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What happens when you put young people in charge of their own media empire?

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Attack films The Bloc k of th e year is one of Lond on th Live’s estates , featuring e bigges t and al so cast Daniel On ien in uth and cr iy ew. a went to vaders. meet the FEAT UR


Words Leanne Joseph 15

Design Tom Salt 21 er

Words Dan Ony iel 22 ia




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Live Online encompasses the website, youtube channel and social media channels and is read widely by magazine readers but also has a unique audience of its own.

felt ng on possi his gro by 19-ye begins wit ble (th to make people fro it was arh it as au here ey eve m inn What up of boys old John Moses, at Hane Live, and n did a casthentic as er out of happens ne as they robBoyega, an en d girl cal Hammou one of ou ting down a you into a the X-Files xt seems r co led Bu , go like som ng lady. you bbles t a part, ntributors, alien car next to : a meteor ng eth ). Liv pla jum in a rooactors in But Mo ps out them, and crash-landsing the sw e met up ying a rea wond m which with the anky sock ses pulls dy to de a monstrou erf wa So s deco an vour ho Ho the mo ully chic the ga s leads d stabs out a knife tel, rat the and wh st humble furniture tha ed with and killto the whole creature,hidden in ng. his bathr ere fresh person fee t could ma wh gang a gro ing it. Bu oom. wh chasi ich then up t wish It is the ite towelsl like royalty ke ng it terres of these it doesn’t wa down en tria stayin s your pe type of ho dazzled , the ga l beings not-so-frie d there: the in you g there wo rmanent ap tel room a cat ng to shred land, with ndly extrayou uld an a whopr wallet - an leave mo artment, reside d mouse s in what a mission bu pin En re t to en nts tha glish g £20! played , includ chase wit ds up be rip breakf n a dent ing by Nic ing local h the est ast co k Fro sts ate drug st. deale The fi r Ron, lm is sci-fi an exc ge an alie nre, switchellent take n on ing inv a addin asion thing classi g scene in plenty in south Los up by set c take ons are truly of laughs. ndon and ting some exhilaratin The action films of g as replac our groupthe most famand could e mach of un firework likely ous epic ine heroe are on s and ba guns and s exp is too point too seball bats. losives : alread much madna line from The one-l with ine y been the tra ess for “too mu iler “th rs ch ch ma anged by one text” is BB”. ha dness on for on line fans s int e twe et/sta o Attack tus/ into the the Block films, stereotyp manages to With cast. despite ha es of black avoid de Tak vin lving that such a ma just esc e the sce g a predo youth cu the cas ssive lture fi bit of to the aped alie ne when minantly a sur t are still verlm it is eas the ga bla y to for y you respo conclusion ns, where ng ha ck excitemen prise that get ng. Mo nsi the t nervo drugs… ble. “First that the go ses comeve usnessand enthu y walked It was a bunc s siasm they giv vernm in wit black . It wa other h ent bo e in the of friends s like me and even h thing fast enough ys aren’t killus guns, is ir s”. then body jeans, ho at college, eting up wit easily It’s a co , so they ing each od warm sent the mm than ers. Lo ies Nike as they camh a direct gone down ent tha the se creps ng-ha e t res or plays of lau defuses another roucould’ve so Pest, t) 17 year-o ired (well and ghter the int wh te ha lon ld en bu d the from Alex Es ger Moses ensity wit t the ch from casting dir The fi ’ friend h a burst his co ectors ance to au mail, who lm Lond llege dition s. Joe Co comes on drama recruited fro and ch resident peop class. come rnish, be m the min le st dy ser the fun arismatic is definitely The north ies Th known for d of direct as his as hu or e Adam Chan in som ny guy of chara morou and Jo nel 4’s says e ways, buthe group. cter, who s e Show of and I his chara t in others “We’re sim is don’t cter. ilar [we’re peop le and go rolling “I don’t sm ] not,” he aro ok fight aliens” und trying e weed . to rob Extra www.footage on line live-m FE






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As part of Livity, the youth engagement agency dedicated to IMPROVING YOUNG PEOPLE’S LIVES, the magazine trains, empowers and finds employment for hundreds of young people every year.

4 Fo od My fav ou minute rites are Spice s’ walk of both within ea place on Balls Po ch other: five I love called In-Tinnd Road, Peppers & an ever Caribbean g on Dalsto d another into frie , jerk used chicke n Lane. d chi to (screw be, I’m juscken shops?n. Was I faces) t re-livi Oo ! ng it rig h, I ht no w 5 ha nging I love Brick out Lane from .I midda easy y till late used to be an there the vib ymore, no , but it’s trend e, though t as relaxe not that y. it can d. I lov in 333 I’ve had be a bit coo e on Old some ho when we cou Street; tha rrible nig l and hts ldn’t ge t wa t in an s always ywhe re els e.

2 ch ild Mostly hood ha Estat the swing untS e, used that was parks on No to where where jam. It’s everyorthwold a up to I spent all lovely pla ne mis isn’t mu chief! Apmy years, ce. That’s ge Petro ch in Cla art from tha tting l Garag pton, excep t there e. t the Shell

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Des Tom ign Salter 21

Photos Laura Gine 17 itaite

Wor Camds Ha -Yan 19

Wor Imadds Ahm 17 od

10 GIG My fav ourite proba perfo bly The Ma the las rmance wa t becau cbeth in Green Pa s rty Hoxto wickedse I done n. It wa I did at it first sin ! But the before wh s cool sec the firs gle, I Need ond one, ich was t sho the up w I rea You Tonighafter the . lised things t, was were on


Wor Linads Bas 22 tidas

Wor Edwds Con ard 17 teh

Wor Teonds Daw 15 es

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s rter rate, FREE, wi th d the h istributed a 100% p a Inner nds of yo directly in ick up t u 16-24 city audie ng people o nces yea

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1 Sh oppin I get g a clothe lot of free bigge s – in fact stuff but I stil it’s st mone addiction probably l buy y Sport on clothe . I spend a my s s really on Bethn and traine lot of al Gree go rs. Me od have the lateplace to ge n Road is teor t traine a st imp rs, the orts. y

of 25


9 Spor Every t on rollerska e on my est ate use the old te back d in go to ers played the day. to So Sprin down gfield hockey so me of of tim and play hoPark, take we’d all e the re or ckey. We the nets hang ove ing spent Marsh out doing r at the Marsh a lot to Ha es is a com what kid s do es, ckney, ple it’s the tely differe . The only gre nt en pa world rt.

Page Oppo Andre site Scott wears Jere fo my bombe r Adidas fri Sports r jacket, £2 nge Lond wear t-shir 80; Nike on t, jogge drop crot £45; Boy rs, £6 ch pa 0; high AC Qu Nike Du nel nk ickstrik e, £6 Lea we 5. leath ars Rokit er fri Scott jacket, £6 nge 5; Jere for Ad pane idas fri my l dr Archive ess, £100 nge and ; Pu Supe rsuede ma , £50. Roko wear s Adid jacke t, as bo West £85; Nike mber sh At Sports orts, £40; hletics wear Ni Air Fo ke rce 1, £65.

7 Ma king Mu I got into mu Sic I was sic qu no cre concerned ite late. As was at ative flair, I was acade far as ne ende my friend ver good mic, d at art album up execut Cores’ house .I ive – eve rappe ryone producin – he d emba a lyric, we was freest g my rrasse nt all yling, “you can rapd, but eve red in the so I aroun ryone face, ”. I jus d album with it fro t started was like, me m in Up was record there. Mo ssing per Cla ed in st Cores of the pton. ’ bedro Profes om Alive sor Green’s Til www.p I’m Dead Album rofess is orgree out now. k

AND JOI www. BATE AT LIV N live-m E agaz .uk

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oN Th KWeLL PARk e coRNeR SkatepRd, NeAR of SToc than arks don BRiXToN kWell sOut pla ’t South ces suc get much BikeS. oN Th hbaNK h have bank but So as mile endbetter ThAm e SouTh found spot a new uth london and the By Th eS, NeAR BANk of in Th WATeR Skatep the same skate and might The Soe Bfi brOm loo e 2007, ark, which league. Sto BmX STATio famous uthbank AT Th Ley N, is one locals has been opened in ckwell ska bee of the a GARd e BoTTom n the te spo most of lon and the ska giant suc August attract re since ts in the hiGh eNS, off of chuR ces wo s peo the there don. larger te and Bm s to the also has ple from early ‘70 rld and it’s Small, STReeT, BRThe Pede chill is pro or loads of than ma X lovers STRiA om with all an extrao all ove s. it also ny the wo puny, tor the gra rdinaril r the wo n, bro ley, BR1 NiSed too easamateur. space to do others rds and No and rld. y goo ffiti stre Bm we’d des ken… the imp y for any thing too your thin d layout it you wo et art lite in differe one wh concr X park. it cribe BroThese are g, difficul nt stockw ossible. o you are uld only rally all ove colours scrapyete and me isn’t a phe mley ska ellskat my per loves to t or wa te going extremely nt to ska r the place. epark.c sonal fav do and a ard of ram tal combin nomenon! om. (WN ourite! pass to be an aud good becte there if dominaten stair hanps and rail e to make by alw ) aus if you ays sto ience! Peo e there’s you’re ted by unf drail) in s (and ban a a ska bra rien watch flop just kno p and hav ple that ve te par ks dly place eno ed. (ec tee e w tha k t you a look, so shy typto hang outugh, it’s a ns. A tip: ) ’re bei if rea somew e you can but if you sonable ng (WN) here better most defi ’re the (dB) to enj nitely find oy you rself.

50,00 natio 0 copies every n Live wide qua i

3 club S I rem em lot. I ne ber being young ver went outside Ch in best. , but that wa because imes a Th that clu ere was s probablyI was too a b an the rou d an lot of troub for the un years ndabout tha derpass le around used ago becau t all got underneath fille to ha ppen se of the stu d in . ff that


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6 Vid eo We film locatio n estate ed Uppe r there where I greClapton Da was sho nce on w when pke up. In tha the thoug I was a littl epers tha t video t h, as e area, much boy. It’s a I knew pe should ople are as I’ve go weird one t I’m stu n’t walk thr different. I love in the proba ough bborn the as a mu re no bly w but le!




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Imag ine a film se Lond on t track , filled wi in inner-ci su th ty like blu its and ho teenage rs in which It’s go d, safe fa odies, us throu took an iro ing ter m an t to be Bulle anoth d nah, cu ms screengh various nic look at t Boy, ske er Ad z. gritty giv that theing Live att tches. At pop cultu insigh ing us the ultho od or the pre re film wa ended, alien and ho t into Co ss same s an Critte d monst inspired by rnish explain old differe ods. Well poverty, er rs ga At The Wa and Gre films from his love for ed debu nt. Joe Co tack The ngs the like rriors. mlins to the t rnish ’s dir Block is exp film came An unusu 1979 gang s of group is a sci-fi ec ep film erienced from a al inspir atio alien of sharp-f ic that se torial mu did in sou n for gg n’t exp s an es and fur th Lond ing that Co Lond causing ha ged, flesh a on, alth rnish the on es vo -ea r on the c on ou ting Apart fro tate. not jus incide gh he m Nic were t anoth Be warn a south nt. k Fro fi ed st, all er ho essen rst-timers Attack the od film : this is city Lotial to use and Corni lead actors . played the Block sh you nd

Wor Dan ds Byrnny 13 e




Our re gett guLar OL iNg mO ym espe re aN pics page cia a year LLy cONs D mOre re is iDeriN Leva aND 2012. Nt the uK a bit uNtiLg it’s ONLy , first OLym LOND aN Of Where sK pics WiLL ON ate bO ficiaL be th DeciD eD tO OLympic sp arDiNg is e fam asK Ou Ort fO tOWN. r their fa r bmX aNsO We vOur D ite sp sKate Ots iN

u Your core messages get communicated

Live is multi-platform with a magazine, website, youtube channel, social media community and real world network of influential young people. Live is the training ground for the next generation of journalists and our former contributors and editors have gone on to work for many of the UK's leading nationals. The current team already blog for the INDEPENDENT, GUARDIAN, HUFFINGTON POST, MTV and DAZED DIGITAL. And they're all under 24.

Live’s content is proven (via independent research: source DUBIT) to INFLUENCE YOUNG PEOPLE’S BEHAVIOURS AND ATTITUDES, with a mixture of cutting-edge entertainment and crucial, credible social issues.

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ty6 65-66 The PlaAcklAm Rd, W1 the bes yStation 0 ska have t in london te park LOrD an am is sh loads azing . Not onl probably grOu ip recrea ramps of different layout, it y does it als tiON loRd ND death as well as ramps. The o has lordshShiP lANe to put box and loaski jumps, re’s minimiLe in the ip Rec is , N22 The greyour skatingds of trap a massive a heart oN Th eND ezium first ope of ha district Par skills that it’s at thing boxes to the about ANd e coRNeR people ned in 193ringey, N2 k situatio tes to pro suitable ST 2. it n did Bm 2 mile end PAul’S of BuRd for begthis skate t. upd environs and has ate Xin when not was inners park is eTT Rd skatep WAy, e3 a lot to ska a parks d. There g. Thankf throug of true skament. Thi relatively ark is are h are loate. This is friendl good in north lon n’t a lot ully it’s bee ters to s is defi mainlya very fun y of Bm n nite check big, butds of min place The Trato find this don, so bec X i-ra out. (lBly one for it’s rails and timid roll mps andause there bike clu x club, a spot which extra ) -ins. stuff floor There loads of fed up b. if you new off-roa also hos to in ts you coumile end do tricks oveare also street, on just goilike BmXin d mountain g r. The is my ld powersskatepark thetrax look no furtng up and and you person ’re lide for is so sm down her tha london al you eve fav (Td) n this r. mil ooth . mileen ourite place. r dskate skatep e end park.c ark in (dB)

Whee L it!

u Ad-spend benefits young people and

Launched in 2001, Live is the UK's biggest youth culture magazine. Its unique production process sees expert media mentors working with young writers, bloggers, designers, video producers and photographers to produce cutting edge content across Entertainment, Arts & Culture, Politics, Fashion and Sport.

Live Magazine is distributed across London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham to all the places that young people hang out - from schools, colleges and unis to many of the boutiques on Brick Lane.

LDN 2012

u Unique methodology: creating credible,




"Live is perfect for adidas - it really is London. What better way to reach them than by using a title created by the audience itself." - Rory Morrin, Communications Planning Manager, Carat 33


Creativ Proje e Director ct : Produc Manager Jermaine : Ri Stylist tion ManagCeleste Ho cardo Ro binson : ulk Stylist Jayson Hi er: Tolu Co er nd ker Photog Assistant’s: ley raphy: Bee Du RE Mak GUeLA M blon ungo Up Pearce Hair St RSArtist: M im yli i Ni : Rach 1Models: Anstdr el Am cholls ma e King horn, Duah Lea Bl ack an

How do you reach one of the hardest-to-reach audiences in the world?

Reader Profile

Britain’s inner city youth are one of the most influential groups in the market. The melting pot of different ethnicities, social groups and cultures cross-pollinate to produce new permutations in fashion, language, music, behaviour, attitude and style that resonates across the UK and is imitated worldwide.


Quarterly: 200,000 (average 4 readers per copy)

Gender split

50/50 male to female

Answer: You commununicate with the most influential groups in the market… with an attitude and style that resonates across the UK and is imitated worldwide.

Age split

12 – 15: 28% | 16-20: 42% | 21 - 24: 28% | 24+: 2%

How much they spend on* a pair of trainers music games going to the cinema renting movies food & drink (non alcoholic) phone credit stationary fashion accessories cosmetics & grooming

up to £100 £20 a month £60 a month £40 a month £10 a month £100 a month £35 a month £5 a month £30 a month £45 a month

Unique distribution channel

Live is distributed across the whole of London, into every borough, via three channels: 5,000 copies via PEER-TO-PEER directly into the hands of the audience by the LIVE STREET TEAM at strategic times and high traffic locations. 45,000 copies go to an established network of retailers and youth provisions built over ten years: fashion boutiques, Nando's, secondary schools, colleges, youth clubs, gyms. 20,000 copies go to 55 university locations including student unions, reception areas and halls. Includes Kings College, University of the Arts, Goldsmiths, Imperial College, LSBU and UEL. Live is also mailed out to an ever-growing database of tastemakers and opinion-formers within print, online and broadcast media, politics, marketing, charity and voluntary sectors.

'LIVE magazine are an inspiration to Nando's in all that they do' - Amy Schoeman, Regional Marketing Manager, Nando's

Find out more about our readership: call Andrea on 020 7326 5979 * based on results from Livity insight research August 2011

t conte ey pulled heir live m m Marketin t il h r t o d ef ture F an centr in, BFI Fu e t a eg dw l Goo - Noe

music, culture, life

Online Developed by a team of google sponsored young digital experts under the mentorship, training and support from well established media professionals, including those at GOOGLE, SONY, SBTV, YOUTUBE, ENGINE, LIVITY & THIS FLUID WORLD, Live Online has a brand new look! Covering the main passion areas of 1624s, Live online is current, relevent and gives readers their daily fix of style, sport, entertainment, real life issues and opportunities. Live Online came to the forefront of the London riots debate in August when our contributors became representative of the #voiceofyouth in the UK's media. Featured in the Guardian riots blog, in Time Out's "We Love London" feature, Radio 5 Live, and on Dazed Digital, Live's online team - aged 12 to 21 - had a global audience, that included writer Neil Gaiman and Ed Milliband. Brought together by our mentor from the New Statesman, the online team became a fast paced newsroom for the week creating content unlike any other media organisation#voiceofyouth started trending, and @livemaguk was the 65th most #ff'd on twitter that Friday, generating support from youth organisations, media, politicians, young people and adults all over the world. Live Online is contributed to by a network of young, media savvy, trendsetting, influential inner city Londoners who already run their own popular culture, fashion, politics and music blogs and blog for MTV The Wrap, Guardian, Independent and the Huffington Post UK Blog. And Live pulls in young guest bloggers who are celebrities in their worlds - people like

Sabian Muhammad who is on the youth panel for London 2012 and Liam Tootill, the Managing Director of SBTV. We also have a youtube channel livemaguk which sees video exclusives as an extension of our magazine and online content. 20,000 channel views and growing. Site Traffic: August - 35,000 unique visits We are celebrating the official launch of our new site in November with GOOGLE, and forecast the following traffic: November - 80,000* unique visits January - 100,000* unique visits *Livity Marcoms campaign to support What we offer your brand: Display Advertising - Leaderboards, MPU Sponsored Content Twitter / You Tube Reskin Social Media Promotion Bespoke branded e:zine / blog

"We worked with Live for 2011's Future Film Festival, which saw them spread the word across their large online network via content and social media. The festival was a sell out event; and they pulled the largest crowd we've seen into our delegate centre for their live music showcase." - Noel Goodwin, BFI Future Film Marketing & Communications

What can we offer your brand?


Traditional print display advertising in Live Magazine and online has high level stand out to our infuential audience. We've seen advertising from across Film, Music, Fashion, Arts & Culture, Sports, FMCG, Government, Health and Telecoms sectors. Advertisers like Red Bull, Channel 4, adidas, DAIRY COUNCIL, BARBICAN, WALKER BOOKS, and OPTIMUM FILMS. We are taking options now for Winter 2011 and Spring

1. Advertising 2. Creative Solutions 3. Youth Insight / Consultation 4. Contract Publishing 5. Training & Apprenticeships


But away from the spotlight there are music careers that are just as rewarding and exciting, often better paid and nearly always longer-lasting than the artists’, that anyone with the determination can go and get.


What do they do? Run Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube and other social network accounts to help build an active community of fans and followers. Where? Freelance, or for a label or management company Best part? Getting paid to hang out on Facebook all day! Worst part? It’s less 9-5, more round-theclock, including weekends. Useful skills? Sociable, tech smart, funny, good spelling and grammar. Need any qualifications? No. But a big social network fan base of your own would prove you have what it takes. Good money? No. But can be done alongside other jobs and can lead to a career in this growing industry. People skilled in this area will be able to make a lot of money in the future.


What do they do? Represent artists or companies, negotiate contracts, draft agreements, and get the required result for clients. Where? Either freelance, at a label, or at one of the big entertainment law firms. Best part? People will always need lawyers! Worst part? Lots of very long boring documents to read and write. Useful skills? Attention to detail, ability to look good in a suit. Need any qualifications? Oh yes. A good law degree, then a LPC (legal practice qualification) which takes another year or two. Good money? For sure. Starts around £20k during training, rises quickly every year that to £100k and beyond.

Spotlight on PR: explains brilliant careers you may not have thought of through the video stories of people who do them. This summer, in partnership with BlackBerry, icould are shining the spotlight on some of the great music careers connected to big stars like Jessie J and Tinie Tempah and telling how you could do what they do too. Here are just a few of the careers in every star’s orbit...


Four years ago Monique Wallace was music editor of this magazine you are holding in your hands. Today she is a Regional and Online Publicist at the legendary Island Records, part of the global Universal Music Group, home to artists including Jessie J and Amy Winehouse.

What does a publicist do? My job is to try and make sure as many people as possible know about our artists and records. To do this I have to get to know lots of journalists, editors and bloggers and send them information and stories about our artists and encourage them to write about them. At the moment I’m working on Nicki Minaj, Devlin, Encore and Angel’s online PR. And for regional PR I do artists from PJ Harvey to Tinchy Stryder.

What do they do? Their job is to find new talent and then guide their musical output by advising on studios, producers, song selection or remixes. Where? Usually start as freelance scouts then work for labels or publishing companies. Best part? Listening to demos all day, going to gigs every night, working closely with artists. Worst part? See above! Useful skills? Music obsession. Being able to say no. Need any qualifications? Proven musical knowledge and taste helps. Many start as journalists or DJs. Good money? Junior scouts get paid little or nothing but top A&Rs can earn six figure sums.

What do they do? Everything from gigs through to doing deals with labels, publishers, brands, promoters and media. Where? Self-employed or for a company. Best part? Power, excitement, travel, money. Worst part? High stress, never off duty, dealing with big egos. Useful skills? Opportunism, networking, negotiation and organisation. Need any qualifications? It’s all about being trusted. That’s why many stars are managed by family or old friends. Good money? Managers often support acts financially before they get their break, but after, they can take 20% of everything the artists earn. Which can be a lot.

What skills do you need? You need to be calm under pressure and be very organised. You need to be clued up on newspapers, magazines, blogs, and journalists. I’m a bit of a blog geek. I read them every day, just to keep updated with what’s going on. How did you become a PR? I got involved with Live just before I started my Journalism and English degree. After I graduated I did loads of work experience. I just kept applying to major labels and music PRs asking for a job. I got my job three years after graduating. It was a very proud day.


What do they do? Make the stars look gorgeous for photoshoots, videos, concerts and TV shows. Where? Most are freelance but some very big stars have hair and make-up people on their payroll. Best part? Very sociable, creative, lots of travel and networking. Worst part? Lots of waiting around, early starts, unpredictable income. Useful skills? Lots of chat, resourceful, persuasive, confident, stylish. Need any qualifications? Not essential but there are good courses. Most start by assisting established pros. Good money? Like most creative careers you have to work for very little for the first few years, but pay can rise up to 3K per day for the top hair stylists.

What’s the secret to doing your job well? It really helps to be efficient, and that’s true at all stages of your career. If you’re asked to do something, do it and do it well. Also persistence; publicists are always chasing journalists for features. Be polite, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are good nice words! Keep updated music-wise and make sure you’re across new music. What is the most exciting aspect of your work? It’s always a good feeling when I’m given a new campaign to work on. It’s also really exciting when you work with artists you admire. I don’t usually get star struck, but I was when I met Erykah Badu, I can’t lie! Who has been the biggest influence in your life? My biggest influence has to be my Mum. She’s a strong woman who taught me never to give up.

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Design Ricky Diaghe 24

Design Thomas Salter 22

Words Seana Thomas 17

FEATURES Words Lilufa Uddin 17



Our in-house content and production teams create exceptional one-off publications and online content solutions. Saturday Magazine, for example, was a unique partnership between Livity’s media professionals and young people, producing a co-created customer magazine that was distributed into every USC store in the country. In addition to this we also produce branded video content.

In association with



To find out more about our case studies or to brief the team contact

BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited.

To become a successful music artist you need lots of luck, patience, a thick skin, deep pockets, oh and at least a bit of natural talent.

We respond to creative briefs in a unique way, collaborating between our young contributors and the expertise of our core adult team. The solution is always bespoke for the client, we don't operate in off the shelf packages - it's about truly understanding the client's objectives and what will make the audience tick. Solutions run across online, video and print, and can include co-creation, sponsored content, behind the scenes, competitions and promo campaigns. Clients include Nando's, BFI, Blackberry, O2 and youtube.





Live’s editorial team has also produced bespoke publications for DIESEL, CHRISTIAN AID and THE GUARDIAN. Call Kay or Andrea on 020 7326 5979 to discuss your publishing or online content brief


Our team develop and deliver tailored youth audience insight solutions to immerse your teams in the lives of young people. For BBC3, we created a permanent, 50-strong, nationally representative and targeted niche panel of 16-24 year olds to help BBC programmers understand their audience and produce higher quality TV. We can also consult on your Marketing and development. Clients also include Nike, Blackberry, adidas and Unilever. To discuss your youth insight brief, contact Callum@

5. TRAINING AND APPRENTICESHIPS: s for me!" bout it. Work a g n ri a e h people are es and more ro e h ll a e ’r u Education "Basically, yo or, Channel 4 it d E , n a sm O - Faraz ADI301Live110118.indd 2

18/01/2011 12:37

ADI301Live110118.indd 3

18/01/2011 12:43

Livity have excelled in delivering creative apprenticeship schemes in partnership with a range of corporate partners, solving diversity and recruitment challenges. MUSIC4GOOD is the UK’s music industry apprenticeships for disadvantaged young people, backed by Sony Music, Universal and Domino Records amoung others. And our new Google backed Digital Marketing apprenticeships are starting in October 2011. Contact Mark at to find out how we can help energise and diversify your workforce


Publishing Dates 2011 Dates WINTER Issue: out week commencing 14/11

2012 Dates

SPRING Issue: out week commencing 13/02 (Olympics Special Issue) SUMMER Issue: out week commencing 14/05 (Paralympics Special Issue) AUTUMN Issue: out week commencing 13/08 WINTER Issue: out week commencing 12/11

Rate Card Display Advertising (supplied creative)

Contact Details

DPS Full Page Covers 1st RH Half Page Premium Positions A2 pull-out poster Leaderboard 728x90 MPU 300x250

Sales: Andrea Gamson

£5,800 £3,500 £4,200 £3,900 £2,150 £Rate + 15% £6,500 £30 CPM £35 CPM

Production: Kay Daylami

Live Magazine Piano House 9 Brighton Terrace London SW9 8DJ Switchboard: 020 7326 5979

Other Opportunities £Media +40% £65 cpt £ On request

Online Sponsored feature Main Homepage Feature Twitter / You Tube Reskin

from £800 for 1 week from £1250 for 1 week £1000 each for 1 week

Insight /Consultation

price on request

Contract Publishing Branded e-zine/ blog Print Publication

price on request price on request

Database Mailout price on request Social Media Promotion £65 per hour

Street Team Use our 100-strong Street Team to reach 5,000 young Londoners with our competetive rates Sampling £450 cpt Sponsorship of branded uniforms £ On request Event specific distribution £ On request For further information please contact

AD Artwork Creative Solutions Online

4 weeks prior 8 weeks prior 4 weeks prior

Magazine Mechanical Data

Media costs: 15% discount on media/ insertion costs to PPA registered media agencies.

Print Advertorials Inserts Covermounts


Corporate Subscriptions If you would like to receive a bulk order of LIVE Magazines each quarter BEFORE it hits the streets to distribute as you wish please contact the sales team. 4 x10 copies per issue per annum - £2.00 per copy + postage.

Full Page

Trim Bleed Type

275.x 210mm 281 x 216mm 255 x 190mm


Trim Bleed Type

275 x 420mm 281 x 426mm 255 x 400mm

1/2 Horizontal

Trim Bleed ype

134.5 x 210mm 140.5 x 216mm 114.5 x 190mm

1/2 Veritcal

Trim Bleed Type

275 x 102mm 281 x 108mm 255 x 82mm


Trim Bleed Type

510 X 400mm 516 x 406mm 490 x 380mm

Data to be supplied as Pass4Press standard Pdfs. CMYK, Maximum ink density 320%. Proofs to Fogra 39L profile. A full data spec is available on request.


Most updated media pack for Live Magazine, including national distribution breakdown, readership stats, user spend research and digital oppo...

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