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S p r i n g i s c a l l i n g a n d i t ' s t h e p e r f e c t t i m e t o a d d p o p s o f c o l o r t o y o u r w a r d r o b e ! D r a w i n s p i r a t i o n f r o m n a t u r e b y m i x i n g a n d m a t c h i n g c o l o r s a n d p a t t e r n s t o c r e a t e u n i q u e l o o k s t h a t r e f l e c t y o u r p e r s o n a l i t y a n d s t y l e . T r e n d i n g i n S p r i n g 2 0 2 3 a r e c o l o r f u l f l o r a l p r i n t m a x i d r e s s e s , s h e e r t o p s , a n d 9 0 ' s i n s p i r e d s t a t e m e n t s h o e s i n b o l d h u e s . I s y o u r c l o s e t r e a d y f o r S P R I N G ? I f n o t , w e ' v e g o t y o u c o v e r e d. W h e t h e r y o u ' r e l o o k i n g f o r a f l i r t y d r e s s o r a p a i r o f e y e - c a t c h i n g e a r r i n g s , S o u t h e r n T h r o n e B o u t i q u e h a s e v e r y t h i n g y o u n e e d t o m a k e y o u r w a r d r o b e c o m e a l i v e w i t h c o l o r t h i s S p r i n g . O f f e r i n g w o m e n ' s s i z e s S3 X , t h e r e i s s o m e t h i n g f o r e v e r y o n e a t S o u t h e r n T h r o n e B o u t i q u e .

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Page 14- Fashion Looks and Trends

Page 18- Clean Eating with J’Que

Page 26- Q&A with LAMH Kimmi Scott

Page 29- Women To Watch In Huntsville

Page 37- Attracting Your Ideal Client

Page 43- Three Ways To Tell Your Brand Story On Social Media

Page 46- 2023 Your Year To Thrive

Page 49- Supercharge Your Body!

06 15 26 The Editor’s Letter Exclusive Interview With Lamh Kimmi Scott Looks you don’t know you needed
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Page 6- Letter From The Editor

Page 55- Fighting For Your Dreams As Single Mother

Page 58- Three Mental Health Tips For Winter Months

Page 64- Makeup Trends For The Season

Page 67- LAMDC Winter Harris Talks Life Lessons

Page 70- 3 Ways To Improve Financial Wellness

Page 73- Our Not So Secret Marriage Secret

Page 77- 3 Ways To Liven Up Your Space

Page 81- In Sickness And Health

Page 83- Healthy Hair Tips For Curly Girls

5 LIVE AFFIRMED ● WINTER 2023 Curly Hair During Winter 3 Products You Need For Healthy And Hydrated Hair 83
Lamdc Winter Harris Exclusive Interview 64 Be bold and confidently you Makeup by Kierra Franchesca 67 Table
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What a journey it has been from the original idea of this magazine to its actual manifestation. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to express my excitement for the first edition of the Live Affirmed Magazine. As you read the thoughts and stories of your fellow woman and sister, I hope you are filled with joy, hope, and pride. These women may or may not be standing next to you in the trenches of life, but they represent our collective stories.

As a child, I dreamed of finding my unique voice and sharing my story. Many quiet days were spent writing, practicing, and studying magazines, books, and media. Now I stand in awe of God as women’s voices throughout Huntsville, Alabama and the world are amplified through the Live Affirmed Magazine.

Erin’s Fav Things: Winter List

Personal Development:

Balance by Touré Roberts

I’m currently listening to this book on Scribd. His books have been lifechanging for me. Please check them out. In this season of life, I am doing lots of things, so this book is vital for me. I typically listen to books because my lifestyle is always on the go, so happy reading or listening!

Homefront: Candles, candles, and more candles! While biased because I have my own candle line, I love filling my home with different scents. I study them and buy them based on what fragrances complement the ambiance I want to create.


When it’s cold outside, I like to find warm places to visit. I recently went to Dubai for my honeymoon. It was beyond amazing! From the food to the luxury, I felt pampered in every way.

The desert safari ride was one of the most thrilling moment of the trip as the rest were spent more quietly. I can’t wait to go back!



Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams is the Owner and Lead Designer of B. Christine & Co. LLC. Barbara’s professional experience as a Logistician for 13 years, allowed her to liaise and glean knowledge in research, with extensive experience in communication and relationship-building skills. These skills have allowed her to build genuine relationships with clients, contractors, and trade vendors.

IG: b.christine_interiors

Brianna Evans is a California Native who has made Huntsville her home. She resides on Green Mountain with her husband and twin daughters (5yo). Brianna has been doing hair for nine years and works at Terrame Salons and Spas in Madison. She specializes in curly hair cuts, color, and blonding. She is known for her upbeat personality, style, and her welcoming words, “Hey, Pretty Lady!”


Chondra Craig

Chondra Craig is an Assistant Fashion Buyer and an up-and-coming Fashion Stylist. She has a B.S. in Apparel, Merchandise, and Design and a Masters in Business Administration. Chondra’s passion is Fashion, and she aims to uplift people through style.


Breanna Clark grew up in the small town of North Pole, Alaska, but now resides in Huntsville, Alabama. She is a single mom to three beautiful children. By day she’s an operations leader with a dental support organization and successfully runs a skincare business where she passionately teaches women how to fall in love with their skin and make extra money on the side with less shame and more grace. Her vision is to see more confident women leading their children with love, grace, and abundance.

IG: breanna_m_clark

Gloria Betts Caldwell is a freelance writer, motivational speaker, actress, and former business owner of 318 Production, LLC. She is passionate about inspiring and propelling people to live out their purpose. Gloria completed her education at Alabama A&M University and works full-time as a Resource Analyst at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Gloria is an energetic mother of two beautiful children, Giavanna and Jeffrey Grayson.

IG: @ivegotthatglo

Ele is the girl-talk best friend every young woman needs. Through her unique story and years of coaching young women, she encourages transformation of the mind through breaking old patterns and healing intentionally from trauma and life’s setbacks while ultimately helping you to level up into the woman, God ordained you to be. She is a certified life and relationship coach, an author and an impactful speaker. Her mission is to ensure that generations of women achieve their purposes and live a fulfilled life.


Breanna Clark Brianna Evans Gloria Betts Ele Babalola


J Que Ellis

North Alabama’s People’s Choice Entrepreneur of the Year, Impact Speaker, and Young Progressive Black Caucus Outstanding Women of Leadership Award Recipient, J’Que Ellis is a serial entrepreneur - multi-media proprietor, personal trainer, actress, radio and television personality, brand manager, super producer, national wellness influencer, professional model and healthy living specialist. With more than 22 yearsof professional experience under her belt, J’Que continues to be a leader and pacesetter of the business, entertainment, and wellness industry.

IG: @jquenow

Kierra Franchesca

Kierra is A Pro Makeup Artist for Charlotte Tilbury, ILIA Clean Beauty, and specializes in onsite Freelance Bridal, Film, and Event Makeup. Kierra has been doing makeup for 13 years. She has a passion for educating her clients with skincare and makeup. Her mission is to empower her clients to look and feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves.

IG: @kierrafranchesca

Kiya McRae

Kiya McRae is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and fashionista. She is the founder of Kiya McRae Unlimited is a brand created to inspire and motivate others to eliminate their limited belief systems to thrive in and out of business. Kiya resides in North Alabama with her husband, DJ, and enjoys traveling, fine dining, and binge-watching Netflix in her spare time.

IG: @kiyamcRae

Morgan Banks

Morgan Banks is a marketing strategist who owns a social media marketing agency that serves business owners across the United States. Morgan created this business because she loves bragging about what businesses are doing and promoting the hard work they put into it. Morgan is dedicated to learning and teaching about the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

IG: @capricouture

Juniel Bettis

Money management guru, financial strategist, and neighborhood finance coach are all titles used to describe Juneil Bettis. Juneil Bettis is a wife, entrepreneur, and lover of Jesus and finance. She is the CEO of Bettis Financial. Juneil Bettis has over 13 years of financial expertise and is a highly sought-after money manager by small businesses. A financial services firm helping small businesses build and grow profitable businesses. Bettis Financial’s mission is to help companies change their employees’ money stories by creating a financially inclusive workplace.

IG: bettisfinancial

Latoya Whitfield

Latoya is a loving wife and mother to three beautiful children. She is a phenomenal keynote speaker, author, mentor, and money mindset biz coach that helps women overcome limited beliefs that keep them from making the money that they desire in their businesses. Her favorite quote is, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been. “ It was life-changing for her and sparked the motivation to walk in her true purpose. Her approach has shifted mindsets and helped women become more confident.

IG: @coachlatoyawhitfield



Nicole Conway

Nicole Conway is a mental health advocate, certified through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), and shares her story through public speaking and in NAMI support groups. Her journey has led her to build others up from low self-esteem, low confidence, love of self, and self-worth. Nicole’s passion for styling shows through her creative and unique point of view.

IG: @crownadjusterllc

Terasha Burrell-Noble

Terasha Burrell-Noble is an Author and Floral Designer. She wrote her first book, “Broken Pieces Speak” in 2018 and has since poured her creative energy into her floral design business, MB Floral Design. When she’s not writing or arranging flowers, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their pup, Sugar.

IG: @madebeautifulfloral_

Toya Poplar

Jamé Delotte-Bennett

Jamé Delotte-Bennett is a Christian Counselor. The name of her business is ‘Another Helper’. She is passionate about helping others. Her goal is to help her clients grow mentally and spiritually while giving a voice to the unheard.

IG: jme_db

Victoria Enyinda

Toya is a best-selling author, accomplished ghostwriter, and sought after speaker and highly regarded life coach who invests her time and energy encouraging others to live authentically, listen empathetically and cultivate creativity. Toya’s words, whether written or spoken, will motivate you to chase your dreams to fruition.

IG: @toyapoplar

Victoria Enyinda is a health and wellness practitioner passionate about helping people, specifically minorities, improve their health and wellness. Victoria earned a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, Alabama. She is working towards a Ph.D. in Health Education/Health Promotion. In addition, Victoria holds a certificate in health coaching from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She also holds a certificate in personal training from the International Sports Sciences Association and a certification in Clinical Herbalism from Herbal Academy, International School of Herbal Arts & Sciences.

IG: victoriaenyinda


Fashion looks

Have you ever found yourself needing a little outfit inspiration? I know I have. I need inspiration on those days I’m in a rush or when I’m unsure what I feel like wearing. Yes, girl! You are not alone! Some days outfit ideas pop into my head effortlessly, while other days, I’m running to Pinterest for inspiration. Whether putting together an outfit comes easy to you or not, the right look can leave you feeling beautiful and confident!

If you need some winter outfit inspiration(it’s almost over!), you’ve come to the right place! I’ve had a few looks running through my mind repeatedly, and I’d love to share them with you. From athleisure to the month of love looks, you’re sure to look cute and ready to conquer the season. Remember, your outfit doesn’t have to look like those pictured here. Recreate whatever look suits your style to the best of your capabilities and wear it with confidence and a smile.

The first look is an athleisure outfit featuring a puffer vest. This look can be worn almost anywhere! The best part about this outfit is that it's stylish and comfortable.

The second look features a staple pea coat that is always good to have in your closet. This look is casual and can be worn anywhere as well.

and Trends

The next look is perfect for the office! You can never go wrong with a blazer for work. You can add your flare by switching out the matching suit pants for a pair of leather straight-leg pants.

We are in the month of love, and whether you have a date night with your boo, hang with your girlfriends, or enjoy “me time,” it can be nice to dress for the occasion.

If you’re more of a casual Valentine’s Day girl, this look will be just right for you. It features a cute yet simple Valentine’s graphic tee.

This Valentine’s Day look is for the ladies who love a dressy casual outfit. It’s perfect for coffee, lunch, dinner dates, and any other outing you may go on this Valentine’s Day.

The next look is perfect for Galentines with your girls! Grab a skirt, a button-up shirt, and a bomb pair of booties, and you’re ready for an outing with the girls.

Date night with your boo? We got you! This outfit is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your boo. It is dressy and can be worn to a nice dinner or out for a night of dancing.

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Photo Credit: George Okoro Select Photo Credit: George Okoro Select
Photo Credit: George Okoro Select


Photo Credit: It Takes Two Images


Erin: You have been very transparent about your journey with breast cancer. What has helped you get through this past season of your life?

Kimmi: In short. Jesus! No one wants to get the phone call that your biopsy has confirmed breast cancer. On June 22, 2022, I was extremely hurt and upset. I felt I had done so many things right (regarding my health, eating habits, no smoking, exercise, etc.). And like many, my initial thought was, “why me?” After a few days of prayer and thoughtful consideration of how I found a lump in my breast, and when I found it, it occurred to me that it was for a purpose. So, to not go where I’m led to help others was simply not in the books. After deciding to use my platform to share my story, I left it in God’s hands. I stayed prayerful and leaned heavily on my support team. After a few days of prayer and thoughtful consideration of how I found a lump in my breast and the timing of when I discovered it, it occurred to me that it was for a purpose.

Erin: As a woman who is talented in multiple business arenas (your cookbook, being an RN, and real estate agent), what insight do you have for women who are multipreneur?

Kimmi: To be a “multi” anything, you must have a fair share of focus, organization, and a good team. I’ll likely have many who may differ from me, but I came from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, so my thought process is slightly different. Even in hindsight, I am comfortable gradually getting into my entrepreneurial endeavors while using my 9-5 as capital to build my brand. I’m still very cautious about jumping first and asking questions second. I do lots of due diligence, so I can make informed decisions. and then, I determine the priority for that day or the month.

For instance, while I’ve been going through treatment and not feeling my best, I backed away from active Real Estate and focused on our property management and the title company. Right now, those areas need my attention. And when you have multiple irons in the fire, you must learn how to balance by prioritization. That means it may need to be Real Estate that needs the extra love today. But then the title company might come up a bit short, and that’s ok. Tomorrow (or the following week), focus on the title company. I honestly don’t believe that there is ever true balance. But when you neglect one area, try to refocus your attention in good time.

Erin: This has been an intense season for you; what have you been doing for self-care?

Kimmi: My self-care lands on two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. My primary self-care usually lands me at home with the fireplace, a bath, and a good book (and Zeus). I adore being alone. It is a quiet time to pray, listen, think, and help rejuvenate from the week. Alone time for me is like air. Absolutely mandatory.

On the flip side, I have had the pleasure of an excellent support team. So, even on those days when I want to be down or alone, my friends, family, and husband lift my spirits with laughter. Even when I’m pretty tired, my spirits are notably lifted when I can spend time with the people who love me.

Photo Credit: It Takes Two Images

Erin: What advice do you have for single mothers who are pursuing their dreams?

Kimmi: Do it! I’m always about having a plan. Especially for single moms because we have so much more to think about than just taking a risk on ourselves. I’m incredibly cautious, but I’ve accomplished everything I jotted down on my “to-do” list over time. Don’t let people talk you out of your dreams. Nor do you want to allow people to deter you from your plan. Work on your vision, mom. And if you have a village – use it. If you don’t – get one!

Erin: Has your perspective of life changed at all in this past year? If So, how?

Kimmi: I’d be crazy to think that my perspective on life has not changed. It ABSOLUTELY has. I’ve always believed myself to be highly motivated and appreciative of life and love, in a no-nonsense kind of way However, once “tomorrow is not promised” becomes really real, you have no idea how much more I value true friends, family, love, knowledge, health and positive energy and enjoying life.

Erin: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Kimmi: Wow. I would say give it to God and don’t take it back. We don’t learn that young enough. We spend so much time trying to plan our lives instead of living the life God planned for us. We learn so many lessons late. Sometimes we were never told, and sometimes we think we know better.

● Invest in friendships. I can’t help but get emotional when I speak about friendships because friendships, to me, are taken way too lightly. Your true friends will carry you through a lifetime, even when you feel like you can’t carry yourself. My MOST VALUABLE ASSEST are my friends.

● Know when to walk away. I mean that for everything. Relationships, careers, arguments. Keep your peace by any means necessary, and know when to walk away. Nothing is worth killing your spirit.

Photo credit: White outfit- HSV Headshots Photo Credit: HSV Headshots

Women Lafaye



L. Benford has arrived full throttle this season! Showing up and ready to navigate being a wife, mother of 2, entrepreneur, and songstress. Did we mention she was a nurse too? Her adventures, life lessons, and occasional cry outs have allowed her to learn to live in the present, utilize her talents and share with others. If you haven’t experienced her playlist at the shop stop. You do not want to miss out.

IG:Lafebenford; msolanaskincare_hsv

Courtney Bedenbaugh

A multimarket entrepreneur who has blanketed the city with creative party displays and health and wellness regimens. With a passion for serving others, she has changed how people view the stress of party planning and their relationship with their bodies and food. The CB Design was a dream that became a reality right before the birth of her first child. The dream continued when it came to helping others feel and look their best. As an Independent Consultant for Arbonne, Courtney can dive deep and help others achieve their health and wellness goals. Whether you are looking for your next party planner or a support system for your health, she is here to serve you!

IG: thecbdesign

Photo Credit: Dokk Savage Photography

Brittani Burgess

Brittani Burgess is a realtor and servant leader at The Rock Family Worship Center. Brittani strives to help her community succeed and achieve lifelong goals by providing educational resources to those in need. Her WHY comes from a place within, a place that she once was; her motto is, “Knowledge is the key to success,” so why not help people overcome some of the obstacles she faced while striving to succeed, including homeownership? She is devoted to assisting others in overcoming hurdles and living a victorious life.


Kaleka Tenae Jones

Kaleka Jones is the true definition of an entrepreneur as she has her own dance company where she teaches different dance styles, from contemporary to hip hop to twirl, for children ages 3-17. Her dance company has performed for multiple festivals, parades, and Trash Panda events. As if the company doesn’t keep her busy enough, she finds time to have a second business called “Love Jones Live Shows,” where she not only creates and picks the lineup and structure of the shows but also choreographs the routines for the show. Music and dance have always been the center of her life, and she proves it daily in her business endeavors. When she hears living affirmed, she thinks of a support system. Being support ed, recognized, and encouraged by likeminded individuals. When you have the right people in your corner, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.



Photo by zamzamsight and sound photography Photo Credit: Charles Beason

Penelope Morris

Since September 2020, Penelope House of Styles has provided a head-to-toe luxurious styling experience; for those seeking a revamp from their mundane everyday attire. By January 2021, Penelope had opened her retail boutique downtown Huntsville, at the well-known Clinton Row shopping district. Boutique goers can shop the latest trends, schedule private consultations and attend a plethora of exclusive trunk show experiences.

IG: penelopehouseofstyles

Tasha Nelson

Tasha Nelson is a lifestyle and UGC creator based in Huntsville with a focus on fashion, skincare and local shopping related events. She is a social media specialist with background in retail and fashion merchandising and loves promoting small and local business. Find style inspiration and recommendations on Instagram and Tik Tok!

IG: @tashmopolitancouture


Courtney Joy Willoughby

Courtney Joy Willoughby is a California native that has brought her two passions together: Marketing and small businesses. Starting out in the real estate world 6 years ago and as a small business owner herself, she saw a need for affordable and uncomplicated marketing. Mave Marketing was born and celebrates 2 years in business in June. IG:mavemarketing

Akayshia Barbee

Akayshia Barbee is an overall creative person. With a passion for dance, she is also a hairstylist doing both since she was a very young child. Dance is a way of creating an outlet, whether personal, spiritual, or giving someone hope. Being a hairstylist allows Akayshia to see people’s confidence go from 0 to 100, which is a beautiful experience. Her motto is: “Taking life daily, one step at a time, is vital. We cannot think about the past nor be concerned about the future. What’s most important is living in the now. That’s all we have literal control over.”

IG: aebtalent

Photo Credit: Fredro Star Photography Photo Credit: Argle & Lace Photography

Bria Willis

Bria Willis is the Owner of Huntsville’s premier exclusive men’s salon and spa, The Refinery. She began this new business venture by wanting to create a safe-space for men to indulge in self-care – manicures, pedicures, barbering, and more – without judgement. Bria’s goal is to provide a unique experience through exceptional services in a masculine ambience. The Refinery, set to launch late January 2023.

IG: @_the_refinery.

EmmaSara and

Bijou McMillion

EmmaSara and Bijou McMillion are revolutionizing the personal development space with their TV show, The Mother of Change Show. Hosted by the mother-daughter duo, it offers inspiring and uplifting advice, personal stories, and interviews to help moms and daughters navigate the challenges of motherhood, relationships, and work/life balance. Reaching over 236 million homes globally, this show is available on cable, satellite, streaming, and the InspireU Network App. EmmaSara is passionate about empowering moms to live boldly and confidently in motherhood, and Bijou is equally passionate about helping women of all ages cultivate their inner strength and find the courage to pursue their dreams. Tune in to The Mother of Change Show to be inspired, empowered, and equipped to change the world.

IG: motherofchangetv

Photo Credit: Curt Scene It Photography

Victoria O’ Conner

Victoria is a Floral Designer, Event Decorator and a stay at home mom of two beautiful children . With 13+ years of experience in the event industry Victoria specializes in Weddings, Large Floral Installations, Events (birthday parties, bridal showers & corporate events) and Designer Holiday Decorating. Her unique skills and fine attention to detail will guarantee the day of your dreams!


Nikia Lightfoot

Nikia knew she wanted to do something extraordinary from a young age. Little did she know that helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen would spark her curiosity; with confidence and a dream, she took a blind leap of faith and created Vujee Vegan. Nikia is a ten-year breast cancer survivor. She released her first book in 2021, My Breast Cancer Journey Journal. A native of Huntsville, Alabama, Nikia graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and Spanish; she obtained a Master of Science Degree in Logistics Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. She is also a Logistics Manager supporting the Department of Defense.

IG: vujee_vegan

Photo credit : argyle and lace photography Photo credit: Fredro Star Photography

Kenny James

Kenny James has lived in Huntsville since 2013 and has made it home. During the pandemic she noticed that small businesses were taking a hit, so her way of giving back was highlighting them on her Instagram and Facebook which is what ignited her career as a lifestyle content creator. She believes community is everything and that when we all band together our dreams are limitless.

IG: _thatskenny

Jessica Hixon Walker

Jessica is a leading expert in Corporate Healthcare design and a passionate entrepreneur who is always looking to encourage others to live purpose-driven lives. She wears many hats, which include Corporate America leadership, podcast host, owner of a lifestyle brand, author, and owner of a business design company, to name a few. Her various companies help entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and churches bring their vision to life. Driven by her faith, she enjoys serving the community through outreach initiatives and the numerous organizations she supports.

IG: 5pspodcast

Photo credit : Kaleigh Madison Photography

Ashlee Walker

Ashlee Walker is the co-founder and COO of LuxLife, a social consumer app aimed at helping women build friendships in real life by prioritizing relationships offline. Ashlee, a recent graduate from Auburn University, recognized the challenges many women face in forming friendships post-pandemic and decided to take action by co-founding LuxLife, a platform aimed at connecting women and fostering real-life relationships. With the unique difficulties presented by the global pandemic, Ashlee saw an opportunity to create a solution for those feeling disconnected from their peers and communities.


Photo credit : Kaleigh Madison Photography


Attracting ideal clients can be challenging for many business owners. That could be because there is a no universal formula that applies to everyone. Whether you are just beginning your business or trying to take things to the next level, here are three things that can serve as game changers to help you stand out and attract your ideal clients.


Networking is not just social; it is also intentional. To ensure that you are making the most of your time, I suggest three tips: Attend networking events when you "don't have time." Waiting until you actually "need clients" will

lead to desperation and disingenuis connections. Avoid passing your cards out to everyone. Being purposeful will ensure you connect with people who will use your card now or in the future. Follow up with your connections. It can be as simple as an email telling them it was nice to meet them. Do this within 24 hours so that you can stay memorable. Connections built organically and consistently are the most valuable.

Online Visibility

Online visibility is the #1 challenge I hear during conversations when attending networking events. I usually see the mistake of business owners trying to master all social

Photo Credit : SnapshotShuneil

media platforms, following every trend, and studying algorithms. These things may have grown other businesses, but you must remain intentional so you are not distracted from your original mission.

You can create a valuable reel or Tik Tok without ever dancing. You can make your own algorithm by consistently posting at the same time each day or posting relevant content. You can be great at Facebook but have room to grow on the other platforms. The real key is consistency.

Understanding Your Value

Only you can place the value on yourself. It's trendy to hear, "the price just went up," but what does that mean? Did the price go up because of what your clients are getting or because everyone else is saying it? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when deciding whether or not to increase your price.

1.) Am I solving a problem?

2.) Am I unique?

3.) How much time do I use to perfect my craft?

4.)Am I an expert?

If you can answer these questions with a confident yes, you should attach a price to a service that will attract the clients you desire to work with.

Life is ArtLive Colorfully

Living colorfully is easier to say than it is to do. Past trials and present traumas can limit the colors on our palette. This can lead to a passionless life consisting of unremarkable moments.

If you’ve been living an uninspired life while watching others manifest their most vivid dreams, it can feel like showing up for school in elementary with knockoff brand school supplies. As you use all your energy to tape together broken crayons, your peers are feverishly scribbling rainbows to their heart’s content. Not having the proper tools is enough for a kid to develop contempt for school, much like comparison can cause you to resent life.

If the kid with the bootleg box of crayons quits before their journey begins, the world misses out on a spectrum of artistry and imagination. If you decide that living an uninspired life is not worthwhile, the world gets robbed of your resplendence. Sometimes inadequacy can lead to creative advantage. Let’s revisit the classroom and the kid with the imitation crayons. Frustration meets inspiration. The student stops trying to keep up with the Crayola kids and chooses to go off by themselves and craft something new. They spot a hair dryer on the counter and a canvas in the corner, and in a stroke of serendipity, an artiste is born.


The kid melts their broken crayons onto canvas and manufactures a masterpiece. Their classmates marvel at their prowess, and their teacher is so impressed with their process that they provide resources for the student to reproduce their work and sell it at the school book fair. Alas, the kid with the broken crayons and delayed start becomes the kidpreneur with a financial backer, compelling brand story, thriving business, and built-in fan base. Maybe you’ve stuffed your creative passions for so long that you can’t see beyond your broken box of crayons. Perhaps comparison convinces you not to try because it’s already been said and done. This can lead to an inverted form of creativity, meaning rather than producing beauty, you expend energy managing the myriad of emotions that come with feeling like someone stole your idea. Deep within, you ache, knowing that no one stole your idea; complacency gave it away. Someone said it because you sat on it and did it because you didn’t.

Lackluster living causes us to covet what others have and resent what we possess; it can cause us to amplify others’ imperfections to mask our impotence. Delays aren’t designed to deter us; God ordains them to make us more determined. Starting from behind can become the advantage that pushes us forward. We weren’t born to blend in with boring scribble scrabblers. We were created to convert fragments into something phenomenal. Let this be our year to explore new forms of expression. Begin the blog, produce the podcast, post a dope headshot, publish that book, launch the course, and build your brand. Life is too short to stay stuck for too long and far too lovely to shy away from color. Make the most of each moment and live a vibrant, authentic life that you love!

Dream plan or create with Toya at


3 Ways To Tell


Social media marketing has always been the buzz around town and will continue to rock the business world in 2023. However, it can be difficult for those just starting their businesses to understand how social media platforms can help them with brand awareness. Do not fret, as we have a few tips just for you. My name is Morgan Banks. I am the owner of Capri Couture Marketing, a Social Media Management Agency located in Houston, Texas. We work with over 10+ brands building social media strategies every year. We want to share our research on telling your brand story in 2023; today, here’s what you need to do:

· Be Authentic and Transparent · Be informative · Be Inspiring and philanthropic

Being authentic and transparent in your content in 2023 will be the way that brands will connect with their audience. It’s been said in many ways that authenticity draws attention far better than using data-driven responses. Try approaching your business content from an authentic space this year. Instead of sharing data and persuasive conversation or just trying to grab leads by continuing to use calls to action, that is straight forward such as “Get started Today” use phrases that cause people to want to join in on what you have come

to know about the industry you’re in. Use a call to action like “Join me in making a change” after you’ve been authentic you can use a “pull marketing” strategy to gather others to believe in what you believe as well. LinkedIn will be a platform that does exceptionally better this year by incorporating video content. Being authentic about your workspace and the challenges that arise in your industry will draw the attention of another professional in your niche who may like to collaborate on topics that serve your industry.


Be informative in your content on all social platforms. This will be a no-fluff type of year. People are looking for real information that will drive results. If you have information that others may not know about your industry, spill the beans. Being informative in 2023 will cause you to stand out, and it will also set you up as a professional that stays on top of the trends and changes in the industry your business serves. Instagram loves when you share content that can be sharable and repostable. If you are informing your audience about tips, tools, and programs that will help them in areas they need help in, chances are they will share with their friends by sharing the content of their stories or in the DM. This type of content is perfect for organic engagement. Creating content that’s engaging triggers the algorithm to keep offering your content to others. Offering inspiration to others with your content on TikTok and Instagram will skyrocket in 2023. Giving your brand a personality that offers more than information-based content further shows the versatility of what your brand stands for. In televised stories, you’ve more than likely fallen in love with a character because of what they stood for or believed in. So, as you tell your brand story in 2023 be sure you include what you stand for. Think about partnering with other organizations that support what you do for your clients, customers, and employees. Find ways to get into your community and get your hands dirty. Sharing these moments with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will pull your audience into believing in what you stand for and It will add validity to your brand story.

Are you a business owner looking to scale your business this year and in need of saving time on social media content marketing? Capri Couture Marketing has you covered. We specialize in social media management, CRM system building on the #1 system platform Honey Book and all digital marketing services such as email campaigns, copywriting, blog writing, and website building. We’d love to take the load of content creation and marketing off your shoulders and merge our teams. For more tips follow us on all social platforms @capricouturemarkeing. See our work on and reach out today by email at to book a consultation.

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2023 Your Year to Thrive

New Year jitters are not new but are heightened in recent years, especially post-pandemic; for many of us trying to adapt to this new “normal.” We are venturing into the great unknown with mixed feelings because we have no idea what to expect. The feelings of hesitation, cynicism, and anxiety are prevalent as we dip our pinky toes into the new year, anticipating what it may bring. In these last two years, you may have experienced all your stars in alignment and been living your best life, or you barely made it and are merely celebrating your survival. If you’re like me, you may have had both yet,

regardless of how you spent the last two years or years prior, a new year symbolizes a blank slate, a fresh start in yet another chapter of life. Call it cliché, but I can resonate with “new year, new you.” The shifts in my life may not have started right on January 1st, but I can attest to the power of stepping into each new year with intention and strategy. The past few years have not been remembered as the “best year ever,” however, I can say that each year, I thrived through the ups and downs.



to Thrive

Here are share three action items to help you thrive this upcoming year.

Create Self-Awareness. When we focus on being present in each moment, we can observe patterns in our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Writing in a journal, asking trusted friends for feedback, and going to therapy are great ways to grow in this area.

Take Ownership Over Your Life.

You are both the main character and the writer of your life’s story. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can control how we react and pivot the scenario to our advantage.

Create a Continuous Improvement Plan. As a recovering perfectionist, I continuously work towards a balance between grit and grace. One way I’ve accomplished this is by focusing on incremental growth. Just 1% of daily improvement leads to astronomical shifts over a year.

“When we focus on being present in each mo-ment, we can observe patterns in our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.”



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In the secluded meadow of Selah's Acres, your family will reconnect and refresh as you enjoy delicious breakfasts, personal fire pits, and walks on our natural hiking trails. Kids will relish their time with a cool dip in the creek.



10 Tips to Help You Detox and Improve Your Immune System

“New Year, New Body!” Is this you, sis? Whether you want to lose/gain weight, build sleek muscles, or improve your health overall– most of us have a body-focused goal for the new year. But where do we even start?

My recommendation? Start with detoxing to strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health! The better our bodies function, the easier it is to reach our health goals.

Daily, we are exposed to toxins (or antigens) through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we use on our skin (just to name a few). Our immune system’s job is to destroy these antigens before they cause serious damage. However, a buildup of toxins in our body can negatively impact our immune system and leave us feeling chronically unwell.

Additionally, we often cause our immune system to work less efficiently by:

- Not getting adequate sleep

- Experiencing daily stress

- Consuming alcohol

- Living a sedentary lifestyle

- Eating out too often

- Smoking

- Consuming too much sugar

- And more!

But fear not– detoxing our bodies can help to flush out these toxins so our detoxing organs (liver, kidney, and others) and immune system can function efficiently and keep us feeling FABULOUS!


Get Moving!: Exercise is a GREAT way to detox your body. Physical activity helps to improve digestion and metabolism. Additionally, exercise helps to stimulate elimination through breathing, sweating, and circulation.

Prioritize Sleep: Sleep is a crucial step to detox properly. Having a healthy circadian rhythm is vital to the body and hormonal functions. Inadequate sleep can cause detoxing organs, such as the liver, not to function improperly.

Eat Nourishing Foods: Eating healthy, whole foods is key to any detox. Green vegetables like kale contain antioxidants and micronutrients to nourish and detox the body.

Herbal Supplements: Certain herbs can support your body’s natural detoxification process. Dandelion, red clover, milk thistle, and nettle are a few herbs that can be used for detoxification. However, do your research! Many herbs may interact with certain medications and cause a negative effect.

Natural Skin Care: Skin is the body’s largest organ, so what we put on it matters. It only takes a few seconds for things we put on our skin to absorb into the bloodstream. Try switching to natural skin products free from parabens, phthalates, aluminum, and other toxic ingredients.

The following tips will help detox the body and supercharge your immune system.

Reduce Stress: Stress can wreak havoc on your body and make it difficult to detox. Try to reduce stress by practicing mindfulness, spending time outdoors, and limiting your time in front of screens.

Dry Brushing/Lymphatic Massage: Dry brushing is when you take a natural bristled body brush and gently brush/massage your (dry) body in an upwards, circular motion towards the heart. This practice helps to improve circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Additionally, dry brushing is a wonderful exfoliator.

Fasting: Often, our digestive systems are so compromised that our digestive system can not adequately process, which includes filtering toxins from the blood. Sometimes, our body needs a break! This is where fasting comes in. There are several types of fasting (water, juice, extended, dry, etc.) that can result in wonderful health benefits, including detoxification.

Reduce Toxins in Your Home: Many products we use in our homes are horrible for our health (and the environment!). Like skin care, our home products can be easily absorbed or inhaled into our bloodstream. Research shows that the air inside our homes can be much worse than the air outside due to the toxic products we use. Opt for natural products like vinegar or essential oils to clean and scent your home.

Drink plenty of water: As you are implementing these changes, your body will need help expelling toxins. Water will help to flush out toxins from your body and to keep you hydrated. Aim to drink 2-3 liters of water per day.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been written for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Photos by pichadero
w w w . a d o r e l a s h . c o m P : 8 0 8 . 2 8 1 . 8 7 0 8 E : C O N T A C T @ A D O R E L A S H . C O M 20% E N J O Y O F F * M U S T S H O W A R T I C L E 1420 Paramount Dr Suite G1 Huntsville, AL 35806 N A T U R A L B E A U T Y E N H A N C E M E N T S B R O W S | L A S H E S | L A S H T R A I N I N G | M I C R O B L A D I N G A D O R E L A S H 1 A D O R E L A S H


Life is happening all around us, but the world keeps spinning, right? So, how do we manage to keep our lives under control and maintain balance? Although exciting and invigorating, life can come with many obstacles and demands. It’s safe to say that many of us desire the stability that comes with calm, collective life, similar to a streamlined flow of water. However, life is often turbulent.

What can we do to help to maintain control of our lives in this unbalanced world? How do we simultaneously balance our spiritual, physical, Intellectual, and emotional selves? How do we deal with life’s challenges while living in a world driven by greed, envy, technology, and reality tv? These are questions that, oftentimes, we don’t take the time to dissect. It’s much easier to keep moving, living, and muddling through life

than to address and answer the hard questions. Maintaining any type of balance takes intentionality! We must make a conscious effort to sustain, keep, and have some sense of control over our lives to help it to stay as untroubled and purposeful as possible.

God says in His word: 1 Timothy 6:17, “We should be balanced by loving God and enjoying earthly blessings while not putting any hope in them.” This states we should be balanced, putting all hopes in God, who will provide for us, and lean on God and look to Him to guide us. This world can suck you into things not meant for your good. Social media and other platforms that showcase false senses of reality can be depressing to some.

Photo by Dokk Savage

So, let’s look at a couple of ways we can begin today to put our lives back into a state of balance, and start to create some sort of routine to live by.

1. Learn how to center yourself. Create a sort of stability that allows you to develop your sense of self. Learn yourself, take time with yourself to reflect, meditate, and pray. Eat well, exercise, and create a routine that helps you stay on task.

2. Be in touch with the world. Put yourself in a position to give back and help others. The satisfaction you gain from helping and inspiring others is fulfilling and allows you to step away from your issues momentarily to uplift someone else.

3. Remember that you are always in a position to learn; read as often as possible!

4. Stay relational with the people you love.

5. Don’t allow your environment to influence you in the wrong direction. Maintain your moral and ethical values.

6. Have a list of goals and celebrate the small victories on the way to accomplishing them.

7. Create boundaries that allow you to relax your mind, body, and soul. Don’t allow the world around you to consume all your time. Take a moment to be in the space of peace so that you can recharge and create the world you desire more energetically. This is a start to taking your life back! You cannot achieve all things at once, so it’s good to remember that there’s a better chance of longevity and success when we pace ourselves. Balancing your life is an ongoing task! You can do it; I have faith in You!

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we should be balanced, putting all hopes in God, who will provide for us, and lean on God and look to Him to guide us.



Let me tell you something. A mother on purpose is a force to be reckoned with. But it can be tough some days. Life can be exhausting. You can be drowning in work. Your kids need more from you than you can give. And some days, you feel like you just don’t know how it will come together. So how do you continue to fight for your dream life when you question if you’ve got any fight left in you?

1. Remember your why. The most powerful tool you have is your reason why. Why do you do what you do? Whether you’re working hard to provide for your kids, make a positive impact, or build generational wealth, figure out your reason why. Make sure it’s so powerful and unshakable that nothing can get in your way. Will it change and evolve? Absolutely! That’s the beauty of growth. When I first entered my career field of dentistry, I planned to find something that would give me some resemblance of work-life balance with a decent paycheck.


The most powerful tool you have is your reason why. Why do you do what you do? Whether you’re working hard to provide for your kids, make a positive impact, or build generational wealth, figure out your reason why.’

As I grew into myself, I realized that wasn’t enough. Seven years and three sweet babies later, I have grown in my career, launched a business, and realized that I not only want to maximize my income, but even more so I want to maximize my opportunity to be present for my babies. And that is what I think about in those hard moments when I question what’s next.

2. Create your plan and see it through. TIt takes commitment. Let me tell you, there are times when I feel like I am just winging it, and that’s all I can do. Working 40 hours a week, coming home to do homework with my 9-year-old, and wrestling two babies at bedtime just a lot some nights. However, I know I won’t get as far as I want to without being intentional with my actions. Every Sunday, I create a weekly plan sheet so I can look at my week at a glance, and then I review my Top 6 Priorities every day.

3. Lean into God & your circle. Put God first, and keep him there. Everything in life flows better when you have a structured support system. Mine is God, then my circle. It’s essential to make sure that circle will inspire you, uplift you, be honest with you, and remind you of who you are when you forget. Be willing to accept the help and love of your people.

4. Let discipline take you where your passion can’t. Being a single mom of 3, working a full-time job, and building a business has taught me that if I’m going to be successful in any area of my life, I need to master discipline. Sometimes I can only sustain it in seasons, but I’ve learned discipline will take you farther than anything else will. It teaches you that being successful isn’t about your feelings, it’s about commitment. So what are you committed to?

5. Extend yourself GRACE. No more beating yourself up for not being as far as you think you should be or doing what everyone else is doing. Life is about seasons not keeping up with the Joneses. It’s ok to rest when you need to rest and work when you need to. Focus on yourself and learn how to be your advocate. Listen to your body and soul and know when to indulge in self-care. Remember not to beat yourself up. Life is tough enough.

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3 Mental Health Tips for the Winter Months

When most people think of the winter months, they think of grabbing a latte and getting cozy by the fireplace or maybe even the excitement of preparing for the holiday season with friends and family. But what about those who can’t see past the cold temperatures and gloomy days? Due to the reduced sunlight in the winter months, we lose serotonin, which can affect our

mood. Serotonin is a chemical that carries messages between nerve cells in the brain and throughout your body. It’s also referred to as the happy hormone. This ongoing drop in serotonin can be very tough for most because they feel sad and fatigued. So, here are three ways we can make it through the winter months mentally healthy and productive.


1. (Exercise & Meditation)- Because of what serotonin can do to our mood and mental state, it is important that we continue with our day-to-day tasks like normal. This will aid in keeping us moving and motivated. If you keep a journal, continue to journal your thoughts and feelings. Continue to recite your daily affirmations. Affirmations are great because they are a daily reminder of who you are and that you are loved. Go to that quiet space in your home, light a candle, and play soft music in the background. Read your favorite scriptures or a book, or listen to your favorite podcast. If you normally go for walks, keep it up. You do not have to stay indoors just because it’s cold outside. The fresh air will help with your energy level and get you out of the house for a change of scenery. If it’s not safe to get outside, complete a small workout indoors. The goal is to keep your body and mind moving during the winter months.

2. (Eat well) What you eat can make a huge difference in how you feel. Maintaining a healthy diet can be a mood booster and help with your energy level. Keeping up with vitamin-rich foods, taking your daily vitamin C and drinking lots a water will help keep you going. I know we will consume a few unhealthy treats during the holidays; however, do it all in moderation.

3. (Keep friends & family close) There are so many ways to stay connected. Marco polo, video chats, facetime, a phone call, sending a card via mail or email. Staying close to our loved ones during this time will help avoid the negative side effects of this particular season. Avoid keeping yourself isolated from others, as this can cut off support lines and make you more vulnerable to mental health issues.

Please reach out to a professional if you find yourself in a situation where none of these tips are helping, and you can’t seem to shake the feeling of sadness. The Mental Health Hotline at 866-903-3787 can answer your questions confidentially and free of charge.

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Along life’s journey, we sometimes get comfortable with mediocrity. This often occurs because we stop setting goals and become complacent with our achievements. Well, there’s always an opportunity to earn a Ph.D. in You. Self-mastery is not aligned with perfection; it’s rooted in having a deeper understanding of yourself, your needs improvement areas, and how you can be a better version of yourself. Your self-mastery toolkit should include mindfulness, self-control, personal excellence, and meaning

in life.

Let’s explore self-mastery as a catalyst for change. The road to mastery begins with mindfulness. Each of us naturally possesses mindfulness. It is as easy as starting to be aware of your surroundings and what you are doing and not overreacting to situations when you feel overwhelmed. Mindfulness also promotes self-reflection. You will need to audit yourself. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Audit the relationships in your life. Are they


productive and fulfilling, or do they make you feel drained and unappreciated? Be mindful of those who do not clap for you when you have a win. Unhealthy relationships can invite unwanted stress in your life.

Elevate your presentation. On your self-mastery journey, it is necessary to elevate your vocabulary, knowledge, and quality of interactions with others. Personal presentation requires that you consider how you turn thoughts into words. Words are powerful and can be influenced by self-talk, words from others, videos, and even social media.

The next aspect to consider is self-control. Selfcontrol involves awareness; decisions and actions; discernment and choices; and vision. Observations are one of the most valuable tools for gaining awareness. Do not ignore things that are negatively

impactful to the peace and calm in your life. Assess whether your decisions and actions are contributing to your comfort with mediocrity. Tap into your natural ability for discernment. Creating a vision for a better version of yourself will require that you are not resistant to change. Change is inevitable. Adapting positively to change means that you are resilient.

Spirituality often involves a person’s search for meaning and purpose in life. Don’t be an empty vessel. You will always look to others to fill your vessel repeatedly. When you continually fill your vessel with those things that promote excellence, you will only want to receive that which does the same from others. Know your worth and deny others the opportunity to dim your light. With these things in mind, you are on your way to establishing a selfmastery toolkit that is specially designed for you.

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Saturday April 1, 2023

Von Braun Civic Center


This event is dedicated to highlighting and providing resources for women in and around the surrounding area. You can expect Motivational Speakers, Live Music, Small Business Shopping, Giveaways, Vendors, and tons of Women from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and industries.

Last year there were over 100 + vendors and entrepreneurs and there were over 850 + Visitors & Community Influencers who came by to support the Women's Expo. In 2023 it is anticipated that there will be an even larger crowd with more vendors, MORE WOMEN, and even more exciting things added for the upcoming year!

Tiffany Draper, the founder of this expo has dedicated her life to helping other women by showing that women are stronger together! As a survivor of Domestic Violence, SA, and both Mental and Verbal Abuse, she knows what it feels like to not believe in yourself. She is encouraging you not to give up! You can overcome anything! It takes strength, grit, will, and determination. There are a group of Women out there waiting to support you and push you to be your highest self! Visit website for more information

April 1, 2023

Location: Von Braun Civic Center

South Hall

Phone: (256) 783-4115

Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

W W W . S T U D I O 5 3 H U N T S V I L L E . C O M / W O M E N S E X P O
67 LIVE AFFIRMED ● WINTER 2023 AB&G Travel and Tours LLC “We Are Committed To Helping You!” WE ARE Your Personal Travel Agency, believers in respectful, professional service, making your travel arrangements more enjoyable. COMMITTED TO finding the best rates available, for comfortable, smart choices, and exciting packages… HELPING YOU explore amazing places, experience the cultures of the world, visit family, join the festive celebrations, travel for business or a romantic getaway. Contact us with all your travel and touring needs. To be on your way Call or email: AB&G Travel and Tours LLC Phone: (ABG-T) 224-877-0390 “We Are Committed To Helping You!” 'Like' and ‘Follow’ us on Facebook at: Follow us on Instagram at: @ABGTRAVELANDTOURS For Direct Email Requests: Email-QR Code:
Se habla español



Photo : @rodgerspolkphotography

Winter Harris

Winter is an author, transformational speaker, entrepreneur, transition coach, and media personality known for her quick-witted commentary. She inspires her global audience by delivering a message of hope & healing rooted in truth, wisdom, transparency, and authenticity. Winter is a writer and has authored eight books. Winter is active in her community and founded and leads a growing mentorship & support community for women while professionally consulting for entrepreneurs and women in business. Winter holds an MBA from Liberty University and is pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration. Her greatest joy is being a mom to her four children. Winter is on Love and Marriage DC (OWN TV) cast.

Erin: Over the past year, how have you grown and changed? What would you have told yourself this time last year?

Winter: I have literally gone through a spiritual and physical transformation. I have matured in ways that has genuinely reshaped my confidence and reaffirmed how I know I am meant to show up in the world. I would have told myself this time last year to be patient with myself, trust the process, and all will be well.

Erin: What advice do you have for women rebuilding their life after divorce?

Winter: Discover who you truly are and make time to nurture her. Surround yourself with people who truly want to see you win. Divorce does not define you. You deserve to have a life you love and a life that fills you up. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your dreams regardless of what you go through and encounter in life. Breakups can be blessings if we heal and do the work that is required of us to effectively move forward.

Erin: You recently addressed people pleasing in your video “Living Your Life Authentically Free in 2023.” What insight can you give women to break free from people pleasing?

Winter: We often do not realize how much of our life is a direct reflection of other people’s definition of how we should live our lives. People pleasing is limiting and suffocating. It is crippling to truly living out our God given purpose and enjoying a life that we can take ownership of because we know that it is truly rooted in our identity, not the identity we’re assigned. I’ve personally walked this journey over the last year and its been liberating to teach others how find their own freedom by embracing their path regardless of who agrees.

Erin: Tell us about “The Single Housewife Affirmation Cookbook.” Where did the inspiration come from?

Winter: The Single Housewife is for any woman who moves like a wife but hasn’t yet connected with her king. It’s a source of encouragement and inspiration for women who may need guidance or hope as they navigate their life in a purposeful way. It’s also a piece of my heart since I love to cook for my family and have enjoyed creating and collecting recipes over time. This book is a merger of the best parts of me that make me, me!

Erin: How do you balance your schedule as a single mother, writer, singer, media personality, and transformative coach?

Winter: It is hard! I work daily to find some sort of balance. I do not always get it right, but I do my best to prioritize my priorities and structure my days so that I get the most out of them. I also prioritize rest and have to accept that I cannot be all things to all people. Saying NO at times is imperative and learning to say YES to things I truly want to do and that serve me and my purpose in a positive way.

Fb: @SimplyWinter Ig: @ImSimplyWinter Website:
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70 LIVE AFFIRMED ● WINTER 2023 QUALITY HAIRCARE In A Bottle A d r i A n n i e D a v R o s e . c o m
Owner of AdriAnnie DavRose Salon & Hair Products


The beginning of the year is always such an exciting time for me. It’s an opportunity to start fresh, and one of the things I enjoy the most is pressing reset on my finances. If your year last year was anything like mine, you’re looking for ways to improve your financial health, and it’s no better time to start than the beginning of the year!

Before we dive into improving your financial health, can you do me a favor and leave all your past money mistakes in last year? To see the changes you desire in your financial health, you must leave the past in the past and no longer live or operate your finances from that place. Now that you have moved past your past money mistakes, let’s discuss three ways to improve your financial health. Your financial health is defined as the state or condition of a person’s or business’s finances. Many different situations can affect your financial health. No matter the condition of your finances, one way to improve your financial health is to improve your money mindset.

Your money mindset is how you think, view, and interact with money. What you believe, speak, and think about your money affects your financial health. To improve you’re your money mindset, a great place to start is in pillar one:

● Creating a list of positive affirmations that you speak daily about your money; for example: your money affirmations would sound like “Money finds me daily, I am wealthy, I have a healthy relationship with money.” Post them on sticky notes on your desk, create a voice memo of you saying them, and listen to it while starting your day.

● Elevate your thinking by reading personal finance books; one of my favorites is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

● Set money goals you work on each month to master. A good app to try is Mint by Intuit and Personal Capital.

● Release every negative thought that does not help to elevate and improve your money mindset. Another significant step towards strengthening your financial health is in pillar two, assessing your finances. Taking a monthly, quarterly, or annual financial assessment gives you a current and up-to-date picture of where you are. Grab your free financial health assessment at

Photo Credit: SnapshotShuneil

Some key areas you want to review when assessing your finances are:

● The amount of debt you have and where you are at paying it off

● Your budget and if it is currently working for you

● Your savings and investing goals

Taking the time to assess where you are financially can help you foresee any possible challenges or changes you need to improve to get where you desire to be. Also, it allows you to see what you are doing well and encourages you to continue those behaviors.

The third pillar to improving your financial health is to hire a financial coach. If you have struggled with getting a handle on your finances, having a financial coach to help get control of your finances is the thing you need to

get the improvement you are looking for. Hiring a financial coach can help you improve your finances by:

● Helping you to learn and develop a plan to improve your relationship with money

● Setting and achieving your financial goals identifying a path to achieving financial success

A financial coach will hold you accountable to the dreams, goals, and desires that you have set for yourself, your family, or even your business.

No matter where you are on your financial journey, taking small steps to improve your finances is challenging. Wherever you start, just remember your financial journey is your journey. All that matters on your road to improvement is that you take the first step and keep going.


Meet Coach




Latoya is a mom of 3 and a wife. She is a speaker, author, money mindset & biz coach that helps women overcome limited beliefs that keep them from making the money that they desire in their businesses Her approach using the M.A.P.S framework has shifted mindsets and helped women obtain 4-figure clients towards Kingdom wealth

@coachlatoyawhitfield @aqueenpreneursplan

Our Not So Secret Marriage Secret

Imagine being married longer than you were single. My husband and I just celebrated our “Michael Jordanniversary.” We took a cruise to Bimini to galavant in the 70° breeze alongside a vibrant turquoise shoreline. It was a stark contrast from the brisk Nashville winds and overcast skies that greeted us in our early 20s when we marched into the courthouse to start our marital journey. Six kids later and 23 years in the game, we’ve learned a lot.

One of the most frequent questions on our cruise was, “What’s the secret to having a successful marriage?” We spouted off advice as if we were on a gameshow competing for hefty cash prizes. The more we were answered, the more I realized, the key to a healthy marriage is not a secret; it’s a sequence.

If someone asked you, “What’s the key to staying physically fit?” You would likely respond, “Eat clean, exercise, stay hydrated, get good rest, and repeat.” Most of us know what it takes to be well, but we often don’t do what needs to be done until our life is at stake. The same can be said of marriage. Most of us know what needs to be done to have a healthy marriage, but we don’t follow the steps.

Regarding health, not all bodies are created equal; marriage is no different. This article will reveal a sequence that, when repeated and coupled with prayer, can cause you to shed weight that may hinder your marriage’s health.


Faith strengthens marriage. Maintaining healthy finances preempts frustration. And first-time experiences give you something to always look forward to.

Reserve time for just you and your husband while also respecting one another’s the occasional need for space. Not every conflict has to be resolved right then. Research each other’s personality so that you can respect each other’s preferences and ways of processing. Refrain from confiding in people who lack the grace to forgive your spouse.

Intentional intimacy safeguards against infidelity. (One of the ways we’ve learned to protect our relationship is to inform each other if we feel attracted to someone else or if we sense that someone is attracted to us.)

Encourage one another and express appreciation. Show empathy. Know that your husband is not your enemy. Engage him as though he is the MVP. You are on the same team.

Notice one another. (Celebrate highs and hold space during life’s lows.) Nurture each other’s needs. Never be afraid to express what you need.

Disagree without being disrespectful. It is perfectly normal for couples to disagree. Disagreements only become dangerous when they are laden with disrespect.

Share weaknesses. Sometimes we come from backgrounds where we had to be so strong that we don’t know how to be weak. God can use weakness far greater than He can strength. Vulnerability is a source of fuel that secures your friendship with your purpose partner. Marriage is a place where it’s okay to be needy. It’s not enough to merely know the secret of being FRIENDS; you must work to make it work.

“Be true to the game because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you.”
-Michael Jordan

Liven Up Your Space 3 Ways to

The world as we know it is entirely different regarding the work environment. Many of us work full-time from home or have a hybrid work schedule of working at home and the office. Due to this profound change, our homes now see more of us. Working from home for many of us has caused us to focus on things that may not have bothered us before the pandemic. That gallery

wall you once loved now frustrates you because it seems so busy while you are working in the living room. That bright wall isn’t as inspiring as you hoped it would be. That oversized comfortable recliner next to that big comfortable couch blocks your path while walking into the kitchen to grab a snack. These are just a few examples of things I have heard from clients.

Our environments can affect our moods, so here are three ways to liven up your space to create an environment conducive to work and personal enjoyment.

1. Declutter and Organize

Decluttering your space will liven up your area immediately. Decluttering can be very cathartic for some as it encourages you to assess things in your home. As you declutter, you may find that you have held on to some stuff for too long that you need to let go. Once you have rid your home of unnecessary items, you can begin organizing. Assigning everything to a specific spot will not only allow you to get organized, but it will also enable you to see how much space you have in your home. You will be surprised at how much more lively your home will feel along with your spirit once you declutter and organize. Removing clutter will provide an airy atmosphere that encourages calmness and a sense of peace.


Before After

2. Neutral Color Palette

Not everyone likes a neutral color palette; I get it. However, research has shown that neutrals provide emotional calmness and stability. Earth tones are said to give a sense of feeling grounded. There are several variants of neutrals that you can select that will liven up your home. Some think neutrals give off a cold atmosphere and thus steer clear of them. However, neutrals can be warm and inviting also.

Selecting the right neutral palette for your home can make all the difference in the space. Lighter colors reflect light, while darker colors absorb light. The intent is to liven up your space. Armed with this knowledge, you may consider changing your dark furniture to lighter furniture, switching out your dark walls for lighter-colored walls, and even changing out your warmcolored lights for a cooler color temperature light. Lighting also affects how the paint on your walls appears in a given area. If a space has very warm lighting, the paint will appear warmer and sometimes even look darker than it is.

3. Use Space Appropriate Furniture

Furniture stores make millions of dollars yearly because they know how to get consumers to buy big bulky furniture. The showroom floor is often more significant than an average home’s layout. Because of this, it is imperative that you not buy furniture unless you have measured your floor plan twice to ensure accuracy. Bulky furniture and poor layout can dampen a home’s atmosphere as it does not allow proper movement or flow. Selecting furniture with the right shape, size, and the color is vital to the overall aesthetic of a space. For example, if you place a rug only under the coffee table in the living room, it will cause the coffee table to appear as if it is on an island. In this case, the way to fix that would be to select a large enough rug so that either the front feet of all furniture can rest on the area rug or all four feet are resting on the area rug.

These are just a few things you can do to liven up your space. Give them a try and see how much more you will enjoy being in your new space.

If you would like to work with me to liven up your home, contact me at the information below.

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Inspire Lifestyles I n t e r i o r D e s i g n & H o m e S t a g i n g w w w j o y c e w e n g e r i n t e r i o r s c o m ( 2 5 6 ) 3 8 4 - 8 0 9 8 J o y c e W e n g e r - O w n e r
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In Sickness and Health

It took me quite a while to put pen to page in preparing for this article. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write. I met the love of my life in March 2015 on a dating website, Tinder. In a short time, we both realized that we had met our person, our soulmate and best friend. In April 2016, we were engaged and married in July 2016. It felt like we had known each other and were in sync in every aspect of our lives. We navigated everything we touched in tandem and created a “we” relationship in all of our accomplishments. He was formerly incarcerated, and I was released from the thoughts in my mind through depression. Through our stories, we created Equally Yoked Marketing & Consulting. We fought for the voiceless in our communities every moment we got. While running for the City Council seat in District 1 in Austin, Texas, my husband began to have seizures due to stress. Over three years, the seizures got worse, which led to a diagnosis of epilepsy after moving to New York in 2019.

In April 2022, Lewis was rushed to the Yale New Haven Hospital due to an anaphylactic reaction. It was so severe that he had to be intubated and placed on a breathing machine until the swelling decreased. He was heavily sedated for three days. They said they would bring him out on the third day because the swelling had reduced and it was safe. After about an hour, his speech had not improved and was very loopy. They took him in for an MRI and found that he had a stroke 6 hours before they brought him out. The stroke affected the left side of his brain, which affected his speech (he was diagnosed with aphasia).

As a wife, I never gave up on him during his healing process. I made sure he attended all his appointments and purchased elementary workbooks so he could start to learn again from the beginning. I not only operated as his wife and covering, I also became his teacher. I can say I lived the true meaning of “in sickness and in health, til death do us part.” August 16th will forever be etched in my heart and mind.

The best way to describe the loss of my husband is someone reaching into my chest cavity, grabbing my heart, pulling it out, and me suffocating. I’ve never experienced a loss like this before. After the holidays, I felt a wave of emotions wash over me, and I was drowning in tears of grief. My emotions have been a rollercoaster of happiness, anger, abandonment, loneliness, and despair. It feels like someone is standing over me, pushing my head underwater, making breathing impossible.

Although I’m experiencing all these feelings, they are necessary for my new life transition. Allowing myself the space to cry, rest and “be” without apology. It’s only been five months, but it feels

like an eternity. I’m learning and finding new ways to find Nicole. I started therapy a few weeks ago, and it has been a game-changer. About three years ago, one of my sister-friends purchased a floating session for a birthday gift. Floating is a sensory deprivation tank that blocks out light & sound (at your choosing) where you are floating in 2,000 pounds of saltwater. This provides a weightless experience that feels like a total surrender to whatever you may be experiencing in the outside world.

The tank allows you to remove the negative thoughts in your mind and begin to fill them with good ones. Initially skeptical, I stared at the ceiling for quite some time until I was completely comfortable in this environment. As I became comfortable, I drifted off and pictured myself and my husband on the beach together during our last anniversary trip to Virginia Beach. I could hear the music we were listening to, smell the ocean, hear us laughing, and the entire time we shared. When that memory faded, I felt weightless, and it felt like I was surrendering all of myself to God as if He was holding me. I committed to 3 sessions that I will go to once a month. I›ve also signed up for Pilates which has been very helpful in the movement and stretching of my body. It›s easy to become complacent and not want to move after such a significant loss, but it›s up to me to get back up! All these changes feel like a REBIRTH because I can make the necessary adjustments and live my life accordingly. Life isn›t ending for me, it›s just beginning, and now I have my angel walking beside me as my new life unfolds.

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Curly Hair during winter


1. Kerastase Curl Manifesto Masque - a weekly mask Hydration is a MUST for curly girls this is deeply hydrating for your hair. It also smells like a beach vacation if you have the “winter blues” “Moisturized curls have the best definition”

2. Kerastase Elixir Oil - It’s like liquid gold.” What a perfect topper for your curls after a blowout. If you have a dry scalp when your hair is blown out, rub a tiny bit on your scalp to soften and moisturize it without weighing your hair down.

3. ColorWow Dream Coat - Winter is the season for blowouts with curly hair and this spray is like laminating your hair! Frizz from humidity is no longer a factor with this spray. Oh, and it lasts 3 shampoos!

Photo Credit: E_Elise Photography

Care Tips:

Consistent haircuts: I recommend quarterly haircuts for the average curly girl. If you are experiencing heat or color damage, I recommend getting haircuts more often, but quarterly is an excellent place to start, and it will also help with the growth of your hair.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a co-wash into your regime! Washing every two weeks and co-washing in between might sound scary, but if you have color on your hair (especially highlights), this method for a few months will get your curls back to being bouncy and healthy.



When: Saturday, April 1st

Where: 700 Monroe Street Von Braun Center, South Hall Time: 11 am-4 pm

VIP Ticket Doors Open at 10:30 am

Motivational Speakers, Vendors and Small Business Owners, Food and Concessions, Play Pit Area for Little Kids, Beauty and Skin Care, Clothing, Handbags, Accessories, Music, Giveaways, Fun, and Most importantly Women!!! Come and stay all day with us! You don’t want to miss this FREE Community Event!

3rd Annual

My name is, Tiffany Draper, and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of The Women’s Expo Huntsville. The Expo was birthed in 2021 after the sudden and untimely passing of my cousin. She was so inspiring and has always encouraged me to be and do my best. I have since then dedicated the last three expos to her.


The Women’s Expo is an amazing experience where we come together as women and celebrate our accomplishments and the accomplishments of other women in our area. There will be also tons of shopping and so many connections with women to mix and mingle. This is not your regular Pop Up Shop! It’s an Experience!


You can expect to have a great time! Our goal is to host over 100 + plus vendors in 2023. In 2022, we had over 850 + people to attend and it was beautiful. This year we anticipate over 1,000 people


The Women’s Expo is free for everyone to attend! The theme this year is free to be me! Be yourself and relax! It’s all good!

The Women’s Expo Hsv, Founder & Creative Director Tiffany Draper
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INNER Definition

come from a line of women who were all very true to themselves and defined life on their terms. My mother, aunts, great-grandmother, and cousins are all women with unique interests and personalities, and I am no exception.

As a child, I woke up daily to the scent of my grandmother's peppermint tea and the sound of her turning the pages of her daily newspaper. She read the L.A. Times religiously, it was her quiet time and her morning routine, and since I was there most days, I would get up and join her with my book and cup of tea. I still hold on to those quiet moments in the morning dearly.

My grandmother was the kind of woman who made her clothes and jewelry. She also played the organ and even learned how to play the piano in her late 80s and early 90s. Looking back, she had given me the blueprint to success all along; however, only in the past 12 years did I understand how valuable the lessons she passed on to me were, and I had to dig deep to re-align with my core values and upbringing.

I have learned over the past decade that the world will try to tell you who you are and then add or subtract value based on it's perspective of you. The problem with this is that if we have no real idea of who we are, our purpose, or our worth, we will believe it to be true.

Photo Credit: Kate Grand Photography

To find and live by what I call "Inner Definition" is to go within yourself and ask yourself and God all the hard questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What unique purpose and giftings do I have to offer the world? Who do I want to be? Those are just a few questions I asked myself over the last decade. They are still questions I ask myself as I grow and evolve. In my process, I had to go back to who I was as a child. There was so much "undoing" that I had to do from previous relational wounds and scars, to a need for deep healing and discovering the real me. Where was I underneath all the traumatic situations I had encountered or poor life decisions I had made? Who was I before the world swayed my opinion of myself? In those deep and agonizing moments that I shared with God, I began to see myself clearly again. I remembered all the books I read as a child and preteen, stories I wrote, fake television shows I hosted, and the joy I felt while doing those things. Remembering who I was before the hardships of life kicked in gave me a fresh perspective.

When we have a clear understanding of who we are and understand that being that person is valuable whether society recognizes it or not, we are not swayed so easily by the world around us or the negative opinions of others.

Here are a few pointers I have taught over the years to my online communities:

1. Sit with yourself for at least 20 minutes a day (I also use this time to pray)

2. Journal freely to express your emotions and release your thoughts

3. What areas are you gifted in?

4. What are you passionate about?

5. What did you love to do as a child?

My grandmother would say, “It takes guts to be yourself.” I agree. Being yourself in a world full of never-ending trends and fads takes guts, but it’s also worth it.

I know that I did for many years.

Simple workouts with J'Que

Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or you've been at it for a while, simple and consistent workouts can help you drop weight and tone your muscles.

But with so many options and limitless information available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what exercises work.

So if you’re looking for a fresh fitness start, compiling these easy strength and cardio moves will help you sweat and get shredded.

These exercises will tone your weak spots, get your

blood flowing and your heart pumping, and drop some fat weight!

Always check with your physician before starting any exercise or workout program.

This workout routine should be performed 2 - 3 times weekly for maximum results. After 30 days, you should see improvements in your muscular strength, endurance, and balance. Plus, notice a difference in how your clothes fit.

Yeeeeaaaahhhh Baaabbbyyy!

● Crunches ● Squats ● Push-ups ● Overhead Press ● Burpees ● Bicep Curls

● Lunges ● Planks

Complete 4 sets of 15 reps for each exercise - guarantee these exercises will rock your body. These fundamental exercises and simple workout routines will do your body good.

Pro Tip: If you notice yourself breezing through and barely breaking a sweat during this routine, make each move more challenging by:

• adding 5 more reps

• increasing load weight

• adding a jump to squats and lunges

Another way to switch it up?

Turn the routine into a time-under-tension workout, completing each move for a set amount of time instead of for a set number of reps.

@ W A I K I K I P R O M A K E U P W A I K I K I P R O M A K E U P

During the pandemic’s start, I quickly learned that I needed to redefine self-care and make my home feel like an oasis. As people crowded home renovation stores and filled Amazon carts to keep themselves busy during the stay-home orders, I decided to stick to my first love, flowers, to make my home feel like an escape.

There are many benefits to having fresh flowers in your home. Flowers improve your mood and make you feel in touch with nature. Did you also know that some flowers like gerberas and bromeliads may help to remove harmful toxins from the air and can even improve a night’s rest because they give off large amounts of oxygen? A holistic vibe, right?

Here are my favorite places to add flowers to my home:

Make Your Home Happy

Photo Credit: Designs by Ceres Photo Credit: LeCultivateur

● Where we gather: Your dining room table is a perfect place for the finest of flowers. A round table looks great when you add a single low centerpiece. For a long table, add several vases down the middle. Since we gather most frequently around the dinner table, stick to non-fragrant flowers like calla lilies, dahlias, tulips, or lush greenery to be mindful of guest allergies.

● Where we lay: When you think about it, the bedroom is the last place you’ll find yourself at night and the first place you wake up to in the morning, so being intentional with the décor and other elements is key for a good mood. Add a small arrangement of garden roses to your nightstand for a pleasant aroma while you take that Sunday afternoon nap.

● Where we enter: The foyer is one of the most effective places to show off a flower arrangement. I would add something colorful and whimsical. Add some 35-inch yellow Forsythia Blooming Branches in a tall vase on an entry way table for a pop of color and whimsy. These also constantly bloom over 2-3 weeks with proper care.

Fresh flowers are an affordable luxury for everyone in their home.

Happy arranging!

Photo Credit: B Nicole Photography Photo Credit: Glave Photography
94 LIVE AFFIRMED ● WINTER 2023 In the Suite, there is no shade and no shaming. Just sharing and support so we can all thrive at this intersection of motherhood & entrepreneurship. @themomceosuite