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February 2012

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LiverpoolSU is changing lives - find out how LiverpoolSU Loves You Awards - Nominate today Who has been an amazing teacher on your course?

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Welcome to the February Beat Welcome to the February edition of LiverpoolSU’s newsletter designed to keep you updated with what we are doing. We are here to help you get the most from your social, work and academic life whilst at LJMU and strive to provide a range of support services that enable you to love student life! LiverpoolSU is life changing! If you want the proof make sure you read our 2011 Impact Report, more details are on page 4 and 5 but you can also download the report at The report showcases our achievements in 2011 and features case studies from current and past LJMU students highlighting how we have made a positive impact on their life.

Darren, Paul, James and Tom Student Officer Team 2011/12


today’s graduate employment market.

Nominations are now open for the elected Student Officer Team and close 5pm on Friday February

There are four full time paid positions available. For more information on the roles and how to stand go to

24th! The Student Officers are the student leaders of your students’ union. They work across the union, university and wider community to ensure you get the most from your time at LJMU and love student life.

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LiverpoolSU is changing lives! Ever wondered how the work LiverpoolSU does actually impacts on student lives? Our annual impact report showcases our achievements in 2011 and features case studies, from current and past LJMU students, highlighting how we have made a positive impact on their life.



To see the full report go to


Jemma Dudley, studied BA (Hons) Business Studies at LJMU and graduated in 2009

CASE STUDY gave me the opportunity to learn about business strategy, how a University and an charity worked and put it into practise. It has influenced my career massively; it was my first full time position and I was at board level, sitting in senior level meetings, influencing people with far more experience than me and being a Trustee of an organisation with a £2million annual turnover. LiverpoolSU has had such a positive impact on my life - firstly I made great friends through the Students’ Union but secondly it made University more than just about academic work. Being involved gave me a great social, work and academic life at LJMU.

“In my first year I wasn’t really settling into University as well as I hoped so, after a few months I joined the LJMU Hockey team through LiverpoolSU. I made so many great friends through sport some of whom I am still very close to 6 years on. Most importantly it meant I stayed at LJMU and continued to get involved with the Students’ Union. I then started to get more involved with LiverpoolSU when I was elected as a Course Rep for my course – the Students’ Union supported me by providing training. This is when I really got to find out what LiverpoolSU is about and became passionate about standing up for my fellow students to improve their education. As my knowledge grew of LiverpoolSU I decided to run for election as Disability Rights Officer. Being dyslexic myself, I felt I would be able to support students in the role and talk to the university about the different types of issues.

“I am now on the Co-operative’s Leadership programme Business Management as a Graduate projects officers. Being involved with LiverpoolSU and the skills and experience gained here was a key factor in helping me achieve this.”

When I was elected as Vice President in 2009 and again 2010 it 6

Every year LiverpoolSU hosts an awards ceremony to reconginse and celebrate our student volunteers and staff. The event brings together all our student sports, clubs and societies as well as volunteers to reflect on a successful year. Students across LJMU are invited to nominate candidates for the following awards; • Best Hall Rep committee

• Best Newcomer Award (A sports team or society) • Student Staff Award

• Outstanding club or society volunteer

• Best sports club

• Major Achievement

• Best Society

• Contribution to the Community

• Best Course Rep


Student Voice Faculty Reports Faculty of Health & Applied Social Sciences- In response to student feedback LiverpoolSU recommended that a review of prices and products should be undertaken across catering facilities to encourage higher student use.

At the end of every semester LiverpoolSU produces Faculty Student Voice reports, these reports are our way of converting what students are saying into actions for each LJMU Faculty. The reports represent the opinions of almost 3000 students and give detailed recommendations for the Faculties to implement, in order to improve the student experience.

Faculty of Arts, Professional & Social Studies – LiverpoolSU recommended that the Schools speak to their students in order to discuss how lecture, tutorial and workshop start times could be altered in the future.

This semester the recommendations included:

Results All Faculties have been asked to provide LiverpoolSU with written responses to these reports by the end of January – these will be published on our website in early February.

Faculty of Science and Faculty of Technology & Environment– In response to student feedback LiverpoolSU has recommended free water fountains across the entire campus so students don’t have to pay in the cafes and shops or use the toilets.

Already the Faculty of Arts, Professional & Social Studies has made a commitment that all programme leaders will now consult with Course Reps at Boards of Study to ensure a more student friendly timetable in LSS.

Faculty of Education Community & Leisure – We recommended that student timetables should be made available to them with as much advance notice as possible, in order to accommodate those with childcare needs.

For a full list of individual school recommendations please visit


Feb Blue Planet Caernarfon Aquarium & Castle Roman Walks Tour 25th February 11th February Price: £20 Price: £30

One of the most amazing Aquariums in the UK. The Blue Planet Aquarium is a trip of a lifetime. There are many exotic animals to see. Accessible to all, you will be guaranteed to have a fun day out at the Blue Planet Aquarium!

One of the most famous castles in Wales. Feast your eyes on this amazing Castle and take advantage of its history tour, before travelling to the charming town centre.

Come with Liverpool SU to the Roman Walks tour and immerse yourself in the awe inspiring history.

Now is the time to shine a light on some of the amazing teaching and support we offer at LJMU and give them the recognition they deserve. Voting is open now and will close on April 20th so get nominating to show your appreciation to your amazing teachers

Have you got an amazing teacher that you want to be recognised?

For more information and to nominate go to teachingawards

This year LiverpoolSU will be launching the third annual Amazing Teacher Awards and we want YOU to nominate your personal tutors, support staff, course reps and many more… 9

Entertainment Mon Tue Wed Thu

Quiz Night Live Music Night PRE MED RAG Karaoke Tuesday:

ZUMBA with Tony Ditch the Work out and Join with party!! 14th February 17:30 – 18:30 21st & 28th February & 6th March

Get fit with Liverpool SU this year with our fantastic fitness classes!


Cardio Tone Workout with Paul Fun Mixture of aerobic and light weight exercises to get the beach body for 2012 15th February 17:30-18:30 22nd & 29th February & 7th March

Classes will be held in the Large Committee Room in Liverpool Students Union, L1 9DE. Don’t miss out on these fantastic classes to kick start your new year!! All levels of ability welcome! Classes are £2 per person with Zumba ONLY £3 for a work out with our talented Personal Trainers!!! To reserve a place for a class simply send your names along with the class you would like to attend to Sam Norris or contact 01512314969 or simply come along!! Spaces are limited per class! Classes Available for Limited time only!



Aerobic Fitness Class with Tony Reenergise yourself with Tony’s action packed Aerobics 17th February 17:00 – 18:30 24th February, 2nd & 9th March

The Beat February 2012  

LiverpoolSU's monthly newsletter. Features include the launch of our Impact Report, SO Elections, LiverpoolSU Loves You Awards and much more

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