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4 Steps to Getting Your Ex Back in Your Life Again Breaking up with someone you care about is extremely hard, and it does not get easier just because you went through it before. It leaves you with a great sense of loss, to the point where you do not know what to do, and you are left figuring out what could have gone so wrong. Most people want to get their exes back after a break up, sometimes even if the relationship was terrible or unhealthy. They just do not see their lives without their ex, and they are pushed to do whatever they can to win that person back in their life. For the most part, a lot of relationships follow a certain path. Things are extremely amazing and exciting at the beginning of the relationship, and then as time progresses, you get to know each other and then familiarity and comfort sets in. All of a sudden, you start to notice each others irritating traits and the excitement of a new relationship is gone. When the excitement leaves the relationship, and you start to notice things about the other person that you do not like, that is when trouble starts brewing for most relationships. This is when the real work of the relationship begins, and some people decide to terminate the relationship because they do not want to have to do the work to maintain the relationship. When your partner decides to leave you, you may decide that you want to be with that person and the relationship is worth salvaging. Here are four steps to help you get your ex back: • Say you are sorry. Sometimes saying that you are sorry will not bring your ex back into your life, but it is a great step to let your partner know that you regret your contribution to the breakup. Be clear about what you are apologizing for and if your partner brings some other things that they are blaming you for, just keep your calm and refuse to be dredged into another fight. • Sit down with your ex partner and sort things out. You and your partner need to set some time aside for this and they have to be willing to do this. They must want to do this out of their own accord, without you having to plead, beg or force them into it. These conversations can end up in a fight or one or both of you could end up blaming each other. However this is not the time to get into another fight or blame each other, it is a time to talk about your issues objectively, while trying to get solutions to move forward. • Give your partner some space after the breakup. For the most part, the person who wants to get back together will want to see their ex partner, but just remember that just because you want to see them does not mean that they want to see you. Let your partner have some breathing space so that they have that chance to miss you.

• Show your ex that you care about yourself and that you have a life apart from them. Do not be clingy or needy or whiny, unless you really want to push them further away from you than you already have. Keep busy and hang out with your friends. Let your voice mail handle their calls, especially when you are out with your friends having fun. Keep them wondering what you are busy with and with whom, and take care of your appearance. And when they ask why you were not picking up your calls, tell them that you were busy. What you do next is going to be crucial and will determine whether you get your ex back or not. Follow a step by step blueprint that will guarantee that you win your ex back into your life.

4 Steps to Getting Your Ex Back in Your Life Again