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Liverpool Sound City 2009 News and Reviews


Liverpool Sound City brand set to go global May 25 2009 by Alistair Houghton, Liverpool Daily Post 1



LIVERPOOL Sound City is taking the city¶s music brand around the world ± by launching the Middle East¶s first major music conference and festival.

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The Sound City extravaganza closed in the city on Saturday night after attracting thousands of people to four days of gigs and seminars about the music business. Now conference organisers have revealed they will be taking Merseyside bands and music business to the United Arab Emirates for Dubai Sound City from November 5-7 ± under the slogan Sheikh, Rattle and Roll. They say they want to sell Merseyside bands and music businesses to an audience from as far afield as South Africa and Australia. Liverpool Sound City festival director Dave Pichilingi said he hoped the threeday music festival and a two-day music conference event would become an annual fixture in the emirate¶s cultural calendar. He said: ³We aim to take over 25 key UK and American artists and 50 keynote speakers to take part in the conference.

Opinion: Dave Pichilingi on how Liverpool Sound City is helping North West businesses

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May 28 2009

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Music world salutes Liverpool Sound City




May 25 2009

Liverpool Sound City: Liverpool is still a big noise in music May 12 2009

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³The aim would be to draw in business from countries such as South Africa, Australia, Japan and other areas within three or four hours¶flying time of Dubai. The city is a hub for the rest of the world. It'll be similar to the way we¶ve done it here. By day, we¶ll discuss the issues affecting the industry, and by night we¶ll put on events.

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³We want to take bands from Merseyside as well, because this has come from Liverpool Sound City. The aim would also be to take businesses from the region so they form part of the business element of the event. We want to help them find opportunities not just in and around Liverpool, but also nationally and internationally. ³The Sound City brand will be doing these two festivals a year heavily supporting the Merseyside region.´ Sound City may be best-known for its gigs, with this year¶s line-up boasting bands from The Zutons to chart-toppers White Lies, but its organisers also want to use the conference to support the Merseyside music industry by bringing some of the entertainment world¶s key players to the region. This year¶s Liverpool conference ± called Starmakers, Chameleons, Mavericks and Svengalis ± included debates on the future of the UK music industry and subjects from publishing to broadcasting. It was held at the Hard Day¶s Night hotel and attended by delegates from companies including Universal Music and Google. 1



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