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A FREE half day seminar asking, “How much is waste costing your business?” is being staged by St Helens Chamber of Commerce later this month, in partnership with CCI North West, and is aimed at specialist small contracting businesses employing from 50 to 250 staff. Speakers include Richard Smith, of VINCI Construction UK, and Richard Martin from the Waste & Resources Action Programme. The workshop is on March 20, from 9am to 1pm, at the chamber’s Salisbury Street offices.

ALL ABOARD: Cllr Lonergan, Trust chair Aliyes Hassan, Steve Dumbell, and Knowsley council service director Dale Milburn

A DISUSED Word War Two bunker in Kirkby is to be converted into a bus depot. The former high explosives store on Knowsley Industrial Park will become the new base for community transport company Your Travel Borough Wide. Knowsley Development Trust, which runs Your Travel, has signed a 25-year lease with Knowsley council for the site. Council regeneration chief Cllr Dave Lonergan said: “I look forward to seeing the area improved as a result of this agreement.” Trust chief executive, Steve Dumbell added: “Our aim is to redevelop the site as a centre of excellence for transport and logistics in the borough.”

CHANGES in ● company circumstances, such as

name or address, can now be notified to HM Revenue & Customs through a 24-hour free, secure, online service. Visit individuals/change-ofcircs.htm to complete the form. An automatic response will be sent letting you know that the form has been completed correctly.

FUNDS SET UP SALES DRIVE FOR BREWER by NEIL HODGSON Industry Reporter A NEW investment in Birkenhead’s Peerless Brewing Company will deliver 40% more production capacity and set up a national sales drive. The Pool Street business is also recruiting a sales manager to ensure profits flow from its expansion plans. Funding support from Wirral council and help from Barclays Bank and the Manufacturing Advisory Service provided £25,000 for 220 new ale casks and cask washing equipment to support its sales push. Production is expected to increase to

Peerless poised to target national wholesale clients

about 140 nine gallon casks each week and the 220 extra casks will allow the brewer to target clients further afield, as they will take longer to be returned. Alongside financial help, Wirral council provided business support through its Invest Wirral team which

worked closely with the company in helping to develop a business plan and growth strategy.

The latest expansion follows other investment during 2010 in recruiting two new staff, including a trainee brewer, which was supported through Wirral council’s apprenticeship scheme.

Peerless supplies national pub outlets across the north west and, since its launch in 2009, has seen turnover surge 30% ahead of its business plan. The award-winning brewer is preparing to expand its sales base after a recent brewing industry report revealed that cask ale is the only growing beer sector. Managing director and head brewer

Steve Briscoe said: “Demand for Peerless beers continues to grow, both in our Wirral heartland and across the region. “For instance, our premium strength Full Whack ale is now a regular beer in a very busy central Manchester Wetherspoon’s pub.” Two new ales, Viking Gold and Paxton’s Peculiar, will join the brewer’s growing menu of real ales and Mr Briscoe added: “The new brands will help us to develop further and benefit from our investment. “We are delighted that Invest Wirral could assist us in our push to grow and that, in the economic current climate, Barclays Bank has also been very positive about our plans.”

LIVERPOOL Business Continuity Management Forum is offering free training for small and medium-sized firms and voluntary organisations to help them prepare contingency plans to cope with setbacks from fires to terrorist attacks. An introduction to three training events will be held on March 22 in Liverpool during Global Business Continuing Awareness Week. Contact BCM@ for further details.

ENTRIES are being ● sought in the 2011 Energy Innovation

Awards, to find the most innovative energy products and services. Merseyside firms E-Energy Enterprise and Furlong Innovations scooped three awards between them in the 2010 competition. The entry deadline is April 8, and forms and information are available at


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LIVERPOOL city council leader Cllr Joe Anderson will be among the speakers at a Chinese trade event this month. Beyond Shanghai, at Liverpool’s Hilton Hotel on March 30, will explore business opportunities across China following the city’s six-month presence at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Supporters include the University of Liverpool, the city council, chartered accountants Michell Charlesworth and principal partner the Liverpool Confucius Institute (LCI), whose deputy director Ann Smith said: “Shanghai World Expo 2010 was a major event for the city and involved many players. “LCI was involved in preparing attendees for their visits to the Expo so they could make the most of their time there, so it seems appropriate to follow through on this to ensure that developments following the Expo are as informed and as well supported as possible. “The launch of the Beyond Shanghai Network represents an opportunity for businesses and organisations to share their experience and explore ways of continuing to work effectively, both beyond the Shanghai Expo and beyond the bounds of Shanghai itself.” Visit www.beyond


BARCLAYS has launched its Take One Small Step competition which aims to find Britain's best business ideas and reward them with a total £450,000 cash injection. Nine regional winners will each receive £50,000 as well as free support and guidance to help turn their business idea into a reality. The final day for entry is April 27, with entry available online at www.takeonesmall


BUSINESS of the Week


ROM its headquarters in Skelmersdale, cloud software and services company BrightOffice is taking on the big beasts of the computing

world. The firm specialises in the development and provision of web-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems. One of its key services is cloud computing which allows its clients to securely store vital data and information off-site. It regularly competes against the biggest software players in the world including the biggest beast of all, Microsoft. BrightOffice was launched in 2008 and is enjoying a period of rapid growth. In the past two years turnover has doubled to £250,000 and staff numbers have risen from eight to 15. Chief executive Aaron Peake, 20, said: “The last few years have seen explosive growth for us, which is surprising in the face of the recession. We have doubled both our turnover and our staff levels. “More and more firms are beginning to understand the importance of CRM, which allows your business to streamline customer relationship management and promote the sharing of customer and sales information between employees. “It essentially helps businesses manage their operations and customers better and has become a major factor in helping SMEs grow.” According to business development manager Richard Sawyer, what BrightOffice does is reverse the dynamic of the traditional relationship between business software provider and client. He said: “CRM is a partly limited phrase as it conjures up images of the old inflexible software packages. “Providers would sell a piece of software to a business and the business would have to adjust their systems to accommodate it. “They would also be regularly told ‘oh now you need to purchase the latest upgrade’. And if their existing computers couldn’t cope with the upgrade then they would have a problem. “We do it the other way around. We have built a team here that can tailor the software to meet the needs of the business. “We have a very consultative model and as the requirements of the client change we can adapt what we do for them.” BrightOffice has clients across different sectors and in particular

Company that has got its head in ‘the cloud’ Do you want to be our Business of the Week? Contact Neil Hodgson 0151 472 2451 or email neil.hodgson

Tony McDonough talks to specialist software provider, BrightOffice works with a number of training companies and firms working in debt management. Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular concept among both businesses and individuals. Richard says there are a number of benefits. “For a company it allows for better disaster recovery – ensuring business continuity in the event of a crisis,” he added. “A business may not be able to get

access to its building because of, for example, a fire. “Cloud software means they can still access data or information from anywhere where there is a web connection – another PC or even from a smartphone.” At any one time the firm has around eight clients on its books and has seen the number of users accessing its software grow from 10,000 just over a year ago to 19,500 today. Aaron is expecting this strong

growth to continue,” he said: “BrightOffice is now a leader in the field not just of CRM but cloud-based applications. “The cloud is basically the management and provision of applications, information and data via the internet. “It’s a way for businesses to access services and information quickly and from any location. “This is something which is going to be very big in the coming years and we are well positioned to service that demand.” Richard agrees, adding the whole team is confident that the phase of expansion is set to continue. He said: “We are on course to double our turnover again this year and add more staff. “More and more businesses are becoming switched on to the idea of what we do.”

Tax amnesty is open to all trades, claims accountant A TAX amnesty aimed at specific tradespeople could be extended to others, claims a Bootle accountant. Earlier this month HM Revenue and Customs said it would provide an amnesty for any taxpayer with undeclared income under its Plumbers Tax Safe Plan (PTSP). Members of associated

trades, like plumbers or gas fitters, are being encouraged to pay any outstanding tax liabilities in return for a reduced penalty. But Andrew Moss, partner at Eric N Jones chartered accountants, says the scheme offers a chance for other taxpayer groups to disclose any tax errors.

He said: “PTSP is designed to clamp down on taxpayer groups where underpayment is traditionally common, but it appears that these more generous terms could well be extended to other customers who voluntarily disclose their tax position and correct any anomalies. “HMRC has said that if

anyone else voluntarily comes forward to correct their tax position, they can expect broadly the same terms as those on offer through the PTSP. “This appears to amount to a form of amnesty for all taxpayers, which should be welcomed by those affected.” He added: “Taxpayers must

still be cautious when disclosing the reason for their mistake. “They must not appear to have deliberately misled HMRC, or else they may face a higher penalty or even criminal action. “On the whole, however, this is an opportunity to put things right.”



Wednesday, March 16, 2011


GROWING: The BrightOffice team is getting bigger Picture: VICTORIA TETLEY

A SMALL business support group has called for radical tax simplification in next week’s Budget. The Forum of Private Business is urging Chancellor George Osborne to enact small businessfriendly tax policies submitted by the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) last week. Chief among them is a proposal to merge income tax and National Insurance for employees of small- to medium-sized firms. Measures to heavily streamline the taxation of sole traders, partnerships and the self-employed are also suggested. Forum campaigns head Jane Bennett said: “This review is certainly a good, and welcome, start towards creating a simpler and more proportional tax system.”

Don’t let a problem turn into a conflict Many costly and time-consuming tribunal claims start out as relationship problems within work groups or between employees and their managers. At Acas we have an excellent track record in helping to resolve workplace relationship problems before they become disputes. Our experienced professionals can assist you by providing an independent third party mediator to help you resolve problems that can’t be addressed in-house. We can help your organisation get back to work.

Call 08457 38 37 36 to talk to an Acas mediation adviser. We can also train your managers, employee representatives and staff on how to manage conflict or to become workplace mediators. Go to for more details or call 08457 38 37 36.

POTENTIAL: BrightOffice CEO Aaron Peake sees new opportunities for the firm


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BIG Getting the right advice A for your business needn’t be too taxing INTERVIEW

Alex Turner talks to Alan Woods, director of business growth accountants Woods Squared

LAN WOODS is talking about tax, but it really encapsulates his wider theme. “A lot of businesses don’t know who to turn to, who to ask,” he said. “Their first port of call should be their accountant.” Alan is determined, almost evangelical, about the benefits of an activist accountant – of a bean counter who is also interesting in helping your beans grow. His “business growth accountancy firm” Woods Squared is also expanding, and has just moved into new premises in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. Four years ago he set up his own firm, with his wife Tracy who is also a chartered accountant, having tired of traditional accountancy firms’ way of working. He said: “They were great doing the basics – the accounts, the tax – but not that interested in sitting down with the business owner and talking about their problems and how to guide them from a financial perspective. “I had a choice. I could have stayed there and waited for the opportunity to buy the other partners out, but I decided it was going to be easier to start from a clean slate and get the message out from the start that we wanted to do something different. “I started the practice with the intention of offering advice more than doing the accountancy work, although we do do that. “We are looking for business owners that have got a target goal and know where they want to get to, but need a bit of guidance to get there.” The demand from business has picked up, with more looking for expert help to stay afloat in the choppy economic waters. “Companies are a lot more interested in our advice offer now, and we have also been able to help businesses secure finance over the last two years,” he said. “That’s picked up the pace in a lot of ways. “We help them package their business in the most effective way for funders and banks and we are constantly involved in that process, making sure the report and the information they get is what they need to make the right decision.” He was adamant that banks’ doors are still open to SMEs but said those businesses, which are under more cashflow pressure than ever, must approach the issue of finance in a more considered way than in the past. Alan said: “The banks are still lending but the criteria they use on lending decisions has changed. It is a lot more onerous on the business

AMBITIOUS GOALS: Alan Woods plans to grow his business by helping other SME owners to grow theirs owner to provide the explanations the banks are requesting. “Previously the bank manager was happy with more of a narrative forecast than detailed figures and forecasts. “In a way that approach is a good thing, but business owners need to be aware that because of that there is a time delay between making the request and when the funds are available. Yet some business owners are thinking it will be a similar time scale as in the past.

“It’s about planning and pre-empting things – thinking about what the business will need in the next 12 months and starting that dialogue with the bank as soon as possible.” Some of the 40 businesses that Woods Squared advises have found that HM Revenue and Customs has changed its approach to chasing overdue tax, which had eased slightly when the economy was in recession. “It’s now a similar process to the

‘The banks are still lending but the criteria have changed’

bank – the Revenue is asking for more information on payment plans,” said Alan. “The speed of dealing with outstanding taxes is increasing because they have passed it on to outside agencies to chase it who are being a bit more determined.” But Alan is critical of the approach that is sometimes taken, when SMEs are put under greater pressure to meet payments than larger companies. “There’s a lack of commercial appreciation at times,” he said. “The disappointing thing from our point of view is it seems that the smaller amounts are chased more vigorously than larger sums. “It can be down to who you speak

to. If you are speaking to a qualified revenue officer, you can get a lot more joy because they have got a better appreciation and understanding of what the business is trying to do. “Sometimes it’s like they think that if they get to the SME director they can scare them and bully them to get the payments in. “But bigger companies, which may have one of the big four accountancy firms and a financial director, are more aware of what the revenue can – and can’t – do. “The problem for SMEs is that as soon as you have arrears on the tax liability it can be harder to get finance from banks. One thing can lead to another.”



Wednesday, March 16, 2011


LAW with


HIGH PROFILE: Andy Woods, centre, is keen to support the local business community. He is pictured at the Trinity Mirror Cheshire Business Awards in 2008, where he presented the Small Business Award to the directors of Rail Operations Development

Alan also has plans for his own business that “one thing can lead to another”. His larger offices can accomodate more people and his plan is that by 2015 his four-strong team will have grown to 11, and his 40 clients increased to 100. “We want to grow our team and make sure they have a real appreciation of what we do, why we do it and why we are different to a lot of accountancy practices in the way we do things,” he said. “And that’s about trying to provide businesses with all the information they need to get that decision right. “It’s about them having the confidence and the belief that whatever changes they make will

bring the results they want.” Alan’s accountancy advice includes looking after the business owner as well as the business. “It’s not about being ‘out there’ and most small businesses don’t need to worry about the complicated tax planning but they need to make sure the more common sense and basic tax planning is being looked at. “Simple things like pension contributions, company cars, salary versus dividends – they can all make savings which can then be reinvested, instead of spending it out on tax unnecessarily. One client recently reduced his personal tax bill by £4,000, and we charged £750. As he said, ‘it’s a no-brainer’.”

PARTNER: Tracy Woods founded Woods Squared accountants with her husband Alan

I EMPLOY agency staff in my business. I believe the law is changing, what is the position? YES, the law is changing from October 1, 2011. But, now is the time to prepare because the change will affect businesses like yours particularly if you rely on an ongoing basis upon agency workers for example, to cover peaks in production or to cover absences or seasonal variations. In short, the change means that after 12 weeks in a given job, an agency worker will be entitled to the same basic working and employment conditions as a directly employed worker who had been recruited directly by the business to undertake the same job. What this means, in practice, is that same rate of pay, duration of working time, rest periods, breaks and holidays provided for a regular employee will have to be provided to an agency worker, once the agency worker has worked 12 weeks for that employer. Pay means any sums payable including any fee, bonus, commission, holiday pay or other payments referable to the employment. It does not include any payment by way of occupational sick pay, or any payment by way of a pension allowance, or gratuity in connection with a worker’s retirement, or any payment in respect of maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or redundancy payment. To complete the qualifying period the agency worker must work in the same role for the hirer for 12 continuous calendar weeks during one or more assignments. Any week during the whole or part of which an agency worker works during an assignment is counted as a calendar week. There are provisions in the Regulations to cover the situation

where there is a permanent contract of employment between the agency worker and a temporary work agency, which will mean that an agency worker need not be afforded the same benefits as a regular worker provided that the contract of employment with the temporary work agency was entered into before beginning the first assignment under that contract and includes terms and conditions in writing relating to the minimum rate of remuneration or the method of calculating it, the location or locations where the agency worker may be expected to work, the expected number of hours of work during any assignment, the maximum number of hours of work that an agency worker maybe required to work each week, the minimum hours of work per week that may be offered to the agency worker during any assignment provided that it is a minimum of at least one hour and the nature of the work that the agency worker may expect to be offered. There are other provisions, which will apply. Having a permanent contract with the temporary work agency where the agency worker is not placed on assignments, the temporary work agency will pay the worker a minimum amount of remuneration in respect of that period. As you would expect, if an agency worker is not paid or provided with the benefits in accordance with the Regulations, once they are in force, then the agency worker will have the right to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal. This column was brought to you by employment law specialist ELAS, Employment Law Advisory Services. For more information call the ELAS advice team on 0161-785 2000, or send an email to


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Entry Details Your name: Company: Position: Contact number: Address:

Postcode: MERSEYSIDE Waste Disposal Authority (MWDA) is proud to be the sponsor of the Merseyside Environment Awards 2011 Sustainability Award. MWDA supports responsible attitudes to protecting the environment and the important development of innovative and sustainable waste solutions, utilising waste as a resource. Working in partnership with suppliers and customers, we promote effective and meaningful environmental best practice. We take positive measures to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and local community. Balancing economic viability with environmental and social responsibility to provide new, effective recycling and waste solutions, as well as minimising waste, recycling and bringing waste back into economic use are the authority’s objectives.

Email: If you are nominating someone else please also complete the following Name of company/ individual you are nominating: Contact number: Address: TIDY: Improving our environment is essential THIS Friday is the last chance to enter the first It’s Our World Merseyside Environment Awards. The 2011 awards, supported by sponsor Groundwork, recognise and celebrate the work of community groups and public and private sector bodies which are contributing to making Merseyside a greener place to live in. If you are involved in projects helping with the sustainable development of Merseyside, then we want to hear from you. ECHO editor Alistair Machray said: “We want you to honour the people and organisations who have helped to make Merseyside a greener place to live in. It does not matter how big or small. Every

The Environmental & Health Project Award OUR health is strongly linked to the environment in which we live. Have you used the environment to improve the well-being of the people in your community? Perhaps your project has

encouraged healthy eating or used the environment to promote exercise? This award recognises the environment and health project judged to be the best of the year.

little bit helps and we want to hear all about it.” The awards are free to enter and are in two categories: private and public sector; and community. Categories include start-up environmental award; innovation and technology award and personal achievement award for the public and private sectors, and neighbourhood improvement and environmental champion in the community awards. Entries must relate to the period January 2010 to March 2011. Nominations must have a Merseyside address. Closing date for entries is March 18. Visit environmentawards for entry forms.

The Environmental Champion Award DO you know an individual who deserves public recognition for his or her voluntary environmental work? This person should be an inspirational figure: someone who has made an impact in their community. They may have made an outstanding contribution to a recent environmental project or they could be nominated for lifetime achievement. The person should have strived selflessly to make a difference to the environment and have encouraged others to do so.

Postcode: Email: Trinity Mirror group companies would like to keep you informed of new and exciting offers and promotions. Please tick here if you would prefer not to be contacted. Your details will not be passed to third parties.

Please tick the category or categories you are entering (you can enter more than one) Start-up Environmental Award Liverpool City Council Environmental Enterprise Award Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Innovation & Technology Award Carbon Champion Award Sustainability Award The Mersey Forest Corporate Responsibility Award Personal Achievement Award Environmental & Health Project Award Neighbourhood Improvement Project Award Sustainable School of the Year Award Community Project Award Environmental Champion Award

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Alistair Houghton on how former Sony and Bizarre Creations staff are starting their own video game companies

FOCUS M . . . on gaming

ERSEYSIDE’S video games sector is bouncing back. The sector has long been seen by Merseyside regeneration chiefs as one that is ripe for growth, thanks largely to its two big players – Sony and Bizarre Creations. But last year Sony axed many of its development staff in Liverpool, and just last week said more development jobs could be cut across its UK studios. And in January Speke’s Bizarre Creations was closed with the loss of 200 jobs. With jobs few and far between in the North West, it looked as though many of those developers would leave the region – perhaps heading to Canada, which offers tax breaks to game developers. But many others, who have put down roots in the region, have decided to stop the brain drain and stay here to create the next generation of gaming firms. You can see some of the new breed in action at Basecamp3, the business incubation centre in Parliament Street. The open-plan former warehouse is home to a handful of refugees from Sony and Bizarre who are now running their own firms. In the middle sits a block of desks that acts as home to Setgo, a company founded by three former members of the senior management team at Sony’s Wavertree site who left in last year’s restructuring. Setgo’s mission statement could almost act as a rallying cry for all these small companies. It says: “We started Setgo in Liverpool because we wanted to help create a new culture of start-up games companies to counteract the wave of studio closures, redundancies and talent drain that has hit the region and the UK games industry in general over the last five years.” Setgo develops online games that can played online and via social

NEW WORLD: Dave Burrows spent years at Sony in Liverpool before launching Damibu last year

FRESH START: Freelance video games developer Sam Hall at Basecamp3 in Liverpool networks such as Facebook. Co-founder Jason Chown, looking around at the other entrepreneurs in Basecamp3, added: “We were drawn to Liverpool by extremely big companies. With their demise, we are hoping to start the next set of big companies which will drive the next generation of talent.” Sam Hall, one of the newest tenants at Basecamp3, is one of 200 staff at Bizarre who lost their jobs in January. The only way Mr Hall could get a job in another large studio would be to move away from Merseyside. “But I’ve got a family,” he said. “It’s not something I want to do at the moment. “So I decided that as I had a bit of savings, I would go out on my own. It’s at a really early stage – I haven’t even got a company name.” Mr Hall plans to offer his programming skills to other businesses, rather than designing his own games. “I haven’t got my sights set on

world domination,” he smiled. “I want to make a living and pay my mortgage.” Dave Burrows, who sits two desks away from Mr Hall, worked at Sony for 10 years before leaving last year. Trading as Damibu he will offer his programming skills to other developers. Starting his own firm was a way to get back to the work he loves most – programming. “At Sony I was managing a big team,” he said. “I ended up getting further away from doing things myself.” Paul Ripley, who founded Phasic Labs following a five-year career at Sony, is also enjoying running his own business. Phasic will develop games for the iPhone, iPad and other platforms. Last year Phasic launched its first iPhone game, Hexius. Mr Ripley has signed an agreement with publisher Chillingo to develop a new game. He said: “I wouldn’t want to go back now. It’s fun being my own boss.”

FROM SONY TO SETGO: Christian Lavoie, left, and Jason Chown founded developer Setgo

‘This is a creative city’ THE firms at Basecamp3 are starting small – but they could pay a big role in the city’s economic recovery. That’s the message from Roy Jones, co-founder of the Liverpool business centre that hosts several of Liverpool’s youngest creative and digital firms. Mr Jones and Roy Haigh set up social enterprise Pacificstream in 2009 to offer business advice to small firms. Pacificstream then

teamed up with digital design agency Milky Tea to open Basecamp 3 in Elevator, a converted Victorian warehouse in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. Its first tenants were gaming firms, including Spinning Head Software, and other tenants today include marketing agency Epic New Media and designer Alister VISIT: Ed Balls

Hewitt. Earlier this month shadow chancellor Ed Balls visited Basecamp3 to talk to tenants. Mr Jones is clearly proud that the centre has become a beacon for the city’s creative sector. He said: “Small businesses like these are key to regeneration and everything that goes with it, especially in an area like Liverpool. This is a creative city.”


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ECHO Business to Business


Investment Property


Major 2 day

Auction SALE

Leeds - Thursday 31 March Manchester - Tuesday 5 April

148 LOTS including: Various portfolios and individual lots upon the instructions of the Joint LPA Receivers Comprising residential and commercial investment properties in Shotton, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Kensington, Anfield, Tuebrook and various other locations throughout the North West with guide prices starting from £20,000. All to be offered as individual lots Also St Johns Church, Liscard Road, Wallasey Grade II listed Church on a site of 1.45 acres, suitable for various uses Guide price £185,000 plus

Visit for the online catalogue 0845 505 1200

Commercial Premises INDUSTRIAL UNITS To Let. South L’pool 500 to 4000 sqft, monthly tenancy, competitive rents. From £50pw Tel: 0151 427 5051 LARGE SHOP & OFFICE Decorated, carpeted, small warehouse, total 2500 sq ft, secure private parking, Maghull £200 pw 01695 423489

Industry Reporter AN online directory providing a support network to help people find training and employment opportunities has been launched. is a one-stop shop featuring the details of nearly 3,000 services across more than 70 different categories, from out-of-school clubs to finance and debt support, and apprenticeship schemes to housing services. The website is the first of its kind in the region and it is hoped the concept could be rolled out to other areas of the country. The website includes a forum where practitioners can network, ask questions and

share knowledge. Employers and the wider community can also use the site, searching by theme or geography, to find a wide range of services covering all aspects of work, learning and life. Sue Jarvis, service director at Knowsley council and lead officer for the City Region Employment and Skills Partnership, said: “This website will help to support more people back into work.”

Kim Griffiths, head of employment services at Liverpool council, added: “MySignpost is essentially every practitioner’s little black book.” Margaret Wilson, at The Liverpool Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Service, said: “I have found organisations I didn’t know existed and made some really useful contacts.” And John McDonald of Greengrape Solutions, who produced the directory, said: “MySignpost is the result of an extensive mapping exercise setting out which agencies are delivering what, to whom, and where and there is no other directory of this kind in the Northwest.” Visit to find out details of launch events across the region.

Arena’s work preparation ALMOST 600 young people have been given employment placements in the past 18 months by Liverpool’s Arena Housing Group. So far 594 unemployed youngsters have

taken part – and, of the 285 who have completed the programme, 75 have moved into permanent jobs. More than half of the total placements (60%) have taken up further training,

ranging from healthcare, business administration and fire marshalling. The programme lasts six months and provides real work experience. Current positions include receptionists, media

assistants and healthcare assistants. Arena Futures boss Nicola McGrath said: “At the end of such a programme participants are ready to face the world with renewed confidence.”


Professional Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll services at competitive prices by qualified accountants

Call 07778 270 818

Business For Rent

ORRELL PARK Shop to let, busy rd 07711 819 835

Network of training and job schemes


OFFICE TO LET Knowsley Industrial Estate, 1st flr, s/c, brand new decor, 1500sqft, £600pcm 07587 130170

L 3 R O D N E Y S T S/c Office/Retail £400pcm 0151 708 0339 or 07587 130170


Accountancy / Bookkeeping

L13 Workshop & Yard to let. Various uses, all utilities £85pw 0151 259 2729 or 0771 9352556

WELLINGTON RD L15 Variety of Industrial units available now 0151 227 2875

SIGN IN: From left, Kim Griffiths (Liverpool City Council), Jill Rothwell (Jobcentre Plus), Doreen Dunmore (JET) and John McDonald (Greengrape Solutions)


L21 TO LET OFFICE/SHOP/ UNIT 07711 819835 L21, L4 Secure Units/offices fr £40pw 0792O 461551

Taxis/Cab & Plate AVON FLEET CARS LTD quality cars available in excellent condition. L’pool drivers only £165pw inc insurance. 05 − 07 plates. 07943 754640

PRIVATE HIRE Lpool plates. Excellent Skoda’s avail fr £160 inc ins. & lady drivers. Quarry Cars 07713 368196

P R I V A T E H I R E Drivers required, busy system, weekly insurance. 0151 260 1010 CITY LONG COLLAR TX4 new 2010, over 35s 07919 196045 BLUE LINE TAXISNew drivers wanted urgently. Earn £500 − £800pw. Tel 0151 709 0101 CITY TXI days with c/o. Nights & L/C 077151 72487 NIGHT COLLAR c/o Aintree. TX2 converted 07407 155637 P/HIRE Lpool & Knowsley Plate £140pw Inc ins 07523 976108 BOTANIC CARS Requires owner drivers 0151 220 2020

Website Design WEBSITE DESIGN up to 5 pages £60. 07583 029646

AIGBURTH Shop with planning permission for hot takeaway food. Busy main road 07938 877632

Business Opportunities LATE NIGHT OFF LICENCE To let. Prime location, South Road, L22. Requires fit−out. Alcohol trading times 10am−12 midnight. Rent £1200pcm Call: 0151 9209999/ 07900424441 2X BARBERS SHOPS TO LET Prime locations in Crosby/ Waterloo. Equipped with barbers chairs/ Mirrors/ Stations etc. Rent £650pcm Call: 0151 920 9999 or 07900 424 441

F U L L Y E Q U I P Take away/ restaurant. Business £35k, rental £1300pcm. On main Princess Road, Manchester. Great potential 07980 673631 or 07702 190009


WINDOWS, DOORS, CONSERVATORIES. 5 Day Turnaround Tel 0151 546 5577 Fax 0151 546 5588 ACCREDITED WITH BS7412 & BS7950

KITCHEN & BEDROOM FITTINGS from a hinge to a full kitchen/bedroom. 3D plans now available. Showroom & Trade Counter at 3 Rockley Street, Kirkdale, L4 0151−207 0008.

Business For Sale

Established 1988


• BAR RESTAURANT – PENNY LANE AREA, LIVERPOOL – Prime location in a highly populated area. Interior and all fixtures and fittings are of a modern stylish design and of the highest standard. Separate function suite for approx. 120 covers. Fully equipped commercial kitchen. Established profitable business. Accounts available. Long leasehold. Guide price £375k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref. 01 • PUBLIC HOUSE – WOOLTON VILLAGE, LIVERPOOL – Sought after location. Popular community pub. Traditional interior. Well established business.Accounts available.Substantial private residential accommodation. Leasehold. Guide price £55k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref. 02 • PUBLIC HOUSE – AINTREE, LIVERPOOL – Main road location. Next to Aintree Racecourse. Large customer car park. Beer garden. Excellent future trading potential. Retirement sale. Leasehold. Guide price £195k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref. 03 • RESTAURANT – FORMBY, LIVERPOOL – Prominent main road location. Customer car park. Interior and all fixtures and fittings of the highest quality and standard. Customer capacity restaurant 90. First floor bar reception area 50. Outside eating area 24. Substantial living accommodation. Well established family business. Accounts available. Retirement sale. Freehold. Guide price £625k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref. 04 • PUBLIC HOUSE – LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE – Traditional style public house. Excellent food trade. Established profitable business. Living accommodation is of the highest standard. Accounts available. Retirement sale. Leasehold. Guide price £85k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref. 05 • BAR/CLUB – LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE, STANLEY STREET AREA – Well established business. Gay friendly. Excellent future trading potential. Customer capacity 2 floors approx. 400. Late licence. Low rent. Leasehold. Guide price £80k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref. 06 • PUBLIC HOUSE/RESTAURANT – WILLASTON, WIRRAL – Village location. A unique opportunity to purchase a highly profitable business in a much sort after area of Wirral. The property comprises of a traditional country pub offering a wide range of food, 6 letting on-suite bedrooms, separate Italian cuisine restaurant to cater for approx. 40 covers. Children’s play area. Large customer car park. All fixtures & fittings are of the highest quality and condition. Leasehold. Guide price £275k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref. 07 • PUBLIC HOUSE –LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE – Traditional well presented popular public house. Close to Empire Theatre and Lime Street Station. Spacious family accommodation. Potential to provide b&b facilities. Leasehold. Guide price £85k incl. all business f&f. Ref. 08 • PUBLIC HOUSE – PRESCOT ROAD OLD SWAN L13 – Free of brewery beer tie. Main road location. Highly populated area. Sells 12 barrels (36 gals per wk). Rental income from self-contained flat £1k per month. Leasehold. Guide price £150k incl. all business f&f. Ref. 09 • PUBLIC HOUSE – KIRKBY, MERSEYSIDE – Free of brewery beer ties – Located in highly populated area. Interior of the highest standard. Established business. Spacious family accommodation. Children’s play area. Retirement sale. Leasehold. Guide price £65k incl. all business f&f. New to market. Ref.10 • PUBLIC HOUSE/RESTAURANT – KNOWSLEY VILLAGE – Main road location. Beer garden/children’s play area. Separate restaurant/function room. Spacious living accommodation. Large customer car park. Leasehold. Guide price £110k incl. all business f&f. Ref. 11 • PUBLIC HOUSE – HUYTON WITH ROBY – Well established community pub. Interior furnished to the highest standard. Spacious family living accommodation. Excellent future function trade. Owner retiring. Leasehold. Guide price £35k incl. all business f&f. Ref. 12 • BAR – WATERLOO, NORTH LIVERPOOL – Free of brewery beer tie. Commercial kitchen. Interior recently refurbished. Lock-up. Leasehold. Guide price £40k incl. all business f&f. Price reduced for quick sale. Ref. 13 • MEMBERS SOCIAL CLUB – KIRKBY, MERSEYSIDE – Established for more than 30 yrs. Free of brewery beer tie. Capacity for 450. Lockup premises. Freehold. Guide price £195k incl. all business f&f. Redevelopment potential. Price reduced. Ref. 14 • PUBLIC HOUSE – SCARISBRICK LANCS – Well established family pub. Canal side location. Large customer car park. Excellent food trade. Children’s play area. Spacious family living accommodation. Leasehold. Guide price £50k incl. all business f&f. Price reduced. Ref. 15 • RESTAURANT – LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE – Interior of the highest standard. Man road location. 120 covers. Established business. Profitable accounts. Leasehold. Guide price £125k incl. all business f&f, Ref 16 • PUBLIC HOUSE – SEAFORTH LIVERPOOL – Well run community pub. Free of brewery beer tie. Substantial living accommodation. Main road location. Accounts available. Owner retiring. Leasehold. Guide price £40k incl. all business f&f. Ref. 17 • BAR RESTAURANT – WEST DERBY/NORRIS GREEN – Main road location. Interior and fittings of the highest standard. 60 covers. Excellent future trade potential. Fully equipped commercial kitchen. Lock-up premises. Leasehold. Guide price £125k incl. all business f&f. (May sell freehold for £325k which includes self-contained 2 bedroom apartment). Ref. 18 • BAR - LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE – Free of brewery beer tie. Popular student city centre bar. (Parr Street area). Recently refurbished. Fully equipped kitchen. Capacity for approx. 120 customers. Separate function room. Leasehold. Rent £25k per annum which includes electric and gas costs. Guide price £125k incl. all business f&f. Ref 19 • RESTAURANT/MUSIC BAR – LARK LANE LIVERPOOL – Prime sort after location. Excellent reputation. 220 covers. Separate music bar. Well established business. Lock-up premises. Guide price £150k incl. all business f&f. Price reduced. Ref. 20 • BAR/CLUB GAY FRIENDLY – LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE – Victoria Street circuit. Customer capacity 350. 24hour licence. Interior recently refurbished. Well established business. Leasehold. Guide price £195k incl. all business f&f. Owner financed. Ref. 21 Check website for more licensed properties for sale If you are interested in any of the above businesses or wish to sell your own licensed premises contact



07721 329999


BUILDING CONTRACTOR Small Building company. Debt free and with good accounts and vat reg. Good website . Government and local council approved.

07521085678 CAFE/SANDWICH BAR Well est, L7 Main road. £6,000 ONO Tel: 07815 439556

HAIR & BEAUTY SALON Eqpd & 2 bed flat above. Freehold, Walton. 07551 608925 SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS SHOP Wirral Low overheads £9,995. T: 07525 165786

Industrial Property UNITS TO LET Bootle Area 5,000−15,000 sqft. Flexible terms 0151 486 0004

Echo Business 16.03.11  
Echo Business 16.03.11  

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