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The Crew


Celeste Houlker, 20

Online Editor

Daniel Onyia, 23

Art Director

Andre ‘ZoOm’ Anderson, 19


Louis Harris, 21 Rodney Gold,15

Deputy Editor

Features Editors

Iram Sarwar, 20 Samson Pharoh, 23

Fashion Editor Jermaine Robinson, 17

Music Editors

Leanne Joseph, 16; Emma Hitchens, 21 Robbie Wojciechowski, 17

Jacqueline Eyewe, 18

politics editor

Deputy Online Editor

Photography and illustration

Patrick Opoosun, 23

Omar Shahid, 20

Monique Todd,19 Jendella Hallam,

22; Gino Cullen, 24; Bertie Simpson 23; Emma Chinnery, 21; Corban Wilkin, 21; Samuel Sasiharan,18; Lorena Martínez Acha, 23; Jennifer Olayinka,18

Steve Yates Ben Ferguson

Production Manager

Kay Daylami

Advertising and Business Development

Andrea Gamson

COVER ILLUSTRATION Live Mentors Corban Wilkin, 21

Ad Sales

Bejjy Mulenga, 16

Peer Mentors Kieran Yates

Senior Mentors Emma Warren Rahul Verma

Camelia Muldermans, Jason Page, Naomi Brown, Callum McGeoch, Caspar Llewellyn Smith, Ruth Saxelby

Contributors Manu Le Gal, 21; Aida Gugsa, 16; Imani McEwen, 15; Sabian Muhammad, 22; Amal Dahoum, 14; Shanice Aggrey, 18 ; Oyin Raufu, 17;

Ellen Wilkie, 16; Bolade Banjo, 17; Kwaku Manu, 22; Shanice Junaid 16; Zindzi Rocque-Drayton 21; Titilopemi Wete 15; Becky Olaniyi 15; Laura McCarthy 15; Shay Westlake 13; Stephanie Owusu 20; Kamillahm Baah 19; Taylah Douglas 18; Nicola Daniels 21; Christian Adofo 23; Deanna Junaid 22; Wesley Washington 17; Hollie Sturgess 17; Ophee Marino 15; Michelle Tiwo 21; Seana Thomas 16; Rizwan Syed 22; Ria Dwyer 17; Alaina Thomas 21; Shineze Henry 16; Brooke Stubley 23; Wesley Cox 19; Ayman Ramsey Al-Juzi 20; Edwina Mukasa 21; Lucy Kernick 15; Noah Jackson 17; Emine Nectorio 21; Rob Stenhrenberger 15; Ravae Richardson 19; Channara Agoro-Burns 15; Zach Cayenne-Elliott 16; Shani Anderson-Campbell 20; James Rotimi 18; Mark Wood 25 ; Seana Thomas 16, Chloe Dee, 17; Chantelle Stafford,18; Annabel Adabie, 17; Sienna Nugent, 18; Shaneice Aggrey, 18; Kira Hartley-Davis, 15; Eli Angueloval, 15; Lakeisha Goedluck, 19; Talia Augustine, 16

thanks to Lizzie at Photo Fusion, Amit and Maroop, Monique Wallace, Michael Hann, Duncan Bartlett, Fiona McKellar, Trimaan Lamba, Asmara Cammock, Audrey Djidan, Earl King, Taysha Fergsuon, Albert Harvey, Sheryl James, Fashion Team, Tea Films, Christian Newell, Stoked PR

Key Playaz Taylah

17-year-old Taylah has proved to be an incredible force since she became a member of the Live team back in August. She regularly contributes with fresh ideas both for the new website and the magazine and is a real team player in the office by welcoming every new recruit with an enormous smile and lots of support. With interests in music and fashion there’s no way this girl wont go a long way.



Second-year journalism student and Live’s political editor, Omar has been with us since June. He has written for the Huffington Post, The Independent, and is editor of the current affairs site Spin. Omar hopes to travel to the Middle East and stretch his journalistic experiences upon graduation. If you’re wondering why this issue has embraced the youth politics of the year, Omar’s the answer! He blogs at

22-year-old Zindzi recently graduated from Leicester university with a degree in English and has since turned her talent for writing into delivering amazing features. Watch out for her Dummies Guide To Feminism feature and Inside Job interview in this issue. With a love of music and film, Zindzi hopes to go into TV production while keeping up her career in journalism. No doubt she’ll be brilliant.


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Live Magazine Vol2 Isssue 5  

Voice of Youth! Live Magazine latest issue features an indepth round up of the past year's unrest and asks what next for young people. Plus...

Live Magazine Vol2 Isssue 5  

Voice of Youth! Live Magazine latest issue features an indepth round up of the past year's unrest and asks what next for young people. Plus...