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What is dengue hemorrhagic fever?

Dengue fever is an flu like ailment spread by the bit e of a contaminated mosquito. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a serious, frequently de adly, difficulty of dengue fever. Popularly known as the “breakbone fever,” dengue occurs due to a virus called DENV-1 and yes, they are from “mosquitoes.”

INFECTIOUS AGENT THAT CAUSES DENGUE: Dengue is spread by the bite of an Aedes mosquito. The mosquito transmits the disease by biting an infect ed person and then biting someone else. Low levels of blood platelets, Leakage of blood plasma Risk Factor 

Prevention centers on avoiding mosquito bites in areas wher e dengue occurs or might occur and eliminating breeding sites. • Dengue occurs in most tropical areas of the world. •

SYMPTOMS OF DENGUE You can notice the symptoms of dengue in 3 – 6 or within 15 days after being infected. The sy mptoms can happen in stages. Usually, the symptom starts with a chill, then headache, pain in t he movement of eyes, followed by a low backache and loss of appetite.

Treatment and Cure Steps Step 1: Take a fresh papaya leaf and cut it into slices. Ensure that you remove the veins. Step 2:  Mix the leaves with 10 ml of cold water. Step 3:  Ground the mixture and filter it. Step 4:  Strain it and drink the juice four times a day.


Papaya leaves contain enzymes like papain and chymopa pain, which help in normalizing the platelet count, improve s liver function, deals with blood clotting, and heals the live r damage. The high levels of vitamin C help stimulate the immune sys tem, and the antioxidants help to reduce oxidative stress a nd eliminate excess toxins in the blood.

Treatment for dengue fever  
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