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INTRODUCTION Welcome to Liverpool’s Mental Health Festival Programme 2017 taking place 1st – 14th October, incorporating World Mental Health Day! The festival features music, dance, comedy, drama, visual arts, poetry / spoken word, film, information, advice, training courses, workshops, fire, drumming and more. And it’s FREE!*

*Exception: Unity Theatre, State of Mind performances, see p.8 Whilst tickets are free, it is recommended that you register for events where the option is available as places are limited and activities book up in advance.

So what’s Liverpool Mental Health Festival all about? World Mental Health Day (10th October) is celebrated in more than 100 countries and is supported by the United Nations and World Health Organisation. That’s why local organisations from across all sectors and a wide range of backgrounds are working together to raise awareness, challenge stigma and promote wellbeing.

Why is a Mental Health Festival important to Liverpool? In Liverpool, one in three appointments with GPs are about things such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic and other so-called common mental health problems. These are higher in Liverpool than in most other parts of the country and can be linked to causes such as low income, unemployment, poor housing and loneliness – all of which are on the increase in these times of austerity! It’s estimated that 26% of the Liverpool population experience difficulties in any given year. That’s why, more than ever, we hope you’ll...


INDEX AND 2017 FESTIVAL LISTINGS Liverpool Mental Health Festival Patron: Bill Ryder-Jones P.7 Unity Theatre at Liverpool Mental Health Festival P.8 Liverpool Mental Health Festival Patron: Sofie Hagen P.8-11 Liverpool Mental Health Festival Patrons: The Singh Twins P.11 1 Oct - 8 Jan 2018 Liverpool Mental Health Festival Art Exhibition P.12 1 Oct Comedy Night ‘Still Feeling Funny’ P.13 1 Oct Bring & Sing Meet-Up P.13 1-13 Oct News From Nowhere: Wellbeing Window Display – Books and Information P.13 1-14 Oct Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being Activities (North) P.14 1-14 Oct Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being Activities (Central) P.14 1-14 Oct Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being Activities (South) P.14 2 Oct A Beginners Guide to Life Coaching P.15 2 Oct Believe It Or Not: Sexuality, Gender, Faith & Mental Health Conference P.15 3-10 Oct Proud2BMe Festival P.16 3 Oct Film Night – Donnie Darko (Cert. 15) P.17 3 Oct Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being Activities (South) P.17 4 Oct Magnet Open Mic - LMHF Special P.18 4 Oct Workshop Wednesday at Central Library P.18-19 4 Oct Workshop Wednesday at Museum of Liverpool P.19 4 Oct LGBTQ+ Youth - Take Pride in Your Identity! P.20 5 Oct Drama in Development P.20 5 Oct Mental Health & the PIP assessment - What you need to know P.21 4

5 Oct RAISE Your Voice – Open Mic Night P.21 5 Oct Community Dog Walk P.21 6 Oct Liverpool Community Development Service, Health and Wellbeing Road Show P.21 6 Oct Drums4Health P.22 6 Oct Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being Activities (South) P.22 6 Oct Building Baby’s Brain - Workshop P.22 7 Oct Williamson Square Celebration P.22-23 9 Oct Walk for Mental Health P.24 9 Oct Healthy Brain Active Body P.24 9 Oct Cultural Sensitivity Session P.24 9 & 10 Oct Art, Mental Health and Me: An exploration of how creative arts can be a path to self-expression and mental wellbeing P.24 9 Oct Happiness Every Day P.25 9 Oct National Mental Health Football Championships P.25 10 Oct WHISC - Women Celebrating World Mental Health P.25 10 Oct You, Me and ND (Neurodevelopmental conditions) - Activity Day P.25 10 Oct Health & Wellbeing Symposium P.26 11 Oct Better Balance P.26 12 Oct Lunatic Fringe Soap Box P.26 13 Oct Loneliness Summit with Luciana Berger MP P.27 13 Oct Liverpool Community Development Service, Health and Wellbeing Road Show P.27 13-15 Oct The Unkindest Cut P.27 14 Oct Mersey Care’s Big Brew Event and Meet the Chief Executive P.28 14 Oct Festival Finale P.28 Thanks & logos P.29-31 Festival Map P.32-33 5


‘Someone somewhere somehow feels the same’ Photo Credit: Claire Stevens

We’re thrilled that Merseyside musician Bill Ryder-Jones has remained a Festival Patron for a second year. Bill’s not only a talented songwriter / composer, instrumentalist, singer and producer – he’s also a lovely person and someone with a real passion to talk about mental health, including his own. He’s certainly been an inspiration to us. Bill says “It’s a pleasure to be involved with Liverpool Mental Health Festival again. Times aren’t getting easier and sometimes it can be hard to find motivation and support. The Festival provides great opportunities to access information, have a good time and be open about our mental health, in a supportive atmosphere.” Bill’s currently working on a new album so keep an eye out for that and for upcoming live dates at:

BRyderJones bryderjones billryderjones billryderjones.co.uk Many thanks for your continued support, Bill! 7

UNITY THEATRE AT LIVERPOOL MENTAL HEALTH FESTIVAL Unity Theatre has curated State of Mind, a brilliant programme of mental health-related performances taking place this October. Find out more at: www.unitytheatreliverpool.co.uk/component/k2/154autumn-2017-brochure.html pp. 12-13 Liverpool Mental Health Festival and Unity Theatre are also working in partnership to bring you an exciting programme of additional events. For further announcements please check:

liverpoolmhc liverpoolmhc

LIVERPOOL MENTAL HEALTH FESTIVAL PATRON: SOFIE HAGEN Sofie Hagen is a Danish comedian who walks it like she talks it. In both Danish and English. She’s funny. Really funny. In fact she won the Best Newcomer award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 and, since then, she’s never looked back. Amongst many, many other things, her work touches on body positivity, her own experiences of self-harming, psychiatric care, social anxiety, therapy and feminism. Her podcast, ‘Made of Human’, is a must-listen for all of us tussling with the problem of how to ‘pass’ as functioning human beings when we don’t really have 8

Photo Credit: Karla Gowlett

the slightest clue what that entails. And she’s really funny. Did we mention that? Check out Sofie’s anxiety-friendly show ‘Dead Baby Frog’ at Unity Theatre on Tuesday 10th October.

“ I’m so happy to support Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017! We all have stuff going on - and that’s okay. There are very good reasons for it. But the important thing is to talk about it, to share our stories and to connect with others in whatever ways are easiest for us. For a socially anxious person like me, it’s far easier to stand on stage and talk about the things that I want to communicate than it is to chat in a one-to-one situation. And we all need to find what works for us. That’s why this festival has something for everyone. Comedy, art, film, dance, drama, information, advice, training – opportunities to participate actively and opportunities to come along and watch quietly. I love what Liverpool is doing to keep mental health on everyone’s agenda – particularly in these uncertain times.”


Q&A Hi Sofie, thanks for taking the time to share your wit and wisdom with us! It’s 2017 and we’re all supposed to be relatively evolved life forms. Why do you think we still find it so hard to talk about our mental health?

For me, personally, it’s because it’s impossible to see. We can spot broken legs, we understand broken bones and the pain it must cause. It makes sense. Mental health is invisible. So for me, at least, there’s a fear that I’m making it up because I can’t prove it. And you feel, well, crazy for being crazy. It doesn’t make sense. 9

How do you think your comedy has helped you ‘manage’ your mental health?

My comedy hasn’t helped - but being on stage has. It gives me a place where I can take up space and have some control. I’ve pre-planned which stories I am going to share - that’s more control than I have over anything else in my life - and in my head. What prompted you to make your shows ‘anxiety friendly’?

My show ‘Shimmer Shatter’ was about introversion and anxiety so it only made sense to make sure that anxious people felt like they could attend the show and enjoy it. I have a lot of angst when it comes to live gigs - I’d love to attend an anxiety-safe one. What do you wish you could have known back in your school days when you were struggling with feeling alone?

I know it sounds unrealistic - but they are all wrong and you are right. I know, weird, right? But it’s true. They’re wrong. You’re the only one who’s onto something. They’ll learn soon enough but you need to know this right now: You. Are. Not. Wrong. Is there any advice you’d give to anyone reading this and feeling unsure about how to make connections or find the support they need?

No - I am not a psychologist. I can’t help anyone. Google must have some good links and some good advice. All I can do is provide comedy - lovely comedy that won’t make you feel bad about yourself - hopefully.


And finally. Your youthful love of Westlife has been well documented. Do you still carry a torch for them or have your tastes changed?

I stopped being a fan 13 years ago. And I cannot stress that enough. Especially to whoever keeps adding “World’s Biggest Westlife Fan” to my Wikipedia-page. Find Sofie at:

SofieHagen sofiehagen.komiker sofiehagendk sofiehagen.com Photo Credit: Claire Stevens

LIVERPOOL MENTAL HEALTH FESTIVAL PATRONS: THE SINGH TWINS Internationally acclaimed artists The Singh Twins join us as Patrons of the Festival’s Art Exhibition for the third year. The Twins explore cultural, social and political issues of global significance within a highly decorative and often witty narrative style and say they are “delighted to be named as patrons of the art exhibition once again”. We thank them for their support of the artists whose work we display. Their enthusiasm and hugs are infectious and much appreciated by artists and festival organisers alike! 11

LIVERPOOL MENTAL HEALTH FESTIVAL ART EXHIBITION Venue: The Brink, 21 Parr Street, L1 4JN Date: Sun 1st October 2017 – Mon 8th January 2018, 10am – 7pm Launch Event (free): Sunday 1st October 5pm – 6pm Now in its 4th year, our annual art exhibition moves to a new venue and will be on display for longer than ever, with pieces from Merseyside artists drawing on their own personal experience.

“Fantastic art with a strong, pertinent message. A beautiful initiative, raising awareness of what is still sadly seen as a taboo subject in our society.” (Exhibition viewer 2016) The exhibition includes ‘A Celebration of Gillian’s Artwork’ “Gillian struggled with mental health problems in her 20s, but managed to obtain an HND in Art. Gillian loved and lived for art. Gillian was a very special person, she was full of compassion, always helping others, very generous and loving. She had a zest for life, was witty and liked making you laugh. Gillian died aged 38 on 16th June 2012. We hope you enjoy her art work.” (Gillian’s family) Contact: Claire Stevens, 0151 237 2688; claire.stevens@liverpoolmentalhealth.org


COMEDY NIGHT ‘STILL FEELING FUNNY’ Venue: 81 Renshaw Street, L1 2SJ Date: Sunday 1st October, 7pm – 10pm Liverpool Mental Health Consortium is delighted to present “Still Feeling Funny” in partnership with Liverpool Comedy Festival: a night of standup comedy featuring the alumni of the “Feeling Funny” programme for men in Liverpool and Sefton. Having experienced mental distress, the participants took the plunge and learned the craft of stand-up from scratch - in six weeks. And they are funny! A whole raft of new talent will be on the bill and all for free! Registration: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/liverpool-mental-healthfestival-still-feeling-funny-tickets-36308368307

BRING & SING MEET-UP Venue: The Caledonia, 22 Caledonia St, L7 7DX Date: Sunday 1st October, 3pm – 6pm Contact: Laura King, 0151 306 2496 thecaledonia@hotmail.co.uk

NEWS FROM NOWHERE: WELLBEING WINDOW DISPLAY – BOOKS AND INFORMATION Venue: News from Nowhere, 96 Bold Street, L1 4HY Date: Sunday 1st – Friday 13th October Times: Mon – Sat 10am – 5.45pm; Sun usually 11am – 5pm If you want to buy books, DVDs, magazines etc. relating to mental health and wellbeing then why not visit Liverpool’s very own independent bookshop? You can also look for information about local community groups and services on the shop’s notice board.


YOUNG PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING ACTIVITIES (NORTH) Venue: YPAS Plus Community Hub North, Croxdale Road, L14 8YA Dates: Sunday 1st – Saturday 14th October Activities for 6 – 25 years. Please check the YPAS website for more details on www.ypas.org.uk Contact: Janine Pevitt, 0151 305 2040; Janine.pevitt@ypas.org.uk

YOUNG PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING ACTIVITIES (CENTRAL) Venue: YPAS Central Hub, 36 Bolton Street, L3 5LX Dates: Sunday 1st – Saturday 14th October Activities for 13 – 25 years. Please check the YPAS website for more details on www.ypas.org.uk Contact: Lisa Welsh, lisa.welsh@ypas.org.uk

YOUNG PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING ACTIVITIES (SOUTH) Venue: YPAS Plus Community Hub Lyndene Road L25 1NG Date: Monday 2nd October, 4pm – 6pm Please check for activities and ages on http://www.ypas.org.uk/ypas-plus-community-hubs/ypas-plus-south/ Contact: Paula Smith, 0151 305 2031; Paula.smith@YPAS.org.uk


A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO LIFE COACHING Venue: Metanoeo Academy, Gostins Building, Suite 609, 32-36 Hanover Street, L1 4LN Date: Monday 2nd October, 6pm – 7pm Contact: Dave Wood, 07472 716195; dave@metanoeo.org.uk Registration: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-beginners-guide-to-lifecoaching-tickets-34794599584

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: SEXUALITY, GENDER, FAITH & MENTAL HEALTH CONFERENCE Venue: St. Brides Church, Percy St, L8 7LT Date: Monday 2nd October, 10 am – 4pm Contact: Claire Stevens, 0151 237 2688; claire.stevens@liverpoolmentalhealth.org


PROUD2BME FESTIVAL Wirral Spider Project’s second Proud2BMe Festival runs between Tuesday 3rd October and Tuesday 10th October. Following last year’s success, Proud2BMe will showcase artwork, photography, music, DJs, talks, workshops and sexual health. A wide and diverse programme includes engaging in democracy, LGBT issues and the politics of recovery. We’ll also host an evening of acoustic music from singer-songwriters in partnership with We Shall Overcome. Funds raised on the evening will go to The Arc homeless hostel. Other partners include: Collective Encounters, Change Grow Live, Wirral Borough Council, Tomorrow’s Women, Singers and Ringers, Your UK Parliament For more information on how to get involved please contact the Spider Project on 0151 647 7723 or www.spiderproject.org.uk

SpiderWirral www.facebook.com/Spider-Project-CIC-1374447939284801


FILM NIGHT – DONNIE DARKO (CERT. 15) Venue: FACT, 88 Wood Street, L1 4DQ Date: Tuesday 3rd October, 6pm – 9pm Before the main feature, we’ll be showing short films with a wellbeing theme, by and about local people: ‘A Miserable Teenager’ (Young Person’s Advisory Service) ‘A Trick of the Eye, A Trick of the Mind’ (Marc Fraser) ‘Ellie’ (Pete Ryan) Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2016 Highlights (Liverpool Live TV) ‘Peter and Elaine’s Story’ (Josh Woods) ‘My Move on Up’ (Spider Project Wirral) About Donnie Darko: Troubled teenager Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) survives a freak accident and is haunted by visions of a man in a frightening rabbit costume. Is he mentally unwell or is it all to do with ‘The Philosophy of Time Travel’? (Director: Richard Kelly). Tickets are free, but please note that The Box has a capacity of 50, so pre-booking is advisable: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/liverpool-mental-health-festival-2017film-night-donnie-darko-cert-15-tickets-37060227137

YOUNG PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING ACTIVITIES (SOUTH) Venue: YPAS Plus Community Hub, Lyndene Road, L25 1NG Date: Tuesday 3rd October, 4pm – 6pm Please check for activities and ages on http://www.ypas.org.uk/ypas-plus-community-hubs/ypas-plus-south Contact: Paula Smith, 0151 305 203; paula.smith@ypas.org.uk 17

MAGNET OPEN MIC - LMHF SPECIAL Venue: The Magnet, 45 Hardman Street, L1 9AS Date: Wednesday 4th October, 8pm - midnight Contact: Sam Caunce 07837 619473; davidmctague@gmail.com

WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY AT CENTRAL LIBRARY Venue: Central Library, William Brown Street, L3 8EW Date: Wednesday 4th October, 9.30am – 7.30pm (various times, see below for details) Workshop Wednesday offers a range of free and diverse workshops facilitated by experts from across Liverpool and Merseyside - all put together with the aim of improving our mental wellbeing! Workshops are open to anyone over 18 years old unless otherwise stated. Please register for your workshop(s) here: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/workshopwednesday-at-central-library-free-tickets-36886583765 9.30am - 10.30am: And Breathe … Gentle yoga, breathing & meditation (Victoria Lewis, Revive Hot Yoga Wirral) 11 am – 12 noon: Mindfulness for Recovery (Ema Quinn, Mindful Recovery Initiative) 12.30pm – 1.30pm: An introduction to holding a solution-focused conversation (Steve Flatt, Psychological Therapies Unit) 2pm – 3pm: Health barriers facing asylum seeking women in the UK (Rachel Jenkins, MRANG)


3.30pm – 4.30pm: Healthy Minds: Information about BME Mental Health and Access to free NHS Talking Therapies (Zorro Rudasumbwa, Mary Seacole House) 5pm – 6pm: Wellness Recovery Action Planning (Kathleen Charters, Sahir House) 6.30pm – 7.30pm: Mindful Writing Workshop (Tom George, Tom George Arts) Contact: Claire Stevens, 0151 237 2688; claire.stevens@liverpoolmentalhealth.org

WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY AT MUSEUM OF LIVERPOOL Venue: Pier Head, L3 1DG Date: Wednesday 4th October, 1.15pm – 4.45pm (various times, see below for details) Workshop Wednesday offers a range of free and diverse workshops facilitated by experts from across Liverpool and Merseyside - all put together with the aim of improving our mental wellbeing! Workshops are open to anyone over 18 years old unless otherwise stated. Please register for your workshop here: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/workshop-wednesday-at-museum-of-liverpool-free-tickets-36887035115 1.15pm – 2.15: Flow Arts Workshop (Bring the Fire Project) 2.30pm – 3.30pm: Singing workshop with Choir With No Name (Ema Quinn) 3.45pm – 4.45pm: Music-making For All (Brenda Bixter, Eliza Greenwood Therapies) 19

LGBTQ+ YOUTH - TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR IDENTITY! Venue: Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, L3 8EL Date: Wednesday 4th October, 6 – 8pm Young people aged 12 – 25 are welcome – whether LGBT or questioning. Booking is essential. Contact: GYRO, 0151 702 6087; gyro@ypas.org.uk

DRAMA IN DEVELOPMENT Venue: The Brink, 21 Parr Street, L1 4JN Date: Thursday 5th October; 7pm – 10pm Three local writers present extracts from their plays, which are based on lived experience of mental distress. After each presentation, the audience will be invited to a Q/A with the author. Geoff Woodbridge: ‘Some Girls Wander, (Some Men Leave)’; Anthony Richardson: ‘C.B.T: A Psychological Drama in 3 Parts’; Mark Curtis: ‘Red Carpet’ Contact: Claire Stevens, 0151 237 2688; claire.stevens@liverpoolmentalhealth.org Registration: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/drama-in-development-tickets-36869827647


MENTAL HEALTH AND THE PIP ASSESSMENT WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Venue: Liverpool Community Advice, 2nd Floor, 1 Union Court, Cook Street, L2 4SJ Date: Thursday 5th October, 10am – 12 noon Contact: Kristian Khan, 07804662454; kristiankhan@liverpoolcommunityadvice.org.uk

RAISE YOUR VOICE – OPEN MIC NIGHT Venue: Merseyside Youth Association, 65-67 Hanover Street, L13DY Date: Thursday 5th October, 5.30pm – 8pm Open to anyone 25 and under. Parents/carers welcome Contact: Leigh Horner, 0151 702 0738 / 07718634546; hornerl@mya.org.uk

COMMUNITY DOG WALK Venue: Croissant of Inequality, 55 Holt Road, L7 2PN (Meeting place) Date: Thursday 5th October, 11am – 1.30pm Contact: Richard Adamson, 07518684848; petsandpalscic@gmail.com

LIVERPOOL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICE, HEALTH AND WELLBEING ROAD SHOW Venue: Pakistan Centre, Mulgrave Street, L8 2TF Date: Friday 6th October, 1pm – 3pm Contact: Kemi, 0151 708 7414; info.lcds@nhs.net


DRUMS4HEALTH Venue: John Archer Hall, 68 Upper Hill Street, L8 1YR Date: Friday 6th October, 11am – 12.15pm Contact: Robert Goux, 07741278950; robertgoux1@gmail.com

YOUNG PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH & EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING ACTIVITIES (SOUTH) Venue: YPAS Plus Community Hub Lyndene Road, L25 1NG Date: Friday 6th October, 1pm – 3pm Please check for activities and ages on: www.ypas.org.uk/ypas-plus-community-hubs/ypas-plus-south Contact: Paula Smith, 0151 305 2031; paula.smith@ypas.org.uk

BUILDING BABY’S BRAIN - WORKSHOP Venue: PSS, 18 Seel Street, L1 4BE Date: Friday 6th October, 10am – 12 noon Contact: Jane Watkins, 0151 702 5555 (Ext 2233); jane.watkins@pss.org.uk

WILLIAMSON SQUARE CELEBRATION Venue: Williamson Square, L1 Date: Saturday 7th October, 10am – 6pm Liverpool Mental Health Consortium presents this full-day celebration. There will be stalls, information, Bollywood dancing, roller skating demonstrations, drumming and opportunities for you to take part. 22

With Special Guest Speakers the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Malcolm Kennedy, Yasmin Marrow, Luciana Berger MP and The Mayoral Lead for Mental Health, Cllr Joanne Calvert. Performances: A packed programme including plenty of local talent has been curated by Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and will be hosted by Nikki Greig and Pad Hughes. Enjoy music, dance and performance starring: Beat It! – Bollywood Dancing – The Choir With No Name – Daisy Gill – Dave & Anwar – Drums for Health – Lunacorona – Mel Bowen & A Mythical Flower – St Julie’s Catholic High School – Warble for Wellbeing – Wirral Roller Derby – Yellowhouse Stalls: The Brain Charity – CLAHRC NWC – Healthwatch Liverpool – Liverpool CAMHS Partnership – Liverpool Mental Health Consortium – Mary Seacole House – Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner Team – MRANG – PSS – South Liverpool Citizen’s Advice – Talk Liverpool – Waves of Hope – WHISC Caterers: Soul Fillers is an inclusive catering company creating fabulous food and employment opportunities for people marginalised in the labour market. They will be serving coffee, tea and succulent snacks throughout the day. Foodcycle Liverpool will be providing free food at lunchtime. Foodcycle Liverpool works to strengthen communities, reduce social isolation, fight food poverty and food waste, by cooking nutritious meals from donated, surplus food. Contact: Claire Stevens, 0151 237 2688; claire.stevens@liverpoolmentalhealth.org 23

WALK FOR MENTAL HEALTH Venue: Calderstones Park, Calderstones Road, L3HZ Date: Monday 9th October, 10.30am – 12 noon Contact: Andy Ireland, 0151 728 8874; info@healthinessltd.co.uk Registration: www.healthinessltd.co.uk

HEALTHY BRAIN ACTIVE BODY Venue: Lark Lane Community Centre, Sefton Grove, L17 8XB Date: Monday 9th October, 2pm – 3.30pm Contact: Andy Ireland, 0151 728 8874; info@healthinessltd.co.uk Registration: www.healthinessltd.co.uk

CULTURAL SENSITIVITY SESSION Venue: Central Library, William Brown Street, L3 8EW Date: Monday 9th October, 10am – 12.30pm OR 1.30pm – 4pm Contact: Kemi, 0151 708 7414; info.lcds@nhs.net

ART, MENTAL HEALTH AND ME: AN EXPLORATION OF HOW CREATIVE ARTS CAN BE A PATH TO SELF-EXPRESSION AND MENTAL WELLBEING Venue: Tate Exchange, Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, L3 4BB Date: Monday 9th October, 1pm -5pm; Tuesday 10th – Wednesday 11th October 10am – 5pm (with workshops at 11am & 2pm). Contact: Graham Hignett, 07977 401 384; graham.hignett@merseycare.nhs.uk


HAPPINESS EVERY DAY Venue: Merseyside Polonia, 5 Covent Garden, L2 8UD Date: Monday 9th October, 6.30pm - 8.30pm Contact: Jakub Goscinny, 07427642862; jakub@merseysidepolonia.com Registration: www.facebook.com/merseysidepolonia

NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS Venue: Goals Soccer Centre, 151 Park Lane, L30 1QQ Date: Monday 9th October, 11am - 4pm Contact: Johnnie Garside, 0151 530 5254; Jonathan.Garside@evertonfc.com

WHISC - WOMEN CELEBRATING WORLD MENTAL HEALTH Venue: Women’s Health Information & Support Centre, 120 Bold Street, L1 4JA Date: Tuesday 10th October, 10am – 4pm Contact: Liz North, 0151 7071826; liznorth@whisc.org.uk

YOU, ME AND ND (NEURODEVELOPMENTAL CONDITIONS) - ACTIVITY DAY Venue: The Black-E, 1 Great George Street, L1 5EW Date: Tuesday 10th October, 11.30am – 2.30pm Contact: Rita Jones, 0151 486 1788; m.jones@addvancedsolutions.co.uk 25

HEALTH & WELLBEING SYMPOSIUM Venue: 208 Picton Road, L15 4LL Date: Tuesday 10th October, 10am – 1pm Contact: Dr Sylvia Forchap, 07539216072; forchaps@voiceofnations.org.uk

BETTER BALANCE Venue: Mossley Hill Hospital, Park Avenue, L18 8BU Date: Wednesday 11th October, 1.30pm – 3pm Contact: Andy Ireland, 0151 728 8874; info@healthinessltd.co.uk Registration: www.healthinessltd.co.uk

LUNATIC FRINGE SOAP BOX Venue: The Brink, 21 Parr Street, L1 4JN Date: Thursday 12th October, 7.30pm – 9.30pm Liverpool Mental Health Festival’s own poetry slam invites you to hit the limelight and showcase your best lines! Host Pad Hughes (‘The Lovely Word’, the Everyman Theatre) will lend fun, expertise and encouragement. And he’ll make sure you stick to the Play Rules: 1.) Sign up with the host at the event 2.) You have 5 minutes. 2 poems max. 3.) Be brave. Be exciting. Be bold 4.) No hate 5.) Enjoy yourself! Contact: Claire Stevens, 0151 237 2688; claire.stevens@liverpoolmentalhealth.org Registration: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lunatic-fringe-soap-box-tickets-36886185574 26

LONELINESS SUMMIT WITH LUCIANA BERGER MP Venue: The Fairfield Centre, Sheil Road, L6 3AA Date: Friday 13th October, 3pm – 4.30pm Contact: Noel Hutchinson, 07913055502; luciana4wavertree@hotmail.co.uk

LIVERPOOL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICE, HEALTH AND WELLBEING ROAD SHOW Venue: Abdullah Quilliam Society, 6-10 Brougham Terrace, L6 1AE Date: Friday 13th October, 1pm – 3pm Contact: Kemi, 0151 708 7414; info.lcds@nhs.net

THE UNKINDEST CUT Venue: Under the Flyover, Cuerden St, L3 8EN Date: Friday 13th October - Sunday 15th October Please see website www.wemakeplaces.org for performance times. Installation open 10am - 6pm daily Contact: info@wemakeplaces.org We Make Places bring Sadhana Dance’s installation/performance piece, ‘Unkindest Cut’, to Liverpool. The piece interweaves dance, performance, text and film around a complex light installation to explore issues around young people and mental health. It will be performed in two, adapted, shipping containers and will involve creative input from local young people, reflecting on their experience of mental health.


MERSEY CARE’S BIG BREW EVENT AND MEET THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE Venue: Life Rooms, 23 Scarisbrick Avenue, Southport, PR8 1NW Date: Saturday 14th October, 10am – 3pm Contact: Christy White, 0151 473 2921; christy.white@merseycare.nhs.uk

FESTIVAL FINALE Venue: Blackburne House, 3 Blackburne Place, L8 7PE Date: Saturday 14th October, 6 – 8pm Join us for our fabulous fiery festival finale! Workshops 6-7pm The workshops are run by Bring the Fire Project and give an introduction to Flow Arts. Experience your creativity in a completely new way: discover poi, staff spinning and levitation stick during a fun and dynamic movement workshop. All ages welcome, no experience necessary, just rock up!!! Performance 7.15 - 8pm Bring the Fire Project and Katumba join forces to bring you a stunning display of rhythm and pyrotechnics to close the festival with a bang! Food The award-winning Blackburne House will tantalise your taste buds with festival flavours. Contact: Claire Stevens, 0151 237 2688; claire.stevens@liverpoolmentalhealth.org 28

THANK YOU! LMHF Patrons: Bill Ryder-Jones, Sofie Hagen, The Singh Twins LMHF Ambassador: Cllr Joanne Calvert (Mayoral Lead for Mental Health) Lord Mayor of Liverpool: Cllr Malcolm Kennedy Project Manager: Nicole Konigs Balfry (Zest Event Management) Co-ordinators: Claire Stevens and Sarah Butler-Boycott (LMHC) Art Exhibition selection panel Stage Management: Marie-Lou Frieden Graphic Design: James Kirkham (IXIOD) Art Curation: Jazamin Sinclair Williamson Square Comperes: Nikki Greig and Pad Hughes CAMHS Liaison: Sal Edgar Event Support: Jennifer Connor (BID) Volunteer Food Sponsor: Lovelock’s Coffee Shop Publicity and Media Partners: One Fell Swoop All the artists, performers, volunteers and venues who’ve helped to make this such a special festival! Keep an eye on our website and Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute information! Liverpool Mental Health Consortium 151 Dale Street L2 2AH Tel: 0151 237 2688 Email: hello@liverpoolmentalhealth.org Web: www.liverpoolmentalhealth.org



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CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE’S SUPPORT Liverpool FYI (Fun Youth Involvement) – Online resource www.liverpoolfyi.com Merseyside Youth Association (MYA) – Campaigns, therapy, peer mentoring, participation, training 65-67 Hanover Street, L1 3DY 0151 702 0700 participation@mya.org.uk www.mya.org.uk Yellowhouse 1st Floor, Oriel Chambers, 14 Water Street, L2 8TD 0151 236 4541 theyellowhouse@btinternet.com www.yellowhouse.info Young People’s Advisory Service (YPAS) – Info & advice, LGBT+ Project, Drop-In, Parenting, Counselling 36, Bolton Street, L3 5LX 0151 707 1025 support@ypas.org.uk www.ypas.org.uk YPAS Plus - South Community Hub, Lyndene Road, L25 1NG 0151 305 2031 YPAS Plus - North Community Hub, Croxdale Road West, L14 8YA 0151 305 2040 W2

BLACK, ASIAN, MINORITY ETHNIC & REFUGEE SUPPORT Chinese Wellbeing Staten Court, Tradewind Square, East Village, Duke St, L1 5BG 0151 709 2643 info@chinesewellbeing.co.uk http://chinesewellbeing.co.uk Family Refugee Support Project (FRSP) Toxteth Town Hall, 15 High Park Street, L8 8DX 0151 728 9340 frspliverpool@yahoo.co.uk www.familyrefugeesupportproject.btck.co.uk Irish Community Care 151 Dale Street, L2 2AH 0151 237 3987 admin@iccm.org.uk www.iccm.org.uk Liverpool Community Development Service Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, 4 Princes Road, L8 1TH 0151 708 7414 info.lcds@nhs.net www.liverpoolcds.org


BLACK, ASIAN, MINORITY ETHNIC & REFUGEE SUPPORT Mary Seacole House – Psychological therapies, advocacy, day service 91 Upper Parliament Street, L8 7LB 0151 707 0319 zorro@maryseacolehouse.com www.maryseacolehouse.com Merseyside Polonia 1st Floor, 5 Covent Garden, L2 8UD info@merseysidepolonia.com www.merseysidepolonia.com MRANG – Refugee & Asylum Seeker Pre & Postnatal Support The Florrie, 377 Mill Street, L8 4RF 0151 728 2323 info@mrang.org.uk www.mrang.org.uk Sanctuary Family Support 322-326 Upper Parliament Street, L8 7QL 0151 735 0747 sanctuaryfs.noor@hotmail.com Savera (Domestic Abuse) 07716 266484 saveraliverpool@hotmail.co.uk www.saveraliverpool.co.uk W4

LGBTI+ SERVICES Armistead Centre (Groups: Being Out with Learning Disabilities [BOLD], Drug & Alcohol, LGBT, 45+, Men’s, Women’s, Parents & Carers) The Beat Office, 56-58 Hanover Street, L1 4AF 0151 247 6500 Be Yourself Peer Support Group PSS Umbrella Centre, 111 Mt Pleasant, L3 5TF, 0151 708 0415 wellbeingcentres@pss.org.uk GYRO (Gay Youth ‘R’ Out) YPAS, 36 Bolton Street, L3 5LX 0151 702 6076 gyro@ypas.org.uk www.gyro.org.uk Many Hands One Heart (Refugees & People Seeking Asylum) Sahir House 0151 237 3989 info@sahir.uk.com www.sahir.org.uk Mersey Mermaids Family Support Group (Trans young people up to 19 & families) Jan Sampson 07951 956493


LGBTI+ SERVICES Queer Notions (Self/Peer Support) queernotions@hotmail.com www.queernotions.org Spirit Level (Peer to Peer Transgender Support) mazykate@toucansurf.com

PEER SUPPORT Bipolar UK www.bipolaruk.org.uk Chinese Wellbeing (Parents of children with a Learning Disability; Dementia support) 0151 709 2643 info@chinesewellbeing.co.uk www.chinesewellbeing.co.uk Family Refugee Support Project 0151 728 9340 frspliverpool@yahoo.co.uk www.familyrefugeesupportproject.org Imagine Peer Mentoring & Peer Support Service Tel: 0151 280 4564 Peer Mentoring: befriending@imaginementalhealth.org.uk W6

PEER SUPPORT Peer Support Service: managerelcs@imaginementalhealth.org.uk www.imagineindependence.org.uk Kinship Carers 0151 270 2108


MRANG Pre- & Post-Natal Support Group Tel: 0151 728 2323 info@mrang.org.uk www.mrang.org.uk PSS Wellbeing Centres 0151 708 0415 wellbeingcentres@pss.org.uk Richmond Fellowship Our Time (Time-Banking) 0151 5252 0116 OurTime@richmondfellowship.org.uk www.richmondfellowship.org.uk St Andrew’s Community Network 0151 226 3406 wellbeing@standrewslive.org.uk www.standrewsclubmoor.org.uk


PEER SUPPORT Talking Eating Disorders Tel: 07974 796990 talkingeatingdisorders@hotmail.co.uk www.tedsuk.com WHISC 0151 707 1826 whiscdropin@btconnect.com www.whisc.org.uk

SUBSTANCE MISUSE & ADDICTION Addaction 4 Roscoe Street, L1 2SX 0151 702 0655 www.addaction.org.uk AA 0800 9177 650 help@aamail.org www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk AA Liverpool Veterans 0151 261 9878


SUBSTANCE MISUSE & ADDICTION Beacon Counselling Trust (Gambling Support & Counselling) 263 Townsend Lane, L13 9DG 0151 321 1099 gamcare@beaconcounsellingtrust.co.uk www.beaconcounsellingtrust.co.uk Genie in the Gutter 39 Rodney Street, L1 9EN 0151 703 9053 enquiries@genieinthegutter.co.uk www.genieinthegutter.co.uk Sanctuary Family Support 322-326 Upper Parliament Street, L8 7QL 0151 735 0747 Maddy@sanctuaryfs.org www.sanctuaryfs.org SHARP 17 Rodney Street, L1 9EF 0151 703 0679 crliverpool@actiononaddiction.org.uk www.actionaddiction.org.uk The Brink 15-21 Parr Street, L1 4JN 0151 703 0582 info@thebrinkliverpool.com www.thebrinkliverpool.com W9

WELFARE ADVICE Advocacy Works Liverpool 1st Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, L1 4DN 0151 707 8799 liverpooladvocacyworks@shap.org.uk The Brain Charity (for people with neurological conditions) Norton Street, L3 8LR 0151 298 2999 info@thebraincharity.org.uk Citizen’s Advice North Liverpool – Anfield, Norris Green, Walton www.northliverpoolcab.org.uk South Liverpool – Garston, Toxteth www.southliverpoolcab.org.uk East Liverpool – Belle Vale, Garston www.wavertreenorthandnetherleycab.com Gateway Assessment: 0344 848 7700 Crisis Skylight Liverpool 96 Kent Street, L1 5BD 0151 218 7000 merseyside@crisis.org.uk www.crisis.org.uk/get-help/merseyside W10

WELFARE ADVICE Fazakerly Community Federation Formosa Drive, L10 7LQ 0151 525 5051/0151 523 1073 Foodbanks Central Liverpool 0151 522 1391 foodbank@imagineiftrust.org South Liverpool 07760 718640 admin@slfoodbank.org North Liverpool 0151 226 3406 / 0151 270 1224 vicky@standrewslive.org.uk Liverpool Citizen Support Scheme (Home Needs Awards/Urgent Needs Awards) Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, L2 2DH 0800 456 1523 Liverpool Community Advice 2nd Floor, 1 Union Court, Cook St, L2 4SJ 0151 294 3041


WELFARE ADVICE Local Solutions Mt Vernon Green, Hall Lane, L7 8TF Fuel Debt Advice: 0151 705 2382/0800 988 2655 fueldebt@localsolutions.org.uk Water Debt Advice: 0151 705 2383 waterdebt@localsolutions.org.uk Merseyside Law Centre Unit 17, Dovecot Parade, L14 9PH Housing Drop-In: Monday 1.00pm – 3.45pm 0151 709 0504 RAISE Benefits Advice Team (Advice for Housing Assoc. Tenants) 286 Scotland Road, L5 5AE 0151 482 2475 admin@benefitsadviceteam.co.uk Shelter (Housing, Debt & Advice) 3rd Floor, Colonial Chambers, Temple Street, L2 5RH 0344 515 1900 Drop-In: Tue 10.00am - 12.00 noon, Wed 1.00 - 3.00pm Whitechapel Centre (Homelessness) Langsdale Street, L3 8DU 0151 207 7617 info@thewhitechapelcentre.co.uk www.whitechapelcentre.co.uk W12

WELLBEING, SUPPORT & TALKING THERAPIES Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton 179 Townsend Lane, L13 9DY Liverpool: 0151 330 5678 Sefton: 01704 542993 mail@ageconcernliverpoolandsefton.org.uk www.ageconcernliverpoolandsefton.org.uk Compass (Counselling) 151 Dale Street, L2 2AH 0151 237 3993 enquiries@compass-counselling.org.uk www.compass-counselling.org.uk Everton in the Community Active Blues (males, 35-50 years, N Liverpool) Goodison Park, Goodison Road, L4 4EL 0151 530 5265 dean.jones@evertonfc.com www.evertonfc.com Imagine Independence 25 Hope Street, L1 9BQ 0151 709 2366 www.imagineindependence.org.uk


WELLBEING, SUPPORT & TALKING THERAPIES Liverpool Veterans HQ 239 Breck Road, L5 6PT 0151 261 9878 liverpool.veterans@ymail.com www.liverpoolveterans.co.uk Liverpool Waves of Hope (mental health, homelessness, offending, substance misuse) 0151 702 6090 www.plusdane.co.uk Local Solutions Carers Centre Mt Vernon Green, L7 8TF 0151 705 2307 carerscentre@localsolutions.org.uk www.localsolutions.org.uk Love, Jasmine (bereavement following the loss of a child) 25 Bingley Road, L4 2TB 07566 225253 enquiries@lovejasmine.org.uk www.lovejasmine.org.uk PSS Wellbeing Centres Umbrella Centre, 111 Mt Pleasant, L3 5TF 0151 708 0415 wellbeingcentres@pss.org.uk www.psspeople.com W14

WELLBEING, SUPPORT & TALKING THERAPIES RASA (Rape & Sexual Abuse) Unit 2 & 3, Stella Nova, Washington Parade, L20 4TZ Helpline: 0151 666 1392 helpline@rasamerseyside.org www.rasamerseyside.org Recovery College (Mersey Care) The Life Rooms, Evered Avenue, L9 2AF 0151 478 6556 recovery.college@merseycare.nhs.uk www.merseycare.nhs.uk Relate (Counselling) 1st Floor, 151 Dale Street, L2 2AH 0300 330 5793 enquiries@relatecm.org.uk www.relatecm.org.uk Samaritans 25 Clarence Street, L3 5TN 0151 708 8888 jo@samaritans.org SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) Helpline: 0300 111 5065 sobs.support@hotmail.com www.uk-sobs.org.uk W15

WELLBEING, SUPPORT & TALKING THERAPIES Talk Liverpool 0151 228 2300 talkliverpool@merseycare.nhs.uk www.talkliverpool.nhs.uk The Alder Centre (child bereavement) Eaton Road, L12 2AP 0151 252 5391 www.alderhey.nhs.uk The Brain Charity Norton Street, L3 8LR 0151 298 2999 info@thebraincharity.org.uk www.thebraincharity.org.uk Volunteer Centre Liverpool 151 Dale Street, L2 2AH 0151 237 3975 enquiries@volunteercentreliverpool.org.uk


WOMEN & FAMILY Adullam Domestic Violence Refuge Locations Confidential 0151 207 1511 www.adullam.org.uk Amadudu Women’s Refuge PO Box 252, L69 8NA 0151 734 0083 apro1986@aol.com Big Love Sista Activities (choir, meditation, yoga) Room 1, 6th Floor, Gostins Building, 32-36 Hanover St, L1 4LN www.biglovesista.com/our-studio Centre 56 (Domestic violence) 0151 727 1355 centre.56@btconnect.com www.centre56.org.uk 4 Wings – Next Steps (Domestic abuse support & training) Floor 2, Gostins Building, 32-36 Hanover Street, L1 4LN www.4wings.co.uk


WOMEN & FAMILY Honeysuckle Bereavement Team (miscarriage, stillbirth, early neonatal death) Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, Crown Street, L8 7SS 0151 702 4151 honeysuckle@lwh.nhs.uk www.liverpoolwomens.nhs.uk Imagine: Rosie Childs Centre 22 Tynwald Hill, L13 7DP 0151 291 6866 befriending@imaginementalhealth.org.uk Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service (LDAS) 72-74 Durning Road, L7 5NG 0151 263 7474 Freephone: 0800 084 2744 Merseyside Domestic Violence Services St James Health & Community Centre, Gt George Sq, L1 5DZ 0151 709 8770 merseysidedvs@ymail.com www.mdvs.co.uk South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service (SLDAS) Bridge Chapel Centre, Heath Road, L19 4XR 0151 494 2222/0151 494 1777 Freephone: 0800 083 7144 services@sldas.co.uk www.sl-domesticabuseservices.org.uk W18

WOMEN & FAMILY WHISC (Women’s Health Information & Support Centre) 120 Bold Street, L1 4JA 0151 707 1826 whiscdropin@btconnect.com www.whisc.org.uk

For information about other local sources of support for wellbeing, including therapies, support groups, activities, & more, contact Healthwatch Liverpool: Tel: 0300 7777 007 Txt: 07842 552 878 enquiries@healthwatchliverpool.co.uk See the Directory at: www.wellbeingliverpool.org.uk

Thank you to the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund for supporting this Directory W19

Profile for Liverpool Mental Health Consortium

Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017 programme  

Programme brochure listing the events happening as part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017 plus specials with the festival patrons Bil...

Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017 programme  

Programme brochure listing the events happening as part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017 plus specials with the festival patrons Bil...