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Our Bid

Liverpool September 2015 Inspiring Change Achieving Growth 9th World Chambers Congress


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“We believe that Liverpool has something for everyone, and that delegates attending the ICC World Chambers Federation 9th World Chambers Congress will gain a unique insight from seeing the journey this city has undertaken. We will share our experience to date and our vision for the future. Liverpool’s heritage and culture will provide a magnificent backdrop for the networking and interactions of the international professional community.”

We are Liverpool. We hope you are too!

Joe Anderson Mayor of Liverpool

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is supported by The Mayoral Development Corporation, Liverpool Vision, The Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (comprising of the Liverpool Tourist Board and the Liverpool Convention Bureau) and the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool in its candidature. Liverpool as a city is committed to hosting the 9th World Chambers Congress as part of its vision to transform the city into a capital of enterprise.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Our Bid

We have received in excess of 100 letters of support from our chamber members, who are key supporters of the Liverpool Bid and will fully contribute to the delivery of the 2015 congress in Liverpool. British Chambers of Commerce have committed their support to the successful UK candidate. The UK Government have committed support to the successful UK candidate. A general election will take place in the UK before the 2015 congress. We have strong relationships across all parties, and can commit to government support whatever the result.

You will find letters of support at


Executive Summary

Liver Building

Executive Summary

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and its city partners invite the World Chambers Federation to bring the 9th ICC WCF World Chambers Congress to our home – where you will never find a warmer welcome and you will never want to leave. No city in Europe is better placed to host the 9th ICC WCF World Chambers Congress. Liverpool is synonymous with excellent conference facilities, a rich maritime history, worldbeating musical heritage, stunning architecture, two majestic cathedrals, two world famous football teams and being the home of England’s golf coast. The International Chambers of Commerce has a key mission to promote trade and investment across frontiers and help businesses meet the challenges and opportunities of globalisation. Liverpool was once the epicentre of global trade and we now celebrate our renaissance with the vision that Liverpool will once again become a key global trading centre. The Liverpool Chamber bid is presented in partnership with: • Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool • Congrex • Liverpool City Council • Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership • Liverpool Vision • The Mayoral Development Corporation of Liverpool


This partnership has extensive experience and expertise in the delivery of prominent international events and a vast portfolio of quality, innovative experiences that have attracted audiences from across the globe. The city of Liverpool will deliver a ‘Year of International Trade’ commencing in June 2014 with the city’s ‘International Festival of Business’ and concluding with the World Chambers Congress in 2015. Over a million visitors are expected to attend the Festival of Business, which will provide an excellent basis upon which to build the profile and anticipation for the World Chambers Congress. The 9th ICC WCF World Chambers Congress in Liverpool will feature a week-long programme of business, cultural, exhibition and conference activity that will be delivered in September 2015 and attract a global audience of more than 2,000 delegates to Liverpool. World-class business speakers and political figures, such as Bill Gates, Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson, could lead various plenary and workshop sessions on relevant topics around a theme of ‘Inspiring Change, Achieving Growth’. The gravitas of the Congress’ agenda and speakers will create a large demand for sponsorship opportunities. The success of the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool in attracting large amounts of corporate sponsorship will provide the template for a similarly successful attainment of financial support for the World Chambers Congress. Liverpool’s splendid Arena and Convention Centre – located within a short walk of all city centre hotels and amenities - will be the hub of Congress activity and will be a hive of networking, information-exchange, business briefings and workshops. The city’s wonderful Anglican Cathedral will provide an iconic venue for the Awards and closing ceremony.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Executive Summary

The Congress will seek to welcome representatives from countries of all economic levels and development. Liverpool has purposely sought to provide access to least developed countries by virtue of a dedicated bursary fund, which will broaden the diversity of representation at the event. Liverpool is prepared to welcome the world in 2015. Transport links into the city and the UK are excellent with many direct flights into the region and excellent means of transfer into the city from the nation’s capital, including those by train, bus and air. A partnership with Star Alliance will ensure cost-effective and efficient means of air travel into the country. The UK government has confirmed that delegates will experience little problems in obtaining relevant entry visas, and details of the requirements of entry will be made available to delegates through the dedicated Congress website. A proficient team of representatives from the bid partnership and from the British Chambers of Commerce will form the operational committee to deliver the congress with the World Chambers Federation. Our Professional Conference Organisers, Congrex, are well aware of the requirements and expectations of the WCF, having been appointed the PCO of the WCF World Chambers Congress in 2013. Liverpool will offer WCF Congress delegates an unprecedented experience. Our city has an unparalleled offering of sporting, musical and maritime heritage, which will provide a magnificent backdrop to the week of activity. Social, cultural and companion tours will allow all delegates to experience everything our city has to offer; whether it is a Beatles experience at the Cavern Club, attending a football match or visiting our UNESCO world heritage sites. Our retail offering in Liverpool ONE is a wonderful experience and perfect for a shopping break. An innovative and proactive approach will be adopted to ensure the Liverpool Congress attracts the maximum number of participants. A campaign incorporating web-based advertising, social media activity and linkages into Chamber networks across the UK and internationally will


ensure maximum exposure of the Congress to a global audience. A custom-made website for the Congress will act as a hub of conference information and activity that will be accessible for audiences from any country. The Liverpool story is underpinned by success and achievement. It is this tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit which will support our ability to promote and deliver a successful ICC World Chambers Federation Congress in 2015. Please accept our invitation to experience our cultural richness, our entrepreneurial spirit and our determination to succeed. We are Liverpool. We hope you are too.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Liverpool Waterfront


“We’d like to invite you to our home where you’ll never find a warmer welcome and you’ll never want to leave.” No city in Europe is better placed to host the World Chambers Congress in 2015 than Liverpool. The city of Liverpool and its people are famed for entrepreneurialism, tenacity, wit and invention. Taking advantage of commercial opportunities, exploiting new markets and achieving competitive advantage are traits inherent to many Liverpool people and are demonstrable through myths, legends and stories of the past, but equally through a modern day transformation that is returning us to our entrepreneurial roots and traditions. We are once again a city of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialism. The International Chambers of Commerce has a key mission to promote trade and investment across frontiers and help business meet the challenges and opportunities of globalization. Liverpool was once the epicentre of global trade and we now celebrate our renaissance with the vision that Liverpool will once again become a key global trading centre The entrepreneurial nature of this city’s merchants and manufacturers were recognised 800 years ago by King John when awarding the maritime town of Liuerpul “all the liberties and free customs” to trade and grow. Our geography and access to the sea enabled our city to become the greatest port on earth by the end of the 19th century and our global outlook continues to be reflected by the magnificence of the UNESCO world heritage waterfront which faces out to the world. During the late 18th and 19th centuries, when Britain and the United States created the modern, entrepreneurial, innovation-driven world, Liverpool was the Gateway to the Americas.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



The first United States consul anywhere in the world, James Maury, was appointed to Liverpool in 1790 and remained in office for 39 years. More than nine million Europeans passed through the city to a new life in the New World. During the middle decades of the 19th century more than half of all emigrants leaving from Europe to the United States passed through Liverpool. Famous names of industry; Ford, Carnegie, Edison, Boeing and Ericsson, likely saw the docks and shipyards of the River Mersey as their final view of Europe. Ferries, railways, transatlantic steamships, municipal trams, electric trains and the helicopter were all pioneered in Liverpool as modes of mass transit. The world’s first commercial wet dock was built and opened in Liverpool in 1715 and Stephenson’s Rocket, the world’s first modern steam locomotive was first operated on the Liverpool and Manchester railway in the 1830s. The Liverpool Overhead Railway was the world’s first elevated electrified railway. The western world’s first financial derivatives (cotton futures) were traded on the Liverpool Cotton Exchange in the late 1700s. In 1864, Peter Ellis built the world’s first iron-framed, curtain-walled office building, Oriel Chambers, the prototype of the skyscraper. Henry Lever, founder of Lever Brothers (Unilever), Ludwig Mond and John Brunner, William Henry Pilkington and Sebastian & Gerard De Ferranti reshaped industries and technologies, while social entrepreneurs such as Kitty Wilkinson tackled deep-rooted social problems. Liverpool today has emerged as one of the UK’s most dynamic cities and fastest improving economic locations. Jobs lost during the final decades of the 20th century in traditional portrelated and manufacturing industries have been replaced by growth in professional services, knowledge, creative, retail and hospitality.


Liverpool has a critical mass of knowledge assets. Just four of its institutions grouped in the Knowledge Quarter – the University of Liverpool, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool John Moores University and the Royal Liverpool Teaching Hospital generate more than £1bn per annum of economic activity. The development of adjacent areas of creative and health related activities are creating a Knowledge Crescent linked into the city centre. Through the transfer of know-how to business and engagement in specific initiatives these knowledge assets are continuing to support the growth of indigenous business and attract inward investment. In short, creating the conditions in which innovation and entrepreneurialism can thrive. “We will harness and foster the native creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Liverpool to create a thriving culture of enterprise and productivity in all the business sectors.” People, Place & Prosperity, Liverpool 2024, Liverpool Vision A new generation of entrepreneurs has emerged to shape this agenda. Phil Redmond, founder of Mersey Television, chaired the UK’s first Entrepreneurship Commission; set up specifically to address the challenge of recreating the enterprise spirit locally. Steve Morgan of Redrow Construction established the largest private programme of grants for innovation in enterprise in England. Further, his acclaimed Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards are designed to encourage entrepreneurship in the region and are open to new businesses, young entrepreneurs as well as charities, social enterprises and those businesses that are having a proven positive social or economic impact on the local community.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Liverpool Vision has opened up US and European markets to the city’s creative and digital entrepreneurs with the Liverpool Software City initiative. Delegations to Silicon Valley and Helsinki have resulted in substantial investment in ideas and businesses born in the city. Liverpool’s creative and digital sectors are thus growing into world entrepreneurial leaders, capitalising on games technology, film, music and the performing arts. Media people have to be highly entrepreneurial, developing financial and production partnerships and have a clear idea of their markets for their product which is, inevitably, international. Enterprise plays an increasingly crucial role within the local education system with education for enterprise now embedded in the curriculum while all the city’s universities have major programmes of entrepreneurship education. In Liverpool, Nobel Laureates have stood alongside scientific entrepreneurs in shaping new knowledge, new technologies and new ventures. This entrepreneurial renaissance shows many of the key features seen earlier and elsewhere. There is the hard work, the determination to succeed, the willingness to challenge convention, the ability to persist and the belief in innovation and change. New aspects of entrepreneurship, new themes and strands are emerging in Liverpool that are especially important to the more mature industrial economies of Europe, North America and parts of Asia, notably Japan. Liverpool has shown how a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, can contribute to the improvement of their communities. These improvements can have the type of cultural and economic benefits mentioned earlier. Equally the gains can be social: Liverpool had Britain’s first lifeboat station, public baths and wash-houses, medical officer for health, district nurse, slum clearance and purpose-built ambulance. Today Liverpool attracts investment from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation into the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the battle to eradicate malaria.


As if to provide a material example of our return to prominence, in 2007 we welcomed the return of cruise liners to Liverpool. The waterfront provides the basis of identity and experience of the city and passengers will disembark onto the world heritage site that provides a wonderful past and visionary future. Liverpool will welcome the Cunard fleet in 2015. Liverpool is the capital of pop and has the most Number One Hits in the UK. Naturally, our greatest and most successful export has been The Beatles; essentially a simple music band that catapulted Liverpool onto the map once again in the 1960s. John, Paul, George and Ringo represent a lucrative industry in tourism and culture within the city. Liverpool was the focal point of global trade during the 18th and 19th century, and again today our business community has been successful in developing new business initiatives which promote the city in the international arena. The cities of Liverpool and Shanghai were officially twinned in 1999. Liverpool Chamber of Commerce played a major role in the establishment of this link. Links with China are becoming increasingly prominent in Liverpool’s city strategy. Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, a new international university jointly founded by Xi’an Jiaotong University, China and the University of Liverpool. The first and only one of its kind approved by the Ministry of Education in China. Entrepreneurship is a key component of the University’s work through its Student Entrepreneurship Development Centre.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Liverpool ONE is a £1 billion private sector development of Liverpool City Centre delivered by Grosvenor, which is owned by the Duke of Westminster. The largest open air shopping centre in Europe is anchored by department stores Debenhams and John Lewis, with additional elements including bars and restaurants, apartments and offices. The completion of Liverpool ONE has significantly boosted the local economy, added to which Liverpool is home to two FA Barclays Premier League football teams, Liverpool Football Club and Everton Football Club, the world famous Grand National Steeplechase and several prestigious golf tournaments including the Open Championship in 2006, 2008 and 2012. The Open returns in 2014. Liverpool is now the fifth most visited city in the UK by overseas visitors. From the growth of maritime trade in the eighteenth century, through the development of the cotton trade, the local dominance of shipping and the docks, the growth of manufacturing industries and professional services development and latterly retail, leisure and tourism, the city’s success stories continue to resonate and inspire into the twenty-first century. The ICC WCF 9th World Chamber Congress gives Liverpool an opportunity to welcome the International Chamber community to our home for a week of culture, business, exhibition and conference activity. Liverpool Chamber and its city partners pledge to create a world class conference with a legacy network for future years.


Liverpool Chamber Annual Dinner 2011



Liverpool Chamber of Commerce was originally formed in 1774 as one of the first chambers of commerce in the world, and the earliest in a major mainland UK port. The chamber was formed to provide a voice for the local business community, to guide and debate issues of the day and to influence and lobby government policy. This first chamber burned briefly but brightly during the final decades of the eighteenth century before the formation of an American Chamber of Commerce in Liverpool and the later reformation of the ‘modern’ Liverpool Chamber of Commerce in 1850 which today continues to offer a wide-ranging and complex bundle of services to its members and to the local community. The chamber has evolved during 238 years and now supports individual businesses with information, training and advice; offers networks of opportunity through meetings between groups of businesses; and links the business community to the wider economy. The chamber is also an important partner with local government, national government and regional agencies in the North West for the delivery of public policies and programs.  Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest and most prominent of the modern UK chambers with more than 1700 members  The key aspect of the chamber’s activity from the very beginning has been to represent members’ interests.   The earliest chambers all originated in giving a voice to the businesses in their localities; a voice that sought to explain local needs and lobby for changes from government and other agents. In this respect Liverpool Chamber remains essentially as it always has been.  It also remains the same in terms of their governance: as voluntary bodies that depend on their members’ loyalty, willingness to give time to form ‘a chamber view’, and to pay subscriptions. 


Modern assessments of the motives for chamber membership certainly demonstrate a demand for opportunities to meet, network and market the individuals who own or manage businesses and gain access to business improvement services. But there is also a commitment to support the actions of the chamber to promote and assist the wider local community, demonstrated by the recent transformation of Liverpool Chamber into a Community Interest Company. Liverpool Chamber of Commerce CIC generates financial surpluses and reinvests funds for the benefit of the business community of Liverpool. Members join the chamber because it offers direct business benefits, but also because they welcome the opportunity to support a valuable cause. As the chamber’s influence continues to spread both domestically and internationally, in many ways it remains true to the goals and objectives of the original chamber. Then, as now, international trade and overseas business was a fundamental ingredient in the Chamber’s contribution to the city’s daily life. Liverpool Chamber has worked in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce in the hosting of its Annual Conference at the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool in 2008; has held Annual Dinners since 2005 which have attracted more than 500 guests at each; has provided a support role in several major city events including Liverpool’s 800th birthday celebrations, the year-long Capital of Culture programme, and the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in 2012. It is overseen by a Board of Directors of eleven individuals, each with a strong connection with various sectors of business and industry within the city. A further 36 members sit on the Chamber’s Council to offer distinctive sector-specific policy advice and expertise.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



The Chamber’s ceremonial figurehead is its President who is currently the 19th Earl of Derby, Edward Stanley. Lord Derby will play a prominent role at the World Chamber Congress. Liverpool Chamber has an extensive history of working with the International Chambers of Commerce and its members. Winner of the International Chambers of Commerce award for Innovative Technology at the 2007 WCF in Istanbul. The chamber has worked with many other chambers which are recognised as members of the ICC through its various international trade services, particularly in export documentation, trade missions, market visits and Ambassadorial functions. Its Export Documentation department process more than 20,000 documents a year including commercial invoices, EC and Arab Certificates of Origin, ATRs, EUR1s, EUR-MEDs and ATA Carnets. The ATA Carnet has seen steady demand from local companies looking to show their products at overseas trade fairs and exhibitions. Liverpool Chamber of Commerce work closely with London Chamber of Commerce in several aspects of the administration of ATA Carnets, particularly in solving disputes should goods remain overseas beyond the allowed 12 month period. Liverpool Chamber has worked in partnership with several chambers within the TOBB network to deliver several business development projects. These included the development of a ‘business angels’ network in Mersin, promoting women’s enterprise in Van and Bingol and corporate social responsibility in Adana. Liverpool Chamber’s of Commerce policy activity is fundamentally aligned with the ICC programme of Action 2012.



Albert Dock


Liverpool Chamber’s policy function is critical to the business, providing legitimacy and authority to the voice of Liverpool’s businesses. A central objective of the chamber is to identify the issues, concerns and opportunities facing the business community of Liverpool and to communicate these interests to decision makers responsible for formulating public policy in local, national and international Government. The private sector representation that the chamber provides aims to shape and construct policy that is broad-based and conducive to the growth of business. Informing and educating businesses about legislation, regulations, new business opportunities and both political and economic developments Liverpool Chamber represents and informs businesses by facilitating and participating in chamber-based and external forums and committees; conducting and disseminating research, surveys and information campaigns; organising discussions and debate; responding to press and stakeholder consultations and liaising with external partners in both the public and private sectors. It also serves as a source of information and intelligence for local and regional business issues within the national context of the British Chambers movement.


Our Policy Committees Arts and Culture

Culture and Commerce Governance of Arts organisations Environmental art Green Arts Competition2009 Promoting local art and artists

Construction and Development

Core Strategy for Liverpool National Planning Policy Framework UNESCO World Heritage Site Business Neighbourhoods Pilot under the Localism Act

Digital and Knowledge Economy

Grid Services – Cloud Computing Digital Inclusion – GO-ON It’s Liverpool Campaign Creative Gaming Skills High Speed Broadband Infrastructure

Energy and Environment

European Green Capital campaign Low Carbon Liverpool campaign ‘Little Green Book’ – Guide to environmental best practice in Liverpool. Local Nature Partnership – to support natural assets and green infrastructure in Liverpool Year of the Environment 2009

Enterprise, Skills and Employment

Apprenticeships Enterprise Education Green Skills Workplace Wellbeing Graduate Retention

International Trade


Trading Opportunities during London Olympics 2012. Trade Finance. Attracting Inward Investment Developing Export Markets Superport Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation Air Passenger Duty (APD) High Speed Rail Northern Hub Access to the Port of Liverpool City of Liverpool Cruise Terminal Local Sustainable Transport Advice

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


OUR CAMPAIGNS Walker Art Gallery

As the voice of local business, Liverpool Chamber represents and supports your interests locally, nationally and internationally. Through the expertise of our specialised committees and the quality of its connections, the chamber has the ability to champion and the power to influence. It has seen recent success with the campaigns below:-

Northern Hub (Transport).

• Rail infrastructure improvement scheme for the entire North of England to decrease journey times between Liverpool and other major cities. • Benefits: £4.2bn of added economic value and 20,000-30,000 private sector jobs for the entire region. • Liverpool Chamber lobbied hard in partnership with other chambers in the NW and partners such as Network Rail and Train Operators to convince Government to release full funding for the scheme • Approved by the Transport Secretary on 16th July 2012

Green Business Ambassadors (Energy and Environment).

• A programme in partnership with Liverpool City Council aimed at identifying and showcasing the achievements of leading businesses in Liverpool who were taking concerted action to reduce the negative environmental impacts of their activities – either through one or a combination of measures to improve energy efficiency/reduce energy consumption, resource efficiency, supply chain development, recycling and positive waste management • Recruited 130 Green Business Ambassadors in Liverpool City Region

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Business Neighbourhood Planning (Planning and Development). • To secure the Liverpool Innovation Park as one of the government’s eight “frontrunners” in a national pilot to explore the development of business-led neighbourhood plans • Significant alteration to the Localism Bill passed in 2011   •F  unding was secured from DCLG to take the work forward in 2011

External Policy Engagement

• Regular MP and MEP briefings with elected members: Louise Ellman MP, Luciana Berger MP, Jacqueline Foster MEP • Brooks Newmark MP • HM Treasury - National Infrastructure Plan Roundtable • Bank of England Regional briefings • World Heritage Site Steering Group • Freight Quality Partnership • British Chambers of Commerce Strategic Policy Group • British Chambers of Commerce Skills Policy group • North West Chambers Regional Transport Group


OUR YOUTH Cavern Club


Liverpool Chamber has been involved in campaigns to train young people and reduce youth unemployment since the 19th century when the city was undergoing a seismic shift from manual labour to highly skilled secretarial and clerical functions. The provision of training, the imparting of skills and knowledge and the mentoring and honing of business potential has been a recurring theme in the modern history of the chamber. Apprenticeships have formed the backbone of Liverpool Chamber’s education and training successes in the previous thirty years. As a government contract holder, the Chamber’s training division has placed thousands of young people into local jobs and contributed to local strategies to combat unemployment and boost skills in the workforce. The Chamber is currently responsible for delivering a £1m contract for the Skills Funding Agency which is designed to secure employment for 300 young people between 18-24 years old. Business start-up support is a key element of Chamber delivery and is now undertaken through a nationally funded mentoring programme, the New Enterprise Allowance, which targets longterm unemployed people and takes them through the process of setting up a business under the guidance of a mentor from within the business community of Liverpool. The programme is particularly appealing to those businesses practicing corporate social responsibility which can provide mentors to support the programme. To date the programme in Liverpool has assisted more than 125 new businesses and has engaged 90 mentors. Liverpool Chamber has also worked with several partners in the delivery of school-based activities to boost entrepreneurialism and business acumen. This included participation in the Young Chamber initiative, which provided three Liverpool schools with access to the chamber network of businesses via workshops, assemblies and site visits. Most notably, one Young Chamber cohort accessed the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference in 2008 and met with George Osborne, MP, now UK Chancellor of the Exchequer. Support has also been provided to the


Young Enterprise initiative through the provision of mentors, judges and facilities for the flagship ‘Company Programme’ which targets youngsters aged 12-16. The Chamber’s commitment to training and work placements have been materially demonstrated through the delivery of two specific programmes in recent years. The Skillworks programme offered businesses a demand-led subsidised training grant to improve workplace skills and provided more than £2m grant funding. The Future Jobs Fund was a New Labour government initiative providing subsidised work placements for the long-term unemployed. Liverpool Chamber has been the home of Junior Chambers International since 1931 and displays the original Presidents plaque in its Council Chamber. JCI Liverpool has been re-launched recently and supports Liverpool Chambers bid.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Our Corporate Responsibility

The 5k Team Challenge

Liverpool Chamber believes that brand reputation and success are made possible by conducting business in a responsible way; whether it concerns advocating community engagement, good practice in the workplace, responsibility in the market place and best environmental practice. Liverpool Chamber has sought to achieve all of these objectives through the achievement of international standards of excellence and the imparting of advice and guidance to local businesses on how to achieve such levels of excellence. Liverpool Chamber partners with Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services/United Way and Volunteer Centre Liverpool in the running of a trustee recruitment campaign which has been in operation since January 2012. Several events have been held which bring together a selection of charities and potential trustees in a ‘speed networking’ environment to enable both parties to meet and find common philosophies and goals that may lead to a trustee vacancy being filled. Bi-monthly charity networking events are designed to provide charitable organisations with knowledge and expertise from the private sector and opportunities to foster such relationships for mutual benefit. The Liverpool CR forum is administrated by the Chamber and LCVS | United Way and brings together more than 20 CR-practicing organisations from the private sector to provide an information and advisory function to businesses regarding the use of responsible business practices. It champions and publicises the benefits of responsible business practices and provides a network of support for private sector CR practitioners to better deliver their own objectives. The Liverpool CR forum will play a critical role in developing the agenda for the World Chambers Congress in 2015.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre

OUR networks

Liverpool Chamber keeps in touch with its networks by communicating in the way our members demand. We deliver electronic newsletters, magazines, surveys and traditional hard copy mailings. 9000 Twitter Followers 5500 FaceBook friends 1500 connections on LinkedIn The chamber also facilitates more than 125 dedicated business events ranging from general networking lunches to sector specific briefings including Construction and Development, Energy and Environment, Professional Services and International Trade. Providing access to key decision makers on a local, regional and national basis has been achieved by attracting relevant and high-profile figures from government and the business world to address members through our various forums. The chamber’s Annual Dinner has been a mainstay of the Liverpool business community’s calendar since 2005 and has attracted upwards of 500 delegates to the city’s magnificent large venues: the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool and the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Providing a means to enact change and influence is constantly within the chamber’s planning and operations. Whether by hosting mayoral debates, ministerial briefings or formal large-scale dinners, the chamber has a demonstrable track record of access and voice.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Our Networks

Least Developed Countries

The 100 Cities Initiative is one of the first building blocks of the World Urban Campaign, launched in October 2010 at the UN pavilion in World Expo, Shanghai. UN Habitat are seeking 100 cities who can demonstrate they share their principles of “smart urbanisation� and willing to share best practice on their approach. Cities are invited to demonstrate this by applying with their compelling story and up to ten case studies that will uniquely distinguish them. At the 6th Steering Committee meeting of the World Urban Campaign in Amsterdam on 8th September 2011, Liverpool were introduced as a new partner, the UN Habitat cite Liverpool as one of the exemplars to encourage other cities to apply. The United Nations agency UN-HABITAT works with governments and the private sector worldwide to help build, manage, plan and finance sustainable urban development. UN Habitat are promoting cities as the centre of strategies for change and recognise that the world requires new ways of thinking, new levels of understanding between stakeholders, and new partnerships. The World Urban Campaign is a new tool in this quest, intended to promote learning from one another and encourage sustainable urban development. There is scope for involving UN Habitat in the World Chambers Congress with Liverpool leading a session with other partner cities and their chambers of commerce. This could reach out in particular to the least developed countries represented. The ICC WCF 9th World Chambers Congress in 2015 in Liverpool will enable the international chamber movement to develop a plan to overcome these world wide challenges.


International Cruise Terminal

OUR year of international trade

our year of international trade

The challenge now lies in ensuring that many more businesses are inspired to export; to grow; to innovate; and for our partners across the world to recognise the investment opportunities in the UK and to secure the commercial partnerships we need to propel us into future decades of growth. The International Festival of Business 2014 is a key part of the UK’s action plan to rebalance the economy conceived as a key component of the Lord Heseltine / Sir Terry Leahy review: ‘Re-balancing Britain - Policy or slogan?’. Taking place in June and July over 61 days the festival provides the opportunity to promote our vision that Liverpool once again becomes a key global trading centre. The festival will include themed weeks showcasing vibrant growth sectors and will present international visitors of note. It will showcase the Enterprise Zones in the city region and inspire businesses in the whole of the UK to connect to global growth markets and supporting the connection of the city to global growth markets. Promoting trade, education, securing investment and attracting tourism A cultural programme will run alongside the festival with major events to attract tourists and to showcase the North of England’s compelling visitor offer. Liverpool is expecting one million visitors. The International Festival of Business 2014 starts a year dedicated to international trade. The World Chambers Congress in 2015 will be the climax of that year.


The Wheel of Liverpool

OUR theme

our theme

**Inspiring Change, Achieving Growth Acknowledging that we live in a world which is fluctuating, developing and changing at an unprecedented speed. Our Congress will attempt to address the critical themes within this framework. Encouraging the development of business, both within the UK and internationally through discussion and debate around the fundamental issues concerning philanthropy, technology, under-represented groups and economic shifts. The philosophy which underpins our future will resonate at Liverpool 2015. This theme is consistent with the International Chamber of Commerce’s ‘‘Programme of Action, 2012”, the British Chambers of Commerce policy framework and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce’s action plan for policy activity. **Liverpool Chamber of Commerce acknowledges that the theme and programme for the congress in 2015 will be developed in partnership with the WCF.


OUR congress programme

Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Suggested dates 19th to 25th September 2015 or 26th to 1st October 2015







Event provided for early arrivals to Liverpool; football match tickets/hospitality


Cultural / fringe (ICC Governing Body Meetings)

Most likely at lead hotel venue • Drinks reception (evening)


Business Programme begins

The Network of Networks Conference: • British Chambers of Commerce • Federation of Small Business • Forum of Private Business • Downtown Liverpool in Business • Institute of Directors • Confederation of British Industry • European business associations • Global business associations

This one-day policy-focussed conference will bring together various business associations from across the country and from across the globe. It would attract political figures and feature the Prime Minister (if available) and others with relevant areas of expertise. It would act as a companion piece to the BCC Annual Conference.

Opening Ceremony

Evening event at ACC Liverpool – keynote & dinner

Site visits to local businesses


Exhibition inauguration Plenary 1 Market Shifts and the New World Economy • Industrial development (beyond-BRIC) • Developing Economies • New Business Models • Financial Institutions (self-regulation vs state governed) • Ports / City Economies (ie. Liverpool Superport & future of port trade) • Outsourcing • Inward Investment / Foreign Direct investment • Entrepreneurship & Start-ups • UN Habitat “100 Cities” Competition 1

Best international trade project

Workshops 1 & 2 Plenary 2

Corporate Responsibility • Workforce wellbeing • Philanthropy • Transparency • Community engagement • Ethical practice in supply chains • Reporting corporate responsibility • What constitutes corporate responsibility? • Engaging social enterprise • Partnership work for social development

Competition 2

Best corporate social responsibility project

Business Programme (Day 2)

• •

One to one meetings with local /national businesses – business & commercial facilitation World’s Biggest Speed networking event

Workshops 3 & 4 Cultural/Social Activities 1 liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid




Plenary 3

The Green Economy – Environmental Responsibility in Business • Low Carbon agenda • Incentivising business to invest in good practice • Efficiencies • Transport • Supply Chain management • European Green Capital

Competition 3

Best small business project / best environmental project

Workshops 5 & 6 Cultural/Social Activity 2 (evening) Plenary 4

Technology & Innovation in the Economy • Digital Infrastructure for business • Transforming Lives through technology • Global Communications • Social Media – here to stay?

Competition 4

Best Unconventional Project

Workshops 7 & 8 Business Programme (Day 3)


Site visits to businesses


Plenary 5

Young people & the future workforce • Skill needs of the future • Youth enterprise in education • Inspiring entrepreneurs • Expanding job opportunities in new sectors • Gender trends in education and skills • Language (UK is particularly poor) • Apprenticeships / Graduates • Tackling unemployment • The Power of Sport in business • London to Rio- The “Olympic Legacy”

Competition 5

Best youth entrepreneurship project

Royal Birkdale or Formby Hall Golf Club

Awards Presentation & Closing Ceremony

Anglican Cathedral and dinner awards


Site visits to local businesses

Workshops 9 & 10 Golf competition (pm) Business Programme (Day 4)


liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



The business programme will run concurrently throughout the congress with chamber workshops and competition sessions. A global business association conference with a political basis would provide an excellent opening day to the week of activity. We would aim to bring many national and international associations into the city to hear from political and business speakers on issues impacting on current policy, this would occur five months after the General Election in the United Kingdom. Chamber Workshop Topics 1. Relevance of Chambers of Commerce in the future 2. Public v Private – What is the ideal chamber of commerce? 3. Commercialising Chambers – how to innovate in a centuries-old institution 4. Marketing the chamber brand 5. Together or Separate? The Global Network of chambers 6. Working with sectors of industry 7. Membership recruitment and retention workshops 8. ATA Carnet 9. ICC Arbitration 10. Leading the Policy framework – Authority and Credibility of chamber voice The business programme will include themed workshops based on the plenary session that preceded it; the plenary speaker would set the scene for further discussion and debate between like-minded businesses.


Our Speakers

Political speakers are purposely excluded from this list; invitations would naturally be extended nearer to the date. A general election is due to be held in April 2015 at which point the political structure of the country will be clearer. Liverpool Chamber has a large network of business contacts both nationally and internationally whom we would approach if we were successful. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation support Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. They have not visited the city and have indicated they would do so provided that the time frames fit their diaries. A successful bid for Liverpool would enable an early invitation, with the full support of the School of Tropical Medicine and an early entry into diaries for 2015. Past Chamber Speakers Michael O’Leary (CEO, Ryanair) John Fleming (CEO, Ford Europe) Mark Thompson (BBC Director General; now New York Times President) Sir Stuart Rose (Executive Chair, Marks & Spencer) Lord Heseltine Sir Martin Broughton (Chair, British Airways) Charlotte Hogg (Head of Retail Banking, Santander) Sir Terry Leahy (CEO, Tesco) Stephen Hester (CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland) Vince Cable, MP (Cabinet Minister for Business) George Osborne, MP (Chancellor of the Exchequer) Sir Mervyn King (Bank of England) Martha Lane- Fox (founder Last Minute.Com) The combined power of connectivity between Liverpool Chamber, our bid partners, British Chambers of Commerce and the WCF will enable Liverpool to attract world class speakers to the Congress in 2015. liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Themes Corporate Responsibility The Green Economy – Environmental Responsibility in the Economy

Technology & Innovation

Young People & the future workforce

Market Shifts in the Economy


Proposed Speakers Bill & Melinda Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) Warren Buffett Sir Michael Bibby (Bibby Line Group) Al Gore Sir Stuart Rose (Former Executive Chairman, Marks & Spencer) Paul Abberly – Aviva Vincent de Rivaz (Executive Director & Chair, EDF Energy) Tony Cocker (CEO, E-ON) Keith Anderson (Chief Corporate Officer, Scottish Power) Dr John McAdam (Non-Exec Chairman, United Utilities) Kevin McCulloch (Chief Operating Officer, RWE Npower) Mark Whitworth (CEO, Peel Ports Group) Peter Jones (CEO, Associated British Ports) Bill Gates (Microsoft) Martha Lane Fox ( Richard Branson (Virgin) Marissa Mayer – Yahoo (ex-Google). Carol Bartz (CEO, Yahoo) Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook) John Browett (Senior VP of Retail, Apple) Matt Brittin (CEO, Google UK) Guy Lawrence (CEO, Vodafone UK) Steve Felice (COO, Dell) Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor World Wide Web) Lord Sugar (Amstrad / The Apprentice) JK Rowling (Autor, Harry Potter) Cherie Booth (Blair) Lord Heseltine Mike Peasland (CEO, Balfour Beatty) Lord Sebastian Coe (Chair of London Olympic Committee 2012) Jamie Oliver (Celebrity Chef, Restauranteur and Youth Campaigner) Cyrus Mistry (Tata) Indra Nooyi (Pepsi Co) Sir Terry Leahy (former CEO, Tesco) John Henry/Tom Werner (Liverpool Football Club) Antony Jenkins (Group CEO Barclays) Lord Stephen Green (Trade Minister, former Chair & CEO, HSBC) Brian Robertson (CEO, HSBC Bank) Peter Sands (CEO, Standard Chartered) Sir Mervyn King (Governor, Bank of England) Hilary Devey (Pall-Ex & Dragons Den) Deborah Meaden (Dragons Den)

Sir Martin Broughton - Liverpool Chamber’s Annual Dinner 2010

awards and closing ceremony liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


awards and closing ceremony

Liverpool Cathedral, Georgian Quarter, City Centre From the very early days of its origins and then starting to build just after the turn of the 20th Century, through to its completion in 1978 after 74 long years this great Cathedral, the largest in the UK and the fifth largest in the world, is both fascinating and quite unique. In addition to it being a place of worship it has become a tribute to the dedication of many people in Liverpool and their skills. The foundation stone was laid in 1904, some 108 years ago and it now stands proud, a Cathedral overlooking the City which is there for all to visit and enjoy. Construction began in 1904 and completed in 1978 Cathedral has the highest and widest Gothic Arches in the World Highest and heaviest peal of bells in the world Organist can play a Toccata to announce guests to dinner Truly awe-inspiring setting – memorable for delegates Capacity of 1000 for a dinner, 3000 for a reception The Cathedral is a truly magnificent building for all to enjoy. It is open to everyone of all faiths and denominations. Free entry is made possible by hosting events to help earn an income, which is reinvested into the Cathedral. Visitors are sometimes surprised that dinner is in a Cathedral but they all enjoy it immensely and leave with a sense that the building is, and should be, open to everyone.


ACC Exhibition Area

our exhibition

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our exhibition

We fully appreciate that the Exhibition is an important integral part of any Congress Programme and it is our intention for to ensure that it acts as “The Hub� of the Congress. It is important not only to ensure that there is good footfall within the exhibition to keep those who have invested in booth space happy, for the overall dynamic of the Congress, networking and attendee experience it is important to create an area that out of session times there is a place for delegates to regroup and interact with each other for informal exchange. We plan that the exhibition area will be that place. Further information regarding the venue space proposed for the exhibition is outlined within the venue section of this proposal. However, below is a cross section of the ACC Liverpool illustrating the location of the session halls and exhibition areas.

Within the exhibition area we plan to have many features which will be a reason for delegates to revisit the area.


3,725 sqm open span combined exhibition & catering space, natural daylight and direct vehicle access.

There are many features we plan to incorporate into the exhibition area: - Exhibition booths - Lunch and refreshment breaks - Lounge areas - Internet zone - Messaging centre - B2B speed dating area - Business presentation area - Feature areas - Photo booth with Beatles Caricatures - Loan of replica football trophies from Liverpool FC - Some temporary exhibits from some of the City Museums Attracting Exhibitors From the bid guidelines, we recognise the exhibition area is managed 100% by the host chamber and the promotion of the space will be the local organising host’s responsibility. We have a number of strategies already in mind, which will be further developed within a detailed business plan which will be created in the event that a Liverpool bid for 2015 is successful. A detailed Exhibition and Sponsorship Prospectus will be created outlining the importance, credentials and demographics of the WCF Congress outlining the offerings, benefits and pricing of exhibition and sponsorship opportunities available. This will be made available both in printed and electronic copy. It will also contain outline floor plans illustrating the space available.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our exhibition

Securing Exhibitors City Stakeholders – the City Council, LEP, Convention Bureau, Liverpool Vision, Universities, local and regional government, City Partners – hoteliers and businesses, civil groups, media, transport providers etc Liverpool Chamber of Commerce members – commercial service businesses, manufacturers, enterprise companies Inward Investors and Relocators to Liverpool – National and International companies / organisations who have strong investment links with Liverpool or chosen to relocate to Liverpool e.g. Maersk Group, Standard Chartered Bank National Commercial Organisations – who have an interest in tapping into the ICC network The UK Chambers Village – the British Chambers has 52 member accredited Chamber organisations across the UK. In conjunction with the British Chamber of Commerce, we aim to create a UK Chambers Village where UK accredited chambers and some of their members are represented within the exhibition at a Liverpool Congress.


OUR people The Liverpool Bid Team

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our people

Jenny Stewart Client Services Director at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and the leader of Liverpool’s World Chambers Congress 2015 bid. Jenny joined the Chamber in 2006 as Head of Membership and was promoted to the chamber’s senior management team on 2008. She is responsible for the international trade, membership, marketing and events functions at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. Starting her career in HM Diplomatic Service, she worked in the North America Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. During her time in the FCO, she worked on Canada’s request to the UK Government to patriate the Canadian Constitution and had responsibility for arranging ministerial visits to the US and Canada, and high level visits from the US and Canada to the UK. Jenny was part of the team who co-ordinated President Regan’s State visit to the UK. Jenny joined the private sector with BT and since then has held senior level commercial posts. She was Membership Director at The Forum of Private Business, a business lobbying organisation with 25000 members nationally. With her hometown in Liverpool, Jenny returned to the city to join Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. Jenny is now delighted to be working in the heart of the city and has what she describes as “the best job in the world”. It’s her pleasure to talk to local, national and international business community on a daily basis and promote business in the city in which she grew up. In her spare time, Jenny is a trustee of St Joseph’s Hospice Association which specialises in end of life care for the terminally ill. Jospice also works overseas to supports the work of hospices in Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and Peru. Jenny is also Chair of Health @ Work which is a health and safety, wellbeing and HR consultancy which works with organisations to increase employee wellbeing and improve productivity and profitability. 54

Paul Cherpeau Executive Director of Liverpool Chamber’s Bid Team. In his day job at the chamber, Paul provides a support function to the Board and Senior Management team in several areas of the business including governance, business planning and project delivery. Paul joined the chamber in 2006 through the chamber’s graduate scheme. Subsequently he has studied his MBA Management qualification, earning a distinction from the University of Liverpool and ‘Student of the Year’ within the School of Management. He is currently undertaking a PhD with the University of Liverpool, researching the use of Liverpool trade association history on current policy issues and future development, particularly focussing on the Chamber of Commerce. Paul is a key member of the bid team for the World Chambers Congress, using his vast knowledge of the partnerships and associations in the city during the previous 200 years to provide historical context and understanding of Liverpool development. Using the inherent knowledge of the chamber movement, recognised and acknowledged by Professor Robert Bennett in his seminal work on the British Chamber movement: Local Business Voice: The History of British Chambers of Commerce in Britain, Ireland and Revolutionary America. Paul will provide a coordination role with local partners and act as a key point of contact for the Liverpool Chamber in World Chambers Congress communications, providing connectivity with the board and senior management function of the chamber and with the external communication campaigns with partner organisations. Outside work Paul is Captain of Mossley Hill Cricket Club, a branch of a local amateur sports club and also acts as secretary and volunteers as a coach of young players. Paul is also a lifelong passionate supporter of Liverpool Football Club and has travelled across Europe to support the team, including attendance at the 2005 European Cup Final in Istanbul. In what remains of his spare time, Paul frequently goes travelling and enjoys watching film and television programmes.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our people

Kerrin MacPhie Kerrin is a business tourism specialist whose career in tourism started some 28 years ago, as a management trainee within the Intercontinental Hotel Group. Quality and the Customer Experience were always high on the agenda and remain so to this day. After a long successful period within the hotel sector, in 2003, Kerrin made a move to the Liverpool City Region Tourist Board, then part of The Mersey Partnership (TMP), as Commercial Tourism Manager, managing the Convention Bureau and Accommodation Call Centre. Kerrin’s main objective was to lead the way in Business Tourism in national and international markets and to position the Liverpool City region as a quality destination within the top 25 meeting places in Europe. An accolade resulting from her efforts was that The Convention Bureau was accredited by the Meetings Industry Association for quality controls and standards, the first bureau to do so in the UK. Kerrin was also instrumental in taking the destination to exhibit at trade shows and events around the world, these include IMEX America, IMEX Frankfurt, EIBTM Barcelona, ASAE Congress USA and various shows around the UK. On joining the team at ACC Liverpool Kerrin created the London Showcase, an event that takes Liverpool to London to showcase its business tourism offer, this is its 7th successful year. Kerrin’s move to ACC Liverpool was a natural progression in terms of achieving a professional objective to develop the destination to a much wider business tourism audience. Joining as Head of Sales in 2005 and later progressing to Director of Sales in 2011, Kerrin continues to promote the fantastic combined offer of venue and destination – a truly unique offer – to conference and event organisers. Kerrin was recently elected Chair of ICCA UK&I (International Congress and Convention Association), and is currently the Treasurer if ABPCO, The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers. In the past Kerrin has also held Board positions with MIA, the Meetings Industry Association. Kerrin is passionate about Liverpool and takes great delight in being an influential ambassador for all that the region has to offer. 56

Andy Snell Liverpool Vision aim to establish strategic international relationships that will raise Liverpool’s profile as an ambitious, modern, can-do city where businesses can thrive, laying foundations for future commercial relationships in key sectors. Andy is head of international investment and is responsible for identifying and leading the development of mutually beneficial international partnerships, working across a range of areas including strategic research and relationship development. Andy’s previous role was Project Manager for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), 2012 which Liverpool hosted in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship. This was the first time the GEC had been held in Europe. Andy has previously been Operations Manager at the Liverpool Embassy in London and part of the Liverpool pavilion team at the World Expo, Shanghai in 2010. Duncan Frazer Marketing and Commercial Director of Visit Liverpool, the official tourism body for the Liverpool City Region. Duncan has worked in a marketing role throughout his career, both agency and client side, and is so well versed in managing the successful delivery of large projects. He attended the World Congress in Istanbul so has a full understanding of the requirements of the 2015 Conference. Alongside the Tourism Team and Convention Bureau he will help head up any particular requirements, including any demand for adding on a stay for delegates either side of the Conference itself.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our people

Caroline Mackenzie Caroline Mackenzie has over 20 year’s experience in the meetings and events industry, beginning her career in hotel management. Since then she has worked within various sectors of the meeting and events industry, including international meeting and event management within the medical communications sector, as well as within the Professional Conference Organiser agency environment providing logistics management support to predominantly national and international Associations in the UK and internationally. She has managed a vast range of meetings worldwide, across a variety of topics and professions, ranging from 10 – 8,000 delegates. Caroline has worked for Congrex Group, international PCO and Association Management Consultants, for 7 years and holds the role of Director, Business Development. Caroline has written a number of published articles and whitepapers including: “The Great Venue Dilemma” and “Defining Roles and Responsibilities”. Susan Hayden Susan has been with Congrex UK for over 8 years and has worked with a number of national and international associations. Susan has been the lead on a number of large congresses (similar in size to WCC) including European Society for Organ Transplantation 2011 (3,200 dels), World Parkinsons Congress 2010 (3,000 dels) and International Society of Sports Education and Medicine in Sport (1,500 dels), to name only a few. Susan holds the position of Account Director at Congrex UK. Prior to joining Congrex, Susan worked in finance, so her attention to the financial details is still a key part of what drives her…which clients appreciate!



Liverpool Docklands

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Our Structure

We have created a Local Organising Committee (LOC) structure that we believe brings together a strength of expertise within the City of Liverpool who will work together to manage, administer and lead the planning and delivery for WCC 2015 in Liverpool. Under the direction of Jenny Stewart, Client Services Director at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, the LOC has been structured to ensure: • There is clear leadership within the LOC • LOC members use their expertise in key focus areas, ensuring that the areas of local management are clearly allocated, administered and there is a defined process for decision making • There are clear lines of communication for the ICC and WCF administrations • WCF is able to interface directly with our PCO Congrex for areas of delivery where direct contact is beneficial • Our Local Organising Committee is supported by the expert logistical delivery services from our PCO, venue, convention bureau and city marketers.


Our Local Organising Committee

The Local Organising Committee of the Liverpool bid has implemented a strategic plan of assembling a small group of key partner representatives from different sectors. This ensures that the right balance of expertise, experience and professional contacts can be applied together to the benefits of our bid and to the Congress when it comes to Liverpool. This also enables swift communication and delivery of actions required during the bid stage. The bid committee comprises: Jenny Stewart (Liverpool Chamber of Commerce CIC) – Head of Bid Team Paul Cherpeau (Liverpool Chamber of Commerce CIC) – Executive Director Bid Team Kerrin MacPhie (ACC Liverpool) – Director of Destination Sales Susan Hayden (Congrex) – Professional Congress Organiser Caroline Mackenzie (Congrex) – Director, Business Development Andy Snell (Liverpool Vision) - Head of International Investment Duncan Frazer (Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership) – Marketing & Commercial Director In the event of a successful bid it is planned that the Local Organising Committee is extended to: Steering Group John Sutcliffe – Chair Liverpool Chamber

Joe Anderson – Mayor of Liverpool

Max Steinberg – CEO Liverpool Vision

Mike Taylor – CEO LCRLEP

Bob Prattey – ACC Liverpool

John Flamson – The University of Liverpool

Delivery Group ACC Liverpool

Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

British Chambers of Commerce

Liverpool Convention Bureau


Liverpool Vision

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Visit Liverpool

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Our Partners

Congrex -Professional Congress Organiser The Liverpool Bid Committee for WCC 2015 are keen to ensure that the organisation of the Congress is in the best possible hands and has already appointed Congrex UK Limited to work with them in the role of Professional Congress organiser. Congrex has already helped in the strategic planning and development of the bid in good faith and on the agreement that if it is successful they will work with the Local Organising Committee to ensure a truly outstanding and successful Congress in Liverpool in 2015. Congrex UK Ltd is a professional conference organiser specialising in the management of national and international association congresses and exhibitions both here in UK as well as internationally. Since its inception in 1982, Congrex has organised in excess of 10,000 congresses for the association and not for profit organisation sector, ranging from 50 – 20,000+ attendees, many with accompanying exhibitions and targeted sponsorship partnerships. Congrex is proud to be providing PCO services for the WCC 2013 taking place in Doha and are extremely pleased to be able to benefit from their experience and consistency in understanding the delegate needs, the formats of the Congress programme and their input on added value for 2015. The team of experienced and specialist staff here in UK, many of whom have been with the company for a number of years, believe not only in meeting expectations but exceeding them and together as a team, provide a line up of unrivalled experience. The Congrex team has been working with the teams at ACC Liverpool and The Local Enterprise Partnership for many years now both in delivering successful meetings and congresses and also in identifying and bidding for future events. Congrex UK Ltd is a wholly owned division of Congrex Holding BV, leaders in meeting management and associated services. Congrex employs over 380 staff in 17 world-wide locations. Congrex UK is both quality assured ISO 9001:2008 and has achieved the professional standards required for membership of the International Association of Professional Congress organisers (IAPCO).


Congrex is the ideal partner of choice, they know Liverpool and how it could work for you and most importantly they know your event. Congrex offers: • A friendly, professional team • 30 years of experience in the Events Market • State of the art IT systems • Quality assured ISO 9001 – 2008 • A passion for delivering outstanding events • Experience in Liverpool Case Study – WCC 2013, Doha Congrex are delighted to be working with our local partners Q Media, the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation and the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry to support the logistical management for what we are sure will be an excellent Congress in 2013. Congrex are providing logistics, financial, registration, accommodation, social event and staffing management services for the WCC 2013 Congress, enabling us to gain valuable insight to the requirements of this Congress and build relationships with important stakeholders.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Our Partners

ACC Liverpool Home to BT Convention Centre and Echo Arena, an award-winning venue located on the worldfamous Liverpool waterfront. It sits alongside the Grade I listed Albert Dock complex and UNESCO World Heritage Site on the eastern bank of the River Mersey, in the heart of Liverpool city centre. The venue opened in January 2008, kicking off celebrations for European Capital of Culture year. It has become a symbol of the city’s regeneration over the past decade and has contributed £550m in economic impact to the Liverpool city region since opening. ACC Liverpool is a uniquely flexible venue, the only directly interconnected arena and convention centre in Europe. The venue’s event delivery team consists of dedicated professionals with the vision to deliver a world-class arena and convention centre providing first class customer service and attracting visitors to Liverpool, contributing to the prosperity of the business, the city of Liverpool and its people.


Highlights of the conference calendar include Gordon Brown’s first UK Cabinet Meeting of 2009, the NHS Confederation Conference.and Exhibition, the Royal College of Nursing Congress, the Liberal Democrats Spring Conference 2008 and Annual Conference 2010 and Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2012. The Labour Party Annual Conference 2011 was the biggest conference ever hosted at ACC Liverpool to date with 11,000 delegates, including 2,000 press and media. It generated £15m for the city’s local economy. Echo Arena Liverpool has been established as one of the North West’s leading entertainment venues, welcoming artists including Beyoncé and Sir Paul McCartney, who was presented with an Echo Arena Icon Award in December 2011. The venue hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards in its inaugural year. Other highlights include BBC Sports Personality of the Year, the MOBO Awards, the Davis Cup and sell-outs from comedians. ACC Liverpool plans to build a new complex on Liverpool Waterfront which will take the total exhibition space of the venue from 7,125m2 to 15,225m2 of interlinked and flexible event space. Exhibition Centre Liverpool will be open for business in 2015, ensuring that the city is placed firmly on the map as the UK’s newest and most exciting destination for large-scale trade and consumer exhibitions.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



ACC Liverpool Event British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference TUC National Congress Liberal Democrats Conference NHS Confederation Annual Conference British Council of Shopping Centres Annual Showcase and Management Conference NCRI Federation of Small Business British Medical Association National Association of Pension Funds BBC Worldwide Royal College of Nurses Annual Congress Labour Party Annual Conference Global Entrepreneurship Congress Digestive Disorders Federation Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland National Union of Teachers

Date 2008


Delegates 800

2009 2010 2009, 2010, 2012 2008, 2009

2014 2014 2013 2012

1200 6700 2500 2800

2010, 2011,2012 2011 2009 2010, 2012 2012 2011 2011 2012 2012 2010, 2012


2016, 2020

2000 1200 800 1600 1200 6800 11000 3000 2500 1500




2015,2021, 2027 2014, 2016, 2018 2013, 2017 2013

International Events Event British Academy of Audiology Annual International Conference and Expo CASE Europe International Harm Reduction European College of Sports Science International Baccalaureate Global Entrepreneurship Congress International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis PIANC MMX CSP Congress International Hiscompatibility and Immunogenics 15th International Handbell Symposium Eurospine World Conference for Advanced Veterinary Parasitology


Date 2008

Delegates 800

2009 2009 2011 2010 2012 2012 2010 2009, 2010, 2011 2012 2012 2013 2015

750 1500 2300 800 3000 1600 600 1200 1000 2500 2500 1500

ACC Liverpool Case Studies

Government Cabinet meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s first cabinet meeting of 2009 was held at ACC Liverpool, Listed below are some of the issues that were encountered and overcome: The event was confirmed 5 weeks prior to going live during the Christmas holiday period. This was a high profile event which the team at ACC Liverpool were able to successfully turn around, delivering all elements of planning and implementation, continually liaising with service partners, external stakeholders and the client to create a successful event. The profile of this event meant that security was the main priority. Added to which a second public event was taking place on the other side of the building. However, through excellent communication, teamwork with the local police force, the flexible design of the overall complex and the skill and ingenuity of the team, ACC Liverpool were able to accomplish it successfully without impacting the public event. Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2010 This event was transformed by the Liberal Democrats rise to power through the election of a coalition Government in 2010. Previously expected to be a comparatively low profile event, it became one of the year’s highest profile political conferences. After the elections in May 2010, the Liberal Democrat Party became a part of the coalition government which had huge implications for the event. This left 16 weeks of preparation for the Liberal Democrat Party’s largest and most important event in the calendar year. ACC Liverpool were able to accommodate changes in requirements and deliver a hugely successful event. Due to the heightened profile of the party, delegate numbers increased, media interest increased and more exhibitors wished to participate in the first party political conference of the season. Historically security was low on the conference agenda, however for the first time this had to be increased. The party leader, Nick Clegg, became Deputy Prime Minister which meant that the party had to change their policy on security in a way that did not offend their members. ACC Liverpool worked closely with Merseyside Police to deliver this element as unobtrusively as possible yet still delivering the protection required by the government. liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2012 A total of 1,500 of the world’s leading haematologists came to ACC Liverpool in June to discuss the latest weapons in the fight against major killers like heart attacks, strokes and deep vein thrombosis. Scientists from 75 different countries attended the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) conference, regarded amongst professionals as a landmark opportunity to develop worldwide understanding of the conditions. Event host Professor Cheng-Hock Toh, University of Liverpool’s Professor of Haemotology and a clinician at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, spent nine years organising for the conference, the 58th Scientific and Standardisation Meeting, to be held in Liverpool, having last been held in the UK in 2003. It was an extremely important event in all aspects of the speciality, from the basic science discovery, development of diagnostic tests and drug treatments, clinical trials to patient outcomes. Professor Toh, also an ambassador for the city, ensured delegates experienced the true Liverpool by organising a conference football match and laying on a Beatles-themed night for his guests. It was vital that the city and ACC Liverpool ticked the right boxes in order to bring the event back to the UK, bringing together the key elements of the city’s medical expertise and its conference offer. As Liverpool’s scientific expertise touches the lives of people around the world in many different ways, hosting the conference was another demonstration of the pulling power of both the talent within the city’s Knowledge Quarter and the platform for sharing knowledge provided by world class venues like ACC Liverpool.


Liverpool Vision Liverpool Vision is the city’s economic development company. It was established at a critical stage in the city’s urban and economic renaissance. Now the company is enabling Liverpool to complete and accelerate the considerable economic recovery and growth we have witnessed over the last decade. Liverpool Vision is focused on building a strong sustainable economy which can compete more effectively in international markets than ever before. Liverpool Vision has forged an enviable reputation as the mayor of Liverpool’s economic arm and has been largely responsible for the city’s successes with European Capital of Culture, La Machine, Shanghai Expo, The Global Entrepreneurship Congress and the Sea Odyssey. The city of Liverpool successfully bid for Capital of Culture status in 2003 and established a strong partnership of private and public organisations to ensure a successful delivery of activity in 2008 which included memorable events including concerts by former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the opening of the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool, and the visit of the ‘giant spider’ in the street art performance of “La Machine”. Liverpool Capital of Culture attracted an audience of 18 million visitors to Liverpool with over 7000 events. It was recognised as the “most successful Capital of Culture ever”. Jose Manuel Barroso (2009 president of the European Commission) The Liverpool Pavilion in Shanghai welcomed 1 million visitors and won four awards in recognition of its work in developing international trade. In 2012, Liverpool Vision successfully delivered Europe’s first Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), held at ACC Liverpool as part of a wider week-long Festival of Entrepreneurship, which featured 80 events across the city attracting many more visitors to the city, including Liverpool Software City.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Around 3000 international delegates from 125 countries attended the summit to hear from a high-profile cast of speakers including Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson, former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Michael Heseltine, dotcom pioneer, Martha Lane Fox and Sir Terry Leahy, former Chief Executive of Tesco. For one weekend in April 2012, the city was captivated by the magnificent ‘Sea Odyssey’ event to commemorate 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic (which had been registered in Liverpool) and featured an incredible display of street theatre as 30ft sized puppets roamed the streets of the city in front of an estimated 1 million spectators. “The most successful public event in Liverpool’s history.” Made possible by legacy funding from the Capital of Culture and private sector contributions, the Sea Odyssey event brought an estimated £12m into the local economy and demonstrated Liverpool’s capacity to host such high-profile events and further demonstrated its reputation as an international tourist destination.


Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership Liverpool LEP is one of the most innovative Local Enterprise Partnerships in the UK, accelerating the UK’s fastest growing economy. It is a unique alliance of over 450 businesses and organisations, the majority being SMEs, all sharing a common goal. • City Growth Priority Areas • Knowledge Economy • Visitor Economy • Low Carbon Economy • Superport The Board is private sector led, with political leaders representing the six local authorities that make up Liverpool City Region. Core activities focus on strategic economic development and business growth in the four key sectors. The LEP has successfully brokered many initiatives to stimulate the local economy, most recently the negotiation of a second City Region deal, signed by the Deputy Prime Minister, the RT Hon Nick Clegg MP. This will further enhance the innovative “Skills for Growth” programme, supporting 17,400 people into work while creating around 6,000 apprenticeships. VisitLiverpool is the main leisure tourism function for Liverpool City Region and is tasked with attracting visitors via its website; social media campaigns; e-blasts; exhibitions; advertising; travel trade links; awards; promotional publications and strategic collaborations with local, national and international partners.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid



Liverpool Convention Bureau offers support and resource for conference organisers bringing events, meetings and conferences to Liverpool City Region. The Bureau also proactively researches conferences that could be attracted as well as promoting Liverpool City Region as an international conference city, via marketing, exhibitions, PR etc. Some of the main functions of the Bureau include: • Impartial venue selection • Accompanied site visits and show round planning • Bid preparation and organiser support (promotional material/staffing to promote the Liverpool conference) • Delegate welcome scheme and city dressing • Social/partner programme planning • Secure, online delegate accommodation booking service • Secure, online delegate airport transfer service • Image library, maps, interactive maps, copy • Introductions to conference partners Liverpool Convention Bureau has contributed to the success of some major congresses including the Labour Party Conference 2011 (11,000 delegates), SSC Meeting of the International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2012 (1,500 delegates), Royal College of Nursing 2011 (4,000 delegates) and European College of Sports Science 2011 (2,000 delegates).


Liverpool John Lennon Airport

OUR gateway to the world liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our gateway to the world

With two international airports providing global transport connections and just two hours by train from Central London, Liverpool is a meeting hot-spot for international event buyers. The Liverpool Convention Bureau also provides an online bookable travel service, being one of the first in the UK to do this. Manchester International Airport Transfer to Liverpool from Manchester International Airport: • Private pre-bookable online transfer service from airport to city centre/hotel, on demand, journey time 45 minutes, cost approx £20/€25 • Drive time 45 minutes • Direct rail service, one per hour, journey time one hour, cost approx £12/€15 • Rail service (one change), every 20 minutes, journey time 40 minutes, cost approx £12/€15 • Coach (National Express), every 1-2 hours, journey time 50 minutes, cost approx £7/€10 • Black Cab Taxis all metered and licensed. Journey time 45 minutes, cost approx £65/€85 Flight Times to Manchester Destination from Flight Time Chicago* 7hr 38m Dubai* 7hr 2m New York* 6hr 42m Rome 2hr 8m

Destination from Singapore Vancouver* Vienna

Flight Time 13hr 36m 9hr 7m 1hr 50m

*Denotes direct flight into Manchester International Airport (source, all other flights are direct into Liverpool.


Flight Frequencies Destination Amsterdam Belfast Berlin Brussels Chicago Dubai Dublin

Number of flights per day 8 9 2 8 1 3 7



Destination Madrid Mexico City New York Paris Rome Singapore Vancouver

Number of flights per day 2 1 2 9 2 1 2 per week

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our gateway to the world

Liverpool John Lennon Airport • Private pre-bookable online transfer service from airport to city centre/hotel, on demand, journey time 20 minutes, cost approx £10/€12 • Drive time 20 minutes • Express Shuttle Bus connects airport to city centre and major hotels, every 30 minutes, Journey time 20-25 minutes, cost from £3/€5 (2012) • Black Cab Taxis all metered and licensed. Journey time 20 minutes, cost approx £12/€15 • 70 direct flights from European destinations • Low cost carriers’ hub airport.


Flight Times to Liverpool Destination from Flight Time Amsterdam 41m Belfast 22m Berlin 1hr 22m Brussels 43m

Destination from Dublin Geneva Paris Madrid

Flight Time 20m 1hr 15m 47m 1hr 48m

Flight Frequencies Destination Amsterdam Belfast Berlin Brussels

Destination Dublin Geneva Madrid Paris

Flights per week 24 7 7 7

Flights per week 19 41 8 6

Airline Partnership

Our bid partners Congrex UK, through their sister Company Congrex Travel, who are IATA accredited travel agents, are able to negotiate airline partner agreements for many congresses with the Star Alliance member airlines. This generally allows participants and one accompanying person travelling to the Congress to qualify for a discount of up to 20%, depending on the fare and class of travel booked.

Star Alliance member airlines which have routes serving the UK include: Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Blue 1, BMI, Croatia Airlines, Egypt Air, LOT (Polish Airlines), Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, SWISS, TAP Portugal, THAI, Turkish Airlines, United (USA) and US Airways, providing excellent global coverage to help facilitate participants attendance. Discounts are offered on most published business and economy class fares. Getting around Liverpool • Liverpool is a walkable city - all major hotels, venues and attractions are within a 20 minute walk • Circular shuttle buses connect the waterfront and city centre, running every 12-15 minutes, at a cost of around £2/€3 • Black Cab Taxis are all licensed and metered, with taxi ranks throughout city • Liverpool offers frequent, clear signage and clear road crossing points • City centre is largely pedestrianised and well lit. • Liverpool has been voted friendliest city for three years running by Conde Naste Traveller Magazine • Liverpool is the 5th most visited city in the UK by International Travellers • Liverpool has been voted “Best UK City” for the second consecutive year by readers of travel title, Group Leisure magazine.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our gateway to the world

Delegate Transfer Service Liverpool Convention Bureau (LCB), with partner INTX Corporate Transport and Logistics, are able to offer a no-risk, secure, online, pre-bookable transfer service for delegates. With a growing number of international conferences taking place in the city, and with the increasing importance of Liverpool’s Delegate Welcome activity, the transfer service is a welcome addition to the range of services provided for delegates coming to Liverpool City Region. Benefits to Conference Organiser • Delegates can securely pre-book and manage their own transfers (see process below) with no involvement required by the conference organiser (other than publicising the booking site) • There is no fee levied on the conference organiser for operating the transfer service • No minimum/maximum numbers are required to run the service Benefits to Delegates • Safe and reliable service (particularly for individual delegates or those arriving late at night) • Transfer is often cheaper than a standard taxi fare (particularly for individual delegates) • Reassuring for delegates to have a driver waiting for them, with final destination already arranged • Pre-paid service so no immediate need for delegates to have local currency


Getting around the UK • Liverpool Lime Street train station for national rail connections – 25 minutes walk to ACC Liverpool • Fast and reliable coach network linking Liverpool to the UK • Dense motorway network, to which Liverpool is well connected • Britrail pass available for international delegates to purchase • Easy connections to the Lake District, London, Scotland, Chester, North Wales, England’s Golf Coast, and Stratford. Rail Times to Liverpool Destination from London Birmingham Brighton Cardiff Edinburgh Exeter Glasgow

Travel Time 2hr 8m 1hr 34m 3hr 56m 3hr 45m 3hr 36m 4hr 29m 3hr 22m

Destination from Leeds Manchester Newcastle Norwich Nottingham Sheffield

Travel Time 1hr 49m 47m 3hr 33m 4 hr 45m 2hr 46m 1hr 49m

London Heathrow All major national/international airlines operate into London Heathrow Transfer to Liverpool from London Heathrow Airport: • Drive time 4-5 hours • Heathrow Express rail service from Heathrow to London Paddington (then underground rail to London Euston), every 5 minutes, journey time 15 minutes, cost approx from £11/€13 • London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street rail service, one per hour, journey time 2 hours, 8 minutes, cost from £13.50 (advanced purchase) to £73 (purchase on day) • Coach (National Express), every 1-2 hours, journey time 6-7 hours, cost from £34 • Heathrow to Manchester domestic flight – Travel time 1 hour. liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our gateway to the world

Visa Arrangements for the UK

Liverpool Chamber will provide highly experienced management of travel logistics, securing best airfares and convenient routings for delegates in accordance with specific individual requirements. Where visas are required for entry to the UK, the application process can be complex and restrictions vary. However, Liverpool Chamber will support attendees with their applications to ensure that they are processed in a timely manner and with minimal inconvenience to the individual. This may involve preparation and provision of any letters or documents required by Foreign Embassies and Consulates, such as official invitation letters from the host and/or organiser, proof of travel schedule and hotel reservation confirmations etc. Liverpool Chamber can also provide Fast Track Visa processing services, working in partnership with an organisation registered with the British Home Office. This enables us to process ‘Same Day Fast Track UK Visas’ for certain eligible categories of applications. The UK is a regular host of many major cultural and business events which attract international delegations and individuals from across the world to attend. Recent examples include the 2012 Olympic Games and the affiliated International Sports Science and Education Congress which attracted over 2,000 delegates from over 90 countries from as far a field as Samoa, Zaire, Korea and El Salvador, which Congrex were the appointed PCO.


OUR hotels Hard days night hotel

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our hotels

Liverpool offers a wide variety of choice accommodation. With two hotels currently on site offering a combination of 442 rooms and the scheduled additional 200 bedrooms in early 2015, there are several close hotel options for Congress Headquarters and delegates. There are also 5500 bedrooms in the City Centre. The map below shows the wealth of accommodation that Liverpool has to offer and portrays the close proximity of the proposed congress centre, ACC Liverpool and city centre accommodation.


A good night’s sleep in Liverpool couldn’t be easier with a wide and growing range of accommodation solutions to suit all meeting and event needs

• Liverpool offers you and your delegates a value for money destination • Accommodation types to suit all budgets (budget to boutique) • Average taxi ride across city centre £4/€5 • ACC Liverpool Delegate Card, offering a range of discounts and offers from restaurants, bars, cafes and shops • An interactive delegate map, bespoke to your event, showing hotels and venues being used and linking into the complimentary online accommodation booking service. This can be used to promote your event to potential delegates • Welcome flags, banners and posters around the exterior of the venue, clearly visible for your delegates to see as they arrive for Congress – and also to let the people of Liverpool know you are here. • Tent cards with a bespoke welcome message to your delegates, placing them in all hotels used as part of your event • Welcome desks at Lime Street station and Liverpool John Lennon airport which would be manned at specific times to ensure that your delegates will arrive to a warm Liverpool welcome

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our hotels

Distance to hotels


Adagio Adelphi Alicia Atlantic Tower base2stay Bridge Street Cocoon Crowne Plaza city centre Crowne Plaza LJLA Days Inn Doubletree Express Feathers Hampton by Hilton Hard Days Night Heywood House Hilton Holiday Inn

From ACC Liverpool 0.85m/1.37km 0.88m/1.42km 4.3km drive 0.83m/1.33km 0.74m/1.19km 0.4m/0.64km 1.23m/1.98km 0.81m/1.3km 9.8km drive 0.68m/1.09km 0.98m/1.58km 0.16m/0.26km 1.23m/1.98km 0.42m/0.68km 0.8m/1.29km 0.83m/1.33km 0.33m/0.53km 1m/1.6km

Hope Street Ibis Wapping Ibis Dale Street Indigo

1.24m/2km 0.27m/0.43km 1m/1.62km 0.97m/1.56km

From ACC Liverpool Jurys Inn 0.07m/0.11km Liner 1.15m/1.85km Lord Nelson 1.12m/1.8km Malmaison 0.94m/1.51km Marriott 1m/1.6km Novotel 0.6m/0.97km PoshPads 0.53m/0.85km Premier Apartments 1.2m/1.93km Premier Inn Albert Dock 0.15m/0.23km Premier Inn Vernon Street 1.03m/1.65km Premier Inn Hanover Street 0.6m/0.97km Racquet Club 0.91m/1.47km Radisson Blu 1.23m/1.98km Richmond 1.12m/1.8km Roscoe House 1.15m/1.86km Staybridge Suites 0.05m/0.08km Stay Liverpool Duke Street 0.66m/1.06km Stay Liverpool Mount 1m/1.6km Pleasant Travelodge Strand 0.54m/0.87km Travelodge top of Dale st 1.17m/1.88km Travelodge Tithebarn 1m/1.6km


Grade 3* hotel 4* SC Budget Hotel

Mins walk from ACC 1 min 1 min 3 mins

Rooms on hold for WCC 200 65 80

Jurys Inns Staybridge Suites Express by Holiday Inn Hilton Hampton by Hilton Hotel Ibis Bridgestreet Apartments Days Inn Novotel Stay Liverpool Base2Stay Heywood House Hard Days Night Crowne Plaza Atlantic Tower by Thistle Hotel Indigo Malmaison Britannia Adelphi Radisson Blu Holiday Inn City Centre Marriott City Centre The Liner Hope Street Hotel

£ per night £159/£169 £145 £115

4* hotel 3* hotel Budget Hotel 4* SC

5 mins 5 mins 5 mins 10 mins

50 50 40 17

£169/£179 £85 £95/£115 £105/£180

3* hotel 4* hotel 4* SC 3* hotel 4* hotel 4* hotel 4* hotel 4* hotel

10 mins 10 mins 10 mins 10 mins 15 mins 15 mins 15 mins 15 mins

80 90 20 80 10 40 50 125

£80/£85 £125/£135 £80/£105 £109/£119 £90.45/£98.40 £99/£109 £125/£135 £89/£99

4* hotel 3* hotel 3* hotel 4* hotel 3* hotel

15 mins 15 mins 20 mins 25 mins 20 mins

40 30 240 25 40

£129/£139 £200 £75/£105 £125/£135 £90/£95

4* hotel

20 mins



3* hotel 4* hotel

25 mins 25 mins

60 30

£90 £150/£160

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our culture and social programme 86 shopping district Liverpool ONE

Liverpool is known the world over for its sporting, musical and maritime heritage. Thousands of tourists flock to the region every year to delight in its attractions, museums and galleries. There is plenty on offer to keep delegates entertained when they have free time between conference sessions or in the evenings. Many hotels will also offer special extender rates should any person attending the conference wish to spend a few days in the city prior to the event taking place or once the conference has concluded. This will give your delegates the opportunity to sample some of the fantastic tourist attractions the city and surrounding region has to offer. Professional Blue Badge guides can also be hired and tours can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Seeing the City Within 2 hours Liverpool City Centre tour: Enjoy an open top tour in Liverpool and take the hop-on/hop-off bus which takes in 12 stops allowing visitors to experience sights like Mathew Street, the home of the Cavern Club and the spectacular architecture of William Brown Street in the cultural quarter. Personally organised tours can also be arranged with a qualified Blue Badge Guide. Yellow Duckmarine: Explore Liverpool’s maritime tradition on board the Duck, an authentic World War II landing vehicle. The hour long trip begins on the road, taking in the historic waterfront area, continues around the famous city sights and ends with the dramatic “Splashdown” in the Salthouse Dock. Magical Mystery Tours: The Magical Mystery Tour is a must for anyone of any age who enjoys music and it’s the perfect way to discover the city of The Beatles. See the places associated with John, Paul, George and Ringo as they grew up, met and formed the band that would take the pop world by storm. Tailor-made tours with a certified tour guide: With a variety of themed tours available, your group can enjoy a bespoke tour to focus on a particular aspect of Liverpool’s diverse culture such as The Beatles, football, city architecture, faith buildings, Liverpool slavery history, “Ale Trail” through Victorian Liverpool, murder mysteries (such as Shiverpool Tours), etc. They are also available in other European languages. liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our culture and social programme

Shiverpool Tours Shiverpool UK Ltd is Liverpool’s most famous and reputable ghost tours, exploring some the City’s famous locations and hidden histories. Shiverpool present their historical findings in a series of stunning theatrical performances that consistently astound their audience, who are guided through the city centre streets by the famous “Shiverghouls”. Shiverpool has achieved the status of a recognised tourist attraction and their tours have become a talking sensation amongst the thousands of residents and tourists who have experienced them. Most of all they are guarantee to scare you and make you laugh! Seeing the city Half a day Mersey Ferries Tour: A River Explorer Cruise on the famous Mersey Ferries is an unforgettable day out. The River Mersey has an incredibly rich and varied history and the ferry service itself is more than 850 years old. Our River Explorer Cruise takes you on a ferry that not only crosses the Mersey, but also explores many of its most interesting facets, which are all described in a fascinating commentary. Our 2 Cathedrals: Liverpool Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the UK, and the 5th largest in the world. Setting foot inside this world-class visitor attraction, you truly enter a great space. Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral is within walking distance on the other end of Hope Street. Opened in 1967, its modern design, works of art and multi-coloured windows will enchant any visitor. The majestic barrel vaults of fine brickwork and granite pillars in the original Lutyens Crypt offer a sharp contrast in architectural styles. Beatles Story: This award-winning Beatles Story museum is an atmospheric journey into the life, times, culture and music of the Beatles. See how four young lads from Liverpool were propelled to the dizzy heights of worldwide fame and fortune to become the greatest band of all time. Next, head over to Beatles Story Pier Head for the amazing Fab4D experience, a 4 dimensional journey through the music of the Beatles. A visit to the stunning special exhibition space and the award winning Fab4Store is a must. 88

The Anfield Experience: The stadium tour takes you behind the scenes to visit the dressing rooms, down the tunnel to the sound of the crowd, to touch the famous “This Is Anfield” sign, to sit in the team dug-out and to escort you onto the world famous terrace, The Kop. Basic tour and museum prices start from £14 per person; Anfield Experience packages include a luxurious 3 course lunch in one of our executive boxes with an LFC Legend, a limited edition gift, and a fun Q&A session with your Liverpool Legend. Speke Hall: One of the most famous Tudor houses in the UK, Speke Hall’s gardens and estate are a hidden oasis on the edge of Liverpool. Originally built in 1530, its Great Hall and priest’s hole date from Tudor times while the Oak Parlour and smaller rooms show the Victorian desire for privacy and comfort. The gardens and woodland walks offer magnificent views of the Mersey basin and North Wales hills. Full day Tours Mersey Ferries Liverpool-Manchester Ship Canal Cruise This fascinating and memorable cruise with a lively commentary gives a revealing insight into the facts, history and drama of this major waterway and how its construction shaped Manchester and the North West of England. The 6 hour cruise departs from Pier Head, Liverpool and includes a stopover in Salford Quays for you to visit The Lowry, Imperial War Museum and Lowry Outlet Mall before the bus collects passengers to bring them back to Liverpool. Prices from £36 per person. Day trip to Southport Southport is the perfect daytrip destination, with beautiful beaches, superb attractions, great shopping, a mouth-watering array of restaurants and lots more. Add to this some of the most scenic parks and gardens and visitors will appreciate why Southport is indeed England’s Classic Resort. Day trip to Knowsley Knowsley Hall is unrivalled as the ultimate events venue for the North West. The estate boasts a safari park, luxury spa with various treatment rooms, golf course, Aerial Extreme rope course, 4x4 experience, and of course the Hall itself with a ballroom, state dining room, many drawing rooms, lounges and exquisite bedrooms as well as gardens, terraces and picturesque lakes. Bespoke itineraries can be created to suit liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our culture and social programme

Full Day outside the City Liverpool is the ideal city from which to explore the North West of England, and, indeed, the rest of Britain. Chester has the most complete walled city in Britain and at over 2,000 years old, is the historic gem of Northwest England. Elegant and exciting, this ancient city offers some seriously sophisticated retail therapy in the unique two-tiered shopping galleries. Treat yourself to a first class gourmet experience in one of the Michelin starred restaurants. Lose yourself in history and venture out into glorious gardens set against the captivating backdrop of Cheshire’s gently rolling countryside. Why not take in a 1 hour tour with a Roman Soldier? The Lake District’s greatest asset is its natural environment and at 885 square miles, it is England’s largest National Park. An area of stunning natural beauty, it is just on the doorstep and makes for great days out from Liverpool. Enjoy the Lakeland views that have inspired many poets, writers and painters. From the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Carlisle and the historical appeal of Kendal to the cobbled streets of Ulverston and the market town charm of Penrith. Each has a story to tell.


Your Safety

Liverpool is a safe city with low crime rates, which fall year on year thanks to a number of initiatives in the city such as Citysafe, Liverpool’s Community Safety Partnership. Liverpool is well signposted, clean, and has been voted the UK’s friendliest city for three years running by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Liverpudlians are immensely proud of their city and enjoy welcoming visitors. The City has been awarded Purple Flag status, which recognises Liverpool as a centre of excellence for the management of its city centre. The assessors were particularly impressed with the close partnership between Liverpool City Council, Merseyside Police and the city centre management. These are further supported by a growing number of stakeholders, who strive to continually improve safety and cleanliness in the city centre. This, coupled with high density CCTV coverage, marshalled taxi ranks, street pastors and 24 hour secure car parking provision, ensures that delegates will feel safe and secure in the city centre. The UK is a safe, politically stable country, welcoming over 30m visitors every year (Source: Visit Britain, July 2012)

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


Chavasse Park

OUR green city


Representing the wider Liverpool City Region, the Local Enterprise Partnership is focussing on Low Carbon Economy as one of its key strategies for the future. The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) is the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK and is the only certification scheme validated by Visit Britain, the national tourist board. Liverpool City Region is proud to have many GTBS accredited venues, demonstrating the importance the city places on green business tourism. Local partners have worked hard to improve energy efficiency, recycling and low-waste initiatives as well as sourcing local produce in their venues to uphold the GTBS environmental policies and are striving to introduce further improvements as part of their ongoing commitment. GTBS members include ACC Liverpool, Jury’s Inn Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Sefton Park Palm House, Floral Pavilion Theatre and Conference Centre, Radisson BLU Hotel, Atlantic Tower by Thistle Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Malmaison Hotel. ACC Liverpool Environmental Credentials Since the planning stages of ACC Liverpool, a responsible approach has always been considered both environmentally and within the community:

• One of the greenest venues in Europe, the design of the building, along with its insulation and air control system, is inherently efficient and requires significantly less energy than a traditional build. • Lighting is high efficiency and controlled by motion detection. • Produces half the CO2 emissions it would without any of these features and uses 20% less electricity. • Five 20 metre low-noise wind turbines contribute to ACC Liverpool’s power provision. • Rainwater is collected on the roof of the building, which is then used to flush toilets. • BREEAM rating, ‘very good’ • Sends zero waste to landfill. • ISO 14001 accreditation – an international standard on environmental management for the events industry liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our green city

Global Entrepreneurship Congress GEC2012 was audited by Arup and successfully achieved BS8901, the highest British standard for sustainable event management. “As a major global event the GEC was well placed to lead on best practice and demonstrate to a global audience the importance of delivering events which promote a balanced approach to economic development, environmental responsibility and social impact - sustainability. Achieving the standard has provided GEC, Liverpool Vision, Kauffmann, the Arena and Convention Centre and other GEC stakeholders with a benchmark for the continuous improvement of the sustainability the performance of future events. The BS8901 standard requires that all aspects of an event’s planning and implementation are audited with a reviewed of all documentation, systems and performance against KPIs and targets required by the standard and declared that GEC 2012 had been BS8901 compliant. The process involved several key stages throughout the event’s life cycle, from planning to implementation, through to final review and second party audit.”


La Princesse - Liverpool 2008

OUR marketing liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our marketing


The Local Organising Committee have worked with a creative agency to develop an eye catching and recognisable brand identity and visual style for the Liverpool conference This will be used from the outset on promotional materials and carry through to the event, working equally well on the on site conference materials so that a consistent visual narrative becomes established.

The Brand Identity

The identity has several meanings inspired by this project… The wave pattern represents not only the River Mersey – which connects Liverpool to the rest of the world and celebrates the city’s rich maritime heritage and future growth potential. But it is also represents the alpha brain2015 wave pattern, the state in which the right side of the LIVERPOOL brain is most receptive to learning. The colours are inspired by the Union Flag but also the city’s world famous football clubs. INSPIRING CHANGE The colours overlapping represents collaboration and the meeting of different nations and ACHIEVING GROWTH INSPIRING CHANGE ACHIEVING GROWTH cultures, but also the screen printing technique employed on The Cavern’s gig posters.


Brand identity


Effective marketing is essential in order to maximise the number of delegates and to create awareness across the international community A number of marketing and promotional methods would be planned and have been allowed for in the outline budget: • Online marketing • Direct marketing • Publicity

• Mobile marketing • Advertising •R  elated events

Online Marketing A collection of cost effective marketing tools that allow for wide range distribution at low cost. Can be carried out frequently to enable regular updates and “hot news” to be communicated – announcements, impending deadlines, programme updates and latest news. Online platforms include a website, emails and social media. Website We propose that the website would be the first marketing tool to be created. From the outset of the planning, it would be our intention to register a domain that reflected the conference name and year of the event. This can then be linked to the websites of the Liverpool Chamber members, as well as the other key stakeholders within Liverpool and other any affiliated partner organisations wishing to promote the conference.

liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our marketing

It would be our intention to launch the site to provide an access point for: • Location • Venue • Contacts • Planned theme for the congress • Ability to register interest and be added to mailing lists • Dowloadable versions of the first announcements and newsletters. • International networks and contact points As the planning process evolves the website would evolve to contain: • More detailed programme information • Submission of abstracts • Online registration • Accommodation and social booking • Secure online payment. Social Networking As part of the overall marketing plan and strategy, we will address key strategic areas of interest that, when implemented, will ensure the appropriate market is reached with the right message. That outreach will be traditional marketing channels, but will also include other ‘new avenues’. These other new avenues are coming more and more to the forefront of all types of marketing and include using social networking sites (i.e. Linkedin, Twitter etc), viral marketing campaigns, SMS text message promotion, co-operative cross promotion with other like-minded, non competing congresses and associations and perhaps the most important... direct delegate interaction.











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World Chambers Congress Liverpool 2015 @LiverpoolWCC2015 20m Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consec teteur non ummy adip iscing elit INSPIRING CHANGE ACHIEVING GROWTH



liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our marketing

Mobile Marketing

The App acts as a networking and navigating tool, helping participants make the most of the event, while at the same time providing the conference organiser with insightful data to help shape future conferences Once downloaded, participants can navigate their way through the conference using the interactive map; view event details and times; receive reminders of key events; and interact with speakers by sending instant messages. The application functions as a pop-up social network for niche audiences to communicate with each other. Useful benefits include hotel and travel information offering participants a seamless conference experience. Plus, with statistical usage data, and user-generated content, we can see exactly what’s popular at the conference and what’s not, so it provides added value when planning and considering future events. Digital Profiles Participants also can create their own digital profiles on the App – identifying themselves to other participants and vendors. Useful benefits include hotel and travel information offering participants a seamless Conference experience. Plus, with statistical usage data, and user-generated content, we can see exactly what’s popular at the Conference and what’s not, so it provides added value when planning and considering future events.

insPirinG CHanGe aCHievinG GrOwtH interactive map event listings community chat

Moreover, it is an attractive advertising tool for sponsors.

App 100

Direct Marketing Still an effective method of marketing to complement online activity. We plan to mail directly to: • Liverpool Chamber of Commerce members • British Chambers of Commerce members • WCF members • Host organisation mailing lists. • UK Chambers of Commerce and their members And also: • Piggy back arrangements with other partner organisation mailings • Contra deals with other related events (future meetings tables, delegate bag inserts etc).




Direct marketing pack liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


our marketing


This can be another cost effective method of promotion We would look to negotiating contra deals with other related publications/magazines that are likely to be read by the target audience both nationally and internationally as well as getting diary entries into publications that carry “calendars of events�. We will also look to producing editorial press releases for inclusion in relevant publications to generate awareness of the Congress.

Related Events

Promoting at related events is an effective way to reach a target audience, both in terms of generating delegate attendance coupled with leveraging commercial support from exhibitors and sponsors. Attendance at other events can be costly, but we would propose looking at trying to negotiate contra deals for exhibition space if appropriate and committee member who may already be planning to attend.


Delegate pass liverpool 2015 world chambers congress bid


We believe that Liverpool has something for everyone, and that a World “Chambers Federation delegate will gain a unique insight from seeing the journey this city has undertaken, We will share our experience to date and our vision for the future, Liverpool’s heritage and culture will provide a magnificent backdrop for the networking and interactions of the international professional community. We are Liverpool. We hope you are too! Joe Anderson Mayor of Liverpool


The Liverpool Bid  

Liverpool Chamber's bid to host the ICC WCF 9th World Chambers Congress 2015.