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Located just three blocks from the heart of Carmel’s village, the hotel’s location made it incredibly convenient to walk to local shops and restaurants. Where to Play in Carmel Beach lovers adore the white sands of Carmel. And for those who aren’t into catching rays, a 2 ¼ mile there-and-back stroll is a great way to enjoy the fresh sea breezes, crashing waves, and awe-inspiring beauty. A historic walking tour with 25 fascinating stops is the best way to explore the town. We strolled past Hansel and Gretel fairy tale cottages, a 1907 drug store, historic inns, libraries, and churches. Each turn brought yet another surprising picture-perfect moment. Today, 18 wine tasting rooms dot the quaint streets of Carmel making it easy to taste premium wines grown in nearby Carmel Valley. One of our favorites, Carmel Road, features a line of wines from Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore. Together with Carmel Winemaker Kris Kato, Drew’s creations include a Rose, Pinot Grigio, and a superb Pinot Noir blend. Wines here are so good that


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it’s virtually impossible to leave without a bottle. Monterey Though we’ve been to Monterey several times, it never ceases to draw us back like a moth to a flame. Whether it’s the grey marine layer that often covers the peninsula like a wet blanket or the azure blue waters-waves crashing over jagged rock formations, one thing is certain, Monterey makes us feel like we’re grabbing life by the moment. Where to Stay in Monterey Our favorite Monterey retreat is the authentic Casa Munras Garden Hotel and Spa. Built in 1824, the original residence of the enchanting Spanish-inspired property was one of the first constructed outside the walls of the old Monterey Presidio. Located just a few blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf, everything about the boutique hotel exudes warmth, tradition, and a true sense of hospitality. A roaring fireplace welcomes guests entering the lobby. Our 505 square-foot suite was charming and ele-

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Links & Libations July 2018  

Links & Libations July 2018