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2014 Roof of the World Rally


Team: Live and Let Drive

Welcome  -­‐  Join  the  Adventure!

Hi,  I’m  Chris.    




And  I’m  Jon.

We   are   a   pair   of   young   engineers   from   Bath,   UK   who   together   make   up   one   of   the   teams   for   the   2014  Roof  of  the  World  Rally.  We  are  team  "Live  and  let  Drive".  In  July  2014  we'll  be  undertaking   an  epic  journey,  driving  around  5,000  miles  from  Bath,  England  to  Dushanbe,  Tajikistan.  We’ll  be   driving  over  in  our  second  hand  ambulance,  which  on  arrival  in  Tajikistan  we’ll  be  donating  to  a   local   hospital.     Aside   from   battling   altitude   sickness,   border   guards,   extreme   weather   and   breakdowns   we   have   also   set   ourselves   the   challenge   of   raising   some   money   for   two   fantastic   charities  along  the  way:  Go  Help  and  the  Trauma  Recovery  Centre.

Will  you   sponsor  us?

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Enhance  your   company  profile

Support  two   great  charities

Trip  Finance  -­‐  How  it  Works

Personally  Funded   by  us

-­‐ ambulance  (being  


donated  to  Tajikistan   healthcare  service  at   end  of  trip)  

-­‐ all  travel  costs

Your  Sponsorship  -­‐  100%  going  to  two  great  charities 50%  Go  Help  -­‐  an  international   development  charity  that   supports  healthcare  and   education  services  in  some  of   the  worlds  poorest  and  most   under-­‐represented   communities.  

50%  Trauma  Recovery  Centre  -­‐   a  Bath  based  charity  that  helps  to   provide  counselling  and  therapy   for  children  affected  by  trauma   and  is  pioneering  after-­‐care   focussing  on  victims  of  human   traf8icking.

2014 Roof of the World Rally


Team: Live and Let Drive

Great!  How  do  I  get  Involved? Hopefully   if   you’ve   read   this   far,   you’re   interested   in   becoming   part   of   the   adventure   and   supporting  our  chosen  charities.  We  are  anticipating  a  high  level  of  local  media  interest  and  the   project   is   a   great   way   to   improve   your   company’s   exposure   whilst   also   helping   to   support   some   amazingly  good  causes.  We  have  a  range  of  standard  sponsorship  packages  available…

What  can  We  Offer  You? Chose  Your   Sponsorship   Benefit  Package

Bronze   Silver  Supporter   Supporter   “The  Continental   “The  Seaside  Day   City  Discoverer” Tripper”

Gold  Supporter   “The  Intrepid   Explorer  of   Foreign  Lands”

Platinum   Supporter   “The  Prospective   Phileas  Fogg” ✅

Invite  to  Journey   Launch  Event  with   stand

Company  logo  on   vehicle

20  x  20  cm

50  x  50  cm

100  x  100  cm

Company  logo  on   team  clothing

5  x  5  cm

10  x  10  cm

15  x  15  cm

Advertisement  of   promotions  to   online  supporters






Poster  of  ambulance   on  journey  clearly   showing  your  logo

Poster  +  framed  A3   print

Poster  +  framed  A2   print

Poster  +  framed  A2   print  +  unique  gift   from  Tajikistan

As  many  and  as   large  as  we  can   possibly  fit  -­‐  you’re   our  headline   sponsor!

Team  visit/talk  at   your  company  or   event  of  your   choice*





*  Locations  within  200  miles  of  Bath  -­‐  travel/accommodation  costs  to  be  covered   Note:  packages  representative  only  -­‐  can  be  fully  tailored  to  individual  wishes

Get  in  Touch If  you’re  interested  in  sponsoring  the  team  or  have  any  further  questions,  please  get  in  touch:   e:            t:  Chris  Lusty  07981  460371  /  Jon  Cooke  07527  715457

Rally  Fact-­‐file Where:  Bath,  UK  to  Dushanbe,  Tajikistan,  approximately  5,000  miles   When:  Leaving  Bath  at  beginning  of  July  2014,  arriving  Tajikistan  early  August   Who:  Chris  Lusty  and  Jon  Cooke  -­‐  adventurous  young  engineers  from  Bath   Online:­‐and-­‐let-­‐drive  ;   Charities:  Go  Help  (reg  charity  no  1129226  ;  TRC  (reg  charity  no  1141659  trc-­‐

Live and let drive charity event  

Team Live and Let Drives sponsors flyers: Your chance to join the adventure!

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