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€   education, and awareness of organizations that benefit women and children, such as The American Heart Association, Women Heart, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Girls Inc., Mocha Moms Inc., Ft. Worth Youth Poetry Slams, and Safe Haven Battered Women's Shelter Tarrant County. We have also partnered with U.B.U. (Unique Brothers United) which teaches "at-risk" males how to learn the value of loving themselves and how to interact with women in a non-violent manner. UBU also teaches young males etiquette. I look forward to hearing your feedback after reading Living Renewed Magazine and remember to always Live Renewed,

Erinn . Welcome to our New Home ... In 2000, I started The Renewing Your Spirit Newsletter. Originally circulating via postal mail to 300 people, The Renewing Your Spirit Newsletter has now become Living Renewed Magazine and has over 25,000 subscribers!! Our focus at Living Renewed Magazine is to embrace overworked, stressed, and demanded women and give them an outlet to become educated of the simple measures that make life - Livable! Living Renewed Magazine is about becoming physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually well. Each issue of Living Renewed Magazine emphasizes the requirements to live a more balanced life. From travel to career, relationships to financial strategies, and candid discussions that aren't coated with rhetoric and simple emotions; Living Renewed Magazine gives you what you deserve - TRUTH!

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Along with my staff, I made a conscious decision to allow Living Renewed Magazine to be published using e-Zine technology. Why? Because we feel strongly about preserving our planet and it's resources and to save money, leaving more available to give to charity. Yes, charity!

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rom my heart ... Confidence In God’s Wonderful Creation - YOU!

Commitment. A very difficult task - laziness blocks it Acceptance. Complacency & Familiarity don't allow us to see it's beauty

Charity. Not always what you give, often what you receive Blessings. Don't block them, they may be removed from your life Virtue. It shows, never has to be proven

was fighting and the need to just be done with it. But despite it all, his natural was to cry out to his Holy Father, Our Holy Father in full submission. Now opposed to Christ, who had unwavering faith in his Father from birth, we wait until our back is up against the wall, and then decide to trust Him. Well guess what? He’s always with you, waiting to hear your questions, cries, and needs. Not only is He listening, but He’s revealing to you all along. But are you going to have the courage and confidence as Christ, to recognize His voice?

Dedication. Endure through all in order to see your dream

You see, we are so much more than we allow ourselves to be. You have the ability to overcome and excel. But if you don’t believe, no one else will. The seven values that I placed on the left are part of your daily walk. At times they are valuable for you, at times they are valuable for someone else, but know matter what, they are character tools that need to be utilized and received.

The more you grow, the more you know. Wow, what an understatement. The older I get the more I realize that so many of us get in our own way. You know what? Step aside and allow the God in you to come through.

Gain the confidence that you need to get out of your own way! Know that you are a special creation that deserves to be whole. You deserve good health, wealth, joy, and love. Make sure you join our 7 Day Challenge this May, where our focus will be Spiritual and Physical Balance.

A lack of confidence is a terrible thing - the ruler of too many lives. Insecurity will hinder nearly every aspect of your life - from the choices you make in a spouse, to how you raise your children, your career choice, building a successful business, and your finances.

Until next time I continue to Live Renewed!

Motivation. Be you, others will follow

Knowing this destructor of peacefulness, why do we then give into a spirit that tells us to distrust God by not having faith in one of His most precious creations You?


This past Good Friday, I spoke on a radio show about the last 7 words of Christ. My passage was Luke 23:46, “And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost”. If you haven’t read this yet, do so, the entire chapter and then some. In looking at the suffering that Christ endured and the sorrow that he had for his people, it brought tears to my eyes to realize how desperate he must’ve felt at that moment. To know the pain that he

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ransformed To Fly ... by Phea Shelton Kennedy Throughout the year we experience the cold damp air of winter, the various foliage colors of fall, the sweltering heat of summer and the transformation of life in spring. We are reminded of which holiday season it is by clever marketing companies, store décor and commercials. The media feed the season with marketing tactics designed for you to purchase this and purchase that. Pressured further by a materialistic society, we accumulate so many things that our ‘must have’ items clutter our closets, gouge our garages, and suffocate our shelves to death. Spring is here and not only is it time to purge our homes of items not needed; it is time to purge our minds, body and souls from clutter, toxic waste and deliberating thoughts and ideologies that inhibit us from truly living. Spring is a time that life transforms from bleak and colorless to vibrancy and voracious beautiful hues. Declare today that your life will be transformed to fly.

If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.

I cannot help but think of the caterpillar as it goes through its various seasons or life cycles to transform to a butterfly. An adult female butterfly will lay 10 -100 eggs on a certain kind of leaf that will nourish the egg. After about two weeks, the egg will develop into a larva or caterpillar. This caterpillar will eat continuously. In one day it will eat double its weight in food and cause obvious damage to the vegetation around it. After a few weeks, it will attach itself upside down on a branch. Its skin sheds and a tough flexible shell encompasses it. This stage called the pupa is interesting because the larva or caterpillar does not feed nor does it appear to be alive. However, in the darkness of the shell transformation is taking place. The larval structures are being replaced with butterfly structures. After two to three weeks, it springs forth using its head to break the barrier. Just like this caterpillar – you have to endure one season to get to the next! Each season is necessary for your development and vital for your testimony. When you get caught up with all the negative tactics of this world and your life begins to change – hang in there! When you have consumed and carried so much that you can’t bear the weight – hang in there! When your lifeless life is turned upside down and you cannot move beyond the tough shells – use your head. Think different, shed old unproductive ways, speak life and break out! Romans 12:2 encourage us not to conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. You are a beautiful butterfly because you went through (you did not stay) in your season or cycle. Now fly and show this world all your beautiful colors!

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Mother’s Day History and a lil’ Trivia too by Bennetta Elliot Mother's Day is celebrated every year in the United States on the second Sunday of May. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Congressional bill making Mother's Day a national holiday. Anne Marie Jarvis is credited with establishing the holiday to commemorate her mother's death on May 9 1905. Together with a local merchant, John Wannamaker, they put together a small service in 1907 at the church where her mother had taught Sunday school. By 1910, Virginia had made it an official observance and many other states quickly followed suit. Commercialization: The original intent of Mother's Day was to celebrate the life of your mother. Miss Jarvis spent six years working to make the day something special in memory of her own mother; however, she would spend the rest of her life and the family fortune fighting against the very holiday she helped to create. You see Anne Marie Jarvis was so enraged by the commercialization of Mother's Day with its cards, chocolates and flowers that she began to protest loudly. In 1923, she threatened a lawsuit for copy write infringement on a group planning a huge Mother's Day celebration at New York Stadium. The event was called off eventually. Sadly, by the end of her life Anne was penniless and nearly blind, she and her sister had lived in almost total seclusion up to this point. Anne Marie Jarvis fought a good fight in an attempt to preserve the actual meaning behind the day that was so important to her, but in the end, the commercialization of the observance won out. Today Mother's Day is a very profitable time for restaurants, jewelers, florists and candy companies. Ironically, it is thought that without the commercialization of the holiday it would have waned over time like many other similar observances, such as children's day. Fun Mommy Trivia: Regardless of the controversies surround Mother's Day over the years, the holiday has stuck and each year millions of moms around the world will enjoy a day of pampering and special attention. To honor all these mothers here are a few interesting mommy trivia's from around the world.

to give birth, though her age is hard to determine due to no birth certificate, is Omkari Panwar. She gave birth to twins via emergency C-section at the estimated age of 70. The pregnancy was a product of IVF and was completed to provide her husband with a male heir. Conclusion: There are many interesting facts about Mother's Day and the mothers we celebrate. This year do something special for your mom, whether you take her out for dinner or pen a nice letter just let her know how much you appreciate all she is and has done for you. Bennetta Elliott is writer for Personalized Gift Express which sells unique personalized gifts and favors for every occasion.

Most Children: If she were to have lived in this century the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev, a Russian peasant in the 1700's would have more gifts than she would know what to do with. This woman who is nameless holds the record for the largest number of children born to one woman. During the course of her life, she gave birth to 69 children, which included several sets of twins, triplets and quadruplets. Oldest Mother on Record: Possibly the oldest woman

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hen you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~Sophia Loren h

HappyMother’sDay HappyMother’sDay fromLivingRenewedMagazine fromLivingRenewedMagazine Living Renewed Magazine by Renewing Your Spirit

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o. l l i J , “O.K. hat w e e s Let’s ith w g n wro t n e w over r e k uc this s ter.” n i w the This is what my mother said each spring just before she turned the key in the old brass lock at her house on Martha’s Vineyard. Words spoken with a mixture of dread and defiance, as if she were expecting the worst and was determined to overcome it, whatever the ‘it’ of winter on an island in a house closed for seven months of the year might bring. Finding the right key, jiggling it in a lock buffeted by sand, salt and northeast winds, then throwing a hip against the heavy door to force it open was a part of the experience. Once inside, my mother, about whom the only thing small was her physical stature, would begin inspection. She’d stride in that slue-footed way she had of walking through rooms it seemed we left just yesterday, frozen as they were in that moment the previous fall when the weather abruptly turned too cold to stay in a house warmed only by fireplaces. Always, a beach towel remains draped over a chair, a few glasses and dishes, remnants of the last meal before closing, rest in the rack beside the sink, a newspaper dated fall of the year before serves as archaeological evidence of our having been and gone. An errant ball floats in the green felt of the table, awaiting the return of the cue ball and would-be pool sharks; the jukebox we gave my mother on her 70th birthday is frozen on that final selection: B5, Etta James, ”Don’t Go to Strangers,” or E7, Bob Marley asking, ”Could You Be Loved?” In this annual sometime-around-Memorial-Day ritual, which we performed together for over 25 years, sometimes the expression on my mother’s face is apprehensive. She searches for the land mines of summer homes: leaks in the shingled roof; havoc wreaked by birds that came through the chimney and panicked themselves to death; an unlocked window and empty liquor cabinet, the debris left by some thirsty, basically harmless year-round resident. Yet more often her brown face is filled with joyous anticipation and then relief as she opens doors and rediscovers the pleasures of her summer home. Each year in early spring my mother buys outdoor furniture to be shipped to the Vineyard house, left on the back porch by the UPS guy pending our arrival. And every year I argue that we have enough, don’t need it. Only recently have I come to understand this is her way of gently grooming, sprucing up, making sure the house can accommodate all of us, and more. Then outside to the yard and gardens, to see what flowers have appeared, what bushes meticulously planted have disappeared, what unknown, perhaps unwanted but more likely welcomed species of flora or fauna has migrated to our yard from gardens unknown. Outside the kitchen window is a tall tree with shiny reddish bark that my mother ordered from somewhere years ago and swears is a cherry tree, although we have yet to see a blossom or a hint of fruit. She stands with her hands on her hips, head tilted back, looking up. ”Where are my cherries?” she asks, shaking her head, and we both laugh. Together, we raise windows, lower screens, sweep floors swept just before closing up yet each year miraculously coated with a thin blanket of sand, turn mattresses and make beds with sheets that smell sweetly of salt. As she gets older, my mother does less and I do more. Often, as the sun sinks down and the illuminated cross above the Methodist Tabernacle switches on, my mother sits in the wicker swing on the glass porch, sipping the summer’s first libation, as I finish washing the last of those little panes of glass. It is my mother who says, the sucker open and

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intact: “Slow down, d an en op er ck su e th says, It is my mother who my mother. Relax.” of e m d in m re u Yo . rd Jillo, you work too ha intact: ”Slow down, Jillo, you work too hard. You remind me of my mother. Relax.” My family has spent summers on this small, strange island since 1955, when I was 3, in this house since my parents bought it when I was 15. New Yorkers, we live in an apartment nine months of the year. In the winter my father is a dentist, my mother president of the Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company, the four of us their

varieties shed in these rooms, much lost but more gained inside these walls. This place, like ocean water, is good for what ails you. My mother died on Jan. 20, 2001, her last gift to me erasing Inauguration Day. We are late that year, but in June my daughter and I go together to open my mother’s house. We finagle that stubborn lock; walk through rooms frozen in a diorama of my mother’s last summer. A pair of the enormous shades she always wore, a stack of newspapers, notes made in her elegant, looping script, all slightly sandy. Outside, I pass my mother’s cherry tree, festooned with delicate blossoms. That summer it will, for the first time, bear fruit. I stand beside that tree and thank my mother for her being, this house, these rituals. Nowadays, months before my daughter and I go to the island to open that sucker, I spend hours looking for lawn furniture.

Jill Nelson (left) with her mother A’Lelia Nelson at Wilson’s Restaurant in Harlem, 1981. privileged offspring. When summer comes my father is a golfer, explorer and dreamer, my mother the queen of cookouts and easy living, a woman who laughs in the twilight, dispenses dollar bills for trips to the penny arcade and Flying Horses Carousel, spends lazy cocktail hours on the porch with friends and, best of all, forgets the importance of bedtime. Even as the children become adults the Vineyard house remains the center of the life my mother built for her children and we build for ours, a place where we are always welcomed, loved and most free. When my daughter is born in 1972 I rush her there before she is 6 months old, into that warm house and the cold Atlantic. Last year we took my infant grandson into the ocean across the street, baptized him into Vineyard life beside the jetty where my mother swam for almost 50 years. Now, people tell me I remind them of her. It amazes me that a house can be so accommodating. Hearts have been mended and seduced here, tears of all

Jill Nelson is the author of the bestselling Volunteer Slavery, which won an American Book Award; Straight, No Chaser; and Finding Martha’s Vineyard: African Americans at Home on an Island. Her newest novel, Let’s Get It On, a satire set on Martha’s Vineyard, was released June 1, 2009.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that The Audrey Hepburn Children's you are never Fund, a non-profit organization, was alone.” created in New York to continue Audrey’s international appeals on behalf of ill-treated and suffering children around the world.

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~ Audrey Hepburn (May 1929 - Jan 1993)

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Gimme That Glow: Spring Clean Your Skin! by Liz Earle, Liz Earle Naturally Time to wave goodbye to the dull days o winter and welcome the joy of spring with a clean, fresh and blemish-free complexion. radiantly healthy, glowing skin is a great confidence booster, but as the seasons change many of us can suffer from breakouts. Skin breakouts are not just a teenage problem. Spots can affect skin at any age and can be triggered by many different factors, including hormones, genetics and environmental changes including seasonal t r a n s i t i o n s . A careful skincare routine is an important step to help get spot-prone skin under control and solve your seasonal skincare woes. As spring is finally here, give your skin a little extra TLC by choosing the right skincare, eating an anti-inflammatory diet and taking skin loving supplements. With the right diet and skincare great skin is within everyone's reach this spring. -Liz Earle (Co-founder, Liz Earle naturally Active Skincare)

4. Moisturize: Try Skin Repair Light, great for acneprone or oily skin. The lightweight formula moisturizes and protects, but won't clog pores.

Eat Your Way to Clear Skin To give skin a little extra care this spring, Liz Earle recommends eating an anti-inflammatory diet and taking skin-loving supplements: - Omega-2 is essential for decreasing inflammation in the body, helping to avoid seasonal breakouts. in addition to eating oily fish, consider a fish oil supplement. - Liz also recommends taking a pro-biotic supplement to help normalize the balance of gut bacteria. As two thirds of the body's immune receptor cells are found in the gut this helps to clear skin.

If you suffer from blemishes, breakouts, oiliness or shine, these easy steps are everything you need to nurture and rebalance your skin back to health. 1. Cleanse: Using Cleanse & Polish, packed with active ingredients including purifying and soothing eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile and hops, it will leave skin clear, clean and radiant. 2. Exfoliate: After cleansing remember to exfoliate once a week. Try Gentle Face Exfoliator which is made with fine jojoba beads to unblock pores without scratching delicate skin. Packed with naturally active ingredients, eucalyptus purifies and soothes and cocoa butter moisturizes and softens, leaving skin brighter and smoother. 3. Rebalance: In 5 to 10 minutes, the highly concentrated Deep Cleansing Mask with green and white clay and manuka honey draws out impurities and excess oil for balanced, dear skin. Use 2-3 times a week all over, or as a spot treatment overnight, then wipe away with a sponge.

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1. Pear - Pear fruit also known as fast, Yu Ru, as succulent known as the "natural mineral water." Clearing and detoxifying, health body fluid, pure heart and down as the role. Lung, bronchial and upper respiratory tract have very good moisturizing effect, can also help digestion, improve appetite, and have a good antipyretic diuretic effect. Eat one or two pears a day can relieve autumn dryness. 2. Apple - Apple is also known as ping woman, sweet and cool their sex with replenishing qi, Yang Wei Yin, Sheng Jin thirst, lungs and heart effect Yue, known as the protector of cardiovascular health. More consumption can improve the respiratory system and lung function. I smell the work of tension apple fragrance, but also refreshing, ease the tension!

We all know that cosmetics to help women keep skin beauty, but few can know some natural fruits have the same function.

Spring Clean YOU!

3. Persimmon - Astringent persimmon is sweet, cold. The vitamins and sugar to one to two times higher than normal fruit. Can Nourishing Huwei, clear Zaohuo, regular consumption can be tonic, cough, Lee intestine, in addition to heat. Fresh persimmon persimmon fasting stomach stone susceptible to disease, so it is best consumed after a meal, try Eat less persimmon skin. 4. The pomegranate is a Western specialty, imported from the Central Plains during the Han Dynasty. Pomegranate sweet and sour temperature, can be an effective antioxidant to reduce oxidation of cholesterol in vivo deposition, aging, and for the early autumn throat Zaoke very effective. 5. Chestnut , of sweet warm, Rupi, stomach, kidney three classics, you can Stomach, spleen, kidney, strong waist, gluten, blood, stop bleeding, swelling and so on. Chestnut also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, can resist osteoporosis, hypertension and other diseases. 6. Kiwi named after the monkeys love it, its very high vitamin C content. In addition to this fruit also contains serotonin, can help us stabilize mood, calm mood; rich in dietary fiber to promote heart health and help digestion.

May 16 - 22

7. Olive pulp is rich in calcium, fresh food on the human body is quite good. Sweet olive acid, nature, can detoxify, consumer product phlegm, moisten the lung throat, especially for winter consumption.


8. Grapefruit is a typical southern fruit, sweet and sour with a slight bitterness in, juice abundant, rich in vitamin C. It contains natural pectin can lower cholesterol and help calcium and iron absorption.


9. Hawthorn is what we have often said Shan Lihong. Abundant flavonoids in hawthorn and a lot of vitamins, can effectively prevent the formation of free radicals and enhance the body immunity. Hawthorn adenosine lukewarm, is appetite and promoting digestion, and enhance digestion medicine.

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Spring Cleaning Your Body by Rama Kant Mishra It happens every spring. You fling open the windows, shed your winter coat, and suddenly get the urge to clean your house. But do you ever think about "spring cleaning" the toxins from your body? Detoxifying in spring is an important part of the ayurvedic seasonal routine, called ritucharya. Spring is the Kapha season, because the wet and cool weather reflects the moist, cool, heavy qualities of Kapha dosha that predominate during this time of the year (March-June). Biologically, nature supports cleansing of the body in spring. In winter the

digestive fire is high, and people eat more sweet and heavy food. Most of the time they aren't able to assimilate these hard-to-digest foods, so Ama (the sticky, toxic product of indigestion) starts accumulating. Spring When the warm weather melts the snow in spring, it has a similar effect on the body. In spring the Ama melts and the volume of Ama becomes so great that the shrotas, the microcirculatory channels of the body, become clogged.

Some Symptoms of Excess Toxins in the Body If you don't assist these toxins in moving out of the body, you can become prone to flu, colds and cough, or allergies. Or you might feel unusually fatigued, sluggish or drowsy after lunch, or lose your appetite. Sharp headaches, dizziness, mild tremors in the limbs, and unexplained muscle aches, especially in the calf, can also be symptoms. Your tongue may be coated, and your throat may be sore. The skin can be less radiant, heavier, more oily. You may also find that you break out more often, are more prone to sunburn, and have dry patches on your skin. Yet, Spring is the best season for detoxification, because nature is already trying to clear out the toxins. It's the time to help the body to efficiently detoxify the channels and the dhatus [body tissues].

Helping Your Body Detoxify How do you help the body with its own spring cleaning? While most detox herbal products purify the colon and the digestive tract, it is helpful to choose a holistic formula that does more, such as cleansing the liver and blood, purifying the sweat glands and the organs of elimination, preventing buildup of toxins in the fat and muscle tissues, and paving the way for more energy, health and vitality. A Kapha pacifying diet and lifestyle is best. If you avoid eating heavy, cold, hard-to-digest foods, and avoid or reduce the sweet, sour, and salty tastes, your digestive system will be more efficient in burning away the accumulated Ama.

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Sweet juicy fruits can help cleanse the body, although they should be eaten before sunset, as they have a Kaphaincreasing effect after the sun goes down. And you can add spices to your food -- such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, and fennel -- to help stimulate the digestion and detoxify the skin. (See Ghee recipe below for how to prepare). In spring you can sip hot (if you are a Pitta body type or have a Pitta imbalance then drink warm) water to help melt the Ama (digestive impurities) that have accumulated. Daily exercise, and avoiding day sleep will also help. So this spring, why not think about what you can do to help your body do its own housecleaning?

Ghee -- Spice Recipe The Ghee-spice recipe given below is a synergistic combination that is a simple, yet effective way to stimulate the digestion and help the body detoxify: 2 tsps. Ghee (Clarified Butter) 1 tsp. ground turmeric 1 tsp. ground cumin 1 tsp. ground coriander 1 tsp. fennel Heat the Ghee in a small pan. Add the spices and stir to mix well, so that the aromas are released. Remove from heat before the spices burn. Use to top seasoned cooked vegetables. Turmeric contains the flavanoid curcumin, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. This wonder spice helps detoxify the liver, balance cholesterol levels, fight allergies, stimulate digestion, boost immunity and enhance the complexion. Cumin and coriander contain oils that are effective in helping to detoxify the liver and aid digestion. Note - Information in this article is given solely for the purpose of providing education about Ayurveda and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult a physician. © Rama Kant Mishra Rama Kant Mishra is head of research and development for Maharishi Ayurveda Products International, an Ayurvedic products distributor located in Colorado Springs. His perspective on health and wellness issues can be read each month in Total Health News, a monthly newsletter published at

Join us May 16 - 22, 2011 for


Spring Clean You Total Support from Compassionate and Inspiring Professionals ♥ Morning Inspirational Message from Erinn ♥ Call in Prayer & Scriptural Reference ♥ Q & A with the founder of Roots Nutrition ♥ 7 Day Roots Nutrition Cleanse and fitness plan

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How to Start a Vegetable Garden By Kathryn Steed

Vegetable gardens are a fresh, colorful and environmentallyfriendly way to eat your veggies! By following these simple steps, you will be able to eat your way through a wide variety of vegetables this summer. We are all aware of the importance of eating our vegetables, but what about the benefits of eating fresh vegetables? Planting your own is a healthy and cost-effective way to ensure you are eating your vegetables. Also, it is rewarding to create something from scratch--watch it grow and change until its ready to be harvested and eaten. What better feeling than knowing exactly where your food comes from? Any gardener will tout the superior freshness and flavor of homegrown veggies over store-bought. If you've never gardened before or attempted and failed, you can access all the information you need to turn your thumb green right here. Note: Wait until after the last frost to begin your garden, otherwise all your hard work will be wiped out in one night. Step 1. Pick out a small plot of land (not much bigger than 8 X 10) that gets full sunlight as much of the day as possible. Start off with a small plot because this is a learning experience; however, once you get the hang of it, let your inner-green thumb out and go crazy. Remember that the bigger the garden, the more work it takes to maintain it. Step 2. It is important to have fertile, well-drained soil to work with. If the soil sticks together and does not readily crumble under slight pressure by the thumb and finger, it is too wet for plowing or working and is unsuitable for young plants. When the soil is ready, it's time to break up and turn it and then add organic matter or fertilizer. If you visit the garden center at a local hardware store, you can purchase an inexpensive hoe to work the soil as well as fertilizer.

Ask Carl Our resident expert answers your tough gardening questions. Dear Carl, My weeds are growing like, well weeds! How do I keep the weeds away without using chemicals? - Tasha, Arlington, TX Well Tasha a few things to consider are the health of your soil, if you’ve already planted, and how often you are maintaining your garden. If you haven’t done so, go to your nearest nursery and purchase a soil testing kit. Follow the directions and bring back to have evaluated. Amend soil as necessary. Secondly, unless you’ve already planted, cover your soil with heavy duty black plastic (found at garden centers) and secure with rocks or weights. Keep the affected area covered throughout the summer to heat the soil so hot that it kills the weeds. Finally, if you’ve already planted, it is imperative that you maintain your garden area. Begin by fertilizing your soil regularly and clearing weeds and grasses from your garden area (daily maintenance is required). Be sure that you are not overwatering! Only water when 1/2” of topsoil is dry. A QUICK NOT ABOUT MANURE: It is best to purchase manure from a reputable organic nursery and be sure that the manure to cooked and weed free. It is common for weed problems to begin after fertilizing with manure. Oftentimes the manure is not composted completely and the weed seeds are still alive and active. Until next time .. try beef at your summer barbeque!

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Step 3. Choose your favorite vegetables. Because your garden is on the smaller side, you will have some limitations on what you can successfully grow. The season in which you are starting the garden is also an important factor to consider. For the cool season (spring and fall), you can plant beets, carrots, potatoes, radishes and spinach. For the warm season (summer), try planting vegetables like beans, corn, peppers, squash, and tomatoes. Step 4. You can purchase seed packets (the cheaper option; usually less than $2 a packet) or you can purchase seedlings sold at nurseries. It's best to purchase seeds and seedlings just after the new year because the selection is freshest. If you choose, you can start some plants indoors during the winter and then transplant them in the spring or summer. Step 5. Sow seed or seedlings into the soil according to the directions on the packet. Pay close attention to the amount of space required between seeds or seedlings. The back of the seed packet will provide you with spacing guidelines. Step 6. Watch them grow! Each vegetable will have different criteria for when they are ready to be harvested. Enjoy your hard work by finding new recipes that allow the vegetables you've grown to shine.

Bountiful Harvest at

1600 Pennsylvania Ave Since its first planting in March, the White House kitchen garden has yielded over 740 pounds of vegetables, and cost a mere $180 to plant, reports the Washington Post. Produce from the garden has been donated to Miriam’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen that provides fresh food for the homeless in Washington, DC. The White House Organic Farm Project (aka The WHOFarm) “began as a non-partisan, petition-based initiative to respectfully request that our 44th President oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House.” Mrs. Obama is a strong advocate for healthy lifestyle habits, especially for children. In addition to the vegetable garden, she’s hula hooped to promote exercise and appeared on Sesame Street to teach kids about farming basics. Tours of the The WHOFarm are available to elementary, middle and high school students in the Washington DC area, free of charge.

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Jo Jo's Dozen We're creating irresistible, hand made desserts from scratch!

The Inspiration Inspiration behind the company comes from wanting to capture the beautiful memories of my childhood, and make it a part of my daily life. It's the nostalgia that comes from the smell of my mother baking my greatgrandmother's 7 up cake, remembering the comfort of a warm kitchen (especially on a rainy day) and the irresistible smell of something baking, that simply keeps me going. Baking for me began around 7 years old. Wanting to be around that smell everyday, will never grow old. I have always loved the kitchen; from baking, to cooking-even down to the decor. My mother, Jo Jo, who experienced love, inspired laughter and suffered a life gone too soon, motivated me to open this business. Plans for a shop in 2011, will fittingly be named, "Jo Jo's Dozen", offering delectable cupcakes and comforting homemade desserts. This is truly a dream come true!

I'd like for you to experience the love and inspiration yourself, order today! Brandi Turney Jo Jo's Dozen, Owner and Founder

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A Great Brunch Idea for your Favorite Mom!

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On Saturday, March 26, approximately 250 women put on their red dresses and headed to the Pasadena Senior Center in Old Town Pasadena to attend Sisterhood!: The Red Affair, a fundraiser in support of the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Campaign. The event was produced by Pasadena native Erinn Davenport and her Dallas-based social networking group, Renewing Your Spirit Foundation.

I founded Renewing Your Spirit to empower African-

Angeles from 2006-2007. Lamar received a warm

American women to be well emotionally, spiritually,

welcome from the audience before honoring the five

financially and physically. As women we are so busy

heart disease survivors (Ruth Hopkins, Tonya Turner,

taking care of everyone else - making sure everyone

Kristin Ealy-Jolivet, Tonya Todd-Davis and Shalaunda

else is OK and has what they need - that we neglect

Robinson) who received complete fashion makeovers:

ourselves. We have to start making ourselves a priority,” said Davenport. The



Hair: Tara Nelson of Teazze U Boutique and Salon Clothing and jewelry: Teazze U Boutique and Salon






in Pasadena, Ritzy Rags in Altadena, and Blue

performance by the Los Angeles community choir b.

Violet Boutique in Beverly Hills.

Blessed, led by director Junius Washington. Davenport

Manicures: Candice Victoria of Los Angeles

welcomed guests and led the capacity-filled room in the

Make up: Karen Durrall-Venerable of Pasadena

Cupid Shuffle with help from another Pasadena native, DJ Severe, the official DJ of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the LA Galaxy.








encouraged guests to find their ultimate motivator toward healthy living and challenged them to “fall in

The featured event of the evening was a Survivor

love with the highest image of yourself.” Nall is a

Fashion Showcase moderated by 102.3 KJLH radio

certified trainer, nutritionist and owner/founder of

personality Adai Lamar. Lamar is the local voice for the

Ultimate Transformations Training in Los Angeles.

Steve Harvey Morning Show and was the first African-

Nall has coached many successful professional

American woman to lead a morning radio show in Los


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Sisterhood: The RED Affair

entertainment industry for the past 18 years. He is the author of 21 Days To Ultimate Health and Wellness and regularly contributes to the Front Page KJLH radio program. Other presentations included a testimonial by multiple heart attack survivor Toshawa Andrews, an appearance by Jennifer Hopson, director of the American Heart Association’s Sistah’s Go Red Campaign, and a viewing of the video The Faces of Heart Disease courtesy of the American Heart Association. Comedian Daugne Keith entertained guests during dinner catered by Chef Marques Franco of the Langham Huntington Pasadena. The meal consisted of healthy Creole food including vegetarian jambalaya, red beans with brown rice, chicken breasts with vegetables and salad. Singer, songwriter and musician Matt Cusson performed a well-received medley of songs to close out the evening. Proceeds from the event will benefit Heart Disease Awareness Programs.

Don’t miss our next fundraiser, Sisterhood: The PINK Affair, benefitting Breast Cancer Education and Support.

Tickets Available Soon! Living Renewed Magazine by Renewing Your Spirit

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Summer Vacation Planning

It's A Family Affair! Carefully planned and organized family vacation can be real fun and exciting and certainly leaves us with great memories which can be truly cherished for the rest of our lives. However, with all the fun and excitement, organizing an appropriate family travel plan is a huge risk and a big responsibility. Disagreements are bound to happen anytime a bunch of people come together irrespective of the fact that they are related by blood. Instead of being blamed for the unhappiness caused to everyone, by just paying extra attention to a couple of few things, you can surely turn your family vacation into a beautiful time spent in the company of your near and dear ones.

sure that you think about the amenities required by those families who have children. Also, each family will have its own budget and thus you can choose a hotel which offers expensive suites as well as less expensive accommodation.

Tips to Organize a Fine Family Travel Plan

4) Researching fun activities which can involve all the family members is definitely important. Do not be under the misconception that family holidays can be great fun just because all the family members are coming together. You need to research and jot out a set of possible activities for each day of the vacation. But, also remember that not all people will want to do the same thing so be ready for suggestions and alternate plans.

1) The foremost thing which you need to pay attention is to choose convenient dates, keeping in mind the schedule of 90 percent of the people who plan to come for the vacation. Always choose a couple of potential dates and then you can ask for everyone's input regarding their availability.

Following the above-mentioned tips is not an easy task, however, you will notice that your tension will be eased if you follow these suggestions which will make sure that you organize a fantastic family travel plan for your loved ones.

2) Go in for a central location. All the family members must be traveling from different directions and thus it becomes a necessity to pick a central location. You can certainly please everyone in this manner if all the members have to travel approximately the same distance to get to the vacation spot. 3) Search for a big hotel. It will be real fun if everyone can stay at the same hotel which will allow all the family members to spend enough time with each other. While organizing family travel plans, also make

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Go€Ahead€.. GET€OUTTA€HERE!€ €


Treat€Yourself€ Travel€ Vacations & Getaways

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I’m€a€Newbie€College€Parent!€ 5€things€I€wish€I€knew€before€they€started€ by Keith Maderer college, get your income taxes and FAFSA filed as early as possible after January 1st of their high school senior year. If you have to use your previous year's income tax return and estimate, do it. Getting the FAFSA in early will help get the most available financial aid and get the process moving forward. You can revise your numbers later when you complete and file your income tax return. It's alright to be nervous. College is a big step, even for parents. Your student will get all kinds of orientation and guidance from high school on into college. But what about us new college parents. There are the college visits, scholarships, admissions applications, financial aid forms, meal plans, textbooks and everything else that goes with college. Our children think we have the answers to all of this, but we don't. I am the father of five college students, two that have recently graduated and I remember those feelings. I'm here to give you a few tips on what to expect and where to find the answers to your questions. Trust me it may seem overwhelming at first, but you will gradually reach a comfort level if you follow these simple guidelines. Tip 1 - Do Your Prep Work: Take the time and effort with your child to visit and attend campus tours and open houses at a minimum of five to ten colleges. Rate each college and ask for FREE applications. Many colleges will offer them if you attend their open house and ask. Encourage your student to apply to a minimum of five colleges that offer what they are looking for. Mix in some public, private, local and out-of-state institutions. Revisit their favorites if necessary and ask lots of questions. Once narrowed down, have your child arrange to sit in on a couple classes and stay overnight at each of their top three colleges, preferably on a Friday to a Saturday. This will give them a real look at the college and help make their decision much easier. Tip 2 - Numbers Count: Encourage your child to apply for at least one scholarship every week during the second half of their senior year of high school. Then one per month for the rest of their college years. Volume counts. The more times they apply, the easier it will get. There are so many scholarships out there and some of them go unclaimed, especially for second, third and fourth year college students. Apply and Apply often. Tip 3 - File Early: Especially for their first year in

Tip 4 - Be Realistic: Prepare them for the following. Total freedom, alcohol, sex, drugs and partying. Talk with them about safety, DWI, date rape and STD's. Even though you may trust them, they are going to be exposed to a new and open lifestyle on most college campuses and they need to be prepared to handle it. It is unrealistic to expect them to ignore their peers and their surroundings. Just make sure they know what you would like them to do when temptation arises. I always told my kids to think about what their grandmother would say if she found out about it and try to act accordingly and responsible. Tip 5 - Find Savings: Savings can be found on and off campus each year if you are looking. Help them by suggesting ways that they might be able to cut college costs and encourage them to keep their eyes open for others. One example is to never buy your textbooks exclusively from the college bookstore. By looking around or online for new and used textbooks you can save hundreds each semester and may be able to resell them after classes to cut the cost even further. This alone will save over a thousand during their four years. Summary: These are a few ideas that you can and should use before they graduate from high school. As you know, it is a brave new world out there and we can all learn a lot if we know what we are looking for. I was dreading their college years as it grew closer, I probably even panicked at times. In hindsight, our oldest daughter helped pave the way and it got easier with each one. I learned more than I thought I would and you will to. Keith Maderer is the father of five college age students, with three currently in college, and has been a financial adviser in Buffalo, New York since 1981. He is the author of "How To Get Your College Education For Less"

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A Brotha's Perspective! A Special Section For Our Men To Speak Their Thoughts! What Does Renewing Your Spirit Mean to You?

is a difficult world in which we live. One in desperate need of men who are more than willing and courageous enough to live renewed.

Usually when I sit down to write, I run a bunch of ideas through my head to “see” what I think will fit my audience. That’s been the process. Although renewing your spirit has universal appeal, there is some propensity to cater to the fairer sex, so to speak. So seeing that this little section of this beautiful magazine gives the brothers a chance to express themselves, I see it fit to rap to my brothers (and men in general) about this very subject, void of female contribution (sorry ladies).

It’s a challenge for me as I’m sure all of you, but weren’t we made to overcome? Live Renewed!

So MEN, what does “Renewing Your Spirit” mean to you? Mean to us? To me, renewing my spirit is indicative of a constant rebirth. It’s the shedding of my old skin and “dying” to this old man that insists on trying to restrain me. You know what I’m talking about fellas; it’s that man you’re at war with when you want to do right, but deep down desire to do wrong. It’s that constant struggle of good man vs. bad man, who we seek to overcome (those of us who are serious about growing, that is). To be renewed we have to look in the mirror and declare to ourselves that we WILL be better. We will be what we were purposed to be and that a better you, means a better world.

Jermaine A. Shoulders is a married father of four living in Arizona. An aspiring professional writer, he strives to be honest in his writing. He’s written several screenplays, films shorts and sitcoms. He hopes to create his own Television Production Company where stories of Black Americans and blacks of the Diaspora can be exposed to the world as they are, God’s beloved children and nothing short of regular, real people. He can be contacted at

Being renewed requires work. It requires constant attention to the higher elements of our selves. Being renewed demands us to build a spiritual temple within ourselves, so that we can be a light to the world; as we once were. What we have to realize, brothers, is that being renewed is enduring. We have to remember to work to understand that success in life is all about the journey, not just the end result. So what does being renewed, living renewed mean to you? I don’t think I would be remiss in saying that your ideas are probably pretty close to mine. The message is the same - without dying to the old ways of thinking, living, speaking, etc., we’re only complicating things. Complicating life for ourselves, our families, friends and all those who look to the men in their lives (and men at large) for leadership and understanding. This

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Blended Family? Well, sort of E

Another TROUBLE For The Black Woman by Dion Evans, Black Women are, again, #1 at something they ought not be #1 at. Black Women are #1 as it relates to HIV/AIDS, #1 as it relates to the female prison population, #1 as it relates to abortion statistically and now #1 as it relates to producing “Baby Daddies.” But why? The study comes out of the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research and was conducted by Dr. Cassandra Dorius; who quickly points out “I would strongly caution you to say that this isn't just a story about African American women. This occurs among women of every race and ethnicity, of every socioeconomic status, education, income, and occupation type. By just focusing on African American women many people are missing the main point, and that is that having children with more than one man is becoming more common among all groups, so this is a story about American women and their experiences as mothers, regardless of color.” Although Dr. Cassandra – who is not a Black woman highlights the study comprehensively, she fails to see the brewing National debate regarding Black women as her study exposes the following statistic – “59% of African-American mothers” account for the highest statistical rate of birthed children with different fathers. The stats are startling considering Hispanic mothers are at 35% and white mothers at 22%.

and then remarry having children only by their husbands, but – as we see far too often on TV shows like MAURY – there are an overwhelming number of Black Women who are content with being professional baby mommas. We have continuous celebrations for women who are on their fourth or fifth child by their fourth or fifth baby daddy, yet to experience love that is mutual and exclusive between her and the father of the child.

Radio show host, Charles Cole III, Issues After Dark, stated, “It’s funny, I always hear about groups other than Black women commenting on Black women. I want to hear a diverse cross-section of Black women speak candidly about what they think the issues are.”

Now of course, this is not an attempt to bash or belittle Black women, but it is evident, we the Black community, must ask ourselves questions in order for there to be any hope for change in the near future.

Sharaya Wiley, alumnus of Hampton University and Religazine Media Group intern stated, “The numbers are startling. However, I feel the reason why these stats are so high is because in our communities this has become acceptable.” What should be noted among these multiple father families is their diversity of backgrounds. Women having multiple children by multiple men is common in all backgrounds irrespective of education, marital status, racial makeup and financial wealth. It should be further noted – many of these multiple birth moms were married to their children’s fathers. Therefore, to assume this statistic only applies to women who are careless single mothers who goals are to live on welfare and have more babies to increase their General Assistant (GA) checks – would be an unfair assessment. Here’s the rub – Ok, I understand the women who are married, divorce

However, it is as if our community has become complacent and silent over this discussion and this is probably why this study is so dangerous as it relates to the image concerning Black women in this Nation. I use the term “dangerous” because if Black people do not engage in these conversations, in particular Black Women, we will see even a greater number of negative depictions of Black women as sex fiends and incubators of aimless, non-committed dead beat men disinterested in finding wives but ready and willing sperm sponsors. White, Hispanic and Asian women all have the men in their respective ethnic groups looking out for their interest, providing them protection and ensuring their survival and financial stability. The looming question is, who is ensuring the same for the Black woman? Hmmm – We will continue this discussion and work on solutions in next month’s issue.

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Mama’s Boy to Mama’s Man Single Mother’s CAN Indeed Make Men Out Of Their Boys by Shaka Berry One of the most oft used phrases when discussing the many perils facing black men in America is “single mothers cannot make a men out of their sons.” The overwhelming majority of people that make such utterances are people that purport to have the communities best interest despite such a detrimental self fulfilling prophecy and despite it paling in comparison to reality. The truth is there are single mothers making men out of their boys every day. Next month graduation ceremonies from kindergartners to PHD programs will be audiences full of single moms watching their boys take giant sized steps towards greater manhood so to say boys can’t make it to manhood and productive citizenry is a misnomer to say the least. That said there is a formula to turning a boy to a man under the roof of a single (black) mother’s household and clearly some are privy to that formula while others are oblivious to the modus operandi of a super mom—the type of mother needed to successfully raise a boy to a man (and a girl to a woman) devoid of paternal guidance and involvement.

The Formula There are certain habits that good mothers practice and there are certain habits that terrible mothers practice. Regardless who the child's father is and regardless of the tainted gene pool left by a deadbeat dad, if the single mother approaches parenthood in a serious manner with a thorough understanding of what it takes to make a responsible adult out of her children she will succeed in raising responsible adults. The formula is mostly basic e.g. know all of your kids teachers, feed them balanced meals and be cognizant of the fact that you are being watched very closely and keenly by your kids. Specifically speaking to mothers raising boys it's a moral imperative that a mother be the consummate image of a woman. It is an absolute necessity that she commands respect. Not just from her son but from EVERYONE, in every way form and fashion. If she is not a woman that commands respect the frame of reference that her son will use to measure a woman will be wholly inadequate and the potential disastrous ramifications are myriad. And by

commanding respect I don't necessarily mean a woman with an advanced degree and a corner office. The household is the castle and every castle has a King, Unfortunately for single mothers must assume that role intermittingly and accordingly in order to foster the kind of growth needed to raise a well balanced and well adjusted young man. The good thing is we’ve been dealing with dead beat dads and single mother for so long in our AfricanAmerican experience that the way that many mothers (mostly the successful ones) have adapted their method of parenting to incorporate some of the missing fatherly child rearing attributes. The bad thing is we’ve been dealing with dead beat dads and single mothers for so long in our African-American experience that it has become a norm in the black community which means black mothers have a much narrower margin of error than other mothers. Black woman often have to be a mother but often times have to think and calculate like a father. It’s sort of like Steve Harvey’s book How to Think Like A Man and Act like a Woman on a more relevant and non-superficial note. This means you have to sometimes as a woman throw out that mommy hat and put on the daddy cap. When your little boy falls down and scraps his knee sometimes it’s not okay to have mommy kiss the wound and make it better. There will be times when you have to tell that little boy to “suck it up, you’ll be okay”. While that represents a mere subtlety in raising your son as a single mom the anecdotal lesson of such a subtle gesture is one that is worth forming a habit around.

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Heartistic Motivation is a self-help and personal/professional development company whose vision is to empower the minds, hearts and lives of women who share the like-minded intention of living from the inside-out. As a new company, HM advocates individuals who aspire to live life passionately, purposefully, consciously and deliberately. It is our mission to encourage women to expand their spectrum of possibility; to embrace authenticity and relinquish mindsets, beliefs and conditions that have been handed down from generation to generation yet no longer resonate or speak to the life they desire to live; to manifest the indwelling self that burns within, and lastly, to overcome the fears, obstacles and inhibitions that prevent achievement. How do we do this? Through the offering of services that include: life-coaching, group and individual consulting services, seminars, workshops and courses centered around powerful workbooks and curriculum designed to bring about the manifestation of truth in individual's lives. Heartistic Motivation - the more personal way to success, achievement and fulfillment!!!

Experience is a good teacher! The Owner, Simona Davis, and Staff of Faith Financial Services (FFS) have had “hands-on� experience when it comes to dealing with creditors, credit reporting bureaus, and collection agencies. Give them a call to be educated in credit, to assist in repairing your credit, and working on current and past taxes. They treat every client with personalized, compassionate, and caring service. Why? Because they answer to a Higher Power!

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Three New Books Highlight Female Entrepreneurship By ADRIANA GARDELLA Recently, I came across three new books that explore very different female entrepreneurship experiences. In The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, who has an M.B.A. from Harvard and extensive experience writing about female entrepreneurs in war zones, tells the story of Kamila Sidiqi, who built a thriving dressmaking business in Afghanistan while living under Taliban rule. Ms. Lemmon vividly describes the day-to-day realities that confronted the educated professional women of Kabul in 1996 when they were, essentially, placed under house arrest by the Taliban — forced to quit their jobs, don burqas, and avoid being seen in public without a male family member. Under these circumstances, Ms. Sidiqi, then a 19-year-old teaching school graduate about to begin university studies, started a business from her living room that ultimately supported her parents and 10 siblings and employed 100 neighborhood women who otherwise would have had no income. “We’re far more accustomed to — and comfortable with — seeing women portrayed as victims of war who deserve our sympathy rather than as resilient survivors who demand our respect,” writes Ms. Lemmon, who learned that Ms. Sidiqi was one of many women who found innovative ways to work during the Taliban years. With this book, Ms. Lemmon hopes to change that perception. Miles away, in distance and daily experience, are the 30 American women profiled in Erin Albert’s Single. Women. Entrepreneurs. Ms. Albert, an assistant pharmacy professor who also runs a consultancy and a networking group for young professionals, said she was inspired to write the book after reading a Kauffman Foundation study that found single, divorced, and widowed women start more businesses than their male counterparts. Additionally, unmarried women outnumber married women for the first time in United States history. But while much is written about so-called mompreneurs, who are often married, their single sisters are seldom addressed as a group. Ms. Albert set out to explore their strategies, challenges (which include doing without the safety net of a second income), and advantages (like greater flexibility). One of Ms. Albert’s subjects, a South Carolina native, Kristin Cobb, spent a year in New York seeking business inspiration. She returned home and started Cupcake in 2006, after having been exposed to Manhattan’s glut of cupcake shops (the craze had not yet hit South Carolina). When Babson professors Mary Godwyn and Donna Stoddard began researching Minority Women Entrepreneurs, they hoped merely to highlight the accomplishments of minority female owners who tend to be ignored in business school case studies even though they start businesses at four times the rate of non-minority women and men (the book does not explore the reasons for this disparity). Instead, through interviews with women who self-identified as minority group members, they were surprised to find these business owners, while profit-minded, shared a determination to use socially conscious business practices and rejected the notion that financial and societal goals are mutually exclusive. Because of their outsider status, minority women can more readily see the flaws in doing “business as usual,” said Ms. Godwyn. They are also forced to find innovative solutions, she said, in a world that is often dismissive of their talents. The women profiled in the book include Judi Henderson-Townsend, president of Mannequin Madness, a company that recycles, sells, rents, and repairs racially diverse mannequins, keeping them out of landfills. The business is the recipient of numerous awards including one from the Environmental Protection Agency for recycling 100,000 pounds of mannequins annually. In the book, Ms. Henderson-Townsend describes a situation in which she decided between expressing her values about racial diversity and possibly offending a client who had chosen eight white mannequins for a lingerie catalog. Though her husband urged her to “just take the money” and refrain from telling her client how to do business, Ms. Henderson-Townsend spoke up and suggested the customer buy “one mannequin of color.” The client, who was not offended, added mannequins that looked Asian, African-American, and Latina to the order. Ms. Godwyn said her research made her optimistic that male and female entrepreneurs can learn from the women she interviewed. “What would the world look like,” she asked, “if people held their businesses to both financial and moral standards?” I’ve finished Minority Women Entrepreneurs, started Ms. Lemmon’s book, and look forward to reading Ms. Albert’s. Have you read any of them? If so, please share your thoughts.

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Living Renewed Magazine - May 2011  
Living Renewed Magazine - May 2011  

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