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PIMPLES SYMPTOMS Pimple, also called Acene is very common. More than 80 to 90% of people have it at some time, usually as te enagers problem . It occurs when the skin’s oil glands become over and over . Most acne is due to hormonal changes.This causes the oil glands to grow larger and to make an oil called sebum.

Causes and Risk Factors People think eating certain foods causes pimple This isn’t genera lly true, but if you think that a particular food is making it wors e, try avoiding that food for 4 to 6 weeks. Eating a good diet wi th plenty of fruits, vegetables .


DEAD SKIN CELLS: As like hair, even your skin sheds dead cells. A few of them are a ttached to the face, which causes the skin pores to block. The same pores can cause Pimples.

WHERE CAN PIMPLES OCCU R? It may vary in our Body area They can occur on the back, fac e, neck, chest, and shoulders. If you have oily skin, you are mo re likely to suffer from this ailment.


TREATMENT AND PREVENTION: Acne can be treated in different ways.   A. Indian Mallow B. Sesame Oil C. Garlic

Step 1: Take a piece of garlic, a few Indian mallow leaves (chopped), and 3 teaspoons of organic sesame oil.

Step 2: Fry the Indian mallow leaves and garlic in gingerly oil for a few min utes on low heat.   Step 3: Strain the decoction.   Step 4: Apply on the pimples and leave it overnight .

CONCLUSION To help remove the oil you should wash y our face one or two times daily. Use a mil d soap and water, don’t scrub. Irritation can make acne worse. For More Tips Watch Us


Home remedies for pimples  
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