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UNIT 1 Going to a Doctor


UNIT 2 Miranda’s Mailbox


UNIT 3 A Surprise Gift

18 Review 1


UNIT 4 Hit and Run


UNIT 5 House Party


UNIT 6 New Cinderella

40 Review 2


UNIT 7 Visiting the Toy Museum


UNIT 8 Man’s Best Friend


UNIT 9 A Brand-new Life

62 Review 3


Final Review


Word List


Let's Review BOOK 9 ! NO.1



Make a sentence using “as…as”.

How do you feel about the weather today?

What does durian smell like?




What does your teacher look like?

Make two sentences using “so”.

Make a sentence using “both”.

Ex: Leslie likes math. So does Monica.



Make a sentence using “each of”.

Make a sentence using “one…, another…, and the other”.


NO.9 How much money do you have?

There are monsters, angels, and apples behind the door. Choose a door and answer the question to open it. apple = pass monster = redo the task angel = win Divide the class into two teams. Each team takes turn to answer the questions. Whichever team gets the angel first wins the game.

Syllabus UNIT




• I am not only dizzy but also very tired. • I had not only diarrhea but also a serious stomachache. • I ate not only sushi but also sashimi.

Correlative Conjunction not only…but also…

Going to a Doctor

UNIT 2 Miranda’s Mailbox

UNIT 3 A Surprise Gift

• I hear him cry while I am trying to sleep. (see / hear / watch / listen to) • I see Mom holding him, and I see Dad + V. or V. – ing talking to him. • When you tickle your brother, you will hear him laugh.

• Tennis is tiring, and badminton is boring. • I’m interested in reading. But I’m not interested in swimming or hiking. • I’m sure you’ll be excited about it, too.

• Some students were getting on the bus when the truck hit it. Hit and Run • Some students were waiting for their parents. • The truck driver got out of his truck and ran. • The school bus driver ran after him. UNIT 4

UNIT 5 House Party


• Take off your coats. • Put on your party hats. • I’ll turn on the radio. • I’ll turn off the lights.

Participial adjective: 1. Present Participle: V. + ing 2. Past Participle: V. + ed

Verb Phrases (1)

Verb Phrases (2)





• Amy didn’t let me do the housework. • She made me wash her sweater instead. • Amy had me iron her skirt instead.

Causatives: 1. let 2. make 3. have

New Cinderella

• We came too early. • Let’s wait quietly. Visiting the • If you want to go to the bathroom, Toy Museum please go quickly. • Please listen carefully. • Excuse me, I can’t hear you clearly. UNIT 7


• I was too busy to play with him often. • I was too scared to open my eyes and too nervous to move my body. • He was too sick to even go for a walk.

Subordinate conjunction too…to…

• This place is so stinky that I can’t even breathe. A Brand-new • It looks so dirty that you will have to Life wash it. • It is so beautiful that it will make a wonderful vase.

Subordinate conjunction so…that…

UNIT 8 Man’s Best Friend






Going to a Doctor 1- 01, 02

Pre-reading questions:

When was the last time you went to a doctor? How did you feel at that time? What do you usually do when you have a sore throat?

(In the doctor’s office) Doctor: What’s wrong with you today, Mr. White? Mr. White: Doctor, I feel very sick today. I am not only dizzy but also very tired. I have a headache and a sore throat. I think I have a fever. Doctor: Do you have a runny nose? Mr. White: Yes. And I sneeze a lot. I am not only sneezing but also coughing. Doctor: You probably have the flu. I’ll give you some medicine. You should not only drink lots of water but also get some rest. Don’t worry. You will be fine in a few days. 6

dizzy headache sore throat fever runny nose sneeze cough flu

(In the doctor’s office) Janet: I vomited this morning. Last night, I had not only diarrhea but also a serious stomachache. Doctor: What did you eat yesterday?


Doctor: How are you today?

vomit diarrhea serious stomachache Japanese sushi sashimi

Janet: I went to a Japanese restaurant with my friends. I ate not only sushi but also sashimi. What’s wrong with me? Doctor: Maybe the sashimi wasn’t very fresh. Just take some medicine and drink a lot of water. And don’t go to that restaurant again!

Listen and fill in the blanks. 1. Ken must have the 2. Jane had not only

1 - 03

because he feels

and keeps

but also a


. The

she ate last night probably wasn’t fresh. 3. I have a 4. The little girl


, and a

. I really need to see a doctor.

. Her mom thinks she has a

. 7

LET’S PRACTICE S. + be V. + not only + Adj. / N. + but also + Adj. / N. Her brother


The girls


The sashimi


handsome not only


hardworking. but also




Fill in the blanks. 1. My mother is


2. My best friend is


hardworking. but also a

3. Math is

. .

S. + V. + not only + Adj. / N. + but also + Adj. / N. He







not only


angry. but also


French. a serious stomachache.

Fill in the blanks. 1. Teacher Daisy speaks


2. I feel


3. Kevin had


S. + Aux. V. + not only + V. / V. phrase + but also + V. / V. phrase They




not only

sing watch the movies

but also

dance. visit the museum.

Answer the questions using “not only...but also”. 1. What are you going to do tomorrow? 2. What will you and your family do during summer vacation? 8


Grammar Practice Part A. Complete the dialogue. Now you are sitting in the doctor’s office. Tell the doctor how you feel. You: Doctor, I feel not only and

but also

. This morning, I not only

but also but also Doctor: You have

. I have

. I ate not only

yesterday. What’s wrong with me, doctor? . You should not only

but also

. Take some medicine and you will feel better in a week.

Part B. Combine the sentences using “not only...but also”. 1. Janice is friendly. Janice is hardworking. Janice is not only friendly but also hardworking. 2. My mom can bake a cake. My mom can cook beef noodles. 3. I feel dizzy. I feel cold. 4. They will go to the zoo. They will visit the museum.

Part C. Make sentences using “not only...but also”. 1. The girl / dancer / singer 2. My grandfather / basketball / soccer 3. Kelly / fever / a serious stomachache 4. You / go / to Japan / to Korea / next year 9

GIVE IT A TRY! Read and circle the correct words. It was (not only, only) rainy but (also, too) windy yesterday. Gary wasn’t wearing enough clothes and was cold. He woke up this morning and felt very (sick, strong). He was not only coughing but also (sneezed, sneezing). He had not only a runny (nose, mouth) but also a sore (face, throat). Gary had a cold. His mother took him to the doctor. The doctor gave him some medicine and told him to not only get some rest but also drink a lot of water.

A. Choose the correct answer. 1. (

) How was the weather yesterday? A It was sunny. B It was cloudy. C It was rainy and windy.

2. (

) Why did Gary catch a cold? A He didn’t get enough sleep. B He didn’t wear enough clothes. C He ate too much ice cream.

3. (

) Which one is NOT true? A Gary had a runny nose. C Gary didn’t have diarrhea.

4. (

) What DIDN’T the doctor ask Gary to do? A To get some rest B To drink a lot of water C To wear a lot of clothes

B. Answer the questions. 1. How did Gary get sick? 2. What did the doctor tell Gary to do?


B Gary had a serious headache.


1. (

Mr. Evans

1 -04 UNIT 1

A. Listen and choose the answer.

) A Mr. Evans had a headache. B Mr. Evans had a sore throat. C Mr. Evans had a stomachache. D Mr. Evans had diarrhea.

2. (

) A The boy has a fever. B The boy has diarrhea. C The boy feels dizzy. D The boy is vomiting.

3. (

) A The mail carrier has a stomachache. B The mail carrier has a headache. C The mail carrier has a runny nose. D The mail carrier is coughing.

4. (

) A The police officer is sneezing. B The police officer has a headache. C The police officer has a fever. D The police officer is vomiting.

5. (

) A Miss Hanks felt tired and lazy. B Miss Hanks not only sneezed but also coughed. C Miss Hanks felt not only dizzy but also sleepy. D Miss Hanks coughed and vomited.

6. (

) A Grandma has a stomachache. B Grandma has a fever. C Grandma has a sore throat and a headache. D Grandma is not only coughing but also sneezing.

B. Listen and answer the questions.

1 -05

1. Why does the girl feel terrible? 2. How many times a day does the girl have to take the medicine?




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