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“It was information overload,” laughs Lamm, “but I saw it as a prerequisite of getting my foot in the door of the industry. I was teaching myself on a home brewing level, but I needed to take it to the next level.” As a member of the second largest brewing class in the academy’s history, Lamm and fellow brewmasters are members of the largest sounding board in the industry. His network of knowledge and feedback is only a phone call away. Oconee Brewing Company, celebrating its first birthday this spring, has four year-round beers on tap and they sprinkle offerings with ever-changing seasonal options. “By style,” says Lamm, “I’m an IPA fan,” and you can taste it in his creations. Their four mainstays are Round Here Beer (clean, crisp Kolsch favorite), Lion Lamm (a malty backbone India Pale Ale), Three One Thousand (a pale ale malt and with bitterness and a hint of habanero), and GranDunkel (a dark wheat beer Dunkelweizen). From a brewing perspective, he confesses the seasonal ones are the most fun, and even some versions of ones that are on tap came from his


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Links & Libations July 2018  

Links & Libations July 2018