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WHAT IS A KIDNEY STONE: ď ą A kidney stone is a piece of material That forms in a kidney when there are high levels o f certain substances in the urine. ď ą These substances are normally found in th e urine and do not cause problems at lower levels..

CAUSES AND FACTOR FOR KIDNEY STONE Kidney stones are caused by high levels of calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus in the Urine. Cause : A family Background of kidney stones. Blockage of urine tract. Urine infections. The main reason for the creation of calcium oxalate stone(s) is "saturation of a stream of pee with salts and minerals". Howe ver, if citrate creation is ceased in the kidneys, stones can Form.

Treatment and Prevention: It can be treated in different ways. Lemon Juice, Olive Oil Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  Top Remedies for Quick Relief  JUICE OF BANANA PLANT’S Step 1:  Take 2 grams of organic cardamom seeds and ground them nicely. Step 2: Prepare 1 glass of Banana stem juice – by chopping few pieces and grinder them in a mixer with water. Step 3: Add the ground cardamom seeds to it. Step 4: Mix it well. Step 5: Strain and drink early morning on empty stomach. You can even cons ume two times a day (15 minutes before your meal).

CONCLUSION According to Ayurveda, the stem of banana plant can signi ficantly help in dissolving or passing the kidney stones. It has natural diuretic properties, which assist in reducing the stone size. Also, they help in treating gallstones. In addition toTreating Kidney Stones, cardamom also reduces pain. Consequently, when combined with Banana stem juice, it can do great wonders.

Home remedy for kidney stones  
Home remedy for kidney stones