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to your new home! We hope you’re settled in and have a great year Liverpool Student Homes and your Students’ Unions have produced this handy guide to help you to get to know your local community.


Know your neighbours COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT VOTING Recycling & bins Gas safety Moving in/out checklists Safety LOCK THE DOOR! Your housing journey HOUSING ADVICE Volunteering

from your

Students’ Union officers We are your elected Student officers. We'll be campaigning and working for your rights as students, ensuring that you feel safe and happy as part of your community.

We will be running campaigns throughout the year including Find Your Happy Place.

We want all students to feel welcomed in their community, and that they have affordable rent and good standards of living.

You will get the chance to meet your local Outreach Workers , so make sure you say hi and come along to your local residents' group meetings.

Ananda Mohan

Howisha Charlery

Vanessa Ospina

We recommend that you always use Liverpool Student Homes when searching for private student accommodation. It’s the only free service for students which is university-owned and managed. They have the largest choice of all types of accommodation, they inspect properties, landlords/agents must make sure their properties meet strict quality and safety criteria before they can advertise and they offer free housing rights advice.


is the official university-owned service for private student accommodation in Liverpool



Liverpool Student Homes is a service owned and managed by University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University, LIPA and supported by their respective student unions.


1st Year DONE?

We are the next stop for accommodation after university halls

LSH advertise the largest choice of private student accommodation in Liverpool and is dedicated to helping students find good quality private accommodation.


Landlord commitment to quality & service

SEPTEBER Start of term and welcome events. See our website for moving in tips


Settling in and making friends

NOVEMBER Don’t rush to look for accommodation for next year! There is plenty available so take your time choosing

December LSH accommodation talks LSH Housing Fairs in Nov/Dec Register for property alerts Start your property search



We can give you FREE expert housing rights advice

07970 247 209


If you haven’t done so already, think about who you are going to live with, where and what type of accommodation


To advertise accommodation with us landlords/agents must commit to meeting the requirements set out in the LSH Standards, these include: Gas and electric safety certificates Carbon monoxide monitors Smoke detection system Fire safety equipment Local authority licence The landlord/agent must do repairs within a reasonable timescale Landlords/agents must run their business in the correct way and be respectful to tenants.

Ho ing Jo ney

List potential properties Contact landlords/agents to arrange viewings LSH Find a housemate events


House-hunting continues, plenty still available! Sort your guarantor and deposit



Staying in Liverpool over the summer? Check out the summer lets on our website

Getting ready to move out? Don’t forget to recycle. Check the LSH website for tips on getting your deposit back

June - August

Enjoy your summer!

MOVING IN CHECK LIST TAKE METER READINGS - Give them to the energy supplier and landlord as you don’t want to pay for the previous tenant’s bills and keep a record for yourself. Avoid costly estimated bills by taking monthly meter readings. FIND OUT HOW TO TURN OFF THE GAS & WHERE THE ELECTRIC FUSE BOARD IS - It’s important to know, just in case of an emergency and if the electric fuse trips.

FIND OUT WHERE THE STOPCOCK IS - This is the mains water tap and is the off switch for all the water in your home and is usually under the kitchen sink check with your landlord. If a water pipe bursts you need to know how to switch it off.

CHECK THE INVENTORY - This a list of all the furniture, fixtures and fittings and their condition, usually supplied by the landlord. Check it, make any necessary amends and return it to them. If they don’t provide one you can produce your own. Also take dated photos of any disrepair or damage, however minor and send to the landlord. READ THE BOILER & APPLIANCE MANUALS - Make sure you know how to work everything, as you don’t want to cause any damage. If the manuals are missing, ask the landlord for a copy. TV LICENCE - You must have one to watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service. Including if you download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand and applies no matter what device you use. FIRE SAFETY - Plan an escape route and a backup route. Make sure exits are always kept clear and keys are where they can be easily found, but not left in doors as this can attract burglars. CHECK THE LOCKS - Make sure the locks work on the front and back doors.

BE A TOP TENANT! Introduce yourself to your neighbours

Park vehicles safely and within parking restrictions

Go along to community meetings

Keep parties and noise under control

Contact the police if you experience any offensive behaviour

Be considerate, avoid offensive, loud or unruly behaviour

PARTY! We are all part of the community in which we live and we need to respect our neighbours. Noise works two ways. You don’t want to be kept up late when you’ve got an exam or a deadline approaching. Be considerate to those around you and they will do the same.

IF YOU DO HAVE A PARTY... Don’t shout about it on social media, you could end up with a bigger party than you had planned! Make sure you have enough room Agree what time it will finish and let your neighbours know and maybe invite them Keep the party to yourselves! Keep the windows closed and don’t take it into the street Clean up afterwards and ask your guests to leave quietly.

NOISE When heading home from a night out, be quiet and considerate After 11pm, make sure your TV and music volume is low or use headphones Close windows and doors at night so noise doesn’t carry Position speakers away from adjoining walls.

£5000 The amount you can be fined if you are persistently noisy. Your music equipment could also be seized, Liverpool City Council may prosecute you and you may be subject to action by your University.

BOOKING TAXIS Remember when you are ordering taxi's to your home address to ensure that the house still looks like its occupied when you have all left, don't advertise to the outside world that you are all leaving at the same time. Large numbers of taxi's coming and going throughout the night and sounding horns can be a form of noise to the surrounding neighbours.

REMEMBER TO... Put the bins out & recycle All non-recyclable waste should be placed in the purple bin. Recyclable items including paper, glass, cardboard, plastic bottles, tins and cans should be put in the blue bin. If you live in an apartment block then waste should be disposed of in the large black bins in the communal bin area.

Bins need to be put out at the right time and place, and stored away between collections to ensure they don't get lost or stolen. If your road has alley gates, ensure your landlord provides a key.

£20 is how much you will pay to replace a purple bin Collection and waste info:

Some properties don’t have the space for a wheelie bin (e.g. narrow terraced housing), and you will need to put your waste into black plastic bin bags, and recyclables into a special box for collection.

REGISTER TO VOTE Register to vote in the local elections and have your say about key decisions that could affect you. You must register each time you move into a new property. The process to register is simple, and only takes 2 minutes online



Students can register at both home and term time addresses.

FIND A GP & DENTIST Make sure you’re registered with a local GP and dentist. It’s quick and easy to do online. Enter your postcode to find your nearest GP. Even if you have registered since coming to Liverpool, you may have to register with a new GP if you move to a different area of the city, so it’s always best to check.

Safe As Houses To find your local Police Officer visit the website below or call 101

“We welcome all students to the local area and hope that you have a safe and enjoyable time.” Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the country. Sadly, becoming a victim of crime could ruin your experience of the city. Please take care to look after your property and your housemates by taking the simple steps as outlined. Your local neighbourhood Police team is here to help and support you, however if issues arise from your property we will deal with these through the Liverpool Anti-Social Behaviour Unit and your University. Finally, can I ask that you consider your security and ask the question ‘If I was a thief, how easy would it be to get into my house?’

Don’t leave valuables on display. Upon entering your home, lock the door behind you. Lock all doors and windows when you go out. When out, pay attention to your surroundings, travel together in the evening and use well lit paths. Love your phone. Log it. This website helps the Police to identify the owners of lost and stolen property. Please respect your neighbours. Don’t cause annoyance to other people by leaving rubbish outside your property or causing anti-social behaviour. INSPECTOR GEOFF STEWART & INSPECTOR BOBBY WOODALL, MERSEYSIDE POLICE

Burglars are known to try door handles to check if they are unlocked. LOCK ALL EXTERNAL DOORS, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE IN, TO REDUCE THE RISK OF THEFT.

OUTREACH During your time at uni and living in the student community, you may come across the LiverpoolSU Outreach Team. They represent the student voice at community meetings, support the student officers, and work with the police and the council to make sure you're safe and happy in Liverpool! They are a group of 30 LJMU students who are employed by LiverpoolSU to offer support across the campus with events, campaigns and activities.

There are also a couple members of the team working who work on behalf of Liverpool Student Homes to help to promote community cohesion and support housing campaigns relating to security and community matters.

If you would like to know more, get in touch call 0151 231 4900

VOLUNTEERING LIVERPOOL It’s quick and simple to sign up, just register Volunteering Liverpool is an online portal your details by visiting run by a partnership of education institutions in Liverpool, working together to offer volunteering opportunities with a range of charities across Merseyside. volunteer

NOW SECURE THE WINDOW! DON'T INVITE UNWANTED GUESTS INTO YOUR HOME BY LEAVING YOUR WINDOWS UNSECURED THIEVES OPERATE DAY AND NIGHT Opening the windows to ventilate your home is important to prevent mould and damp. Secure your UPVC window by only opening to the first stage locking point. If you leave the room or the house, secure fully by locking the window with the key. Speak to your landlord or agent if you are unsure about how to use the first stage locking point, or if keys are missing.

FIRE, FIRE! For more information Free fire safety advice 0800 731 5958 Hello, and welcome back to Merseyside. Many of you will be in your second or third year of your courses at University, but please take the time to read our top tips to help to keep you safe from fire in your homes while you are here. Fire and smoke from fires can cause you to become disorientated in your homes so make sure you have working smoke alarms and you know how to escape a fire. If you use hair straighteners or hair dryers don't put any clothes or other items on top of them after use and let them cool in a safe place, not on your bed. If you have a tumble dryer, always follow the manufacturers' guidance and clear the filter after each use as a build-up of combustibles in the filter can lead to a fire starting.

Have smoke alarms on each level of your home and test them each week by pressing the test button. Don't leave food cooking unattended, particularly if you are cooking after or during drinking alcohol. Cooking fires can spread quickly and produce a lot of smoke. Make sure you know how to escape if a fire were to start in your property. Don't leave electrical items such as laptops or phones charging overnight or unattended. Where possible keep your wheelie bins away from doors and windows.


THE SILENT KILLER Landlords have responsibilities for gas safety. They must arrange for a gas safety check to be carried out every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If you think a gas appliance is faulty turn it off and let your landlord know immediately. Seek medical help if you feel unwell. All LSH registered landlords must install carbon monoxide detectors, when there is a gas supply to the property.

Looking out for your housemates An increasing number of students at University are experiencing mental health difficulties that impact not only on their academic work, but also on all other aspects of their university life. Mental health difficulties not only have implications for the student involved, but often also for those around them: friends, colleagues, staff and family.

SIGNS OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS We all may experience the below symptoms at some point in our lives. None of these in isolation suggest a severe or enduring mental illness but they may suggest a need for greater concern or investigation.

Erratic or unpredictable behaviour Agitation or overt anxiety Disinhibition Social withdrawal/avoidance of social interaction Unexplained or prolonged crying Change or disturbance in eating/sleeping patterns Incoherent speech Paranoia Physical ill-health Hearing voices Behaviour inappropriate to the social context Any verbalised thoughts of suicide/harm.

How to help If you are concerned that someone you know or if you need help yourself, then you can access mental health services from within your university. Support is confidential and you can get advice about a friend without necessarily giving the name of the person.

Mental health difficulties can present in a wide variety of ways, depending upon the individual and the circumstances. Changes in people's mood and personality can provide signs to how they are feeling. Unusual mood swings or social withdrawal might, for example, provide a clue that the person is experiencing some kind of emotional distress.

MENINGITIS & SEPTICAEMIA Often happen together. Be aware of all the signs and symptoms, which can appear in any order or may not appear at all:

HEADACHE CONFUSION SEIZURES STIFF NECK VOMITING SEVERE MUSCLE PAIN DROWSINESS PALE BLOTCHY SKIN DISLIKE OF LIGHTS SPOTS/RASH (Does not fade under pressure with a glass) FEVER WITH COLD HANDS & FEET Someone with meningitis or septicaemia can get a lot worse very quickly. Keep checking them. Trust your instincts, get medical help immediately, do not wait for a rash.

THE LEGAL STUFF LANDLORD/AGENT RESPONSIBILITIES Letting agent redress schemes If you are renting from a letting agent and they have failed to resolve a complaint that you have made, you can contact an independent letting agent redress scheme.

You can complain to a letting agent redress scheme about:

not being clear about fees inaccurate property descriptions

It's a criminal offence for a letting agent not to be a member of one of the three government-approved schemes:

disputes about holding deposits inaccurate charging

The Property Ombudsman (TPO) The Property Redress Scheme Ombudsman Services Property

not passing rent onto the landlord slow or poor service

Both tenants and landlords can use the scheme to resolve disputes and the end decision made by the scheme should be binding

deposit protection schemes

is the length of time your landlord/agent has to secure DAYS your deposit in a scheme and inform you of the details. If they fail to do this then you can apply to the County Court for the deposit to be protected or returned to you. The court can also award you compensation of 1-3 times the amount of the deposit.


Deposits taken by landlords/agents for Assured Shorthold Tenancies must be placed in one of three government authorised protection schemes. Schemes protect the money and help to resolve disputes between tenants and landlords.



my deposits

RIGHT TO RENT A pre-tenancy check that all landlords/ agents (except halls providers) should do before they offer you a tenancy. You will need to supply ID. If this a problem, your university may issue you with a 'Nomination Agreement Letter’. For more details see

LIVERPOOL’S LANDLORD LICENSING SCHEME All landlords must apply for a 5 year licence for properties that they rent. Properties that have 5 or more tenants across 3 floors do not need to be covered by this scheme as they should already be covered by a HMO license. Check if your property is licensed at

Popular studen communitie i Liverpoo

Are Guid

City Centre - L1, L2, L3


Close to campus and the vibrant social scene. Choice of large purpose-built student developments, centrally located. Rent levels are at a premium.

Located on the cusp of the city centre and easily walkable. Largely traditional terraced housing and flats with a mix of local residents and students. Popular with students wishing to live close to the city centre at lower rent levels.

EDGEHILL - L7 TOXTETH- L8 This area has some of the finest Georgian terraces in the country, referred to locally as the Georgian Quarter. Close to the city centre but accommodation is limited and is generally large shared properties and selfcontained flats.

CHILDWALL- L16 A leafy residential suburb with limited student properties. Within walking distance of Liverpool Hope University. Properties are 3, 4 and 5 bed semi-detached houses. Allerton Road is a short walk away, which has restaurants, cafes and bars. Transport links into the city are good, about 20-25 minutes by bus. Average rents in this area are much less than the city centre.

Close to the city and a short walking distance to the University of Liverpool campus. Typically accommodation is 1 and 2 bedroom flats or large shared town houses.

SMITHDOWN/WAVERTREE- L15 A large student community and a short bus ride to the city. Properties are mostly traditional terraced houses. Plenty of shared properties but a limited number of selfcontained flats. Excellent transport links to the city and out of town campuses. Lots of local amenities. Rent levels in this area are significantly lower than the city centre.



Large student community close to Smithdown Road. Excellent local amenities including shops, cafes and bars all close to University of Liverpool halls of residence. Liverpool John Moores University, IM Marsh Campus, is within walking distance and Liverpool Hope University in Childwall is a short bus ride away.

Some parts of Aigburth are within walking distance to LJMU IM Marsh campus and there is a bus from Aigburth Vale to Liverpool Hope University in Childwall. Lark Lane in this area has lots of cafes, restaurants and eclectic shops, with Sefton Park nearby. There are good transport links to the city, taking about 15-20 minutes by bus.



Check your contract for an end of tenancy procedure

and follow it!


Have a proper deep clean! The property needs to be returned to

the landlord in the same condition as when you moved in, except for fair wear and tear. Take dated photos as evidence.


If you pay your utility bills yourself, contact the

utility companies and ensure the bills are paid in full. Also let them know the date you will be leaving the property and provide them with a final meter reading on the day you leave. If bills are included in your rent, give the final meter reading to your landlord but keep details for your records.

TV Licence -

If you have purchased a TV licence you can get a refund for the

summer months if you are not living in the property. Visit or call 0300 790611.


Remove all of your unwanted items from the property.

Don’t forget to recycle or donate.

RUBBISH - Completely clear the property of waste, including items of food as you may be charged for cleaners to remove it and it could stop you from getting your full deposit back.

RETURN KEYS - follow the instructions on your tenancy agreement on how to return the keys to the landlord/agent and ask for a receipt as proof.

MAIL - Use Royal Mail’s post redirection service to make sure that confidential post is forwarded to another address of your choice.

YOUR UNWANTED STUFF Donate reusable unwanted items to the local community. Drop-off points on-campus before the end of Spring term. Ask at your students union for details. Liverpool City Council has a free collection service called Bulky Bobs for items such as furniture, mattresses and electrical items. See

Summer Let Liverpool Student Homes advertises short-term summer lets from April for the following summer. All properties are registered with LSH and are typically available from May/June until end of August or start of September. Check the website or social media for details. @LivStudentHomes LiverpoolStudentHomes

LSH - Your Community Guide 2017  

Our 3rd annual guide to help students with the transition from University halls to a property in the local community, including local area g...

LSH - Your Community Guide 2017  

Our 3rd annual guide to help students with the transition from University halls to a property in the local community, including local area g...