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Wirral News Group • Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Want to get on the property ladder? With our huge range of exclusive deals, you can.

The average deposit, stamp duty and solicitors fees for a first-time buyer is a whopping £27,738*. And that means most people are going to need some help to get on the property ladder. With, you’ll get lots. We’ve got exclusive access to special deals from developers right across the country - all designed to help you get into your first home. Furthermore, if you log on and register your details, we’ll text or email you the minute a great deal comes along. We’ll even arrange site visits and get brochures delivered for you.

It’s all part of the service from the site with more new homes than anywhere else (and a whole lot of other smart stuff too). Text SNH to 64446 to find your nearest developments and offers.

* Sour ce: RICS, Department of Communities and Local Government.

The smarter way to buy a new home.

Wirral Homes Property - Wallasey Edition - 24th October 2012  

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