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A publication of the Dulles Area Transportation Association

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From the CEO’s Desk Welcome to @livemore! This is a publication of the

Dulles Area Transportation Association (DATA), a nonprofit organization that strives to improve resident and employees mobility options that will in turn, improve your quality of life. Team DATA is publishing @livemore as a vehicle to help you learn how to Live More by capturing back some of your time and money wasted on daily commutes to work. In fact, we hope that this publication will become a favorite read of yours and that we can provide you with some great tips, anecdotes and insights on ways you can Live More and Commute Less. With the opening of Phase I, and the anticipated opening of Phase II of Metro’s Silver Line, along with newly established bus routes and trails, bike lanes and bikeshare, DATA believes the options that the residents and employees have in the Dulles region are expanding and will enhance your ability to save time and money to spend it on things that matter most – yourself! That said, now you need to figure out what you want to do with the windfall – we suggest you LIVE MORE! Best Regards,

Doug Pickford Executive Director/CEO

@livemore MEDIA KIT

@livemore published by the Dulles Area Transportation Association

EDITORS Doug Pickford Aundrea Humphreys

Dulles Area Gets A "Let’s Live More Attitude!" @livemore points the way to getting your life back by spending less time in the car

@livemore is a lifestyle tabloid inspiring the

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Dulles Area community to explore alternatives to single car commuting—and get their lives back! Our mission is to serve the community by being a portal to two types of information: Resources on how to Commute Less and pathways to Living More by finding time to do the things we love. @livemore is fun, hip, uplifting. There are four types of content: Transportation alternatives. To commute less, people need to find the information that can get them out of the solo commute. These articles explore the available transportation options and include inspirational stories of people who are Living More, Commuting Less. Living More. These are the stories that promote the essence of Living More. It’s the spark that helps us all rediscover fun. We’ll connect readers to yoga instructors, cooking classes, gardening tips, quick-and-easy cooking, and more.

Live More Calendar. Events that includes outdoor concerts, street festivals, sporting events and more! It's what’s happening in the area. Business profiles. Reducing traffic congestion takes more than commuters looking for change. It takes employers who are onboard with the idea that the single-car commute for every employee is bad for business. @livemore tells the stories of businesses that are leading the charge for change. @livemore is published six times annually, and supported by robust website presence and social media.


@livemore MEDIA KIT

What does Live More Commute Less Really Mean? Think of it this way. If your commute is 45 minutes each way—door to door—you spend more than a month of days just getting to and from work. Do the math yourself! What does it mean to live more, commute less? • Be home for breakfast and dinner. Got kids? You can eat with them for a change! • Return personal emails and texts at your leisure, and concentrate on your office work on office time. • Enjoy more miles a week of walking, running, biking—it’s your time! • Depending on your current commute, save enough money for A TRIP TO HAWAII BABY!!! • Hey, you might find you need only one car. The savings in fuel, insurance and maintenance means one more vaca, more college tuition, or a larger contribution to your retirement. • You and your doc could notice a considerable reduction in stress. • A flex schedule could mean improving your golfing handicap, biking endurance, yoga infusion, and knitting skills. • Walking or biking to work could lead to all kinds of discoveries—new parks, eateries, neighbors, wildlife and a healthier life. • No road rage! • Deeper thoughts—not watching bumpers.

Are You Ready to Live More?

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Call today and learn how we can help. 703-817-1307

• Relax—don't drive! @livemoreVA livemorecommuteless

• Make Friday night happy hours before the 7 pm deadline. • Save Money, Money, Money…

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@livemore is published six times a year, and distributed at high-visibility sites in the Dulles area, including including Reston, Leesburg, Chantilly and Centreville. Distribution sites include public libraries, shops, office buildings, and Live More newspaper boxes at Metro stations.

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14 Love Yourself Yoga Intro On Valentine’s Day, give yourself a little love at this free workshop introducing the basics of relaxation and energy recovery, 5–6pm at Yahoo Yoga. This session is for beginners. Learn three easy poses and a breathing exercise that by itself will change your life. No registration required. Yahoo Yoga, 143 Jackson Street, Leesburg; 703-456-7890;

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Advertising in @livemore is an effective way to reach 20,000 readers (current distribution and growing) who are looking for ways to enjoy life more. They are curious, open to new ideas, ready for something different. @livemore is published six times a year, and distributed in high visibility venues throughout the greater Dulles region. Current Estimated Potential Market of Over 100,000 Resident/Visitor Sites & Estimated Potential Exposure METRO Silver Line Stations (est. ridership 9,000/daily) Dulles International Airport (3 locations) Reston Association Various locations (est. residents 12,000) Reston Town Center (est. visitors 10,000/month) Broadlands Community Center (est. residents 6,000) Fairfax County Public Libraries 24 locations (est. combined visitation 10,000/month) Lansdowne Resort (est. emp/visitors 2,000/month) Herndon - Town Hall and Community Center (est. visitation 1,000/month) Cornerstones - Main Office, Cedar Ridge, Stonegate, Herndon Neighborhood RC, Connections for Hope (est. customers 1,000/month) Hyatt Regency Reston (est. visitors 900/month)

Reston Hospital Center 3 locations on campus (est. visitation 2,000/month) Leesburg Thomas Balch Library (est. visitation 600/month) Hunter Mill Supervisor’s Office Hon. Cathy Hudgins (est. visitation 500/month) Chairman Fairfax County Offices Hon. Sharon Bulova’s (est. visitation 500/month) Chairman Loudoun County Offices Hon. Phyllis Randall Loudoun County Libraries (est. visitation 500/month) Historic Manassas (est. visitation 2,000/month) Millennial Distribution Sites George Mason University - Fairfax and Prince William Campuses 3 distribution sites on campus (combined student population est. 33,000) Northern Virginia Community College Loudoun Campus (est. student pop 5,000) George Washington University Virginia, Science & Technology Campus (est. student pop 5,000) Corporate Employee Distribution Sites National Reconnaissance Office (est. emp. 4,000)

Quest Diagnostics (est. emp. 1,500) The Aerospace Corporation (est. emp. 600) Oracle (est. emp. 1,000) WSP| Parsons Brinckerhoff - Reston Office (est. emp. 200) Government Employee/ Resident Distribution Sites Fairfax County Government Center (est. visitors 3,000/month) Potomac Rappahannock Transportation Commission (plus distribution to riders est. exposure 5,000/month Loudoun County Government Center (est. visitors 1,000/month) Prince William County Government Center (est. visitors 1,000/month) Leesburg Town Hall (est. visitors 600/mo) Herndon - Town Hall (est. visitors 600/mo) Virginia Department of Transportation Northern Virginia District Office (est. visitors 600/month) Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project (est. visitors 600/month) AND... Numerous smaller locations such as coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores.

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Advertise in @livemore. Write an Article. Find all the info here!

@livemore Media Kit 2018  

Advertise in @livemore. Write an Article. Find all the info here!