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Introduction Q & A with Bill Ryder-Jones, Festival Patron Liverpool Football Club Spirit of Shankly Opening Night

Wednesday 10th October 16 Art Exhibition ‘The Art of Falling Apart’ Thursday 11th October 18 Film Night Friday 12th October 20 Feelgood Friday Saturday 13th October 30 Articipation - A Wellbeing Forum 38 Q & A with Stealing Sheep Sunday 14th October 40 TranScripts Showcase 41 42 43 44

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Introduction Liverpool Mental Health Consortium welcomes you to Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2018! The festivities begin on 10th October (World Mental Health Day) and run until 14th October. The festival features music, dance, drama, visual arts, spoken word, film, information, advice, workshops, and more. And it’s all FREE! Please register for events where the option is available as places are limited and activities book up in advance.

What’s Liverpool Mental Health Festival About? World Mental Health Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries and is supported by the United Nations and World Health Organisation. Here in Liverpool, we’re working in partnership with a number of diverse local festivals on our ‘Lunatic Fringe’ project to bring creative, mental health-themed activities to our festival and theirs. We’re continuing to work with our local partners across mental health sectors to raise awareness, challenge stigma and promote wellbeing. At a time when services are being cut and everyone is feeling the squeeze, it’s more important than ever to bring people together to discuss things that matter and to celebrate community. Enjoy the festivities! 1

photo credit: Jack Finnigan

Q&A with Bill Ryder-Jones: Liverpool Mental Health Festival Patron

BRyderJones bryderjones


We’re thrilled that Merseyside musician Bill Ryder-Jones has remained our Festival Patron for the third year! Wellknown as an immensely talented songwriter/composer, instrumentalist, singer and producer, Bill is also a brilliant spokesperson for mental health, including his own. We caught up with him ahead of the festival and here’s what he said: Thanks for being the Patron of Liverpool Mental Health Festival for the past 3 years! Why did you want to get involved with the Festival and what does it mean to you? I’ve always held the belief that you do what you can to promote understanding and acceptance. In the past, I’ve tried to do this by speaking openly about my own experiences with my own mental health problems. Further to that, being asked by an organisation as wonderful and tireless as the Consortium is not only 2

a chance to bring people towards them and what they do, but it’s also a wonderful feeling to be seen as someone they would want an association with. This year, one of our big Festival events will be ‘Articipation: A Wellbeing Forum for the Arts and Creative Industries’ on Sat 13th October. What positive role do you think the arts can play in mental wellbeing? In my experience, self-expression, and learning about yourself through that expression, really is the most powerful instrument we have against mental health problems. I’d wager that a high percentage of people experiencing it will have low self-esteem and possibly lack an identity that they are altogether happy with. For me, art and creating art is a way of defining what it is that we inherently enjoy in a positive way. It’s also a wonderful way of reversing those negatives into something that can be good for others. What, in your experience, are the mental health challenges of working in the arts/creative industries? Pressure is a huge issue for all people in all jobs, so certainly that runs through our industry. Stigma is a problem - this notion of hopeless romantic drug takers and depressives is, I think, a terrible thing. Also, there’s a lack of any real value put on anyone who isn’t in the elite. The artists at the bottom of the food chain struggle, very often without any guidance from the state, but, if we make something of ourselves, are often treated like we have the life of Riley. Liverpool is a great example of a place that does the bare minimum for its artists but lives and trades off being a ‘music city’. Lastly, what are you working on at the moment? Is there anything we should be looking out for from you in the near future? I’m always working! I now have my hand in a recording studio, so we’re in the process of sharpening that up for our online launch. My new record will be out at some point and there are the usual gigs etc. 3

Spirit of Shankly - Raising Awareness of Mental Health and Suicide among Football Fans For a number of years, Spirit of Shankly (SOS) have been concerned about the mental health and wellbeing of match-going fans, which is why we’re so delighted to be working in partnership with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and supporting Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2018.

Spirit of Shankly

Eighty-four men take their own life in the UK every week. Most of those fit the same age demographic as match-goers. It can be difficult for fellow fans to spot the early warning signs. Sometimes they’re not there for us to see.

Liverpool Football Club – Working in Partnership for Mental Wellbeing As part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival, Liverpool FC is working with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and Spirit of Shankly to raise awareness of mental distress and suicide among match-goers and fans, as well as their families and friends. Football plays an important role in the lives of many Liverpool people and at Liverpool FC we are committed to using our influence to make a difference. Not only do we support Liverpool Mental Health Festival, but we will be raising the issues of mental distress and suicide in the match-day programme for the Liverpool vs Man City fixture on Saturday 6th October. 4

In 2017, SOS joined with and championed the national campaign, ‘In Your Mate’s Corner’. Later that year, we learned of the suicide of a well-known young Liverpool fan, which came as a great shock to many fellow Reds. Our campaign is not solely aimed at those experiencing mental health problems, but also at those around them who can have a conversation, and make them feel valued and supported. World Mental Health Day is on 10 October 2018, a few days after Liverpool FC’s scheduled home match with Manchester City. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness to an audience of 54,000 at Anfield. SOS are committed to supporting those in distress, whether through trauma or life experience, and believe that, together with LFC, we can have a huge impact on supporters. We are grateful to LFC and Liverpool Mental Health Consortium for working with us on this campaign. @spiritofshankly 5

Wednesday 10th October

Wednesday 10th October

Liverpool Mental Health Consortium presents their Festival Opening Night. Hosted by avant-garde performance artist, David Hoyle, this packed programme promises a smorgasbord of delights: award-winning Bhangra dancers, Nachda Sansaar; infectious Congolese music from Kasai Masai; Karen McLeod’s darkly funny alter-ego, Barbara Brownskirt; Bring the Fire Project; Liverpool Comhaltas, Auntie Climax, TranScripts writers, Bolger School of Irish Dancers, and Mica Millar. This year, Liverpool Mental Health Consortium has been working in partnership with a number of Liverpool’s other great festivals, as part of our ‘Lunatic Fringe’ project – connecting communities and the arts in the pursuit of good mental health for all. Thanks to Africa Oyé, DaDaFest Healthy Souls, Liverpool Irish Festival, Liverpool Pride, Milapfest, SoulFest, and WoWfest for their support!


photo credit: Lee Baxter

Liverpool Mental Health Festival Opening Night, 7.00pm – 11.30pm (Doors 6.00pm) The Music Room, Philharmonic Hall, (corner of Myrtle Street/Sugnall Street; entrance on Sugnall Street)

David Hoyle David Hoyle came to prominence in the 1990s as ‘The Divine David’, an anti-drag queen whose lacerating social commentary was offset by breath-taking selfrecrimination and self-harm. Hoyle killed ‘The Divine David’ off during a spectacular show in 2000. He returned to TV in 2005 in Chris Morris’ ‘ Nathan Barley’ and began performing live again under his own name. The chances of serious injury now seemed greatly reduced, but Hoyle’s biting satire, bravura costumes, wicked comic timing and compelling charisma remained intact. He’s performed at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Soho Theatre, Chelsea Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, and Victoria and Albert Museum. ‘He is raw, sometimes a bit frightening, but also thrilling in his look-no-hands recklessness.’ The Guardian 7

Wednesday 10th October

Wednesday 10th October

Liverpool Comhaltas Comhaltas is a cultural movement concerned with the promotion and preservation of the music, dance and language of Ireland. They focus on promoting cultural traditions as a living, highly visible and vibrant part of society, easily accessible to all, with their unique social, cultural and economic benefits fully realised by communities and individuals throughout the country and in Irish communities abroad. The Liverpool branch has been established since 1957 and were the Northern senior band champions in 2017.

Bolger School of Irish Dancing The Bolger School of Irish Dancing was founded in the early 1960s by Mairin Bolger. Now led by Kathleen Cunningham, the School is, first and foremost, a cultural organisation which has its home in Liverpool Irish Centre. The school is dedicated to passing on an element of Irish culture to the younger members of the community, with the emphasis on having fun, exercise, working as a team, and improving selfesteem and confidence. Dancers take part in displays throughout the year, including Liverpool Irish Festival, and have danced on all the main stages in the city, including the Empire Theatre, the Philharmonic, the Town Hall and the Royal Court.


Kasai Masai Kasai Masai’s music reflects their journey from the rural to urban, performing music passed on from generation to generation, combined with their own contemporary style. Written in Swahili, Lingala and Kimongo, their lyrics portray the cultural diversity of Congo, where more than 400 languages are spoken. Kasai Masai’s original compositions have moved beyond traditional expectations of Congolese music, including galloping rhythms, strong melodies, passionate beats, swinging guitars, and moving saxophone. Led by percussionist, singer and dancer Nickens Nkoso, a well-known figure on the world music circuit, Kasai Masai perform at many festivals, including Rain Forest Festival (Malaysia), Oman World Music Festival, World Music Festival (Bahrain), Clonmel Festival (Republic of Ireland), and World Music LX09 (Portugal) ‘Kasai Masai successfully marry a respect for vintage grooves with an overwhelming urge to move the dance floor. This is the sound of the old and new, of the countryside and the city, from deep in the heart of Africa…’ (Nige Tassell - Womad Festival) 9

Wednesday 10th October

Wednesday 10th October

TranScripts Writers (Mina Albanese, Garnett (Ratte) Frost, Ruth Smart, Stephanie Gray) Liverpool Mental Health Consortium is pleased to present a selection of readings from our TranScripts project, which was aimed at developing writing by people from local trans communities. This innovative writing project was delivered in partnership with Writing on the Wall and led by course tutor Marjorie Morgan, writer-in-residence for Independent Liverpool Biennial and recently shortlisted for the prestigious Kenneth Branagh Award.

photo credit: Holly Revell

Barbara Brownskirt Barbara Brownskirt is the poet-in-residence at the 197 bus stop, Croydon Road, Penge. To date, she has written 22 volumes of poetry and shows no sign of slowing down. Lack of success, loneliness and failure to acknowledge what failure looks like are major themes running through Barbara’s poetry, as well as her muse Judi Dench. Barbara is the construct of writer Karen McLeod, prize-winning novelist of ‘In Search of the Missing Eyelash’ and Writer-in-Residence at Bookseller Crow, Crystal Palace. She works with the performance art collaborative DUCKIE as well as touring the UK with Polari, the literary salon based at the London Southbank Centre. ‘Indefatigable, prolific and utterly unpublishable, Barbara is the manifestation of bitterness, anger, lesbian cliché railing against her lot. Barbara is rubbish, but she doesn’t know it.’ (VICE) 10


Wednesday 10th October

Wednesday 10th October

Mica Millar A self-managed, independent artist, Mica Millar has quickly established herself as one of the Northwest’s most revered up-and-coming artists. The Soul powerhouse emerged in 2017 with her debut single ‘My Lover’. Since her debut, Mica has been invited to perform at the prestigious ILuvLive Soul showcase, BBC Children in Need, played headline shows at Band on The Wall, The Deaf Institute (Manchester) The Wardrobe (Leeds) and The Buyers Club and Leaf (Liverpool), and had Festival appearances including Manchester International Festival, Soundwave (Croatia), Congleton Jazz Festival, Dazzley and Velvet Badger Festival and Poynton Jazz Festival. Her debut album will be released in early 2019. ‘The term “The next big thing” gets bandied about a lot these days but listen to the staggering vocals of Mica Millar and you’ll find yourself uttering just that.’ (Manchester Evening News)

Auntie Climax (Brendan Curtis-Burton): Self Help Brendan Curtis is a Liverpool-based chef, clown and artist. He produces and hosts ‘Eat Me and Preach!’, an alt-drag dinner cabaret; co-runs Bearded Child - a theatre company offering immersive dining experiences; and is a member of the School of the Damned. He likes long walks to the fridge, belly button inquiry and pistachio shells. With this piece, it’s time to go on a journey… To look DEEP inside yourself. Join us for a guided surgical meditation inside the body. Who knows what you’ll find? 12


Wednesday 10th October

Wednesday 10th October

Bring the Fire Project Bring the Fire Project (BTFP) is a Liverpool-based collective of fire dancers, circus skills teachers and flow arts promoters. The project was founded in 2012 by passionate people who decided to share their love of fire and light, performing with the world. BTFP gives you a chance to ‘set yourself on fire’ during fire dancing workshops or witness the beauty of fire in motion at Liverpool Fire Arts Festival. Their unforgettable shows are a fusion of traditional fire theatre (World in a City, Japanese Fire) and modern techniques, including light manipulation and projection mapping (The Alchemist).

Nachda Sansaar Established in 1984, Nachda Sansaar are a Birminghambased Bhangra Dance Group. With the support of one of the country’s most well respected Punjabi folk music and dance artists, King G. Mall, by 1989, Nachda Sansaar were one of the most high-profile Bhangra Groups in the UK. The group’s belief that music and dance is a universal language that breaks down barriers and unites communities, is at the forefront of everything they do. They have had the pleasure of representing their culture, and the UK, at many prestigious events, including the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, the interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest, and numerous television programmes. 14


Thursday 11th October

The Singh Twins , photo credit: Claire Stevens

Thursday 11th October

The Art of Falling Apart Launch 4.00pm – 5.30pm The Brink 21 Parr Street, Liverpool L1 4JN Now in its 5th year, our annual art exhibition presents pieces from Merseyside artists drawing on their own personal experience on the theme of mental health. “Although this exhibition has a mental health theme, the focus is most definitely the ART!! And exactly the approach to building inner strength we need to see.” (Exhibition Viewer, 2017) Internationally acclaimed artists The Singh Twins join us once again as exhibition Patrons: “We’re delighted to be Patrons of the Liverpool Mental Health Festival Art Exhibition for the fourth year. The range and diversity of the work, and the artistic talent on show is always impressive. During our involvement, we’ve found these exhibitions to be both moving and thought-provoking, particularly when we’ve had the privilege of opening the exhibitions and meeting so many of the artists, so we’re excited about this year’s launch and about viewing the works on display.” The Singh Twins

Exhibition runs: 11th October – 7th January 2019


It’s The Travelling Life This year, the exhibition also showcases a collaborative photography project produced by Liverpool Mental Health Consortium, Liverpool Irish Festival and Irish Community Care Merseyside, in partnership with Irish Traveller women. The It’s The Travelling Life exhibition features photographs documenting the project and the lives of the women and their families. Special thanks to all the Irish Traveller women who participated in the project. The partnership with Liverpool Irish Festival will see an expanded exhibit also featuring photographs by awardwinning American photographer and film-maker Jona Frank running as part of their festival, 18-28 Oct 2018. See for date and location.


Thursday 11th October

Film Night - Adult Life Skills 6.00pm - 9.00pm FACT 88 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ Liverpool Mental Health Consortium presents Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2018 Film Night. Main feature: Adult Life Skills (2016). Anna is stuck: she’s approaching 30, living like a hermit in her mum’s garden shed and wondering why the suffragettes ever bothered. She spends her days making short films with her endlessly bickering thumbs. However, when her school friend comes to visit, Anna’s self-imposed isolation becomes impossible to maintain. Soon she is entangled with a troubled 8-year-old boy obsessed with Westerns, and the local estate agent whose awkward interpersonal skills continually undermine his attempts to seduce her. Directed by Rachel Tunnard, and starring Jodie Whittaker (One Day, Broadchurch, Dr Who), Alice Lowe (Prevenge, Sightseers), and Brett Goldstein (ITV’s Uncle, Drifters), Adult Life Skills is a distinctly eccentric, witty and moving British triumph.


Thursday 11th October

Before the main feature, we’ll be showing short films with a wellbeing theme, by and about local people: - Sarah-Louise Gustafson: I’m Screaming; Listen; Who Do You Want Me To Be. - A Liverpool Football Club/LFC TV documentary by Phil Reade and Paul Chialton (extract for Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2018): Jason McAteer opens up about his battle with depression, while exploring how mental health issues can impact society; from elite sports stars to matchgoing football fans. Tickets are free, but please note that The Box has a capacity of 50, so prebooking is advisable: liverpool-mental-healthfestival-2018-film-nighttickets-48885701449 19

Friday 12th October - PERFORMANCES

Join Liverpool Mental Health Consortium at Bluecoat for a Fabulous Feelgood Friday Improve your wellbeing with taster sessions including yoga, capoeira, art, music and dance – and much, much more - Chat to local support organisations – for information, advice and signposting - Enjoy stunning acts from local bands and performers


BuskWithUs Band 10am - 11am Ever felt envious whilst watching musicians perform? Ever thought - ‘I’d love to do that, but I’m too nervous, or not talented enough’? BuskWithUs Band create unique interactive performances that gently encourage the crowd to participate spontaneously, lower their guard, and bang to the rhythm of their own drum. Group jams like these aid social connection and integration, and boost happiness and creativity. BuskWithUs Band carry this torch to ensure that musical communication is not a forgotten language lost to an epoch before iPhones and Instagram.

The Strumbrellas

Feel Good Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm Bluecoat School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX

PERFORMANCES - Friday 12th October

The Strumbrellas 11.15am – 11.45am

Capoeira for All 12.00noon – 1.00pm

The Strumbrellas formed in the summer of 2017 following a ukulele course at PSS Umbrella Wellbeing Centre. They’re a collective of musicians with varying levels of skill and experience, playing an eclectic mix of folk and popular tunes. They may be rough around the edges, but their toetapping, hand-clapping quirkiness lifts the spirits and raises a smile.

Capoeira is a fun and accessible art form from Brazil that incorporates music, martial arts and dance. Practised in over 160 countries across the world, capoeira has proven benefits for health, wellbeing, self-confidence, communication and coordination. Capoeira for All C.I.C. will demonstrate this amazing art form and run a workshop introducing the main elements of movement, percussion and singing. 21

Caricatures from Comics Youth

Friday 12th October - PERFORMANCES


Thom Morecroft 1.15pm – 1.45pm

Movema 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Played on BBC 6 Music by Tom Robinson, and described by ex-editor of NME, Q, Mojo and Word, Paul Du Noyer, as ‘cheering and addictive’, Thom Morecroft is a British singer-songwriter from Shrewsbury who has made Liverpool his home.

Experience the pure joy of Bollywood Dance! Movema brings you a vibrant Bollywood duet performance fusing Indian classical and folk dances, street dance and more. Discover your inner Bollywood Diva or Hero as you learn some steps with our expert dancers in a taster workshop, suitable for all ages and abilities. Let loose, learn something new, have fun and feel good!

PERFORMANCES - Friday 12th October

Mersey Belles 3.15pm – 3.45pm

Nick Ellis 4.15pm – 4.45pm

The Mersey Belles are cousins, Nancy and Pearl, who take you on a trip down memory lane. They infuse the ukulele with fabulous renditions of all the old classics, from the ‘20s right up to the ‘50s, while making songs from the 21st century sound even better than they do on the wireless radio!

Nick Ellis is dedicated to the concept of “Song” and “Melody”. Some people call it folk, some just call it good oldfashioned song craft. Currently based in Liverpool, Ellis blends streetscape narrativenoir with a classic British acoustic approach. Using a blend of rhythmic attack and finger-quick lucidity, his sound has been described as “a conversation between Elvis Costello and John Martyn.”

Vocality 5.00pm – 5.20pm Vocality are a community a cappella choir that sing a diverse range of songs from artists including Michael Jackson, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Tom Waits with a bit of Etta James too. They are slowly gaining a brilliant reputation in the city for their lovely vibe and beautiful harmonies.

Also featuring: Baby Book Club 10.00am – 11.00am Kaleidoscope Open Studio 2.00pm – 4.00pm Caricatures from Comics Youth 11.00am – 3.00pm 23

Workshops (Garden Room) Yoga Saeed Olayiwola, 9.00am – 9.45am Yoga is one of the best ways to learn to relax, a key tool we can employ to manage our, at times, stressful lifestyles. In this session we will move through yoga’s rewarding asanas (poses) and experience the relaxing benefit of the breath. Register your place here: www.eventbrite.

Relaxation Techniques Star Webb, 10.15am – 11.00am

Magic for Beginners John Holt, 12.45pm – 1.30pm

Sit and enjoy relaxation techniques through breath, sound and visualisation.

Magic for beginners is a crash course in how to create and perform amazing card tricks ones that will fool your family and friends - with ANY deck of cards, at ANY time. No special cards, sleight of hand or trapdoors needed. Just principles and techniques that you can use to create your own amazing card tricks.

Register your place here: www.eventbrite.

Drama Abi Horsfield, 11.30am – 12.15pm Happiness is a political statement in these times of austerity. Find your happiness! Explore what makes you happy in a creative drama workshop. Register your place here: www.eventbrite.


WORKSHOPS - Friday 12th October

A great way to help build confidence and increase your creativity! Register your place here: www.eventbrite.


Friday 12th October - WORKSHOPS


Friday 12th October - WORKSHOPS

WORKSHOPS - Friday 12th October

Nick Ellis

Singing Mersey Wylie, 3.15pm – 4.00pm

Automatic Expression: Art Responds to Art The BuskWithUs Art Collective, 2.00pm – 2.45pm Creativity - The form of self-expression needed to detach ourselves from daily mind traffic constricting our imagination. Immerse yourself in art forms - music, singing, verbal catharsis, light art, poetry - as you paint. Separate yourself from your busy mind. Return to the instinctive, intuitive, spontaneous, and free flow of creativity. There are no rules: - Pick a surface, find a space that intrigues you, allow yourself to absorb it. - Let your eyes guide you to your desired medium; be empathetic to the atmosphere. - Turn off your mind, feel what you’re feeling; create whatever your senses lead you to! - Move freely around the space, document the change and flow of emotions, change your media as desired. Be intuitive, create, there’s nothing stopping you! - Register your place here: feelgood-friday-at-bluecoat-automatic-expressionart-responds-to-art-tickets-48882389543 26

Join Mersey Wylie as she leads a 45-minute session of joyful group singing, for all abilities! It has been proven time and time again how good singing is for general wellbeing and good mental health and this workshop will be firmly focused on having fun in a friendly and relaxed environment. We will explore singing in harmony through wellknown songs as well as rounds and chants from across the world. Register your place here: www.eventbrite.

String Theory: An Introduction to Performance-Making for the Street Brendan CurtisBurton, 4.30pm – 5.15pm In this 45-minute workshop, we will work collaboratively to create a piece of performance art for the street. Taking the collective exploration of materials, vulnerability and people as performance as our starting point, we will use trust exercises, games, partner work and play to develop a short improvised group performance in and around Bluecoat. Register your place here: www.eventbrite.


Friday 12th October - WORKSHOPS

Stalls Sandon Room - Adult Learning Service - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Partnership - Citizens Advice Liverpool - Healthwatch Liverpool - Mary Seacole House - PSS Wellbeing Centres - Richmond Fellowship Time Bank - Sahir House - Talk Liverpool - Women’s Health Information and Support Centre (WHISC) - Working Conversations 28

WORKSHOPS - Friday 12th October

Tom Rae Smith: The Depressed Artist Support Bureau The Depressed Artists’ Support Bureau is a live art performance which will be part of DaDaFest 2018, making a guest appearance at Liverpool Mental Health Festival. It attempts to imagine what support for depressed artists might look like: offering peer support, practical guidance, and someone else to believe in you.


Saturday 13th October

Saturday 13th October

Articipation - A Wellbeing Forum for the Creative Arts and Industries 3.00pm – Late Constellations 35-39 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BS This event, brought to you by Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and new to Liverpool Mental Health Festival for 2018, is aimed at musicians, performers, visual artists, craftspeople/makers, arts administrators, promoters and managers. 3.00pm - 7.00pm: Wellbeing Forum The day will include panel and group discussions, short workshops and a plenary. We’ll be looking at the challenges of working in the creative industries, myths about creativity and mental wellbeing, the support that is available, and positive aspects of creative expression – all with the aim of encouraging positive outcomes and solutions. Introduction: Luciana Berger (MP for Liverpool Wavertree. Mental Health Advisor to Liverpool City Region Mayor) Keynote Speaker: Clare Shaw (Poet, Performer, Tutor and Trainer) Panel: Clare Shaw, Fran Codman, Henry Pulp, Mersey Wylie, Nikki Greig (Chair), Peter Harrison, Ruth Gould



Saturday 13th October - PANELISTS

PANELISTS - Saturday 13th October

Fran Codman Pale Rider

Keynote Speaker:

Clare Shaw Poet, Performer, Tutor and Trainer Clare Shaw has three poetry collections from Bloodaxe: ‘Straight Ahead’ (2006), ‘Head On’ (2012), and ‘Flood’ (2018). Often addressing political and personal conflict, her poetry is fuelled by a strong conviction in the transformative and redemptive power of language. Clare is a Royal Literary Fellow, and a regular tutor for the Poetry School, the Wordsworth Trust and the Arvon Foundation. She is also a mental health trainer, activist and author: her publications include ‘Otis Doesn’t Scratch: Talking to Young Children about Self-Injury’ (2015); and ‘Our Encounters with Self-Harm’ (2013). She is passionate about the meeting ground between poetry and mental wellbeing and is the facilitator of the Poetry School’s international online course, ‘Poetry as Survival’. ‘As a reader you cannot expect an easy time with Clare Shaw. She deals with the big subjects: war and conflict, violence and violation, but also the subtler themes of language as a means of expression, identity and the difficulties of motherhood. She takes us to places we may be reluctant to go but, more importantly, she fixes her gaze on us and demands our attention and our involvement.’ (James Carruth, The North). 32

Fran Codman is lead guitarist with Liverpool-based space rock band Pale Rider. Born and raised in Liverpool, Fran has found himself at the forefront of the new music community. In little over a year, Fran has played across Liverpool and Manchester, sharing stages with King Khan, The Lucid Dream and Phobophobes, with festival dates at Liverpool Sound City, Independent Venue Week, Liverpool International Music Festival, and a support slot with Joy Division’s Peter Hook. He is a supporter of Liverpool FC, a big fan of Bowie, Prince and heavy grooves, and has a cat named Marcel. Fran is a keen promoter of issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing, helping to nurture young musicians during his day job as events manager at Sound Food and Drink, a popular music bar in Liverpool city centre.

Mersey Wylie Singer, Songwriter Mersey Wylie is a singer-songwriter, vocal coach and Musical Director of the Choir with No Name. She has performed at notable festivals and venues across Liverpool and the UK and has been featured on BBC 6 Music and in Mojo Magazine. She fronts an 8-piece band, playing her unique brand of original neo-soul and has worked with an impressive range of artists, including Yoko Ono, Boy George and Mick Jones. She is passionate about promoting good mental health, especially within the creative industries and is set to release her debut EP this year, a collection of songs that explore her personal journey with her own mental health. 33

Saturday 13th October - PANELISTS

PANELISTS - Saturday 13th October

Nikki Greig

Nikki Greig Arts and Wellbeing Practitioner, Chair of Panel


Based in Liverpool for the last 15 years, and originally trained as an actor, Nikki has worked in both the arts and voluntary sector. Working with Hope Street Ltd in 2007 ignited her passion for developing participatory arts projects, using theatre as a way of exploring socio-political issues in the community, with an emphasis on mental health themes. Alongside her current work as a Wellbeing Facilitator, Nikki is developing her own practice across the arts, including diverse roles as a theatre practitioner, director, performer, film producer, live events manager and spoken word experimenter! Nikki has worked previously with the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium team on their Liverpool Mental Health Festival and Mad Pride events.

Peter Harrison SPQR

Henry Pulp Artist, Musician

Ruth Gould Artistic Director, DaDaFest

Peter Harrison is a 23-year-old singer/ songwriter and frontman of SPQR from the Wirral. Having dealt with a range of mental health issues most of his life, he has been praised for his honest and open songwriting on the subject and has lots of experience tackling a negative brain that just won’t give up!

Father, Musician, Artist and Designer, Michael Bennett aka Henry Pulp - “aided by the Spiritual Gift Of Madness” - has 10 years experience in the creative sector, from the founding of record labels and venues to developing and maintaining international brands and events.

Ruth is the Artistic Director of DaDaFest, a disability and d/Deaf arts organisation based in Liverpool with an international reputation for delivering high quality, accessible events and projects, including a critically acclaimed Biennial Festival. Ruth is a pioneer in her field, and is passionate about empowering disabled artists, challenging social attitudes and pushing boundaries in the disability arts scene. She is on the Board of Michigan based DisArt, Chair of Unlimited’s Main Commissions Panel, and an advisory member for the Granada Foundation and Liverpool City Council Tourism and Culture Select Committee. She became a Deputy Lieutenant for Merseyside in 2015 and was awarded an MBE in 2016. Ruth is also an honorary fellow of Liverpool John Moores University. 35

Saturday 13th October - PERFORMANCES

PERFORMANCES - Saturday 13th October

Also Featuring: Mindsways

7.30pm - Late: Live Music

Mindsways are father and son mentalist double-act, George and Alex Rowley. They are mystery entertainers, combining mind-reading, humour and intrigue. George works with Psychological Artistry - a blend of psychology, behavioural science, and mentalism to entertain, improve lives, promote innovation and creativity, and increase inclusion opportunities. Alex is a creative thinker, magician, actor and writer who uses magic and mentalism to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories. Using personal experience of mental distress and his theatrical background, he creates a better understanding of mental health.

After a day of discussion, what better than a night of music? Liverpool Mental Health Consortium presents a gig highlighting mental wellbeing in the Arts & Creative Industries. FREE!

Line-up: Stealing Sheep Mersey Wylie SPQR

Stealing Sheep


Visual minutes by More than Minutes. Book your place for the Articipation Forum here: 36

Making vicious, emotionally mature art rock that’s as deeply layered as it is visceral, SPQR are a band as likely to break your heart on record as they are to tear your face off live, with frontman Peter Harrison’s nuanced songwriting and impressive vocal range possessing an emotional depth seldom found in such a young artist.

Stealing Sheep Stealing Sheep are an electro-pop trio from Liverpool: Rebecca Hawley (keys), Emily Lansley (bass) and Luciana Mercer (drums). They share lead vocals, making weird and wonderful harmonies with old skool synth sounds, full luscious kit and funky bass. They brandish their own surreal disco experience with euphoric dance pop back beats, experimental soundscapes and a multitude of dynamic shifts - expect colourful leotards and sparkling visuals.

Mersey Wylie See biog under ‘Panellists’ see page 33. Book your ticket here: articipation-live-musictickets-48917829545 37

Q&A with Stealing Sheep:

We love your music and we’re really impressed by your creative approach to highlighting pressing issues in society. Tell us a bit about your working methodology. What are you working on at the moment? We’re working on a marching procession based around the suffragette movement and female empowerment. We’re specifically engaging with female musicians from the north of England to give more women a platform to engage with this industry. The Performing Rights Society declared that only 4% of their members in the north of England are female and there are other startling statistics about gender imbalance in music. We feel passionately about this and it’s also fun to meet new women of varying ages and do something like this. We’re taking 27 women on tour around UK festivals, including Latitude, End of the Road, Festival No 6, Smithfield 150, and Head for the Hills. It’s been extremely fulfilling so far. What does being involved in LMHF18 mean to you? We feel really strongly that more awareness and understanding needs to be made mainstream regarding mental health, emotional wellbeing and self-development. It affects everyone throughout their lives, so it’s time to connect everyone and not allow anyone to feel isolated with their feelings. That’s what our art tends to be about anyway, so this is a great way to be more directive with our ideas. Why do you want to be involved? We want to engage with people who feel disconnected and let them know they aren’t alone. You’re performing at our Articipation event on 13th October. The event is about mental health, the arts and creative industries. What role do you think the arts play in mental wellbeing? We think a pop song can be really helpful in exploring emotions and allowing people to express themselves through music - offering comfort and acceptance in our emotions. Song lyrics 38

and atmospheres can open a lot of doors for people through songs, people can connect with feelings of hope, sadness and joy. Vocal tones can be soothing and direct, and some music can help vent sadness or anger in the company of the artist, but outside of reality. What, in your experience, are the challenges of working in the arts/creative industries on your mental wellbeing? There is a lot of failure involved in trying to develop a skill or craft and learning how to enjoy failing is really important and also very hard. Sucking at something is the first step to being good at it!!! But it takes some artists 15-20 years to actually create something they are happy with. Lubaina Himid refers to this period as ‘the wilderness years’. This is a heart-breaking process of endurance for anyone who is embarking on the arts as a profession. There is a lot of soul-searching, dissatisfaction and lack of gratification in this game, but eventually you can find results. Just remember that artists aren’t born, they are made. As Picasso famously said, ‘Good artists Copy, Great artists Steal’ and there is a lot to be gained from these words. Our personal journey has spanned nearly 10 years and we have had a lot of ups and downs, personally and as a group. Persistence, never giving up and finding positivity in our approach has been key. Lastly, is there anything we should be looking out for from Stealing Sheep in the near future? We have just finished our 3rd album, which will be released at the start of next year! It’s going to be a completely amazing experience and we are really proud of it. There is a lot of soul and hard work in the music; we hope that shows, and that people will understand and appreciate it! We have never really been on-trend as a band and our success has always been limited to a cult following. We sometimes leave our audiences feeling a bit confused but hey ho! That’s us and we’re proud of our mad world. 39

Sunday 14th October

TranScripts Showcase 3.00pm – 5.00pm Museum of Liverpool Liverpool Waterfront, Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1DG

8th – 14th October: News from Nowhere: Wellbeing Window Display – Books and Information News from Nowhere, 96 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HY

This event launches the TranScripts anthology, a collection of creative writing by local trans people who participated in our innovative TranScripts course in partnership with Writing on the Wall and led by tutor Marjorie Morgan, writer-in-residence for Independent Liverpool Biennial and recently shortlisted for the prestigious Kenneth Branagh Award. Come and hear the writers perform their work!

If you want to buy books, DVDs, magazines etc. relating to mental health and wellbeing, why not visit Liverpool’s very own independent bookshop? You can also look for information about local community groups and services on the shop’s notice board.

Music from the D’Ukes of Hazzard Refreshments will be available Please book your place here: www. liverpool-mentalhealth-festival-2018transcript-showcasetickets-49206729653

Contact Us Keep an eye on our website and Twitter feed for up-tothe-minute information:

Liverpool Mental Health Consortium 151 Dale Street L2 2AH Tel: 0151 237 2688

Email: Web: Twitter and Facebook:

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Thank You’s LMHF Patrons: Bill Ryder-Jones, The Singh Twins Project Manager: Nici Königs Balfry (Zest Event Management) Co-ordinators: Claire Stevens and Sarah Butler-Boycott (Liverpool Mental Health Consortium) Art Exhibition Curation: Jazamin Sinclair Graphic Design: Louis Tuckman

All the artists, performers, volunteers and venues who’ve helped to make this such a special festival!


88 Wood Street L1 4DQ

Museum of Liverpool Pier Head L3 1DG


School Lane L1 3BX






The Brink

News From Nowhere

Music Room

35-39 Greenland Street L1 0BS 96 Bold Street L1 4HY



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