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Saturday, December 18, 2010

... to buying

Janet Tansley finds out how being the guardian of an empty building saved one man from having to sleep on his friends’ settees



N A mission to find somewhere to live that didn’t cost the earth, Richard Evans made sure he did his

homework. Now he’s found a new home which is in a class of its own. Thanks to a pioneering scheme which allows people to take up residence in old and empty properties to deter vandalism, the 54-year-old’s latest address is Holy Trinity CE primary school, Lonsdale Road, Formby. “It is quite bizarre, living in a school,” admits Richard. “But it’s interesting and an adventure too. “At first when I found out about the scheme I thought it was too good to be true, but it’s not, and it has been an absolute Godsend.” The scheme has seen a range of people from lawyers, bank workers, nurses, trainee doctors and security guards signing up to become property guardians. Aged from 20 to 60, they pay as little as £30 a week in return for living in properties such as former churches, vicarages, schools and tower blocks which are unoccupied. Founded in Holland, the company behind the scheme is Ad Hoc and Liverpool is one of the first cities in the UK where it has been launched, with clients already including Liverpool’s Anglican Diocese and Roman Catholic Archdiocese, and Wirral Partnership Homes, which have asked the company to manage a number of their empty properties. Among them St Aidan’s Church in Speke, St Winifred’s Presbytery in Oriel Road, and the Church of St Margaret of Antioch primary school in Toxteth. Other buildings being looked after include high rise tower blocks in Seacombe and Wallasey for Wirral Partnership Homes. Marie Taylor, branch manager for Ad Hoc in the north west, says: “We are finding the scheme works really well for both our clients and our guardians. “For clients, it offers them the peace of mind that their vacant buildings are being looked after at a fraction of the cost of traditional security charges and helping to combat the growing scourge of squatters, while for the guardians it provides some unique places to live either on their own or with a group of like-minded people.” She says guardians vary from people who can’t get their foot on the property ladder to people who prefer a more nomadic way of life. For Richard, like many, it was separation from his wife that left him looking for a new home. He says: “Sadly, I separated from my wife over a year ago. When it first happened I was living with friends on settees etc, which was not ideal. “I had to keep bills going for my family – I have a 10-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son – so I wanted somewhere reasonable and went on the internet to look at flat shares. Ad Hoc popped up. At first I thought it was too good to be true but it was dead straight. “The first premises I lived in was an old people’s home in Hoylake,


Top of the class

Home of the Week


Victorian gem in Wavertree, on the market for £330,000

ROOMY: Richard Evans stands in the old gym at Holy Trinity school, Formby, which is now his temporary home Pictures: GARETH JONES

SECURE: Richard and the school’s other occupants act as property guardian at the disused building

INSPIRED: Richard thought the scheme was too good to be true which was marvellous. There were self contained flats designed for older people but the council was running the scheme down, I think, or rehousing people in more modern premises. “It’s protection by occupation.” Richard, a service controller for a major clearing bank, pays £180 per month (it can be around £300 in London) which is not rent, but a licence fee to act as property guardian. It is made clear, he says, that you do not have tenants’ rights, to avoid the problem of not being able to get people out, and you can be given two weeks’ notice to move at any

time. But he adds, the reverse can be true if the guardian fancies living somewhere else. Ad Hoc ensures each property has toilets, showers, cooking facilities, mains water, gas and electricity, but otherwise the guardians are responsible for kiting out the accommodation to suit their requirements. Few, if any, structural changes are made. Children and pets are not allowed. Richard admits that he is in a lucky position. He has a home in France where he has the option to move once everything in his personal life is sorted. “Though I may stay on with the scheme. It’s cost effective living. I was first person here so it was a bit eerie at first when all the windows were still boarded up, it was like Hammer House of Horrors. But you soon get used to it and, when others move in, it becomes a community.”

● To find out more about Ad Hoc, contact Marie Taylor on 0151 236 6061, email m.taylor@ or visit



Add some seasonal sparkle


Why live in...


Aintree and Fazakerley

Saturday, December 18, 2010




... to decorating

Mortgage to keep it all in the family

SEASONAL SPARKLE: The lounge, above is just the starting point. The decorating fun continues in the kids’ bedrooms, insets, and outside, left

Claire and co love putting on the glitz


OST people dedicate a few hours to put putting up the Christmas decorations – but it’s a wonder radio presenter Claire Simonsen doesn’t need to book an entire week off work! For while her children are excited about Christmas, it’s nothing compared with her. “The house looks like a grotto,” laughs Claire, who helps brighten up mornings as part of Rado City’s Rossie & Co Breakfast Show team. Claire, who is married to Steven Simonsen, former

by JANET TANSLEY Everton and Tranmere goalkeeper – who now plays for Sheffied United – giggles: “Steve used to hate Christmas, he was like the Grinch. Now he’s as bad as me and I’ll often pop out and come back to find HE’S put another tree up.” Their five bedroom home is in Ainsdale, where Claire was born and raised. “I used to do my paper round on the road we now live on and it was where I always used to think I’d love to live one day.” Claire and Steve moved to the

house with children Michael, seven, and Melodie, five, about four years ago, unfortunately to help care for Claire’s late father. But they love the house and she says: “It’s ideal now. It’s round the corner from my mum and near my brother, and the kids are settled at school.” Although she likes a bit of sparkle, Claire reckons the house is far from a stereotypical footballer’s home. It’s modern without being too minimalist, the living room is cream but with strong golds and blacks and the dining room is “sparkly”. “It sounds

disgusting but it’s not,” says Claire. Come Christmas, though, and that “bit of sparkle” turns into an abundance. “We’ve got loads of decorations in every room and lights, inside and outside; you can see the house from miles away. “It’s what I was used to when I was growing up – it’s my mother’s fault! She’s as bad as me. “The kids absolutely love it. We visit every grotto we can but people do wonder why when we could just come home.”

A NEW mortgage, designed to give local home buyers an opportunity of a loan to cover up to 95% of the price of a property, has been launched by Furness Building Society. The Family Mortgage enables parents or another family member to help young people to get a start on the property ladder or move up it by effectively acting as guarantors for part of the mortgage sum, without handing over any of their own cash. The mortgage is aimed at local families and all applicants must attend a meeting with a mortgage adviser at the local Furness Building Society branch at 18 Castle Street, Liverpool. Ian Bell, FBS general manager (marketing and development) explains: “Lots of parents or other family members want to help young people with home purchases but it can prove quite a complicated business with second mortgages or handing over money from their own savings to help bridge the gap between the mortgage and the cost of the property.” The Family Mortgage of up to 95% of the purchase price consists of two elements; up to 75% is against the value of the property being purchased, while up to 20% is guaranteed by the buyer’s

HELPING HAND: Ian Bell of Furness Building Society

family member using either a savings account with the society, or by the society having first charge on a proportion of the value of their own property as security. A 5% cash deposit must be available to complete purchase. So, for example, someone seeking to buy a property valued at £200,000 could, subject to normal conditions, be offered a mortgage on the property of £190,000 (95%) with 75% (£150,000) of the loan against the property value, and 20% (£40,000) offered with the security provided by the family member’s own home, or by £40,000 in an FBS access account. A £10,000 (5%) deposit would complete the purchase requirement. The interest rate for the Family Mortgage is 3.99%, which is at a discounted rate 1.45% below the standard variable rate (currently 5.44%). After 3 years it will revert to the standard variable interest rate. The minimum total mortgage loan is £20,000 and the maximum is £250,000. ● For details, call in at Furness Building Society at 18 Castle Street, Liverpool, call 0800 220568, log on to or email ask@



Saturday, December 18, 2010


... to interiors

My First


Time to add a by GABRIELLE FAGAN


is the season to add a touch of fashionable sparkle to your home – and it helps that jewelcoloured homeware is currently a big trend in the interiors world. Everyone loves jewels at Christmas but this decor trend is set to last throughout 2011. We asked Eve Kelly, pictured, editor of the website, to discover her top picks. So, to inject that luxurious look into your pad, without a price tag worthy of the crown jewels, bag some bargain gems with these opulent eye-catchers.

Juice FM presenter Leanne Campbell

Where was the family home you grew up in and what was it like? I grew up in Walton in a three bed semi where my mum, dad and younger brother still live. We moved there when I was five, 24 years ago and I would be devastated if my parents moved! It’s where the whole family come together for the good times and the bad.

◆ For budget homeware ideas and advice on interior trends which won't break the bank, visit andbargains

What is your clearest memory of the house? I have so many! We once had an eagle land in our garden. It was taking part in a display at Walton Park about 20 years ago and flew away. I went outside to play and ended up face to face with this huge, angry bird. I also remember being evacuated because workmen found a bomb from the war in our street! Where was the first house you bought yourself and what did it cost? I have recently sold my first house and it was so emotional. It was in the lovely Ship Roads in Walton and we paid £85,000 for it. What made you want to buy it? They are beautiful big old terrace houses and I loved how they were named after famous ships. All the residents are so proud of their houses and there was a great sense of community – plus it was a stone’s throw from my parents, sister and best friend. What are the important things you look for when buying a house? It sounds so serious but now I have a baby it’s all about the local school. Plus I do believe you get a feeling for a house as soon as you walk in and it’s important to go with your instinct. Are you a DIY trier or do you leave it to the experts? Ha ha ha! My husband and I are both useless. We can’t hang a picture between us. We usually call my dad or his. Definitely leave it to the experts. What is the one thing you love most about your current home? I am back in my mum and dad's for a few weeks before we get into our new home so at the moment I am loving the food and the fun. Mum has a full house with me, my hubby and baby Joseph but I think she is loving it. We will have a fantastic Christmas just like when I was younger. by JANET TANSLEY

LIGHT FANTASTIC: From left, jewel shaped red tealight holder, £7 for two; red barrel glass vase, £10 and red reactive ceramic vase, £10, all from Asda ( / 0500 100 055). Titania anodised aluminium table lamps, below left, £14.98 each, B&Q ( / T: 0845 850 0175) and below right, bauble door wreath, £10, Tesco (available in-store only)


Saturday, December 18, 2010


seasonal spark

WAX WORKS: Silk Road glass filled candle £15, Marks & Spencer (

FIR TRADE: Blue tinsel tree, 30cm tall, £1, Tesco (

WINDOW SHOPPING: Add some colour with a made-to-measure Roman blind, from £24, Tuiss Blinds (

SOFT SELL: Rania Cushions, £18.95 each from Myakka,

TEAL APPEAL: Teal bauble, £1.74, Wilkinson ( / 0845 608 0807)


Saturday, December 18, 2010



... to outside

Have a berry Christmas


he has created arrangements for everyone from the likes of Kirstie Allsopp to the Prime Minister and the Royal Family, so acclaimed florist Judith Blacklock knows more than most about how to gain the most impact for a room from foliage and flowers. An author of nine best-selling books on floral design, Judith has recently completed a number of Christmas courses at her flower school in London, featuring everything from traditional festive wreath-making to more contemporary designs. “Like the pleasure of eating vegetables you have grown from seed, I love creating designs with flowers and foliage from my garden,” Judith explains. Here are three easy-to-create seasonal arrangements: AWESOME ANEMONES “This pretty design is a wonderful way to use up any broken flower stems together with a fresh bunch of flowers,” she says. “Spray garden foliage gold, silver or platinum for some cheap and chic festive glamour.” You will need: ● A circular glass container and separate circular glass vase. ● Six tea lights in holders. ● Six red anemones. ● Ivy sprayed gold. ● 20 stems anemones. ● Eight cones sprayed gold and threaded with wire. Method: 1. Fill the containers with water. 2. Place the tea-light holders at

by HANNAH STEPHENSON regular intervals around the circular container. Insert the candles. 3. Cut six anemone heads short, just below the ring of foliage nearest to the flower. 4. Place the vase in the centre of the circular container. Add stems of ivy that you have dusted with gold spray, being sure to remove all the leaves beneath the water level. 5. Thread the anemones through the ivy into the water. 6. Twist florists’ wires around the lower bracts of the cones and twist again to form stalks. Arrange these at intervals between the flowers. PHORMIUM FANCY “Purple and cream variegated phormium grows like weed in my garden,” says Judith. “Its evergreen leaves are tough, easily manipulated and last well when in, or even out of, water, so they are the floral designer’s dream ingredient. I love their architectural lines, which look especially pleasing curled snail-like around this vase.” You will need: ● Phormium leaves. ● One rose. ● Two stems of spray roses. ● A few stems of holly with berries from the garden. ● A shallow glass container. Method: 1. Starting from the edge of the container, twist the leaves around in ever decreasing circles, until you

PETAL POWER: Judith’s Awesome Anemones creation reach the very middle. 2. Pour water into the vase, until it is two-thirds full. 3. Cut the large rose head, leaving about 5cm of stem. Place this in the centre of the container, allowing the phormium to support it.

4. Repeat step three with the spray roses and holly. HEAVENLY HOLLY VASE “To give this traditional Christmas staple a contemporary update, I have ’drowned’ some

sprigs in a vase of water. The water magnifies the leaves and berries, so a little goes a long way.” You will need: ● Several branches of berried holly. Other fruiting plants that are both eye-catching under water and will decompose slowly include skimmia, cotoneaster, pyracantha, ivy laden with black berries, and branches of crab apples. ● Physalis (Chinese lantern) seed heads. This is an easy-to-grow biennial that is happy in deep shade. ● A tall, round glass cylinder vase. ● A round dish – preferably with two sides with a hole in the centre, like a moat, but you could simply place the glass container in the centre of a low glass bowl. ● Eight tea lights in holders. Method: 1. Ensure your containers are scrupulously clean. 2. Pour water into the tall vase until it is three-quarters full. 3. Cut the stems of the holly and immerse. Push a couple right to the bottom of the vase, then keep adding sprigs on top of each until the vase is full. Be careful not to add too many or the simplicity will be lost. The weight of the berries will stop them rising to the surface. 4. Place the tea lights and their holders at regular intervals around the circular dish. 5. Fill the gaps between the tea lights with the physalis heads. 6. Remember to change the water daily and your holly will last for weeks.

What to do in the garden this week

Best of the Bunch Holly (Ilex)

● Buy your pot plants for Christmas, but watch out for plants which have been standing in the open on market stalls and outside shops, as they may have come from a warm greenhouse into the cold, so probably won’t last long once they’re back indoors. ● Continue to take hardwood cuttings of trees, shrubs and climbers. ● If the soil is workable,

HOLLY epitomises the festive season, either outdoors where it is often adorned with bright red berries, or used in wreaths on front doors or in Christmas decorations inside. Hollies are tough, hardy trees and shrubs and there are many varieties of them, with spiny or smooth leaves, natural green or vividly variegated. If you want berries, you have to plant a male with a female of the same species, unless you grow Ilex aquifolium “JC van Tol”, a self-fertile variety with red berries and almost spine-free leaves. If you want orange berries, choose I aquifolium “Amber”, while those bearing yellow berries include “Bacciflava” and “Pyramidalis Fructu Luteo”, which keep their berries into spring because the birds prefer red ones. Hollies are slow-growing but are not fussy about soil type and situation, although

continue winter digging and fork over vacant ground to help reduce the chance of pests. ● Send off for seed catalogues. ● Save prunings of apple and pear trees to use as twiggy supports for perennials in spring and summer. ● Prune ornamental vines. ● Tidy up greenhouse plants and water them sparingly. ● Move your winter

containers and permanent container plants to where they can be seen, around the front door or out on the patio. ● Clear away any remaining leaves or debris which may be sheltering slugs and snails. ● Spend a morning clearing up the shed and cleaning garden tools for the winter. ● Continue to harvest Brussels sprouts, parsnips and leeks, storing them in the shed until needed.

Good enough to eat Brussels sprouts YEARS ago, Brussels sprouts gained a bit of a bad reputation because it was said that kids didn’t like them, they were often served overcooked and ended up being left at the side of dinner plates nationwide on Christmas Day. But things have changed. Most people now realise that you don’t have to boil them to death and they don’t

have to be plain and boring. Mix them with crispy bacon lardons or cooked chestnuts and they make a tasty addition to Christmas dinner. Sprouts are ready for harvesting from October onwards but some varieties, such as “Braveheart” and “Cascade”, are particularly noted for their “standing time”, which is great if you want to pick little and

often over the winter. Harvest them when the sprouts are tightly closed buttons, starting at the bottom of the stalk and either pulling them off with your fingers or cutting them off with a sharp knife. At the same time, remove any yellowing foliage or open sprouts. It is said that if you pick them after a frost they will taste sweeter. In cold weather, uproot whole plants and leave them outside the kitchen door, to pick them off when you need them.

variegated types need some sun and you should add peat when planting. Shrubs should

be pruned in summer, while hedges should be trimmed back in spring.



Saturday, December 18, 2010

... to neighbourhoods



Why live in... Aintree/Fazakerley

THEY’RE OFF: The area is home to the world-famous Grand National. Inset top, Old Roan shops; inset bottom, the Racecourse Retail Park


TANDING on the fringes of Liverpool, where the city council boundaries meet Sefton and Knowsley, stands Fazakerley. A little further north, within Sefton’s suburbs, is Aintree. These two areas are filled with a variety of housing areas, from terraced houses lining the main streets and side avenues to more modern semi-detached and detached housing, along with flats. Aintree is home to the Grand National and, as such, is a famous name to people all over the world who love their horse racing, while Fazakerley is well-known to those on Merseyside for its hospital. The hospital, now known as University Hospital Aintree, is a teaching hospital for the University of Liverpool, providing healthcare for the residents of South Sefton, North Liverpool and Kirkby. The hospital also houses the

Walton Centre, the UK’s only NHS Trust for neuroscience and neurosurgery. Fazakerley is classed as part of Liverpool but, unusually, some of Fazakerley is actually in Knowsley – often called the Field Lane Estate. Aintree Racecourse first opened in 1829 and attracts racegoers from across the country each April to see the Grand National which is watched worldwide by an estimated televised audience of over 600m viewers. The course also sometimes hosts motor racing and has a nine-hole golf course and a driving range within its boundaries. There are two railway stations serving the Aintree area. Aintree Station is opposite the racecourse and serves the Warbreck Moor area and the housing areas that border the racecourse. The other station is Old Roan, near to the Switch

EXCELLENCE: The University Hospital, Aintree

Island motorway junction. This station provides a vital link to the housing estates off Copy Lane and Altway. There are local shops both at Warbreck Moor and Old Roan, while in-between the two stations is the Racecourse Retail Park. A new business village has recently been set up at Stonebridge Park in Gillmoss in the Fazakerley area. This boasts an impressive landscaped environment with water features and is attracting new business to the area. There are also plans for the creation of a Sports and Nature Park, with football pitches, changing rooms, a fishing lake, reed bed and winter garden, over at Fazakerley Playing Fields on Longmoor Lane. So this is certainly an area that is in the midst of regeneration. Aintree and Fazakerley come under both the L9 and L10 postal districts. Recent property sales in L9 have ranged in price from £70,000 to £109,995 for a mixture of terraced and semi-detached properties. In L10 recently, sales have been between £77,000 and £190,000 – all for semi-detached properties. Both Aintree and Fazakerley have proven to be popular areas with home buyers, due to the range of affordable housing offered along with the benefits of being close to shops, schools and transport links. They’re close enough to the city to have easy access, but are suburban enough to offer a good location for a family home.

Main picture courtesy Aintree Racecourse


California & the Golden West


for 1

Selected departures March to November 2011

5 da



An outstanding tour exploring Western USA’s world-famous National Parks, intriguing native Indian history, amazing desert landscapes, lush forests, the lofty peaks of the Sierra Nevada and including its pulsating and unique cities. Fully escorted price includes: • Return direct scheduled flights from London Heathrow, with connecting regional flights available at a supplement • Stay in hand-picked three and four-star hotels • Stay three nights in cosmopolitan San Francisco, America’s favourite city, dominated by the instantly recognisable Golden Gate Bridge • Guided tours of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco • Visit and stay in glitzy Las Vegas – the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ • Experience the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Yosemite National Park. Our overnight stays and visits are carefully timed to see these aweinspiring sights when the light displays them at their most beautiful • Visit timeless Monument Valley, immortalised in so many classic ‘westerns’ • Enjoy a superb optional helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon • Escorted by an experienced tour manager For further information and a FREE brochure

Call: 0151 227 5987

Or visit:



HOME Saturday, December 18, 2010


of the Week

On the Market ●

MORTGAGE lending looks set to fall to its lowest level for more than three decades during 2011 with first-time buyers particularly hard hit, a trade body has warned. Net lending, which strips out redemptions and repayments, is expected to total just £6bn next year, down from an estimated £9bn this year and £110bn in 2006, before the credit crunch struck, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders. The group said the figure would be the lowest annual total since 1980, when the mortgage market was much smaller, while it would represent the most subdued growth since 1968. The fall in lending levels is being driven by the ongoing shortage and cost of funds, as well as muted consumer demand. The situation is being exacerbated by the fact banks will have to repay the remaining £130bn they borrowed through the government’s Special Liquidity Scheme by the end of next year. The CML added that the Financial Services Authority’s ongoing mortgage market review continued to be a “major and unhelpful source of uncertainty” for the industry, as lenders did not know when it would issue firm rules, or whether it would modify its current “excessively risk-averse approach”. The CML said: “From April next year onwards, lenders will begin to have to repay the funding advanced through official support schemes. “This is likely to limit the availability of credit to support mortgage lending next year, and beyond.” The group warned that with funding in short supply, the availability of mortgages for first-time buyers would remain “limited”. The CML is not predicting a sharp fall in house prices, although it expects the recent weakness to persist for some months.

STYLE AND FUNCTION: The Victorian exterior of this house in Wavertree is complemented by a fine parquet floor and modern bathrooms

Period home with all the modern comforts


T’S no wonder Venmore’s are shouting about this little beauty – it’s a real gem. The Victorian mid terrace is all about understated elegance. From the outside, it has all the grandeur and sophistication of a bygone age. Yet inside, while retaining the charm of a period proerty, it has every modern convenience and all the luxuries expected of living today. The property – which boasts an entrance hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen/diner, three bedrooms (master with en-suite) and a family bathroom – has been completely refurbished. It stands in a prime position in Wavertree between Church Road and Prince Alfred Road

by JANET TANSLEY and is definitely worth a closer inspection. The sizeable lounge has a bay window and wooden floor, the latter continued in an equally spacious dining room. The kitchen/diner has a range of contemporary white gloss wall, drawer and base units with chrome fittings and black roll-top work surfaces. There is a gas hob and integrated electric oven and tiled floor. A door leads from the kitchen into the utility room, which has a range of units with integrated stainless steel sink and drainer unit and a tiled floor, and there is also a store room Downstairs, too, is a wc. There is a split level

SLEEK AND MODERN: The kitchen has fully fitted units and appliances

landing, from which lead the three main bedrooms. Bedroom one has a feature fireplace and bay window and

its en-suite has a walk-in shower unit, pedestal wash hand basin, low level wc, chrome towel radiator and

tiled floor and walls. Bedroom three also has a feature fireplace. The family bathroom has a panelled bath, walk-in shower unit, pedestal wash basin, tiled floor and walls, and a chrome towel rail radiator. There is also a separate wc with wall mounted wash basin. On the upper floor is a store room with small skylight window and a large fourth bedroom. Outside, there is off-road parking to the front of the property and a charming, decked courtyard at the rear. The property is for sale with Venmore’s, priced £330,000. ● For further details contact Venmore’s Allerton office, on 0151 733 9000 or log on to the website:



Broadgreen, £275,000 OFFERING luxurious accommodation finished to an extremely high standard, viewing is highly recommended of this attractive semi-detached property. Outside, there is a sweeping driveway providing ample off-road parking as well as landscaped gardens to front and rear. Inside, a light and airy entrance hall gives access to the main reception rooms. These include a fabulous lounge which has wood flooring and a fireplace, a sitting room with a traditional fireplace and French doors leading outside and a games room. There is also a cloakroom/ wc, utility room and a fully fitted contemporary kitchen. Upstairs, two of the bedrooms have fitted wardrobes, and there is a third bedroom and a master suite which includes a good sized bedroom and en-suite shower room, as well as a family bathroom and a fifth bedroom. ● Davis Beyga Estates, 0845 834 0388

Garston, £109,950 SITUATED close to the amenities of Garston village, this attractive midterraced property benefits from gardens to the front and rear. Inside, there is an entrance hall which gives access to the main reception rooms. These include a well-proportioned lounge which has a feature cast iron fireplace and a French door leading outside to the garden at the rear, plus a formal dining room. There is also a fully fitted kitchen which completes the ground floor. To the first floor, two of the three goodsized bedrooms have fitted wardrobes, and to finish the accommodation there is a family shower room. The property also benefits from double glazing throughout. ● Sutton Kersh, 0151 734 0666

Walton, £249,950 OFFERED for sale with the benefit of no ongoing chain, this delightful detached property offers extremely spacious accommodation which boasts a wealth of traditional features. Inside, on the ground floor there is a reception hall, a good sized lounge with a feature fireplace and a formal dining room which also has a feature fireplace. There is also a study with French doors to outside, a cloakroom/wc, a utility room and a fully fitted kitchen which has a selection of solid wood units, contrasting work surfaces and integrated appliances. To the first floor, there are four wellproportioned bedrooms, a principal family bathroom and a study area. On the second floor is a fifth bedroom. Outside, there is off-road parking, a garage and a block paved garden. ● Davis Beyga Estates, 0845 834 0388

Mossley Hill, £219,950 ENJOYING a popular residential setting, this semi-detached house has a driveway and garage to the front and extensive lawned gardens to the rear. Inside, the property has a reception hall, a front lounge and a rear lounge which has a feature fireplace and French doors leading out to the gardens. To complete the ground floor, there is a fully fitted kitchen which comes complete with matching units, complementary work surfaces and integrated appliances. Moving upstairs, the master bedroom has fitted wardrobes and there are two further well-proportioned bedrooms. A principal family bathroom finishes the property and includes a panelled bath and a separate step-in shower cubicle. ● Your Move Matthews, 0151 734 4911

Saturday, December 18, 2010



Walton, £156,750

Huyton, £175,000

OFFERING well-proportioned accommodation, this detached property offers ideal space for a family. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, a spacious lounge with a feature fireplace and a rear lounge which has French doors leading outside. There is also a cosy morning room and a fully fitted kitchen which has granite work surfaces, integrated appliances and a breakfast island. On the first floor, there are three goodsized bedrooms and a main family bathroom, while on the second floor there is a fourth bedroom and a storage room. Outside, there is a block paved garden to the rear with a decking area. The property also benefits from double glazing and gas central heating. ● Entwistle Green, 0151 525 9050

SET within a sought-after cul-de-sac, this delightful detached property offers wellproportioned and well-planned accommodation. On the ground floor, there is a reception hall, a wc, a spacious lounge which has attractive laminate flooring and French doors leading outside and a formal dining room which has marble tiled flooring. There is also a fully fitted kitchen with a good range of maple units, contrasting work tops, integrated appliances, a feature breakfast bar and marble tiled flooring. A conservatory with French doors out to the gardens completes the ground floor. Upstairs, the master bedroom has fitted wardrobes and an en-suite shower room, while there are three additional bedrooms and a family bathroom. ● Entwistle Green, 0151 220 4443

Allerton, £129,950 LOCATED in a popular residential area, this two bedroom end-terraced property is extremely well presented and would make an ideal home for a first-time buyer or an investor. Inside, there is a reception hall, a goodsized lounge which has attractive laminate flooring and a feature fireplace, a downstairs wc and a fitted kitchen/ diner which has a comprehensive range of white high gloss units, contrasting work tops and fully integrated appliances, as well as a separate dining area. Upstairs there is a landing, two wellproportioned bedrooms and a principal family bathroom. To the exterior there are delightful front and rear gardens and a driveway providing off-road parking. ● Venmores, 0151 733 9000

Sefton Park, £225,000 SITUATED just a stone’s throw from Sefton Park, this stunning penthouse apartment is set within a delightful Victorian conversion within walking distance of the amenities of Lark Lane. The accommodation is spread over three floors and briefly comprises a self-contained entrance hall and an attractive open-plan lounge which has a kitchen and separate dining area. The kitchen is fully fitted with a good range of units, complementary work surfaces and integrated appliances. There is also a guest bedroom and a principal family bathroom on this floor, with another bedroom on an upper floor. Downstairs there is a master suite which includes a good-sized bedroom and an en-suite shower room. Outside there are communal gardens and an allocated parking space. ● Venmores, 0151 733 9000


Saturday, December 18, 2010




Heswall, £950pcm SITUATED in the heart of lower Heswall village, this charming three bedroom cottage is available unfurnished. Inside, the spacious cottage comprises an enclosed porch, an extensive 21ft lounge/dining room with a feature exposed chimney breast and open fire and a fully fitted modern kitchen which has a comprehensive range of cream units with contemporary chrome handles, complementary work surfaces and integrated appliances. A downstairs wc and a conservatory with French doors leading outside complete the ground floor. The first floor has a landing, three bedrooms and a bathroom. Outside there is a block paved drive, a garage and delightful gardens. ● Reeds Rains, 0151 342 6386

Netherton, £550pcm SET in the sought-after residential area of Netherton, this attractive three bedroom end-terraced property is well positioned for all local amenities including schools, shops and parks and has excellent transport links to the city centre. Inside, the property has a spacious lounge, a sitting room and a fully fitted dining kitchen to the ground floor, where there is also access to delightful gardens at the rear. Upstairs there are three wellproportioned bedrooms, and a modern family bathroom completes the accommodation. The property also benefits from gas central heating, double glazing, a garage and off-road parking. ● PLA Lettings, 0151 525 5785

Wallasey, £395pcm

Tranmere, £450pcm

OFFERING a newly fitted kitchen and bathroom, this mid-terraced property has two bedrooms. Inside, there is a good sized lounge and a newly fitted kitchen on the ground floor, while upstairs there are two wellproportioned bedrooms and a newly fitted modern bathroom. The property benefits from gas central heating, double glazing, carpets, laminate and tiled flooring, storage and a rear paved yard. The property is ideally situated close to all local amenities including the waterfront promenade. ● Let’s Go Properties, 0151 630 5888

FORMING part of a purpose-built modern development, there is a selection of two bedroom first and second floor apartments available to rent. The development is well situated close to local amenities and schools. Inside, the apartments briefly comprise an open plan lounge/dining room with a fully fitted kitchen, two well-proportioned bedrooms and a modern bathroom with shower over the bath. The properties also benefit from white goods in the kitchen, electric heating, double glazing, allocated parking, entry phone system, lift and stunning views. ● Martin & Co, 0151 632 3255

LOCATED within the sought-after area of Old Swan, this two bedroom mid-terraced property is situated close to a range of local amenities. Inside, there is an entrance hall which leads into a superb open plan living room. There is also a fully fitted kitchen and a family bathroom. To the first floor there are two wellproportioned bedrooms. The property also benefits from gas central heating. Viewing is highly recommended. ● PLA Lettings, 0151 525 5785

Fazakerley, £500pcm

Broadgreen, £750pcm

BOASTING delightful gardens to the front and rear, this attractive three bedroom end terraced property offers good sized accommodation ideal for a family. Inside, there is a reception hall, a wellproportioned lounge and a sitting room, as well as a fully fitted kitchen. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms, all of a good size, and a modern family bathroom completes the accommodation. The property is available on a rent to buy basis, which means that the tenant’s rent can count towards the deposit on the property, with them taking ownership of the property at an agreed price and date. ● Davis Beyga Estates, 0845 834 0388

ENJOYING a popular residential setting, this delightful semi-detached property has gardens to the front and rear as well as ample off-road parking. Inside, there is an entrance hall and an open plan lounge complete with two feature fireplaces and attractive laminate flooring. The kitchen is fully fitted with a good range of units and complementary work surfaces. To the first floor, there are three wellproportioned bedrooms and a modern family bathroom which completes the accommodation. ● Davis Beyga Estates, 0845 834 0388

City centre, £625pcm SITUATED in the heart of Liverpool city centre, this two bedroom apartment is located within the popular Circle 109 development close to shops, bars and restaurants. Inside, there is a self-contained entrance hall which leads into the open plan living room and kitchen, which is fully fitted in a modern style. There are two well-proportioned bedrooms and a modern family bathroom. The master bedroom has an en-suite shower room. The apartment is offered for rent fully furnished and comes with secure allocated parking. ● Venmores, 0151 236 4400

Old Swan, £435pcm


Saturday, December 18, 2010

ECHO Homes Property Wanted

227 3030 More people in the area turn to the Liverpool ECHO, in print and online, when looking for a property to rent or buy than anywhere else. Source: Gfk NOP 2008, TM NW2 10% area

I WILL BUY YOUR HOUSE Local, friendly service. Call Chris: 08000 811 813 (24hrs)

T R Y U S F I R S T We buy property/ land. 07976 693731

Accommodation To Let


LITHERLAND & ANFIELD 2 & 3 bed terraced houses. Dss ok, no deposit req’d with g’tor 0151 928 9280

Accommodation To Let

VALE LODGE RICE LANE 1 bed luxury flat, gardens, secure parking; £400pcm. 0151 228 8989 or 07795 078795



2 bed apt unfurn ......£450pcm 1 bed apt unfurn ......£400pcm

Lovely apts, riverside/marina views. Parking & landscaped gardens. Popular bar & restaurant,

Contact Laura: 0161 434 5225 or Mike: 07775 697796 WALTON & AINTREE OVER 55’S ONLY 1 Bed Flats to let New build, C/heating Lift, Intercom Elec Gates, Gardens £99pw Tel: 0151 428 0226

PJM/MGS L4 The Coppice.... 3 bed L4 Selina Rd......... 2 bed L4 Anfield............. 2 bed L15 Jesmond St... 2 bed L20 Bedford Rd ... 4 bed 07788 616589

house house house house house

BENTLEY RD TOXTETH6 bed semi, fully furn, CH, wood flooring, front and rear gdns, large spacious rooms, suit profs/ students/family £150pw. 07884 233362 FLAT TO LET SEFTON PK 2 beds. 2 Baths, Dg/Gch New Decor, No Dss £650pcm 0151 724 3755

WEST DERBY Abbeyfield Dr. Newly refurbed 3 bed house, gch, dg, over 25’s, g’tors, Dss ok. £595pcm 07879 463042 L6 0BU Lampeter Rd. Superb spacious 3 bed terr house, gch. dg £400pcm DSS accepted. Tel: 07729 175138 L4 & L6 Rooms in lux shared house would suit mature person from £55pw all incl. No DSS. 07803 082999/ 260 7980

AINTREE 2 bed house, lovely, dg, new decor, g’tor req’d £113pw 07917 227449 NEW REFURBED FLATS& Studios to let, Anfield. No DSS 07727 028198 REDBROOK ST ANFIELD 2 bed terr, DG, GCH, £105pw. 07834 235329. L7 1 bed flat, DG, £260 pcm, heating included. 07723 599 901 or 0151 521 1229 L20 rooms to let, CH, DG, h & c, some ensuite, £70−£85 pw. All bills inc. 07940 953 280 L8 BERESFORD RD 3 bed house, unfurnished. £495Pcm. 07966 909 369 ORRELL PK Nr Station 3 bed terrace fitted kit GCH £600pcm No DSS 07957 636549 L 1 1 Carr Lane 3 bed hse £110pw No DSS 07803 082999/ 260 7980 BOOTLE 1 & 2 bed flats. DSS ok with guarantor, NO deposit required 0151 928 9280 L6 August Rd 3 bed furn hse £430pcm suit 3 people sharing. No DSS. 0151 263 1774 L20 MOORE ST 2 bed terrace Gch dg Dep reqd. £450pcm DSS ok 07525 005543

WATERLOO superior unfurn 2 bed modern apartment, sea view, lift, parking, amenities. Professionals. £525pcm, dep &refs. Tel. 01695 577957

L13 3 bed det, CH, DG, alarm, £575 pcm. 07943 781178.

NR SEFTON PARK Croxteth Rd. 1 bed fully furnished flat with wood flooring, gch, dg, off road parking, £360 pcm, no DSS. 07884 233362.

L15 2 Bed, DHSS ok. £500. 0151 356 7551

WATERLOO, BOOTLE, SEAFORTH & ANFIELD Furn rms & studios fm £65pw. All bills inc bband. No Dep. No DSS. Over 25. 0151 928 9280

WOOLTON 1 bed flat, mature person, CH, 1 mnth dep req, £395 pcm, 07746 025709.

CLAREMONT RDL21 1 bd flt refurb £75pw 0151 734 1112

L I L L Y R D L7 1 bed flat. £75pw. 0151 734 1112 L20 2 bed, DHSS ok. £450. Call 0151 356 7551 L8 3 bed terr, dg/gch. 0151 487 8777 FAZAKERLEY 2 bed house. £500Pcm 07786 554 625 W A L T O N 5 Bed, DHSS ok. £650. 0151 356 7551

227,000 people in the area would turn to the Liverpool ECHO when looking to rent a property.

Source: Gfk NOP 2008, TM NW2 10% area



Northern Belle by Orient-Express 2010/2011 Departures from Liverpool Lime Street

Treat yourself or a loved one to a gift of luxury travel onboard the Northern Belle by Orient-Express and enjoy immaculate service and sumptuous cuisine. New Years Eve Dinner 31 Dec

from £250

Mothers Day Lunch

3 April

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Hampton Court Palace 27 May

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Chelsea Flower Show 27 May

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Loch Lomond & the Trossachs 3 June

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London: Sightseeing & River Thames Cruise 21 June & 7 July

from £295


21 June

from £895

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

7 July

from £315

Edinburgh & Royal Yacht Britannia

12 Aug

from £295

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 12 Aug

from £295

Castle Howard

18 Aug

from £295

York Ebor Races

18 Aug

from £425

Hay on Wye

3 Sept

from £295

Ludlow Sightseeing

3 Sept

from £295

All include a glass of Champagne, table canapes and four-course lunch/dinner with half bottle of wine per person. Day excursions also include a Champagne bucks fizz three-course brunch. *Table for 2 available at a supplement. For further information and a FREE brochure

Call 0151 227 5987



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WHEN INSTALLING YOUR BATHROOM WE DON'T USE TOM, DICK, NOR INDEED HARRY! At Absolute Bathrooms we NEVER use sub-contracted fitters. All our installers are employed and insured by ourselves, have years of professional experience and enjoy a well-earned reputation for customer satisfaction ...come and be inspired at Absolute Bathrooms. ■

FREE no-obligation survey and quotation

'Detailed bathroom plan

Watertight guarantee on plumbing, tiling etc.

'Supply only service for DIY experts

Visit us at

Be inspired by Absolute Bathrooms - visit our extensive showroom today and beat the January VAT increase.

0151 486 2220

Absolute Bathrooms Limited, Speke Hall Road, Hunts Cross, Liverpool L24 9HE Showroom open Mon - Fri, 9am - 5.30pm Sat 10.30am - 4pm Secure on-site parking

ECHO Big Property Guide December 18th 2010  

ECHO Big Property Guide, featuring properties in Wirral, Liverpool, Sefton, West Lancs.

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