about studying, exam revision and looming essay deadlines. It’s about meeting new people, having once in a lifetime experiences and having fun along the way. At Liverpool SU we have a fantastic range of clubs and societies to suit all tastes. Why not hit the ski slopes with the Snow riders or try out for one of our competitive sport teams? Do you have a passion for politics or an interest in law? Then LiverpoolSU has the societies for you! With an ever expanding range of clubs and societies to choose from, you can take time out from your studies, relax with your friends and try something new.

Plus, if there’s a sport or activity you enjoy but isn’t available at LiverpoolSU, then why not set up your own club or society? All you need is 10 members or more. Go on, give a new sport or activity a try. You never know unless you go Have fun!

If you aren’t sure which club or society to join, or whether an activity will be right for you, you can also attend one of our terrific taster sessions! Between the 7th and 30th September, we are hosting taster sessions for clubs including American Football, Rowing, Looprevil Press and cardio tennis, including a whole host of others.

• For a full list of available clubs and societies visit • For a full list of taster sessions, sports trials, and a calendar of events visit 12• For more information contact

Featured Club/Society Looprevil Press With an ever growing team of writers, designers, photographers and columnists, Looprevil Press are now in their 5th exciting year! Bringing you the other side of Liverpool (Looprevil is Liverpool spelt backwards) LJMU’s only student newspaper is printed quarterly and can be found 24 hours a day online. Not only does Looprevil cover important student issues such as the rise in tuition fees and money worries, students are able to write about their passions. From film to music, business to politics and everything in between, being part of a sensational student newspaper team has never been so exciting! Looprevil Press recently had the honour of representing the youth voice at the UK’s first Lookout Youth Media Conference, which was held at FACT Liverpool on Tuesday 11th June. Speaking on a panel of creative youths, Looprevil were able to demonstrate how the newspaper allows young people to positively voice their opinions on issues that concern them.

If you have an interest in journalism, a passion for photography or a flair for design, then come along to one of Looprevil’s meetings, which are held every Wednesday at 6pm in the Haigh Building. No experience is required so no matter if you’re a keen writer or want to try something new, Looprevil Press are eager and excited to welcome all LJMU students. If you would like to get involved, contact Looprevil Editor Sophie Cork: To find out more about Looprevil Press pick up our first issue of the academic year at Fresher’s Fair or visit their website:



heir hard w initiative and summe ork over the r plan this ye ning for ar!

For more information on all our entire clubs and societies visit: If the club or society you are looking for does not already exist, then why not set up your own? LiverpoolSU provides support for students who wish to set up a new sports team or society. Monetary grants are also available. 13

Welcome fairs Welcome fairs are one of the most highly anticipated events on the student calendar, and all you lucky students have the chance to attend 3 days of fabulous fairs this month! At our welcome fairs you can collect your free NUS card, join one of our clubs and societies, learn about LiverpoolSU, our wonderful services and register with a local doctor.

Plus, national and local companies will be at each fair to offer deals, vouchers and lots of freebies! In the past we have welcomed companies such as Arriva, Dominoes Pizza (giving away free pizza slices!), Ryman and Paintballing companies, among many more! Why don’t you come on down and see what they can offer you?

Our welcome fairs will take place on Monday 16th September, Tuesday 17th September and Wednesday 18th September at The Haigh Building, Maryland Street, Liverpool. Each fair takes place from 10am – 4pm, so there’s plenty of time for you to visit around other activities that you have planned. We look forward to seeing you there and hope that you have fun!




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