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MAHSA University College PETALING JAYA

MAHSA excels in the healthcare industry

STATE-OF-THE-ART LEARNING: MAHSA students learn to use medical imaging technology in class

THE healthcare industry today is booming and it is one industry where there are enormous job opportunities for everyone. If you are considering a career in the field of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy or any allied health science programmes, then MAHSA University College could be your answer to a quality education. MAHSA University College is one of the leading medical and healthcare institutions with a wide range of postgraduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificate programmes. Living up to its commitment to education excellence, MAHSA was conferred the prestigious Education Excellence Award 2006 (Medium Size) by National Association of Private Educational Institutions (Napei) and

again in 2008. In 2010, MAHSA was awarded the Education Excellence Award (Large Size) by Napei. In 2009, MASHA was awarded the most popular institution to offer nursing programmes in Malaysia, by GTI Media Asia. MAHSA is also ISO 9001:2000 certified for meeting international standards in quality Management Systems. It is the first allied health sciences institution in the country to be awarded with such distinguished accolades. MAHSA's unique advantage Up to November 2011, over 7,000 students from various faculties have graduated and this reflects the calibre of training provided to the students pushing

TEACHING AT ITS BEST: Medical laboratory technicians learn from the best in the industry

them to excellence. The advantages of studying at MAHSA would be that it provides an integrated and flexible curriculum, use of modern technology in course delivery, collaborative partnerships with international universities, highly qualified and experienced lecturers with highly competent clinical instructors. Students can acquire much more than mere theoretical knowledge of their academic subjects. MAHSA will equip students with the skills they need when they start their working life. Support is available to the students not only in their academic studies but in all aspects of their health and well-being. The uniqueness lies in the ability to integrate classroom learning with hands-on training in clinical settings and practical placements supported by participating government hospitals. MAHSA University College is located at two campuses; Pusat Bandar Damansara and Jalan Universiti. The upgraded Jalan University campus provides students with facilities such as state-of-the-art auditorium, gymnasium, swimming pool, recreational centre along with an ultra modern study area. In both campuses, students will have access to an impressive range of resources to support their studies including an outstanding academic library and some of the best computing resources. The campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities with ultra modern clinical and science laboratories. Accommodation for both local and international students is also provided. Students have a unique opportunity to develop culturally as there are students from around the world living in the

accommodation. MAHSA offers scholarships and assists students in securing educational loans allowing students to concentrate on studies rather than worrying about financial difficulties. MAHSA’s future plans include the construction of a revolutionary 50 acres new campus that will see groundbreaking next month. The new campus will be designed to be a predominantly modern and technologically advanced infrastructure. The campus offers state-of-theart resources and facilities which include library, sports centre, hostel, hospital, shopping arcade and cinema. Courses offered at MAHSA MAHSA offers a wide range of postgraduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificate programmes. When the students graduate, they will be joining the alumni who are all over the world. Earning a degree or certificate is the first step to succeeding in the health care industry. • Faculty of Medicine • Faculty of Dentistry • Faculty of Pharmacy • Faculty of Nursing • Faculty of Allied Health Science • Faculty of Business • Postgraduate Studies Centre • Pre-University Studies If you are interested and would like to know more about MAHSA, their programmes and for financial advices please meet the programme counsellors or call the marketing team at 1800-880300, Jalan Universiti campus at 03-7965 2555 or e-mail: or log on to:






3 Fun and easy ways to foster self-motivation in your kids Parents can play a key role in helping children develop and nurture the skill of self-motivation. When a child discovers the joy of learning for his own sake, the benefits reaped will last a lifetime. "When kids are interested in what they're learning, they grow faster and faster," said Kathy Seal, co-author of Motivated Minds: Raising Children to Love Learning.

In their book, Seal and her coauthor Deborah Stipek find that when students enjoy learning, they absorb more, understand it better, and remember it longer. They are also more likely to persevere through challenges and are, in fact, eager to "stretch" themselves by doing more challenging work. Clearly, self-motivation is not just a useful skill in school, but an essential living skill that can help children lead well-balanced, healthy and successful lives. Here are three easy tips for parents to help their children develop self-motivation. 1. Connect learning to the bigger picture Help your children see the connection between things they learn in daily life. This can take the form of helping them apply knowledge they learn in school to

everyday tasks. One such example would be getting your child to calculate your grocery bills to help them master their maths. You can even encourage them to relate what they have learnt to people they know, or events they are going through or reading about. Visits to the museum, practicing 'family values' like recycling, brainstorming entrepreneurial opportunities for sports day or charity fundraising, or even just counting stars, together can contribute to the child's broad base of knowledge. Keep the discussion pressurefree - this will engage their curiosity and self-motivation to embark on the journey of understanding themselves and the world around them. 2. Help them discover their passions While point-blank ordering a

child to study may yield a child who obediently sits facing an open book, learning will seem like a chore in the long run. In fact, an indirect strategy is the best way to help your child enjoy the value of learning, says Stipek and Seal. So if your child has a passion or strength - even if it is not schoolrelated or something you share encourage and nurture it. Help your child figure out what it takes to ‘become an expert’ and the steps to succeed in that field. 3. Help them connect between goal-setting, persistence, renewed investment, and ultimate competence Research has shown that a child's belief about intelligence affects that child's motivation to succeed. Parents can drive home the message that persistence is far

more important than dead-end concepts like 'IQ' or 'talent'. This also means seeing success as a journey and not a destination. Help them figure out what goals they want to set along the way, develop the skills of selfmonitoring and self-correction, and enjoy their growing sense of

control and competence. Wanting your child to become self-motivated and to develop the skills to succeed in school and in life are worthy goals. Hopefully these few suggestions can help create a worthwhile and enjoyable journey for you and your child!



WEDNESDAY 8 august 2012



Monash University Sunway BANDAR SUNWAY

Monash seeks academic partners in DHSS across families while demographers and social policy workers may want to study the emerging single homes in rural areas as a result of husbands leaving their families and marrying elsewhere — a trend we are beginning to see here.” The observatory was launched by Johor chief minister Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, in Johor Bahru, on Nov 20 last year hosted by the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences and operationally managed by Monash University Sunway campus. The SEACO project involves five sub-districts in Segamat, Johor namely Bekok, Chaah, Gemereh, Jabi and Sungai Segamat. SEACO’s role in the DHSS project is to track the health and well-being of 15,000 people to investigate household and community factors that maintain Postgraduate Ad-MIB, MCMS & MBIS_Malay Mail_18x26_FC-FA.pdfor prevent 1 7/18/12 3:04 especially PM diseases, THE FUTURE: Monash believes the young are an essential component of a bright future non-communicable diseases. The health and demographic surveillance system (DHSS) pioneered by Monash University Sunway campus’ South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO) is seeking academic partners to contribute to this growing multidisciplinary effort. SEACO director Professor Dr Daniel Reidpath said there are opportunities for environmental

scientists, psychologists, geographists, political scientists and economists. “For example, there are Malay, Chinese and Indian kids going to government and private schools. It would be a good opportunity to study this over time and measure government policy. “Also, psychologists may be interested in intelligence testing

“We have a response rate of 70 per cent of the households, and we are hoping that more households will say ‘yes’ as we are there longer,” said Dr Reidpath, adding that it had initially been a challenge to gain the community’s support, but as the project improved and the community saw its benefits, it became easier to engage them. The observatory was established as a generic research platform capable of supporting a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the clinical and biomedical sciences, the social sciences, economics, education, and environmental sciences. Its establishment was to provide a base from which high quality, internationally-relevant science could be conducted that would also have an impact locally and regionally. Monash University, said Professor Reidpath, had the idea to es-

COMMITTING TO QUALITY: Monash leaders are committed to ensuring quality education for generations to come

tablish SEACO not just as a project, but as a research platform. “We want to see master students who can perform short stints and PhD candidates who can do their research in Segamat. There are many opportunities for them to explore,”

he said. SEACO’s present collaborators include researchers at Monash University, Australia and Sunway campuses, the University of Copenhagen, Harvard University and the University of Amsterdam.







Get a career leap with an Executive Diploma Tertiary education has become a basic requirement by most employers. Holding a diploma is no longer a luxury but a necessity to climb the corporate ladder and compete with your peers. For working adults without a tertiary qualification, going back to college is not an easy option because it requires various sacrifices of time and finances. Most often than not, many college programmes do not make their course flexible enough to suit the needs of working adults. SEGi University College is now offering an Executive Diploma as a perfect option for working adults to get a certificate that is specific to their profession and higher than just a diploma, without having to quit their jobs. Executive Diploma programmes at SEGi are conducted on a part-time basis, on weekday evenings and on weekends as well as through online learning. The programme takes up to 18 months to complete and entry requirements are SPM or equivalent. The Executive Diploma also recognises prior learning and skills gained through work experience as entry qualifications. This is a great advantage as work experience can be formalised into an academic qualification, speeding up the study period. A quick preview of the Executive Diploma programmes offered at SEGi: Executive Diploma in Hospitality Management covers knowledge, skills, techniques,

WORK AND STUDY: SEGi's Executive Diploma Is a perfect option for working adults to get a certificate higher than just a diploma, without having to quit their jobs

and ethics that are prerequisites for effective and efficient strategies in hospitality products and/ or services such as hotel and resort operations, event and convention management and accounting. Executive Diploma in Design Technology focuses on knowledge, skills, self-development and ethics that are prerequisites for effective and efficient practices in design industries such as design technology skills, communication skills, management skills and professional conduct and behaviour. Executive Diploma in Accountancy equips students with excellent knowledge and skills for recording, classifying and summarising as well as in terms of handling money, transactions and events. Through the programme, students will master all the major accountancy essentials starting from basic skills in book-keeping

to more advanced accounting knowledge in preparing the balance sheet, profit and loss account, trial balance, cash flow, bank reconciliation, adjustments and depreciation. Also covered is the difference between international accounting standards and Malaysian accounting standards especially in social responsibility reporting and creating the financial report. It also provides a perspective of management accounting which is essential for management and operating decisions. Budgeting and costing have been regarded as vital skills and, indeed, the core reasons for the failure of some businesses. For more information on Executive Diploma programmes, call SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (0320702078 or 1800-888-028) or SEGi College Subang Jaya (0386001888 or 1800-888-622), email to or log on to

MEETING NEEDS: Programmes are conducted on a part-time basis, on weekday evenings and on weekends as well as through online learning to cater to different needs.

FLEXI REQUIREMENTS: The Executive Diploma recognises prior learning and skills gained through work experience as entry qualifications



ADVANCE TERTIARY COLLEGE KUALA LUMPUR MADE FOR EXCELLENCE: ATC students are no strangers to excellence as they won four out of five top subject awards in 2010 and two out of five last year

ATC the best choice for the CLP AFTER three years in a row of excellent pass rates, Advance Tertiary College (ATC) is surely doing something right! It has once again achieved an amazing pass rate of 71.3 per cent thus surpassing the excellent pass rates achieved in 2010, 2009 and 2008 respectively. Apart from the amazing pass rates, ATC students are no strangers to excellence as they won four out of five top subject awards in 2010 and two out of five last year. When contacted, ATC principal and deputy chief executive officer Dr. Danny Choong said this is the culmination of all the hard work put in by the students with the guidance of the experienced Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) faculty at ATC. “The amazing results have been the source of pride for ATC. It is the best institutional pass rate of any institution that offers the CLP in Malaysia. At ATC the faculty understands that studying for the CLP is very different from the LLB and requires a holistic approach. ATC’s CLP programme is spe-

cifically designed with this in mind,” said Choong. ATC’S WINNING COMBINATION ATC’s strengths lies in its comprehensive study material that it provides to its students comprising lecture notes, tutorial activities, revision charts, past year questions and answers, written by practitionerlecturers. These practitioners bring that vital element of real-life experience that the examiners are looking for. ATC ensures at least two lecturers per subject and limit the number of students per class to maintain a healthy studentlecturer ratio. The faculty comprises a healthy mix of practitioners and academics. This is important as the well prepared student requires knowledge of the practical elements of the law. The faculty is led by Joseph Low, an esteemed academic and a well loved figure in private legal education especially on the CLP programme. ATC includes extra-curricular activities such as practical learning excursions and legal skills training focusing on ad-

vocacy, drafting, research, negotiation and communication skills. Whilst such activities are not strictly examinable, it complements the CLP course by putting the theories learnt in the classroom into perspective.

We also work closely with industry professionals to offer attachment, chambering and job placement opportunities. Our graduates are highly sought after in the industry. Many of the top legal firms in the country sponsor students on our CLP programme and eagerly snap them up as soon as they graduate DR DANNY CHOONG ATC PRINCIPAL AND DEPUTY CEO

It also gives the ATC-CLP student, the extra edge in a very competitive environment. “We also work closely with industry professionals to offer attachment, chambering and job

placement opportunities. Our graduates are highly sought after in the industry. Many of the top legal firms in the country sponsor students on our CLP programme and eagerly snap them up as soon as they graduate” said Choong. CLP SNEAK PEAK A full-time ATC-CLP student has up to 30 hours of lectures and tutorials per week excluding extra-curricular activities. The full-time programme costs only RM6000 and is inclusive of the CLP series textbooks, some of which are authored by ATC lecturers, statute books, comprehensive study materials, exam oriented revision charts and ATC’s renowned intensive revision programme that runs for 10 weeks. What is the Certificate in Legal Practice? CLP is the qualifying examination for admission to the Malaysian Bar. It is aimed at providing the law graduate with the opportunity to learn the practical skills required to become an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

THE CLP PROGRAMME The student is required to undertake five compulsory papers and will be examined on these papers. The subjects required to be done by the student are: 1. GENERAL PAPER This comprises the study of Malaysian Tort and Contract Law. The student will be required to answer examination questions in both these areas and to demonstrate an understanding of the legal principles and case law. In addition, students are often required to draft Statements of Claim as part of their assessment in the examinations. 2. EVIDENCE

LAWFUL ATTRACTION: ATC's offering of practitionerlecturers has attracted throngs of students over the years

This subject requires students to understand the different rules governing admissibility of evidence in Malaysia and students are required to demonstrate strong analytical skills by the application of the legal principles to a variety of factual scenarios.

COMPREHENSIVE CLASSES: ATC material that it provides to its s activities and revision charts


Based primarily on the Ru of the High Court and rela statute, the student m demonstrate a familia with the application of s cific rules governing differ parts of Civil Procedure.


Based on the Criminal P cedure Code & other s ute, the focus here is development of a stude



3rd September 2012 (KL) 3rd September 2012 (Penang)

13th August 2012 (KL) 8th September 2012 (Penang)

September 2012 (KL) HOLISTIC APPROACH: ATC understands that studying for the CLP requires a holistic approach

C’s strengths lies in its comprehensive study students comprising lecture notes, tutorial

ules ated must arity sperent

knowledge of the different procedural rules in criminal matters. A firm grasp of the legal principles of Criminal Law and a variety of related legislation is imperative to succeed in this paper. 5. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE


Prostatthe nt's


This paper is divided into several areas with the common focus being on the professional conduct of Advocates and Solicitors including the

rules governing this conduct. This provides a strong platform for potential lawyers to understand Professional Ethics in the context of Malaysian legal practice. The other parts include the application of the principles of land law, bankruptcy as well as probate which form a fundamental part of the examinations. The student is required to pass all the papers in one sitting and may not accumulate the results. Examinations are

conducted twice a year: • Main exam in July; • Supplementary exam (for re-sits only) in October ATC is currently having several rebates and scholarship schemes for students who are interested in joining us on the CLP programme. Call ATC at their toll free line 1-800-88-9292 or visit www. for more information and email daniel@atc2u. com should you have any enquiries.


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Putra Intelek International College PUCHONG

PIIC awarded five-star recognition FIVE star ratings have been hailed across all industries as symbolising the cream of the crop. Those who fall into the five-star category are said to be in a league of their own, trail blazing the way for others to follow. With quality being a key concern in the education industry, it is the most affirmative achievement when a college is awarded a five star rating thus guaranteeing students that they will be nourished with only the best to prepare them for their future. Parents too can rest assured their money is going towards a top-notch education for their children. Putra Intelek International College (PIIC) has received 'Tier Five: Excellent' rating in the College-Based category as measured by the Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for

We are truly honoured and are very glad to have been awarded the rating of 'Tier Five: Excellent', in the MyQUEST 2010/2011, by the Ministry of Higher Education

Barathan Muniyandy PIIC president and CEO

Private Colleges (MyQUEST) 2010 — 2012 under the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE). PIIC also achieved a five-star rating in cluster-based categories, for Social Science, Business and Law. PIIC president and chief executive officer (CEO) Barathan Muniyandy said the achievement is indeed proof that the college's hard work in honing its skills to provide the best education and years of experience in risk management has paid off. "We are truly honoured and are very glad to have been awarded the rating of 'Tier Five: Excellent', in the MyQUEST 2010/2011, by the Ministry of Higher Education. This award for us is the recognition of our hardwork and also our focus on the quality of our risk, management and forensics studies. “This is another way of recognising our excellent academics and graduates for their continuous commitment and effort taken to achieve this award.” The award officially recognises PIIC as the top 23 Colleges in Malaysia, placing ninth. The audit was based on three factors namely the college, field of studies and readiness to accept international students. The five main criteria of the rating process are students, resources and quality of management system, program recognition and graduate recognition.

STAYING FOCUSED: Students are trained to keep their eyes firmly focused on their goals in order to achieve excellence

Programmes offered at Putra Intelek International College PUTRA INTELEK INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE • Diploma in Risk Management • Diploma in Information Technology • Certified Risk Associate EIRM Denmark • Certificate — English Language Communication (5 levels) Collaboration with MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY OF LONDON • BA Hons in Business Management • BA Hons in Accounting & Finance • BSc in Forensic Computing SUCCESS FACTOR: PIIC recognises students' contribution of hard work and commitment towards building a reputable college

MyQuest in A Nutshell MyQuest measures the quality of a private college according to its 'Input' described as the quality of its students and resources and its 'Output' which is the programme recognition and graduate recognition and the quality management system of the college. Under the certification, Malaysia's private colleges are classified into six tiers, namely Tier 6 (Outstanding), Tier 5 (Excellent), Tier 4 (Very Good), Tier 3 (Good), Tier 2 (Satisfactory) and Tier 1 (Poor).

A total of 403 private institutions had been invited to be audited under the MyQuest system which was implemented for the first time last year using data of the colleges in the 2010/2011 academic year. Only 310 private institutions accepted the offer but only 232 qualified. Out of that, only 210 were audited as 22 were not ready to be audited. The audit will be conducted once every two years. Out of a total of 210 private colleges in Malaysia that were

EQUIPPED FOR SUCCESS: PIIC provides students the best facilities, to strengthen learning

audited, only three or 1.4% of the colleges managed to attain the six-star rating, while 20 colleges (9.5%) attained a five-star rating, and 60 (28.6%) attained four stars. The higher education ministry has emphasised that the MyQuest rating is an important reference which will be used by the ministry and other agencies in their planning and decision-making process. It will also help the National Higher Education Fund Corporation in making decisions when approving or channeling loans to private college

Putra Foundation Fund 2012 Putra Intelek International College is awarding full and partial scholarships to students who have attained exceptional academic results. Scholarships worth a total of RM6million have been allocated for deserving Malaysian students. students. The rating will also be used by the ministry in approving applications for status upgrade from college to university college and in justifying approval for application of licence to recruit international students.


WEDNESDAY 8 august 2012




Give your teens effective life skills that lasts a lifetime The shocking results of a recent mental health study, announced by health minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, showed that almost 2180 secondary students surveyed had a high level of depression, anxiety and stress (DAS). The study revealed that about 40 per cent of the respondents found it difficult to cope with DAS. Of the 6,450 students who participated in the study, 4.8 per cent experienced severe stress; 17.1 per cent showed signs of severe anxiety and 5.2 per cent were severely depressed. It is no longer a secret that life for teens today is no playground. It is a jungle out there, with tough choices, peer pressure, personal insecurities, and anxiety about what others think. Then there are feelings of depression, inferiority, and

jealousy of others' successes, plus self-destructive behaviors like pornography, teenage pregnancies, vandalism, and gangsterism. How are your teens faring? Do you know what they are up to, who their friends are, and how they are coping? In short are you communicating, not just talking to, your child? Communication is a very real problem. In our past programs, teens have often complained about their lack of communication with parents and not being understood by parents. Children who are not understood are children who will go elsewhere to have this basic need fulfilled and, like it or not, the ‘elsewhere’ is normally their peers who are equally inexperienced and impressionable. Thus, they lose out on the

holistic care and experienced guidance that parents would have given them, simply because they are not listened to! This holidays, equip your teens with proven tools to deal successfully with real life! Franklin Covey’s ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’ program will impart to your teens a step-by-step framework for boosting self-image, building friendships, resisting peer pressure, achieving goals, improving communication and relationships with parents, and much more. Programme will help promote the building of character and the development of private and public victory to enhance their ability to get synergetic results in life. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens are essentially seven characteristics that happy and successful teens the world over have in common.

Habits one, two, and three deal with self-mastery, called the ‘private victor’, while habits four, five, and six deal with relationships and teamwork, or the ‘public victory’. Habit seven is the habit of renewal. It feeds all the other six habits. The habits build upon each other and foster behavioral change and improvement from the inside out. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens workshop can help your teens • Gain greater control of their lives. • Improve relationships with family and friends. • Increase self confidence and self-esteem. • Make smarter decisions. • Overcome addiction. • Define their values and what matters most to them. • Get more done in less time. • Be happy.

• Find balance between school, work, friends, and everything else. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens program will be held on 22 & 23 September. It is a 2-days,1-night residential program and caters to

teenagers aged 12 to 19. For more information or to register your child, please call 03-6205 5550, e-mail marketing@leadershipresources. my or visit





Brickfields Asia College BRICKFIELDS

A first class legal education One Degree, Endless Possibilities In the current economic climate, there is a growing importance in attaining a qualification that could lead to a multitude of opportunities and diverse career paths. That being said, it should be recognised that a law degree is one of the most versatile social science qualifications available out there. Not only does a law degree lead to a career in law but it also opens doors to opportunities in a variety of industries as well. In fact, many prominent political and historical figures such as Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew, Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama and Tunku Abdul Rahman have read law before continuing on their destined paths. Brickfields Asia College (BAC) is a one-stop-centre for legal education as it offers the widest range of law programmes in the nation from Pre-Law to Specialist Postgraduate programmes. It has cemented its position as the nation’s number one law school with its stellar record of producing top class graduates that are highly sought after. In the last two years alone, BAC has produced over 100 world and national top students, Book Prize winners, First Class and Second Class Upper performances in A-Level, The Bachelor of Laws, Certificate in Legal Practice and The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. BAC is one of the first institutions in the nation to offer two routes to a law degree: The University of London International Programmes [UOL], and The UK Transfer Degree Programme [UKT], Both of these programmes are recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia (LPQB) and the Law Society in UK. Students who wish to pursue their degree closer to home can opt for the UOL programme, as this entire degree can be completed locally (3 + 0). It is the perfect choice for those who wish to obtain an affordable internationally recognised UK qualification. This programme also has the distinction as being the only ‘external’ law degree that is recognised by the LPQB.

JOYS OF SUCCESS: BAC's Class of 2011 celebrate the fruits of their labour during their convocation at Hilton KL

BAC is one of a select few Affiliate Centres for the UOL Law programme in the nation and has been producing excellent results over the years. Graduating the Best As recently as last year, student Juliana Caux secured a First Class Honours Degree in the UOL Law programme via BAC’s Distance Learning Option one. In the same year, another student named Kimberley Ong was selected as the Best Student in Malaysia for the 2011 Intermediate Examination where she was awarded the renowned King’s College Scholarship to complete the rest of her degree in the UK. BAC’s students have, in fact, won three of the last four King’s College Scholarships awarded. The UKT programme is perfect for students interested in getting a taste of studying in the UK while graduating with an internationally recognised degree from one of BAC’s prestigious partner universities. This programme is designed to enable students to complete their first and/or second year of their degree in Malaysia, reducing the cost of their education. Students may subsequently transfer to any of BAC’s partner universities to complete the final year of their degree. A unique feature of the UKT at BAC is that students may

STUDENT POWER: BAC students give back to the community with a charity concert

graduate up to two years earlier if they were to pursue the UKT programme after completing the A-level Express Route offered in BAC, thus making BAC the fastest and smartest way to a UK Law Degree. This programme has successfully produced multiple world-class graduates over the years. The latest results for 2012 include Geraldine Kenel and Tan Lai Yee who graduated with First Class Honours from Aberystwyth University as well as Joyce Lau Li Ven and Low Kin Fai who were awarded First Class Honours from the University of Liverpool. Last year, Michelle Sunita, who was awarded the Cardiff Law School Merit Scholarship, secured a First Class Honours

Degree and obtained straight A’s in her final year at Cardiff University. Tan Meng Yee, who graduated at only 19 years old, also obtained a First Class from Cardiff University. Fellow transfer student, Kho Chin Chau was awarded First Class Honours from the University of Hertfordshire. Several BAC students from the UKT programme also received international recognition while doing the UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law), among them was Teoh Zhan Zhi who was awarded the Calcott Pryce Subject Prize for Intellectual Property at Aberystwyth University. Overall BAC has an excellent track record with four First

TOP NOTCH TUTORS: Dr Richard Burchill from the University of Hull presents at the International Lecture Series

Class graduates and 62 Second Uppers last year alone. The Winning Recipe A crucial factor that contributes to BAC’s exceptional achievements is its outstanding faculty that consists of highly qualified lecturers and significantly experienced practitioners. This combined with extensive study materials and unique online resources such as further enhances the student’s academic experience. Complementing this experience are BAC’s state-of-the-art facilities that include a fully equipped moot court, computer labs, a comprehensive

library and the Sky Garden Sports Café which help in creating a conducive environment for students to excel. BAC also makes education more accessible by offering various forms of financial assistance such as the Brickfields Education Fund and The Star Education Fund. BAC’s September Intakes are now open for registration. For further information regarding these programmes as well as scholarships available, call 03-2727 7424 or log on to You can also check out the BAC’s Official Facebook page at or follow us on




8 August 2012  

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