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DIRECTOR’S NOTES Before I direct any show, I ask myself “Why do I want to tell this particular story?” The reason I’m particularly interested in turning my hand to Cinderella is the fact that the story is so old. It has been circulating the world in multiple versions for centuries, it was around long before Perrault and the Grimm brothers got their hands on it and it varies radically in texture and flavour from one culture to the next. When we say the word ‘Cinderella’ we are referring not to a single text (there is no definitive version), instead we are referring to an entire array of stories which centre around a persecuted heroine who responds to her situation in diverse ways. I have chosen the Grimm version as our starting point because it is less syrupy and sentimental than the Perrault version (which Walt Disney used for his 1950s film). It feels more like a folk tale that has come from the oral tradition, earthy and simple. Neither does it shy away from the darker elements of the story which are intriguing. It is always daunting when you’re working on a story which everyone knows so well, because you want to surprise and maybe challenge their expectations, without losing any of the things which make them like the story in the first place. So what is it about this story that gives it its enduring appeal? I’m not sure I know yet exactly what the answer is but I think it’s partly to do with the fact that it’s a story about family and growing up, and these are things we all share. It’s about a child losing a beloved parent and having to endure terrible suffering. It’s about grief, parental love, parental cruelty, sibling rivalry, jealousy, isolation, revenge, survival, falling in love and of course - magic! In fact what appears to be a very simple tale, actually addresses fundamental questions about what it is to be human. I’m collaborating with a supreme team and what’s so exciting is having the opportunity to make our own version of this much loved tale. This will involve reacting to the Grimm’s version, using it as inspiration but also, in keeping with the oral tradition, adding to it – so that we as a group of story tellers telling it to you, reflect the world we live in. We hope you enjoy it.

Sally Cookson

CINDERELLA AROUND THE WORLD The Cinderella story is a truly multi-cultural folktale. It has roots in every corner of the world and has been re-told hundreds, even thousands, of times. This production of Cinderella takes inspiration from two distinct versions: Tuan Ch’eng-Shin’s Yeh-Hsien, written in about 900AD and the Brothers Grimm’s Aschenputtel, written in 1812. At the heart of the story is the theme of love. The love of a parent and their child. The love of friends. The love of nature. Ella’s best friends are a flock of birds who are also the spirit of her beloved father. When researching into the story we discovered that the different Cinderella stories have plenty of similarities and many differences. Here are a few of them:

China: Yeh-Hsien Yeh-Hsien (Cinderella)’s best friend is a fish. In a fit of jealousy Yeh-Hsien’s stepmother cooks the fish and eats it. The spirit of a mysterious old man tells YehHsien what has happened and that the bones of the fish are magic. She uses them to wish for a silk robe and pair of golden shoes in order to be able to go to the Spring Festival and have the chance to meet the king...

Vietnam: Tam and Cam Tam (Cinderella) is persecuted by her stepmother, and stepsister Cam. After meeting the king in the usual ‘Cinderella way’ she marries him. But her stepmother and Cam kill her through envy, pushing her into a lake. Tam’s spirit lives on however and returns first in the form of a bird, then a tree, then a magic loom and then a piece of fruit, from which she returns in human form, ready to exact revenge on her step family.

Egypt: Rhodopis In this version, from ancient antiquity, Rhodopis (literally meaning red-cheeked girl) is washing in the stream when a falcon comes down and steals one of her slippers. The falcon drops them onto the lap of the king who makes a vow to marry the girl whose feet fit the slipper...

Scotland: Rashin Coatie Rashin Coatie (Cinderella) meets a magic red calf who gives her advice and, later in the story, some fine clothes to wear including a pair of nice slippers. Our brave lassie meets the handsome prince in church but she runs away in fear, leaving her shoe behind...

Germany: Aschenputtel In this the Brothers Grimm version, Aschenputtel (Cinderella) befriends a flock of pigeons and turtle-doves who help her in her everyday life. She has two wicked step sisters, a magic tree that represents the spirit of her mother and a pair of golden slippers...

France: The Little Glass Slipper This is the version we have become most familiar with, and that was turned into the 1950s Disney film. It features a fairy godmother, a pumpkin, glass slippers and a midnight deadline!



Director SALLY COOKSON Designer KATIE SYKES Composer & Music Director BENJI BOWER Dramaturg ADAM PECK Choreographer JOÊL DANIEL Lighting MATTHEW GRAHAM Sound CHARLIE KNIGHT Puppetry Director CHRIS PIRIE Production Manager GEMMA BROOKS Stage Manager SASHA PHILLIPS Assistant Stage Manager LARA MATTISON Costume Supervisor & Assistant Stage Manager BIANCA WARD

FOR TOBACCO FACTORY THEATRE Director ALI ROBERTSON Deputy Director LAUREN SCHOLEY Theatre Manager DAVID DEWHURST Technical Manager MATT GRAHAM Technician CHRIS SWAIN FOH Manager JOHN MAUCHLINE Box Office Manager KATY WILKES Marketing Manager BECKY LANE Marketing Assistant JOE ROBERTS Development Director SOPHIE JERROLD Producer MELANIE ZAALOF Finance Manager ELAINE GRĂœNBAUM TF+ Officer CARRIE RHYS-DAVIES Administrator RUSTI MACAPAGAL FOR TRAVELLING LIGHT Artistic Producer JUDE MERRILL General Manager CATH GREIG Participation Director NICK WHITE FOR ST. JAMES THEATRE Artistic Director DAVID GILMORE Executive Theatre Director GUY KITCHENN Associate Artistic Director JAMES ALBRECHT General Manager NICK WHITE Operations Manager CHRISTOPHER WATERHOUSE Technical Manager NICK BUTLER Box Office Manager DAN HUNT

The show lasts approximately 2 hours (including one interval) Photography by Farrows Creative A special thank you to National Dance Company Wales


QUIZERELLA Just for fun, give this special Cinderella Quiz a whirl. You will find answers to the questions in different places. Some are embedded in the play, some are hidden in the programme, and others you might have to guess! Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. How many birds are there in the play? Answer: 2. What were Ella’s tasks? Answer: 3. Ella is played by Lisa Kerr. What is her shoe size? Answer: 4. The Prince is played by Thomas Eccleshare and his character loves bird spotting. What is Thomas’ favourite bird? Answer: 5. How many live instruments do Brian Hargreaves and Adam Pleeth play during the show? Answer: 6. How many characters does Craig Edwards play? Answer: 7. What is the name of the theatre company Thomas Eccleshare is co-artistic director of? Answer:

8. What royal building is St. James Theatre near? Answer: 9. How many trees are there in the set? Answer: 10. What is designer Katie Sykes’ favourite colour? Answer: 11. What was the last Christmas show that Sally Cookson directed at the Tobacco Factory Theatre? Answer: 12. How does the step mother get her comeuppance? Answer: 13. How many birds are on the centre page of the programme? Answer: 14. Who was Cinderella’s best friend in Yeh-Hsien, the Chinese version of the story? Answer

Answers: 1. Five / 2. Darn socks, mend crockery / 3. Size Four / 4. Puffin / 5. Twenty Five / 6. Five / 7. Dancing Brick / 8. Buckingham Palace 9. Seven / 10. Indigo 11. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves / 12. Her eyes get pecked out and she gets pushed into a trunk / 13. Eleven/ 14. A Fish

Lisa Kerr Ella

Craig Edwards Step Mother

Theatre Credits include: Duckling; Our Country’s Good National Tour & St James Theatre (director: Max Stafford Clark for Out of Joint/Bolton Octagon Theatre/Karl Sydow). Cinderella: A Fairytale at Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol / St. James Theatre, London (director: Sally Cookson). From Up Here (director: Luke Sheppard & MD Perfect Pitch Musicals). Schnapps at Lyric Theatre Hammersmith (director: Barney Norris & writer Jake Brunger). Top Girls Minerva Theatre Chichester and Trafalgar Studios (director: Max Stafford Clark for Out of Joint, ATG productions and Chichester Festival). The Big Fellah at Gaiety Theatre Dublin (director: Max Stafford Clark and writer: Richard Bean). Christmas Carol, Lowry Theatre (director: Rachel O’Riordan). The Good Soldier at Theatre Royal Bath (director: Matthew Lloyd). Andersen’s English at Hampstead Theatre (director: Max Stafford Clark). Mixed Up North at Wilton’s Music Hall (director: Max Stafford Clark). The Musician at OMAC Belfast (director: Matthew Peaver and writer/MD: Conor Mitchell for Cahoots NI). Revived for ‘Opening Doors: Festival of Firsts’ at Soho Theatre in May 2012.

Craig has worked with director Sally Cookson on a number of productions- Treasure Island, Strange Case, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt (Bristol Old Vic),The Ugly Duckling (Tobacco Factory Theatre/Travelling Light) and Lenny, (Travelling Light.)

Tv/Film credits include: Spoof or Die (director: Prasanna Puwunjarah for Coming Up/ Touchpaper Tv). Protester; Reuniting The Rubins. Radio credits include: Poetry Please (BBC Radio 4 for Producer Sarah Langan).

Other theatre includes: Around The World in 80 Days, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theatre Royal Bath) Too Many Cooks, The Stones, The Melon Boat, The Last Tyger and Tir Na N’og (Travelling Light) Around The World In 80 Days, Wind In The Willows, Endgame, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, An Enemy Of The People, Metamorphosis, Romeo and Juliet (Bristol Old Vic), Ministry Of Fear, Cobbo, You Can’t Catch Me, One In A Million (Theatre Alibi), Myrtle On The Mainline, Jump, Hello Craig, (Myrtle Theatre ),The Boat Plays (The Gate), Heredity (Royal Court Upstairs),The Snake House (Greenwich Studio), Normal (Pleasance). As a director Craig’s work includes The Six Wives Of Henry VIII (Living Spit & Bristol Old Vic ),The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby & Dingan, Mother Savage (Travelling Light), Romeo & Juliet (Theatre Royal Bath), Danny King Of The Basement (M6 Theatre) and The Nothing Show (Nothing Show Productions). He is co-founder of Shoofly Theatre with designer Katie Sykes.

Thomas Eccleshare Prince Thomas is a writer, performer and theatre maker who trained at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris. He is the co-artistic director of the theatre company Dancing Brick with whom he has toured work nationally and Lisa Kerr Thomas internationally, been nominated for two Total cleshare Ec Theatre Awards and won the Arches Brick Award. Dancing Brick’s latest show, Perle, tours the UK in Autumn 2013. Last year he won the Verity Bargate Award, a nationwide prize for emerging writers, for his first script Pastoral, which will be produced at the Soho Theatre and Hightide Festival in May. He is currently writing sitcoms for Baby Cow Productions, Big Talk and Comedy Central. Thomas is the Pearson writerin-residence at the Soho Theatre. C ra i g E d wa r d Lucy Tuck


Tom Godwin

Lucy Tuck Step Sister Lucy’s previous work for Travelling Light, under director Sally Cookson are Cloudland by John Burningham and How Cold My Toes - a co-production with Champloo Dance Company. She was Associate Artist with allfemale company Foursight Theatre 2006-2011, beginning a programme of work with Six Dead Queens And An Inflatable Henry! as Katherine Howard. She co-devised and performed in productions: Can Any Mother Help Me? a stage adaptation of the book by Jenna Bailey; Thatcher! The Musical as “Twin-Set” Maggie and co-created Pertencia – Foursight’s coproduction with mountain-based theatre company Teatro do Montemuro - Portugal, to highlight a few. Other theatre work includes: The Wizard Of Oz (Palace Theatre, Westcliff); Lick (Mark Storor/Birmingham Rep); Macbeth. Kill Bill Shakespeare (South Hill Park & Wales Tour); Perfect Pie (The Byre Theatre, St Andrews); Peter Pan. The Return Of Captain Hook & Aladdin (Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal); Lady Macbeth Re-Writes The Rulebook (Library Theatre, Manchester); The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (RSC, Stratford & Sadler’s Wells); Holding Space (The Clore Studio – ROH2); Macbeth (TNT, European Tour); Trouble In Tahiti (Southwark Playhouse).

Tom Godwin Step Brother Theatre includes: Biondello in The Taming of the Shrew (Globe) Bingo (Young Vic) The Crash of The Elysium (Punchdrunk) Enron (Chichester, Royal Court, West End), Earthquakes in London (National), Victory (Arcola), Volpone, Secret Heart (Manchester Royal Exchange) Get Santa! (Royal Court), the Total Theatre Award winning The Illusion Brothers, Somebody to Love (Blow Up Theatre), Henceforward, Arsenic and Old Lace (Derby Playhouse), We Can Be Heroes (Company F.Z.), Professor Bernhardi (Oxford Stage Company), For One Night Only (Clod Ensemble), Elizabeth Rex (Birmingham Repertory Theatre), Signals of Distress (Soho Rep. New York), Robin Hood (Chipping Norton). Television includes: Forthcoming sitcom Family Tree directed by Christopher Guest, Psychoville, Voyages of Discovery, Waking the Dead, Battleplan, Holby City, EastEnders, Anchor Me, David – True Believer, Sword of Honour, Grease Monkeys.

Film: About Time by Richard Curtis due for release 2013

Brian Hargreaves Musician Brian is a multi-instrumental artist, who’s most recent theatre credits include the awardwinning Stick Man Live (Scamp Theatre) as part of the creative and performance team. As a session musician he is working with The Heavy (Ninja Tune), and has recently appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman as part of their 2012 US Tour. He has recorded for Giles Peterson at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios, and performed with the likes of Alice Russell and The Unforscene, Bad Manners, Babyhead and has played at venues from the Glastonbury Festival to Fabric; Disneyland to Dallas; and Nempnett Thrubwell to New York Fashion Week. As a voice over artist he has done work for adverts, radio broadcasts and online magazines. He recently met an astronaut who gave him a guided tour of Johnson Space Centre.

Adam Pleeth Musician Adam Pleeth started playing trumpet and piano at an early age, picking up other instruments as he went along. He studied music at Bristol University and has spent several years touring internationally with the bands Babyhead and The Heavy. He worked on Kneehigh Theatre’s Brief Encounter, performing in the West End run, U.K. tour, US tour and 4 months on Broadway. He musically directed Shanty Theatre’s production The Salty Socks and produced and recorded the cast album; composed and performed for the Edinburgh Fringe First 2012 winning show Juana in a Million; composed and recorded for Time stands still when I think of you at The Place and Entries on Love at Rich Mix. He was a musician on Wildworks’ Babel and has composed music for Theatre Ad Infinitum’s new show, It’s a Wonderful Place. He has performed live at New York fashion week, Radio 1 Maida Vale sessions, Radio 2 with Charles Hazlewood and Glastonbury Festival’s Jazz World stage.

Sally Cookson Director Sally is a freelance director based in Bristol. She is an Associate Artist of Bristol Old Vic where productions have included Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Aesop’s Fables, Pains of Youth, Pericles and The Visit. Sally’s ongoing collaboration with Travelling Light Theatre has resulted in her directing over ten productions for the company, including Boing, Cloudland, Bob The Man on The Moon, How Cold My Toes, Shadow Play, Clown, Lenny, Home and Papa Please Get The Moon For Me. For Tobacco Factory, theatre includes: The Ugly Duckling, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. For Kenny Wax Productions: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. For Polka Theatre: Lost and Found. For Scamp Theatre: Stick Man, Aesop’s Fables and Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales. Other theatre includes: Sapling Song, As Far As I Can Sea (National Trust), The Mermaid And The Mirror (Half Moon), Jump (Myrtle Theatre). Sally’s credits as an actress include work at the Royal National Theatre, Almeida, Young Vic, Gielgud Theatre and repertory theatres nationwide.

Katie Sykes Designer Katie is a designer/artist/teacher and co-founder of Shoofly Theatre Company. Credits include for Bristol Old Vic: Coasting, fairymonsterghost, Treasure Island, Endgame, Antigone, Strange Case and the award winning Alice in Wonderland (co-designed with Melly Still). For Travelling Light: Boing!, The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby and Dingan , How Cold My Toes, Shadowplay, Cloudland, Mother Savage, The Stones, Too Many Cooks and the award winning Into The West (Tir na n’og). For the Tobacco Factory: A Christmas Carol, The Ugly Duckling, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Cinderella: A Fairytale. Other credits include Up Down Boy (Myrtle Theatre), White Caps (Champloo Dance), Lost and Found (Polka Theatre), Stickman, Aesop’s Fables and Tiddler and other Terrific Tales (Scamp ), Kid Carpet and the Noisy Animals (Kid Carpet) and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (Kenny Wax Productions).

Benji Bower Composer & Music Director Benji is a composer/multi instrumentalist/ producer and founding member of Unforscene and Bower Brothers Inc. Theatre credits as composer/ musical director include: Peter Pan, Treasure Island (Bristol Old Vic), Bob the Man on the Moon (Travelling Light/ Sixth Sense), Cinderella: A Fairytale, Ali Baba, Ugly Duckling and Cinderella: A Fairytale (Tobacco Factory Theatre/ Travelling Light) Papa Please Get the Moon For Me (Bristol Old Vic/ Travelling Light), We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (Bristol Old Vic/ Kenny Wax), Aesop’s Fables (Bristol Old Vic/ Scamp), Stick Man (Scamp Theatre), Strange Case (Bristol Old Vic/Pervasive Media), City of One, Jollity Farm (Myrtle Theatre), Orpheus and the Furies (Theatre Dam Fino). TV credits as composer include: Cult of a Suicide Bomber (Channel 4), Comics Britannia (BBC4), Blown Apart (BBC2), Rude Britannia (BBC4), Save the Children podcast 2010. Unforscene credits include Sulston Connection (Kudos), Pacific Heights (Kudos), New World Disorder (Kudos), Fingers and Thumbs (Tru Thoughts), Return of the Wob (Wob Records), various remixes for the likes of Heritage Orchestra and LTJ Bukem. Musician credits include: Hansel & Gretel (Kneehigh), Troubleman (Mark Pritchard) and Alice Russell, Bonobo, Hundred Strong.

Adam Peck Dramaturg Adam is a writer and dramaturg, and an Associate Artist of Bristol Old Vic. He is currently working with companies including Sadler’s Wells, East London Dance, Pickled Image, and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Since 2006 he has worked extensively with Bristol Old Vic teaching playwriting and devised theatre, and co-creating work with and for young people including The Life After, Joan of Arc and Gilgamesh. Recent credits include Father Christmas (Lyric Hammersmith), Hey Diddle Diddle (Bristol Old Vic), his autobiographical show Only Us (Bristol Old Vic), and Bonnie & Clyde (Tobacco Factory Theatre and Theatre 503), the latter of which is published by Oberon Books.

Joêl Daniel Choreographer

Matthew Graham Lighting

Joêl works as an independent artist and co-director of project-based Dance Company ‘Champloo’. He pushes boundaries within bboying (break-dance) technique, creating movement that is unique and has a deep expressive capacity. He is passionate in striving to create a true expression in his work, utilising what is necessary to do this. Recent work includes co-choreography of Champloo’s White Caps and Stronger and in collaboration with Sally Cookson & Travelling Light Theatre include How Cold My Toes, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Boing! which will play at Sadler’s Wells this December.

Previous work includes: The Adventures of Pinocchio, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, A Christmas Carol, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Tosca, Carmen and Rigoletto (Tobacco Factory Theatre). The Tempest, Richard II and Comedy of Errors, King Lear and The Cherry Orchard (Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory), Riot (Theatre Royal Bath), Ugly Duckling (Travelling Light). Jason and Medea (Bristol Old Vic Young Company).

Chris Pirie Puppetry Director Chris is Artistic Director of Green Ginger and has co-designed and performed in most of the company’s productions since joining 26 years ago. Freelance work includes performance and puppetry consultancy for Welsh National Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Canadian Opera Company, Norwegian National Opera, Theatre Royal de la Monnaie (Brussels), San Francisco Opera, Teatro Communale di Bologna, Teatro Malic (Barcelona), Bristol Old Vic, Travelling Light, Circomedia and Sherman Theatre. TV and film credits include puppetry for the BBC and Aardman Animations. Chris also lectures in puppetry design and manipulation at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and produced Toast in the Machine, a professional development programme for emerging puppeteers. He is a trustee of Puppet Place, the artform support organisation for puppetry and animation and is a co-producer of the biennial Bristol Festival of Puppetry.

Bonnie and Clyde, Out of Touch and The Red Man (Fairground), Blue Orange (Plain Clothes Theatre Company). Muzzle (Jonny Dixon), Macbeth, Twelfth Night, The Tempest, Love/ Intrigue, Robbers and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Faction Theatre Company), Babel in Italy (Élan Productions), Odette, Coriolanus, Closer Than Ever and Medea (Guidecca Productions).

Charlie Knight Sound Charlie is a freelance sound designer and engineer working in Bristol. He has spent the last 4 years working as technician and sound engineer for National Dance Company Wales and Wales Millennium Centre. Since moving from Cardiff he has worked on Reggie Watts and The Showstoppers for Bristol Old Vic’s ‘Bristol Jam’ and Andi Osho for The Tobacco Factory.

Tobacco Factory Theatre Original Producer

The Tobacco Factory Theatre is a dynamic, innovative and popular studio theatre located on the first floor of the Tobacco Factory in Bristol. It is a hub of creation, development and learning and produces and presents a diverse and exciting programme of theatre and other performing arts. The Tobacco Factory Theatre aims to produce and present life-changing performances, to entertain and challenge diverse audiences and to support and encourage established and emerging artists. From international comedy acts to puppet festivals, children’s theatre to Shakespeare, contemporary theatre festivals to opera – the theatre is proud to cater for any theatre goer. In August 2009 the Brewery Theatre opened, just 150 metres down the road from the Tobacco Factory. Housed in a former tyre garage backing on to the Bristol Beer Factory, the Brewery comprises a beautiful and intimate 90-seat auditorium. For more information about what’s on at the Tobacco Factory Theatre and The Brewery, visit the theatre’s website

Travelling Light Original Producer

Travelling Light has been creating exciting and ground-breaking theatre and inspiring young people since 1984. Based in Bristol and touring locally, nationally and internationally, the

company is renowned for the quality of its work for young audiences. Much of this work is produced by a core team of outstanding associate artists, and frequently in collaboration with theatre venues. Previous collaborations with the Tobacco Factory Theatre include The Ugly Duckling (2007) and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (2009). Travelling Light’s co-production of Boing! with Bristol Old Vic returns to Sadler’s Wells for Christmas 2012, and the company will be partnering Sadler’s Wells, Stratford Circus and East London Dance to create and tour Varmints in May-June 2013. Alongside productions, Travelling Light works with children and young people through education and development projects, in addition to three thriving youth theatre groups and an annual summer school. For more information on the company see

St. James Theatre Productions Producer

St. James Theatre Productions is the producing arm of the St. James Theatre. In the opening season of plays it is co-producing three out of the four productions and plans are well advanced for some exciting theatrical collaborations in the second and third seasons. The St. James Theatre receives no subsidy other than the generous donations from sponsors and benefactors, and as such needs to be a totally commercial operation. Having said that, we remain hopeful as we move forward of being able to provide a safe  “off West End” harbour for quality new plays,  musicals and revivals. We are actively encouraging the participation of business partners and sponsors and welcome all enquiries from those who would like to join us in this exciting venture.

ACTIVITIES SHEET Cut out and colour the bird to make your very own Cinderella decoration! Hang it in your bedroom or use it as a Christmas decoration!

Cinderella programme