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New Year, New Home

Auctioneer John Crane recalls his first home

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Keep your pretty poinsettia in bloom till next Christmas

Couple celebrate 2012 by buying their first house – Page 3 Pages 4-5



Saturday, December 31, 2011


... to home improvement

Plug the gaps to stay warm this winter

Don’t suffer in the cold this winter – start getting rid of costly draughts now, says Julia Gray

DIY News IF YOU want to cut up your ● Christmas tree come Twelfth Night and use it for garden mulch,

Bosch has just the tools for the job. The cordless Keo saw (£89.99) can cut through branches up to 80mm thick and does up to 100 branches on one charge. And thanks to the clever A-Grip hook, which holds branches in place, you can use it one-handed. For shredding the tree, there’s the AXT 23 TC multipurpose shredder (£369.99), which has eight blades and a fast-feed hopper. For more information, visit


AKING YOUR home more draught-proof is as straightforward as these simple steps, so there is no reason why you can’t start cutting down on your energy bills and staying cosy this winter: ● Fit brush draught excluders around, or at least along the bottom of, your home’s external doors/doorframes to keep cold air out and heat in – simply cut them to size and screw them in place. These can also be fitted to interior doors, although you may prefer to add a piece of wood along the bottom of the door if there’s a large gap, providing you can blend it in with the rest of the door. ● Don’t forget to fit brush draught excluders or a letterbox cover to the back of the letterbox to keep out draughts and also make the back look neater. Even keyholes should be draught-proofed, especially on exterior doors. You can get escutcheons with covers in all shapes and sizes, and they just screw in place over the keyhole. ● Single glazing is rarely sufficient

Ask The Expert Q When drilling in walls, I find it difficult to gauge how deep I’m making the hole and sometimes go in too far. Is there a solution? A Yes, wrap masking

CUTTING EDGE: Bosch’s multipurpose shredder

CRACKING IDEA: A plastic film can create effective ‘double-glazing’ but don’t forget to stop draughts from the letterbox to keep your home warm and draught free, but if you can’t afford or don’t want double glazing, you can get various DIY secondary-glazing options. Probably the cheapest and easiest to fit is clear plastic film, which you can buy online or from DIY stores. It tightens over the windowpane when heated with a hairdryer to form a sort of secondary

tape around your drill bit to mark how deep you want the hole to be. When you drill, only go in as far as the tape and your hole should be the right depth.

glazing. If you live in a listed building or a conservation area, you’ll be restricted about what you can do with your windows, so this could be a good option. ● Another inexpensive measure is weatherstripping or self-adhesive foam/brush tape, which makes windows and doors less draughty. It’s relatively easy to fit and is especially useful for period windows and doors, which tend to let in draughts. ● One of the draughtiest types of flooring is exposed period floorboards. The best solution is to take up the boards (an ambitious job for a DIYer) or get underneath them (if, for example, you have a cellar below) to lay insulation. An easier solution is to fill the gaps between the boards. You can use a number of materials for this, including thin strips of cork or wood, sawdust mixed with glue, and flexible filler.

Seasonal Task ARE your home’s water pipes insulated? This is especially important at this time of year when the pipes are at risk of freezing. The easiest sort of insulation to fit is foam lengths, which are pre-slit and fit over and around the pipe – prices start at less than £1 per length.

IF YOU’RE thinking of learning a new DIY skill, now’s the time to do it. All B&Q You Can Do IT classes, including kids’ classes, booked this month and next month and taken next month are half price, so there’s no excuse for not improving your home. The seasonal classes on offer include: ● Get Your Garden Ready for Winter – preparing and caring for your decking, garden furniture and fencing. ● Securing Your Home for Winter – fitting locks, lights and shed alarms, and learning about different types of alarm, security lighting and CCTV. ● Hanging a Door – selecting, measuring, cutting and hanging new internal doors, plus fitting new locks and hinges. ● Power Tools – a course designed to give you the confidence to use power tools correctly. Find out about the full range at doitclasses

Getting a mortgage may be a cheaper option to renting WITH surging demand for rental properties pushing monthly rents up beyond what you’d expect to pay on a mortgage, now is the time for people to make their move to purchase a first home, says Miller Homes. Not only could they be paying on average £100 less a month with a mortgage – according to the latest Halifax Buying versus Renting Review – but they will be in control of their financial future while

enjoying the freedom home ownership brings. According to Halifax, a typical rent for a two-bed home in the UK has risen to £677, compared with a mortgage of £567 for the same size property – a saving of £110 or around 16%. Michaela Lancaster, sales and marketing director of Miller Homes offers a comparison between renting and owning a new home: “Consider why owning a new

home is better than renting. “When you rent, your monthly payment goes straight into your landlord’s pocket. But when you own, your mortgage payment builds up an equity nest egg. “When you rent you have no return on the investment you make. But when you own you could see the value of your home rise – on average house prices in the UK have doubled every ten years.” With interest rates at an

all-time low and a good choice of incentives, the advantages of owning a home rather than renting are clear. Miller Homes, like other developers, offers a range of buying incentives so you can be a homeowner without having to find a large deposit. Schemes to make buying more affordable include the Government-backed FirstBuy scheme where buyers pay just 80% of the asking price but still own 100% of their new

home. The balance is provided by an equity loan jointly funded by Miller Homes and the Government and repayable over a 25-year term. Another incentive from Miller Homes is the MiMATCH Deposit Match scheme. This will double the deposit of home buyers who have begun to save, up to five per cent of the price of a new COMPARISON: home. Michaela Lancaster of Visit the website Miller Homes



Saturday, December 31, 2011


... to buying

We can’t wait to start the new year in our lovely new home by JANET TANSLEY


APPY New Year – and a Happy New Home! Marc Bevan and Sarah Pritchard are celebrating 2012 with a step onto the property ladder. The couple have just bought their first home together and Marc says: “Sarah and I are really looking forward to starting the new year in our lovely new home. “Now we have a house to be really proud of and we can’t wait to have visitors over.” The couple had been searching for a home for a year before visiting Taylor Wimpey North West’s Watermill Gardens development in Bromborough. First time buyers, Marc, 27, and Sarah, 29, were the first customers to reserve a property at Watermill Gardens back in June, and moved into their new home just before Christmas. As they settled in ready for a fabulous new year together, Marc says: “It’s great to finally get on the property ladder, especially as we’d been searching for such a long time. “When we came across Watermill Gardens we knew it was where we wanted to live. “The house we chose is perfect for us; its modern, flexible layout was exactly what we were looking for and the space on offer represents great value for money.” Marc and Sarah bought their two bedroom Kintbury home using the house builder’s Easystart shared equity scheme. Under the scheme, the first time buyers paid a 5% deposit and purchased their new Taylor Wimpey home for 85% of the sale price. Taylor Wimpey then loaned the remaining 15%, with no rent or interest for them to pay for up to 10 years. Marc adds: “Part of the reason our house hunt took so long was simply because we had to save and save for a deposit. “Without Easystart we may have

NEW START: Marc Bevan and Sarah Pritchard outside their new home at Taylor Wimpey North West’s Watermill Gardens development in Bromborough. Left: a typical Taylor Wimpey kitchen

been well into our 30s by the time we could afford our dream home.” Stephen Grant, regional sales manager for Taylor Wimpey North West, says: “It’s great that our residents are beginning to move into their new homes at Watermill Gardens, and we’re delighted that Marc and Sarah have been able to buy through our shared equity scheme. “Making the first move onto the property ladder is tough, but this scheme can give you a helping hand, making home ownership more accessible.”

Watermill Gardens is a development of 86 homes, including two bedroom apartments and two, three and four bedroom homes. Prices start at £97,950 (or from £78,360 through FirstBuy*, the latest shared equity scheme on offer at Watermill Gardens). ◆ For further information visit the marketing suite open Thursday to Monday from 11am until 5.30pm or call 0845 072 6157. Alternatively log on to newhomes/North+West/ WatermillGardens *Subject to affordability and circumstances on selected plots only.

COMFORT: The Taylor Wimpey showhome lounge :<F?<: ':F$<! 5@!&?FD(2A@E

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-7 &77< $(:: _5!!;

0700 )*, .0)+

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15 S>Y>W;



Saturday, December 31, 2011



... to outside

My First


John Crane, antiques expert and auctioneer Where was the family home you grew up in and what was it like? I was born in 1946 and our first home was a flat in Edge Lane – number 225. It’s no longer there now. The whole family lived there, it was a large house with three flats. We had the ground floor flat and the attic where I learned to walk on the lino. I actually videoed the attic being demolished. What is your clearest memory of the house? Sitting on the step outside with my cousin who lived in the upstairs flat, waiting for Uncle Bob to come home from America with a tin of lollipops. I think we waited there for four days. I was allowed one lollipop a day. And I remember the blackout curtains and the trams thundering past at night. Where was the first house you bought yourself and what did it cost? It was a five bedroom semi in Heswall when I was 26. I stayed in every night from the age of 17 when I was kicked out of the Institute school to about 23 and saved enough money to put a deposit of £3,000 down. I also bought a car for £1,000 in the same week. The house cost £10,995. I sold it for about £76-£79,000 in 1989 and I think, extended by then, it went for £380,000 a few years ago. What made you want to buy it? I had always wanted to get into property which is why I made the sacrifice and stayed in so I could do it. But it was in 1972 when gazumping was the rage and a property could go up by £1,000 overnight. What are the most important features you look for when buying a house? The feel. Does it wrap itself around you, welcome you when you walk in? You know almost from outside but 15 seconds after walking into the hall you know if it’s for you. You need to know that on a cold November night when you are tired and weary after a hard day’s work, it’s home, where you want to go. Also that it feels safe and the neighbours are nice. Are you a DIY trier or do you leave it to the experts? I love DIY but, unfortunately I don’t have the time to do it. I vacuum once a year and that’s my DIY. What's the one thing you love most about your current house? The security and safety of where it is, and being able to open the patio doors and walk out into the garden, and spend what spare time I have pottering around, or sitting there on a sunny day. I love the peace and quiet. BY JANET TANSLEY

Bordering on The new year is a good time to plan a new border. Hannah Stephenson offers some ideas on design and advice on how to save on maintenance


F YOUR borders lack colour, texture and depth, then it’s an ideal time to plan a new one to give you all-year-round colour, beautifully matched plants and a few surprises along the way. Don’t be afraid to copy other’s ideas. You may need to visit a National Trust garden or simply look for inspiration closer to home, seeking out ideas by peeking into neighbouring gardens or simply asking keen gardening friends how they achieved a particular effect which you want to replicate. Take a camera and notebook with you so that you can take pictures of particular scenes, so you don’t just rely on your memory. Alternatively, cut out pictures from magazines and cover them with tracing paper, drawing on the key plant shapes you like. You may not be able to use exactly the same plants that you have admired in a magazine, but it will give you an idea of what works shape and height-wise. When planning, ensure that the border provides year-round interest, not just a mass of blooms in summer which leaves the area looking dull and boring in winter. Brighten up spring with bulbs and make use of evergreens and shrubs with coloured bark or berries in autumn and winter to prolong interest and keep a shape to the border. While summer can be a riot of colour, trees and shrubs provide a framework to the border, some structure on which to build seasonal displays. They can also be used

PICTURE PERFECT: A new border can be a feature of your garden, but don’t be worried about copying good ideas individually to create a particular effect such as a focal point. Of course, the first consideration is your soil – is it acid or alkaline, is your aspect light or shady, is the ground dry or moist? Again, consider plants which have done well in your neighbours’ gardens because they are also likely to do well in yours. If you want a tree or shrub to add height to a border, use a tripod of canes which can be moved around to give you an idea of where the new addition

will fit in best and when choosing a tree, consider its rate of growth and ultimate size. You don’t want it dominating the border and casting shade over some of your more colourful sun-lovers later in the season. Try to keep the planting design simple, choosing perhaps large interlocking drifts of plants rather than a mismatched smorgasbord of a lot of little plants which you’ve bought on a whim but which don’t really complement each other. Consider a themed border for compatible plants, such as a

Mediterranean border, or a border with one type of plant such as herbs, which can be intermingled successfully. Think about repetition in your border as using a particular plant repeatedly makes a particularly showy plant stand out and also helps merge a diverse display. Alliums, with their stunning lollipop-shaped clusters of flowers can provide a showy display repeated at points along a border, but any repetition will help give the border more visual uniformity. If you haven’t particularly

Best Of The Bunch Poinsettia IF YOUR poinsettia has made it happily through Christmas, you may be able to make it bloom again for the next festive season. Keep it moist, but not sodden, and out of draughts for the time being. From April, gradually decrease

watering, then when the leaves have fallen, cut back the stem to leave 4in stumps. At this point, the pot can be placed in a mild, shady position and the compost should be kept almost dry. In early May, water and repot the plant, replacing some of the

old compost, and place it on the brightest windowsill you have. By the end of the month you should see vigorous new growth. Feed regularly and remove some of the new growth to leave four or five strong new stems. In June, move the plant

outside in its pot and place it in a semi-shaded spot and in July pinch out each stem by about an inch to keep the plant bushy. Bring the plant back indoors in August and continue the watering and feeding. By the end of September light control

is essential, so cover the plant with a black plastic bag in the evening and remove it the next morning so the plant is kept in total darkness for 14 hours. In November you can stop the darkness and hopefully your poinsettia will again bloom at Christmas.


Saturday, December 31, 2011



Grow Your Own Turnips NO haggis feast would be the same without ’neeps and tatties’, which may prompt you to try to grow some in the new year. Maincrop varieties are the easiest to grow and can be sown in July and August, for a first crop from October. Good varieties include ’Manchester Market’, which is recommended for long storage, ’Golden Ball’ and ’Champion Green-top Yellow’. Turnips do well in non-acid soil with reasonable drainage. Sow them thinly in a non-shady spot and thin them out as soon as the seeds are big enough to handle, until the plants are 25cm apart. Water them regularly to make sure you don’t end up with small and woody roots

and hoe regularly to keep weeds under control. Start lifting them as soon as they are large enough to use, as they

deteriorate with age. However, in most areas you can leave them in the ground and lift them when you want them.

Things to do this week ● CLEAN up your pots if you haven’t already, brushing off dirt with a hard-bristled brush and discarding those which have broken, which can then be used as crocks. ● SPRINKLE a thin layer of compost over the ground to enrich the soil and set off the flowers of early spring bulbs when they come through. ● ORDER seeds to be sown in January or February. ● PROTECT vulnerable plants from frost and wind damage. ● CHECK on bulbs being forced for indoor display every week so you don’t miss flowering. thought about colour, do so now, and use a colour wheel to judge which colours go best together. Do you want a sizzling clash for a dramatic, hot effect, or a softer palette of colours closer in shades such as pinks and mauves, which will merge together beautifully in the border? Use a few large, architectural plants such as phormiums or fatsias, to create a dramatic effect, rather than lots of fussy, small plants. Position plants, still in their pots, so you can stand back and view the effect from several angles and move them if you need to.

● IF THE soil is not waterlogged or frozen, continue winter digging. ● CLEAR borders of weeds and debris to keep them neat and prevent a build-up of garden pests and diseases. ● ORDER new summer-flowering bulbs in good time from a reputable supplier.

3 ways to ... Secure your garden


Replace external shed hinges (those with screws on the outside) with internal ones.


Use wall and ground anchors to secure heavy furniture left out over winter and bolt down valuable containers and statues.


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I25HPVA/ 21N0V.NP TA RH.HN/ PH0NR. V.25 ZZ(& 102.NR.NP+ V55 10HRN/ V0N L024@ 1N0 1N0/23@ /FTGNR. .2 VDVH5VTH5H.A V3P TV/NP 23 .C2 /IV0H3J V .CH3*P2FT5N 0224+ /H3J5N 0224/ V. V /F115N4N3.+ I2.N5 F1J0VPN/@ NB.0V V3P L0NN 3HJI./ /FTGNR. .2 5H4H.NP /N5NR.NP PV.N/ .0VDN5 H3/F0V3RN H/ 32. H3R5FPNP TF. /.023J5A 0NR244N3PNP+

● EXAMINE stored dahlia tubers every few weeks and discard ones which are showing signs of rotting.

Use prickly shrubs such as berberis to make hedges around your boundary, which should help deter opportunist thieves.

=?HB?= '=H$?! 9C!&BHF(4DCG


● REPLACE plant ties which have rotted before plants start growing actively.

● IN THE greenhouse, if you want to force lilies to produce early flowers, pot them up now. ● PROTECT early-flowering winter bulbous irises by covering them with a cloche. ● CUT BACK suckers of rhododendrons at their point of origin.

Daniel O’Donnell

live in Glasgow 9 October 2012 fro


For further info or to book call:

0844 391 2170 quote LPE

£159m .95 for 2 days


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HOME Saturday, December 31, 2011


of the Week

Plans to change rules on EPCs

PROPOSED changes to regulations relating to Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are likely to come into force in spring 2012. Conveyancing experts at Maxwell Hodge are advising property owners to make themselves aware of the changes to come, which will leave a shorter time to secure an EPC, and require it to be available at an earlier stage of the process, before a property is put on the market. An EPC contains information on a property’s energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, plus a recommendation report with suggestions on how to reduce them. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced that from April next year, proposed changes to the EPB (Energy Performance of Buildings) regulations will be brought in. The changes will also give greater powers to agencies able to request the documentation, such as Trading Standards. There will be a shorter time to secure an EPC (from 28 days as it is now, down to seven days) and residential and non-residential buildings will be included. Suzanne Marsters, residential and commercial conveyancing specialist at Maxwell Hodge, which has eight offices across Merseyside, says: “The changes may seem small but property owners should be aware of the impact they could have, for example, on how much sooner in the selling or letting process the EPC will have to be acquired. “Theoretically, these changes should speed up the process and make things more efficient for those looking to sell or rent out their residential or non-residential properties.”

TASTY: The fitted kitchen at the house in Coningsby Road, Anfield (inset), which also has a well planned loft conversion

Stylish terrace is full of delightful surprises


OME properties can be predictable. Others can hold untold surprises, like this three-bedroomed mid-terrace in Anfield. For sale with Venmore, it is being marketed for £119,950. A bargain by anyone’s standards, but particularly with this one. The property, in Coningsby Road, has been totally renovated and modernised to high standards, offering great family accommodation. It has a fabulous bathroom, fitted breakfast kitchen and three good-sized, double bedrooms, as well as UPVC double glazing and central heating. To the ground floor the entrance hall gives access to the two reception rooms, the fitted breakfast kitchen and the downstairs wc. On the first floor there is a

by JANET TANSLEY master bedroom, a second double bedroom and a stunning and well presented bathroom, which has a full suite with a “waterfall” mixer tap to the bath and a corner shower enclosure. The second floor offers a further double bedroom with Velux double-glazed roof window. Laminate flooring and stylish fittings throughout make this a property to be reckoned with. But you’d better get on the starting grid quick because, with interest expected to be high in this property, the race could be so close it could rely on a photo finish! ◆ For further information contact Venmore Estate Agents’ city centre office on 0151 236 4400 or log onto

CLEAN LINES: The bathroom is one of the features of the property



Saturday, December 31, 2011



Frankby, £2,100pcm THIS large sandstone property has been modernised to a high standard and offers an original slab floor entrance with wooden staircase. Downstairs, there is a cloaks and a kitchen with solid wood floor and Aga, built-in oven and large dining area. There is also a dining room, study, utility room housing a boiler and sink with units and solid wooden floor to a large lounge with a wood-burning fire. To the first floor there are five double bedrooms, the master having an en-suite, plus a single ‘bunk’ room with en-suite and family bathroom with shower cubicle. Outside is surrounded by lawned gardens, with a treble garage and parking. No pets or smokers. Available January 2012. ● Bradshaw Farnham & Lea, 0151 625 8899

Heswall, £675pcm SITUATED in a quiet cul-de-sac, just off Barnston Road, this apartment is within easy walking distance of Heswall centre and conveniently located for all major transport links. The property offers an L-shaped entrance hall, spacious lounge, kitchen/ diner with new fittings with split hob and oven, two double bedrooms, with an en-suite to the master bedroom, and a bathroom. The apartment also benefits from gas central heating and has double glazing throughout. Externally, there is car parking. ● Northwood Wirral, 0151 348 4527

Birkenhead, £650pcm

Sefton Park, £850pcm

THIS three bedroom town house is situated within the popular location of Priory Wharf. The layout is particularly appealing, with style and character, together with a spectacular view of the Liverpool waterfront from the balcony. Inside there is a lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, galleried landing, master bedroom with en-suite shower room, newly fitted contemporary bathroom and study area. Externally, there are communal gardens and allocated off-road parking for one car. No pets; no smokers; no DSS. ● Whitegates, 0151 608 2325

THIS beautifully presented, bright, spacious three bedroom first floor apartment is situated in a prime residential area close to Sefton Park and Greenbank Park. The property has been recently refurbished to a very good standard and retains many original period features. The apartment has gas central heating and consists of a lounge, fully fitted kitchen/diner, two large double bedrooms, one smaller bedroom/office study and a modern family bathroom. The property has parking to the front and viewing is highly recommended. ● Sutton Kersh, 0151 207 5923

Eastham, £695pcm LOCATED in a popular and sought-after position, this refurbished, semi-detached property benefits from gas central heating and double glazing and is within the catchment area of good local schools. Inside comprises a hall, lounge and kitchen/breakfast room with a range of units, complementary worksurfaces, integral dishwasher, built-in five-ring gas hob and oven and ceramic tiled floor. To the first floor there are three bedrooms and a family bathroom. Externally, there is a driveway providing off-road parking for a number of vehicles, a garage and rear garden with patio and lawn. ● Boughey & Dalziel, 0151 638 6255

Broadgreen, £595pcm FARRELL Heyworth is pleased to offer for rent this three bedroom semi-detached property, which would make an ideal family home. The property briefly comprises a hallway, living room, dining room and kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. Outside there is a driveway for off-road parking, plus a rear garden. The property benefits from gas central heating and double glazed windows. It comes unfurnished. Broadgreen has a number of amenities, including shops and places to eat, and is ideally located for easy access to Liverpool city centre. ● Farrell Heyworth, 0151 220 5020

City centre, £550pcm THIS stunning, large, one bedroom apartment is in the popular Particular Baptist Chapel development in Liverpool city centre. The furnished accommodation adopts a contemporary theme consisting of a communal hallway, lounge with open-plan kitchen area, wc, separate bathroom and master bedroom. There are also communal garden areas outside, as well as an allocated parking space. The property is located on College Street South in the city centre, making it ideally situated for the city’s shops and attractions. ● Venmore, 0151 236 4400

Pensby, £875pcm THIS extended, semi-detached house is situated in a conveniently located area. The house is finished to the highest specification and must be viewed to be fully appreciated. There are two generous sized lounges and a well-equipped kitchen diner. There are also four bedrooms, two with en-suite facilities, and a bathroom. The property also benefits from gas central heating and double glazing. Externally, there is off-road parking and a landscaped garden. ● Bradshaw Henderson Lettings, 0151 342 0051


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Accommodation To Let LUXURY WATERSIDE APARTMENTS MARINERS WHARF 1 bed furn apt............. £500pcm 2 bed furn apt ............. £650pcm Lovely apts, riverside/marina views. Parking & landscaped gardens. Popular bar & restaurant.

Contact Laura: 0161 434 5225 or Mike: 07775 697796

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED DSS OK with guarantor, selected properties first months rent 1/2 price. L5 Albion St...............2 bed flat L6 July Rd........................2 bed L20 Antonio St.................3 bed L20 Benedict St.....2 bed furn’d L21 Hawarden Grove.......3 bed L21 Seaforth Rd ..............3 bed L22 Mount Pleasent..2 bed flat OVER 30 PROPERTIES AVAILABLE. .................0151 928 9280.................

WATERLOO, BOOTLE, ORRELL PARK, TUEBROOK Furnished studios & rooms from £57pw. All bills inc broadband. N0 DEPOSIT REQ. No DSS. Over 25. 0151 928 9280

WOOLTON VILLAGE 2 bed apartment, unfurn, GCH, DG, select location, private parking, £525pcm. Tel. 07803 729786

BOOTLE L20 2&3 bed houses, luxury refurbed, DG, GCH, from £450pcm. 07531 644867 ORRELL PARK 1 Bed GF flat, Ch, £460pcm inc bills. No DSS. 0151 524 0824

Adul ts

£175from .00 for 3

Property Wanted DO NOT SELL YOUR HOUSE TODAY Call me for a free chat about your options and to find out what you may be better off doing instead! Call 07922 540921 NOW!

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School's Out at Disneyland® Paris

18 February 2012


£23 for 4 5.00 days

Whitby and the North Yorks Moor Railway 4 May, 20 July & 28 September 2012

Price includes:

Return coach travel and Channel crossings • Two nights' bed and continental breakfast accommodation in a threestar hotel within easy reach of Disneyland Paris • Return coach transfers to Disneyland Paris • One-Day Ticket to either Disneyland® Park or Walt Disney Studios® Park (upgrade to a Hopper Ticket available) • The services of a Newmarket representative Kids prices from £85.00

book online: For more information or to make a booking call

Price includes:

• Return coach travel from the local area • Three nights’ dinner, bed & English breakfast accommodation at the St George's Hotel, Darlington (or similar) • Entrance to Beamish • A ride on the North York Moor Railway • Visits to Whitby, Harrogate and Richmond • The services of a Tour Manager

book online: For further information or to make a booking

0844 391 2170 quoting code LPE

Call: 0844 391 2170 quoting code LPE






£169rom .95p

London Showstopper by Rail

p for 3 days

Friday departures until June 2012 Choose a top West End show from our fabulous selection which includes Billy Elliot, Blood Brothers, Dreamboats and Petticoats, Ghost The Musical, Jersey Boys, Legally Blonde, Les Misérables, Mamma Mia!, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek The Musical, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, War Horse, Wicked and more! Price includes: • Return standard class rail travel to London from Liverpool, Chester or Runcorn • A top priced ticket for a Friday evening performance of the show of your choice from our fabulous selection • 2 nights stay at a choice of 4 star London hotels with breakfast • Free time in London for shopping and sight-seeing For further information or to book, please call:

Ref: 12381

£299 for 3 n ig hts

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Rail & Steam

Departs 24th August 2012

See one of the world’s greatest shows. • Private coach travel throughout • Three nights’ bed and cooked breakfast • Two three course evening meals • Return journey on the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway • Visits to Edinburgh, Aberfoyle and Gretna Green • Ticket to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo • Circular cruise on the SS Sir Walter Scott • Services of our tour driver Prices are per person based on two people sharing a twin or double room. Single supplements may apply. Departure points are subject to availability & minimum numbers being achieved.

To make a booking or for a FREE brochure Call:

OPENING TIMES: MON-FRI 8.30-19.30 SAT 8.45-15.30 SUN 10.00-15.00

Prices are per person6423 based on two sharing a twin/double room. 0844 544 Single supplements may apply.



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