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The Co-operative Young Members’ Board Because we want to hear new voices

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The Co-operative Young Members’ Board

The Co-operative Young Members’ Board Brilliant young minds wanted


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More than 100 years ago something extraordinary happened. There was a revolution in the town of Rochdale. It was called a Co-operative, and it was started by a group of everyday people. Five of them were under 26 years old. They wanted to create a totally new kind of business based on that wonderful thing known as democracy, one that was owned by its customers and put money back into the community. And it worked! Now The Co-operative have over 5,000 high street shops and branches and are part of daily life for millions of people.

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Co-operative Young Members’

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The Co-operative Young Members’ Board

That’s the past. Now for the future… Staying true to our roots we’re giving 15 young people the chance to have their say in how our business is run. We’re on the lookout for talented and committed people aged between 16 and 25 to make up The Co-operative Young Members’ Board (CYMB). This exceptional bunch will work with us to promote the views of young people throughout all areas of The Co-operative. We’re unique. We’re owned by our members - seven million of them – and we invested £18.3 million in UK communities last year. In fact we want to be the most socially responsible business in the UK.

Are you unique too? Do you fancy stepping inside the boardroom of our brand new head office at 1 Angel Square, Manchester and getting stuck into helping manage a project for one of the revolutionary businesses in Britain?

If you did you would get to: • • • • • • •

Share your ideas, energy and innovation at the highest level Take on a specific business challenge set by senior managers Help inspire our efforts to reach other members aged 25 and under Present your ideas to the Co-operative Group Board Take part in projects with Co-operative employees and senior managers Get training and personal development opportunities Have an absolutely amazing time that will propel you towards incredible things in the future (hopefully)


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The Co-operative Young Members’ Board

Interested? You’re only in with a chance if you can say yes to all of these questions: • • • • •

Are you aged 16-25? Do you live in the UK? Are you a Co-operative Member or willing to sign up online before joining the CYMB? Are you available to attend the CYMB events and board meetings listed on page 5? Are you using or willing to use our business including our food shops or our bank?

Plus, you’ll be in with a better chance if you can answer yes to these questions: • • •

Are you interested in how products and services are developed? Are you interested in campaigns and engagement opportunities to get people involved and active? Are you interested in finding out more about a socially responsible business which is owned by its members?

Below is a list of qualities and skills we are looking for. If you think you’ve got them, you should show us how you’ve put them into action in your life so far in your online application form.




Won’t stop doing something ‘til it’s done


Able to be trusted with important jobs

Co-operative Happy to support others in shared projects


Good at understanding different points of view


Can generate original solutions and ideas


Good at getting stuck in off your own back

Able to work well in a team Happy to share the challenges and the glory Good communicator Can listen to others and express your ideas Organised Able to work systematically without it turning into chaos Media savvy Know your tweets from your updates

Of course, if you don’t have all of these skills don’t let it put you off. If you’re an enthusiastic person with something to say, we want to hear from you!


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The Co-operative Young Members’ Board


What will I get to do? The CYMB will meet at least eight times throughout the year, including a few overnight stays. Our swanky new head office is in Manchester, and most of our meetings will be held there. This will give you the chance to work with employees and senior managers from all over the business. You’ll need to take on tasks and stay in touch with us outside these meetings too.


CYMB Selection Days 1 Angel Square, Manchester Fri 3 and Sat 4 May 2013 This is your chance to find out more about The Co-operative and our Inspiring Young People initiative, take part in group activities and have an individual interview. We’ll provide lunch and take care of your travel arrangements.


Sat 31 Aug 2013

Introductory Event at our head office 1 Angel Square, Manchester

Weekend Residential Outdoor activities Fri 19, Sat 20 and Sun 21 Jul 2013

Sat 18 and Sun 19 May 2013 This will be the official launch of the CYMB at the Co-operative Group’s Annual General Meeting with the Chief Executive and 300 other people. You’ll get to meet the team you’ll be working with and be set your first challenge.

Sat 12 Oct 2013

Sat 23 Nov 2013

This is where you’ll really get to know the other young members over a weekend of outdoor activities for all.

2014 dates TBC

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The Co-operative Young Members’ Board


A brilliant opportunity Being on the CYMB will be challenging, exciting and a lot of fun, and will give you a real boost for the future.

You’ll meet a bunch of interesting new people

You’ll get training and support to develop new skills

You’ll gain valuable work experience in key areas like digital media, marketing business and research

You’ll learn how our unique organisation is run at a national level And loads more! You’ll stand out from the crowd

What are you waiting for? If you’re interested in joining The Co-operative Young Members Board, please apply online by midnight on Monday 22nd April 2013.

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The Co-operative Young Members’ Board

So what happens next? • • • •

We’ll contact all successful applicants by Monday 29th April to let you know if you have been invited to an interview. We won’t be able to contact all applicants so unfortunately if you’re not contacted on this day you’ve not been short listed. Interviews will take place on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th May 2013. Interviews will last the whole day so make sure you keep those days free. The CYMB introductory event will take place over Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May 2013 so please keep these dates free.

Good luck! Useful information for applicants • • • • •

The CYMB is open to 16-25 year olds and if you’re picked you’ll need to commit to a series of trips with overnight stays. We’ll provide support to all Members in planning their travel to and from these trips. All overnight accommodation, travel, food and any other CYMB expenses will be arranged and paid for by us. We won’t be able to accompany Board Members when travelling but we will ensure that accommodation is safe and appropriate for all Board Members. This includes but is not limited to providing separate rooms for each gender and age group. At least two enhanced DBS checked adults (one male and one female) will sleep in nearby quarters (in the same hotel or outward bound centre) and be available throughout the night (and contactable on an emergency telephone number).

For further information about our child protection policy please click here If you or a parent/guardian would like any further information on Health and Safety or Child Protection, please contact Patrick Taylor, Head of Programmes and Delivery at Envision at or on 0207 253 1677.

The CYMB is part of our Inspiring Young People commitment, a key element of our on-going Ethical Plan. To find out more about Inspiring Young People click here.

We are proud to be working in partnership with Envision on the CYMB. Envision empowers young people to create positive change, so that they can build the sort of society we all want to live in. Envision do that by supporting young people to develop their own community projects that tackle an issue they’re passionate about. In the process they build networks in their community as well as developing skills for employment.


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